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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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this morning, 31-year-old wesley landers was found unresponsive. his 7-month-old child is a patient here and documents show landers was found on the bathroom floor of the room his according to the documents, he had a heroin syringe in his arm, two other syringes were counter. u.c. hospital. medical staff found a loaded handgun in his pants pocket. overdosed. she died. police will not say whether she was the child's mother. landers is from alabama and remains in the hospital here tonight. he does face several charges. because of privacy issues, the hospital is not commenting on what the 7-month-old is here for. reporting live outside children's. karin johnson, wlwt news 5. mike: thank you so much, karin. the calendar may say 2016, investors are starting to worry it could be another 2008 all over again.
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today on fears of china's economy. chinese stocks plunked 7% forcing officials for the second time this week to halt trading for the day. this time the market had only been open 29 minutes. the reaction on wall street, pretty severe. look at the numbers, the dow ending the day down 383 points. sheree: two boys fall through the thin ice in a frozen lake. they screamed for help and neighbors came running out. we have the dramatic 911 call as the rescue all unfolded, brian. brian: it was a frantic scene with two boys this freezing water saying they can't hold on much longer. tonight even firefighters are saying a life and death situation turned on the quit wits of a neighbor. with two boys struggling in the icy water, neighbors dial 911 looking for an answer to their call.
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brian: and their prayers. >> please jesus, please help him. >> i thought there was one boy, but there was two and he was in the water crying for help. saying help me, help me. brian: watch pam, she doesn't just retell the story. their prayers. very relives it. >> i said, god, please help this boy is drowning, help him. brian: they headed out on to the lake. there was a problem. >> they're in the lake. my son is in a robot but the ice is too thick. brian: ice is an obstacle. john gets close enough to talk to the boys. >> he was praying to god, didn't want to die. couldn't feel my legs. calm down, buddy, i'm not going to let you die or drown. brian: using this extension cord and life jacket john and his father got the boys out
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arrived. >> up here! up here! >> he told them, i said i won't let you drown and he didn't. he is my hero. brian: now, the boys spent some time at children's hospital, both are recovering tonight and are expected to be ok. sheree. sheree: thank goodness for that. brian, thank you. firefighters say the boys went out on to the lake by themselves to go ice fishing. mike: no arrests in the shooting of a store owner. joe underwent another surgery family members say the bullet to the back did a whole lot of damage and although he is not out of the woods, they are encouraged by the way he is battling right now to survive. north college hill police asking you right now to call them if you have any information about the robbery
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sheree: hit and killed a runner during a local race still has not been found tonight. the collision happened about three weeks before christmas. kathy chatfield was taking part in the seven hills run when she was killed. police say thomas was behind the wheel at the time and removed the car's license plate before running from the scene. mike: an odd trip through the redding drive-through landed one man in court today. police say on the day after christmas, steven brown went through the drive-through with his pants down exposing himself to a female employee. he was arrested yesterday, went in front of a judge this morning. his bond was set at $5,000. police need your help finding people who broke into a mount adams apartment complex and stole packages over christmas. the first package taken on december 18, the second one stolen christmas day. if you can identify these people, call crimestoppers. sheree: it will be wet and cold inside paul brown stadium when the bengals play, a hot ticket
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the roughly ri fueling sales. and andrew setters tells us, one ticket vendor is not above playing dirty by turning fans away from pittsburgh. andrew: as soon as people realized the bengals would be taking on the steelers in the playoffs, ticket demand took off. >> all of a sudden it just went crazy. we sold over 600 tickets that first sunday night and it has not slowed down since. andrew: in week eight, the bengals kept their win streak alive beating the steelers in pittsburgh. in week 14, the steelers got revenge and andy dalton got a broken thumb and they lost and a rematch is big. >> a lot of people like to say this is the biggest or nastiest rivalry in the nfl right now. bond was set at i think there is just that little beating the steelers would mean so much more than beating any other team, especially in the playoffs. andrew: the folks are doing what they can to make sure paul brown stadium is packed with bengals fans only on saturday night. if you're calling 333-seat from
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>> our boss said we did not have to sell anyone to that area code. we have not sent anything to the greater pittsburgh area. andrew: if you're calling from pittsburgh, no tickets for you. bengals fans, $96 and go up from there. they're not shy about rooting for the hometown team. >> we haven't had to turn away that many steelers fans. they're not calling. i don't think they think they're going to win on saturday. andrew: from downtown, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. sheree: i like travis' thinking. we shopped around for tickets for you through the online retailer stub hub, prices all over the map for tickets this weekend. you can get in through the door for $90 and sit in the upper tier seats there. can you pay as much as $800 a seat to sit near the field. seeing that of the story. the mayors of both cities will saturday night.
