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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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with decreasing cloud coverage and a lot of sunshine, it will be noticeably cooler but a warm 63 degrees with the winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow, we'll have a lot of sunshine throughout the day. a high of 61 before another chance of late evening, overnight showers returns back to the midlands. the roads right now are wet and as we take a look at the road conditions, we are looking at i-
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the right happened side is the westbound leg as you are heading towards st. andrew. on i-20 westbound approaching monticello road, there is an accident there. traveling from harbison, about an eight-minute drive. a lot of sunshine today and tomorrow, we will have the chance for rain coming in tomorrow night. we'll take a look at that and the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. time now 6:03. the richland county board of elections and voter registration is acting to double its budgeet for this election season. director says they don't have enough funds for carry out the required elects during this fiscal year. >> we have to be ready when
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>> rtght's richland county council meeting, there was much debate over whether to approve additional funding for the elections office. the director requested that the county nearly double their $1.2 million bumet for physician -- budgeet for fiscal year 2016. >> richland county has 265,000 voters. greenville county has a little over 290,000. charleston county has a little bit less than we do. what i'm saying is that we want a comparable budget. >> reporter: a majority of that money is expected to be paid through reimbursements from the november 2015 city of columbia election as well as elections in the towns of blythewood and irmo and the june runoff. the office still need help funding repairs for voting machines, batteries and an
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county council members like greg pierce asked about it before approving the first budget. they are still looking for clarification. >> we just don't have a lot of money sitting around. i think that is why you are getting the questions you are getting. >> the election process is a very essential process. we want to make sure we do the right thing but we want to protect taxpayers' dollars and we'll do everything we can to do that. >> council member have asked if a detailed budget from the board of elections before they move forward. the sumter fire department is continuing training despite its training center being destroyed by the october floods. for the first time since the floods, news 19 was able to walk through what is left of the building. take a look for yourself. it is now an open gutted building but it is used to house two classrooms, the
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lab, bathrooms, a full kitchen and a storage area. the battalion chief says the department still has to meet training requirements so they use city and county buildings. >> we built the walls. we put the pictures up. here. being able to get through and seat damage and the devastation that took place, you know, i realize we fight fire and we go out and save people but we're human as well. >> the damage is estimated at $400,000. the department has insurance and people as also helping. the october flooding also caused major issues for the steurnts at the autism academy of -- for the students at the autism academy of south carolina. for students with autism, instability and changes are a lot tougher to deal with.
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the columbia chamber's program, the school is getting much needed and expensive repairs for free. >> we plan to be done with this project by april. we've been working together using our talents and our resources and hard work to restore this facility, make it a place befitting of the quality therapy that occurs here. >> the group is painting walls, fixing floors and replacing tiles. the students are now back to school but in makeshift classrooms. there is a new fighter plane in the work and the company that makes the aircraft wants to do it right here in south carolina. >> today, to get everyone excited, they are in columbia showing off state of the art flight simulator. savannah left -- levins is there with some details. >> reporter: god morning. i'm in a plane right over
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this is a flight simulator of a fighter plane. it is called the t-other a made by lockheed martin. you might soon see it in the skies of south carolina. i'll bring in rob fuller now. you are the communication manager here. tell me what we see behind us right now. this is pretty impressive simulator. >> thank you. this is the t-50a simulator t will be used for pilot training. what we're offering to the air force, they have a competition to build the new trainer for the air force and we are offering the t-other a as part of that competition and we've decided that greenville, south carolina will be the final assembly and checkout for our offering if we win this competition. >> >> reporter: so this is an air force competition. you are up against a few other planes. this is what it would look like. it is two people here and if you guys win, you will be making them here in south carolina. talk about the economic impact that could have for the palmetto state. >> i think it will be huge. we are expecting probably 200
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we have a great work force there, very flexiblement over 30 years of experience and partnership with the state of south carolina. i think it will be a great opportunity there. >> what makes this plane unique from the others you are competing against. >> it is an existing aircraft. we built t-50 base line. this will be an upgrade for the requirements of the air force. we think it is the best offering in this competition and will be great to help our men and women in the air force train like they'll fight. >> so if you guys win, you will be basically providing these to the air force. how many are they looking to purchase here? what is the gravity of that? 350. so that is quite a long program for building the aircraft and checking them out there in greenville, south carolina. so it will be a good boon for their economy there. >> thank you.
