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tv   News 19 7  CBS  January 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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we begin with a developing story. deputies in richland county are investigating after they found a female shot dead in the road. she was found along the 10,000 block of farrow road after 5:00 p.m. tonight. news 19's chuck ringwalt is live at the scene and joins us now with the very latest. what do we know so far? >> reporter: that's right. we are out here on the 10,000 flock of farrow road in blythewood. the sheriff's department is out here. a woman was found unresponsive around 5:00 p.m. earlier this night.4 we have the sheriff's department. tell us what all went down? >> we got the call around 5:00 p.m. deputies responded. they located a vehicle and the female who was unresponsive outside the vehicle. >> reporter: you talked about the priorities, two priorities for this, first -- >> identify the victim and also, of course, find out what
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>> reporter: how did you know that this happened? >> got a call about the female lying in the roadway and we responded and there she was. >> reporter: we appreciate it. thank you very much. we will cover this story as it unfold. a woman foun unresponsive. -- found unresponsive. the sheriff's department is out here. they are unsure of the identity of the woman. but they are working hard to find that out and find out who did this. chuck ringwalt, news 19 wltx. >> all right. thank you so much chuck. we will bring you the very latest from. >> reporter: on twitter and the latest on this developing story as well. an update to a morning fire that displaced two families. firefighters say it was a space heater set too close to flammable materials this morning. crews were able to get the fire
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there are no reports of any injuries. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> it was chilly this morning but the shine helped to warm us up. low this morning was 33 at the airport. 34 in the city. 61 in ththcity and 62 degrees at the airport. right now skies are clear. winds diminishing. temperatures now 51 degrees and winds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. tonight we are expecting clear skies, light winds. low temperature of 30 throws. tomorrow sunny and 64 -- degrees. tomorrow sunny and 64 and a low tomorrow night of 39. i will have the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you so muchch a pretty cool new project will take your idea for the midlands and what it needs and make it happen but organizers say it will take the community's participation to make it work.
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the sorry and how you could get involved. >> reporter: a website where anyone from anywhere across the midlands region of any age could log on with a facebook profile and smit ip150 characters or less their -- submit in 150 characters or less their idea. >> reporter: snow your choice potation now is your chance to -- now is your chance to voice your opinion. the director says it is part of their new initiative called what is next midlands. >> a goal to collect 1,000 ideas before the enof february and we -- before the end of february and we plan to do that pie hosting sessions -- by hosting sessions. >> reporter: it won't stop at the drawing board. she says two ideas will become a reality.
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have not only a funding stream that will allow that idea to happen but they will have a group of folks that are willing and able to help lift up that idea. >> the top 15 ideas with the most public "likes" will go before a group for one to be picked in richland county and lexington county. the goal is to have it up and running by june. >> it is important that it go from drawing board to finished project so the next round encourages more ideas. more investment and more community involvement. >> reporter: colby gallagher, news 19 wltx. >> ideas are accepted through february 6. if you have a great idea for what should be next in our city, you can go to our website and find out how to submit your idea. parents depending on where
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student get get their associate degree for free. news 19's janae frazier explains how it works and how you can take advantage. >> i want to be a person the kids look up to. >> reporter: she is a senior at camden high school and has dreams of being a teacher. >> i am really excited and proud of myself i got this far -- got this far. >> reporter: her parents moved here from mexico when she was a toddler. in may she will be the first person in her family to graduated from high school. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she is planning to be the first oo graduate from college too by starting at central carolina tech. free of charge. . >> my parents are really excited and really glad we have this opportunity. >> reporter: she is one of many students taking advantage of a new scholarship opportunity
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to go to college for two years free of charge. an opportunity he says is great for the whole opportunity. >> historically 15% of the students that graduate from high school enter central carolina after high school. our goal is to double that to 30% of the students coming straight from high school and have the two year tree and a -- degree and a trained and ready work force. >> my parents thought that we could have a better future. >> reporter: once she graduates debt free she wants to pursue a catchler'sgry -- bachelor's degree. >> good benefit. i can save up for, you know, a different college and stuff like that. >> reporter: janae frazier, news 19 wltx. >> well, this is a fantastic program.
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the championship will be available to students for the -- scholarships will be available to students for the next few years. the bill is 250,000 dollars each year. for details on how to apply go oo -- go to . today they expapaed to kershaw county. at the new campus you can earn an associates of art or science degree. and welding and mechanics program as well. it has been one week now since an armed robbery at a barbershop and police are still looking for that second suspect. last friday two armed men in masks entered this barbershop and demanded cash from customers. a costmer with a barber --
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willed out -- pulled out their weapons and started shooting. no charges will be filed against the barber or the customer. if you know who the suspect is please call crime stoppers, you can leave an anonymous tip. in the lowcountry a man has been arrested after state police say he posted a video on facebook threatening to shoot and kill police chiefs at charleston and north charleston. he is 41-years-old. sled charged him with threatening a public official and faces a similar charge from north charleston police on wednesday. he could get up to 5 years in prison for each of those charges. man who escaped a prison on monday is believed to be armed and dangerous. zachery reaves is accused of stealing a gunnic ammunition and -- gun, ammunition and cash from a school. zachery reaves managed to get
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broke through a window and broke into the school. if you see zachery reaves call 911 and do not approach him. you may have seen smoke riding through newberry today. don't worry firefighters had it under control. it was a live simulation. two mock rooms were set up and set on fire to show the importance of sprink slurs and working -- sprinklers and working fire larms. . >> a visual -- alarms. >> a visual on how long it took. second prop same thing, waste basket propt. the sprinklers will activate pretty quit. [ indiscernible ] >> the fire department received a grant in order to do this simulation.
