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tv   News 19 5am  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this morning at 5am. 3 it's going to be another wet and chilly day in the midlands as rain makes it way back into the forecast today. good morning and thanks for waking up with us here on news19 this morning. i'm deon guillory. and i'm savannah levins. this could be the last of it we see before we head into the weekend...meterologist efren afante has more on what 3 we can expect..good morning efren.. 3 3
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3 richland county residents can expect to see more
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year. according to a new annual report by the richland county penny program they are expecting to complete more than a dozen major projects this year.since the start of the program, 127 million dollars in sales tax has been collected to fund multiple projects around the county.rob perry, director of transportation in the county, says 31 million went to construction last year. 3 "we're projecting another 110 million to construction by the end of 2016. so for 736 million in projects, getting 140 plus million to construction is really going to be a huge delivery to the citizens. this year you're going to see more resurfacing, sidewalks, bikeways and our first real projects going into construction." the greene street phase one innovista project downtown is expected to be completed in a couple months. 3 3 a bill that would increase surveillance on refugees from war torn countries settling in
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of a senate committee. the bill looks to do three things....register every refugee with d-s-s....have sled track the refugees....and hold refugee organizations accountable for individuals if an act of terror were to occur. senators who voted against the bill, say it would undo the state's course in unity...but others say they're just seeking security. 3 (32 secs)
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3 . state senators spent five hours in committee meetings yesterday trying to get more funding for roads.they haven't put a specific bill together yet... but senators agreed that any bill they pass will need to put more money into roads ... cut taxes and change how the department of transportation board is organized. 3 also....a new bill that would help prepare more south carolinians for work got overwhelming support from lawmakers. it would pay for high school students to take courses that count toward their diploma and a technical certificate or associate's also provides grants for the unemployed so they can train for a job offefed in their's unclear how much the initiative would cost but several counties are piloting the program with 5 million dollars. 3 3 richland one will hold the twenty-sixteen state of the district meeting tonight at six.this years meeting will be in the a-c flora high school
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craig witherspoon will give the address, giving an update on district goals, achievements and budget plans. the night includes performances by the a.c. flora orchestra and jazz bands, as well as door prizes and refreshments. 3 credit is being offered to lexington elementary students who participate in a family math night.the math night will take place at the publix on old cherokee road in lexington. from five to seven tonight families will be given grade- level appropriate math questions to complete while the family does their grocery shopping.students will then turn in their answer sheets at the store to receive credit. families can even receive prizes. 3 students from all eight orangeburg elementary schools will compete in the finals of the third annual dr. martin luther king junior oratory competition tonight.the event will begin at six at new mount zion baptist church. the students will present five minute memorized speeches of the topic of hat can i achieve in my lifetime because
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his? he competition is aimed to teach students to use their voices to motivate others.the public. 3 parents have a variety of choice including homeschooling, online learning, magnet schools, public schools, charter schools and private schools. we spoke with state superintendent of education molly spearman. she says parents must educate themselves when it comes to children. 3 3 national school choice week ends tomorrow. there's more than 200 school choice events
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3 a local teacher is taking the issue of literacy disparities into her own hands.or better yet... the hands of young boys sitting in barber shops. news19's sonia gutierrez has details on the "books with barbers" initiative. 3 ***nats of hair machine buzzing*** the barbershop"you have a lot of children that come in and out of the shop that pick up on a lot of things"is a place where young boys can pick up on the latest hair styles... children look up to their barberspossibly a mentor..."we have to show them that one of the things... as far as being cool is to be educated so nothing better than to read while being in a chair"and johnny baez hopes, they'll also pick up a good book. "for us to be able to close the gaps on children being able to read and comprehend i think is a great opportunity that jasmine brought to me"he grew up feeling embarrassed of not being on the same reading level as his peers so when frist grade teacher, jasmine mix asked him to put a basket of books in his shop... the didn't think twice about it.3 "explore how 3 we get books in the hands of
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books with barbers, we have little boys who are sitting here waiting for a haircut in that chair being still, what a perfect time to get a good book in their hand"miss. mix has been teaching for 11 years and over the course of that time she noticed ththreading levels were not getting any better for minority children "i told myself i said we e going to go in went door to door to barbershops in the northeast side of town"so she decided to help build the first literacy rich barbershops in south carolina... and she's calling it books with barbers. we have a goal of reaching as manyny barbershops across the state as we canshe's already partnered with holiday's barbershop and gotten word from columbia's mayor, steve benjamin that they'll also donate some books. "we e just here, we e eager and ready to get these books inside the barbershops, ready to give back to the children and ready to work with some great shop
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3 the kids can take home the books if they wish, or leave them for someone else to read. books with barbers are also looking for more partners. if you're interested in the
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dot-com for the details. chat3 3 we're just getting started here on news 19 this morning... coming up details on a lane closure that could affect your morning drive. plus, ahead at 5:30... a look at the case against accused charleston shooter dylann roof. hundreds are expected to be part of the jury selection- a look at the process ahead. 3 but first, the panda of blizzard 2016... the whole world saw how much he enjoyed the snow next the workers who made sure he and others were safe. 3
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3 video of a giant panda stole the show at the national zoo during the blizzard.
