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tv   News 19 7  CBS  January 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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captioned by . from the station that is on your side you are watching news 19 at 7:00 p.m. >> and good evening now, thank you for being with us on this wednesday. teacher is taking literacy into her own hands or the hands of young boys in barbershops. news 19's joania g has -- sonia gutierrez has more. >> reporter: a place where young boys can pick up on the latest hair styles. >> children look up to their barbers. >> mentor. >> to be educated. nothing better to read thanane chair. -- than in a chair. >> he hopes they will pick up a book. >> to chose the gap on children being able to read and comprehend i think it is a great opportunity that she brought to me.
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embarrassed as not being on the same reading level as his peers. >> explore how he get books in the hands of boys. little boys walting for a hair cut in the chair -- waiting for a hair cut in the chair, what a place for a good book -- >> reporter: she noticed reading levels weren't getting better. >> i said we will go in, went door to door to barbershops on the northeast side of town. >> reporter: she decided to help build the first inch south carolina p-- first in south carolina and calling it books barbers. >> we have a goal reaching as many as we can. >> reporter: she partnered with holiday barbershop and got word from columbia's mayor they will donate books. >> we are eager, we are ready to get the books inside the barbershops.
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children and ready to work with great shop owners. >> reporter: sonia gutierrez, news 19 wltx. >> the kids could take home the books or leave them. they joined forces with their second barbershop and they are looking for more. if you are interested in a partnership or in donating books visit our website, for all the details. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> today we only saw a trace of rain. right now the radar is not showing much of anything in the midlands. temperatures were a little bit warmer because we didn't see the rain. 47 at the airport. 48 in the city. both locs warmed up to -- locs warm upped to 68 degrees this afternoon. 56 degrees right now. winds at 6 miles per hour. and tonight we expect a chance for a few showers. low of 41.
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if it does happen the way we think it will, it will be cooler. 47 degrees for a high with clear skies tomorrow night and a low of 35. i will have the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. in south carolina parents have a variety of choices including home schooling -- home schooling, magnet schools, charter schools, public schools schools and private schools when it comes to education. we spoke with the superintendent, she says parents must educate themselves when it comes to choosisi schools for their children. >> very healthy. tremendous movement. had. one thing we could say any student in south carolina if they choose not to go to a traditional public school they have a choice of another school. it may be charter school.
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private or home schooled. >> parent should explore all options before making a choice. meanwhile south carolina student who don't go to regular schools held a rally today here in columbia. this is school choice week across the state. so students and parents rallied at the township auditorium. they planned to be at the state house but moved itind because of a chance of -- moved itind because of a chance of rain -- moved it inside because of a chance of rain. we spoke to the superintendent about this. . >> every child in south carolina has an option. if the traditional school doesn't fit them they can go to a virtual school or charter school or home school. >> well, there were rallies like this all across the country to make sure everyone knows about the different choices that are available when
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a bill that would increase convince on refugees settling in south carolina passed today. the bill looks to register every refugee at dss, have sled track the refugees and hold refugee organizations accountable. for individuals if an act of terror were to take place. senators who voted against the bill said it would undue the course in unity but others say they are just seeking security. >> they are trying to escape terror. not come over here and cause terror. >> we are saying we want to know who they are, where they are, and these groups that are so confident in the screening of the federal government, without these groups the groups aren't involved, the system doesn't work. >> one senator asked to file a report which means it won't head to the senate floor yet.
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bring a roads plan to the floor to tackle the issue. they met to debate transportation reform and the finances of funding today -- funding today. a senator thinks the hardest part now is agreeing on how to reform the department of transportation and there are two main parts, deciding if the governor should appoint the administration commission and deciding how -- transportation commission and deciding how they should be elected. >> i think we can get a bill to the floor within the next two weeks. one important missing component is the restructuring. okay? the restructuring of how the d.o.t. commission is appointed. we are waiting on transportation to bring the proposal. i expect there to be a long, healthy debate, and depending
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could help propel the bill forward or put the breaks on it quickly. we will have to see how it goes. >> in terms of funding the financial committee is talking about raising the gas tax by 12% over the next few years and deciding whether or not a tax cut for taxpayers will come in the form of an income tax cut or a decrease in the sales tax. 600 people will be summoned to court as potential jurors in the dyllan roof trial. roof shot and killed nine people inside the historic, predominantly black, mother emanuel church. back in june. this coming june the jurors will report for general qualification and to complete the questionnaire. they will report back to the downtown charleston county judicial center in groups of 20 starting in july for another courtroom procedure in which they will be quizzed by biases and life experiences. once a list is widdled down to
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main portion of the trial will get underway. bank robber was arrested by police. he is a 61-year-old. this happened this afternoon after officers got a call a man was demanding money at a bank of america. he got away with cash but was caught after officers were called to the scene. again, we have more information on this story on our website take a look at these images. police say a man is accused of stealing money from a convenience store on bluff road back on january 10. just before 6:00 a.m. in the morning. police say the man jumped over the counter and demanded money and ran away. if you know who this man is call crime stoppers at 1-888- crime-sc. usc students had a chance to meet with employers today
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the school held two job fairs that columbia convention center. they had the chance to network with various employers. >> they can get an intervow that will be held tomorrow. -- interview that will be held tomorrow. we have 30 companies interviewing tomorrow. it is an exciting time. a time for the students to shine and they are stepping up today. >> employers are looking for candidates to fill non- technical positions. a grand opening today for a new walmart neighbor market off broad river road in columbia. the store has groceries, a pharmacy and gas station. customers can also pick up items bought on they are targeting those who enjoy fresh foods. >> we are on the fresh side. we want it go after the produce and things like that. we want it get the customer to realize we are good in produce,
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things like that. we want to be known for that. not the other things. [ indiscernible ] >> the new walmart is open 6 to mean 11:00 p.m. at night. still ahead now, usc women's basketball team, they remain undefeated.