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they wagered local food products and they have agreed that the haser has to wear the other team's jersey while serving meals at a local shelter house. good cause here would be the city gospel mission if the steelers win. this is the mayor would wear pittsburgh team colors and no doubt would take a good deal of ribbing. >> do you even own a steelers jersey? >> i do not. we're going to be getting him a jersey to wear and i think he is going to be doing the same for me. >> we have a lot of folks that live with us that are huge bengals fans. they will be very disappointed if they see the mayor in a steelers outfit. mike: if the mayor doesn't own a jersey for the steelers, he won't need to buy one. there is more than a playoff win at stake, chili, ice cream all on the line in a big city merrill bet.
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the big game, you can join bengals fans at fountain square. the game will be on that big screen, the big video board, probably won't be wearing the shorts, though, like these fans earlier in the season in that video. before saturday's big matchup, wlwt will ref up the jungle, another ready to roar special with you, we're going to take a look at the bitter rivalry starting at 7:00 tonight. sheree: a sweet gesture of undying love stripped from the purple people bridge. considering an eye sore being cut down, jenell over the love lost? jenell: it was a tradition for couples in love. they actually fastened their locks to the bridge and then throw the key to the river as a sign of their commitment to one another. well, now the love is gone. the newport south bank bridge company which owns the purple people bridge says the locks were turning into an eye sore, it was believed the locks were damaging the bridge because of all of the weight from the locks. they were cut off the past few weeks. some say the bridge's owner should have a heart and find a
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rails. >> i walked across this bridge and i noticed the locks and i went, well, that's cool, that's unique. it's something that a spouse or about to be engaged or young people, look, i was here. now some say cutting off the locks, it might work for now, but they say love never dies and some new couples will just come along and put new locks on the bridge. jenell walton reporting live, back to you. sheree: jenell, thank you. since the locks will be removed, the plan now is to spruce up parts of the bridge with fresh paint this spring. mike: for the 18th consecutive time, there is no power ball winner and that has the jackpot now at about $700 million. it's going to be a lot bigger by the time of the next drawing. we could have the first lottery billionaire. ticket sales right now, experts
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before saturday's drawing. right now it's $700 million. the cash payout, $428 million. sheree: if you need a reason to pass the winter to warmer thoughts, kings island has announced the opening date it will kick off its 45th season on april 16. soak city opens up two weeks later on the 28th. new this year is tropical plunk, seven-story complex featuring six different slide experiences. mike: drop tower would be a little chilly. sheree: and the water park. rescuing more than a dozen miners trapped 900 feet underground. >> that's when we all stand and look at each other and we say this was a win. mike: the miners stuck for more than 10 hours in the deepest salt mine in the western hemisphere, what it took to pull off the rescue. kevin: after a cold start, overachieved this afternoon.
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degrees. i'll let you know how long the warm weather sticks around and what to expect as we head into the weekend. sheree: and caught on camera here, a fresh catch turns into a close call when a huge marlin almost takes out a deep water fisherman. a victory turns very, very dangerous. there you saw it very quickly. as the marlin flies on to the boat, it almost imappeals the man there.