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loved the snow workers stayed overtime to make sure all of them were news corespondent edward lawrence shows us from washington.
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3 an upstate woman has struck it rich playing the lottery.the lucky lady from spartanburg county won 250 thousand dollars in the 10 dollar scratch off game diamond 9s. she found out she won a quarter million dollars after scratching off the ticket while sitting in her car outside the lil cricket on chesnee highway.the lottery says the unidentified winner has won previous prizes of 500 dollars several times, a few 1 thousand dollar wins and a 25 thousand dollar prize.she plans to use the winnings to buy a new car, a new roof and pay for a trip to harrah ...a
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3 good news for those who are big fans of the back to the future car... after more than 30 years, the delorean motor company will resume production of its iconic car. the company estimates it has enough parts to build nearly 300 replica cars. they hope to have the first
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and the price tag, will be 3 around 100-thousand dollars. chat3 3 3 3 more than a dozens new emoji's could hit your phone this year. the unicode consortium, the characters are based on
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matching pairs, and compatibility with emoticons in existing is the short list:left-facing fist rolling on the floor laughing man dancing bacon3 face palmavocadoperson doing a cartwheelclinking glasses call
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released in the summer and could also be included on i-o- s 10 which is set o launch alongside it iphone 7 in 3 a top endorsement in south carolina for donald trump.. who says the business mogul speaks, trump deciding to forgo tonight's debate to raise money for charity has some midlands
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3 good morning and thanks for joining us on news 19 this morning, i'm deon guillory. and i'm 3 savannah levins, your time is ____,
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3 3 an additonal traffic note to pass along this morning before you hit the roads..the lane closure located on eye-20 westbound between the 378 and bush river road exit is still closed. the lane is expected to reopen at 7am. 3 3 there is word out of charleston that about 600 people will be summoned to court as potential jurors in the dylann roof trial.police say roof confessed to killing 9 people attending a bible study at mother emanuel ame church back in june.on june 28, the 600 potential jurors will report for general qualification, a process through which some are
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trial for basic reasons, and for them to complete the questionnaire. they will report back to the downtown charleston county judicial center in groups of 20 starting on july 11 for another courtroom procedure in which they will be quizzed about possible biases and life experiences. once the list is whittled down to 12 jurors and some alternates, the main portion of the trial will begin. 3 in greenville...2 people are now charged with neglect in connection to the death of an 82 year old woman who died after she sat in the same chair for 6 months.they are 43- year old david howell and 74- year old carole howell.the two were the nephew and sister of the victim, barbara anne beam. police say beam was found dead in january inside her home where she was lived with the suspects, david and carole. they say beam's sister told them the woman couldn't move on her own and hadn't got up from the chair in six months. carole howell is now out on a pr bond while her son is being held without bond. 3 in columbia...
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a suspect accused of stealing money from a convenience store. it happened just before 6 in the morning of january 10th at the pitt stop in the 2-thousand block of bluff road. the man seen in the pictures is accused of jumping over the counter and dedending money from the store clerk. investigators say he grabbed the clerk's arm and stole money before leaving the store. if you have any information or know the man in the pictures, call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. 3 3 3 tonight's seventh gop debate in des moines, iowa will go on as planned...minus donald trump. marlie hall has the latest from des moines, iowa -- where the republican presidential frontrunner plans to hold his own event.
