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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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into the forecast. good morning and thank you for joining us. >> good news, it's raining but could be the last we see before the weekend. checking in with efren afante. >> glad you said that. we have to get through the rain, but it's going to be clearing out. in the weekend. right now the rain is falling in richland county to the south of ridge way. light rainfall in lexington and little bit of light rainfall in chainen. chapin. temperatures, chilly. 43 degrees and a tad warmer when you get down to orangeburg.
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the bus stop, get the umbrella and a jacket. afternoon, the temperature will be about 47 degrees and dealing with the rain and clearing out tonight. 53 treegs and lots of sunshine tomorrow. going to be windy and a high of 49 degrees. checking in on the road conditions getting ready for the commute. a little bit of traffic building up on 24. right now, the traffic is picking up. no problems as well. a little bit of a delay and right now, this is going to be on broad river road. a partial block on st. andrews. and some on 277 as you're passing south of 70. speed at 37 miles per hour.
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if you're going to the willy b, you -- take a look at that beautiful weekend forecast and the seven-day just in a few minutes. >> thank you. look forward to it. a traffic issue now. on 378 and bush river road is closed. that laep is expected to reopen at 7:00 a.m.. on your side this morning, richland county residents can expepe more construction on the roads this year. according to the penny program, expecting to complete a dozen projects this year. $127 million in sales tax is collected to fund multiple projects throughout the county. rob perry, the director of
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million went to construction last year. >> projecting another 110 million for construction in 2016. for 736 million in projects, 146 million is going to be a huge delivery for the citizens. going to be more resurfacing and the first major project in construction. >> keep your eye out to that. the green street project is going to be completed in just a few months. taking you to a state house, for refugees settling in south carolina passed in the senate committee. doing three things. registering them with social services and tracacthem and hold them accountable if an act
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those who voted against it said it would go against the policy of unity. >> in charleston, it brought the state together and started expressing love and unity. to me this bill takes a couple of steps backwards. >> i think it's a public safety thing. and looking at what's happening in europe, we don't want that in the united states. in south carolina, we need to do everything in your power to protect the citizens of south carolina. >> looking for a minority report so it won't go to the state senate just yet. looking for more funding for the roads. no specific bill yet, but it's going to put more money into the roads and change the taxes
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transportation is organized. preparing south carolinians for work -- paying for high school students that count toward their diploma and a technical certificate or an associate's degree. unclear how much the initiative would cost, but several counties are piloting the program with 5 $5 million. 6:05 now. the school watch. charleston will hoed the state of the district meeting at eight. going to be at ac flora. the superintendent will give the kraesz. talking about goals, performance plans and going to have music. participating in a family
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that's going to take place in public on old cherokee road in charleston from five to 7 o'clock tonight. going to -- the kids complete the test and parents, the grocery shopping. families can even receive prizes. students from all eight orangeburg elementary schools will compete in the finals of the third annual martin luther king oratory competition. five-minute memorized speeches on the topic of what can i achieve in my lifetime because of wha dr. king did in is. it's free and open to the public.
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parents have a various various options for education. charter schools, magnet schools. parents must be careful when it comes to choosing the education for their kids. >> as parents, you need to choose what's right for each child. students like different things, different settings. and there are options. don't assume one is good or maybe bad. you need to find out about the school and the krim luck and find out how your child responds. >> this is in conjunction with national school choice week. more than two-dozen ooefbts around the -- events around the state. putting the books in the hands of boys in the barbershops.
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firsthand. that's why she started books with bashers. pretty simple idea, looking at time when they are already there, sitting and looking down. >> our goal is to give back to as many children and families as possible. and encourage our boys to read, encourage the african-american boys to grow in the literacy. we have books, we have shelves, and poids that are ready to go right now. >> saz minisaid she's eager to -- jasmine said said she's eager to do it. if you have any questions or have any books, go to
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nominated by her daughter. mother of two. special because she sacrificed harass entire life for others and she only has two biological children, many people call her mama. go out of her way to do something special with her children and grand children and great grand children as well. for more, you can get to and click on the banner for mom of the week for your nomination. the word of the day. jer -- la menation or complaint. more of a literary work, more than a word you would work into conversation. i think -- not satire, but how you would lament or complain about how the world is. >> okay.
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there's a bunch. can't think of anything right now. but complaining about the wowod order or something. but let's get to -- if you have a sentence you want to throw at us, tweet us. >> and -- i'm running right now. > black history month in the midlands and how you can get involved. the south carolina gamecocks women basketball team is still rolling.