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mike: 17 miners stuck in an elevator shaft 70 stories below the ground. sheree: emergency crews worked through the night to pull off the rescue. cliff is in lansing, new york, with the story. >> they emerged two and three at a time, 17 miners who were reporting for work thursday night in a salt mine by syracuse, new york. their elevator stopped trapping them for nearly 10 hours. >> we weren't all happy until
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elevator. reporter: first responders jumped into action in the early morning hours finding and positioning a crane which allowed rescuers to descend the elevator shaft and retrieve the trapped miners. they had fresh air but said they were cold. >> they huddled together. they did whatever they could do to keep each other warm and their spirits up. reporter: the first miners emerged waited until the last man had been rescued. >> that's when we all stand and look at each other and say this was a win. we're all going home. we're all safe. there was no incident. reporter: a representative said it appeared a steel beam broke bringing the elevator to a halt. workers from the previous shift had taken the same elevator to the surface at the end of their shift. andrew coma has ordered an investigation into the incident.
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2,300 feet making it the deepest salt mine in north america. mike: a campaign aimed at helping foster children in hamilton county needs your help. the gloves for love campaign is collecting thousands of gloves, scarves and hats. all of the donations will go to foster kids throughout hamilton county. the organizers did a similar drive last year and collected more than 10,000 pieces of luggage, this year, the campaign shifted gears. >> this year we talked to the people and they said there is definitely a need for hats, scarves, gloves, and mittens. these kids need to stay warm. mike: the goal to gather 10,000 items for families in need. donations can be dropped off at any location and all items have to be new. knitted items are accepted. the winter gear will be given to foster kids by hamilton county job and family services and other organizations. the gloves for love drive ends february 13. sheree: wonderful thing they are doing, hope you can help out.
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tired of waiting for old man winter to show up. he decided to take matters into his own hands. he constructs his own homemade snowmaker. they were skeptical at first and needed a little convincing, but mason has it all worked out as you can see. mason: i made a snowmaker from plans i found online. i bought all of the parts online and i put it together and now once it's cold enough, i have been blowing snow in the backyard for the last few days. sheree: he started cranking out the snow and as you can imagine, he has become the most popular kid in his neighborhood. >> cincinnati's certified most accurate forecast. kevin: all right, it really turned out to be a beautiful afternoon across the area. you know after a cold start in the mid 20's, we managed to climb all the way up to about 50 degrees this afternoon.
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should only be in the mid 30's. that's our average high here on this date in early january. things are beginning to change. as we look off towards the south and west, follow the trail of the ohio river here as it rounds the corner and heads on down toward the south and west, you guessed it, cloud cover beginning to spill in. this is in advance of the next rainmaker which promises to deliver wet weather to the area by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. it's 47 degrees, a calm time. across the area you'll see in the next couple of days, temperatures quite warm for this time of the year, pushing 40 all the way up into the great lakes this afternoon. 42 in cleveland, 42 in fort 50's around louisville. we'll get into some of that 50-degree warmth as we head into saturday. there have been some changes in the first half of our saturday and i'll explain more in just a moment.