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3 3 the gop candidates who are participating in the debate have said they hope to use the opportunity to get some air time while the front runner donald trump sits this one out. iowans will cast their caucus voteseson monday. 3 lieutenant governor henry mcmaster has endorsed billionaire donald trump for announcing his endorsement...mcmaster said that trump speaks the truth in words everyone can understand. however...the endorsement is also considered a bit of surprise since mcmaster represents the so-called republican establishment in south carolina....a base that for the most part is endorsing jeb bush.mcmaster is the highest ranking state politician to come out in support for the republican
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3 that endorsement took place during a campaign rally at the harmon tree farm in lexington county.people from all across the area showed up to hear what he had to say. the audience was so big...that a tent had to be set up outside for the overflow of people.trump stuck to his main talking points. building a wall along the border, his opponents and creating jobs. 3 i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created.i love the people of south carolina. from day one i've loved them. we will be back a lot. take care of yourselves and make sure you vote. you've got to vote. we love you. 3 in a poll used by cbs released monday, trump holds the lead over the other republican candidates in the state of south carolina. 3 after donald trump announced he would not be at the debate and instead raise money for charity, students decided to do the same. students for trump will host a debate watch party at carolina
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8pm until 11pm. the event will collect money and supplies to the wounded warrior project. the group says that one hundred percent of donations will go to wounded warriors. 3 on the democratic side...a new poll shows hillary clinton's lead in south carolina getting bigger. the poll...which was conducted for cbs news... shows clinton with 60 percent while her closest challenger here...bernie sanders.. has 38 percent.there were no numbers of support listed for martin o'malley or willie wilson. 3 3 palmetto health baptist will offer free diabetes screenings today.screenings will take place at their office of community health from eleven this morning until one p-m. that office is located on sumter find out if you qualify to register call 803-296-care. 3 the face of the beauty industry is changing... was starting to get the lines and
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not.,3 why and how men are looking for ways to improve the way they look. 3 plus, get ready to take your umbrella with you to work or school this morning. meteorologist efren afante has his eye on the radar. he'll
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women have been doing it for
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investing in their looks. as karina mitchell tells us, sales of male grooming products are soaring, as younger men try to put their best face forward. 3 vohe just 29 3 years old but ashkan 3 hamzelou says he started noticing signs of aging 2 years ago so he decided to do something about it. sot-ashkan hamzelou/botox user was starting to get the lines and botox works phenomenally - so i thought - i start now, why not.r ramtin kassir - a ny cosmetic surgeon - says he is now seeing more men in their 20's and 30's who want to enhance their looks.sot- dr. ramtin kassir/cosmetic surgeon here's less of a stigma.. it's not as bad or horrible to go in and get something done and look a little better.- bridge: karina mitchell/cbs news/new yorkmale cosmetic
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percent in the last two only way men are improving their appearance.vomen are also buying more grooming products - from shower gel to facial cream.gfxfrom 2010 to 2015 sales for the male personal care market in the u.s. jumped almost 15 percent billion dollars. mintel analyst margie nanninga says millennials are leading the surge.sot-margie nanninga/mintel analystver the last few decades we've seen the definition of masculinity's made men much more accepting of using grooming products. doctor kassir says most men don want anything too drastic.sot- dr. ramtin kassir en just want to look a little bit better, they do not want to look different. ot- ashkan hamzelou/botox user bviously you can't reverse ageism we all age, but if we could look as goodods we possibly can - why not.m for cbs news ny. 3 3 some analysts predict the fastest growing segment wel
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over the next few 3 years will be in 3 3 3
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3 just in time for the superbowl...the budweiser clydesdale family welcomed a new member.this is mac...he was born at the warm springs ranch in boonville, missouri tuesday. he's the first foal to be born in 2016...he joins the herd of more than 160 clydesdales.mac will live at the ranch while he learns the ins and outs of being a budweiser clydesdale. and maybe we'll see him star in one of those budweiser commercials.
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only 10 days away from the big game.of course you can only see the superbowl right here on wltx on february 7th.and keep in mind the day before the superbowl you can see even more football action as the nfl salutes its best players and plays from the season in a show called n-f-l honors.that starts at 9 p-m on saturday february 6-th. 3 and coming up tonight on news19..starting at 8 it's the big bang theory...followed by mom and then another episode of the big bang theory at 9. at 9:30 it's angel from hell followed by elementary at 10. then be sure to stick around for your news, weather and sports with news19 at 11. 3 coming in the next half hour of news 19 this morning... efren is watching the radar and your commute.. plus, details of a lane closure that could slow you down.also, why you can expect to see more construction on the roads this
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