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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati, wlwt, this is news five at 6:00. courtis: now on news 5 at 6:00, greater cincinnati hit with its first measurable snow of the but that' s not all. the winter weather we' re expecting to see this week. but first, shots ring out in a local neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon. and now homicide investigators are on the scene. happening right now, police are mt. healthy. good evening, im courtis fuller.
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injured. wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa is live on scene on compton road with the very latest on this shooting. tammy? tammy: courtis, you can see investigators are still here in front of this mt. healthy food mart. let me show you. they are focusing on this red car, where they say the shooting went down and one person was killed. police say around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, three men were parked in the red car, in front of the ameri-stop on compton road. investigators say the shooter came up to the window and opened fire into the car. one man died, one was take to uc medical center, and one was not hurt and is being interviewed by police. detectives searched a nearby apartment complex, where they believe a suspect ran away to. investigators say they' ll see if there' s surveillance video from the store. right now we are being told the hamilton county sheriff' s department will be taking over the murder invesigation. chief vince demasi: we think it was directly related to those
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vehicle, but we have a guy with s obviously not scared to use it. so, that is a concern to us. we definitely want to get that person off the street as quickly as we can. tammy: now back out here live, it is an active scene. police say a person of interest is in custody, and they' ll be working with that person to help detectives find the shooter. they think maybe more than one person is involved. if you know anything, call crimestoppers. reporting live in mt. healthy, tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. courtis: thanks a lot, tammy. our first measurable snow of the season, and now bitter cold temperatures set to take over. wlwt news 5 meteorologist erik zarnitz has a look at just how much snow fell in some places. erik? erik: this morning, we had that true blast of winter, 35
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cold temperatures. you can see this most of the north and west picking up the most, one to two inches. in adams county, highlands county and much of northern kentucky, seeing about a half it to a dusting. as you see, the snow continues to fall. all of this is very light. a dusting in spots, but heavier bands to the north of cincinnati in war in and butler counties. mason, middletown, all seeing some flakes flying. those winds still around 20 to 25 miles per hour. the next story, temperatures, now down to 18. once you factor in the wind what it feels like three degrees there it temperatures continue to drop tonight, but so does the wind. a cold night on tap. maybe even some more snow. we will tell you more in a few minutes.
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we are officially just two and a half weeks into winter. you can say mother nature has spoiled us a bit. just yesterday we were in the 50' s. wlwt news 5' s richard chiles has more on this dose of winter reality. richard: after a long hiatus, the snow and slush of winter has returned to the tri-state. >> i thought it was going to rain, but i came out, and i saw snow. richard: a light dusting left about an inch and a half of wet, sticky powder across the region. bringing with it the scrapping, the shoveling, and the salting of snow and ice. even with the late start this year, many weren' t ready for this first accumulating snow of the season. jessica fawcett: i' m in my sneakers, and i have on a t-shirt under here. i have a coat hanger. i was not expecting this. richard: road crews across the area loaded up to hit the highways. jarrod bolden: everybody has
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we knew it was coming. we just did not know exactly when. our preparations started long ago. we were ready. it' s time now to kick it in gear and get out there and provide that service. richard: that service met this first event head on, keeping drivers on the road. >> i saw the snow before i headed out. but, i was hoping it wasn' t this much. actually, i' m really excited. i' ve been waiting for it to snow. richard: but taking some time and some caution behind the wheel -- extra minutes. >> i just crashed my car last week in rain hydroplane, so i' m trying to be extra careful. the weather is making me extra nervous. richard: in clifton, richard chiles, wlwt news 5 courtis: stay connected with the wlwt weather app to get the very latest on weather and traffic sent directly to your phone whenever winter weather hits, and follow our team of
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more news now, tonight a business owner gunned down in his own business is being honored. joe leach was shot last tuesday and later died of his injuries. family and friends gathered outside leach brothers in north college hill. that' s where the 63-year-old was shot in the back last tuesday, during a robbery attempt. he died on friday. leach had the business since the 1980' s meanwhile, his killer is still on the loose tonight, and police don' t have much to go off of. if you know anything, you' re asked to contact crimestoppers again, 352-3040. new at 6:00, and ugly game between the pittsburgh steelers and the cincinnati bengals. there was questionable behavior on the field, police say it also happened in the stands. about a half-dozen people were
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a number of charges, including under age drinking, disorderly conduct, and assault. they are all expected to face a judge monday afternoon. a group of cleveland area ministers canceled an upcoming meeting with cuyahoga county' s prosecutor, following the grand jury decision in the death of 12-year-old tamir rice. that meeting between tim mcginty and the federation of network ministries was scheduled for next week, but the pastors have since called the whole thing off. last month, that jury decided not to indict anyone in that fatal shooting. there are now talks for the ministers to back mcginty' s democratic opponent in the november election. he is called one of the world' s most notorious criminals. and tonight, joaquin guzman, better known as el chapo, is back in police custody after months on the run. while the investigation into his
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investigation, officials are now looking into a secret interview el chapo apparently gave actor and director sean penn for a "rolling stone" interview. in that interview, el chapo brags about his drug operations. u.s. officials say they are not sure if the mexican government will look to speak to penn. >> it poses a lot of very interesting questions, both for him and for others involved in this so-called interview. so we' ll see what happens on that. i' m not going to get ahead of it. courtis: penn says the interview was planned by kate del castillo, a mexican actress who supported guzman. the drug lord wanted that actress to help in spearheading a movie project about his life. there is now a chance for you to not only become a millionaire but a billionaire. no ticket matched all six powerball numbers following saturday night' s drawing.
