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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell yououdoctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. i'm going to share a photo of my eggo waffle when it pops up. that's so interesting honey because i'm going to share a photo of my y go waffle when it pops up. l'eggo my eggo l'eggo my eggo (answering machine) hey! leave a message.
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i'm calling you to tell you to l'eggo my eggo! anncr: some things are too delicious to share. golden crispy, warm and fluffy eggo waffles.
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sara the receptionist. did you give rand hilbert your zannies
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neither. really? you know, i could screw your weekend up pretty easy if i wanted to, sara. i dated philip a little. and rand must have lifted 'em. those two practically lived at each other's apartments. you and philip gibson, you were close? not very. you can't be, with a guy like that. why not? they're little boys. oh. they're a lot of fun, but you can't trust them with anything breakable. but i, uh, i cared about him. you did care about him. is that why you sent me the e-mail? i, i don't know what you're talking about. sure, you do. you wanted to clear up how he was killed so he could rest in peace. or so maybe you could have a little peace, hmm? were rand and philip forced to fight? you mean, like, with a gun to their heads? no. it's a lot more subtle than that. what do you mean? it's like at college when they were pledging fraternities. they didn't have to endure all that humiliation,
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but no, no one was forced. what about longacre and thorp? they bet on the fight? i can't say for sure, but longacre and thorp will literally bet six figures on which bird flies off the wire next. work with me here, sara. look, i get paid 50 k for my skills and another 50 to look good and keep my mouth shut. i've already said too much. it was an accident, tragic and sad, but an accident. and i have a wake to go to. all right, go on. i do hear you, detective, but right now all i'm hearing is that mr. hilbert and mr. gibson stepped into that ring voluntarily to more or less audition for the next jackass movie.
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but there is no evidence that mr. hilbert committed a crime. right. what? so i'm free? is that...? my office is not charging you with anything at this moment. thank you, ms. reagan. no need for gratitude, mr. quayle, but i would appreciate it if your client was available to the detectives should they need any further assistance with the investigation. i'll be at home. i won't move unless you ask me to. your friend gibby... you know, he had a reach advantage and about a good 20 pounds on you. i sure would love to see the gloves you had on. they're in my gym bag in the closet by the door. oh. so you're giving me permission to send my partner to retrieve it? no, wait, wait... absolutely. absolutely! do whatever you want with them. i got nothing to hide. great. sound like consent to me. sanfino: leave a message after the beep. yeah, jimmy, it's noble.
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(phone buzzing) yeah, man, where is this diner? i'm at the corner of... jamie: what are you talking about? you left me a message to meet you at the diner. no, no, no, no, no, no. turn around and get back in your car, noble. get out of there! what, what's going on!? i left you a message to call me, that's all. i don't get it. to tell you that there's a hit out on you, too! (tires squeal) noble? (gasps) (tires squeal)
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noble? noble?! erin: enterprise corruption, it's under the organized crime control act. yeah. if you can find hard evidence that the partners had money on the fight and hid it, (phone rings) or a paper trail that they organized the event... yeah, jack? yeah, i got the gloves. they're right where he said they'd be. and? and then nothing. i'll get them right to the lab. they're just regular 12-ounce standard gloves. all right, look, hand-deliver those gloves to the lab regardless, all right? yeah. and what would you have done? what, what would i have done? i would have stayed the... i would have stayed out of it... the same way you should have. like it or not, gangster justice is very efficient. it saves taxpayer dollars.
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and that's all you've got? he got what he deserved. where'd we adopt him from, anyway? let's keep it civil. this is civil. boys, help me clear? but i'm not finished. she means we're excused. oh. thank you, nicky. jamie, danny's not saying that gangster justice is right. if one person's a write-off, then everybody is. your heart's bleeding all over my good tablecloth. thanks. well, you're absolutely right. the day we sit at this table and make a pecking order over who's expendable and who's not is the day we lost our way. yeah, but danny's does have a good point. well, that never happens. (chuckles, phone rings) jamie, it's not as if sanfino was an honor student that got hit by a stray bullet. excuse me. i mean, some things are just proscribed. what do you owe danny for? yeah, jack? what are you talking about?
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he has every right to choose who or what he's gonna lose sleep over at night. i'm on my way. what's up? rand hilbert's in the hospital. for what? apparently, he inhaled his medicine cabinet. you know that "enterprise corruption" you told me about? yeah. well, if that's all i can bring, can you at least see how much damage i could do with it? yep. i got to go. excuse me. i'll talk to you later. gramps, dad. excuse me, too. a hundred years ago at this family's sunday dinner, at least one brother or uncle at the table would have been a priest. (chuckles) you're talking about jamie.
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he took a bullet and survived. will he meet you? it's not possible under the circumstances. you want to give him a chance to save himself? everybody deserves that. call him and tell him to meet you. where? i can think of one safe place. danny: what is it, mr. hilbert? what happened? i... (sighs) i went down and asked to see the gloves, and they showed 'em to me. the boxing gloves? yeah. i ststted to think... it seemed like every punch i landed had more on it than it felt like.
