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tv   News 19 7  CBS  January 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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. well, it is the virus that has gone through the mosquitos and the insects that carry the zika virus, what is the virus and what are our risks in south carolina. good evening and thanks for being with us on this thursday. the world health organization gave a warning that the zika virus is spreading. we're joined in the studio tonight with details on what was found out about this. sonia. >> there's a scare with correlation of babies being born with smaller heads and the zika virus thth comes from south america. the insects that carry zika virus are in the south.
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through the bite of an infected mosquito. >> . fever rash joint pain. >> brazil has seen a lot of zika virus since 2015. there are concerns that they noted some increased reports of a birth defect, it's a birth defect where the baby's head is smaller than expected. >> in that corrrration, that's what has led the cdc to put travel restrictions to these places where the zika virus is actively transmitting. >> there are concerns that that may be associated with zika virus in pregnant women. however, we doesn't know the risk at this time. we don't know if that's connected. >> the zika virus cas in e us are people who have traveled to the countries where it's spreading.
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>> we do have the right mosquitos. >> it's cooler, during the winter time the mosquitos are not nearly as active. we may see more when it warms up. >> tom has been studying insects themselves. take precautions with or without zika virus around. >> use repellants, wear long sleeves and pantnt >> unless you're traveling to brazil and parts of central america, experts say you don't have to worry about it. >> i don't know if it's something, we don't need to panic yet. >> the virus is not contagious, as far as they know the only way you can get it is if a mosquito bites a person who has zika virus and then bites you. we've put the full list of countries with the travel
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you wltx also. >> people are using their skills to build on homes this month who were damaged in the flood. costs of supplies s re granted by the fema grants. the groups are volunteering their time, the labor is free. >> we get to share the love, what jesus did for us. i can't do what jesus did, but i can do what he leads me to. the closesties can get is to reach out here. >> they'll continue to help until the end of may and are e beginning their construction on their 8th home tomorrow. now, the midlands most accurate forecast, with jim gandy, chief meteorologist. >> most of the rain has moved out of the midlands, we have one lone shower to the south of the orangeburg area. the rain is coming to an end. we have clouds around. and today that kept
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our high temperature actually occurred before daybreak in both the airport and the city. 51 degrees and we drop down to 44 degrees in both locations. it's cloudy, 47 degrees, winds are from the northwest at 3 miles per hour. we're expecting to see clearing with a low of 35, and tomorrow we'll have a sunny day with a high of 60 and we'll have clear skies with a low of 32. hundreds of our ventures walked the halls at midlands tech. there's an initiative to help more vets further their education. >> ultimately i ended up with a traumatic bang injury on a mission. >> transitioning back to life was hard. >> there's stigma about veterans, don't hire a veteran because of ptsd.
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returning to civilian life isn't easy. >> you pay a weapon with you wherever you have to go. in transition, you have to forget all of the stuff that you learned and a lot of stuff is i am printed in your subconscious. >> he served in iraq and is pursuing an automotive degree at midlands technical college. david peacock is doing the same of he suffered a traumatic brain injury during his years of service, going back to school is an easier way for vets to transition. >> if you have the broad knowledge you learned from the military and can apply it by vgt: going through a tech school to get your degree, you have the best of both worlds coming together. >> midlands tech is put aside $is00,in -- 100,000 in holarship to our veterans. >> they provide a service to
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sure they have the resources when returning. >> the transition is easier. >> it slowly but surely eases you through and you can make a transition to the job. >> and the future is more secure. gentleman neigh frazier wltx. they'll have a veterans resource fair on wednesday at the northeast campus, vets will have an opportunity to learn about the resources available for them. lawmakers discussed how to keep teachers in rural school district? our state. incentives for teacher cadet programs and graduate course work will convince them to say in those rural schools. for whatever reason, teachers seem to be leaving the rural districts at a fast rate. >> they may have a missionary deal for it, but they get there and they discover it's so different from what they used to, they don't feel like they can be successful there.
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factor in the turnover rate. the senator said once a budget is set, they'll have a better idea of what incentives will work for the rural schools. deputies tonight need your help finding two people caught on camera stealing an atm from a convenience store. it happened sometime between 1 and 5 very early yesterday morning at the maysville exxon. two people broke into the store and took a stand alone atm, watches and timberland brand boots. if you have any information on who these suspects are call crime stoppers crime stoppers crime stoppers. -- crime stoppers. this is from the village at sand hill. this happened at 1:00 last friday afternoon.
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suspects you're urged to call crime stoppers. this is between sled and knew berry sheriffs. this 22-year-old jackson and 33- year-old jones and 22-year-old kirkland, they're facing drug and gun charges after being arrested on taylor street. they made undercover drug buys over the v
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people are getting under way right about now,. this is their first game and we'll have the highlights for you when you join us coming up tonight at 11:00. still ahead after the break, we're going to catch up with colby gallagher, she has
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we're . tomorrow on news 19 this morning, lead concerns and concerns over the zika virus.
