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that it was in a healthcare facility. mike: the woman who died, the father facing charges, and the child' s room where they were found. sheree: the house where a hamilton firefighter died recently in an arson case has seen plenty of police activity in recent years. tonight, we investigate. plus -- >> oh, my god -- i probably would have quit my job laughing. mike: a pumped up powerball jackpot reaches a record number, and it could be worth a billion by saturday. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. mike: high on heroin and shooting up in children' s hospital. good evening. i' m mike dardis. sheree: and i' m sheree paolello. one woman is dead, and an alabama father is in jail tonight on multiple drug and weapon charges. his seven-month-old baby was at children' s hospital for treatment when police say the two overdosed in his room. wlwt news 5' s emily wood is live in avondale with a look at what
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emily: court documents describe disturbing details of a 31-year-old father found unresponsive in his child' s hospital bathroom with a heroin syringe in his arm. police say a 32-year-old woman was also found. she died from a possible overdose but police have not s mother. >> i can' of why. i' ve asked quite a few and there are a lot of different answers for everybody. emily: without knowing why, cincinnati police are investigating how 31-year-old wesley landers brought drugs and a loaded weapon into cincinnati children' s hospital. based on court documents, medical staff searched. they found a .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun loaded and chambered in his pants pocket. in addition to the heroin syringe in his arm, two heroin syringes were also found on the bathroom sink counter. >> initially, it was a shock
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s room, and so tragic. emily: hamilton county coroner dr. lakshmi sammarco says she was talking with a group of students about the dangers of drugs when she got the call about two adult overdoses at children' s. she says drug overdose deaths surpassed car accident deaths in hamilton county more than years five ago. and as the trend keeps going up. it is more and more difficult to explain why it is happening. >> you wonder if the child had been exposed prior to -- prior to being born in utero, so it raises a lot of questions. emily: again, cincinnati police have not said if the woman who died is the child' s mother. the coroner says there will be an autopsy tomorrow morning along with a toxicology but those results could take weeks to get.
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emily wood, wlwt news 5. sheree: thank you. children' s hospital released a statement tonight. about security practices, it said, in part, patient safety is seriously. we have a cincinnati police officer at the main location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. we are always reevaluating our security measures to ensure the safety of our patients. mike: an arrest tonight in a murder that police say was covered up by a fire at a west price hill home. police have arrested albert mccants for ceophis carson' s death. the 34-year-old victim was discovered by firefighters after they put out the house fire one month ago. investigators have not said how carson died. 41-year-old mccants is charged with murder and robbery. sheree: a man is behind bars for bringing a loaded gun to an elementary school. it happened outside springboro' s five points elementary. a woman called police saying her ex-husband, brian streit, was headed to the school to have lunch with their child, and she
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temporary protection order against him. clear creek township officers found the 44-year-old man and served him the order. at the time, officials say streit told the officers he had a loaded weapon in his car, which was on school grounds. that' s illegal, because he did not have a conceal carry permit. the school notified parents and say at no point was anyone in danger. mike: new tonight, a home where a local firefighter was killed in a recent arson case had been targeted several times before the fire. wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa is live with the new developments. tammy: according to these police records, before the fire broke out and patrick wolterman died, the house had been targeted four times in four years. that included things like theft and menacing. before someone set this house on fire and fire fighter patrick wolterman died trying to save lives police documents show the , house had been targeted four times since 2011.