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rocked a fewewinutes into it. and i'm-i'm no great boxer. the gloves we tested, the ones my partner took from your apartment, were they yours? no. no, they were, they were the same, but they were different. well, what does that mean? mine, i-i i lifted from my school's athletic department, and they had a little "property of" tag on the inside if the cuff. but not the one you guys had. are you sure about this? yeah. listen, listen, do you have any idea
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it's all right. take, take it easy. take it easy, all right? just... all right. (panting, groaning) just tell me what the hell is going on. danny: listen, it's all right. nurse. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. just like they forgot conductor randy, who sees all and forgets nothing. at least he's not constable bob. i knew that if i had ice in my water, it would just be so painful and i couldn't even drink it. i would like almost scoot the ice over and try to sip it very slowly
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that's when i realized i had to do something. my dentist recommended that i use sensodyne. i think that sensodyne has been great in terms of reducing the sensitivity and pain that i was experiencing. now i can put ice in my water. sensodyne absolutely works,
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well, who besides building staff would have access to mr. hilbert's apartment? to mr. hilbert's? no telling. what do you mean?
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their apartments are owned by the company they work for. uh, cortlandt something. cortlandt street capital. yeah. uh-huh. the whole "b" line, from floors eight to 12, they own. they put the new hires there, six months free rent. we don't know who else has keys. your security cameras, they record to a hard drive over here or something? state of the art. we're going to need a copy of that.. we don't know who else has keys. your security cameras,
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i'm a police officer with the nypd. what's your name? just call me jimmy. officer jimmy. about a half an hour ago, john cavazzere was placed under arrest, along with four of his lieutenants and 13 other known associates. this concerns me how? your uncle, philip sanfino, was also placed under arrest, along with escalade bobby and six other of his associates. among the charges against him is conspiracy to commit murder-- of you. well, it never happened, so... (sniffs) it's all on the wire. made you a mix tape. funny guy. if you agree to testify and cooperate, you'll be put back in contact with your sister, who's already agreed and been relocated with a new identity. she never would.
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frank: he never would have lasted as a priest. why do you say that? he's got the conscience, but not the humility. or you can walk away right now and spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder. you know they'll find you. what's it going to be? danny (sighs): seriously, how much more of this do we got to plow through? 13 hours. oh. 13 hours. (sighs) ooh, zoom in on that guy. it's gary heller. jackie: looks like he's looking
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yeah, you know, longacre and thorp said they had their own security investigating this thing. dollars to donuts gary heller's got a private investigator's license. come on. i'm-a need to see the whole crowd yellin' hey i'm-a need to see the whole crowd yellin' hey and if you're feelin' it feelin' it, put your hands up if you're feelin' it, feelin' it put your hands up... excuse me, miss. would you, uh, give mr. heller and i a moment, please? grab a booth, honey. order a couple of the osso buco. i wish it were anyone but you, reagan. yeah, well... i think you have something i need. figured i might. hence making sure i got my picture taken. right. where are the gloves? my office, two blocks away. you check them out? nope. bagged them in plastic just as i found them, made the switch. no questions asked? only from myself to myself. and what did yourself think?
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wanted some insurance. oh, so you suspected something. then why not just bring the gloves in? because i'm a private eye now. my loyalties are to my clients, not the nypd. oh, right. but you did say that you made sure to get your picture taken just in case we wanted to look into something. i never said that. it'd be bad for business. right. dundee. two more cutty and water for the booth with the lady. those two are on me. hey. i'll get the gloves, be back in five. you know, there's... there's one thing that i don't get. what's that? what is in this for you? i get to sleep at night. oh. and that's all, huh?
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your conscience means anything to you. (laughs) there's an assistant united states attorney ready to talk to you. all i get's an assistant, huh? right. oh, okay, so this conscience of yours, it-it lets you... gain people's trust-- perfect strangers-- and then you screw them over? that's not what went down here. no? no, you're not perfect strangers. you're criminals, and i'm a cop. okay, let's go. you're a weasel with a badge. now, sanfino. you're alive because of me. and you're welcome. danny: hey. jackie: hey. what did the lab say? well, apparently, some kind of saltwater solution was injected into the gloves. made the padding hard and made the leather like sandpaper. for what? i have no idea. maybe so this guy could get an edge on his bet on the fight. i don't know. how much can one guy eat?
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that he can't already afford to buy? i don't know. the whole thing makes me sick, seriously. let's go arrest this mutt. maybe you'll feel better. wonderful. hello, ladies. excuse us. (laughter) hey, gentlemen. good afternoon. calling you back. you've got no right to just barge in here like this. actually, we do. josh thorp, you're under arrest for murder in the second degree. get up. get up! come on. hands behind your back. josh, what's going on? well, josh doctored hilbert's gloves. yeah. oh, and then he sent a private investigator over to hilbert's apartment to switch out the gloves the day after gibson died. what? yeah, and now gibson's dead just so thorp could win a bet with you. josh? you have the right to remain silent, although it seems like you got that memo. you know, for two smart guys, you really are stupid. i mean, you know the price of everything, but you know the value of nothing. get him out of here.
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i don't have anything on you yet, but you are my new favorite hobby. see you around. dad. oh. i'm off. well, it was good to have you here, even under the circumstances. good to be here. thanks for having my back. any time and every time. seems that i see the best in people even when nobody else can. just the way i'm built. hmm. that's got to be an asset in some line of work, but i think it may be a handicap... for a cop. just something to think about. good night, dad.
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a disappointing night for the carolina panthers as they play perhaps their worst game of the just happened to be super bowl 50..good morning and thanks for waking up with us on this monday morning. i'm deon guillory. your time now is 4:30 3 the denver bronocs take the win 24 to 10 last night against the carolina panthers. .this marks second super bowl title for denver's peyton manning. manning threw for just 141 yards and committed
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