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i think i might try to fly it myself. for now, back to you. >> that is really awesome. >> i want to get in. >> we're a little jealous of you. we'll check back with you later. >> let's meet our mom of the day, cassandra ross is the mother of two. her son christopher nominated her saying that his mom is special because she cares for him. she is a role model, kind be beautiful. big congrats to cassandra this morning. if you would like to nominate a mom for our mom of date, head to, click on the banner and send in your nomination. today's word is somnolent. it is an adjective meaning sleepy that. word described how i felt this morning because i did not want to get up because of the rain.
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certainly relate to that. >> right. >> still to come on news 19, we'll share details on what coach staley and the ladies took home. >> the weather will be so [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much. so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously.
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now discover a visibly nourishing gel-in-oil night treatment. visionnaire nuit. by lancome. receive a free gift. now, at belk. it is girl scout cookie time and while we love eating
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the box, there is a different way to enjoy them as well. right now, melissa is joining us this morning to tell us about desserts made with girl scout cookies. food morning to you. >> good morning. >> we have a couple of girl scouts here with us this morning and we've got a big display of all the cookies and some desserts. all right. tell me how you guys came up with the idea of using cookies for other desserts. >> a lot of people do it. you have a lot of people online who post on social media about different recipes you can make. i know we had some leftover cookies last year and i just tried to figure out what i could do with them and because of the type of cookie, we started to make the crust for cheesecake with it. here. tell us how you made this. >> the cheesecake, what i actually do, i'm a little bit lazy so i just take -- you're
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ijust took a regular box of cheesecake mix and instead of using the graham crackers, i actually crushed up the cranberry citrus crisp so it gives it a little bit of extra taste. you mix it with butter and a little bit of sugar. if you have of a got a little bit more time than i have, can you make your own cheesecake filling. but otherwise, you just put the filling in and can you put even on top, if you want to, can you crash up some other cookies. >> give day little twist. >> exactly. >> now, over here we have a little parfait. tell bus this. >> that one is actually strawberry pulp down at the bottom just blended up. >> that is you what have here. >> you just took strawberries. >> and blended it. >> and a little bit of sugar that i add in. you have the vanilla yogurt and on top, we put the lemonades.
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either crush them with your hands or put them in a zip lock bag and crush them and then put them on top. >> you can put them on top. i know we like milk shakes at home and so often with the certain kinds of cookies like the thin mints, you can mix those up when you are making your milk shake too. so that is what we do with the cookies. it gives you ath bit of -- because you get tired of girl scout cookies because we get them every year. >> you can never get tired of girl scout cookies. >> she says you can't get tired of cookies. it adds a different way of eating them when you try in a different form. >> exactly. we get them a lot and often at the end of the season, you have people that don't buy cookies so we end up with extras. >> so this is what do you with the extras. >> exactly. >> now, how are sales going this year? >> wear doing really well n our
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and we've sold now, i think -- i know we've sold over 2,000 boxes so we're probably around 2500 boxes of cookies. >> progress there. everybody loves girl scout cookies. thank you so much for coming in and giving us some examples of what to do with the cookies once we're tired of eating them straight from the box. >> the weather outside is perfect to enjoy these girl scout cookie treats. >> i'm pretty sure that people would like to grab the girl scout cookies and sit outside as the air dries out. temperatures have started to cool down quite a bit. lexington up to 55678 orangeburg at 56. camden right now at 54 degrees. -- lexington up to 55. miles per hour. that is thanks to the cold front right now draped through carolina.