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about. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ]
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an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. . all right. thanks for staying with us. black history month starts on sunday. the first is right around the corner. the richland county library on main is going to have a big celebration. we have a guest from the nea company and quincy pew. did i get that right? >> yeah. >> good morning. thanks for waking up with us early in the morning. >> early.
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>> it's the kick off of black history month. and this is the main one. and at the library. >> i thought february 1st is sunday. but it's monday. still right around the corner. what can people expect from this? >> you can find something for everyone. we're going to start off at 10:30 and nia, this is his group and he'll tell you about what they're going to be doing. and a city of reptiles. and, okay, what does this have to do with black history month. people in different positions and doing things thahas not traditional. he was there last year and a big crowd came and love the snakes and everything. >> that's good.
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exposing people to something that's not thing people would think about, but still relative to the topic. >> xablthly. >> tell us about what your do you're going to be doing. >> the nia company, we're performers and doing something with the children's arm. we have the back yard theater series. when families come, they're minimalist. the props are simple and kids can go home and perform them in their back yards. this week, a small tale, african-american, african folk literature characters and at the center is finananal literacy and kids count money and make good decisions about money and the way to spend the money, a lot of call and response.
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>> yeah. very fun. and that's a way to get the kids involved. >> they would be bored otherwise. wouldn't be good for live theater. >> you guys are pros. can handle it. >> when is this? >> sunday at 10:30 to 2:30. we have at 12:30 the african -- too fat to slide and they have wing city and a reality show. expecting a big crowd for them. and concluding about 2:30 with a musical ooechth. >> that's at the library on main street and it's free and open to the public. and i always say if it's free,
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>> you're going to bring -- >> i have something already set up. talk about what that is. everybody, take advantage of the event on saturday morning. >> efren, what can people expect going outside this morning? >> going to need the rain combeer. and many communities have showers moving through in the central and northern parts. in saluda and east of ward and light showers falling to the west o obatesburg. heading into areas around pontiac. if you're getting some light to moderate showers and north of town, light showers are moving through. not as much rain activity going through orange county. a little bit more rain into parts of eastern sumter county.
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is still chilly. 41s in camden and winnsboro. the model forecast, throughout the morning, going to continue with light to moderate shoirs and tonight, the rain will continue. overnight, clearing out in the weweern community. in the evening, it's going to clear out. by overnight tonight, it is going to clear out, the rain, the clouds, all of it. as far as the kids going to school, a little bit chilly. 47 and the showers. temperatures getting up to the 40s. a lot of us have already hit the highs. the chances for rain off and on into the evening. tonight, the skies will clear quickly. the lows tonight, looking at basically in the mid to upper
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getting into tomorrow, as the skies clear out, 59 degrees and that sunshine isisoing to warm us up. sunday, 67. going to get up to 71 by tuesday. and a little bit of a cold front coming through. as it does, chance of showers on tuesday. and wednesday, looking at a chance of showers and maybe some storms. clear weekend ahead. looking outside, i just peeked outside. the roads are wet so give yourselves some extra time. on 26 between piney grove and st. andrews. traffic is moving but the roads are wet. and a wreck on i-77. there is going to be right by the split on bluff road and interstate 77.
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bit over an hour. slow go over casey north. and moving about 25 miles per hour. just split off on to flick road.
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fort jackson, 27 minutes. . all right. welcome back. 6:24 right now. are you ready to be impressed by a young prodigy? you look hesitant.
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player for his moves. >> can copy tricky plays by nba players and s videos are going viral. these talents are getting him more than just praise online. >> when he's not playing basketball, the 11-year-old is watching it and looking at his favorite nba players online. when he saw steph curry of the warriors do this, he had to try it. >> been watching it on yooub and he's out there and dribbling. if it's raining, we have to get him in. >> i missed up and then -- >> how did you feel it.t. >> happy when i got it. >> got the video.
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everything was just boom, boom, boom, and look back, wow, are we here? >> so popular, the warriors invited him to california to meet his idol. >> i didn't think it was real. >> friends are making him the happiest. small for his age. smallest on his team. built like a giant. but has big dreams too. >> would be crazy to play on that floor. that's my dream. >> already playing like the pros on the way to becoming one. .
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headlines . from the station that's on your side, you're watching news 19 this morning. good morning and thanks for joining us. >> 6:30 right now. good news. it's friday eve. bad news, it's going to be a little bit rainy as your heading out the door. checking in with meteorologist efren afante. going to need the umbrellas, but not for long, right? >> not for long. right now, the rain is falling down and a lot of communities have been getting light showers in the last few ooivengs.
