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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 12, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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froze the station that's on your side, you're watching news 19 at 11:00. blood evening now. thanks for being with us. hillary clinton and bernie sanders took their fight for the democratic presidential nomination back to the debate station tonight finishing up just moments ago. >> both candidates are jockeying for an advantage as the race heads toward south carolina.
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wisconsin. line >> reporter: hillary clinton challengening bernie sanders calling some of his products unrealistic like healthcare. >> you need to level with people, but numbers don't add up. >> here is the reality, folks, there is one major country on earth that does not guarantee healthcare to all people. >>reporter: a new national poll shows clinton and sanders are neck and neck and a feeling to minority voters to break the tie. >> we have to make sure that local police departments look like the communities they serve. >> there are other racial discrepancies, really systemic racism in this state and in others, in education, and employment. >> this debate follows a nailbiter finish in iowa and a blow-out in new hampshire putting a sharper focus on the nevada caucus and the south carolina primary later this month. >> both candidates were asked about women voters, but said their appeal goes beyond
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>> i am not asking people to support me because i am a woman. i am asking people to support me because i am the most qualified, experienced, and ready person. >> i think a victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well. >> some are predicting the robust race for the nomination could go all the way to the convention. marilee hall, cbs news, milwaukee, wisconsin. both sanders and clinton will compete for delegates here in south carolina on february 27th. >> and on the republican side, most of the candidates continue stumping across the state for votes today. south carolina shaping up to be a critical state for jeb bush. with that said, bush campaigned in florence, columbia, and sumter today. on the campaign trail, he say donald trump is too hot headed to be president. he called himself part of the republican establishment and said his experience to bring america back to his former glory.
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me if you create an environment where people a-- achieve herbed success, create more prosperity and benefits. that is america at its best. >> bush is also getting some help on the campaign trail, his brother, former president george bush is going to campaign with him in north charleston next monday. marco rubio spoke to his supporters earlier today in brew ford, county. the florida flay senator says people are tired of trying to pit different groups against each other, and he will put an end to it if he is elected. and try to unite people as much as possible. that does not mean everyone is going to agree with me on everything. it does mean i will never ask you to be angry at another group of americans in order to win an election. >> and the florida republican said that today his campaign is prepared to compete until gop nomination is decided. even if that means a party has to select a nominee at its july
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ohio governor john kasich held a town hall meeting while he's -- the talking point was on changing how our policies for the country are enforced starting with healthcare and veteran's affairs. >> you need a complete redo of the veteran's administration to make it smaller, to get it decentral xized so that people can be held accountable. nobody is held accountable if that place, and we need to have that done. >> well, remember this saturday, the republican candidates will meet in greenville for a debate. it's going to be 90 minutes long and you can watch it right here on news 19. marco rubio, ted cruise, jeb bush and donald trump will take part. leading up to the debate, we will have a political special previewing the event. that is saturday night at 7:00. now, the midland's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> well, we are starting to see some clouds forming in the southern part of the midlands right now.