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from the world health organization, what could be an emergency. >> we're live tweeting you du you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking.
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and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. one lucky south carolina couple ... is going to get a - well, it appears that one
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free wedding this spring worth more than $38,000, there's a catch as robert kittle explains they have to give up their entire weding to usc students. >> one of the biggest days of your life can have one of the biggest price tags. the average wedding in south carolina costs $17,250. these weddings were staged by usc hospitality students and have an average value of $38,000. they didn't cost the brides and grooms a penny, we get the dress, veil, the cake the reception, the invitation, the text he'd owes, the florals, the mother of the bride and groom, whatever goes with the wedding comes with this, transportation dj and/or band. >> the couple has to give up control of planning their wedding.
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>> i would like to open my wedding planning business when i graduate. >> they can get this wedding with a 500 word essay, they get narrowed down to i(t: and they have to have a usc connection. >> it can be your great grandmother went here, u=5sn'`0we want to keep the usc affiliation. >> the wedding will be march 21st. >> the rehearsal dinner will be here at the usc horseshoe. the wedding will take place on the river road and jasmine house on lake murray. it's priceless training for students. >> the handsdsn training is definitely something that you can't get anywhere else. >> robert kittle news 19, wltx. if you would like the chance to win a free wedding you have to give a 3 minute video or 500 word essay explaining why you should be selected.
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the scenes of a local restaurant. for that here's colby gallagher. >> we're back in the kitchen of this restaurant. tanya will show us the wings. >> this is our chicken that we've season the with special seasoning. we learned a lot of the breading of the chicken and the sticky sauce. i'll drop these chicken in the prior and i'll show you how -- these are ready and they're done, it will be coming up for you right now. >> you're showing us your special mango sticky. >> we have a mango sticky, i added mango and spices for it. it's mango sticky spicy. good. spicy all in one. we're going to take chicken right here, this is our sticky right here. what we do is this sauce is
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be hot and we're going to toss a couple of these in the sauce where you can see that -- all right. get it good and coated. >> once it gets cooler it becomes sticky. >> it becomes very sticky. >> i haven't officially tried these yet. ralph and i counting down the seconds until we can. but, i can say we did get to try some of the food and it's absolutely delicious. if you would like to try them, they're at 5 lake carolina way. for now, colby gallagher, wltx. >> you need something warm tonight because it's still a bit cool outside.
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moving out and things the rains moving out of the area. you can see this over the radar display. the rain has been moving towards the northeast. we have one more surge of rain coming into the 9vt: south carolina. it will be clipping through orangeburg and sumter county, the southeastern part of the midlands [ t: here all together. today the radar estimated the rains would be south orangeburg through manning, about a half- inch of rain, lesser amounts as you moved into the columbia area. our computer model -- i mean
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is showing the rain along the 9f9 coast. here's the last batch moving along the low country, the bats are beginning to thin, that's what we'll see in the early- morning hours. high pressure will be building in through the weekend. that will provide us with lots of sunshine, once we get this area of cloudiness out here of here we'l'lbe in good shape. temperatures are cool and we're holding steady. it's 42 in florence and 47 for orangeburg ll! in augusta. our computer model is showing this along the coast. as you wake up tomorrow morning you should see plenty of sunshine and it will stay like that the rest of the day. our forecast for tonight. once the clouds move out we're expecting mid-30s tomorrow morning, 35 in columbia and sumter 37 in orangeburg. tomorrow we'll see plenty of sunshine with high temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s, 60
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now, we'll probably drop down to 32 degrees on saturday morning. we'll continue the warming trend, 64 saturday, 6868 on -- 68 on sunday, and monday, and we'll see increasing clouds and we'll see e a high temperature of 73. we'll have and thunderstorms, high of 67 but it will dry out behind &
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colder by thursday with a . well, a new wayne stop, it's opened in jackson share shopping center.
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their hours 3 we want to remind you about the lane closure in lexington county that's happening again tonight. the department of . a reminder about a lane cloche newer lexington county
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the transportation department plans to close the right land in i-20 from highway 370 exit from the bush road, it will be from 8:00 tonight and they'll be putting in closed camera poles and it will be reopened at 7 in the morning. starting at 8 we have the big bang theory followed by mom and another episode of big bang and angel from hell and elementary at 10 and news at 11. there is ower activity out there, jim gandy says it will
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we may see a little bit between you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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donald trump milkshake mystery. >> the chef behind the milkshake, he used to cook for donald trump. and then the doctor who went ballistic on her uber driver. >> call 911, oh, yeah. >> this is where it took place. >> that's where it happened. >> humiliating and embarrassing and painful. and search for a hidden treasure chest, filled with $2 million worth of gold, and the man gone missing. >> it's a raft, it's blue. then save my son. >> the 6-year-old boy's frightening encounter with a raccoon. >> i just hit him. >> this victim knows how vicious raccoons can get. plus -- nobody -- >> -- hey there lonely guy. one plane, one passenger. now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody and thank you for joining us. the g.o.p. candidates for president are
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deliver their message straight
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