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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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always on. news19's... chuck ringwalt... spoke with the ririland county sheriff's department as well as an advocate for domestic violence victims... to learn more about this incident. that's right mary. the coroner identified the victim today as 19-year-old deanndra roach.deputies believe she and the supsect had once dated. 3 "it can be the first time and it can be the last time. " sheriff's deputies are still trying to figure out if it was the first time...but it was the last.19-year- old...deanndra roach was found lying dead in the middle of the ten thousand block of farrow road in blythewood friday night. "a lot of women do not know the steps in order to take to get out of that violent relationship"chandra cleveland jennings - a victims advocate - says it's another life lost to domemeic violence
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carolina is ranked the worst state in the nation for women killed by men. "it is real. it is very real with those relationships."deputies arrested 22-year-old... andre heatley jr. and charged him with roach's murder as well as armed robbery.heatley is beleived to be the ex- boyfriend of roach. officers say surveillance cameras captured him ... using her debit card at 3 separate locations... just moments after the crime. so we asked the richland county sheriff's department why they believe crimes involving people in relationships are such a problem in our community. "it could be from growning up. a learned beheavior. it could be because of alcoholism. it could be financial issues. it could also be because of insecurities. there's so many different things that we could look into that says this is what causes cdv, but it's something that when we find this cause; how to treat it. and also work with it, so we don't have this issue here in south carolina." "it's a thing where you need to seek help. a lot of people feel trapped."monday starts teen dating violence awareness month.jennings says teens need to the signs of domestic violence. "it's happening with you girls also. how to
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deal with the signs and who to reach out to for help."so if you are a victim of domestic violence or know someone who is - call the authorities. "that's so important, so don't feel that you have no outlet, no place to go, nobody to talk to. there is help." 3 deputies are now looking to find where heatley got the gun...whether he was acting alone or with someone else and whether anyone else knew he was going to do this. sheriff leon lott will hold a press conference on monday to share more details on this murder as the investigation the studio for news19. im chuck ringwalt. back to you mary. 3 columbia police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a girl on the university of south carolina's campus... early this morning. it happend around 3:30 on the 800 block of barnwell street. the victim told police... an armed man forced her to go with him to the corner of barnwell where he sexually assaulted her. the victim believes she saw the suspect in the hallway area of an apartment complex... and
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described as a male between the age of 20 and 30... around 5 fefe 5 inches tall.... and weighing around 150 pounds.a bulletin that went out to students... says that an emergency notification was *not issued... because the information at the time wasn't specific enough for the community to act on.anyone with information that can help in this case is asked to call crimestoppers at 1-triple 8- crime-sc. 3 the university of south carolina student arrested last year... for pouring household cleaner into her roommate's food... could avoid jail time... according to her attorney.seth rose says... 24-year-old... hayley king... has entered pre-trial intervention.king's roommates told police... they set up hidden cameras in their apartment... after they were afraid of what she might do after fights.king was caught on camera... in february of 2015... spitting into their food and also spraying cleaner in it.rose says his client regrets her actions and the public doesn't know all of the
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put the charge of malicious tampering with food... on hold. 3 one man has been arrested for assaulting his mother... and then a sheriff's deputy.21 year old... william melvin richards the third... faces charges of assault on a police officer... yesterday afternoon around 4pm... richland county deputies responed to the 200 block of turkey oak court for a domestic incident...they say when richards went back into the house... they overheard a commotion and went in to investigate... that's w wn they saw richards assaulting his mother... when the deputy attempted to separate the two... they say... richards... started fighting with him. richards in the richland county jail ... the officer was not injured. 3 3 it has been a great start to the weekend. we enjoyed a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the middle 60s. here are our current temperatures across the state. it is
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satellite radar 3 composite shows the sunny skies with just a few clouds out there.for tonight look for mostly clear skies and lows in the upper 30s.tomorrow will be warmer than today. we're expecting highs in the lower 70s.tomorrow night look for partly cloudy skies with lows look at the seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. mary. 3 a lawsuit filed by a greenville businessman... says the state is paying millions of dollars each year in claims for damage caused by our state's poor roads.the greenville news requested all of the d-o-t claims. in a six-year period... the state's insurance reserve fund paid out more than $30-million dollars for claims... made against the state department
