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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 the national weather service will send a crew to batesburg- leesville area today to determine if damage from yesterday's storm was >> the national weather service will send her crew to determine if damage from wednesday storm was indeed caused by a tornado. >> inks for waking up with news 19 this morning. >> things are expected to clear up later in the day. take it look at this video showing the final cloud touching down, and the national
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today to take closer look at the damage. and good morning midlands. we still do have rain that is moving through the midland. really late in the parts of central and central calhoun, and some sprinkles and far southeastern sumter county. outside of that, so more rain is coming out of georgia. not out of the woods yet, and we are dealing with milder temperatures. and 56 degrees in the head off to school, and hour by hour, we will be dealing with the showers and temperatures that will actually start to drop. 56degrees by 10:00, 55 by lunchtime and as we get into the lunchtime, 53 degrees.
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start to taper by 6:00. temperatures down to 50 degrees. as we get ready set out for the thursday morning commute, give yourself extra time. the roads are wet but traffic is light. interstate 26 by pine grove road, traffic in both directions is looking pretty well. the accidents on the thoroughfares. there is a slow down as you come off of dekker boulevard, about 11 miles per hour is soon as you get past that. we have an accident on leesburg road that will be right by fairmont. parcel lane road is blocked. if you continue from lake murray boulevard in the airport to downtown, you are looking at a minutes. take it look at the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few moments. >> the suspect in a sexual assault case nearly university of south carolina has turned himself in.
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hernandes was taken into custody yesterday and charged with criminal sexual conduct in first-degree and kidnapping. officers say the attack took place off of barnwell street last weekend. the victim was allegedly talking to hernandes when investigator say he forced her into a nearby area and sexually assaulted her. university of north carolina does have a support group of that. >> some now say it's diagnostic criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder. survivors don't need it your help. they question everything they data. >> hernandes is currently being held at the richmond county detention center with a $300,000 bond. he would be required to wear electronic monitoring devices and has been ordered to have no contact with the victim. >> if federal judge has granted eight delay in the trial of
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charleston church shooting. rakes want of the delay to have more time to review evidence in the case. investigators say that 21 -year-old meek failed to tell investigators all he knew about dylann roof's plan to shoot parishioners at the manual ame church last june. >> taboo on divine street opened into thousand 11, and since then they have been in an ongoing legal battle over zoning in the city of columbia. last month, the store received the letter from the city thing they need to comply with the new zoning codes for the store and they had until friday february fifth to do so. the manager of the new store says changing the way they operate could hurt the business. >> they pre- much dissected the adult business, even though we are total retail, or you buy here and take it home, they have decided that we can't sell
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every one of those is an adult business and you can't have them all under one roof. >> the store manager says the city wants their store to be appropriate for all ages. they say if they don't make the changes by friday, the could be fined as much as $500 per day as well as face a 30 day jail sentence. >> 6:05 a.m. with dozens of people living in an apartment complex looking for a new home this morning after city ordinance now in place looks to crack down on poor living conditions. lauren thomas explains why more properties in the area could soon close. >> it was a shock. it was surprising. >> she received a 40 a hour notice from the city of columbia explained that due to poor living conditions, they had to leave their home.
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out we had black mold and mildew, it was a fire and safety hazard. >> the fire chief says their heating their heating and electrical problems in the unit, too. >> some of the smoke detectors were painted over. we found out there were windows that were actually field. >> the property manager and owner said they are working to make the necessary repairs on this complex. >> as soon as the tenets leave, we are securing their supplies and all of their belongings for them. we are hopeful that the city will allow us to reopen as soon as possible. >> the city manager teresa wilson said that because of the ongoing complaints from residents as well as the new ordinance by the city that pushes for a new stricter ordinance code, the city may shut them down for good. >> i'm willing to be more aggressive about these properties and go after individuals that are not doing what they are supposed to do
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health and safety issues for the residents. >> there is no excuse for anyone to have to live like that. >> skip holbrook said because of the quality of life emergency, residents had until 5:00 p.m. to leave the complex. >> the intention is to make sure no one lives in conditions like that again. >> the city plans on helping those residents find permanent housing with the housing authority. they are also expecting to pass future meeting. subsided. whether you are directly impacted by them or not, a new problem could be lurking in your home and it could affect your health. >> when temperatures warm up, i think people will start to notice it even more than. >> it will exacerbate over time, so the sooner you deal with that, the better you will be.
