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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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jonathan: now on news 5 today, the snow's arrived.
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weather advisory. jennifer schack will tell us how much white stuff we'll see move in. richard: we'll give you the information you need to make a safe drive, just ahead. >> we destructed on ourselves, offense and defense together. so that's disappointing. jonathan: another one and done playoff for the bengals. the pair of personal fouls that helped the steelers get the win in the last second. there was no powerball winner. we'll have the record shattering jackpot on sunday, january 10, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood.
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and i are having a disagreement. here's the thing. snowing. if it's snowing, you can't see the moon. it's a street light. jonathan: are you sure? jennifer: i'm going to bet money. jonathan: if you're ready to bet money, you're probably right. jennifer: it can't be snowing time. thick clouds out there. jonathan: i agree. jennifer: that is my pet peeve in movies. jonathan: a meteorological beef. richard chiles getting pummelled. jennifer: we're about 30 minutes into a two-hour window of moderate to heavy snow downtown. about 8:30 this morning, we'll see snow flying. heavy, wet snow, temperatures near the freezing mark. the band on radar lifting northeast. note the heavier locations from cincinnati north.
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in the southeast counties. here's a closer look at the last couple hours with the darker blue shades that make it to northern kentucky or so. temperatures are at and above the freezing mark for most of us. this isn't going to readily stick. roadways are wet. slushy, slick spots, especially where temperatures are colder. reduced visibility will lead to tricky travel this morning. we have a winter weather advisory. we have improved conditions for the next couple hours. the rest of the day looks cold and windy. snow returns for the work week. we'll talk about when coming up. jonathan: with the winter weather, there could be a busy morning for road crews. richard chiles is live in camp washington with the effort to keep you safe this morning. richard, looks like you're standing in the middle of a snow globe. this is some snow coming down.
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going to be difficult for drivers on the highways. now, here at camp washington at the salt pile, the crews starting to arrive. superintendents have been monitoring throughout the night as jennifer said, this event started out as rain. now it is making that transition to a wet and heavy precipitation, fluffy snow already starting to fall for the last half hour or so again, driving on the roads, looking at citycam and the highway camera shots. the traffics still moving well on the highways. right now, roads are wet and slick. we're advising folks to take time, add additional time to our commute. give some caution, give some courtesy to the drivers who are out on the roads with you. right now, we haven't seen any major delays at this time. going to a sloppy commute this morning for anyone in the roads
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as the heavy snow begins to fall, the road cruise are ews are getting out. not a lot of pretreating has happened because temperatures are in the 40s, drifting now into the low 30s, where we start to see snow bands starting to shift through our area. again, take caution as you get out through the morning drive. reporting live in camp washington with jason sperry fighting the snow, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. jonathan: you can tell which way the snow is flowing. the left side of your jacket covered, the right side not so much. stay connected with the weather app. to get the latest on weather and traffic sent directly to your phone whenever winter weather hits. follow our meteorologists on twitter. the weather may be echoing the feelings of some bengals fans after another playoff meltdown. in many ways, last night's loss to the steelers may have been the worst of all. wlwt news 5's george vogel has the details. george: i've been doing this a long time and i don't recall a
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the steelers. it was the bengals doing all the melting down. they had a sure victory, turned it into defeat, and they turned it into defeat with a couple of costly, late, unsportsmanlike penalties. you can never let that happen. pittsburgh gets out of cincinnati with a win. there were hard hits and rough play throughout the game. gio bernard had to leave with a concussion. big ben left for a while with a shoulder injury late in the game. but after trailing 15-0, the bengals come all the way back under two minutes to go, a.j. mccarron to a.j. green. touchdown. the bengals take a 16-15 lead. then right after that, it is an interception by vontaze burfict. this should pretty much seal the game. the bengals have the ball, not much time remaining. but the worst thing that can happen, happened.