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in the northern and central parts of the midlands. and into kershaw county. 44 treegs here in columbia moch 4444ow. kids are going to the bus stop, going to need the umbrella and jacket. going to the -- the afternoon temperature around 47 degrees with periodic rain falling. overnight, the skies are clearing out quickly and a low of 35. clear skies tomorrow and windy. high of 49 degrees is what we're looking at. checking on the road conditions, looking at the flow, a little bit of congestion. a little bit on -- south of piney grove road and into the north in parts of malfunction junction.
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a 15-minute commute from blitheville. take a look at that and the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. you not want to miss the seven-day forecast. the rain won't last all weekend. >> thank you, efren. in the usa today paper. what stands out? >> to me, about some big automaker planning to sit out super bowl 50. >> as far as the commercials. >> yeah. other than the game and the halftime show, people look forward to the commercials. we have seen some from volkswagen that have become very popular. some are deciding to sit out because they would have to spend $5 million for 30 seconds of air time.
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whether that's worth it. so keep an eye on the brackets. what's the first commercial, is it a sew dar or beer or a car. >> or a movie. >> i don't know if they would spend $5 million on a 30 second spot. so now, around the nation. trump skipping the debate. saying he's not going to participate in this debate before the iowa caucuses. >> going back to the first dedate. he and megan kelly from the first debate. >> some are giving him some flak. others are saying, i get more time. you can watch that one before voting kicks off. and turning to the presidential campaign.
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donald trump is still refusing to attend the debate in iowa amid an ongoing feud with megan kelly of fox news, megan kelly. and an event for veterans at drake university at the same time. some saying they take part in a one-on-one debate this weekend in sioux city. >> henry mcmaster is endorsing donald trump. saying trump speaks the truth in words everyone can understand. and the endorsement is a bit of a surprise since he represents the republican establishment in south carolina. a group that is endorsing jeb bush. first to come out in support of the republican front runner. that took place in a fundraiser.
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showed up to hear what donald trump had to say. the audience was so big that a tent had to be set up for the overflow. he stuck to his main talking points, building a wall and his opponents and -- >> i will be the greatest job creator. i love the people from south carolina. love them. take care of yourself. make sure you vote. got to vote. we love you. >> in a poll used by cbs released on monday, holding the lele over the republicans in the state of south carolina. >> after announcing not going to be at the debate, going to raise some money for charity, students are doing the same. going to be at an ale house on
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project. said says 100% of the donations will go to the wounded warriors. the leader of an armed group is joining officials in oregon and asking those still occupying the land to go home. ammon bundy made the announcement on tuesday. he and others were arrested on tuesday in a traffic stop that turned violent and one killed. other protestors have been allowed to leave. nasa remembering the 30th anniversary of the challenger disaster. in 1986, explodedd less than two minutes after takeoff.
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today, one price drop could put an end to back pain. >> showing us the savings. hey, matt. >> hello. glad to be with you. at the age of 30, i had back pain. looking for some treatment and exercise. here's what a trainer told me. >i use an exercise ball every day. braet for balance and tightening the abouts. and replaces a bike that you would have to buy. and travels light. comes with a pump. this one has a 2,000-pound capacity. and you can use this around your house or at your office as a desk chair. >> i tested several desk chair models and the balls important one passed and i have the
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back to you. >> love him. >> cracking me up rolling with that. would you use it? >> i would try it. >> maybe. seems like a good deal. if it's working your core. definitely like that. >> yeah. and mary, she and i were talking about that. she said, yeah, i had one of those once. the directors said i was distracting. rolling around like that. that's all on if you're interested. a special delivery for super bowl 50 now. take a look at this. this. carrying some game balls. going to game and the nfl experience. one driver making the special run for the super bowl for 16
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>> it's a very unique situation. i'm the only guy in the united states that holds the super bowl footballs. it's bragging rights. absolutely. >> says he plans on spending some time in the bay area before leaving the day after the game with another load for the nfl. the countdown is on. ten days away from the big game. and you can only see it her on wltx on the seventh of february. that's not it. before then your can see more football and -- honoring the best players and plays. that's nfl honors on the sixth of february. everyone who works for the carolina panthers gets to go to the super bowl too. the owner is paying for every employee to go to san
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not the first time he worked for them. in 2004, paid for 500 and a guest to super bowl xxxviii. . >> have you been? >> i've been to two super bowls. >> probably -- >> going to spend a few thousand dollars on that. definitely a great experience. and if you can't make it, you can watch it here. >> the best seat in the house. >> couch and pajamas. that's it. >> we're going to give you details on how to get one after the break.
