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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 27, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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actual concrete. good evening and thanks for joining us...i'm j-r berry. and i'm andrea mock. 3 a bill limiting state thanks for being with us. i am j.r.
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>> limiting refugees is coming forward in the center. >> the senate passed the bill and laura thomas has more on the assembly with us. >> reporter: people for and against resettlement of refugees in south carolina spoke in front of the subcommittee. >> were called to love our neighbors which is not defined by ethnicity. >> reporter: more than 20 people spoke including the director of refugee services. >> all countries that have signed and ratified the u.s. refugee invention including the u.s. obligated to grant the same human rights and assistance to refugees that they grant to their citizens in
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>> reporter: several cut up to ask if the bills on the table which would limit reinforces to refugee programs not be passed. a majority who spoke out were for them including head attorney . >> it's a program that cannot be vetted property for lack of accessibility -- integrity at the national security level. >> reporter: senators combined to move a full bill to the committee. the bill will take away state funding from refugee programs, allow programming to track refugees and put civil liabilities on refugee settlement organizations. >> they don't want to assume liability once they get here. >> in the public is concerned and they have a right to be concerned. >> reporter: senator kevin
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the bill forward. >> we have always been a country of opportunity who has helped people who are less fortunate than us. what i heard tonight, i was really disappointed. this is the most absurd piece of legislation i have been involved with. >> reporter: the bill was move forward to the full senate committee. >> that committee is expected to hear the bill tomorrow morning at 9. so for 11 syrian refugees have settled in sc since december. lawmakers want to spend more time working and less time reading folks. the proposal advanced today that would increase worktime by limiting random introductions of school groups, beauty pageant winners and others. the measure would create a 15 minute time slot for special introductions with each limited to 90 seconds.
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school teams who take the floor twice a week would be unaffected by this. representative says he is frustrated by the interruptions. on the senate side, a bill that advanced specifically. two people have the right to film officers without the threat of arrest. judiciary committee approves the measure today. it is drawing attention on both sides. the current law says anybody can film as light -- as long as they are standing on public property. this would keep you from being intimidated by the police. >> you can film if you are in a place where you have a legal right to be. that is in a public place. for a private place where you have the right to be as long as you don't hinder as it relates to a police officer. >> opponents argue bystanders could get too close to a scene.
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of an unarmed man. the officer was charged with murder after a bystander video shows him firing shots. tennessee state university represented their budget to lawmakers today. joyce koh was the highlights of what they are asking for in this report >> reporter: we have been following this situation for the last year. as reported, they are still on track for a balanced the budget but they are still under probation for accreditation. in order to with that, they track. they are asking the general assembly to forgive them of $12 billion of loans that was money from the blue ribbon panel. the budget also included 14 million for maintenance projects. at the end of the meeting, representative said they needed to begin their search for a
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>> i want somebody permanent. with permanency comes a different level of decision- making. it is not fair in my opinion for a president to come in the latter part of the third year and be saddled with whatever decisions have been made. >> reporter: i talked to vice chair james clark and he said their number one priority has been to fix the financial situation at tennessee state university. it is on their property party list to find a permanent leader. reporting at the statehouse, joyce koh. last months school leaders say the university was on track to be under their fiscal budget but still remains on probation. upstate lawmaker who want journalists to have direct with
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filed a bill and he got immediate attention across the country. critic say it would be unconstitutional restriction on freedom of press. pitts told reporters the bill was to call attention to what he sees as buyers and recent events that prompted it. the president proclamation on registry, a national registry on guns. i have not heard the press scream at all about that. but i sure as hell heard the press cream when it affected the first amendment rights. >> he says the bill would require journalists to do the same thing to practice first amendment rights that people have to do in order to practice their second amendment right to bear arms. he says the bill doesn't have a chance this year but thinks it's an important way to educate the public. we are seeing clouds through much of the evening but no rain.