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and the steelers get it back. they have a long way to go. big ben comes back in. and big ben gets a lot of help from the bengals. like this penalty on vontaze burfict. that gets the steelers in field goal range. before they can run another play, adam jones gets another 15-yard penalty for this. so the steelers have a 35-yard chip shot to take the lead with seconds remaining. chris bosswell nails it. that will do it. the bengals somehow let it get away, 18-16. they fall to pittsburgh. george: that makes five straight years the bengals have been one and done in the playoffs. they're 0-7 under marvin lewis and haven't won a playoff game since january of 1991. the curse continues and so does the longest playoff victory drought in the nfl. this is a game the bengals should have won, but listen, they only have one thing to blame. and that is themselves.
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vogel, wlwt news 5. jonathan: with the loss, the steelers are headed to denver, where they'll take the broncos on next sunday. we'll have more on the nfl playoffs coming up in morning sports. cincinnati's mayor was on the sideline to cheer on the bengals last night. it wasn't enough for the team to get the victory. now he has to make good on a bet with pittsburgh's mayor. mayor cranley has to send over gold star chili, coneys, graeter's ice cream sundaes and food from the montgomery inn. if the steelers had lost, it would have been primanti brothers, mac and cheese and pierogies. the two mayors told us last night before the game had been decided that win or lose, the food would be donated to homeless shelters in both cities. there's a chance for you to become a billionaire. no ticket matched all six numbers following saturday
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nearly $950 million. according to the lottery officials, sales on friday alone were $227 million. last night's were expected to be more than $400 million. looks like they probably were, because the expected jackpot for the next drawing has been boosted to a whopping $1.3 billion. the winning numbers from last night's drawing, 32, 16, 19, 57, 34. the powerball was 13. no one won. the next drawing is on wednesday. the united states takes a public stance to support its international allies. we have details on the message they tried to send to north korea. and the bengals, as we mentioned did not fare well against the steelers. another nfl team did real well in its wildcard win. we have details coming up in morning sports. a live look outside.
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jonathan: welcome back. the u.s. military says that an american b-52 bomber has returned to its base on the pacific island of guam after flying over south korea following north korea's nuclear test. the bomber was joined by south korean f-15 and u.s. f-16 fighters. the commander of the u.s. pacific command says it's a demonstration of the ironclad u.s. commitment to our allies. more details and new questions emerging with the 2011 hillary clinton e-mail scandal. claims that she asked an adviser to go around secure talking points on an unspecified subject have emerged. an official says the former secretary of state never received the controversial the e-mail scandal has impacted clinton's presidential campaign, though she continues to lead the polls for the democrats. she continues to come under fire with questions concerning the
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press," republican frontrunner donald trump sits down with chuck in iowa to discuss the latest on his run for the presidency. you can catch that right here on wlwt at 10:00 after our show at 9:00. u.s. safety regulators have determined that only fiat chrysler radios have the security flaw that allowed friendly hackers to take control of a jeep. the national highway traffic safety administration says it's ending a five-month investigation into the vulnerabilities of car radios. the hack by security experts touched off the investigation. they were able to change the car's speed, control the brakes, radio, windshield wipers, and transmission. let's talk local weather. jonathan: poor richard chiles is at the salt pile getting pelted by snow. jennifer: it's the wet, heavy snow with the temperature close
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the snowball snow, not the fluffy one. jonathan: not a bad idea to delay where you're going for a while. how long is this supposed to happen. jennifer: until about 8:30 this morning. we're about halfway through. it's a two-hour event, the wedge of snow sliding through. it's going to move off quickly. two hours where the traffic may be tricky. maybe slushy sports on roadways. i've been watching for power outages, because of wind and traffic concerns. use caution on your way out. do want to also note it's official. the first measurable snowfall of the season. as of 7:00 this morning, coming in at four-tenths of an inch at the international airport. we'll add to that. we'll probably end up with about airport. we'll likely see higher totals of cincinnati. here's the radar. we're in the middle of the band. it's going to lift off northeast. we have another hour or so left downtown.
