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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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heavy rain. temperatures drop behind the front. by 6:00 and 7:00 tomorrow morning, we transition to snow, a brief period of moderate to heavy snow. not going to be too concerned with the roadways because they'll be quite wet and above freezing temperatures today will help that out. but for grassy surfaces and elevated surfaces this snow will likely collect and so we're talking a covering to maybe an inch tomorrow morning with snow showers coming down to start off. they're not long. by 10:00, 11:00, we're quiet. looks like for the afternoon, we bring back a touch of sunshine late for sunday. today, 56 for the high. cloudy with the rain arriving into the evening. for the overnight forecast, temperatures will be sitting in the upper 50s -- 50 to upper 40s as we head towards midnight. the rain will be increasing in coverage. heavy rainfall to start the overnight. then temperatures start to fall back. we'll be near freezing by 6:00 a.m. when we transition to snow showers, a couple of snow showers tomorrow morning.
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the high temperature tomorrow will be the midnight temperature. by 5:00 p.m., 23 degrees with a wind chill around 10 degrees. a big change for sunday as cold air invades. it will stick around next week. more snow showers tuesday. we'll watch for a chance for rain showers friday. jonathan: it's playoff day in cincinnati. the bengals will have to beat the steelers without andy dalton. friday, dalton was officially ruled out for the wildcard game, doing hand exercises there, i'm assuming, to get the blood flowing through the thumb. a.j. mccarron irs s going to make his fourth start in a row. he made it clear the team is focused on the game and not the previous playoff losses. >> it's hard to get to the playoffs, period, in this league. then it's extremely hard to win a game. but there's not a reason to live in the past, and i don't think this team does by any means.
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the year before that was then. that's kind of what i'm getting back. moment. jonathan: did you catch the nervous shake? i'm glad he's starting. we're going to win. we've got to beat the steelers doing it. they've officially ruled out one of their weapons as well, which doesn't hurt. deangelo williams. run? he had 900 yards in the regular season and is a playoff veteran. injury. a.j. mccarron played against the steelers last month. that was the same game andy dalton was injured in. our first drive, down by the goal line. mccarron had two touchdown passes in that game but also two interceptions. he is, of course, hoping to avoid those mistakes tonight. some controversy before tonight's game, centering around a local radio station. 700 wlw radio is taking a lot of heat for a fake barng warning aimed at
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it tells women to use extreme caution, especially if heavily consuming alcohol in the downtown area. goes on to say he poses the greatest theft to 18 reat to 18 to 40-year-olds. the spoof is against sexual allegations against the former miami redhawk. >> one in three women, one in six men have experienced rape or sexual abuse. that, in and of itself, is not something i think is worth joking about. jonathan: we reached out to the radio station for a comment but haven't got an response. by the way, our station, wlwt, news 5, not associated with wlw radio. the party's started downtown for football fans. orange and black, black and gold, either way, it means a lot of green for business owners. wlwt news 5's emily wood has the football fever going on down at the banks. reporter: at the holy grail, the
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we bumped into a retirement party celebrating not only the end of someone's career but the beginning of a.j. mccarron's playoff career. fans here are confident in our quarterback and our defense. for steelers fans with he found a married couple who traveled 900 miles from connecticut to come to cincinnati for the first time. fans say they love this rivalry because of the team traditions and the towns that support them. >> i've been a bengal fan for over 35 years. tomorrow's game is probably the most critical game that i have seep in my 35-year career. >> as die hard as i am, the steelers defense is not strong and i'm afraid this new quarterback is going to come out and shine. i don't want that. i like tradition where we beat you guys. jonathan: hotels are sold out downtown. the bengals tailgate zone at the banks will kick off at 4:00 and
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more than 65,000 fans will pack out game. go bengals. >> let us see your bengals spirit. upload a photo to the u local section at the wlwt app. there are our gals. we'll add it to our who-dey slide show. new details this morning about a police cruiser crash in college hill. a cincinnati police officer lost control around 8:00 last night in a single car crash. looks like that was the car. the cruiser went off of hamilton avenue and hit a pole. the police officer was not seriously hurt. no word on what caused the officer to lose control. fellow firefighters are organizing a fundraiser for the family of fallen hamilton firefighter patrick wolterman. the fundraiser is january 23 from 5:00 to 11:00 at the pub in rookwood. part of the sales that night will be donated to the wolterman fund at first financial bank.