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allege damage to vehicles... but also claim damaged roads led to injury and even death in some cases.the fund paid out over 23-million for the damages... and nearly 8-million in legal fees. 3 3 you still have a little more time to sign up for the affordable care act... the deadline is january 31st.. *tomorrow. if you need help... palmetto project signups-c will help... so you understand your options when enrolling. just go to signup healthcare dot orgthe call center hours have been extended until midnight tomorrow night. walk-ins are welcome at the brookland baptist church location in west columbia.. they are open from noon to midnight tomorrow. 3 the last three disaster recovery centers in our state... closed last nightbut many services available at disaster recovery centers ... are still available by calling the fema helpline. lines are open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.... seven days a week .that number
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website.... wtlx dot com.. you will also find... plenty of other information to help anyone still suffering from the effects of last year's historic flood. 3 3 we are two days away from the iowa caucuses... and a new poll is out showing donald trump in the lead on the gop side... and democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck. the des moines register poll is called the gold standard in iowa... because historically... it's the most accurate. craig boswell was on the campaign trail today and has the latest. 3 republican presidential candidate donald trump is on topgfxin the des moines register's final poll before has a five point lead over ted cruz and a 13 point lead on marco rubio.sot: donald trump/(r presidential candidate)"it all doesn't matter if you don't caucus on monday."cruz led this poll in early january - but has been under constant attack from trump *and* rubio.sot: sen. marco rubio/(r-fl presidential candidate)"you know ted cruz
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deceiptful campaign at the end on some of the things he's saying. you know, people see right through that."gfx democrat hillary clinton is hanging onto a small lead bernie sanders is within the poll's margin of error.sot: democratic presidential candidate)"when we began in polls we were three percent in the national polls. here in clinton is in damage control after the state department said it would *not* release 37 pages of emails . from her personal server that are now classified top secret.sot: hillary clinton/(d presidential candidate)"i want all of these emails out. i take classification very seriously."standup: craig boswell/cbs news/ames, iowa clinton's rally here in ames was packed with supporters and some undecided voters. they say the email issue is something they are considering. sot: dr. sanjeev agarwal/undecided iowa voter"i think this is a very high level national security issue." with the polls so close, experts say the undecided voters will make a difference. craig boswell, cbs news, des moines, iowa. 3 four percent of democratic
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undecided. 3 3 middle school students put thier brains to the test today... in the 32nd annual south carolina science olympiad. the competition is made up of variety of individual and team events.... like bridge building... forensics... and experimental design. the winning school in each event goes on to compete in the national competition. the science olympiad program hopes to bring academic competition to the same level of recognition and praise of athletic competitions. 3 the goal of the program is to create an interest in science. you see the kids dressed up in thier school colors and we promote good sportsmanship and teamwork. we're trying to promote the same type of interest and enthusiasm for academics as we see for atheletics. the tournament was held at newberry college.the school has been hosting the event since it started. 3 fort jackson hosted a boxing tournament on the base toninit. people got to see boxers go
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you were probably saw a familiar face from news 19. meteorologist efren afante was the emcee for tonight's big event. 3 if you would like to give back to the community... but don't know where to start...there's an event happening tomorrow just for you. it's called community connect... and it's being put on by good shepherd lutheran church.they're e helping folks in the community get plugged in to different service projects.over 25 organizations and agencies that serve the columbia area... will be there.and there's something for every interest including for children...seniors...veterans and the's happening at good shepherd lutheran church on forrest drive from 3 to 5 tomorrow. 25 3 still ahead--if you've been loving these spring time temperatures... you're in luck. daniel says this warm weather is going to stick around for a couple more days. he'll be back with your
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3 plus--we will introduce to news 19's future
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when you join us after the hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. columbia, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $28.45 on this week's groceries - that's 20%. so head to walmart and see what you