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they're lighter shids and ades and breaking up a little bit. we're not going to get the higher totals. we're not going to see more than an inch in the southeast counties. wlwt radar in the last hour, you can see the heavy bands still to come that are across indiana this is wrapping up for versailles and batesville. connersville with the snow showers ending in the next couple minutes. it will take an hour to wrap up downtown. it lifts to the northeast. once the snow comes to an end, it should be the wet roadways. once the snow ends, we'll see a lot of improvement. it's snowing within the 275
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visibilities around a mile. the measurable snowfall is lifting northeast. flurries possible into midday. eventually, this afternoon, clouds start to break up. the main story the rest of the day will be falling temperatures and strong winds. for some of us, we could have wind damage concerns. there is a wind advisory in spots. we'll have that in a minute. in terms of snow totals, an inch downtown. maybe upwards of isolated two inch totals northwest. southeast, a covering to a half inch. you're not included in the winter weather advisory. the rest under an advisory until 11:00 a.m. we'll see the snow come to an end earlier, but for safety it's lasting longer. temperatures, in the low 30s. upper 20s out there. that helps allow the slicker spots on the roadways. 32 right now.
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gusting to 32. we've had wind gusts between 35 and near 40 miles an hour this morning on some of the weather bug network locations, including here downtown at 38. and so could see some caution this morning with wind gusts. northeast counties, clinton and warren, under a wind advisory until 1:00 this afternoon. low pressure lifts off to the northeast. falling temperatures or main story. we'll decrease the clouds through the day today. by tonight, dropping off with lows in the teens. highs tomorrow only in the 20s. day today. high. they'll be falling off past 10:00 for the morning and we quiet down into the afternoon. tonight. tomorrow, we end up at 29. but the wind chill stays in the teens through the day on monday. a quiet monday. by monday night, clouds thicken. tuesday. could cause problems for tuesday morning's commute. minor accumulations, again ap inch or an inch and a half.
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week but quiet as temperatures climb. >> >>. jonathan: much of cincinnati knows the bengals lost to the steelers in the first game in the playoffs. the winner of the other game surprised football fans. george vogel has more in morning sports. george: all right. yes, the nfl playoffs under way. we told you about the bengals earlier. what a game that was. now let's talk about the other game in the afc yesterday. kansas city at houston. you know, the chiefs had not won a playoff game in 22 years. but here's the opening kickoff. na'il davis of kansas city, 106-yard return. the chiefs stunning the houston crowd, taking a 7-0 lead over the texans. it must have stung quarterback brian hoyer too. he had five turnovers, a fumble and four interceptions. and the texans lost j.j. watt to a groin injury and the chiefs losing wide receiver jeremy maclin to a knee injury. that was big. princeton grad spenser ware
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chiefs and doing well. there's the touchdown. 11 straight wins for kansas city they advance, 30-0. the nfc games coming up later today. in minnesota, they're expecting a game time temperature of zero, maybe below. it won't have the wind chill of the freezer bowl in cincinnati, but football in zero degree weather, no thanks. >> it's cold, but, i mean, we get like heaters and gloves and tough like that to make us okay. we'll be fine all day. you got to make it work. you use it to your advantage. nobody likes being cold. you got to be comfortable being uncomfortable. george: the game will be on wlwt, the seahawks against the vikings. nbc begins the frigid coverage at noon. kickoff is 1:05. green bay and washington play in the other nfc game, and they will kick it off at 4:40. so that's the rest of the day in the nfl. we'll have more sports coming up
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jonathan: george, thanks. coming up, we'll tell you why the steelers say they're disappointed in the game saturday night. and mardi gras season officially under way. details on the city that kicked off its celebrations a little early. and your live look outside. citycam 5. i've got to believe that's the cut in the hill, a place you don't want to be traveling right now. not only because of snow, but you've got to give snowplowed
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>> it wasn't a perfect game by any stretch in terms of execution and penalties and so forth. such is life. jonathan: easy for you to say. no one seems to be happy after last night's nfl playoff game in cincinnati. bengals are upset about the loss and the heartbreaking way it came about, while steeler fans apparently aren't happy about the way they won. i can understand that. cincinnati had a pair of personal fouls which moved pittsburgh into position for a 35-yard field goal with 14 second to play last night. steelers won 18-16.