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rain continues into the piedmont region now moving offshore. a lot of cheer skies but still windy conditions from the upstate into parts of the northern midlands. after school today, we are looking at 62 degrees. it will be mostly sunny but all quite windy as highs today will range from 58 in camden to 64 in sumter. decreasing cloud cover throughout the morning but we'll have winds out of northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. then tonight, cheer skies for the most part but quite cold. 37 for a cold as all of our lows will range from the lower to middle, even upper 30s. another cold night ahead. with this cold front, as it continues to move through, it actually will -- from the deep south t will start lifting back up into the deep south along i- 10 and give us another chance for rain. for tomorrow, we'll have cloud coverage, a mix of sun and clouds all throughout the day but as we get into the afternoon, the rain starts to return. as the rain moves through, by
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morning, pretty much all of the midlands will be dealing with moderate to perhaps heavy rainfall. as we get to tomorrow morning t will start winding down and then the skies will clear. -- it will start winding down and then the skies will clear. with the clearing skies, we'll get up to 62 degrees. saturday, 63 for a high. 67 on sunday. as we get into the workweek next week, we are getting up to as high as 78 degrees by tuesday. as far as the roads, taking a look before you head out the door, this is over at ien -- at i-20 passing over mile marker 66. the only issues we have right now, the earliest one being reported is pretty much on sunset boulevard. this is a stalled vehicle as you are coming east on sunset boulevard approaching i-20.
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air force base for the fort jackson gate, about a 32 minute drive.
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minutes. gamecock fans, listen up. dates and times have been scheduled for spring drills. march 15th. in addition to the spring game, two of the spring practice public. those or march 29th and march 31st. players will not be available
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or after practice. admission to the spring game is free. former south carolina football coach steve spurrier has been selected to the national high school hall of fame induction class. the national federation of state high school associations announcing the 12-person induction class yesterday. spurrier, who earned all-state honors in baseball, football and basketball while attending science hill high school? johnson city, that is why he is being inducted. the induction will be on july 2nd in reno, nevada. the gamecocks women's basketball program earning big honors. coach don steale has been named sec coach of the year for the third straight season. the first time in league history the same coach has won the award three years in a row.
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first team alongside tiffany mitchell. the gamecocks have a 16-0 record in conference play. >> they are on fire once again. the results are in.
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after super tuesday coming up. [loud kids and dog] jimmy john's! jimmy john's!
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some areas waking up to rain and some cooler temperatures this morning. good morning and thank you for
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19 this morning. i'm deon guillory. jack kemp a ash -- >> i'm ashley izbicki. >> a lot of showers and a few thunderstorms last night but the rain has finally come to an end in just about all of the midlands. all of the rain is in far eastern portions of south carolina. temperatures have been cooling down this morning. 46 in newberry. winnsboro at 48 degrees. where the rain has just ended over the last hour, bishopville orangeburg at 56. miles per hour. when the kid head to the bus stop, they will need a light jacket or sweater. hour wyot,yv>ssn7sfr?e-xudvhv=h)6zt+^er$g slowly go away. 60degrees by lunchtime. we'll continue with mostly
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afternoon getting up to 6 # degrees by 3:00. still quite a bit of sunshine. by 6:00, 58 degrees. the roads are pretty wet still even though the rain has come to an end. on i-26, the left-hand side is the eastbound leg as you head towards the i-20 junction. the only issue on the roadway, this will be on sunset boulevard on the eastbound side as you are heading towards i- 20. stalled vehicle as you are approaching i-20 interchange. coming down from harbison boulevard at i-26 about a seven minute drive. a lot of sunshine today later on but rain returns for tomorrow night. we'll take a look at that coming up. let's talk about the presidential campaign this morning. donald trump and hillary
