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tv   News 19 Noon  CBS  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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8:30 last night near clemson road. abd say that he shot and killed a victim after an attempted armed robbery. investigators say that he knew the victim. they discovered the victim in his crashed vehicle after a report of shots fired in the area. investigators say that witnesses help identify him as a suspect. we're more information about the felony dui arrest of chip washington. highway patrol released the report. the respondent your process thus the responding trooper says they could smell a strong odor of alcohol. the trooper went to the hospital where the other driver was undergoing surgery for severe road injury.
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speech was slurred. washington was given the gase test as part of a field sobriety test and showed multiple signs of impairment. washington refused to give a blood test. they were able to get the symbols they knew that after obtaining a search warrant. it was more than five hours after the accident. washington is out of jail on a $25,000 bond. after another chilly start to the morning, we have warmed up significantly. it is 70 degrees in newberry, 70 in winnsboro. a little bit cooler if you want to call it then orangeburg at 72 degrees. the winds have been picking up a little bit. right now and the capital city we have a lot of sunshine. it is 74 degrees. we should be but a low gap by
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winds are out of the southwest at 10 miles per hour. we are on track for high as 76 degrees. we will have a low of 54. tomorrow we will have a high of 65 degrees. we will take a look at the forecast up in a few minutes. it is the most important day so far the 2016 presidential election. voters in a dozen state head to the polls for super tuesday. we have more xdof what is at stake. >> reporter: voters are lining up at polling stations on super tuesday in what is expected to be a record turnout. polls show donald trump with a significant lead in is a poll is. -- in his opponents. >> there are some people who
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are supporting him but they cannot wait to vote for him. >> reporter: ted cruz believes he will win his home state of texas hoping to make a two-man race. >> what we will see is that donald trump and me coming out with a significant chunk of delegates. >> reporter: democrats are already in a two-person contest. hillary clinton is hoping to win a knockout blow to bernie sanders. sanders voted early this vermont. >> the goal of today is to end up with as many delegates as we >> reporter: their 859 delegates at stake for that democrats. polls show plan with a lead and 20 points or more. she has already shifted some of her focus to the general election. >> i will stand up and fight for you throughout this campaign no matter who the republicans nominate.
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vote on march 28. libre will be on the floor today. you take over a two week filibuster by tom davis. he says the state can find enough money to repair bridges and six potholes without raising the gas tax. the senate cannot debate any other bills of opposition until it handles the road issue. senators cambell him down but that would limit that amount of time they have to debate the representatives from businesses across the state myare gathering at the statehouse today. they are hoping to convince the senate to take immediate action on the road funding bill and how the damage was affecting their daily lives. the north carolina chapter of the naacp is holding a press conference discussing the
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the officer has been with the police department since 2009. the identity of the person who was shot has not been released. police have said he was wanted on drug charges. in ohio school district is closed after a shooting by 14- year-old boy the injured for students. investigators say they are aware of a letter but they're not ready to release it to the public. authorities say the boy pulled out a gun in a school cafeteria and opened fire hitting two students. he has been charged with attempted murder, inducing panic, and making terroristic threats. barack obama plans to meet face-to-face with senator leaders who are planning to block the supreme court nominee. mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley are expected at the white house for a sitdown with
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biden, and top democratic lawmakers to discuss a successor to antonin scalia. apples fun encryption battle with the fbi is a subject of capitol hill hearings today. the hearing comes as a big cybersecurity conference gets underway in san francisco. yesterday federal judge in new york handed apple a big win saying the government cannot force the company to unlock the phone. a major milestone and space travel. he will return to earth the day after spreading through the 40 days aboard the space station. the mission will be used to test the impact of a long-term space flight d8on the human body. sanchez will look at changes
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to analyze the impact of living in space. the last will and testament of al qaeda leader osama bin laden has been released today. bin laden claimed he had closed the $29 million and personal wealth, the boko but she wanted to be used on jihad for the sake of allah. for the first time one of googles self driving cars caused a crash. no one was hurt. according to the accident report, an employee did not take control because he thought the bus would stop. the smithsonian's national zoo in washington has shut down the kid farm exhibit after e. coli was found. the area is now under quarantine. they suspected the e. coli was
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a cow also tested positive. all animals are being treated with antibiotics. to registration changes to tell you about our richland school district 1. they will begin an online student registration process for the 2016 school year. . information sessions for prekindergarten enrollments are this week. the first information session is thursday at eau claire high school. pel metal health will be holding a free health screening geared tour -- toward women. screenings include free diabetes and cervical cancer checks. big honors today for the carolina gamecocks women's basketball program.