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could help keep your family safe when you join us tonight for news 19 at 11. time for our mom of the day. her name is chamique belton. she was nominated i her daughter, caitlin. she tells us her mother is special because she cares for five children and always has a smile on her face. she has so many loved ones who love her and pay for her every day and she makes her children so happy. kaitlin wants to say, i love you, mommy. if you want to nominate a mom of the day, had to our website,, and send in your nomination. >> our word of the day means former or previous. >> that's not so bad.
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>> mike if you ra will send us your sentence on twitter. if a super bowl party is going on at your house, you want to stick around. >> we want to make sure that your party is not a fumble. that's coming up after the break. >> and if you have to go out shopping, this morning would be
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rain >> welcome back. we here at news 19 want to have the best super bowl party possible so we brought in our best friend melanie, from by invitation only. and you brought quite the set up with you. and you made all of this, so let's go through it and help people throw a great super bowl party. >> this is all stuff that we created so that you can find stuff at home and you don't have to go and buy tons and tons of stuff. >> so we can start obviously with the great stuff that you eat. obviously people make wonderful food that it's nice to have
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the wonderful ladies at silver spoon sweetshop gave us these great little petits fours that are decorated. >> i know it is mainly adults, but we still have our super bowl rings and everyone loves a ring pop. we also have some fun popcorn and football bags. >> where would you get little bags like this? >> the grocery store or the dollar store. and you can send people home with a penalty flag with some treats of course. and everyone loves to have a spirit or two, so you take a beverage break and serve it with these straws. >> what would you put in here? >> it has some chocolate to take home, but you could do roasted peanuts or anything you wanted to
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now, we all love corn hole, this is just a simple tabletop corn hole. >> so did you just get some cardboard? >> yes, it's a cardboard box. >> and this tablecloth, i mean this is -- this is simple like astroturf. i had some extra pieces from another project, the white duct tape, and i had the bunting across the top. >> what would you say to people whom are throwing their first party and might be intimidated? >> take on the projects that you know you can manage. everyone loves great food. but don't try to do it all yourself. have a potluck and get everyone to bring something wonderful to eat. have some decoration pieces that really bring it together, talk about your team, and enjoy. >> what are some of the
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need to have? >> some wonderful chili or good mexican dip. some people set up little sandwiches and all lives and of this and pickles and all kinds of great stuff. tips are very good to eat. and they are very filling. >> all right melanie. thank you so much, great ideas here and we love all this. thanks for bringing us in and sharing awesome ideas. you can check out more on our website,, and buy invitation only there. >> thank you very much. the national weather service yesterday did confirm that down in lexington, and e f zero which is the lowest on the scale of tornadoes was confirmed. it is estimated that the length
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over half a mile and the width was confirmed. there was also damage in the stedman community. there is damage out there and they will be determining whether or not a tornado actually came through there as well from the damage. we did get rain at the airport and in the city, we had just over an inch and half of rainfall. and it is still raining right now as the doppler radar shows light and moderate rain in parts of orangeburg county. still outside, we will have more rain showers coming through as temperatures right now are very warm. 59 in lexington, 59 in columbia, 65 in bishopville, and a tad cooler in newberry at 54. here's all the rain that we are
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georgia to affect the midlands. some light showers, and we have already hit most of the highs to our communities. 48 in newberry, columbia 53 down in orangeburg, and the afternoon temperature of 53 degrees. we will continue with the rain is winds continue out of the west. it starts to shift out of the northwest with clearing skies, 36 degrees, and temperatures tonight will be cold in the lower and middle 30's. with clear skies, 54 degrees, and a chance for some sprinkles ending by early sunday morning.