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securing their party's president natural nominations super tuesday. cbs news predicts both trump and clinton won least seven of the states in play. ted cruz, marco rubio and bernie sanders also picked up wins offering some hope to their campaigns. other stories we are following, argument over getting out of bed for school allegedly led a tennessee teen to open fir on four family members including his own grandmother and two young kids. authorities say during the argument, the 16-year-old ran and started shooting. his 67-year-old grandmother, 12- year-old sister and 6-year-old gunfire. thankfully, they are expected to be okay. the teen also tried to shoot his mother in the living room but she was able to hide. he has now been charged in juvenile court with attempted homicide and reckless endangerment. classes are resuming in a southwest ohio school district two days after a 14-year-old
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cafeteria. police say two students were shot on monday. two others were hurt possibly by shrapnel or while running away. the 14-year-old shooting suspect remains in juvenile detention after denying charges in a brief juvenile court hearing. testimony continuing in the civil lawsuit involving erin andrews. she took the stand again yesterday claiming her former employer espn made her give a national tv interview about her videotaped scandal before she could return to work. the tv host is suing the national marriott in tennessee for $75 million for giving her room number to a stalker who secretly filmed her while she was naked. any statement, espn now maintaining they have and continue to be supportive of andrews. astronaut scott kelly is finally back on earth after nearly a year in space. the capsule carrying kelly and a russian cosmonaut touched down in kazakhstan before
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than any other american. on your side with the recall of some bleu cheese sold at whole foods. it could be contaminated with list tear yavment it was sold nationwide, cut and packaged in clear plastic wrap. there are scale labels and various weights way maytag blue label. le sell by dates are 1st and march 21st u. there is a dangerous computer scam going around t starts with an e-mail or pop-up that may appear on your computer that says your computer has been compromised and is infected f you click on the link, it will implant software on your computer that locks it and then prompts you to call a number where they demand money and your personal information. investigators say don't fall for the scam and never give out your personal information to people you don't know.
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and now state business leaders demanding senators vote on a plan to fix them. several senators are filibustering the bill because it includes raising the gas tax. they say that is not the way to go because the state has $1.3 billion as a surplus this year. >> if our legislature spent every dime of this year's surplus that, amount of money would be far short of what would be needed for next year. so it raises the question, what about next year? >> spartanburg senator lee bright is one of the senators blocking the bill because of the tax increase. he says he will keep blocking it until senators vote to end the filibuster or kill the bill. today, the ultimate smart phone upgrade costs just $11. >> as always, money man matt granite has us covered with some incredible savings. >> reporter: great to be with you.
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lighting and that. so that could help with me. >> i was confused because i thought at first, it is just a closer picture. but the action shot jumping, i could never get a good action shot. >> now you can. >> cheap too, $11. you can find that deal other lexington deputies need
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welcome back to wltx news 19 this morning. all the rain has already moved out. we are clear. the rain is over in the midlands. but temperatures have been cooling off. right now t dropped down to 45 degrees in newberry to 4 in whipsboro. camden, 5 # degrees. st.matthew is right now at 53. at manning, 55 degrees and here in columbia, we are at 52. -- camden, 58 degrees. winds picking up out of the west at 1 miles per hour all thanks to the cold front draped right over the central part of the state. to the west, clearing skies but windy conditions. to the east of that, all the rain has pushed offshore. when the kids get out of school today, it will be mostly sunny. not as warm as yesterday but still warm nevertheless at 62 degrees. 57 in bishopville.