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the wait is almost over for those hoping to become a millionaire. the record breaking powerball jackpot has now reached $800 million. that's a lot of money. it could reach $1 billion before the drawing with the fever. your odds of winning are the same whether you buy one ticket or 50 tickets. that is, 292 million-to-1. but that wet blanket reality isn't stopping powerball dreamers, because they say somewhere, some day, someone will win. >> can you imagine the friends i'd have? that's the whole thing right there. once people know you won all that money, that's when they come around you. i have to take care of my family. i know that. jonathan: can't buy you love. well, if you win, and you want all the money right now, the lump sum would be $496 million after you paid your taxes like a responsible sit citizen, you'd have
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the drawing is tonight at 11:00. good luck. a violent ambush in philadelphia. we'll tell you what we know so far about the attack on a police officer caught on tape. we'll tell you why the suspect says he did it too. high school basketball back for your saturday morning dose of the blitz. from the court to your living room, the latest in morning sports coming up. a live look outside. citycam 5. hello, newport. nice to see you again after a couple of weeks. you're looking beautiful on this sunday morning. i hope everybody is feeling that way too.
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jonathan: welcome back. new video emerging of a philadelphia officer ambushed in an isis inspired attacks. police say it was an attempted assassination of officer jesse hartnett, sitting in his police cruiser when a man opened fire. the attacker continued shooting as he got closer. this is tough to watch, frankly. eventually, he shot inside the driver window. he unloaded 11 shots. officer hartnett somehow survived, even getting out of his car and returning fire, though he'd been hit three times at that point. officer hartnett is expected to survive. police say suspect edward archer pledges his allegiance to the islamic state and was called by
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charges filed in a deadly 2012 spring grove avenue factory fire that left a 20-year-old employee dead. the ohio attorney general's office has indicted environmental enterprises, incorporated, friday. as well as two employees, supervisor kyle duffens and company manager gerald knox. zachary henzerling died after chemicals he was working with set off an explosion in the plant. charges include involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide, and tampering with evidence. an arrest warrant leads u.s. marshalls to an active meth lab in oakley. u.s. marshals went to a home on robertson avenue on friday to arrest that man, 54-year-old richard sailor, on a probation violation and a sex offense registration charge. that's when they say they found an active meth lab inside his house. saylohr will be arraigned this morning at 9:00. let's talk local weather with
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jennifer: it's a quiet and mild saturday morning. look at the satellite and radar, a couple of showers late for friday evening to start the overnight. since then, the cloud cover. more to arrive this afternoon. i don't think we see much in the way of sun today, but the first half of the day is mainly the cloud cover. the second half, when the more widespread rain will arrive. on citycam, cloudy skies. the pavement is damp in spots. temperatures mild at 49, a south wind at 10. the humidity is high. for temperatures, we have the mild and moist air coming in from the south with the south breeze. so we have a mild start to the weekend, but a big contrast tomorrow. a cold front is diving through the plains and will arrive tonight, have a big impact on sunday's forecast. that's the most noticeable change in the forecast. note current temperatures across the dakotas in single digits. wind chills are 15 to 20 below zero and diving into our direction. we're going to be talking wind chills tomorrow in the late afternoon, dropping back into