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of nearly $950 million. well, now it' s even more. the expected jackpot for the next drawing to a whopping $1.3 billion. and although no one won the jackpot, lottery officials say there were four $50,000 tickets sold in kentucky. those players matched four of the 5 white ball numbers and got the correct powerball. the next drawing, by the way, is wednesday. preparations now underway for one of the biggest nights in television. the 73rd golden globe awards set to begin in just a few hours. security measures being taken, and what to expect from tonight' s awards. erik: this morning we saw blast of snow move on through. you can finally make out downtown. we got a quick inch or two
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we' re following developing news out of mount healthy. one person is dead, another injured after a shooting there. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon in the 1300 block of compton road. we will continue to bring the latest information, on air and online, as it comes into our newsroom. happening tonight, hollywood gearing up for one of the biggest nights of the year. this is a live look of the red carpet arrivals. security is tight, as you can imagine, for the globes tonight. officials saying safety is their number one concern for the star-studded event. jinah kim is on the red carpet with a preview of tonight' s show. >> if you start playing violins, i will tear this joint apart. ginah: the golden globes are always free-wheeling. t seen "the tourist." who has? jinah: and host ricky gervais is all about that. ricky gervais: it' s just what happens, happens.
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jinah: this year, that unpredictability extends to the competition. dave karger: there' s no true front runners in any major race. >> there are no accidents. ginah: the 50' s romance "carol" has the most nominations, five, including best drama. but it isn' t necessarily the favorite. dave karger: i think "spotlight" could win by a hair. but "the revenant" could win, "mad max" could surprise everybody and win. it is a very, very tight race. jinah: the choice for best musical or comedy could come down to two films you wouldn' t describe as either. dave karger: it' s really a race between "the martian" and "the big short," which are arguably the two least comedic of the five comedic nominees. >> and i' m here. jinah: sylvester stallone may provide another highlight. winning best supporting actor would be his first globe for reprising his legendary rocky balboa role in "creed." dave karger: to have him come back as the same character in a movie as great as "creed," that could be one of the big stories of the night.
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sure to be full of surprises. jinah kim, nbc news, beverly hills, california. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. erik: cold and snowy, and yes , the snow continues outside. take a look at the wlwt radar. most of this is on the light side. if you can actually go out and measure it, it is blowing around so much it is impossible, we are only taking up a dusting to another quarter inch as we head into the rest of the night. heavier bands around mason, manchester, and wilmington. butler county seeing the worst of it. if we look at southeast indiana, a few more bands, that pushing into the cincinnati area. i' m flake like, -- some flakes flying, that could create issues, but nothing like this morning. current temperature 18 degrees, winds out of the west at 16
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windchill, of three degrees outside. the good news, temperatures are going to drop off, but the winds will too. not getting much lower than they already are. 20 in georgetown, 13 in batesville, 15 in cartersville. everybody falling off pretty quickly. current windchill, seven hamilton, two in wilmington, to in hamilton. windchill around 7:00 a.m., this is the higher end of the range. for south as -- southeast indiana, we are talking about minus five for the windchill. cincinnati around zero and +5. it is going to be cold and even worse because the last couple of days we are actually in the 50' s.