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on monday, and 23 degrees possible, and lots of sunshine warm-up to 41 degrees as the high. many of the roads are wet right now so you have to give yourself lots of extra time. take a look at interstate 20 eastbound, at mile marker 66. both directions on interstate 77 to pharaoh road is looking pretty good. the first one is off of killian road and the first one got reported just the couple of minutes ago. one lane is blocked and still an exit and continue bi fairmont. you will be looking on at at least one lane that is blocked, coming from shaw air force base, 45 minutes, and interstate 26 and interstate 77, and 11 minutes commute. we will be watching the roads carefully because traffic is
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and other road that we want to mention. some roads and intersections closed and sumter following a vehicle accident at lafayette drive. this is a pretty long list and you can see it there on the screen. north main at copeland, all northbound traffic there. that intersection is closed, and north lafayette and copeland. eastbound. southbound. duke energy we are told is working to restore the power there but they do not know how long it will be. they could be several hours before the problem is corrected and they are asking for everyone, if you travel in any of these areas, to use an alternate route getting to work or school this morning and we will continue to follow this breaking story as details
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>> let's check in on day knows whether fact of the day. each week day no bonds tweets out whether history fax. today, into thousand six, a week tornado moved through here field and richland counties. which is interesting considering what happened yesterday. so kind of very similar there. usually they are way off. that's interesting. still to come, while you are planning your party menu
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3 while football and commercials are the main events of that >> while football and commercials are the main event of the weekend, churches and community groups across the midlands will be raising money to fight hunger. the super bowl of caring will celebrate its national day of service right here in the midlands. it happened right here at 8:30 at midland valley high school. >> for more ways to donate, had to our website, that's funny, i almost started coughing, too. we are eating that popcorn from the super bowl said. >> the next-door he could get you two up. it's about a firefighter who went the extra mile to put a smile on the boys face.
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past weekend the six-year-old was having a bad day. >> i didn't have any friends and my mom told you to go outside, so i did. >> but before he went outside, he made sure that he was wearing his firefighter outfit, the one his parents bought him for the kern career day. >> he said he didn't have many friends his age to play with. >> there is a cute little kid, and he's wearing a red firefighter outfit. >> so the firefighter making the rounds to rise addresses decided to stop. >> he said, you. >> let's try to change this kids day. maybe he was having a good day or bad day. >> made it that are by letting the junior firefighter where
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friends kobe supposedly didn't have started showing up, the captain called for a firetruck to stop by, too. the kid with no friends suddenly had a street all of them, and his hands were at the wheel of the real thing. >> you put on the suit and it was very cool. >> i see him taking the time out of his day to make a little boy happy like that, it was a good feeling. >> who knows, maybe we have some future firefighters or kids who want to stay in school and do well and be an asset to their communities. >> as for kobe, he's not yet sold on the firefighter idea, for one very simple reason. >> now. the boots are very heavy.
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just phone call away are his friends. >> i love that story. a fun little story about me, and i was a years old, i moved to atlanta and toward the cnn center. and one of the producers let me sit at the desk and read off the teleprompter, and ever since then, that is what i wanted to do. so that speaks to me because people going out of their way for kids, you have no idea how that impacts them. >> he may change his mind once he gets bigger that those boots are not so heavy. [laughter] much more ahead. why the irs has stopped taking electronically filed tax
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>> plus, getting rid of hidden >> 632 this thursday morning. >> lots of severe weather, tornadoes touching down in one part of lexington. the little bit of rain moving through, what's happening now. >> nothing compared to what we dealt with. and now in areas approaching chapin, leesville and lexington. and as we get down to orangeburg county from hope to orangeburg, santee and holly hill, as well as
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rainfall is starting to move through. 56degrees and the chance for light showers, showers will continue throughout the day and temperatures will continue starting to get lower as we go through the day. 56 by 10:00, 50 by lunchtime, and as we get into the afternoon, 53 degrees. it's beginning to taper off, bye 6:00, down to 50 degrees with rain continuing. the northwest is at 10 miles per hour. definitely give yourself some extra time. as you look at interstate 26, traffic is moving along and has been picking up. the roads are wet, no accidents on interstate 26, the two accidents are being reported.