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room and hear from the players coming up. how about mardi gras. thinking about that at all? the season is officially under way as the first parade of the season rolled into alabama. it rolled through the streets of dauphin island. plen te of revellers came out despite the rain and cooler temperatures. parade-goers are excited to be part of the first parade. officials say the parade attracts up to 40,000 people to the island every year. those are pirates. the golden globes take place tonight right here on wlwt. for the fourth time, british comic ricky gervais will host. he said he treats the awards more like a standup gig. critics say he walks the fine line between snarky and inappropriate and sometimes crosses over. but for gervais, that's part of the appeal. the red carpet show kicks off
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then the golden globes begin at 8:00. go carol and the cincinnati film commission is celebrating the queen city's involvement in the globes with that film "carol," that they made right here. they're hosting a watch party with several extras from the film. the free event starts at 7:00 at the trancept in over-the-rhine. it's up for best drama, score, actress and director. still a lot more ahead, including a memorable moment one bengals fan will treasure the rest of her life. the surprise proposal from her boyfriend. and your live look outside.
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>> i'm not here to throw shade at anybody. you know. we win together, and we lose together. jonathan: now on news 5 today, the bengals aren't playing the blame game after their tough playoff loss. we'll tell you who's coming to the defense of vontaze burfict after his late game foul helped the steelers get in position to get the win. richard: and a winter weather event moving through the tri-state, making for a sticky commute. we'll give you the details just ahead. jonathan: we've got a burst of snow going this morning. jennifer schack will tell us how
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it will impact the day. it's sunday, january 10, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. jennifer schack just informed me that people are without power. jennifer: they all happened in the last hour. the winds are up. wind gusts have been up around 40 miles an hour downtown. the northern counties, we could see wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. the wind is blog wing up at times on this camera. we're in the throes of it in terms of we're an hour into the moderate to heavy snow band event and we'll see another hour or so of heavy snow and then
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wlwt radar showing the band sliding across the tri-state right now. it's clearing up extreme western counties, but another hour or so downtown. the heavier bands are from cincinnati north. we're seeing lighter snow bands in the southern counties. not as much in the way of slight bursts of snow. not as many of them for the southeast counties. so we will end up with the higher totals from cincinnati north. a close look at the radar. while it's snowing, some deterioration in the road conditions could get slush on the roadways. temperatures are at and below the freezing mark from cincinnati north and west. while it's snowing, i think we'll have concerns for visibility as well. it may make travel tricky. once the snow ends, we should see a quick improvement for any travel and traffic speed for the morning. so kind of in the throes of it at this point downtown. the back edge is still bursting with snow from harrison to florence. have a report of a half inch at cvg. we'll probably end up with an inch of snow for cincinnati. could have higher totals to the north. we'll talk about morning snow
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returns for the work week coming up. jonathan: we're leading the way on the morning winter weather. right now, there are no problems we've heard reported on the roads. snow fighters will try to make sure it stays that way. richard chiles live in camp washington at the salt pile with tips to keep you safe. richard: jonathan, no accidents to report. the superintendents have been monitoring the changing weather situation throughout the night. crews have started to work at the snow pile in camp washington. as you mentioned, the roads right now remaining clear. as jennifer talked about earlier, this is kind of a combination of a heavy snow that's falling, along with the gusty wind. certainly limiting visibility for folks. now, if you're taking a look, of course you see along the highways from our citycams right now, the highways moving very well. snow not accumulating on the roadways. it's still slushy.
