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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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afante...good morning efren. 3 3 3 chat 3
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3 today is the 3 biggest day yet in this year's presidential race. voters in about a dozen states hold primaries or caucuses. gop front runner donald trump spent the day yesterday fending off attacks from other candidates. omar villafranca reports from dallas. 3 3 on super tuesday, voters will choose nearly half the required number of delegates
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tuesday, on super 3 on super tuesday, voters will choose nearly half the required number of delegates needed for the republican nomination and more than a third of the delegates needed for the democratic nomination 3 3 the senate is expected to pick up talk on the roads bill today. last thursday...sena tors adjourned with senator lee bright from spartanburg filibustering. bright is against the tax increase and says he won't let it pass without every attempt to stop it. senate president pro tem hugh leatherman says he has all the patience in the world. but the state chamber of commerce says it's time to vote, or senators show they would rather pay for auto claims from pothole damage than safe roads. 3 meanwhiile...represenatitve from thousands of businesses from across of the state are expected to be at the state house today. they are hoping
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immediate action on the roads funding bill and how the damaged roads are affecting their daily lives. they are planning to meet at the state house at noon. 3 3 flood recovery money coming to south carolina. nearly 157 million dollars in federal aid to help pay for recovery from floods last fall.the aid is coming in four shares:$96.8 million to state agencies. $23.5 million to richland county.$20 million to columbia. $16.3 million to lexington county. the money will help pay for damage to roads, homes and businesses from the flood on october fourth.officials at the u.s. department of housing and urban development called for plans that better prepare the midlands for future storms. 3 some folks will have a shoter commute this morning now that spears creek church road is reopened in northeast richland county.the october flood washed out part of the road making it impassible for months.the closure impacted many drivers who used the road
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add more time to take the detour.but not anymore. the road is fixed and is now back open to traffic. 3 3 palmetto health will offer free screenings this evening. the event will be from 5:30 to seven at palmetto health women's center on sunset drive. screenings include free diabetes, breast and cervical cancer checks. call to see if you qualify. 3 doctors at the university of chicago say lack of sleep may intensify cravings for unhealthy foods. researchers found sleep loss increased the effects of a chemical signal that enhances the joy of eating what they call ewarding snacks. sleep-starved patients ate those who got eight hours of rest.cravings were for sweet and salty high-fat foods. 3 and falling back and springing ahead an hour *may* be linked to higher risks of stroke. this is according to researchers in finland who studied daylight saving time's
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more than three-thousand patients and found stroke risk jumped *eight-percent* during the first two days of time changes. 3 we've heard the reports that today's foods don't contain as much nutrients as they should. so people turn to vitamins and supplements to make up for that. but how do you know if you're taking the right things and the correct dose?here's greg moss with your bottom line on vitamins. 3 ***take pkg***(track)take vitamins? the vast majority of 3 adult americans do.just don't make these mistakes:1: taking a dose that's too low.(sot)09:03:543 many vitamins are set on
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call affectionately the ridiculous dietary allowances.(track)instead dr. jacob teitelbaum (title-bomb) says look for a multivitamin that provides "optimal" levels. yours should contain vitamins.mistake #2 taking a dose that's too high.more than 3,000 international units of a increases the risk for osteoporosis. more than 100 ius of vitamin e can be your doses over the day.(sot)09:09:10 you don't want to be taking stuff all day. you really want to keep vitamins at breakfast. the at bedtime for a good night's calcium supplements.(s shown to increase risk of percent(track)safer to get calcium from food not realize that you medication deficiency. (sot)09:17:01 if you look at the acid blockers, you're going to see major problems with magnesium deficiency and you'll also get the b-12 deficiency.(trac k)when in doubt he recommends his free smartphone app called cures a-z.(sot)09:13:36 look up everything from acne to zoster. it'll tell you what the best nutrients, the best herbals, the medications jean enersen and that's the bottom line on vitamin 3 we're just getting started this tuesday morning. what a chapin morning. tuesday
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just 3 we're just getting started this tuesday morning. what a chapin fifth grader did to win a national award. plus, deputies investigating richland county's latest murder.what the cops found at the scene. 3 and we are in store for another spring-like day. meteorologist efren afante is updating his forecast now and
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may need later in (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. 3 this morning..deputies in richland county are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened around 9:30 last night in the 400 block of seton hall drive. the street is near the crane creek area, not far from clemson road. depuites say when they arrived they found a crashed vehicle and the victim inside. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers at 1-triple-8-crime-sc.
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this morning charged with unlawful neglect towards a child.she's 51 year old barbara priester.deputies say back on february 10...she hit an 18 month old baby in the face with her hand while working at kinder academy daycare on south beltline boulevard.she has been fired from her job and the baby did not receive any injuries. priester is now in the richland county jail. 3 in kershaw county... a family is starting over this morning....after a fire destroyed their home. it happened on friday night on thunderwood lane.benjamin mcardle was asleep when the fire started.he was able to get out of the home unharmed. his wife stacey was out of town with their three small children if you would like to help them you can drop off donations at palmetto dance center in elgin from 3pm-8pm or check out the palmetto dance center facebook page for details on what is needed. 3 an intersection in forest acres will be named after greg alia who was killed in the line of duty last fall.state
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that will rename the corner of beltline and forest drive as the "officer gregory thomas alia intersection."32 year old alia died on september 30 near that intersection while responding to a call of a suspicious person at the richland mall. police say a suspect shot him after a struggle near the bookstore. alia was a seven-year veteran of the forest acres police department. plans for a formal ceremony to honor alia at the state house and to put the marker in place have not yet been finalized. 3 3
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3 it's march first and we are just talking basketball and baseball, but a little football too. reggie anderson has a look at clemson hitting the gridiron again in your
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3 two registration changes starting this morning at richland one schools. first...richland one will begin an online student registration process for the 2016-2017 school year. second...parent information sessions for pre-kindergarten enrollment will begin this weekekthe first t information session will be thursday at eau claire high school at 6 pm. 3 a chapin fifth grader has won a national award. momo farmer was named a national winner of the investwrite competition. the competition is done by the securities industry and financial markets association foundation.farmer was among 20- thousand students this school year taking the investwrite challenge.students were asked to consider an investing scenario and make recommendatio ns that incorporate short and
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3 3 another chapin intermediate student, lexi becker, was also honored after placing 10th nationally in the contest. 3 badges and boos. how this is actually keeping you safer. plus, an increase in violent crime in one part of richland county. a closer look at the two latest cases and what some are saying about it happening
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morning coming up on news19 this morning...richland county deputies need your help in finding the suspects involved in a late night deadly shooting. what investigators know right now.. 3 plus...a road heavily damaged by the october floods is now back open...but hear why spears creek church road still needs a lot of work. 3 and cops drinking on the job? we'll take you inside their training news19 this morning starts right now.
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3 good morning and and thanks for waking up with us on news19 this morning. it's the first of march. i'm deon guillory. i'm ashley izbicki...we'll get a check of your forecast in just a few minutes but first.. 3 3 new this morning..deputies in richland county continue to investigate a fatal shooting in the northeastit happened around 9:30 last night in the 400 block of seton hall drive. that's near the crane creek area, not far from clemson road. depuites say when they got there...they found the victim shot to death inside a crashed vehicle.anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers at 1-triple-8- crime-sc. 3 in the span of three months that same area... northeast richland county.... has seen multiple shootings along hardscrabble road.just three days ago...a woman was shot in the publix parking lot of the rice creek village shopping december a man was also shot and killed across


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