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our temperature is 41 degrees. winds are from the east at three miles per hour. we'll continue to see an increase in clouds overnight but a low of 32 tomorrow. it will be cloudy when you wake up, but we'll see some sunshine in the afternoon. the high temperature of 48-degrees. it is going to be a cold, dry weekend. then as we go into next week, we'll see some rain. that forecast is coming up. all right, jim, thank you. hundreds of richland county residents are giving their opinion now on a multimillion dollar greenway project that would run along the gills creek watershed. >> tonight, the richland county transportation penny program held a public meeting on the matter. and news 19's lauren thomas was there. this is simply the feedback session tonight. to get your opinion whether it ought to go there or not. >> richland county councilman greg pierce and transportation director rob perry both addressed a crowd of nearly 300 poem at tonight's public meeting on the greenway. >> we're going to make the comments. we're going to look at them once we get them
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the recommendation of what the sides wanted. there are a lot of people that love groanway, but there are some people that just don't. >> the greenway which would run between bluff roads in richland county could cost about $2.2 million to build. >> we will thrilled about blue ways and greenways. it's a quality of life issue, and all our waterways connect us. >> i am in favor of it. if it is done correctly. and i travel around a lot from a business perspective. i have seen a lot of really good walking trails that are very effective in the communities that i they serve. >> while there was plenty of positive influence, there were also some major concerns. >> in the flood, and you know, their comfort and security in their home has been shaken a little bit. i think that is going to be a question, and i also think some of the questions surround the pen knee sales tax, its administration and how the money is being spent has really caused some of these. >> i think it will be a beautiful project, but the way that they have it
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opens up the facts out of our neighborhood. i don't believe there's been any studies done on what it is going to cost to properly police the area for the residents to enjoy the green way safely. >> pen knee project leaders say they will look at all the comments before going forward on a full design. in columbia, lauren thomas, news 19, wltx. and if built, the gills creek greenway could be one of the 15 green ways around the county and construction. it could begin as soon as next year. there's been a lot of talk and chaos surrounding the zika virus and who it affects since the announcement of the mosquito disease. we spoke with a columbia man who takes from usc overseas on class trips to brazil. louie silva, a brazilian native says people who are planning to go to brazil should do their research on the area that they are going to be visiting. >> i don't think you can live your life
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is pregnant. uses the net to protect you. >> and he adds that there are some cities that may have more zika cases than others. well, the world health organization has declared the rapid spread of the zika virus an international public health emergency, so consumer reports is releasing for free to the public. it's exclusive ratings of mosquito repellant that are the best. mosquitoes are a top concern. there is currently no vaccine -- >> obviously having a problem getting to that. we'll try to get back to that story for you a little later on in the newscast. but in addition to using the right insect repellant reports also recommends always wearing a long sleeve shirts and long pants when you are outdoors or doing any kind of work out in the yard. if you live on lake murry, listen up. tomorrow and saturday is your
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free tree or seedling. tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. scent is going to be give ago way tree seedlings as part of the shoreline enhancement project for the lake. and then again on saturday from 9:00 a.m. until noon. this policeman is designed to help control erosion and also re-establish shoreline registration -- individual vision and -- vegetation and protect the water quality there. you can get your free seedlings on bush river road. they are also give ago way 15 free trees. well, a century after albert einstien predicted their assistance, gravitational waves have finally been detected in space. gravitational waves are tiny ripples in the fabric of space time. you heard me right. space time. scientists ill over the world are in awe tonight calling it a spectacular discovery. they tell us that this is the beginning of a new era in science that could lead to other stunning discoveries in our universe and beyond.
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>> i wasn't going to say it. warped drove, i don't you know, maybe. traveling super fast, but yeah, that's been mentioned tonight as well. >> time travel. very interesting. get ready for a cloudy start to your weekend. chief meteorologist jim gandy is back with your full forecast. despite their permanant location being ruined in the flood, one columbia bakery found a way to continue making these delicious
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we'll tell you who instead of closing their doors, tonight's golden spatula winner found a what i to continue baking their goods.
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in town. despite all these changes, they still managed to get the perfect routine inspection which is pretty amazing. news 19's colby gallagher shows us how they did it. >> well, this week, we have a very special golden spatula award winner. it is chocolate nirvana. this is john rogers with chocolate nirvana. i understand right now this is home for you guys. >> this is our temporary home. david has been great letting us rent it for him since the flood. we have just been working out of here. we're not open on a he tail side which we are really meaning to get into. we have been unfortunate to have this right after the flood. >> how tough is it to get this perfect score in a place that is not as familiar as what you were using for the past year? >> it's difficult. but we knew there were other people here. we had to make sure we kept our bar clean and everybody that rents from here does the same thing. >> and we saw -- looking at the trees and everything. we don't want to show them just yet. looking at them, you would never be
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still look amazing. first, let's take a look at this week's highest and lowest core scores. >> let's start with some follow- ups. edna's restaurant on river driver in domino's and chaffin both scored 100s. el paso. now on to this week's low scores. on st. andrews road scored a 71c for having live roaches throughout the facility. they were also cited for having water leaking on the ceiling and having day-old goat meat in the walking still measuring 65 degrees fahrenheit. during their follow-up, they scored a 100. richland healthy cuisine scored a 75c. inspectors say the facility has no acceptable method of sanitizing their dishes or cooking equipment. they lost point for employees. for storing food uncovered and on the floor inside the walk-in. their follow-up is set for the 18th. on decker boulevard received a 78b. an employee was seen not
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was scored over kicked items in the fridge. they also lost points ifer cutting raw pork on the cutting board and using it to cut raw chicken without washing and sanitizing it. their follow-up is on the 18th. beth''s china buffet was given a 79 glen w b. and black and pink debris on the ice machine. inspectors also showed food stored directly on the cooling floor. they were given a 100 during their follow-up. sandy run grill scored an 828b for grime in the ice machine shoot and storing ground beef over produce in the walk-ins. they were also cited for storing a box of containers and plates on the floor in storage. their follow-up is on the 19. next is two ginners on bush river road with an 82b. they lost points for having an accumulation of food and grease on the cooking and not scoring wiping clothes in a label container.
