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tv   News 19 7  CBS  March 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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-- from the station that is on your side, you are watching news 19 at 7:00 p.m. >> good evening now. thank you for being with us on a tuesday. the bill that senators can't seem to vote on. south carolina roads. totoy they spent 5 hours in session and never even got to the bill to repair our roads. senators had the bill for 321 days now. joyce koh? >> reporter: a hold up by a democratic senator. he told me he was against the law and didn't want it to pass.
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want to pass the gas tax. other lawmakers want a gas tax increase. the senator did motion a couple times to vote on the roads bill and that was blocked by the interand others. -- by senators and others. >> i know there is a lot of frustration outside the state house, within the public and the state. there is frustration inside as wellllbecause we just seem to be stuck. and -- i mean, look, we are stuck because there -- there are a lot of very firmly held positions on opposite ends of this thing but -- we really -- anywhere. >> reporter: as you heard the optimism is dwindling as the filibuster continued to go on and despite calls from the business community earlier today to vote on a roads plan,
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things this way for a while. joyce koh, news 19 wltx. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> today was a beautiful day. we saw some clouds, though, but the sun came out and warmed us up. low was 45 degrees at the airport. 44 in the city. we warmed up to 76 in the city and 77 degrees at the airport. right now we have partly cloudy skies. our temperature is 70 degrees. winds from the south, southwest at 8 miles per hour. tonight clouds will be increasing. tonight showers move through and a low temperature of 52, tomorrow sunny and cooler. 62 degrees the high temperature tomorrow and tomorrow night mostly cloudy skies with a low of 35. i >> thank you. the committee approved a 2% pay raise for teachers and they
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healthcare premiums and it inclouds a $10 million pay increase for -- bus drivers. deputy was arrested and charged with misconduct in office. he is kaleb broome. richland county sheriff leon lott said tuesday kaleb broome responded to a home on north kings way to help a victim involved in a domestic dispute. deputies say kaleb broome defaced a poster in the garage. circled nigia and made it -- nigeria and made it into a racial slur and stole a piece of tape. >> when he took \mzr? the tape he crossed the line. he tarnished the badge that we wear. he put himself in like any other criminal we charge for stealing something.
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places in us is to have deputies that have integrity and character to do the right thing and he didn't. >> kaleb broome had been with the sheriff's department for a year. columbia police arrested a man in connection with a murder investigation. he is 23-year-old charles bird, jr. he is charged in the death of a man. he was being held in connection with a may 24 death. police say in both cases he argued with both of the victims before the shootings took place. a five-year-old boy who was shot in the head is expected to survive. although investigators haven't said who pulled the trigger they believe it was another child. deputies say the child was airlifted to had hospital. he is expected to recover. investigators say they are still trying to determine who pulled the trigger and how children were able to get the gun. they are calling the shooting a
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the october flood forced students at the autism academy out of their classes for several months. for students with autism instability and change is tougher to deal with. janae frazier shows us their challenges and tells us about a group helping to help the school rebuild. >> most of our tiles, light fixtures, the walls, mold and mildew issues. >> the autism academy of south carolina suffered damage during the flood and including a bill for $94,000 for roof repairs. >> we couldn't operate in the building with that damage. >> reporter: the non-profit director says the students were moved across the street to a church basement. the director of development says for students with autism instability and change is much tougher for them to handle. >> the individuals who are able to kind of understand it all
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go back here and not understanding and we couldn't tell them when we would get back. >> reporter: luckily they are getting help. >> we plan to be done in april. we have been working together to restore this ability. make it a place, you know, befitting of the quality therapy that occurs here. >> reporter: the group is fixing flooring, painting, cleaning up tiles and helping with other much needed and expensive repairs and doing it all for free. >> this place makes a tremendous difference for families effected by autism and we are excited to be a part of it. >> reporter: helping the flood victims get back to stability. >> leadership columbia has this wonderful team of 60 volunteers
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>> reporter: janae frazier, news 19 wltx. >> the students were able to return to make shift classrooms two weeks ago. while they continue working on the repairs. in case you missed it donald trump and governor nikki haley had a twitter beef today. with marco rubio governor nikki haley has been hammering away at donald trump to release his tax returns. she went through the same thing while running for governor. after the video was tweeted donald trump said the people of south carolina are embarrassed by governor nikki haley. she responded by saying this: bless your heart. a new gourmet shop serving
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carolina colonels has 60 flavors of popcorns. cookie and coffee and toffee. they had their ribbon cutting ceremony this morning and are excited to share the community. >> so many folks we have to be thankful for. i am going to cut it short. we are very, very grateful to be here. grateful for the opportunity and we look to be growing with the community and we look to support you and serve you. >> that new location is at 2720 main street and also sold at colonial life arena during basketball games. all right. when we come back we have rain that is moving towards the
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south carolina's weather man news 19 lake levels are sponsored by honda of columbia. your friendly, family honda dealers since 1978. you are watching news 19 at 7:00 p.m. with jr berry.
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gamecocks women basketball program. dawn staley awarded sec coach of the year for the third straight season. a first time a coach won the award three straight years. asia wilson named player of the year and defensive player of the year and named to the all sec first team with timmy mitchell and alinna coax. -- tiffany mitchell and alena coax. a new gamecocks is making a splash in the sec. the freshman diver is helping the team on the diving board. news 19's nick jones has more. >> big change coming in from just u.s.a. diving and club diving to being a college athlete. it has been a good transition. >> reporter: a freshman diver
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imagine trying to keep up with your classes, now imagine doing that while trying to be one of the top freshman divers in the sec. >> it is an adjustment for every freshman. >> reporter: heading into the college for the first time could be a struggle. coach is there to help them stay on top of their game in the pool and classroom. >> make sure they are going to class, going to practice. >> she has done a great job with that. >> reporter: she has been impressive to watch. she kept third place at the sec championships in missouri. >> felt great have all your work pay off in such a big meet. >> for her to step up in her first sec championship meet and do the things that she did, is pretty amazing. >> reporter: coach believes she has the potential to become one of the best divers in the nation.