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up. we are at 540 with the winds under calm conditions. we may see a few showers toward daybreak with a low of 490. tomorrow, rain coming through with a high temperature of 540. it will be cooler as we go into thursday. we are expecting a mild, drive -- dry weekend. >> reporter: tonight columbia mayor presented the state of the state adress. he presented on unemployment, revitalization efforts and green initiatives to improve sanitation. he also took a moment to thank the city for coming together during last october's flood. >> a disaster like that can
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we have seen it before. in columbia, south carolina, something amazing happened. i saw a world-class city become a city of heroes. please stand, every first we ponder -- responder every volunteer, every man woman and child who gave something. no matter how small. so that we as a city might rise above those troubled waters. stand so we can say thank you to you. >> the mayor finished by saying he is proud of the work done to improve the city and says there is more to come. karzai deputies along with break-ins. those break-ins happened early yesterday. two suspects also ransacked unlocked vehicles. among the items stolen, guns, wallets and purses. if you have information call
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some scary moments on a sumter county school bus. the bus burst into flames following an engine fire at this happened around 8 am this morning just off highway 15 s. near apex tools. according to spokeswoman, the bus was taking students to lakewood high school when the engine caught on fire. galloway says once the drivers for the smoke, she immediately pulled over and evacuated students from the bus. nobody was hurt. the students were eventually taken to school on another bus. the cause remains under investigation. in june 2013, brett parker was convicted and given two life sentences for the murder of his wife, tammy and his friend bryan capnerhurst. the mortarboard to light an illegal gambling operation that was run by parker and his
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partner doug taylor. the man was found guilty in 2013 of gambling charges. the convictions were thrown out after determined that the prosecution failed to disclose evidence in a timely manner. >> after a retrial, parker and taylor were found guilty for a second time. jurors deliberated for an hour before finding both men guilty on federal gambling charges. the defendants did not take the stand. here is what the prosecutor and defense security district attorney told us after the verdict. >> clearly disappointed in the verdict today. still maintain jack parker and doug taylor's innocence. the jury has spoken and we will respect that decision. we will continue to fight for our clients and hopefully justice will prevail. >> we are pleased with what the jury did. they were gone for an hour and came back with the right verdict. there was substantial evidence
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doug taylor accountable. >> sentencing will take place in the next few weeks. the governor wants to sue the with energy department for the failure to get january 1 nuclear fuel deadline. the savanna riverside project is intended to turn weapons grade plutonium into commercial nuclear reactor fuel. it is years behind schedule. since it is not operating by what the government was supposed to remove one metric ton from the south carolina by 1 january. the governor has told the state attorney general to proceed with legal action to collect a $1 million daily fine. republican presidential front-runner donald trump has decided to drop out of thursday night import i would debate. the reason? he says he is unhappy with the way fox news is treating him. he accused the network of
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instead he will be hosting his own event and i what raising money for veterans and wounded warriors. trump is scheduled to attend a campaign rally in the lexington county tomorrow night. if you were concerned about the project funded to the county's penny tax program, tonight was a chance to be heard. >> i came out tonight to see what the plan is for columbia. >> reporter: this was one of the many people that met to learn more of the bikeway project. >> i love the fact that they infrastructure. i want to make sure they do it the right way. it seems like they just reviewed the mac and talked about the different lanes with not a lot of substance. >> reporter: david beatty says details will come later. >> right now it's too early to tell what the ultimate fix it
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routes. >> reporter: he says that there are three options. >> separated bike lane, dedicated bike lane or sign in share. >> reporter: scott and other bicyclists hope a shared roadway does not become the main choice. >> the most people don't know what that is. as a bike lane, people know what a wide line is. >> just throwing those down everywhere isn't going to increase safety. >> i would like to make sure there are specific a bike lanes. >> reporter: he also said many want to see progress. >> we haven't seen implementation yet. >> reporter: beatty says those projects or through the planning process waiting on permits. >> we should get those going to construction and 4-6 weeks. if you didn't get a chance to make it to the meeting, you
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at richland you can voice your opinion nearly 4 months after the flood it looks like columbia's
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living and working around columbia's five points area... great news for those of you living and working in columbia. five points post office has reopened after damage from
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residents with the po box his . 66, sumter. 67, orange park.*b temperatures have dropped off to 49 in anderson and
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54, columbia. 55 along the coast. tomorrow we will see rain which tapers off. tomorrow night we will see a chance for showers. clouds will persist thursday morning. by thursday afternoon, back to partly cloudy skies. tonight, though temperatures down to 46 in newberry. 49, columbia. tomorrow we will see high temperature in the 50s. 51, candid. 54, columbia. seven-day forecast. dry weather thursday. 51 four a high. friday, high temperature of 580 by sunday 68.
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tuesday with a high of its been ten days since the it's been 10 days since the usc meant has taken the court. looking to get back in the win column.
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on the bulldogs. both coaches and assistance were wearing sneakers for coaches versus cancer. he gets to have court and find michael career at -- later in the half is joe jerk finding darrius. he had 15 in 24 minutes. dozier driving to the bucket. file, bilger has six. frank awards team lead 33-34 at the half. justin mackey swings it and noticed the 13. gamecocks hit five threes. he finds carrera. he had a career-high 34. just as effective.
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rebounds. he will get it to drop. this was michael career at -- a 15 rebound. a first since jackson in november 2012. gamecocks takedown mississippi state and take alabama on saturday. >> the guys responded to the post tennessee's situation. situation being our practices and our lack of playing the way we are supposed to play for the last four games or so. we're proud of our guys. they were phenomenal in practice. no surprise that it translates
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>> some rivalry at book lynn casey. first-half. jaylan coakley from long-range. he hit the three to give the eagles and 18-13 we. he hit from the outside for 3. have you had enough threes? probably not. nothing but net. over to lloyd hamming. he goes coast to coast.
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half and posts a 2 a seahawks fan started his own petition to be seahawk fans who want to ban cam newton. he says complaining makes all seahawk fans sela crybabies. some seahawk fans wanted to ban cam newton the when they dropped their fled to the ground. season. we don't want him here but the seahawk fans are saying they will ban the seahawk fans. >> the best comment was, you
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end zone. how can you keep him out of the stadium? we had a gorgeous day today.
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tomorrow, 54 pay-up to come help dig the city out. >> i don't care where you are in the nation. 24 inches of snow in urban environment requires clean-up. that's what we will see next 48 hours going into the end of the week. >> reporter: d.c. schools are set to open tomorrow. other school districts could remain closed through the rest of the week.
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