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wrote it, and that is heading westbound towards interstate 77. you are looking at about seven minutes, and then about his 50 minute commute. you are taking it look at the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> now it's time to take the look this morning at "usa today." >> super bowl politics coming out of iowa into new hampshire. >> two different battles? >> right, we have on the one hand hillary clinton and bernie sanders who are in disagreement as to who won iowa. then you go to the gop side which seems like it could have been a clear victory. believe it or not, there is still disagreement, so no one is ally happy about this. ted cruz was quoted in this
6:27 am
win new hampshire, we win the nomination. the south carolina primary is coming up february 20th for the gop and february 27 for the democratic side, so we will be covering that here on wltx. >> the countdown is also on for sunday's super bowl . before the big game, there is always the cutest game of all. >> the more important game. to some. >> we are talking about animal planet as it blitzes fans with cuteness. for me, it is cute but it gets boring for me. >> they y ve very high ratings on the puppy bowl. >> lots of people look forward to the puppy bowl. >> yes, and then the super bowl airing sunday right here on
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honors showing some of the big plays, and you can catch that here. now let's turn to the campaign trail. >> looking at campaign 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off. on wednesday the candidates traded jabs over their progressive values during her time hall event. on the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz remain locked in a war of in the war of words following trumps second placed finish in the iowa caucus. >> and the south carolina primaries are in just a few weeks and hillary clinton pulled in her husband to do some campaigning. the gym at alan university was packed at capacity yesterday. everyone wanted to know what bill clinton had to say about hillary clinton stance on everything from the economy to education.
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we are all in this together. >> it was phenomenal. many of the students don't really know about voting, and four him to come and spread the word about voting, i really think that more students will be inclined to vote. they are engaged to vote, and president bill clinton can give that push. >> two more presidents popping out of the race. both senator ran depaul and rick santorum announced they are leaving the campaign trail. meanwhile, santorum says he is backing senator marco rubio who came in third place in the caucus. >> around the nation this morning, former governor rick scott addresses the public amid growing concerns about the zika of virus. he declared a health emergency in several counties when cases of the mosquito borne virus or
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health officials in texas are evaluating the first known case of the virus transmitted in the us through sex. they sexual assault case against bill cosby in pennsylvania moves forward. in december, cosby was arrested and charged with drugging and assaulting a temple university employee in his home into thousand four. after a today marathon hearing, eight judge swept aside that the d.a. had granted cosby humidity a decade ago. >> the irs says it has stopped accepting electronically filed tax rererns because of some problems they had with their computer systems. the irs says it doesn't anticipate any major disruption, however the e filesystem and those where is my refund service might not be working until sometime today. it is o favorite time of
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one free app could save you hundreds of dollars every year. >> moneyman matt granite uncocors your fees. >> there are a few things that i hate more than hidden fees. and my favorite free site put your hands. because not all the subscriptions on your credit card should be there. ask algorithms could find recurring payments that you could be saving money on, with the service automatically contacting you to make sure that you know what the subscriptions and fees happen to be. set up is super quick, easy and secure. it is the same security as nasa and received rave reviews everywhere.
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right now? >> yes, it's called, trim. >> sometimes people think you canceled something and you didn't, so that's a good operate there. >> the super bowl brings together fans and friends for the big game. >> and it also brings couples close, real close, and
6:33 am
>> more rain coming in from >> no departure delays right now are being reported at the metropolitan airport, but
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airports >> doppler radar showing rainfall moving to the midland. right now it is light to moderate rainfall, the light stuff moving from parts of far northern county, more light and moderate rainfall and the eastern half of orangeburg. so just be aware that we are experiencing light rainfall and we are experiencing mild temperatures.