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for what it's going to feel like by sunday late afternoon to evening. a big drop back. for today, though, highs make it back into the 50s, even with the cloud cover. steadier rain is still comfortably to the southwest. not going to arrive for us until some scattered showers probably past 4:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. if you're tailgating, i expect to see a couple of showers, a mild afternoon. then for the evening, more widespread rain starts to arrive. we'll pick up the rainfall coverage during the overnight. some of that rain may be briefly heavy at times. the cold front comes in past 4:00 tomorrow morning when we transition to some wet snow showers early in the morning. now, i don't think it's a big problem for area roadways, not to say some slick spots on bridges and overpasses, maybe some visibility concerns at times with some of the more robust snow showers that come down. most of this will be grassy surfaces, elevated surfaces, up to a slushy one inch of snow tomorrow morning. as we head past 8:00 and 9:00, we quiet down. afternoon flurries will be
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it does get active this weekend. it's a quiet start this morning. but it starts off as rain. then tonight and tomorrow we transition to some snow and a big drop in temperatures. overnight, the temperatures will be in the upper 40s as we head toward midnight. that will be high temperatures for tomorrow. it's all rain today and to start overnight, 2:00, 4:00, by 6:00 a.m., we're looking at the transition to snow. snow showers, wet snow showers and temperatures dropping back to the freezing mark. then sunday afternoon, 23 degrees at 5:00 p.m. that wind chill, upper single digits to low teens. it will be windy through the day tomorrow as we usher in the cold air. then the cold air sticks around next week. highs in the 20s and 30s. looks like tuesday, more snow showers. tomorrow morning could very likely be our first measurable snowfall for right season. we need a tenth of an inch. if we don't get it tomorrow, another potential with scattered light snow showers tuesday.
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jonathan: today, all eyes are on the bengals. last night, high school basketball was in the spotlight. george and zach @ have the late nest est in your saturday morning blitz. george: welcome t o the blitz on a saturday morning. george vogel, along with zach wells. good to see you @ again, zach. zach: somebody slept in , i'm not going to mention @ any names. george: we won't @ say anything about -- well, @ i won't even say if it's a h e o r a she. well, @ elise, i hope you're sleeping well. anyway, we talk @ about @ the bengals big @ playoff game @ earlier in the show. the steelers arrived in town yesterday evening. zach: we like to bring people together on this program. vontaz e @ burfict and his bes t friends from pittsburg h will write anothe r chapter i n thei r in tonight. like like the rivalries in @ the gcl south. the elder panthers hoste d coach dan fleming and lasalle. the coach @ is @ also @ a pow d papa o @ f son c.j.
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he bal l strong to the hoop. the e glass. meyer. elder the ball. side. hoff meyer, no problem connecting from distance for the @ forth first half. t to see acceleration? out trey for elder won doing the dirty w ork down the stretch. off the missed three, check the panthers crash the it's hoffmeyer. that guy was all @ over @ the floor and all over the @ score @ book. 11-1 is elder, 56-50. george: future bearcat jarinn cumberland and the hurricanes hosting chillicothe. wilmington looking to improve to 10-0. chris woolery scoring the first five of the game. that's a three. wilmington is good. cumberland called fo r i t in the paint. dylan beauregard delivers. that's as eas y as i t gets. cumberland again. this time, steps back and h ow
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@ triple. he finished with 33. none as important as @ this three that made him in the school's all-time @ leading @ scorer. and wilmington @ getting its tenth win, 80-28. things are crowded at @ the t @ op in the miami valley conference. north college hill beginning the evening a perfect 5-0 @ i n conference pla y with summit and chca both @ within a game. @ zach: then you've got the @ two second place teams that went head to h ead with both coming in with @ modes t winning streaks. they start it young at chca. @ why @ not? become a basketbal l junkie i n elementary school. chca, the sutherlands teamed up off the bounce. blake to tanner. 2-0, eagles. summit answered @ from deep. davis the @ early three. it was @ 3-2 summit. summit knows how @ to share the ball. the shovel pass to @ t.j. walker. a gold ball for the silve r knights. also taking things outside, corey combs a three in th e score book .