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coach of the year. this is the first time a coach has won the award for three consecutive years. asia wilson has been awarded defensive player of the year. she was also named the all secretary team. the gamecocks have a 16-0 record and have earned their third straight regular-season
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with a beautiful way to go into the work week. yesterday was really nice today a few more clouds. it is a beautiful start to the day. we have a look at your forecast. as soon as we stepped into the garage, the girls said, do we have to take our big coats? >> yes. they left them in the car. >> i was going to tell you i
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are the clouds coming from? there are not a lot of clouds right now. the crowd started to break up about an hour ago. you can see from parts of saluted down to the low country the clouds are starting to build up and a little bit of rain is moving into knoxville. you can see the moisture being transported into the deep south. incredibly warm. matthews. lexington is at 72 degrees. winds continue out of the west southwest and upwards of 60 miles per hour. they are gusting to 20 miles per hour. we're staying at 70 degrees already columbia. winter out of the south southwest at 10 miles per hour.
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have, we are watching area of low pressure. the extension of the cold front -- they are expecting a race for severe weather and the deep south all the way into northern parts of georgia. our computer models show the as we go throughout the day, we will have more cloud coverage in the evening. the cold front comes through in the computer models have been pretty much on spot. the showers and storms will move on down through parts of northern and northwestern midlands. we should see some storm activity started by midnight. as we go throughout the early morning hours, the line and showers and thunderstorms will progress to the east, southeast just before daybreak. we will start clearing up most of the skies to the west. by 8:00 eight it will all be gone. we will have clearing skies
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we still have to deal with the temperatures going up. here and columbia we are expecting a high of 76. we will have a chance for thunderstorms. all of our lows will generally be in the lower to middle 50s. tomorrow i a lot of sunshine and then another chance for overnight showers and storms late thursday night into friday morning. he will clear down quite a bit. we are looking for high 59. by this weekend we will have a lot of sunshine. 67 on sunday. 73 on monday. i did say 73 around monday. >> hello, spring. >> spring will last this long and then we will go right into summer. >> winter lasted this long and then we went right into spring. i'm okay with it. >> a lot of people will enjoy the weather.
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it is just this much of spring and winter.
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continues, we have the here is a look at what is coming up tonight. at 10:00 it is cbs news coverage of super tuesday. make sure you stay awake for all of your news, weather, and sports with news19 at 11:00. check out the scary moment in china.
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moving van. the two-year-old boys grandfather was driving when the boy fell. he gets up and runs after the van. the car behind pulled up and grabbed the boy and returned him safely. the granddad said that the van was rear ended earlier in the day and the truck led became loose. i just can't. i can't even watch this. the rolling stones they will play a free concert on march 25. the stones will play three days after president barack obama visits savanna. it is expected to bring a mass audience. along with dropping that policy, the cuban government has increasingly allowed large nonofficial gatherings. we have a special visitors. a pig stopped by. the annual
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anyone who gets the pay campaign $10 to have it sent to someone else. the money raised goes to support camp chemo. coming up at 5:00, the teacher of the week says her students are a part of her family and they feel the same exact way about her. we had to valentine elementary school to introduce you to a fifth-grade educator who has been standing in front of the classroom for more than 20
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>> i love stories >> victor: what's this? >> victoria: it's just proof that you're not the man that i thought you were. marco annicelli, dad. go ahead -- try to explain your way out of this. >> victor: sweetheart, people tell all kinds of stories about me. haven't you learned that yet? >> adam: probably want to check and see what's on that disc before you dismiss it. >> victor: don't listen to your brother. he's bitter because i just relieved him of his duties at newman enterprises. >> adam: oh, i see. okay. nice spin. is that how it went? except i left on my own accord. it was my choice. >> victoria: i guess you're rewriting history again. doesn't surprise me. >> victor: what fabrications have got you so upset? >> victoria: dad, these are not
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you hired a criminal to impersonate jack -- to take over his company and his home and his wife. what can you possibly say to justify this? >> billy: whoa, whoa, hey, hey. where you off to in such a hurry? >> phyllis: you were right. >> billy: about? >> phyllis: victor's never gonna pay for what he's done unless i make it happen. i'm going to the police. today is victor newman's last


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