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and still 65 in bishopville and 63 in manning. cooler in newberry at 5 2 degrees. lots of shower activity but it is moderate to heavy rainfall at worst. we will be dealing with moderate rainfall throughout the day. and, this will be afternoon temperatures in the upper 40s to the lower and middle 50's and overnight the skies will clear quickly. the lows tonight will be in the lower and middle 30's. it will be mild, 54 degrees with the chance for a late saturday evening sparkle going into early sunday morning. we will start drastically dropping off on temperature
6:36 am
wednesday only in the lower 40s. give yourself some extra time as you had out the door, because the roads are wet with more rainfall coming down. traffic is moving on from interstate 772 pharaoh rothe, road, but we do have some accidents reported now one on bluff road near seven drive and one on bluff road near interstate 77. another accident is being reported on clemson road and the last one still working,
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>> there is that music that you love, beyond. getting you psyched for super bowl 50. >> the nfl believes football his family, and in some cases, it may make family. >> doing super bowl 50, the nfl is running a short to be buzzed about add including super bowl babies. kids and adults who might have been conceived in the thrilling hours after their hometown teen won the super bowl . >> it kind of makes sense to me now.w. >> we are going to put you in a commercial. >> the video is set to the seal song, kiss by a rose, and each group dresses as a gospel choir singing about their birth from signature spots in their town. a new york rooftop would represent the giants, a stretch of indiana pastor for the colts, a texas barbecue restaurant for the
6:39 am
bridge for the 40 niners. the eight groups ultimately unite to form one super bowl baby choir, a sweet culmination of fans from all different generations. >> poor texas, they put them in front of a barbecue restaurant? >> they get rolling indiana pastor's and they throw the texas choir in front of jds barbecue. [laughter]r] i think that will be interesting. >> yes, certainly very talked about. >> and a special honoring the e biggest plays of the season starts at 9:00 on saturday. so you can make it a whole super bowl weekend with us here at wltx. >> efraim is in the weather
6:40 am
will tell you what you need >> good thursday morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the time now is 6:55 a.m. the national weather service will send ecru to the leesville area to determine if the damage they saw yesterday is indeed caused by a tornado. residents say they saw it was drawn aground around 3:00 wednesday afternoon. the high winds flipped over 18 wheelers, and the shed was left
6:41 am
assault has been arrested. carlos giovanni hernandes turned himself in yesterday morning. the attack took place off of barnwell street last weekend. if he does make that they'll he will be required to wear an electronic monitoring device and have no contact with the victim. >> you may not be able to travel with the carolina panthers with the panthers, but you can participate in festivities. bring the kids to broad river road, and the library will host super bowl mania event with food, fun and games. two-time olympic medalists and outreach circuit educator will have a forum at 4:00 at the spear for arts center conference hall. >> and usc minute women's
6:42 am
hold onto their perfect record. the team is now 21-zero overall. tonight they will play host to kentucky at the colonial life arena, with tipoff set for 7:00 p.m. >> from if on take is watching the roads for several trouble spots. >> interstate 20, near exit 72. traffic has been picking up the roads are wet so give yourself some extra time. the thoroughfares in columbia, no accidents. the first accident is all the way up on comes in road, so heading towards interstate 77, you will have a delay there. another accident near leesburg road and fremont road. so heading west you have one lane blocked. as you had to interstate 77, again one lane is blocked. give yourself some extra time because the roads are wet, and we are expecting more to come through there.
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most of the midlands, light moderate rainfall is falling. areas from eastern aiken county to southern lexington, all of orangeburg and calhoun county as well as clarion and sumter county. 59degrees, light rainfall has started to come down and windsor out of the west at a miles per hour. the kids might need their rain boots and raincoats this morning, 56 degrees at the bus stop. they will need at this afternoon because we are expecting more rain coming out of georgia. the forecast when kids get out of school, 55 degrees, light showers and a high temperature of 53 degrees. the rain we have through the day and afternoon will start to taper off, andndhen lots of sunshine for tomorrow. 54degrees for the high, 56 degrees on saturday and the
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or two. and 23 degrees for the morning low. >> we did have an accident causing power outages in the sumter area. >> lafayette drive and north main street, knocking out the power. several intersections are closed to traffic, east timor street in north lafayette, and north main and south pike, and duke energy is reworking right now to restore power to the area but they don't know how long it is going to be. it could be several hours. if you travel in this area, you will want to find another route because there is lots of work happening there.
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