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e short, 60-46, summit prevails. @ george: to woodward, where the aiken falcons paid a visit. wood wart ward with @ the @ rock. working the inbounds. smith, that is sweet. aiken. lonny @ i remember that @ name from the '90s a t berry with the kocher @ more than tote the tball. feed. th e 2,000 yard running back , kocher has the moves. zach: spin cycle. george: spin cycle, bucket and foul. that dude i @ s bad. back comes aiken. lonny berry. a che within iken with a good win, 86-62. zach : wyoming did a great imitation of live by the three. lonny grayson, @ the edmonds need to get
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jak e edmond, mak e jim edmond to the three to o. @ he might g et in the hall of fame some day. 14-2 , wyoming led. finneytown quieted @ down the surge with a mid-range jumper. but leave it to the freshman from wyoming, @ joey edmond. @ u.s. history by @ day, falling out on friday nights. oh, my gosh. beautiful lay-in with the left hand. only t o take it to the @ corner, @ falling out of bounds. remember tho se old horse games between michael jordan an d larry bird? i love it. wyoming won convincingly, 62-41. george: everyone knows what a rivalry game is all about. those games usually turn out to be the most fun, right? zach: we found a nice due l in clinton county with the @ eas t clinton astros invading the next door neighbor, the falcons of clinton massey. george: the falcons noah @ greathouse taking the baseline and the tip off the glass.
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sweet play right there. east clinton's c.j. mccarron goes back door to litrel for two in the paint. cutting to the hoop, off the glass and in. then the y get great ball movement. wolf with th e wide open three. and masse y gets that rivalry win, 71-62. >> m cdonald's of greater cincinnati is proud to present the mcdonald's blitz 5 student-athlet e of th e week. george: jack nguyen is a senior at lakota west and plays football, basketball and soccer . he's sixth all time in ohio with 76 consecutive extra points made and is the most accurate kicker in lakota west history. he's a member of the @ national hono r society and a s a grade point average of @ 3.77. kell y mcmanus i s @ is
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four-time reeg e nall qualifier in cross-country. kelly is a member of th e national honor society and @ has a gpa of 4.57. if you know someon e who deserves to be the next m cdonald's student-athlete of the week, let us know. drop us a @ lin e at 1700 young street, cincinnati, 45202, or e-mail us, blitz 5 at jonathan: a presidential candidate receives a vital endorsement. mayor cranley practicing his signature. we'll tell you details on the tax veto and why cranley says he'll issue it. a live look outside. citycam 5. high definition shot of the roebling suspension bridge with into frame.
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jonathan: welcome back. now to commitment 2016. the ohio republican party formally endorsed that man, our governor, john kasich and his run for the white house. the apart's governing body made its endorsement yesterday. public policy polling shows kasich with 11% support in new hampshire. considering the field, that's not bad, he's tied for third in chris kristy. donald trump remains the republican frontrunner nationwide, but not in iowa, apparently. presidential candidate donald trump held a rally in south carolina and is being called out for a mistake he made. the republican frontrunner discussed his stance on the iraq
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trump says he was against the war, but that democratic candidate hillary clinton and gop rival rand paul voted yet -- yes for it, except that rand paul wasn't there at the time. he was elected to office in 2010. the vote happened in 2002. cincinnati mayor john cranley has vetoed the tax budget for the 2017 fiscal year that would have increased taxes. he based the decision off the failure of the november parks levy, saying voters made it clear they oppose any tax increases, saying the current rates are enough to meet the taxes. city council approved the measure wednesday night. three were against it, six for it. >> having not done that, that we might come up short. so the idea is better that we come up just a little bit over than that we come up short. what we pass is the
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i felt good doing that. jonathan: in a statement, yvette simpson who voted yes, says she stands by the administration's tax, saying, this measure is prudent to make sure we don't collect less than $28.9 million. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including speed, air, dirt and danger. sounds like a recipe for fun, doesn't it? what off-road motorcyclists at this weekend's arena cross say will be the most challenging thing about the course. your live look outside. citycam 5. green lights at the radisson. warmer out there this morning. i have a furrowed brow from the meteorologist. what color do you want them? jennifer: we'll change those to red. jonathan: look for a red hue
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, the suspect in a deadly hit and run involving a local runner is behind bars. details on his arrest and the charges he'll face this morning. >> it's hard to take in places here in the local area. that's for sure. jonathan: a house divided. the playoff rivalry that will
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cheering for opposite teams. oh, no. and your rain coat if you're headed to the game. jennifer schack has the wet weather we could see around kickoff. it's saturday, january 9, 2016. this is news 5 today. jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. this is meteorologist jennifer schack, who got the right color coat today. jennifer: i was planning it all week. obviously, if they win, i'll wear it again next weekend. or maybe i could go shopping. jonathan: will we have shopping weather today? jennifer: if you're out and about for the day, it's mainly cloudy, mild and dry.