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as it continues to get out of the northeast unit in state, the winds will back off, and for tomorrow i' m a high pressure will build in. it is going to be a beautiful sunny day. this system dropping from canada, giving us another shock of snow as we head from monday to tuesday. we could get another one of those bursts of snow early on tuesday, right in the middle of the morning commute, usually a one or two inch snowfall. that happens around 7:00 in the morning, we will have problems. 13 degrees to start tomorrow. we will gradually climb into the mid 20' s and continue to warm as we head for the evening, 28 degrees the high. late in the afternoon, clouds of starting to build, and eventually we will see snow late on monday night into tuesday morning. user cast showing clearing skies tonight. tomorrow we start off with
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we start to see clouds beginning in. -- sickening in. monday night, we continue to see snow potential across indiana, and look at this. 4:30 in the morning not very impressive, but by 6:00, snow is really flaring up. that is where we can see a quick inch or two again it right in the middle of the morning commute. we will keep a close eye as we get closer to the date of this storm approaching. we will be more accurate with our numbers. we look at the different models, it looks around one or two inches is caked in at this point. forecast tonight, flurries ending, clouds starting to clear. temperatures down to 13, wind chill' s if not at zero, a couple degrees below. tomorrow i 28 -- a high of 28. bitter cold temperatures on
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start a high of 24, gradually warming up for the next system next weekend. >> i am not going to single out our guys. we had a chance to win the football game. elise: good evening, i' m elise jesse. with the bengals' wild 18-16 loss to the pittsburgh steelers on saturday, head coach marvin lewis became the first nfl coach to reach a record no coach wants next to his name, an 0-7 postseason mark. this one was out of control. we go to the fourth quarter, the bengals trailed for the entire game until aj mccarron threw aj green his first td pass in a playoff game. the bengals led 16-15 after a failed two point conversion, and then vontaze burfict sacked big ben. knocking him out of the game. and then he intercepted backup quarterback landry jones. giving the bengals the ball back
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the steelers had all their timeouts left so the bengals couldn' t just take a knee. they hand it to jeremy hill. he fumbles, and ross cockrell recovers, and the steelers have the ball. and injured or not, here comes big ben with a 1:23 seconds to get the steelers in position to win it. and here is the burfict hit, which led to one 15-yard penalty, inching the steelers even closer to a field goal. but then wallace gilberry and adam jones get into it with steelers linebackers coach and former player, joey porter, another 15-yard penalty. it sets chris boswell up with this 15 yard chip shot and the steelers move on with a 18-16 win at paul brown stadium . >> i' m not here to throw shade at anybody. we win together and we lose together, simple as that. it does not matter if somebody lost their poise or somebody didn' t. we went together, we lose together.
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today, how do you lose that football game after that? it' s no one person to point a finger at. elise: porter went into the field while antonio brown was being looked at after the players -- after the hit on burfict. here is the rule straight out of the offial playing rules of the nfl. you can find it on page 56. no other non-player may come on the field without the referee' s permission, unless he is an incoming substitute. during any team timeout, all playing rules continue in force. representatives of either team are prohibited from entering the field unless they are incoming substitutes, or team attendants or trainers entering to provide for the welfare of a player, and any game-type activities are prohibited on the field of play. you make your own judgment on that. coming up, we are going to talk about paul guenther and hue
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elise: welcome back, members of the bengals coaching staff are
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this week, as teams around the nfl draw interest in offensive coordinator hue jackson and defensive coordinator paul guenther. guenther is expected to interview for the philadelphia eagles' head-coaching job within the next week. having grown up in the area, guenther would fulfill the owner' s requirement that his next head coach must have a feel for the history and passion of philadelphia football. it' s being reported that hue jackson spent 5 hours in an interview with the 49ers today before jetting off to his interview with the browns. he is a busy man who never quits. here' s what the players had to say about both coaches this week . >> it doesn' t matter what your talking about or doing, he wants to win. he is the ultimate competitor, a motivator, and he likes to push guys. he is willing to say things that will push people further than they thought they could go. i think guys respect him so much for that.
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on both coaches and keep you up to date on what happens with guenther and jackson tonight at 11:00. the cincinnati bearcats have had trouble closing out close games this season. they lost by two to butler and iowa state at home, and they lost by two to smu on thursday. this afternoon provided another situation similar to these the numbers from the game. 10 minutes to go, octavius ellis making a score to the basket. he had 10 points and a few rebounds. a freshman jamaal mary clears everyone out. he takes to the hoop with a single role. they would get four points with a little over two minutes to play. a chance to tie the game, it is a good shot, but it is a miss. bearcats get out of florida with 54-51 win. the story from these stats is really at the bottom of your screen. the bulls turned the ball over 18 times in this match up, the bearcats with 10 steals on the
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courtis: everybody has been talking about that game. how many phone calls have you received? elise: about the game? i have actually got a lot of they are crazy about it. courtis: they are also talking about the weather. erik: the weather has brought us snow. 14 degrees tomorrow morning, windchill in the single digits, maybe even below zero. another chance for snow coming.
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