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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and the voters of new hampshire have spoken. well the ballots have been counted and the voters of new hampshire have spoken. >> the results went as many expected in both parties. on the republican side, trump getting more than 30% of the vote and had a double digit lead. and the second place leader was the leader john kasich. and a sixth place finish caused chris kristy and he's going back to new jersey tonight to reevaluate his campaign. well sanders, won tonight
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both men addressed a conference tonight and say that people are ready for something new in washington. well i want to say i love you we're not going to forget you. >> we won because we harnessed the energy that we need in november. >> new hampshire is in the books and our candidates are heading our way. michael is the director and he's the guest tonight. any surprises for you? >> well i think that everybody thought that trump would get it.
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think that's a reason to stay in the race for now. rubio under performed a lot. >> who has a lot on the line that really needs to do well? >> well it's more than one, rubio, bush, kasich and trump will be the long haul candidate and cruz and trump are in the same lane and everybody else is competing for the oxygen. >> and michael, when it comes to the democrats is it a done deal for clinton?
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anybody and you'll see both sanders and the clinton candidates bring it --. and you don't know what you'll get in south carolina until it gets to the last couple of weeks and that's where you saw in 2008, that's where the real push starts and people get excited and go out to vote. it's going to be very excites and i'll tell you it's exciteds for exciting for them. >> our chuck, has more on this.
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>> no, i'm not at all certain who i'm voting for. >> reporter: it's almost time to cast their vote for the south carolina ballot but some voters haven't made up their mind. >> i am really undecided because i'm not sure if they're just going to say that so when they get into office, they might change their whole the platform. >> reporter: he's not sure who to trust there and they promise you the moon and then leave you alone at the prom. >> i don't completely agree with anyone, 100% and everybody is too extreme and for, example, trump and clinton on the other side. >> i agree with some of the
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candidates have made but i also strongly disagree. >> reporter: so we asked what it take to get their vote. >> the refugees and immigration, it's important that we don't let anybody in, but not just anybody in here --. >> the minimum wage. >> and i'm looking for integrity and backbone. >> reporter: and it could be weeks before they make up their minds. >> following tonight's results we now know who will take part in the saturday gop debate, trump, kasich, cruz and rubio and bush and this is first time
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you can watch that debate here on wltx 19. we still have clouds around and the radar is showing a band of some very light snow from northern -- fairfield county across kershaw county and it seems to be diminishing right now. we're into the cloudy skies and the temperatures are at 33 degrees. it's making it feel like it's 24 degrees. tonight, we expect a decrease in the clouds and tomorrow it but cold. the full forecast is coming up in a bit. and the gonzalez gardens could be one step closer counting tonight. the city council discussed fees.
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spoke with residents and council so what is next. >> reporter: the council has demolition. >> with the residentses residents that live there are looking forward to moving. >> the president of two housing associations there, are looking forward to seeing a dramatic change. >> it's time that our local government look at the people that are affected by what's going on in and around thesegardens. >> the columbia county has been asking them for help to tear it down. >> it has been proposed for the
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money to put that into the landfill and the county owns one and there's a creative idea to forgive the fees to get into that landfill. >> reporter: if they aren't waved it could cost the city $900,000. they believe that the property values could increase and increase economic development not only in the city but the county as well. >> i think that it's something area. >> they're waiting the hear back with a written agreement before approving the fees and we're expecting to hear back by next week. south carolina has sued the e government now over an unfinished project.
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constitutional unconstitutionally and billions over budget. the federal government declined to comment over the lawsuit. more problems for the state roads systems. they spoke with federal lawmakers today and said if they don't start to invest in the roads it will coststmore to rebuild them. hill gave an example, where the highway was so bad it had to be completely redone. they had questions for the d.o.t. tonight. >> 76,000 cars a car begging to go from 4 lanes to 6. and a major interstate highway, connecting charlotte, and nothing is fr?e-xudvhv=h)6zt+^er$g explain to me why? >> well to explain it -- you
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it goes back to the point that there's multiple agencies that are prior senator hugh leatherman says he wants senators to priority and that's the before discussion line. >> reporter: he wants them to have more money to the state's highways. 3 the director possible before public safety begins about appears headed to another four year on the job....that's to because the senate judiciary committee voted to advance leroy smith's confirmation. senators praised smith's leadership last year during four years, the debate over removing the confederate flag from statehouse grounds.however there him today. last year's debate highway patrol can't keep troopers and confederate flag and working to fix concerns that 3 patrol can't keep troopers tonight smith says he's working gatered in downtown the low pay. tonight support for cancer survivors. it was the fat tuesday alala gathered in downtown columbia to raise the emcee of the event again
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i was v school jazz band played as of the cancer survivors enjoyed a mardi gras cajin the high alala cancer society masectomy played as bras...compression garments..and wigs for those who can't afford them. enjoyed a all of the money raised all of the >> so as a breast cancer patient, they will need a bra. there about $415 alone, so if you were uninsured, that's a high cost to have all of the with something to feel tonight will go to provide support for cancer a woman. >> that was in our state. the money will be raised to help them get those iitems for free. and i won that nice wreath.