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tailgaters, by late afternoon, showers. evening, rain rolling in for the game. i don't think people will mind. layer up. get ready. temperatures, while the rain is falling during the game, should be in the mid 20 up to upper 40s. heading on it, 50s and cloud cover. showers numerous after 8:00 and 9:00. here's a look at the wlwt radar. we had light showers past midnight. since then, it's been dry. this morning and midday, the same. low gray cloud cover out there for the morning. more cloud cover to arrive from the southwest. we'll have plenty of moisture and mild air building our way. highs this afternoon expected in the mid 50s. not too hard to get there when you're starting off in the upper 40s this morning. a wild and cloudy start y y y y y y -- mild and cloudy start. forecast high, 56, well above where we should be. the average high is 38. comfortably above what it will feel like late tomorrow with the
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a chance for snow in the sunday forecast is coming up. jonathan: a business owner shot during a robbery in north college hill has died. a family member says 63-year-old joe leach died from the injuries he suffered tuesday. leach was shot in the back at leach brothers automotive. police still need to find the gunman in his murder. if you have information to help, call crimestoppers at 352-3040. family and friends will come together to honor the life of a man murdered last year in college hill. today would have been car min starr's 31st birthday. he was doing strikes on his skateboard in an empty lot when he was shot on may 15. he died at the hospital. no arrests have been made in the case. today, the family is holding a peace rally at 6:00 on hamilton avenue at noon. they're asking for any information leading to starr's killer. the driver accused of jumping a
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part in the seven hills race will be before a judge this morning. thomas stidham was arrested friday morning after being tased twice. he hit 57-year-old kathy chatfield last month near the intersection of dorchester avenue and reading road. that's right around the corner from our station. he is then accused of remeefg the license plate from the car he was driving before running from the scene. chatfield's death devastated cincinnati's running community and her family. >> they need some justice and closure. and i think mr. stidham being arrested will be the first step in bringing closure to the family. jonathan: in all, stidham faces five counts connected to chatfield's death, including aggravated vehicular homicide. he also faces an unrelated domestic violence charge, a case in which a woman says he slapped, choked and head butted her, then punched holes in her walls and kicked in her doors. excitement building for bengals fans.
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bengals beat the steelers in the playoffs. could. we found a die-hard bengals fan whose son bleeds steelers colors. wlwt news 5's john london has the house that's divided. reporter: from an early age, alex bentley was steelerized. wherever he rolls in bengals country, he does so in steeler style. as arguably the biggest bengals playoff game in his lifetime is just one who-dey away, alex will not budge. >> who do you think will win tomorrow? >> bengals, 17-13. >> no. steelers, 26-10. reporter: this kind of thing drives his dad, life long lover of all things who-dey, absolutely crazy. zplits >> it's hard to take him places in the local area. reporter: 13-year-old alex loves big ben, antonio brown, troy polamalu, and folks in union
5:30 am
with his former principal. grade. like i said, he always had the ugly colors on, and i wasn't going to change my colors so we just kind of made it into a fun little rivalry. reporter: the lunch ladies are in. >> we're best friends too. reporter: that's jenny in enemy colors. ray has the good guy's colors. i couldn't help but show alex my coat. alex's pittsburgh passion has touched the steelers. big ben sent this autographed shoe for christmas. even dad has a tough time competing with that. >> wanted to make more black and yellow apparent in my house. he got it christmas morning and was super excited. reporter: alex has battled his own life long opponent, cerebral palsy. his winning ways are celebrated at union county middle school in liberty, his opinions deeply held.