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kitchen and the walk-in. a large area accumulation of grease and food debris on their fryers. they were cited for employees not washing their hands between points of possible contamination and storing raw meats of different species together in the freezer. their follow-up is set for the 18th. last, chinese on heart scrabble road scored an 58b. employees weren't washing their hands with soap, and raw foods were stored over ready to eat items in the walk-in. inspectors noted that scoops without handles were scored in the food. their follow-up is on the 12th. these next scores don't follow protocol. san jose scored an 88a. in the corn mill and flour that was voluntarily thrown out. their follow-up is on the 20th. inspectors visited sahara due to a complaint about bugs. they scored an 89a. dead bugs were scored throughout the facility. now on to this week's hall of fame. bellacino's, countryside barbecue and linda lou's in lexington all scored perfect 100s. enjoy. >> so we are back with john, and as we
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where he is creating these amazing cakes and cupcakes, but you would never be able to tell looking at them that you are not in your normal space. tell us what is in front of us. >> this is our famous chocolate godiva cake. it is a four layer and we move on to the cheesecake. it's a vanilla carmel cashew cheesecake. a red velvet with cream cheese frosting and then our specialty godiva cupcakes. >> right now, the retail space isn't open. most of these cakes are going to restaurants and other businesses. chocolate nirvana. get them -- colby gallagher, news 19, wltx. >> their cakes are absolutely delicious. chocolate nirvana. >> yeah, always makes us hungry. you know, jim and i were trying to
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subject so we wouldn't be so hungry. we were talking about the ripple. >> y'all were talking about space travel and timetable. in the spacetime thing. >> the really important things. it's kind of 100 yores after einstein comes up with it. >> something else is interesting. >> our wealther is going to change. >> for better or for worse? >> do you like the cold wealth senator. >> no. >> in that case, it's going to change. let me show you what we are seeing right now across here. today, we did warm up a little bit more than we were expecting. we got up into the mid 50s. 5334 -- 53 in sumter. fifty-five in columbia and orangeburg. fifty-seven over in augusta. cool to our north in rock hill. it was 47 and 48 in florence. tonight, it's 31 in florence. # 3 in sumter. 41-degrees in columbia. notice up in rock hill there at 28. and it's 44 degrees in
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as we take a look at the satellite picture, this little grayish color that you see. those are low clouds that are starting to form now, and basically, it's south of the columbia area. orangeburg already reporting cloudy skies. to the north, it's still clear, and that is lieuing the heat from the day to escape to space and that one reason why it is so much cooler, but we're going to continue see an increase in clouds. we're seeing an increase now across parts of the tennessee river valley. and everything is going to be heading our way as far as the clouds are concerned. now, the cold air is right now over the midwest into the northeast. temperatures in the teens and the low toss. here in the south, it's not so bad, and it's been warm over the western half of the country. our computer model indicating that when you wake up in the morning, it should be cloudy over all of the region. tomorrow, we do expect to see some precipitation forming, but right now, it looks like it's mainly going to be to the east. the only thing you're going to see
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tomorrow night, skies will be clearing. as we go into saturday, we're going to be seeing nothing but sunshine. it will be colder. here is our forecast for tonight. low temperatures getting down to about 29 in camden and bishopville. thirty-two in columbia. thirty-six in orangeburg. tomorrow, high temperatures affected somewhat by the clouds. maybe 45 in bishopville. may get up to 53 in orangeburg and 52 in aiken. the colder air will be coming back in on saturday. breezy, 46 degrees. on sunday, 22 for a low with a high temperature of 39 degrees. clouds will be increasing on sunday night. monday, we'll see some rain coming not late in the day with a high of 48. rain will be likely monday night into tuesday morning. high temperature of 56. then we dry out. here is what you are looking for. some sunny skies wednesday and thursday. highs both
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>> gorgeous. all right. we just have to get through a chilly valentine's day. >> maybe the ground hog was right.