6:41 am
expecting a high of 63. overnight tonight, temperatures at 35 in saluda. 37 in columbia. as we hit a high of 61 degrees late into the evening and overnight, rain chances come through ending early friday morning. friday's high, 62. up to 67 on sunday. 72 by monday and up to 78 degrees by tuesday afternoon. the roads are wet as you head out the door. let's check your road conditionsment looking at i-20 eastbound over by mile marker 66 and from i-77 clear across to malfunction junction traffic has been moving along. there is a skulled vehicle eastbound on sunset boulevard approaching i-20. traveling from the village ever sand hills to downtown, 13 minutes. from highway 277 heading to
6:42 am
minutes of travel. let's check now with deon. we are 43 days from opening day for the columbia fire flies. the key to sewing the best parts of the game is where you sit. crews are working on the diamond at spirit communications park. they are waiting to put down the turf. the seats as can you see, they are in place but this isn't your only option to watch the ball game. there is appear area called the palmetto pavilion. what makes this area unique is there are reserved picnic tables for seating. you have access to an all you can eat buffet that includes baseball staples like hot dogs, hamburgers and soft drinks. crews plan to put out more table this is weekend so opening day. it is thursday, april 14th again the greenville drive. follow the fire flights on on twitter for updates on tickets and upcoming events.
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make fighter planes right here there is a new fighter plane in the works. the company that makes the aircraft wants to build them here in south carolina. >> they are showing off the state of the art flight simulator. savannah levins is live there this morning having a lot of fun. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is very serious. i'm about to take off a fighter pilot here over texas.
6:47 am
i'm he joined right now by mike skaff. let's talk about what we're doing right now. make sure i don't crash here. i'm taking off in the flight simulator. it looks like i'm going off the runway. >> you are doing great. light the afterburner. push all the way forward. there you go. now with your right hand lift the nose off the ground. you're doing good. >> you guys, this is pressure. i've been practicing too. i promise i have been. >> now, raise the landing gear. perfect. >> let's talk about what this is. this is a plane you guys currently build an are looking for build for the u.s. air force. >> this is the t-50a cockpit demonstration simulator and you are flying t airborne climbing through 5,000 feet. >> reporter: you use this to train actual pilots in the air force. this is one that you have in a competition right now against a
6:48 am
for the air force, a fighter pilot aircraft. talk about that. >> this is an excellent training platform to get a pilot ready to go into the fifth generation of airplanes. we also build the f-22, f-35 and f-16. they fly almost identically. >> you asked me if i had my life insurance up. i just got it up in anticipation for this. if you win. you will build them in greenville. talk about that. >> right. hundreds of jobs in greenville and we like south carolina. we have no trees here in texas so we come here to see the trees. >> so you guys again against these others and when will we know if this is the plane that wins that competition for the air force and we'll see those jobs and see the planes here in
6:49 am
still more than a year out. >> but still kind of pretty exciting. what have you seen about south carolina and our support for the military? >> it has been wonderful. we had senator graham in the cockpit, this very one, two days ago. he didn't do as well. >> and senator graham was actually in the air force. >> he was. >> i took him, didn't i? >> you did. >> i'm going to land this right now. we'll have more on this tonight, all the details. but for now, back to you. >> savannah levins auditioning for top gun 2 there. >> she is more taal edmonton than i would be. i am terrible at simulators, driving or flying. you don't want me in the pilot seat, that is for sure. coming up next, lexington county is trying to track down three guys accused of using counterfeit cash. how you can help.
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coming up, hello, jimmy john's? [squealing tires] [swoosh] jimmy john's here! what took ya so long? jimmy john's! freaky fresh delivery. i love a man in uniform! [loud kids and dog] jimmy john's! hello, jimmy john's! jimmy john's!
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thank you for staying with news 19. let's get you caught up on your top store diswriz. >> a richland deputy is without a job and charged with misconduct in office. he is 26-year-old kaleb broome. deputies say he responded to a home to assist a victim involved in a domestic dispute. we are told while he was there, he defaced a poster of africa in the victim's garage with a racial clur and stole a double sided piece of tape from the victim.
