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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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democrats are gearing 3 weather making it's way severe weather making its way to the midlands, it's part of a system that has been deadly in mississippi. now this is video from golds gym in louisiana, and the roof is peeled off. so far 8 tornadoes have touchdown. take a look at this video here also out of louisiana, three water spouts line the area, a tornado warning happened during the type of the water spouts. this system is creeping its way closer and closer and jim gandy is here.
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increase in the storms here. you can see rain down here in western orangeville. also parts of fairfield and new berry, all of this is moving northeast rapidly at about 40 mileleper-hour. now, as we zoom out, you can see the area under the gun here. western georgia and this line here is what we're concerned about in the panhandle because of the tornado potential. we don't have that potential here, we have fog forming and and our temp is at 52 degrees. we'll see the moisture increase and then for tomorrow, ahead of
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high temperature of 72 and then it will get windy and we may see it get up to 45 miles-per- hour. we'll have more on that coming up. all right, jim thank you so much. we're now just four days away from the primary here in south carolina. clinton and sanders are both looking for a win here and each of them have held events all hoping to win your last vote. >> reporter: gun violence is by far the leading cause of death for african american men more than the next nine causes combined. >> the only way we take them on, is when we do not allow the trumps of the world to divide us up.
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for one nomination. clinton ed asclinton was at a church. >> 11 times he said i can't breathe and the officers chose to take his life. to add insult to injury, there was no indictment. >> reporter: bernie sanders began by holding an event in north virginia, however his wife jane, and danny glover came out and supported him. >> the main thing is we have to offer kids is hope, they learn very early that they're not going to be able to afford college. they won't be able to get that education they need to have the life that they desire. >> reporter: there's just a few more days left before the primary and both candidates will continue to spread their
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they want your to encourage others to vote. >> go out and vote, so you have a say in something. >> all right lauren thank you and clinton is expected to be at a luncheon here. tomorrow night, clinton will speak at morris county college and doors that event open at 5:00. meanwhile, after participating in the town hall, sanders won't be back in the state until friday. as you just heard there was a town hall hosted by cnn. audience members asked
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>> and i'm running against a candidate that's one of the best known person in the world and ran here, a very strong campaign in 08. so we started with no sport and it's grown and grown in the african-american community. >> he also said he would d x wall street, clinton came to the stage and addressed her stance of foreign policy on syria and libya, and the generation gap and how to fix the race relations in the united states. >> well we have to deal with the systemic racism and it's found everywhere and it's also cultural and there's barriers that people are encountering
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about. >> sanders and clinton will face-off in the democrat primary this weekend. for complete coverage you can head to our website,, click on the primaries under the headlines. meanwhile on the republican side, it may or may not be going well depending who you ask. there's reports that there has been a huge turn outs and there's been voter id problems and some voters were saying ballots were out and others say they won't asked for an id but they are disputing those reports about the ids. winners will be named at midnight.
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will win the evening. sumter officials say they expect to have an expanded growth by the next year. >> sumter county voted to rezone a piece of land from general construction to general commercial. >> he has no plans for it other than to clean it up. >> reporter: in order to rezone it and encourage growth, they use their 20-30 plan. >> it directs the growth, so when we get a property owner we look at it and look at the comp plan to see if that falls in line with the policy of the land use plan. >> reporter: davis also serves on the board.
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board that we're not allowed to talk about, but the things that you've seen are the contental tire and the race expansion there are. >> reporter: they went on to increase the dollar stores and the planned mcallister's deli and the hyatt place hotel which is slated to break down in the coming months. residents are excited about the growth. >> if you are from here, if you really want something different you have to go to the surrounding county, so it's nice to come straight here and eat and enjoy ourselves without having to travel that hour.
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the most, is a grocery store like publix. 11th circuit solicitor is being charged with a dui. the trooper says there was a strong odor of alcohol inside the vehicle. they then visited myers at his home and he told them he did have a drink but he was run off the road by another vehicle and he had not had anything else. he was unable to resite the abcs and was taken to the county jail and blew a.09 nearly two and a half hours after the accident. he bonded out of jail this morning. in formally indicted he can be suspended from his office by
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>> the governor responding to president obama's proposal to close gitmo bay. >> this is not the time to unsettle people of the country or people here, by saying we'll send you a few more, it will be fine. they have said that, they have been fine there and i'm not to only governor and we don't want them. >> some of the detainees include the master mind of the 911. they introduced a bill today to give them the right to sue the obama administration if they try to send them here. in the last 18 years, because of our out dated child support system, the family support act of 1988 required all states to have an automated system.