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s also heavy smoke coming from the cellar. there' s an open cellar door in the back. tammy: this past november, the homeowner reported guns and alarm system had been stolen from the house. no one was ever charged. before that, in july 2015, the homeowner' s daughter reported a suspect making threatening remarks towards her. investigators told dispatchers to add a hazard caution on any calls made from the house because of the suspect threatening the victim. no one was ever charged. police made two other calls to the house. in august 2012, after the homeowner' s car was keyed overnight and in february 2011 when their burglary alarm went off. >> this is adt security calling -- security. >> what is the address? >> 1310 pater ave. tammy: then fast forward to december 28 after something tripped off the burglar alarm. when police arrived, the house
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now because the fire was ruled arson, the death is being investigated as a homicide. reporting live, tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. mike: the arson and homicide investigation are still active. there is a $20,000 dollar reward for information. if you know anything call , crimestoppers. sheree: a cincinnati woman faces up 30 years in prison after admitting today to embezzling nearly a quarter of a million dollars. rebecca bingham worked at cincinnatus savings and loan for 10 years. in that time, investigators say bingham deposited more than 60 checks from the institution' s main account into her personal account. besides the present time bingham , also faces a fine up to $1 million. mike: right now, federal officials in two states say they have arrested people on terrorism related charges. according to court documents in california, a 23-year-old man in sacramento was trying to travel to syria to fight alongside
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and in texas the lieutenant , governor says another terror suspect was arrested there. saying the arrests might have prevented a terror-related incident. new at 11:00, the empty hamilton county commissioners seat has been filled. tonight the hamilton county , republican party voted unanimously for dennis deters to replace greg hartmann. deters will be officially sworn in at the courthouse on monday. he has served as a colerain township trustee for six years. deters is the brother of hamilton county prosecutor joe deters. sheree: tonight cincinnati , police offered another opportunity to find out what the badge is all about. the department is trying to find people to take its recruit exam at the end of the month. tonight they hosted a forum at , the forest park library. officers answered questions from potential difference makers. cincinnati police will host three more forums before the exam on january 31. mike: happening now, watch out county.
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down at mitchell avenue right . bridge work is going on. take i-74 to i-275 to get around the closure. everything should be back open by 5:00 in the morning. the closures will continue tuesday through friday nights until the end of next week. >> i just want to take the lump sum money. i don' t know what i would do. sheree: it is happening again. millions of americans have come down with a serious case of powerball fever. it' s now the biggest jackpot in u.s. history. the prize for saturday' s powerball drawing has grown to about $700 million. and lottery officials say it could grow to be by the weekend. $1 billion>> since it went up we' ve been busy we sold a lot a , of tickets to it everybody is excited. sheree: i can hear kevin and
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the powerball drawing will be saturday at 10:59 pm. courtis fuller will have the numbers right here on wlwt at 11:00. the 700 million lower -- the jackpot is the kind of thing you $700 million dream about -- until you take a look at the math -- ticket holders have a one in 292.2 million chance of winning. you still have to try, right? to put that in perspective, the odds of hitting the jackpot are about the same as your odds of flipping a quarter and getting heads 28 times in a row, according to the university at buffalo. that seems doable. mike: i got four in a row. we are just two days away now from the big wildcard showdown between the bengals and the and the mayors of both cities are making things interesting with a friendly wager. mayor bill peduto of pittsburgh is in town, and he will be at with cincinnati' s mayor john cranley. they' ve bet some favorite local food. wear the other team' s jersey while serving meals at a local shelter house.
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>> i do not. we' re going to be getting him a jersey to wear. i think he' s going to be doing the same for me. >> the wager is on. the steelers are going to win, but even if they were to lose, we would still be doing the same thing in both of our cities, taking care of those that have the most need. mike: so here' s what mayor cranley has put up -- gold star chili, graeter' s sundaes, and montgomery inn. pittsburgh' s mayor is bringing primanti brother sandwiches, pierogies, and mac and cheese. a lot of calories. paul brown stadium has to be playoff ready come saturday night. the bengals tweeted these photos from the field today. you can see the wildcard logo on the 25-yard line and a banner near the tunnel. go to facebook to see the friendly wager between bengals fan sheree and courtis fuller, bengals fans are sheree: he is going down.