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than you now, news 19 sports director, reggie anderson. >> after a loss to ukon back at it under number 16 that florida he's averaging 12.5
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coach knocking the pass away. comes away with it, and she finds tiffany mitchell who fights through traffic for the bucket and one. her crew lead 43-41 at the break. second half, inbound to asia wilson who had 13. here check out the catch. a nice finish by elena who had 14 and 11 rebounds. she had a double double. later in the game, and airing it out to mitchell. she gets the easy bucket. twenty-two. gamecocks win it. eighty-six-71 s. >> and there is some residual feelings of, you know, losing and how we lost, and wanting to play better. that is natural. our players know that. temperature is the league that we want to win. and one night after his team knocked off lsu, usc's frank martin back on the radio. the weekly call-in show live from wild wing cafe in the vista.
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are tied for first in the sec. taking a lot of calls about where the program is right now. and coming up saturday, the high noon shoot-out with number 21, kentucky. >> the playerser, their passion for the game. when you get that marriage going on, it fun and difficult for opponents and when you get big old blue nation rolling in to town. and they have been the elite program in this conference for a long time, and that is our measuring stick. that is where gentlemen to elevate who we are every day so we can compete with the team like kentucky. >> the sell-out crowd. pear had hoar nor columbia, tony my, did daniel. won a superbowl with the sea hawks. they dominated
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the golden football. and glad to come back to his old stomping ground. >> and being successful, but you are it meant a lot to them. raders are 2a. there is zack the regular that is the raders running. simmons drive. gets a little bit of time. no harm, no foul as simmons scores. now the rebels coming right back. tough shot. drives. gets to go though. to marcus johnson. he's going to glide in for
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the estate museum wants you to kick off their valentine's day weekend with them. tomorrow night from 6:00 until 9:00, they're going to open their doors for a special event designed for romance. guests can enjoy some dozen pick love stories in the planetaium learning about the love stories in the stars of greek myth roll joy and tour through museum's galleryies to store some notable romantic relationships throughout our state history. the event features food and drink and beer and tickets are only $15.
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>> got it, get it? like it? >> fellows, you got it? >> you can take your ladies there tomorrow night. it will be a nice romantic night. just a suggestion. in the meantime -- >> no, we can't, because we're going to be here. >> oh, that's right. you'll be at work. other than that, y'all can go. >> there you government. and for tomorrow, we're going to be seeing some clouds in the morning. some sun in the afternoon. low of 32. the high tomorrow is 48. we're out of time. please say yes.
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>> funny man, steven colbert e team's goalkeeper, hope solo, is raising concern about the risk of zika during the games. >> i want to go. fortunately, the olympics aren't today. so, we have six months. we have a little bit of time to figure things out. >> reporter: u.s. olympic committee kei scott blackmun tried to explain things in a memo. he says the u.s. is working with the cdc to closely monitor the situation. but no matter the preparation, he wrote, there will alwaysing risks with olympic competition. officials with the rio games told cbs news all rooms in the olympic village will be air conditioned and venues inspected
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where mosquitos might breed. the main worry is the suspected link between the virus and microcephaly, an unusually small head at birth. that link has been strengthened within the past day by reports both in brazil and the united states. the virus has now been found in the mraplacenta of mothers who miscarried. i spoke with an official from the rio organizing committee today and asked, are there any thoughts of canceling or postponing the olympics, or is it full steam ahead?


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