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was done, so can someone (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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the race for the white house is getting closer to south carolina. tomorrow, a run down on where the candidates will be and including one meeting with a
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plus, no more fi what? this is video out of fairfield county tonight and it's snowing out there. >> it is snowing and we got pictures from the area here, and the viewer that sent a picture of a good amount of snow in that area. >> there was a light band that
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was only a few miles wide. >> yeah. >> here in columbia the clouds are already breaking . >> and some people were asking for a snow day. >> there you go. >> well let's see what we saw today. the high temperatures were only around 44 sumter 33. the temperatures have dropped now. 34 in sumter now and up state, 23 degrees in rock hill. now the winds are still up this evening.
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mileleper-hour and it feels like 24 in columbia. 30 degrees along the coast. here's the satellite here, and the band here is pretty much fading but we still have that band extending into the pd region and that will extend to the northeast. fairly large section here of north carolina has cleared out already. the main system a up over the great lakes and sending some high pressure there. the combination is bringing the cold wind down here well into the south. we have one system here, and there's plenty of cold air and it began in canada.
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it -- and we're expecting low temperatures tonight of 34. 27 for columbia and 24 for sumpter. we'll see sunshine and 41 for a high. 43 in sumter and maybe 45 in manning. we'll see sunshine on thursday with a low of 23 and a high of 50. then another cold front will come through on saturday morning and it will start to turn colder. 49 degrees the high for the saturday. we'll get to about 24 degrees on monday, then, the clouds will increase and we'll see a
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into monday night. tuesday, mostly sunny and that weather pattern will change and warming up to 57 degrees.
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it's 3 two days after super bowl 50, cam newton's performance on and off the field is still analyzed. all right two days after super bowl 50 cam newton's performance is still being scrutinized and it was clearly hard for him to take that loss.
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about whether he should have been answering them. >> who are you to say that your way is right? we have all these people that are condemning this but what makes your way right? um, i mean i have been on record to say i'm a "sore loser" i'm not here to -- it's not a popularity contest. i'm here to win football games. for this organization and my teammates and my fans. they know what is real and i leave everything else out on the field. i prepare the right way and 3 cam's post game news have conference featured a lot of one-word clearly the loss was brutal but the sports talk shows have debated nfl mvp shshld have acted a little they meet those opinions as to how he shoudl conduct himself - even after the most disappointing
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3 well today >> rest of his panther teammates had the difficult task of cleaning out their lockers and looking ahead to 2016 and for them, trip to houston in february for super bowl 51. cleaning high school hopefully they hammond hosting cardinal newman -- seventh woods back from out of their past few gamesseventh to lucas prickett-- he drains the off the steal- shane o'connor gets it to christiaan jones-- he sinks the easy layupsecond half-- seventh woods-- he thinks aninjurery tonight. and getting to christian jones and the shot-- he makes it look easy for 3woods again-- second half, driving past two in the lane-- gets it to and makes the cardinals with s look easy. then woods again firepower - shake off that three. drives fast and gets the it a couple of for two. here come the hammond won in the cardinals new gym.tonight - and these two newman returns the favor by going on the road and knocking defending scisa state champs - 66-61 the final. couple senior night at brookland-
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beef on the court.keyshawn james played defended their title their the fotoball t won. was the regular season home game for the seniors who football team prior to tipoff with swansea. we will start with the bearcats on offense - kenny simmons - another senior - scores two of his t for the high 16 points.swansea head coach willie pretty good basketball players tonight. here's another senior, two of his 16 points. the coach careerswanseas ronnie hutchinson gives it up to keenan coates who gives it in right back to hutchinson - gives bearcatstscome back with a nice delivery here comes the mike anderson who this game as tied at 12 in mic anderson who final the game quarter - the aforementioned kozie brow - from well beyond the arc - as the buzzer sounds. and the quarter 15-12 bearcats beyond the rolls - 63-37. they play arch rival airport friday night for second place in the region. 3 lexington at home taking on the south aiken, a wildcat win
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with the thoroughbreads for 2-nd in south bacon. moving into spencer bethea driving and finds darius bryant in the driving, finds bryant corner takes a dribble and the three hits from long range big night for himnow lexington down 58586 late and its behtea lexington is down inbounding inbounding can't get the pass secure the pass and but gets tipped back to bethea for heading to bucket at nicely done at 58in the xtra peiord its bethea nice spin move to the bucket he had 7 belonged to bryant who surveys decides to drive and check out the move at the rim, a righty scoup, he had 31 to lead everybodylexington wins 69-64, they'll play white belonginged to thursday night and won, 31 3 its been a big week for gameockc basketball on both the men lexington wins. they will but frank marti thursday night. a next on the docket as they host lsu tomorrow night.ben gamecocks here. they come to columbia hoping to defend their number one conference ranking.. but night. ben martin and company are looking to sit on top of the sec for the first time in the martin era.for many it may seem like a high pressure situation-- but for a cool, defend their win. for many collected frank- its nothing
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of high pressure but for a cool and calm excited coach it's nothing but excitement. >> when you don't know what you eat for your next meal that's pressure. we're trying to survive and we should be extactic and that's all i've talked to them about. we need to stay in that mental place.
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don't miss his first jazz sol she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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all right, for some people who wanted a snow day tomorrow -- it's not going to happen. >> but it will be cold. >> if it did precipitate it would be snowy but it won't. and we're starting to clear out and 27 for the high tomorrow. 44 and windy and colder than that. >nd i was a good dad today and made sure that josh had his coat on to warm up my truck. >> make sure he had shoes on too.
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