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photo goes viral. >> don' t ever feed my kid just that' s just not right. mike: what happened at the front of the lunch line that has some parents all fired up. kevin: skies have clouded up tonight. you can see what is on the horizon -- rain here it i will let you know what to expect for your morning commute in the playoff game this weekend. sheree: they liven things up in northern kentucky, and now the seniors known as the dancing nae nae' s have just been honored re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. college of business, we're looking for
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so if you want to learn what's been business-world tested today, and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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mike: a photo of a cheese sandwich has gone viral and sparked controversy at an indiana high school. sheree: but it is not the meal that' s causing the concern with some parents and students. the sandwich was served to students who owed more than $25 on their meal accounts. high school senior sierra feitl was upset after a cafeteria worker took a tray from a student instead handing that , teen a sandwich and a milk. she snapped the image that has since taken off on line. >> i think the worst part was they did it when you were paying, in front of everybody else, so if you didn' t have the money that you needed in your account, everyone got to see
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sheree: school officials say the policy follows federal regulations but fellow students , and some parents say they a upset the policy isn' t carried out in a more discrete manner. >> it was a slap in the face to the kids. just, you know here' s a piece of , bread with a piece of cheese on it. >> it doesn' t matter how much a parent makes or what' s on their lunch account. don' t ever feed my kid just bread and cheese. that' s just not right. sheree: the superintendent says the policy does not apply to students who qualify for free or reduced lunches. the policy was put in place after the district had to pay $50,000 in unpaid school meals. new at 11:00, in louisville, it' s school security that is generating attention tonight. every campus in jefferson county, kentucky, will be on heightened security for friday. schools in and around louisville were notified today about a vague threat. parents were notified by text
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sent home today. police say the threats have invoked caution but no planned shutdowns. mike: caught on camera near atlanta -- a suspected drunk driver busted going the wrong way on a major highway. police say a man called 911 to s day. other officers tried to shut down traffic at the ramps while the man refused to pull over. police say he had a cup of alcohol in his car and could barely stand up. the driver is now charged with dui and eluding police. sheree: in commitment 2016, a political endorsement from planned parenthood. the national health group will make it' s support of hillary clinton official on sunday. if elected many republican , candidates have promised to cut planned parenthood' s funding. just last year videos from , anti-abortion activists accused the group of selling fetal tissue. planned parenthood strongly denied that allegation. republican front-runner donald trump brought out big crowds tonight in vermont.
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gop candidate faced off tonight outside a theater, where too many people were invited and not all of them could fit inside. protesters gathered across the street and exchanged chants with trump supporters, who were waiting to enter the venue in burlington. mike: a texas mother, once part of an international manhunt, is now back in america. tonya couch, the mother of affluenza teenage fugitive ethan couch, is in texas. she agreed to be deported after being arrested with her son in mexico last week. although ethan couch remains at a detention center in mexico, the sheriff says he is confident of his return also. >> i am confident. i don' t think there' s any way he goes anywhere but here from what i understand. if he gets released back into mexico and we have to start hunting him again, i' m going to be as disappointed as anybody in the world. mike: authorities believe the two left texas in november while prosecutors were investigating whether ethan had violated his probation for a drunk-driving
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people in 2013. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: go ahead and put the umbrella by the door for tomorrow morning. rain is headed back into the viewing area. a wet start to friday morning. the weekend will get off to a mild start. they will end on a colder note to my kind of a nasty cold. next week will feel more like looks like we' re finally going to get a taste of winter around the area. not too bad tonight. chilly. compared to 24 hours ago, look at the temperature change. running close to 10, and down in degrees warmer than last night at this time. that gives you an idea, with
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temperatures will level out, and they have probably dropped as far as they will drop. right now, 39 at the airport. an east wind at six. much cooler the farther east you go. 20' s in hillsboro. as you start working your way west, you find figure cloud cover. that acts like an insulator and traps the heat. 40 in brooksville. 43 in warsaw. temperatures have probably followed about as far as they are going to theory the mage up another three degrees, but that is about it. high-pressure heading off into the atlantic. cloud cover advancing in our direction. all that green is rain beginning to move in our direction. showers towards the mississippi river. the storm center is between
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this will cross the ozarks and come into the ohio valley. we will likely have a second round of soaking rains saturday evening, right in the middle of the playoff game. futurecast shows rain over spreading the area in time for the morning commute. a cold rain. it will continue through the afternoon. i do not think friday is a complete washout. it will not turn sunny, but it will not be raining the entire afternoon. friday evening, more in the way of sprinkles, maybe some drizzle. then a break during the day saturday to most of the day looks dry. that for tailgating and as we open the game saturday night, a good soaking rain. we may get some colder air sunday morning for a flake or two of c.o.p. or nothing to write home about, but sunday will be sharply colder than
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for the playoff game, between 45 and 50. not really january football weather. it will be quite wet. 37, that is about it for tonight. increasing clouds. tomorrow, gloomy with showers, especially the first half of the day. an afternoon high of about 48. 38 at 8:00 a.m. 43 for lunchtime. mid-40' s tomorrow evening. temperatures will hold steady tomorrow night, 40' s. 50' s on saturday. 46 is due sitting on sunday. during the day, temperatures will tumble back to the 30' s. sunday, there could be a snowflake or two. 17 by sunday night. 12 tuesday night. there could be a few flurries tuesday night. mike: when it is cold in northern kentucky next week, the you know what will he do that?
