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tv   News 19 7  CBS  February 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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thank you for being with us on this thursday. four months since the floods and we are still feeling the impact of the damage. news 19's janae frazier tells us about flood victim's fight for stability. >> reporter: i spoke with leaders with st. lawrence place for homeless, they said many flood victims are still homeless and they are getting more calls for them than they have before. >> it was a reason why god wanted me to tee here. >> reporter: -- to be here. >> reporter: she moved frfr alabama to south carolina for a job but before she started she lost it because of the floods. >> i really never thought this would happen to me. you see it all the time. i was never like i am going to be victimized like -- it just
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>> story more common than you think. president and ceo of st. lawrence place says the amount of families displaced by the flood is something she has never seen before. >> what we are seeing now is an urgency. we have families living in cars who have been displaced. we are at maximum capacity. we have 60 who are accepted and waiting.g. we have to face this issue. look towards affordable housing. this is a bigger than than we have faced before and we have to come together. >> reporter: she and her two kids are staying at st. lawrence place. although it is not the move she thought he would have she is staying positive through all of it. >> it is stuff. it is n nve-wracking. trying to figure out, okay, when is this my last day. you worry about your kids. you have to stage strong and --
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>> reporter: johnson is working at a bank, trying to get financially stable and she will move her and her family into a house. janae frazier, news 19 wltx. true vieweworecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> we saw some rain this morning. but the rain moved out of the columbia area. no rain in the piedmont area. most of the rain today was in the midland. since midnight in columbia, 16/100 of rain at the airport. but you can see for the month weweave seen quite a bit of rain already. today's high temperature was after midnight last night. 66 at the airport. 75 degrees in the city -- 65 degrees in the city. dropped to 56 and then bumped up. right now cloudy skies, 57 degrees. calm conditions. for tonight it will stay cloudy but we will see light showers
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low temperature of 38 degrees. but it will be sunny and cooler tomorrow. high temperature of 52 and tomorrow night we will drop to 28. i will have more coming up. >> all right. thank you. columbia police say they have connected a gun taken from a man who fired on police last summer to the killing of a man three days earlier. he is 45-years-old charged with murder in the july 28 killing of a 32-year-old. police say sled tested a gun that they say he used when he robbed a woman and shot at cops. they are still investigating what the motive was for killing the man who worked with children and did charity work. deputies arrested a teenager in connection with a sexual assault of a boy and a girl. he is 17-year-old richard dewayne hendrix. deputies say he adadtted to assaulting a 13-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy. he is charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct first degree and two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a
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locked up in jail. month into the legislative session and senators are no closer to finding a way to fix the roads. they spent hours today arguing over their inability to debate the issue. he said senators were dilly- dallying and wasting time. he lost patients when it comes to the debate. here is what some were saying today on the senate floor. >> why are we putting three complicated bills into one? >> if the governor decides to veto it what more can we do? >> you have to have the other components. >> you have to have significant reform at that agency to fix the roads. >> we heard more discussion about infrastructure today than we have the whole year. i shook the hive. i may be stung or may get the
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hive today. >> of course many roads and bridges were already damaged when the floods hit making the problem worse. we sat down with transportation secretary today who says she is happy with the department's work but knows there are challenges ahead. >> how do we deal with these privately owned dams and working through that process and do you spend public dollars on privately owned facilities and what is the process for returning them oo service. >> -- to service. >> lawmakers need to come up with a bill to fix the infrastructure problems. the senate resumes debate next tuesday. . at the stase house lawmakers will debate a bill that makes it harder for police to keep secret dashcam video video. why supporters say the bill is needed and why it is getting opposition. >> reporter: the shooting of a 19-year-old is one of the best
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releasing dashcam video. you didn't see this video for three months till after they decided not to charge it officer. under a bill that couldn't happen anymore. >> they would have to go to the judge and seek a judge's agreement. if the judge said no, they would have to release it. >> make sure the public will have access to police videos of shootings and tasings they are involved in. right now these things could be with held and no action is taken. >> reporter: another example is the shooting of a man in chicago. police with held this video for a year but the officer is now charged with murder. two years ago a police officer shot and killed an unarmed 68- year-old man in his car. a grand jury declined to indict on manslaughter but the officer is facing charges of shooting into a car. that dashcam video still hasn't been released two years later.
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concerns about the bill. >> the only decision the judge would make is -- [ indiscernible ] nothing about the individual's right to a fair trial. you know, releasing the video may impact the individual's right to have a fair trial. >> committee debated the bill. they vow to keep at it. robert kittle news 19 wltx. >> this bill would not apply to video taken by body cameras. that is under separate law. this applies only to dashcam video. every public college in the state would go private under a bill filed at the state house. he says all the state money that goes to the schools would go to students as scholarships instead. they would compete for students to get the state money. >> this was the only way that i
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education system in south carolina. >> usc president says it is a bad idea and would force all colleges to take more out of state students because they pay higher tuition. a spokesperson for clemson did not have information on the bill. usc women are in action tonight taking on kentucky as we speak. if carolina wins they will be taking on number one uconn monday night, both teams would be undefeated.