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>> goal over the next three weeks to hopefully see her make the ncaa championships and represent us at the women's ncaa championships in atlanta in a few weeks. we are proud of her. she will only continue to improve. >> reporter: :(al'gnick jones news 19 wltx. >> her next diving compstition on monday at the -- competition is on monday at the diving event in atlanta. . >> gamecocks spring football drills march 15 and saturday april 9 at noon. in addition to the spring game, two of the practice sessions will be open to the public, march 29 and march 31. players will not be able for autographs. admission to the spring game is free. jim gandy, the men's baseball team in charleston, 0- 0 and hopefully they will beat
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>> they will.
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are probably gone. registration changes starting today at richland one school. they started an online
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next school year and parent information sessions for pre-k starts this week.
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oak clar high
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accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> preview of what is to come. warm across the area today. 76 for a high in augusta, orangeburg and charleston. 75 in sumter and 77 degrees in columbia. even to the north, 73 in rock hill. tonight we still have partly cloudy skies over the area. but the rain is still off to the west. it is part of a storm system that is moving through the lower great lakes region. the low-pressure system is in northwestern ohio and it is moving east. you can see the rain. to the north snow in michigan into canada. high pressure building in behind it is bringing colder air and we will feel that. we are also looking at a severe thunderstorm watch now from central alabama into the northern part of georgia. includes the birmingham and atlanta areas. the severe thunderstorm watch is in effect till 2:00 a.m. we do not expect the thunderstorms to be severe when
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but we expect rain. temperatures right now in the 60s and the low 70s. 70s columbia and st. matthews. 67 sumter. 66 winnsboro. 64 degrees in aiken. tonight we are go to see partly cloudy skies this evening. i don't think we will see the rain till late tonight, probably after midnight coming through the midland. by then the storms will weaken. you might hear thunder. it moves through quickly. tomorrow it will be clear. mostly clear tomorrow night and then on thursday partly cloudy skies in advance of the next weather system that will bring rain thursday evening. our forecast, for tonight we are expecting low temperatures of 46 in newberry. 52 columbia. 5555 orangeburg. tomorrow cooler than today, 59 in newberry. 60 winnsboro.
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and 63 in orangeburg and manning. looking ahead, partly cloudy skies on thursday, 61. but we expect to see rain thursday evening. it is out of here by friday and we will see a high temperature of 62 degrees. cool on saturday. 63. but we will be warming up 67 on sunday.
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temperature of 78 tt0w!tx#hi!!%4@-*! tt0w!tx#hi!!el@- &l tt0w!tx#hi!!ed@-&$( tt0w!tx#hi%!)8h-fzt tt0w!tx#hi%!kzh-[5( tt0w!tx#hi%!n-h-.\$ tt0w!tx#hi%!0ph-0;< tt0w!tx#hi%!s"h- i\ tt0w!tx#hi%!ueh-#+, tt0w!tx#hi%!7hh-?)x well, as part of airport high's charity drive for camp chemo, wilber the pig stopped
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to send the pig you send 10:00 p.m., if you would like to find out who send it to you, you will have to chip in $15. all the money raised will go to a good cause, camp chemo. here is what is coming up on television tonight, it all starts at 8:00 p.m. ncis. at 9:00 p.m. ncis new orleans, and at 10:00 p.m. coverage of super tuesday and stick around for news, weather and sports with news 19 at 11:00 p.m. before we leave you tonight, we want to give you an update on super tuesday. the projections right now, cbs news is projecting on the democratic side hillary clinton is going to win georgia and virginia tonight. and bernie sanders is going to win vermont. there are also projections tonight that donald trump is winning georgia in a big way. however the race in virginia right now between donald trump and marco rubio too close to call and vermont between donald trump and john kasich also too
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a recap coming up erin andrews back on the stand defending her good name. >> i felt like everybody was looking at me like they have seen the video. >> she said she was so depressed she thought help from a therapist. >> talk to someone like i am so screwed up. >> then, secret service smack down. who was at fault? what this former agent is saying today. >> and first lady melania. donald trump's wife. her days as a model. >> she is not a barbara bush. >> could your ambulance driver be a predator? >> vulnerable women molested in
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>> the look in his eyes i will never forget. >> when the worst happens. >> i would like to ask you about the women you groped. >> chris rock ripped over the little accountants. >> if anybody is upset about that joke, just tweet about it. >> the girl scouts that stole the show. here they are. >> here is 50. >> thank you. >> and, slam dunking ceo. >> whoa, whoa. >> now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. hello and thank you for joining us. another emotional day for erin andrews as she shares what it was like to discover naked pictures of her were all over the internet. tears flowed as she talked about her fears for the future and how being a victim of a peeping tom changed her forever. >> taking the stand, erin andrews tears up as she tellsls how she needededto see a therapist in the aftermath of
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i was picking fights with my family, irritable, nasty, i wasn't myself. my relationships with my friends weren't the same and i called my parents and i said i need to talk to someone. i am so screwed up. >> erin, who cohosts "dancing with the stars" and reports for fox sports says young women still tell her she is a role model but they sometimes qualify their admiration. >> it hit home for me and it hurts me the worst is when girls, high school, college, they tweet me and they say i want to be erin andrews except for the stalker thing. >> erin spoke emotionally about her boyfriend, jared stole. >> i feel sad because i think he would have loved the girl more that was there before this happened and i feel very guilty about that.


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