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s. a group of northern kentucky women turned the song into a chance to help fellow seniors. >> watch me whip which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sheree: that is awesome. back in palm we introduced you november, to the women from panorama senior apartments. tonight we just found out they finished in a seniors got talent second contest. they will be presented with later this month. $500 the women told us last fall they would use any winnings to help others who' ve fallen on hard times. mike: they especially like to whip. sheree: kevin robinson was jamming. mike: a nail-bitter on the road -- could the bearcats get a signature win at smu? sheree: george vogel' s in next with the last-second drama in
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george: yet another game where uc is leading a tough opponent late, and the bearcats can' t find a way to get it done. welcome back, everyone. an inability to finish is starting to define this uc team. tonight at undefeated smu,
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out, two technicals were handed out, and smu has a player kicked out of the game. on top. it is gary clark attacking. and uc has a seven-point lead. four minutes to go. in. smu goes on a late run. justin tobert the tip, smu takes it' time running out. farad cobb firing for three and the win. that would do it. an 11-2 run to end the game, smu, 59-57. the fifth loss of the season for uc. the bearcats were unable to get to the line in this game. uc commited 20 fouls, smu just 9. uc three of four from the line, smu 10 of 19. 16th ranked lousivlle on the road at nc state. off the miss.
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, yes, i said on uaku, and there he is above the rim in the damion lee, perfect lob to ryan second half. spalding for the slam. quentin snider leads the ville with 21. the cardinals win, 77-72. saturday is playoff time for the bengals and steelers. they met just under a month ago. they also met back in november so they know each other well and , its not like much changes. or does it? >> it' s the postseason so everything feels a little different, but you' re playing a divisional opponent for the third time, rubber match, whatever you want to call it. yes, there' s lots of tape you can look at. george: the bengals have a better scoring average on offense, a betting average on defense, and the bengals were better when it comes to the bengals were plus 11 for the turnovers. the bengals were plus 11 for the season, the steelers plus 2, new hall of famers ken griffey junior and mike piazza met the media today in new york. griffey spent seasons with the nine reds, but it wasn' t tough to figure out that he go into
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hat on his plaque. >> i want to be first in a lot of things and to be able to wear a mariners hat and be the first mariner in the hall of fame as a mariner. i think that is part of the decision i needed to make, and i felt being 19 and they gave me the opportunity to play the game that i love, and i spent most of my time in seattle. george: he will be out there tomorrow for a news conference. july 24 is the ceremony in cooperstown. i ran out of time. i will have keenan davis from newport high school on twice tomorrow.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sheree: now to our top story -- an alabama father in jail tonight on drug and weapon charges. police say wesley landers and another woman were found overdosed in his seven-month-old baby' s room at children' s hospital. the 32-year-old woman died. court documents show hospital staff found heroin syringes in the room and a gun on wesley. mike: an arrest tonight in a
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covered up by a fire at a west price hill home. police have arrested albert mccants for ceophis carson' death. the 34-year-old victim was discovered by firefighters after they put out the house fire one month ago. investigators have not said how carson died. sheree: you are going to need an umbrella tomorrow. kevin: a good idea for tomorrow morning with rain coming down. it will make for a slow commute. it will be a gloomy day. the bigger story is the soaking rain for the game saturday night. a big time chill for next week. the good news is the cold does not look like it is here to stay.
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