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clouds around, not as cold. temperatures will generally slip from where they are now in the 40's down into the 30's. it won't be a quick fall this evening. high pressure remains in control of our weather, at least for the time being, as i have been saying the past couple of days, now that we're on the back side of this system, we are beginning to get into some milder weather. the temperatures shot from the mid 20's all the way up close to 50 degrees. here is a developing weather system. this is part of what is sliding in here for friday and saturday. right now it looks like again, this will begin to impact the area starting probably by tomorrow morning in the form of some wet weather. so here is a look at futurecast. let me show you how things are going to evolve here. clouds will gradually build overnight tonight. most of the night looks dry. towards dawn tomorrow, rain will begin to arrive. i do expect some wet weather in time for the morning commute tomorrow. factor in a little bit extra time. it doesn't look heavy but enough of a nuisance to slow the morning commute down. an off and off rain will likely
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first half of the day. while there could be some sprinkles through the afternoon and even into tomorrow night, i'm not expecting a lot of rain. the again, most of the rain tomorrow should fall the first half of the day. then it looks drier, albeit it will be gloomy tomorrow evening and through the first half of the day on saturday. notice saturday morning, it starts pretty dry across the area. a good part of the day saturday looks dry. as a matter of fact, even for folks tailgating saturday evening, it may be dry, but i don't think the entire game is going to get through rain-free. as a matter of fact, by the time the game gets ready to start, that's probably when the skies will begin to open up and the rain will come down pretty good. by the time we get to the opening kickoff at 8:15, we'll have slipped down into the 40's. again, it may be dry for those tailgating, by the time the game gets underway, we should have a good soaking across the area.
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mild day, afternoon high in the upper 40's. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. there you have it, up to 54 for a high on saturday and then temperatures really tumble sunday. it will be much colder by the time you wake up on sunday morning. i don't have it on there because i don't think it's a big deal. there may be a few snowflakes early sunday morning, nothing to write home about. next week, a lot colder, it looks like january with highs in the 20's and 30's and lows at night in the teens and 20's. mike: not one of those freezer bowl games on saturday night in the 40's, it is nice. mother accused of leaving her baby behind after crashing her car. sheree: where police say she went and what happened when she finally made it back to the crash scene. mike: plus a food bank's choice of meat that has some losing
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wait until you hear th mike: an oregon mother accused of driving drunk, crashing her car and leaving her child in the car while she went to buy nor alcohol at a gas station. sheree: police say when they arrested 31-year-old terra brandenburg, she had a blood alcohol content three times the
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she left her 4-week-old baby boy and a doberman pinscher in the car for a wine run. she couldn't find the car and then reported it stolen. >> she had the keys with her the whole time, too, and the car was locked. yeah, she just forgot that she parked all the way across the street. sheree: police say the baby is ok. most importantly, and is now with his father. mike: you have to listen to this one, a montana food bank is making the most of meat that many would pass on by using road kill to help provide 1,500 meals a day for the hungry. the food bank has been accepting vehicle tender oysed meet from local police and game wardens since the 1980's. some may turn their nose up at eating road kill. they say the meat is being put to good use. >> more i see a fascination
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we took some this year and turned it into pepper steaks. they were fantastic, it was a good use of the meat. mike: while many food banks around montana have donation programs for hunters, this north valley food bank is the only one with a road kill program. sheree: well, the prince goes to preschool, it was a huge moment as you can imagine in the life of little prince george. his parents have talked about wanting their children to have normal childhoods. as prince george went to his first day of preschool, it was actually without any fanfare at all, they released two pictures of the 2 1/2-year-old outside the school. he is so handsome. he attends a montessori school near the family's home. mike: he is going to have a tough life, that kid, so normal from here on out, wow. well, macy's nationwide cutback is good news for one local township. >> we're glad that they're keeping them here and adding jobs here. mike: why macy's made the cuts and what else they're changing in stores plus -- >> a first-round pick, but you