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temperatures being relatively warm earlier throughout the event, now dropping into the mid 30s to create the precipitation. certainly a benefit for folks. they haven't been doing pretreating because superintendents have told us that the roads with the rain falling, they were saying that a lot of the brine and the pretreat would have washed a i way. right now, they continue to monitor the situation. we've been seeing crews report to the salt pile. keeping you safe on this morning commute, asking folks to take their time on the drive. reporting live from camp washington, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. jonathan: have trucks rolled out yet? richard: not yet, but we've got the backhoes in place. they're measuring the salt accumulation. right now, jonathan, the ground is still fairly warm. we're seeing snow accumulate in
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surface itself. jonathan: thanks, richard. we have you covered when winter weather hits. stay connected with the weather skz app to get the latest on weather and traffic sent directly to your phone and follow our team of meteorologists on twitter. it ended up being rough for the bengals last night. real rough. the playoff game was a back and forth contest full the penalties, rain and injuries. bengals hung tough. and it looked like they were going to end their 25-year postseason drought until a late jeremy hill fumble gave pittsburgh another possession. the bengals lost their eight of this straight playoff game. elise jesse with how players reacted after the game. elise: one of the crazier endings to a wildcard game we've seen in recent history. it ended with the two penalties,
7:30 am
to 18 with 221 yards. we're talking to george iloka after the game and he just said that the feeling going through highs and lows like that is a feeling of depression. >> it takes until the end of february. you take two weeks after the super bowl. because it's hard watching other teams do what you want to do, take what you want, you know what i mean. it takes really about a week or two after the super bowl, and then i'm like all right, let's go, get back into it, start training, get your mind back on football. until then, it's just like sad. because football's all you do for the past six months, sun up to sun down. now it's taken away. >> what have you said to the teammates after the loss? >> i don't know. >> have they said anything to you? >> i don't know. elise: clearly, vontaze burfict was in no mood to talk to the media after the game. george iloka came to his defense, saying the ball game
7:31 am
with penalties. vontaze had the penalty down the stretch, so did adam jones. they combined for 30 yards in penalties in the last minute of the game. george iloka also telling media that if vontaze burfict and pacman jones weren't playing for the team, they wouldn't be in that they were last night to beat the steelers in the afc wildcard game. so they'll have to take a few days, digest this and move forward into next season and see what they can learn from this. from paul brown stadium, elise jesse, wlwt news 5 sports. >> started when i was a little girl, used to go to games with my dad. grew up on the west side. my birthday is tomorrow. my boyfriend surprised me with playoff tickets. i'm super excited to be here. jonathan: a die hard bengals fan surprised with tickets to the game. that wasn't the only shock stephanie got this weekend. this was more than a tv interview.
7:32 am
entire time. >> i know that you don't like the cleveland browns. but would you be willing to become mrs. brown? >> yes. jonathan: there it was. a who-dey marriage proposal. stephanie fair now lives in st. louis but travels all over the country for every bengals game. this one is a game she'll never forget because her boyfriend, joe brown, flew her here for last night's game and, as you see, proposed. best of luck to the new couple. the hand over the mouth, the crying, the touching of the throat. it had everything. remembering a murder victim. coming up, how a local community will honor the life of a man being shot in a robbery. citycam 5. old glory waving through this flurry attack.
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jonathan: welcome back.
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it's not that happy because of this. the bengals fell to pittsburgh in a devastatinging 18-16 loss. we need devastating. the bengals did it to themselves. back-to-back penalties for 30 on a yards. it moved pittsburgh into field goal position. more coverage throughout the morning. family and friends will come together today to remember the life of a robbery victim. 63-year-old joe leach died friday. he was shot in the back at leach brothers automotive in north college hill tuesday. no arrests have been made in the case. today, a candlelight vigil will be held at leach brothers on
7:35 am
displayed in his honor. two people are without a place to stay after a fire broke out in price hill. wells street around 7:00 last night. smoke and fire was seen coming from a second floor window. damage has been estimated at $20,000. thankfully, no one was hurt. a dog with special needs looking for a special home. cute beagle. we'll introduce you to him and a kitty up for adoption coming up. jennifer: and a burst of heavy snow downtown. we're in the throes of it at this point. improving condition in the next couple hours.