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>> i don't like that. jonathan: that was john london doing a great job reporting. courtis fuller is a steeler fan. if you're headed to the game, wear your bengals best, like those gals. the team tweeted this photo of the bengals band. fifth third will give a band away to 4500 fans who wear gear to the game. if you want to avoid the rain, riders will tear their way across half a million pounds of dirt inside u.s. bank arena. the arenacross championship kicks off today. racers say the turns are tight since they're working in the dimensions of an ice rink. that makes the show more exciting and family friendly. tonight's show starts at 7:00. a track party kicks off at 5:00. tickets range from ten dollar value seats to 50 bucks front row.
5:32 am
more on the citizens going to great lengths to be a part of the excitement. and a vital day for the cincinnati bengals. vital indeed. a.j. mccarron leading the team. come on, a.j. what he has to say about the pressure going into today's game. i'm sure it's mighty. but be the ball, a.m. j. think of lady liquid and how placid and peaceful she stands over our fair city.
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jonathan: being welcome back. with the biggest jackpot in history in the united states, some people are going to the united states to get hair hands on a ticket. they don't have lottery in nevada. hundreds of people lined up along the california border to buy tickets for today's record $800 million powerball lottery. nevada doesn't have a state lottery so residents headed to a shop just inside california to get their tickets. the chances of winning the grand prize are one in 292 million. but you know what? when it gets this big, what lottery officials have told me, enough of the number selections -- in fact, all of the in um ber number selections are chosen so someone will win. what would you do if you became that person and were a multimillionaire. mike dardis takes a look at what's happened to some of the biggest lottery winners ever. >> first number up is 47.
5:34 am
hitting it big. >> first thing i would buy is a beach house. >> i would buy a michael jordan rookie card. reporter: for an incredibly lucky few, the dream actually comes true. the top five jackpots ever add up to more than $3 billion. at number 5 -- >> $564.1 million. reporter: won last year by marie holmes of north carolina and two others. a single mother of four, holmes donated thousands to her church and started a foundation. she's also put a chunk of her winnings, $21 million of it, to bail her boyfriend, lamar "hot sauce" mcdow out of jail several times. charges include trafficking heroin, possession of a firearm, and drag racing. the fourth biggest award came in 2012. $587 million divided between a man from arizona and cindy and mark hill from missouri. the hills went on to donate money to a fire station and a
5:35 am
jackpot three, 45 $590 million won by 84-year-old gloria mckenzie in florida. the wo him man in the line in front of miss mckenzie let her go ahead. number two, $648 million, split by ira curry from georgia and steve tron from san jose. tron a delivery man, told his boss, i don't think i'm going to come in today, tomorrow or ever. and the single largest jackpot anywhere, $656 million divided three ways. the winners want to remain out of the spotlight. money may talk, but they prefer not to. jonathan: you wonder, do you want your name known out there if you're going to hit that, or do you do the blind trust thing? jennifer: a lot of people don't tell, but some do. do you? jonathan: no, i do the blind trust. i won't tell you what the name of what it would be. but i know what it would be. i have three tickets.
5:36 am
she's going to ride my coat tails. if i win what would satisfy you? jennifer: the comment around the newsroom yesterday was 250,000 wouldn't hurt anybody. jonathan: if i win, i'll make that work. jennifer: thank you. jonathan: that would be a good chunk of change. pay off your house. jennifer: i'd appreciate that, yes. jonathan: luck with the weather today? jennifer: we've had luck a lot of the season. we haven't had our first measurable snowfall. at this point, the second latest ever. january 12 is the latest ever. jonathan: sounds like we have better than $292 million to one chance. jennifer: right now, we have quiet conditions. on the satellite and radar combined, light showers past midnight. since then, the cloud cover. you may notice dampness on your way out from previous showers. nothing likely to come down this morning. midday is quiet. most of the afternoon is quiet. temperatures are mild right now.