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3 earlier today we had a special guest in the weather center. kalieb johnson is a first grade student... at seven oaks elementary media magnet school... and he wants to be a meteorologist.this afternoon... he got the chance to work in front of the green screen and try his hand at working his dream job. 3 "it inspired me when i saw meteorologists doing stuff to
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flood in october". kalieb says he sees himself working here at news 19... in about 16 years from now 3 3 it was a great day across the area we made it to 64 degrees after a morning low of 29 degrees.our normal low is 35 and our normal high is 57 degrees.records for today are 7 set in 1966 and 82 3 set in are the current temperatures across the state. it is cooling off right now.our satellite radar composite shows just a few clouds in parts of the midlands, but we have been rain-free today.a wider view
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coast and some clouds in the upstate, but it has been a dry start to the weekend. for tonight, look for mostly clear skies. 3 tomorrow will be mostly sunny and warm with highs in the lower 70s. the more clouds will move in tomorrow night and into monday, but it 3 will still be dry. going into tuesday there will be a small chance of a shower, but the better chance of rain will come on wednesday.for tonight,t, look for lows 3 in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees.tomorrow, we're expecting highs in the lower
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here our seven day forecast. it will continue to be warm and dry sunday and monday.just a small chance for a shower tuesday. scattered showers and storms on wednesday. a shower will be 3 possible on thursday too. cooler and dryer air moves
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saturday. we're (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. 3 revenge is a dish best served cold.. well tonight the gamecocks turned up the *heat in front of a sold out colonial life arena.. looking for a win over a team that messed up their perfect season just a w weeks ago. let's head out to the colonial life arena - frank martin and the gamecocks looking to close out this homestand with a win
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to 19 and two overall.and when you have a sellout crowd providing the electricity, that certainly helps as the gamecocks looked to avenge their first loss of the season. off the miss, gamecocks get the offensive rebound and they kick it out to sindarius thornwell who knocks down the three.on the other end, usc gets the defensive rebound, pj dozier has it and he's running, gets it to michael carrera who had a career high 34 points the other night, he scores. gamecocks with the early lead.bama took the lead at 20-19 so usc - looking for a big basket in the early going, finds carrera who dials up the three and hits, 22-20, gamecocks on the way, they would never trail again. chris silva getting the start for usc and the freshman scores on a nice delivery from mindaugas kacinas. gamecocks up eight 30-22. silva had 12. and then thornwell working at the top of the key, fires it up and banks it in for three, gamecocks up nine at the break, 35-26. thornwell had 14. second half, good passing by the gamecocks leads to the jam by laimonas chatkevicius. gamecocks up 10.but the crimson tide, staying within
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miss, shannon hale will finish at the other end and all of a sudden, alabama is down just 6. so usc needing a big bucket and as frank martin said after the game, you need courage just to take the big shot and carrera displays that and more as he hits the three to push usc's lead back to nine, huge moment in the game.carrera led the gamecocks with 20 points to with 11 rebounds. usc wins it 78-64 to improve to six and two in the sec. 3 roud of our guys, roud of our fans..once again.. 18k.. we dont win that game.. dont know if you pay atention but that three... he mised the first, we went nuts.. that impacted the second.. dont care what anyone tells you.. thats what you look for when you have homecourt advantage. 3 *dont take next super*and before usc and alabama tipped
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session on the concourse of the colonial life arena.these guys will be honored at halftime but this game fans a chance for an autograph and to spend a few moments with some of the players who are a part of the rich history that is gamecock basketball. 3 at halftime of the basketball game, the usc legends were recognized - each decade from the 2000's back to the 1940s. some familiar facesjoe rhett also the dozier brothers, perry and terry dozier - good time tonight to see these legends who have paved the way for today's group of gamecocks. 3 clemson on the road at florida state this afternoon...and despite jaron blossomgame posting his fourth straight game of at least 20 wasnt enough to life the tigers over the noles down in tally..the loss drops clemson to 13-8 on the sseason and 6-3 in the sec. 3 out to orangeburg it was an evening of rivlarybenedict at calflin and first it was the
