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tv   News 19 7  CBS  February 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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cartel here, and the money gets back across the boarder. >> reporter: he says it used to be local people selling drugs and doing drugs. >> more organization, more about the profit motive. a lot of times before you had users that were making enough for themselves and friends and now we are seeing a business. >> reporter: a business that is dangerous because he says the drugs stay in south carolina. >> we ever a user base here. where there is a market there are people willing to sell. >> reporter: it takes a village to combat this war on drugs. >> what we don't want is to blend into the communities.
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>> we know heroin is effecting every population, really. and for whatever reason we aren't seeing an increase among young people, white and middle class. >> the cdc says heroin use doubled among young adults. >> we are worried about the poison being dumped on the streets, we don't want the violence to change the quality of life we have. >> reporter: dea wasn't able to comment directly to the investigation. they did tell us heroin does seem to be the predominant drug use. marijuana is the most abused drugs and those who are addicted to marijuana are tahoe times more likely to -- three times more likely to be addicted to heroin.
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website >> thank you. kelvin washington charged with felony dui saturday night. two passengers in the car in front of him were hospitalized. washington can dos resign or the governor can remove him. hear what some of the residents had to say today. >> i feel you should have moral about yourself. you should have dignity. drinking and driving, that is no -- that is no character. that is no dignity. >> i think it is a sad day when something like that happens. we hold our officials to a high standard. at least we think we hold them to a high standard. >> we reached out to the highway patrol for r a copy of the incident report, and we reached out to washington this
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$157 million in federal sade being given to the state to help with the recovery efforts following the flood. it is coming from u.s. development. the funds will come in four shares. $96.8million to state agencies. 23.5 to richland county. 20million to columbia and 16.3 to lexington county. this will help pay for damaged roads, homes and business. they called for redevelopment plans that better prepare the midlands for future storms. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> today was warm across the area. this morning we dropped to 43 at the airport. 42 in the city. warmed up to 75 in the city and 76 at the airport. averaging 8 degrees above normal for this time of year. right now clear skies. 65 degrees. winds from the southwest at 5 miles per hour.
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with a low of 45. tomorrow, partly cloudy, high temperature 74 degrees. i don't think we will see any rain during the day tomorrow. tomorrow night. temperature of 52. i will have had rest of the >> all right. thank you very much. vultures damaged a roof and are going through trash at fort jackson. the birds are causing so many problems they are using lazars and fire crackers to get them to go away. news 19's janae frazier shows us more. >> reporter: loud blasts monday evening at fort jackson. officials resorted to fire crackers, lazars and hanging up dead vultures that were hurt in unrelated accidents to clear out the problem. >> they are coming into the housing area and getting into our trash and our yards.
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>> reporter: she says the birds are too close for comfort and she is concerned about her but she disagrees. >> positioned to remove animals somewhere else because we find unattractive. >> the problem that led fort jackson to reach out to the u.s. department of agricultural was the damage to a building. >> destroyed the final boots or rubble boots. >> reporter: they are hoping their method help get rid of the birds. >> we have had success in moving them to different locations. >> reporter: there is not a chance they are effective. >> i think that they need to do a lot of investigation into what it will take to solve this problem long term.
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if they work at all and they probably won't. >> reporter: janae frazier, news 19 wltx. >> the usda is unsure how long it will take but it costs $1,500 per week. the state may not be women's first choice to live according to a study. south carolina is the second worse state for women. they compared 50 states across 15 metrics that speak to the needs and expectations of women. we come in 44 for high poverty. 37 for uninsured rate and 41 for female unemployment. the best state, minnesota, the worse, louisiana. after losing everything in a fire a family is getting
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he was asleep when the fire started. he got out okay. his wife and kids were at a dance competition. after learning about this the folks with the dance center took immediate action to help. >> competition is when they found out their house burnt down. our family came together and prayed for the family, took up donations. we had parents run to walmart to get clothes, toys and all that. they have been non-stop in donating stuff. that to me as the director watching them reach out to another family in need has been fantastic. >> if you would like to help you can drop off donations from tree p.m. to 8 -- 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. or check out facebook for more details. no ordinary school day for two students. she is the national winner of the invest right competition.
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they found out this morning during a surprise assembly at the school. they asked students to consider an investing scenario and make recommendations.s. >> all of this takes study and -- and -- and analysis. that is what set her apart. the ability to analyze and make a choice. >> the contest is hosted by the securities industry and financial markets association. still ahead now, we had a sunny day to start the work
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ready, the rain is heading this news 19 lake levels are sponsored by honda of coluluia. your friendly, family honda dealer since 1978. you are watching news 19 at 7:00 p.m. with jr berry. >> later this week the usc women's basketball team will be heading to jacksonville for the sec tournament.