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with jr berry. >> thursdays always leave us hungry in our restaurant report card extra. colby gallagher is taking us behind the scenes. >> reporter: he will make the bacon pumeanto cheeseburger. tell us what goes into this. . >> we are slicing the potatoes and we are doing them fresh. i have them sliced there. we have some over here already cooking. we will take out. of the frier. >> reporter: you slice those fresh every tay and they are put in water while they wait? >> slice them in the mornings and put them in water and let them soak. and, um, with the seasoning here.
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we will plate them up. get the bun out for the cheeseburger. >> reporter: you were telling us this is a special recipe? >> yes, it is. a recipe that my mother made years ago but she did it harder than the way we do. we get the cheese already in a bag but she used used use used her hands. mayonnaise, mustarar#/8t: up. >> reporter: you look like you do this many #' >> a few times. when i first started i was the + t: only one back here. this tomatoes, pickles. >> after you are done with the
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>> getting the main item. right there. >> reporter: this is a big burger. >> this is a big burger. >> reporter: you can get it at fancy bistro. downtown calm. you can gethat and other -- columbia. you can get that and other items here. colby gallagher, news 19 wltx. heart disease and stroke causes 1 in 3 deaths in women year ear killing one woman every 80 second. 80% of events may be prevented with education and action. first friday of february is the awareness campaign, national wear red day in the united states. men and women are encouraged to wear red as a symbol of their support for women's heart health.
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jim gandy, let's focus on how the weekend is shaping up now because we have had our share of rain. >> we have. we will get a chance to dry out this weekend. i will have the forecast for the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle,
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now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establiliment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> tonight clouds cover most of south carolina. but the rain is confined along the coast. the front moved off shore now. it will slowly continuing moving to the east.
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skies cleared over the south central state into the plain states. weak weather system up to the north. this is a front that will be heading our way. but that really won't effect us till next week. in the meantime we are watching a cold air mass that is building in canada. it will stay there over the weekend but by the end of the weekend it moves south and that the what we are looking at for next week. across the country temperatures are not bad for february. 29 chicago. 40 degrees in memphis. air. 57 degrees under cloudy skies in columbia. 53 orangeburg. greenville breaks in the clouds now, it is 49 degrees. our computer model indicating which i say tonight and there is a weak system that will be coming in and during the early
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really won't amount to much. skies will be clearer tomorrow and tomorrow night. but then on saturday we expect to see high clouds movingng across the northwestern third of the state. here is our forecast for tonight. low temperatures dropping down to 34 newberry. 35 sudeuta. 38 columbia. 41 orangeburg and 40 degrees for sumter and manning. and then tomorrow high temperatures with sunshine are only expected to be in the low 50s with 52 degrees in columbia. looking ahead for saturday. a chilly start. 28 trees for a go with a high of 55. sunday 57 degrees. monday a strong cold front coming through in the fron. we will get up to 56. it will be breezy. excuse me. and the cold air will be coming in monday night. by tuesday clouds will build in in the afternoon, windy with a high of 45 degrees. 44 on wednesday. by thursday morning we are
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high of this weekend the statewide black history parade and festival is taking mace in
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-- place in well, with the 100 million people watching the super bowl advertisers put out their funniest commercials. some student at usc are judging the e spots. they will select the best commercial beiged on likability and brand identity. based on likability and brand identity. >> i am a fan of humor. bud light is doing that. any -- any celebrity cameo is fun to see.
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far as going, you know, out of their comfort zone and seeing which will make the biggest impression. >> they will be watching the game together sunday and they will give their opinion come monday morning. this year's companies are dishing out 5 million dollars for a 30 second spot. some commercials have made their way to the internet. [ music playing ] >> appointment tv. the one time everybody in america is watching. >> ahead of the game you can see the greatest super bowl halftime shows tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. and the only place to see super bowl 50 is right here on news 19 this sunday. coming up later tonight we will talk a look at a new columbia ordinance that cracks down on apartments around the city that aren't up to code. dozens of people had to leave the christ court apartments by 5:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon after the
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the property. coming up tonight at 11:00 p.m. we will dig deeper into the new ordinance as the city hopes to enforce some tougher rules for property owners. that is a story we will have for you coming up tonight at 11:00 p.m. right here on news 19. and of course the latest on the forecast. tomorrow is friday. we get ready for the weekend. jim gandy will be back with us and he will have a look at how the next severalalays are shaping up. that is our time for now. inside edition is coming up next.
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for the news 19 at 11:00 p.m. exclusive. paula jones. >> i have the proof. >> her accusations rocked bill clinton's presidency. >> what happened to me was wrong. >> what she's saying about the clintons today. >> how can you get out there and show your face and talk to people like nothing has happened? it just makes me sick. >> the deborah norville interview. then -- - >> i love you. >> holding back the tears. >> so much. >> grief stricken celine dion's touching memorial to her late husband. >> good night. >> and the golden cast of his hand. and what would you do if you were surrounded by bikers? look what this guy did. >> did you say you're all about to get shot? >> then, heart attack on the volleyball court. she's just 17. >> shock advised. >> how claire was shocked back
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