5:37 am
it's not going to be too difficult to climb today to a high of around 56 degrees when you start off at 49. we have mild air to start the weekend. look at what's heading our way. we're not going to see these temperatures late for the weekend, single digits, but this cold air will moderate and dive into the ohio river valley tomorrow. the cold front arrive the tonight. a big change in the weekend forecast. wind chills across the dakotas near 15 below zero. we're talking late weekend wind chills in the single digits. sop quite a drop back expected over the next 36 hours. here's the satellite and radar with our clouds building in, but the rain is still to the southwest and that low pressure is still in the development stage. as it arrives for later today, the leading edge, showers past 4:00 and 5:00. for tailgaters, we have scattered showers out there, but temperatures in the 50s. past 9:00 and 10:00, here comes more widespread rain showers, some of it a touch heavy during the game.
5:38 am
rainfall, everybody getting wet. the cold front not arriving until after midnight. cold air transitioning in past 6:00 and 7:00 tomorrow morning with snow showers on the back side. we're still going to have a pretty good axis of moisture overhead. some of the snow showers, air temperatures will be 33 or 34 degrees. so it's not going to cause a big problem on roadways with the exception of isolated bridges and overpasses, but may see dropback in visibility with a burst of snow, wet snow coming down tomorrow morning. elevated surfaces, a better potential for accumulation, a half inch, maybe an isolated one inch. better chance the eastern half of the tri-state. not too much in terms of accumulation. anything more than a tenth of an inch at the international airport would be the first measurable snowfall. 56 for the high today. mainly the cloud cover. then we'll see rain showers overnight. rain expected to increase towards midnight. temperatures in the mid forties. the front comes through. we drop back into the low 30s.
5:39 am
snow showers past 6:00 tomorrow morning until 9:00 or 10:00. tomorrow afternoon, by 5:00 p.m., the temperatures has dropped off with a strong wind. we'll be at 23 degrees. a wind chill getting ready to drop off into the single digits. quite a drop back for sunday. the cold air sticks around next week. if we don't get measurable snowfall at the airport tomorrow, we'll have another chance for snow showers tuesday with the high only around 30 degrees. now here's your saturday morning sports . george: george and zach, back @ with more blitz on a saturday morning. @ basketballs bouncing on both sides of the river last night. @ year in and year out, there are teams to be reckoned with @ in northern kentucky. @ zach: one of those teams would be colonels of covington catholic. last night, the colonels were getting after it. george : we go t o hebro n and conner high school on cougar path. colonelers with the bucket . credit j.j.
5:40 am
one. here's terrific ball cov cath. this to the man i n the middle, ending u p with it. not only does @ he score the bucket, but that man was hammered. he's @ going e colonels scoring the first five @ in the game. bucket here. garnet gets the cov cath cruising, 60-29. t moeller, saint x fell behind by double digits in the first half . then @ x within ten. the crusaders don't bac k down. coach carl kramer @ loves whe n hi s guys share the ball. @ th e @ back door . the reverse layup . it was all big mo , up by 14 there. the bank was @ open late @ on montgomery road on a friday night. did he call @ it ? all i @ know is mo won convincingly, 64-47. as for where we @ head next , our wildcard game @ of the week, the boss is going t o pay for @
5:41 am
he re. it's your time t o vote. and your chance to vote for right wildcard game of the week. yo four @ to see right here by voting on to @ insight into the world of high school basketball and let's send e vogel, is with our blitz 5 basketball george: he might @ @ still our favorite, alex mecham. good to see you again. george: no hand shake, fist bump. i like it . northern kentucky , we were talking about northern kentucky, the cov cath colonels. you picked out teams we need to keep a n eye on. tell m e about some of them. >> new cath, led by luke mavis. they like @ to shoot the basketball. good squad. george: coop er got a win at elder. >>
5:42 am