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mike: junior suits up for remember snow day. when the schools were closed and the day was wide open. the first step into fresh powder was like stepping into a new world. the crunch of the snow as it packed under our boots. the drip of icicles melting in the sun. so pull the hat down a little lower. and make sure there's a cup of hot cocoa waiting. because this winter, every day is snow day in pure michigan. your snow day begins
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>> you're watching cincinnati's
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sheree: macy's is now overhauling its marketing strategies after sales. mike: courtis fuller is live with how the company hopes to turn the trend around. courtis. courtis: macy's a star in the business community, make no doubt about it, the company is struggling right now. all you have to do is listen to the words of its top executive. for greater cincinnati, the news is actually good in the wake of this huge shake-up. >> it's bad news because of the weakness in profitability, but they're taking steps to address those issues. courtis: a battle to survive in a fears retail environment, one of the greater cincinnati's corporate giants, its c.e.o. calling 2015 sales and earnings disappointing saying the company is adjusting, hoping to
5:27 pm
those on the outside looking in like u.c. business professor michael jones calls the macy's restructuring a smart move. >> the recent change in consumer spending, a lot are spending online. over the last recent holiday sales, sales grew by double digits. courtis: 5,000 jobs will be cut nationwide, stores will be shut cincinnati. they hope to save $400 million. the good news, the call center here in deerfield township will see a boost in employees of about 200 people after the center in st. louis is closed. >> obviously this is good news for the township. anytime we bring more people to the township, it adds to our restaurants, it adds to our shops, it's a good thing for the township. courtis: business owners welcome the addition macy's will bring. >> we think it's awesome because anytime jobs come
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people may move here to be closer to where they work, so we'll see an increase in business at lunchtime, dinner time, weekends. courtis: so, again, good news for businesses in the area. some other changes in this new deal, macy's will open several mega stores in key cities throughout the country and also something called macy's backstage. these will be discount stores that will be of years. reporting live, i'm courtis fuller, wlwt news 5. mike: courtis, thank you. by the way, republican presidential frontrunner donald trump actually weighed in on the company disloyal to america. now, you might remember that macy's recently dumped trumps clothing line. sheree: today the third university, only the third university in the country to establish an amazon run pickup
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next to starbucks there in the square. the site will serve as a site for amazon students and prime members to pick up packages. certain items online will have a prime campus badge. that means the item is available for free when they pick up if you order before noon. >> exciting to have a national brand store such as amazon actually occupy this property, this development. it's also a major plus for our 44,000 students and 17,000 employees. sheree: you can choose to pick up the items from a locker or from behind the counter. former red great ken griffey jr. is headed to cooperstown with record support, 99% of writers voted junior into the hall. george vogel in our newsroom, hi, george. george: even before junior was elected to the hall, there was a little debate, what will he use on his plaque, the reds or mariners.
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much a debate. junior and mike piazza are going into the hall this year. griffey was 19 years old when he broke in with the mariners. it didn't take long before he was one of baseball's true superstars. it's natural that he would have the mariners hat on his plaque at the hall of fame. ken: want to be the first in a lot of things. be able to wear a mariners hat and be the first one to go in the hall of fame as a mariner, that's also one of the part of the decisions that i needed to make. being 19, they gave me the opportunity to play the game that i love and i spent most of my time in seattle. george: junior will be heading out to seattle where he will meet the media there tomorrow evening. he and piazza will have their induction ceremonies coming up this summer on july 24. from the newsroom, i'm george vogel, wlwt news 5. mike: george, thank you, see you later. a ticket to the playoff game is
5:31 pm