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spilling the beans just before valentine's day. what you can get ahead.
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plan accordingly. . some light rainfall over the airport.
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could see some mounting up i . now the midlands most accurate forecast with
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>> welcome back to -- rainfall in central and northern midlands. fizzling out as it moves towards the east. the conditions in pretty much all of kershaw county, light rain into the eastern parts of richland. but into central and western portions of ridgeland -- richland county. chilly out there. 43 in bishopville. st. matthews and columbia, po upper 30s. and we'll continue with light to moderate rainfall into midday. but into the mid afternoon, clearing up the skies and no rain and clouds will be gone. chilly when the kids get out of school. 47 with some showers. a lot of us have hit the highs
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in the mid to upper 40s. tonight, the skies clearing out. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. tomorrow, high of 59 degrees. 64 on saturday. 67 on sunday. and cloud coverage on monday afternoon. a chance for showers onon tuesday. better chance for storms on wednesday with and a high of 68 degrees. on the roadways, they're wet. you want to give yourself some extra time. an accident reported on augusta road on i-20 eastbound. the speed limit as you're just east of south lake drive is already down to nine miles per hour. give yourself extra time on i- 20. going to downtown, a 30-minute commute.
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. 6:50 now. ranked number two on the list of the fast casual list, blaze fast pizza is opening. offering free make your own pizza tomorrow. to anyone who follows them on instagram, twitter or facebook. that's off of interstate 26. >> and to watch that pizza down, if you can't get enough coffee.
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employee is releasing the menu of valentine's day drinks. a love bean, vanilla raspberry and a java berry berry frappucino. and if you ask for the special recipe, they'll do it for you. i don't know if they love it when they're requested, if they have it, whatever they have, if you want it they can do it. >> sure can. weather and traffic when you head out the door after this.
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neighbors are . on your side, you're watching news 19, wltx. >> thanks for waking up with us. it's thursday january 28th. >>time is 6:55. the top stories in the midlands rundown. in columbia, investigators have looking for the suspect accuse of stealing money from a convenience store on the tenth. the man seen in these pictures is accused of jumping over the counter and demanding money from the store e erk. if you have any information on who he is, call time stoppers. happening today, palmetto health is going to offer frooi free diabetes screening. from 11 this morning until 1:00 p.m.. that's on sumter street. to see if you qualify, call
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>> for the 15th year in a row, identity theft is the top complaint reported to the federal trade commission. looking to reduce your risk. identity theft awareness and why they need to be concerns. sarah mitchell is going to discuss some common types of identity theft and ways to reduce the risk from that lecture. that's today 10:30 to is it:30. dawn staley's team is going to play and look to stay undefeated. e of two unbeaten team ins the nation. ranked in both the ap and usa today polls just behind connecticut. one more look of the
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>> an issue on 26. heading towards malfunction junction. and the roads are wet. and some computer issues. but i can show you that we have an accident on 26 eastbound. as you approach st. andrew, this is on i-26. traffic is already starting to back up. ask as you go through mungs and this is going to bsh through malfunction junction and you're going to have that on 108. continuing with the split from 126 and 26, heavy conditions as you're going east on i-126. the rain is falling in the midlands and wewee watching as the rain will continue throughout this morning. temperatures are in the middle 40s and continue in the mid to upper 40s as we go tloult the day today. in the afternoon, the temperatures will start getting
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overnight tonight, temperatures around 35 to 38 degrees. and the skies are clearing out. once it does, by tomorrow, looking at a lot of sunshine. looking at a high tomorrow of 59 degrees. get ready for the weekend. 64 on saturday with a lot of sunshine. on sunday, 67 degrees. as we get to monday, a little bit of cloud coverage and 69 and introduce our first chance of rain looking at about 71 on monday. and showers and thunderstorms are possible as we get into tuesday. but you can see right now, the traffic conditions on i-26, a all the bright lights on st. andrews. if you're going south of hall verizon, you halverson.
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junction on 108. other accidents, and lexington and augusta road. another accident going off of sunset on 20. a lot of traffic problems because of the roads being wet right now. getting through the road conditions, and a lot of sunshine. >> lane should be opening in the next couple of minutes on 20 westbound between 378 and bush river road, that exit there. >> thank you for joining us. be safe on the roads. cbs this morning is next.
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