7:36 am
jennifer: welcome back. we're starting off with a couple of photos from viewers. this one taken in florence, kentucky, 20 minutes ago. thanks for sending that in. the covering of snow. notice the road there looks just wet. in this one, we're in greendale, indiana, with the snow. we're seeing a little bit on the sidewalk, but not necessarily the road.
7:37 am
connersville, thank you to lauren hamilton sending this in. the road is covered. you see the tracks. they look like they have more up in connersville. also getting reports now for downtown where the interstates are mainly wet. side streets may be getting slushy and snow covered. we're in the throes of darker bands of snow overhead for downtown. started about 6:30 this morning. we have until 8:30 until we get out of the back edge of heavier snow and will start to quiet down. our tricky travel time, when it's still snowing. once it stops, we'll see improvement. a close look at the wlwt radar. it is all heavy, wet snow. the color imagery overhead wants to throw it off a little bit in the last couple frames. it's a wet snow. it is all snow. this back edge now trying to push through harrison and florence will be heading towardsdown town towards down downtown in the next hour. we'll see conditions improve as we head past 8:30. we've cleared the snow in the
7:38 am
time for it to get out of here downtown. as we make it through the late morning hours, we can have flurries flying. by 8:30, we're looking at the end of accumulating snow snowfall. visibility less than a mile at times. the combination some of slick roadways in spots as well as reduced visibility. people using extra caution, going slow this morning. on our futurecast at 8:30, lines up nicely with the back edge of snow for downtown. pushing off to the northeast past 9:00 and 10:00. we may have flurries flying. accumulation is done. into the afternoon, mainly clouds. they'll start to clear for the late afternoon. that will shift our attention from the morning snow to the falling temperatures this afternoon. in terms of how much snow, as of 7:00 a.m., we had four ten theys at the international airport. the first measurable snowfall for the season. we end up with an inch, maybe more, for downtown. an inch and a half, maybe isolated two-inch totals in the northwest counties.
7:39 am
southeast counties, where they're not getting heavier bands this morning and not likely to see them. they're not included in the winter weather advisory. the rest are, in purple counties, until 11:00 a.m. we started the day in the upper 40s. we've fallen off to 32. the 20 degree temperatures are heading our way with a strong west wind. we've had the west wind around 25 miles an hour, gusting above 30 at times. so that will drop off the wind chill and could cause some problems with the high winds. wind gusts at the station as high as 38 miles an hour for the morning. we could see 40 to 50-mile-an-hour winds in warren and clinton countys. the system is lifting northeast. we quiet down the rest of the day today. the cold air and the strong winds. temperatures keep falling through the afternoon. we'll keep the trend up under clearing skies. by tomorrow morning, temperatures in the teens.