town. showing off online, this is a word of warning, it could come back to bite you. be careful if you post photos. you could be a target for thieves. the ticket brokers at 333 seat are issuing this warning. >> a lot of the tickets being electronic, you do not want that bar code to be seen on social media, whether it be facebook or instagram. if a thief steals that, if a digital thief steal that bar code, they have your ticket. if they beat you to the stadium, they will get in first and your ticket will not work. mike: something you need to watch out for if you're trying to sell tickets online, make sure you do not post photos of the actual bar code. sheree: just a short time ago, we were able to chat with our sister station out in the trash-talkin c is going down. >> you cccc sound like a long-time @cccc bengal fan who cannot cc get over the fact ccc that you lost your quarterback in an accident, @ccccc really, back in @cccccccc 2005. in @ccc@ 2005, so long
5:32 pm
ago, we don't worry about @cc@ that. that's the problem with the @c bengals. you have a team that ccccc@ hasn't won a @cccccccc playoff game cccc in 25 years. @ccccccc@ >> the pirates haven't won anything @cc@ since @ccccc@ 1979. @cccccc@ mari o ccc lemieux retired and @cccc hockey is dead if @cccc you haven't notice. @c your two recent @ccc super bowls, what have you c done for me lately, @c@ is a @cccccc lucky catch against @cc arizona and the cccc referees wer e @cccc definitely paid by pittsburgh people in that seattle super bowl. mike: there was a lot more of that, believe me, we had a lot of fun, thank you, thank you to our sister station in pittsburgh for playing along. the mayor wants city workers to play along, too, and show their bengals pride, tomorrow is orange and black today. they are encouraged to wear team colors. on saturday, downtown cincinnati will host light up the skyline. the city is asking property owners to turn on their lights at 6:00 p.m. to show off our beautiful skyline. sheree: before the big matchup, wlwt will ref up the jungle with another ready to roar
5:33 pm
steelers, we'll look at the playoff history, dalton's likelihood to play and the rivalry. it starts at 7:00 tonight right here on wlwt. mike: this time last year, we had so many flu cases, it was called an epidemic. cases are now few and far between. wlwt news 5 dan griffin spoke with doctors why this year is so different. dan: this year is off to a quiet start when it comes to flu cases. doctors say that doesn't necessarily mean you should shrug it off. >> this year, thank god, we have been very lucky and none of us has had the flu. dan: jamie is one of p.m. happy to be healthy instead of stuck at home with the flu. >> i have had the flu. my family has had the flu. it is an awful experience to have it and just be so so down and sick. dan: this year flu cases are way down. ohio's department of health says there have been 121 flu-related hospitalizations
5:34 pm
2015 compared to 202 during the same time period in 2014. this doctor with mercy hospital says the difference this year is the vaccine. >> typically the vaccine is at least 60% protected. last year it was 23% protected. dan: some years the vaccine mutate. impact? >> winters milder early on, there does appear to be a letter peak. it's not something that's statistics, there are a lot of other factors. it's a possibility. dan: with fewer cases, you should be prepared by washing your hands and covering your cough. >> sometime this winter we will have the usual flu outbreak. dan: doctors say the best way to protect yourself is of course getting that shot there. that is your best chance of avoiding ending up right here. for now, we are in anderson,
5:35 pm
mike: doctors are saying it's not clear when the flu season will peak this year, but they are saying that typically they track the flu season by watching activity all around the world. sheree: indiana is joining the growing list of governments now equipping first responders to stop heroin overdoses. the state police and indiana's attorney general announcing a more than 125,000 grant to provide police and e.m.t.s with the anti-overdose drug narcan. the grant will also provide training on how these e.m.t.s and police officers can use it. state officials say that open yachts account for about one third of overdose deaths in indiana alone. mike: president obama expected to discuss his new executive actions on gun control in a couple of hours. he is hosting a town hall in virginia tonight. this week the president announced he would bypass congress to expand background checks and close the gun show
5:36 pm
continue to slam the changes. >> the president clearly does not respect the second amendment rights for law-abiding americans. >> it will take rights away from people who are law-abiding citizens. >> not going to take your guns away, folks. they're trying. mike: the president will answer questions from gun control supporters and opponents. a recent poll found a slight majority of americans oppose new gun legislation. sheree: a man will be arraigned tomorrow in two burglaries in franklin. police say a witness helped link this guy, michael napier to two separate burglaries in last year. police say he took appliances and electronics and gardening equipment. he is being held on a $200,000 bond. police believe people charged with a shooting were targeting him. mike: homeowners and businesses have a new spot to get their permits.