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wake up with news 19 this morning at 4:30 a.m. had tomorrow back pain is a growing concern, especially at work. we are protecting your back and wallet and something new could be coming to your smart phone. the list of emojis in development and behind the
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your day wi you are watching news 19 at 7:00 p.m. with jb-r. >> the -- jr berry. >> an unveiling ceremony today, the new coaching staff and for
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sees. a home and away jersey. alternate and batting practice uniform. first game is april 14 that sputer communications park. -- spirit communications park. usc menpist basketball team is days away -- men's basketball team is days away, taking on alabama saturday. the women's team now one of two undefeated teams in the country. they take on ole miss tomorrow night. tip-off is set for 7:00 p.m. as the count down continues for super bowl 50 right here on wltx february 7, there is a number of players that have south carolina tize. one is josh norman. he is from the upstate. he began developing his game at
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was one of the key players on the 2016 state championship team as the only two way starter. his high school coach has a lot of good things to say about him. >> fantastic football player. but more than that he was a leader. everybody liked josh. he was happy, go lucky. you could see that on tv the other night. he has always been very outgoing. happy go lucky. at the same time a fine young man that carries himself and represents greenwood in a positive way. >> today the new issue of sports illustrated hit news stands. two covers. one featuring calm calm -- cam newtononnewton's law. the other cover is of von miller.
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tell us what the weather will be like for super bowl sunday but you can tell us what we could expect tomorrow. >> yes. we will see rain but i will
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columbia for, wasn't a bad day weather wise in the midland of south carolina. hoping it will stay this way. >> it threatened to rain all day. problem is, it didn't so tomorrow it will rain. we will get rain somewhere. again, i don't think it will be
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let me show you what we are seeing right now. clouds in the area. the rain has been trying to push in to the state from georgia, has for the most part been diminishing and mainly cloud cover that we have seen today. the front is off shore. we have seen cooler air coming in but hasn't been that bad. high pressure is dominating much of the weather across the country right now. temperatures have moderated. you can see the front down to the gulf of mexico. there is another batch of rain here in the western gulf of mexico. this moisture will bow surging north -- be surging northeast ward over night and expecting it into the area. these were the high temperatures today because we did not see the rain it did get warmer than we were expecting. 56 rock hill. 61 columbia. 59 in sumpter. 63 in orangeburg. down in charleston 69 degrees this fron. temperatures have cooled off
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50 degrees in sumpter. 54 orangeburg. 56 columbia. greenwood 53 degrees. this evening we are not expecting rain but towards day break we will see the rain coming in. when you wake up tomorrow you will probably see some rain in the area. most of it light rain through the morning hours. even into the mid-day period, rain, late afternoon that rain should be coming to an end and tomorrow night skies will be clearing from the west, cooler air coming in and dry for the weekend. forecast tonight, expecting a low temperature of 39 newberry. 40 camdone. 41 columbia. 45 in orangeburg. and then tomorrow because of the rain and the clouds we expect temperatures to remain in the mid-40s for the most part. 44 newberry. 46 camden. 47 columbia and orangeburg. 45 sumpter and the sun returns for friday. high temperature of 59 degrees.
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start out with a low of 32, a high of 64. we will warm up over the weekend into the beginning of next week. dry. tuesday we may be seeing a high temperature of 72 degrees. but late tuesday night into wednesday morning we will see chance of showers and thunderstorms ahead of the next cold front. >> so do any of the models indicate any really cold air coming back in the next week or so? >> yes, actually towards the end of next week as we head towards super bowl sunday. tease there.
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days prog in honor of black history month a richland county library holding an event saturday 1030 a.m. music, story telling and food,
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public. if you were out travelelg on i-20 tonight we need to let you know about a lane closure this evening. the state transportation department shutting down had right lane of i-20 over night, a portion, the closure is located in the westbound lanes between the 378 and bush river road exit. the lane will be closing at 8:00 p.m. tonight and reopens tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. here is what is coming on tv tonight, 8:00 p.m. 2 broke gigis, mike and molly, criminal minds, code black and
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and we will here she is. >> call 911, oh, yeah. >> the ctor who freaked out on her uber driver breaks her silence. >> i'm ashamed of what i did. then -- >> i said bye-bye. >> after pulling out of the big debate -- >> deborah: a last ditch plea to his wife and daughter to get trump back. >> and the forgotten mrs. trump, after ivana, before melania, there was marla. she was an "inside edition" special correspondent. >> ladies and gentlemen! >> the marriage that took america by storm. and let them eat bread? >> i love bread. >> diane: how oprah says she lost 26 pounds and still ate bread. plus, the crazy duct tape challenge. wait till you see what happened to this teen.
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