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hoping for no rain this grab your coffee, and your smart phone and turn on your tv for news 19 this morning. monday, protecting your family, a wireless home security system that protects your home or business while looking out for the bad guys and over night
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join us on air at 4:30 a.m. 3 5th grade students in orangerbug county with outstanding character [ cheers and applause ] students in orangeburg county with outstanding character were recognized today at the outstanding character recognition program. it is put together by character initiative. began back in 2000. and it was designed to strengthen relationships throughout the community. >> as one of the students mentioned it was determined that if we looked a those individuals and encouraged the fifth graders to promote excellence and character then they will do a better job of
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>> this is the 14th year for the event. [ music ] and the marching 101 band of south carolina state university will be in a huge competition this weekend. the battle of the bands in atlanta. it is tomorrow at the georgia dome. if you are going you have to make sure to get your tickets ahead of time from ticket master. it starts at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. and 20-0 is what the usc women are after another big win last night. they beat ole miss 81-62. they are on the road now for their next game. they play texas a&m sunday. tip-off is set for 6:00 p.m. and the men are at home tomorrow night. taking on alabama. one of the only two teams they lost to this year. tip-off for that game 6:00 p.m. the usc baseball team began spring practice this afternoon. if you didn't make it today, it
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the first pitch is at 1:00 p.m. and sunday 1:30 p.m. the best part is, they are totally free. carolina is looking to bounce back from one of the worse seasons they have had in the last couple years in which they failed to make it to the ncaa tournament. and the super bowl will celebrate its national day of service in the midland at spring valley high school february 6 at 8:30 a.m. while football and commercials are the main event churches and community pup toes come together to raise money to fight hunger. the money goes to food banks and charities to help those in need. if you would like to donate you can go to all right. we had rain earlier this week. it looks like it moved out to have a nice weekend.
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no excuse to now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> dry today. a fraternity is coming in but it is dissipating all together. the main storm system moved well off the new england coast. towards the east. a shot of cool air comimi into the northeast. it has been warming up in the midsection and that is what we will see for the weekend, the warm air surging to the east. in place.
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low 60s. 57 rock hill. 61 in greenwood and sumpter and 62 columbia and orangeburg. for right now, though, we have clear skies and temperatures are dropping. 48 in augusta. 49 florence as well as sumpter. 51 columbia and 53 orangeburg. we will into see clear skies tonight and tomorrow lolo of sunshine. we will continue a warm up. and then as we go through tomorrow night it will be clear. on sunday we will see sunshine. but during the fran we will see high thin clouds spread -- afternoon we will see high thin clouds spreading across the area. tonight chilly, upper 20s. 29 winnsboro. 32 orangeburg. tomorrow we will see high temperatures in the low to middle 60s with 64 degrees the high temperature in columbia. now as we go through the
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73 on monday and tuesday. an increasing clouds on tuesday and wednesday a front comes through the area. this will give us scattered thunderstorms. high of 68. but then it will be turning colder and trier as we head towards -- drier as we head toward the end of next week. friday sunshine and a low of 31 and a high of 50 degrees. >> thank you so much. and don't forget rain or shine you can follow our weather team and get your forecast directly on your cell phone. they are tweeting and updating facebook as well so make sure you stay connected with all of them. all (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise,
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and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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mans army is coming to the lexington county this weekend sherman's army is coming to the lexington county museum. too show -- to show people a living history. all demonstrations are free. however, there is a fee to tour the interior of the home.
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$5 for adults and black history month the richland county main in honor of black history month the richland county main library is holding an event tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. and they have got a long -- got a long line up of events, music and story telling and food. public. and the last three disaster recovery centers in our state are going to close today, they actually closed today. but many services are also available by calling the fema help line. lines are open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week. plenty time to call.
7:20 pm and as we speak of the floods, it has been four months now since the historic flood washed away hundreds of roads in our state. coming up tonight news 19's sonia gutierrez travels back where she spspt a lot of time during the flood and there is still more than 300 roads that need to be fixed. that story and the update on what is being done to make sure the roads get back up and
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up tonight for news 19 at 11:00 let's address the elephant
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>> did megyn kelly really compare trump to the harry potter villain? and what's up www.the false eyelashes. then, zika virus. is this the event that's now throwing the world into chaos. and cheer coach fired. did she deliberately try to trip a high school cheerleader? plus, death threats for the doctor who lost it. >> call 911, oh, yeah. >> the disturbing letter found on her windshield. >> hoping you never see this letter because you've already crashed and died. then the new tv movie about madman charles manson. >> drug, guys and charlie. >> wait till you see who is playing the manson family. she's the daughter of tv legend kelsey grammer and her dad is josh brolin. and curtain of distraction.
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now "inside edition" with deborah norville.
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