5:37 pm
the new building features a more streamlined process and technology upgrades. last year cincinnati issued more than 9,000 permits. now with the new center, the city expects to issue more than half of permits on the very same day. well, china's economic struggles now hitting markets all around the world. sheree: the tumble u.s. stocks have taken and how worried you should be about your investments. mike: plus time warner data at risk, how the cable company says hackers might have stolen hundreds of thousands of customers' information. kevin: as the sun sets on this beautiful thursday, clouds are south and west. that's because rain is soon to follow. i'll let you know when the wet weather moves in and what to expect for the someone just got a free 6" subway sandwich. just text offers to 782929 to sign up for and you'll get a free 6-inch sub when you buy a 30-oz.
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>> you're watching wlwt news 5 leading the way. mike: turmoil in china's stock market is having ripple effects all around the world including right here in america. the dow dropping nearly 400 points today. wlwt news 5's sally kidd is in washington with why this is happening.
5:39 pm
selloff in china is weakness in the yuan as the government sharply. the chinese market is down more than 40%. for the second time this week, trading was abruptly halted. stocks plunked 7% within the first 30 minutes. >> this has had an impact on markets in other countries including ourselves. sally: fears about the health of china's economy sent u.s. stocks downward. >> the big concern and nobody knows the answer is what degree will the turmoil in china rub off on america. we don't know. sally: analysts say other factors are at play as well. that has raised interest rates and fast growing check or yenlted companies turmoil in china led the market upward last year and investors are looking to take profits.
5:40 pm
materials, it's obviously energy. sally: oil prices are at their lowest level in 12 years. good news at the pump, but bad news for traders who worry the slump in china could mean lower global demand. like the uncertainty, some economists are optimistic. >> kiplinger's believe the economy will grow 2.7%. while there might be a bear market, it probably won't be a deep one or a lengthy one. sally: while chinese growth is slowing, it's not plummeting. still, the slowdown is taking a bite out of corporate profits. in washington, sally kidd, wlwt news 5. mike: financial visors suggesting that you review your assets and make sure they are the appropriate mix for your age, but staying in the market and riding it out is probably your best option right now. sheree: you are going to want to change your pats word if you have time warner cable tonight. it's the latest company to report a data breach.
5:41 pm
systems have been breached, but other companies storing that information might have compromised the passwords. up to 320,000 customers could be affected. a new report that congress warning the i.r.s. is moving toward a high-tech future which could cost you more money. the national taxpayer advocate says the i.r.s. could create a pay to play system. the i.r.s. is defending its plan. the agency remains fully committed to personal services for taxpayers. >> cincinnati's certified most accurate forecast. kevin: check out all of that orange and yell low and red on the map. temperatures are running much warmer across most of the ohio, tennessee valleys and into the great lakes. temperatures are running five, 10, and in some cases close to 12 degrees warmer than at the exact same time yesterday.
5:42 pm
the first half of the weekend before we see a big-time cooldown late in the weekend and early next week. here is a live look as we look towards the south and west this evening into northern kentucky. the cloud cover is beginning to spill in. the clouds will continue to thicken up overnight and as a matter of fact, they'll act like a blanket and insulate some of the warmth we have today. while it will be another cool night, it won't be as cool as it has been around here. 47 degrees at the airport, light southwesterly breeze at this time. check this out this afternoon. how about all of this sunshine, it's rare that you see big jumps in temperature like this in january. we have limited amounts of cold air anywhere in the united states and not much snow on the ground in the lower 48. what i'm talking about, we started at 24 this morning. we jumped all the way up to 50 degrees this afternoon and compared to where we should be for this time of the year, you can see temperatures running 12 degrees above normal, so we should only be in the upper
5:43 pm
way to 50 this afternoon. here is a look at this evening. that means with a mild day, it looks like the evening will be a little bit warmer for us too around here. we're in the 40's the next couple of hours and down into the 30's. we'll at all the fastest the next hour or two and temperatures will level off tonight as those clouds continue to build in. here is a look at the weather map. high pressure, that's what's been dominating our area the last couple of days providing us with gorgeous weather. our wind are out of the south and milder air is streaming in. here is a developing storm system tonight. you can already see that cloud cover moving its way up the ohio river. you were able to capture that on tower cam. the warmer air scoots in and as this system becomes better organized as we get into saturday, we will likely see a second round of steadier rounds during the playoff game on game. dry most of the night, in the morning in time for the morning