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claflin panthers taking down the number 13 ranked tigers to start off the evening with an upset.. claflin wins it 58-47 3 next on the docket.. the mens game..this one was hype to say the leastfirst its benedicts jose roman-angueira.. pump faking finally gets the bucket benedict-- off to a strong start- then its brennan reynard with the jumper.. quiets the home crowd a bitbut the panthers would come back to work...shot attempt no godo but austin lawton is there for the putback..claflin on the boardthen-- patrell rogers.. working it around the outside.. finally he takes it himself for twoback on the other side- 3 beneddict- responding- roman- angueria again.. this time fo three...but then check this out.. austin lawton.. with the slam homethat will give
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the dayand this one would turn into a fight.. it would end in a 58-all overtime battle with claflin coming out on top final score 77-70 3 if youre a gamecock womens basketball fan you probably remember that game from a couple of weeks ago. that one was played entirely in the last 20 seconds and the women escaped by one point a free throw? ready to do it again?the rematch comes tomorrow ..kicking off a strech of three straight games against top 15 opponents as the ladies travel to college station tomorrow for a 6 oclock showdown.four of the last five games between the gamecocks and the aggies have
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digits... and two 3 got a sneak preview of the panthers super bowl jersey panthers' quarterback.. cam newton... and the rest of the team will be wearing next sunday in california. fresh out of the box., the team's equipment manager hung each one up with care. the players will sport their black
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game the way you can sunday. 3 here our seven day forecast. it will continue to be warm and dry sunday and monday.just a small chance for a shower tuesday. scattered showers and storms on wednesday. a shower will be possible on thursday
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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e, i would very much like to marry you. previously on "scandal"... (huck) if he's alive, she's not done. she's coming back to finish the job. it's not over! what's your name? does it matter? what do you want? i want a divorce. does he deserve to be president? do you think he can win it on his own? if you can say "yes" to both, then we'll never discuss election rigging ever again. (breath quavers) yes. it's a go. we are very excited and proud to be the first county in the state of ohio to use brand-new touch-screen voting. before the polls open tomorrow morning, we will insert these memory cards into the machines. they will store and tabulate the votes. no paper ballots to be collected this year. now, that's progress. all right, everybody. (projector and camera shutter clicking) now i'm going to show you
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so we can demonstrate the voting machine and how it's used. the software has been tested all the time. we don't anticipate any problems... (cell phone rings) hey. guess who you are talking to. my girlfriend? in addition to your girlfriend. a lawyer, jesse. you're talking to a lawyer. you passed the bar. (laughs) wait, so how's palo alto? are those venture capitalists gonna give you any money? it's looking good. we'll know for sure tomorrow. (projector and camera shutter clicking) (projector and camera shutter clicking) sorry, i don't have enough seating for you all. for what they charge me by the hour, they can stand. i've asked you here, mr. doyle, because my continuing investigation into the cytron explosion case has led me to an unexpected finding-- namely that the explosion at cytron was linked to a scheme to manipulate the most recent election for president of the united states. do tell. the explosion was an attempt at a cover-up.
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in this conspiracy. i also believe you had co-conspirators, possibly ones in the very highest reaches of the white house. i'll be talking to these other individuals, prepared to make a deal in exchange for their cooperation in revealing the details of this scheme to rig the election and subvert the will of the american people. but there's only one seat in the lifeboat. you have until the end of the week to decide if you want to take it. what's left of your reputation, not to mention your future ability to make so much as a nickel practicing law anywhere in this great land, is presently hanging by an itty-bitty thread. i expect you know how we turn bulls into steers. don't make me haul out the clippers. gentlemen. (door opens) you need to get your guy under control, because i am not gonna sit here and let him yank the wheels off this thing! good morning, mellie. pregnancy gives you such a glow of warmth. cyrus, do your job and get your guy in line! okay, "a," i have no idea what you're so angry about... (inhales sharply) and, two, he is not my guy, he is our guy.
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and every third saturday you get-- he asked me for a divorce! say something! he asked you for a divorce? is he insane? yes, he is insane. he got shot, and he saw the light and baby jesus or whatever, and now he thinks he can do anything he wants! fix him, cyrus, or i swear to god-- i'll get into it. (sighs) mellie... it never stops. i am so tired. he's not getting a divorce. everything's going to be okay. go. get some rest. oh. a lot of this has to be pregnancy hormones. (sighs) maybe you should see the doctor. (sighs) eh? you look a little pale. okay. thank you, cyrus. oh... (whispers) breeders. (projector and camera shutter clicking) it's a ring. she's staring at a ring. it is not. let me see.
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