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do that and we looked into why this has happened and why we continue to pay fines for the next four years. >> i think we're the only state in the country that doesn't have an automated system and the governor made it clear to me that's the biggest task here. that has cost us 18 million that problem is due in part with failed contracts with hue lit pack card. >> the project, we had just gonethrough a settlement and that allowed us to work with xorox and my big task is to
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this has been a long, long history. >> they have enlisted the help from a man that helps manage the states finances. >> he sent us this statement. we're beginning to transition from the beginning where we have been focused on key plans. software and requirement management etc.. the overall project schedule to work more focused on system design. system will be designed in phases and we're beginning to work on design and activities centered on that first center component. with the 2019 completion, we could be paying 14 million a year.
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that to date over 50% of the contractors. >> the contracts will be piloted and the impli mentation 30th, 2019. well you heard some stormy
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3 some severe weather is headed to the midlands.... tomorrow severe weather of course could be heading our way which is why is a good time to think about getting yourself your own weather radio. tomorrow we're hosting a weather expo at the kroger in the northeast part of columbia.
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they're now set up there and at walgreens so you can make sure your family will always be out. >> we have two models available and one is more expensive but this is why we need them. when we go to sleep and the severe weather, the alarm will go off. for tomorrow, there's a potential threat of high winds we also can't dis count dis count that possibility of a tornado. western part of the midlands here extending to newberry and you can see the showers continue to the north. the focal point here is the
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warning for the extreme south alabama area, just another part of this line of thunderstorms mexico. these thunderstorms are strong and there's also batch of severe weather in mississippi, that's closer to that low pressure area. this will be heading toward the valley here and it's pumping up mexico. notice how the rain wraps around this system and changes to snow in northwest arkansas, we'll start to pull this front that's been to our south northward. tonight, we're not seeing much other than fog. right now we have fog that's
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is still south of the orangeburg area. temperatures here today. much of the midlands was north orangeburg and columbia. right now, it's 46 in newberry, 50 in columbia here. our computer model indicates that area of thunderstorms. this model has said that it may split overnight. when you wake up tomorrow, find out what the latest is, because if it splits we may not see as much severe weather in the midlands. certainly we'll see a chance of thunderstorms in the morning and midday, the front comes through and it will turn windy and colder. our forecast for tonight, we'll see low temperatures of 45, 57 in orangeburg.
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through and 67 in newberry and our 7-day forecast is going to be windy and thursday, a high of 56. dry through the weekend and a
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then as we get basketball - after a rough trip to raleigh - back on the road facing gerogia tech 3 jaron
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we'll start with the highlights here. and the tigers and their money man, clemson lead by 13 but they lose 75-73 when they missed that last shot in overtime. watch this, block by vander build and josh hen derson slings it and it was that kind of night. they defeated florida 87-#-84. and he just sling it like the
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high school hoops, i irmo trying the get it done. laying it in for two, bond to rj for the jam and nice pitch and catch. and noah, he will dial up from long range and when they're shooting like that, they're hard to beat. jenkins, he will miss it but bond is there for the put back and then javan hits it. 61-45 over carolina tonight. >> ac florida on the road and up 4-2 and can't get a shot off. kendall from the falcons will close things out and they will
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final in class 3-a. with the win there. big win by the falcons. at home tonight hosting the henry yet ta and hanging tough early this one goes down to the wire. for the hornets, watch them rebound that ball, to smith to the other end of the court and he will get the bucket and the foul as he drives in. and johnson wins it by a final of 44-42, very exciting game over there. calhoun county, the winner advancing to the upper state final, the visiting panthers, miss the point blank lay-up. they're off and running.
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here and the saints will get on the attack and get an open 3 from the coach's son. that sends the calhoun and they march on to the final there. baseball in action at founders park, and the weather cooperating here. not a good host on the mound here and no hits and no walks
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he will lay down the bunt hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america
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all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. overnight we'll see an increase in showers and a low of 53. we'll also see thunderstorms late to mid morning and then that front will come through, we'll see a high of 72. the winds will be strong 42 miles-per-hour and it will stay
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>> so >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: thank you so much, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome to can the to "the late show,"" everybody. thank you, that's lovely. thank you so much for joining us. a little out of whack there. thank you so much. welcome to "the late show."


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