kunkle, the mcneil boys. they can @ penetrate, pitch. good ball club as well. george: holy cross, good team there. >> led by tyler bezold. we have a lot of seniors who played a lot a s sophomores. they've got experience. the coach's @ son. @ george: cov cath and newport. >> with cov cath, you've got cole va @ n handorf, who we watched in the highlights. lefty, can @ score the basketball. newport led by ethan snap, coach's son, rod snap. george: saw him this week. @ we'll s @ ee one of @ his players coming up here. the gc l south gets under way last night with conference play. they were knocking heads. elder an d moeller com e out with wins ove r lasalle and saint @ x . next week, we'll @ have a clear cut leader in this, i believe. >> yes. over on montgomery ro ad. the purple panther s head i @ nto moeller. it's going to be a great game . i think it's going @ to come down to rebounding. george: they pla y at the brisbane @ family center
5:43 am
school. he is our blitz 5 basketball insider, @ alex mecham. @ zach, back t o you. zach: that's two fis t pumps. i lov e @ it. it's always fun to @ recognize our latest beacon orthopedics & sportsmedicine primetime performer. before the holidays, keega n davis scored 32 @ points in a big win agains t holmes. coach rod snap has a good t eam this year. it's the coach @ doing the duties, handing out this @ @ week's honor on behalf of beacon. >> could giv e @ this to a better person, a high character kid, @ a kid that's worke d really hard, kind of like a son to me . the beacon primetime performer of the wee k goes to senior keenan davis . george: h ere are @ the candidates for the next beacon orthopedics & sportsmedicine primetime performer, carric jones from aiken wit h the double-double
5:44 am
cumberland @ of wilmington had 33 last night. @ an initial night @ for kyle la mott, 19 points on 8 o @ f 1 @ 1 shooting. so vote. voting is up through monday a t 3:00 p.m. then we'll feature the winner next week right here on wlwt news 5. zach: january 6, 1991. it's been a long time. a long time. i believe i was trying unsuccessfully with th e report card to prove @ it to navigat e algebra as a freshman in high school. george: so long named t oiler s is who the @ bengals beat for playof f they won @ playoff game , 1991. they have a chance to snap the longest postseason drought in the nfl against rival @ pittsburgh steelers with backup a.j. mccarron running the bengals offense. >> we have a lot of @ fans who were back in @ those days. they wan t to see greatness and that's w hat i
5:45 am
this and was also about, you know, how it college. bases strive for and i feel like that's what you know, your ultimate game, the possible each every >> if we win week next week, i'm not going to be am the @ don't play a 16-week season to wi n @ one playoff game to b about o win the @ whenever our with a >> you don't want not but the it's , @ it's awesome. george: i gotta love that kid and his @ attitude, zach. zach: love it. george: the steelers and bengals officially ruling out a couple of weapons @ yesterday. we figured t his @ would @ happen. andy dalto n out with @ the thumb. and
5:46 am
for more than 90 @ 0 yards in @ the regular season, a playoff veteran, but @ he's @ not recovered from a foot injury suffered last week. jonathan: president obama's secret service looking out for the first dog. and the cincinnati zoo celebrating the first birth of 2016. the little guy born with a name
5:47 am
stay with us. jonathan: welcome back. a north dakota man has been arrested after he planned to abduct president obama's dog, bo. police investigated scott stocker, who said he was traveling to steal bow. officers tracked him down at a dc hotel. he had a shotgun, a rifle and a machete in his truck. police believe stockard is mentally disturbed and it's unclear why he targeted bo. an ohio dog has made it to the big time, going paw to paw in this year's puppy bowl. rugby, a 7-month-old terrier mix was drafted to the starting squad of the team fluff. they'll take on team ruff for t the puppy bowl 12 title.
5:48 am
competing for thehe coveted most valuable puppy award. baby news from the cincinnati zoo. their first baby of 2016 has arrived and it is a little blue penguin named bowie. yet. it was david bowie's birthday, bowie. the penguin will go through some changes. the baby's timing is perfectics since the zoo celebrates penguin days during january. the chick hatched friday morning at 6:00 and weighed 45 grams. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today. including fewer people driving out of town to catch a flight. good news about airfares for cvg travelers. and our live look outside. citycam 5.
5:49 am
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