6:54 am
usc police have arrested a man who she say rubbedded and pinched a woman's foot at the campus' main library. police say the woman was studying who 40-year-old christopher deas was touching her feet underneath a table. when she said something, he ran midnight sunday. police say they late are found out he has committed the same type of assault at six universities campuses in north carolina and south carolina and after being arrested. the school for you asking students who see him to call police. in lexington county, investigators need your help finding three suspects that used fake $100 bills. investigators say they used nine fake bills in two separate purchases of prepaid credit cards actually third suspect tried to use the bills but was told by an employee that they were fake. anyone with information is
6:55 am
a teenage are is behind bars this morning charged with murder in the shooting death of a man found in a car. deputies say 17-year-old jose reyes shot the victim during an attempted armed robbery. it happened monday night on seton hall drive. happening today, testimony on the state's child passenger restraint laws. this will happen before the house education and public works transportation subcommittee. the proposed legislation would update the current law to meet standards established by the american academy of pediatrics. the state finance health and human service subcommittee will hear budget requests from the department of social services. the agency is looking for $7.00 # million each. >> for the centralize the computer system that tracks deadbeat parents. it is all looking for an
6:56 am
funds to pay for the contractual spents for the system and the state expenses for the facility and hardware needed for that system. the 27th annual disability advocacy day kicks off this morning. registration begins at 9:30 on the north side of the state house grounds. events include a walk, rally and speeches. governor nikki haley has been invited to speak. according to the bureau of labor statistics, those with disabilities are twice as likely to be unemployed. usc school of visual art and design will hold its 61st annual art auction tonight. the event includes original sculpture, photography and paintings all made by fact ally, student and alumnae. art will object display starting at 1:00 for public viewing. that is in mcmaster college. the auction starts at 6:00. if you are looking for a little mexican-american food, the fast stood restaurant del taco is making its debut on
6:57 am
there is a ribbon cutting starting at 11:30. we are take a look outside at i-26, the right-hand side is the eastbound leg heading towards i-20. traffic is moving along. we do have three issues on the roadway. first one is a stalled vehicle on sunset boulevard eastbound as you approach i-20. an accident on kilian road approaching i-77. and then hardscrabble road as you are heading the opposite direction west by clinton street. as far as the weather rye now, skies are cleared out. no rain at all in the midlands. we are at 52 degrees here in columbia. the sun is out. the kids head out, they will need a light jacket or sweater for this morning. by this afternoon, we are looking at nice conditions. there is the cold front and it is quickly moving off with clearing skies. when the kids get out of school today, 62 degrees. it will be warm but a little on the windy side as we are expecting winds northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. we'll hit a high of 63 degrees.
6:58 am
drop down to 37 degrees with just a little bit of cloud coverage and light winds. then for tomorrow, lots of sunshine to start off with. we'll hit a high of 61 degrees with a chance for another overnight shower as early as 7:00 p.m. tonight. that will and by friday morning with a high of 62. up to 67 on sunday. then tuesday, 78. what? >> 78. >> almost 80 degrees. >> and the forecast shows from the grand strand down to charleston, they could be hitting 82. >> i'm not complaining. >> we all have spring fever, right? >> i had it yesterday. i was in a t-shirt and shorts. >> this weather will be -- once you get through the rain tonight, great weather. >> smooth sailing from here on out. >> thank you for waking up with
6:59 am
have a good day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump domtsinates his super tuesday battle. donald trump turns his attention to hillary clinton hillary clinton after key victories in the key states. >> is phil collins ready to come out of retirement after calling music his enemy? a rare interview with the music star we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
7:00 am
are going to break down barriers. >> when we unify, there is nobody, nobody going to beat us. >> trump and clinton dominate super tuesday. >> bernie sanders argues 35 states to go but gets more difficult after tonight. >> we are going to take our fight for a world of peace! i'll do anything it takes to keep donald trump from being our nominee. >> it will tear the party apart and provide conservatism. >> the conversations of that would be catastrophic. >> this is totally new. is the party coming apart? what is going to happen next? stay tuned is all i can say. >> at least one confirmed and two other potential tornadoes hit alabama. late yesterday, apple filed a second appeal in its dispute with federal investigators. >> we are asking apple to take the vicious guard dog away and let us pick the lock. >> scott kelly is returning to earth the first american


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