7:40 am
monday morning. a stark change. it looks like tomorrow afternoon, wind chills will stay in the teens. tonight, we drop off to 13 degrees for a low temperature. we end up tomorrow in the upper 20s for a high. and it looks like tuesday morning, a return to accumulating snow for your tuesday morning commute, a potential. beyond that, we stay cold but dry the second half of the work week. jonathan: every sunday, we show off tri-state stray animals ready to go to good homes. with me this morning, mary and chris with the stray animal adoption program and little guys available for adoption. we should mention bob taking a well deserved day off. maybe he's watching. hi, bob. miss you. we're glad to see you guys. cute kitty there. this is natasha, a big name for a little girl. jonathan: she's precious. >> she's only eight to nine weeks old. she's one of the last kittens that we have. kitten season usually stops in
7:41 am
kittens are not born. so she's only eight to nine weeks old. she's precious. these got that white nose, pit white paw white paws. she's very friendly. she has a sister, natalie. we'll have these two girls and other cats at saap station from 11:00 to 3:00. jonathan: that's martha layne collins boulevard near the kroger. now, chris, you've got a good looking beagle. >> yes. this is indigo montoya. he is a 3-year-old beagle. he came to us through the shelter system. he had been, unfortunately, hit by a car. and it puts a strain on their resources to be able to handle cases like that. so they reach out to rescue. he came to saap, got the medical attention he needed and went to foster care to recover. unfortunately, that involved
7:42 am
so he is now what we refer to as a try-paw. jonathan: i was petting him earlier. he's a sweetheart. i can't help but think of the movie he's named after, "the princess bride." they were looking for a guy with a missing finger. and he has one fewer legs than normal. >> he runs around, full speed. he goes for regular walks. he doesn't need internal care. he's just looking for somebody to love on him. jonathan: i am not amused with your name, but i want a home. you'll find one. if you'd like more information about the stray animal adoption program or adopting pets, call 859-391-1234. or logon to and click on the as seen on section. let's go back to inego to introduce sports.
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i'm inego montoya. to 3:00. george: we took care of the football earlier. now on to college basketball. kentucky was on the road, trying to bounce back after a road loss at lsu earlier in the week. the big blue down at alabama. big day for kentucky's alex poythress. nice move down low. he's fouled. he leads kentucky with a career high 25. jamal murray was the other big scorer with 21. kids, this is not how you defend a pick and roll. poythress left wide open. bama made a game of it in the second half, but kentucky wins 77-61. elsewhere, miami at home against toledo. the rockets get the win, 84-76 over the redhawks. miami 6-9 on the season. nku was home as well. the norse falling to wright state, 60-46. dayton, ranked number 25 in the polls. they're probably not going to be ranked after this.
7:44 am
lasalle, 61-57. u.c. has a game today, also, ohio state and indiana. louisville in action as well. in addition to the nfc playoffs coming up today, we have college basketball on this sunday as well. that's it for me in sports. we'll have more coming up later. jonathan: george, thanks. the subject of the bengals was on track to break the internet after angry fans took to social media. the odds were in the bengals favor until they did what they seemed to historically do this time of year. they imploded. they did implode last night. pittsburgh moved into field goal position, thanks to two consecutive 15-yard penalties the steelers have only lost three times at paul brown stadium since it was built. the playoff victory for the steelers is the first since their 2010 afc championship. cincinnati's last playoff vick try was in 1991. after the break, a final check of the top stories of the morning and the tri-state's most accurate forecast.
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citycam 5's eyes. snow covered roofs as we've gotten snow this morning. it's still flying around out
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the bengals' playoff drought continues. they rallied from a 15-0 deficit in the fourth quarter and took the lead x when a.j. mccarron threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to a.j. green. cincinnati had a pair of fouls that moved pittsburgh into position for a field goal. 18-16, steelers, was the final. well, on the other side of the spectrum in terms of excitement, there's a billion dollar buzz ahead of wednesday's powerball lottery drawing. no ticket matched all six numbers last night. the record top prize has grown to at least $1.3 billion. just in case you're curious, 32, numbers. the powerball, 13. the same. at 292.2-to-1. but should you beat those odds, you'd be close to a billionaire
7:49 am
that's a good thing to think about. jennifer: as you're reading those numbers, that's exactly what i would have chosen. no. i didn't get a ticket. anyway, i've been focused on snow. jonathan: you've got the first snow. jennifer: the first measurable snow of the season. snow covered roofs downtown. visibility is down. we have a half hour of heavy snow left downtown. then we see improvement past the late morning hours. take a look. wlwt radar. the heavy band right now, but drier conditions across indiana. they'll be sliding our way in the next hour and then this afternoon, the falling temperatures. it's going to feel like the teens most of the afternoon. tomorrow high, 29. jonathan: we'll have a total recap on weather during the cut-in at 8:25.
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