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hang out with the fans tonight. a pep rally as we speak. news 19's sports director reggie anderson has more. >> reporter: at the usc alumni center. they are going through an autograph session. head coach spoke to the audience here tonight to take part in the massive pep rally and fan event as the women's basketball team fresh off their win over lsu yesterday. they are here interacting with fans. they have a great bond. talk about this unique bond you have with the fan base here. >> we have a great bond with our fan base. it means a lot they can come to something like this and still sell out for us.
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>> reporter: tonight you can interact. >> right. people have their own busy lives and we are happy to have this where we can interact with our fans. >> reporter: all right. she has been a force in the post this year. when the sec awards come out i would not be shocked if she is named first team all acc. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: should be a large crowd later this week. that is the ory here, fans everywhere youousee, reggie ananrson, news .
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other sports news now, after the loss to mississippi state, they are final home game of the regular season taking on georgia. tip-off is set for 7:00 p.m. on the baseball side of things usc is climbing in the rankings. 13 in the country today following the weekend sweep over penn state. next up they take on the citadel tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. and jim gandy we are hoping the weather will prevail, be nice tomorrow night for the gamecocks. >> it will be.
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it will be another spears creek spears creek church road in richland county has reopened. october flood. 10,000 people use that road a day. county. department of transportation finished repairs and reopened the road today. good news to residents because they had said the work would not be completed till late march. west columbia river walk is also back open. they had to shut down because of flooding. it is open to the public. there are still parts of the mark that are closed. you can see that list on your screen there. the sections has been close since the food happened and
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repairs have been completed. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> today it was quite warm in the area with temperatures warming up into the mid-70s. 76 columbia. 75 sumter. 74 orangeburg. charleston 75 degrees. tonight we have a week front that is to the north. no cloudiness with it. the moisture is limited. we have clear skies at the moment and we will stay that way much of the night. the front is weakening. we have a stronger front down into the midwest and it is causing a contrast in temperatures with the cold air behind it. there is snow in the plain states. minneapolis, they are at 22. the front has just gone through chicago, 33. st. louis 66. southeast and south central states temperatures have been
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in the midlands we are in the 60s. 59 aiken. 61 newberry. 63 camden. 65 in columbia. 63 in orangeburg. for tonight we will see clear skies. tomorrow we will see clouds coming through. i think any shower activity will be in the upstate. here is the front. it will come through with a few showers late tuesday night into early wednesday morning. but it clears out before you wake up. when you wake up you will wake up to sunshine. for tonight temperatures cool. mainly in the mid-40s. 44 newberry. 45 columbia. tomorrow high temperatures in the low to middle 70s with 74 in columbia. looking ahead, we will see rain possible tomorrow night. but should be dry on wednesday. 63. dry on thursday with a high of 60. another chance of rain late
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out of here friday morning. it will be partly cloudy. 59 degrees. dry over the weekend and warming up from 62 on saturday up to 72 trees on monday. >> all right. thank you very much. still ahead, a day that only comes around once every
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one in the nation in alcohol fatalliesyish fatality -- fatalities. [ indiscernible ] >> that is why cops are drinking while other cops are
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signs of int it's leap day for us...but for leap year, this is leap day, the 29th. folks in ireland it is bachelor's day. it is a tradition where women are encouraged to propose to the men there. not sure how they know this but they said scotland started this in 1288. they passed a law letting man propose and if the man refused they had to pay a fine. chances of having a birthday on leap year, 1-1,461. folks might not be able to celebrate like everybody else. babies born on february 29 have better talent than we do. another perk, pizza hut: each customer with a leap day
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carry-out at participating locations. that is our time for now.
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we the most controversial oscar night ever. >> this is the wildest, craziest oscars cars. >> what you didn't see on tv. >> jlaw's mad dash. the show is starting in 60 seconds. and happiest night of her life. >> oh, my god! >> and inside the biggest oscar parties. and the final word on fashion. jen, sofia, reece, the best and
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inside the oscars cars with deborah norville, jim moret. and then erin andrews takes the stand. >> erin andrews breaks down on the witness stand during the peeping tom trial. >> i was screaming that i was naked all over the internet. plus -- >> like to punch anymore the face. >> is front run run donald trump suffering from sleep deprivation? and can it get any nastier. >> little marco rubio. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. and shake down at a trump event. now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody and thank you for joining us. as we broadcast today from los angeles. of course, we're here in los angeles because last night was the oscars. and jim moret and i were on the red carpet talking with some of the night's biggest stars. this year's ceremony was dubbed the most controversial ever, something host chris rock
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reaction today to chris rock's 11 minute opening monologue at this year's oscars. >> things are going to be a little different in the oscars. this year in the package, just black people that were shot by the cops on their way to the movies. >> reporter: the host secured the lack of black nominees but also went after actress jada pinkett smith for boycotting the ceremony. >> i won't be at the academy awards. >> jada boycotting is like me boycotting rihanna's panties. i wasn't invited. >> hello. >> reporter: whoopi goldberg joined chris rock in ripping the boycott. >> whenever anybody says boycott, it pis pisses me off. >> what happens to a boycott? like ferguson?


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