5:44 pm
rain across the area. it won't rain all day tomorrow, it will be gloomy from start to finish. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night around here will be relatively dry. tomorrow night. saturday. most of saturday looks dry, but look at this, it may be dry for the start of tailgating on saturday, by the time the game gets underway, i expect a pretty good soaking rain across the area. that will continue on saturday and cooler air moves in, a flake or two of snow on sunday, but not a big deal. your forecast for the game, tailgating, temperatures in the 50's. this doesn't look like january football and it will be in the 40's by the time we get to the kickoff, a mild night but a wet one. 37 as a low tonight and tomorrow, gloomy with showers, especially early on in the day, 48, here is a look at your day planner. temperatures will climb from
5:45 pm
40's. here is your seven-day forecast. the good news, the first half of the weekend should remain relatively warm for us and a big tumble in temperatures, mike, on sunday down to 17 sunday night. you can see winter is at least here to stay for a few days early next week. mike: i'll ignore the 12 degrees two days after the 17 degrees, too. a drone designed to save lives when it flies. sheree: how it could make firefighters safer when they approach and finding people inside. mike: donald trump threatening to pull an investment from his golf resort. he would t need anything else. which is why we don' t just add, anything else. longhorn steaks that
5:46 pm
the new smoky bacon sirloin. the new spicy grilled jalapeno sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. all with hand chopped salad & unlimited bread for $12.99. tonight only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. and for lunch try our new steak and bacon cheddar melt. or any steakhouse lunch combo
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sheree: maybe not so surprising here, drones are a popular item at this year's consumer electronics show, but one model could also save lives. the company d.j.i. has created a thermal drone that transmits thermal images which pick up on temperature differences. designers say the drone could be a helpful tool to firefighters. exactly where they should send in their firefighters. we'll be able to see through smoke to see where there might be people trapped inside the
5:48 pm
sheree: d.j.i. says it expects to put the thermal drone on sale in the first quarter of this year. they also say they're going to market it to search and rescue professionals and even home inspectors. mike: christmas officially open in germany because the elephants at the berlin zoo are chomping up all of the decorations. a couple of the elephants use the branches as back scratchers. the zoo makes sure that the christmas trees are organic so the elephants don't eat any pesticides. presidential candidate donald trump threatening to cancel a big investment in he has banned from the u.k. more than half a billion signed a petition to restrict his travel after he wanted to ban muslims from america. parliament will consider action later this month. trump says if he is banned, he is going to cancel a billion dollar investment to his two golf resorts in scotland. sheree: that might change things a bit, we'll have to see.
5:49 pm
story at children's hospital. mike: a woman dies and another
5:50 pm
is depression more than sadness? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. brintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. brintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. "for me, brintellix made a difference." tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. brintellix has not been studied in children. do not take with maois. tell your doctor about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications,
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life-threatening condition. increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur, especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor if brintellix could make a difference for you.
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leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 6:00. mike: the mayors of cincinnati and pittsburgh gearing up for saturday's playoff matchup with a friendly wager, what they're game. >> people are so caught up in it want to do something. >> what was meant to be an expression of love on one local bridge is getting shut down tonight. also tonight at 6:00. >> sweet jesus, please help him. >> a frantic call for him as two boys struggle to stay afloat in an icy lake. how the quick thinking of a neighbor saved their lives. mike: first cincinnati police say a woman died of an overdose inside of children's hospital. sheree: a second man was found unconscious. wlwt news 5 karin johnson has new developments in the investigation tonight, karin. karin: here is what we just learned, a 7-month-old girl from alabama is being treated here at children's hospital according to social media
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