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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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life' and getting out fast. and bathrooms that make mornings better. >> from cincinnati' leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at noon. [captioning made possible by mark: looking for answers in the robbery that killed a local business owner. the latest on the investigation. lisa: plus, an update on the man seriously injured in a boiler s saying about the accident today. mark: and another round of winter weather is headed our way. a closer look at the timing of the storm and how it could effect the morning commute. lisa: we saw a couple inches of snow this weekend, and we' re not out of the woods yet. mark: our next blast of winter is expected to get here overnight. miriah turner joins us with the latest information on when it
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expect. good afternoon. miriah: yesterday we do the rounds of snow making their way through the morning. it brought cvg, the official weather side, 2.5 inches of snow. anywhere from a half finished almost two inches of snow again. it' s going to be another winter weather event tomorrow morning. right now, seeing just like clouds and light flurries moving into the viewing area. these are very light flurries moving in, mostly on the western portion. you can see they are dissipating as they make their way across. looking at filtered sunshine, the most notable thing -- cold temperatures. today it' s going to feel very cold. we do have windy conditions with that as well. you have to factor in the windchill factor. snow early for tomorrow, and then staying cold as we have throughout the rest of the week. winter is here. what that means for us and what to expect a day we did see subzero wind chills. we just recently made it into
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with the more snow tomorrow, today topping off in the 20' s. 15 degrees at cvg come elsewhere springboro, 12 in,. you have to factor in the wind, an hour out of the southwest. the windchill factor, we are looking at it feels like three degrees at cincinnati, looking at negative one in dayton. today, fact ring in the windchill factor, looking at 4:00 this afternoon, we' re going to be in the mid to upper 20' s, feeling like teens through the afternoon. re feeling like single-digit. we talk about the snow timing coming up. lisa: we will see you then. thank you. stay connected with the wlwt weather app, to get the very latest on weather, and traffic, sent directly to your phone. and join us tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. for the latest weather conditions and will be starting the morning show coverage half hour early to changing weather and traffic conditions. if you'
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cincinnati officials say its cold weather shelters are open. they' re accepting anyone in need of shelter. we' re told the shelterhouse -- formally known as the "drop inn center" opens at seven each -- at 7:00 each night, and will be open through the month of february. an estimated 700 people are served each year. the hunt for a killer continues in north college hill. mark: the owner of an auto shop was shot and killed last week. last night people came out to remember joe leach during a vigil and today there is a new tribute up in his honor. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters has the latest live in north college hill. andrew? andrew: this banner went up this morning, as a tribute to joe leach, and a reminder for people in the area that the search for his killer continues. ted naegele was up on a ladder in the cold this morning, installing the banner outside leach brother automotive. joe leach has been here since the 1980s, and was well known in the neighborhood. on tuesday, leach was shot and
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he died of his injuries on friday and last night a huge crowd of people turned out, in the cold, for a vigil to remember him. police continue their investigation as family and friends continue to wait for answers about who is responsible. ted naegele: we had about 200 people show up last night and it was just a huge event for the family and for friends. a lot of people hadn' t even seen each other in a long time, so a chance to hug a few necks and it turned out really well. andrew: police continue their they say they' tips that they are following up responsible. there has only been a limited description of the suspect so live from north college hill, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: the reward being offered for information in this case has several businesses have donated. if you have any information, get in touch with north college hill police, or call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. lisa: police are searching for a gunman who murdered one man, and
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mark: police say the victims were ambushed in the middle of the day in mt. healthy. this shooting happened in the parking lot of a convenience store on compton road yesterday afternoon. could have been worse. a car when the shooter, or shooters, opened fire. new at noon -- an update on the man seriously injured in a the west side location of john heiert remains hospitalized at uc medical center in the icu. s had two surgeries so far for severe fractures to his face. he also has a broken sternum and small spinal fractures. on wednesday, two repairmen were working on the church boiler, when it exploded. three church employees and the two workers were injured. everyone has been released from the hospital except for heiert. lisa: sentencing is underway right now for the driver in deadly crash in west chester. terrance strader, pleaded guilty to an aggravated vehicular homicide charge last july.
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red light, hit one car and kept going, before hitting and killing troy stapleton. as soon as we get an update on the sentencing, we' ll pass it along to you on air and on wlwt mobile. a maryland appeals court is delaying the trial of the police van driver charged in the death of freddie gray. jury selection was set to begin this morning in baltimore in the trial of caesar goodson. he' s the second of six officers scheduled for trial in gray' s death following a ride in a police van. the manslaughter trial of officer william porter ended in december with a hung jury. the extradition of mexican drug lord "el chapo" guzman is expected to take at least a year. mark: previous estimates had that number around six months. guzman was recaptured friday, six months after breaking out of a mexican prison. for now he' s back at that same prison -- but he' s being held in a cell that prison officials say he can' t break out of. el chapo is facing federal drug trafficking charges in
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illinois, and florida. happening now -- the arraignments are underway for six bengals and steelers fans arrested after saturday' a half dozen people were arrested saturday night, for a number of charges -- including underage drinking, disorderly conduct, and assault. one is even accused of urinating on someone. lisa: the kentucky national guard has de-activated its northern kentucky unit. with the unit gathered for one last time. a ceremony was held for the on sunday. they were last activated in disaster recovery during the 2009 ice storm. they were also deployed to iraq as one of the last kentucky >> it' s very sentimental -- bittersweet is the word. ll go into other into other units -- they'
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organizations -- they leave each other. lisa: there are about 300 some who were also serving in other parts of the country. lisa: ickey woods is honoring his late son jovante today with a donation to children' s hospital. children' s asthma division. in 2010, his son jovante died after a sudden asthma attack. ickey hopes to money will help fund new asthma research for new treatments for children like his son. >> it' s a big event because not only does it happen on my son' s birthday, it' s also a way for us research division and help find a cure, or at least a better way to treat it. events and memorabilia sold by the jovante woods foundation over the last year.
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getting better this week. aaa says the average price at the pump in ohio is $.05 lower than a week ago. the state average a gallon is $1.84. this time a year ago it was $2.14. experts say an abundance of crude oil is keeping the gas prices low. no one won the record breaking lottery jackpot this weekend -- players who still came out of the drawing with a lot of cash. two powerball tickets worth $1 million were sold in milford and goshen. kentucky lottery officials said there were four tickets worth $50,000 sold in the state saturday. wednesday' s jackpot just increased to $1.4 billion this morning. and based on ticket sales, the jackpot will continue to grow as we head into wednesday. mark: and with the new pot hitting new highs, it makes you wonder what you would do with all that money. we want to know what you think. go to our wlwt news 5 facebook page, and tell us what you' d do if you won this week'
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powerball. with the iowa caucuses fast approaching, new polls show both the republican and democratic races there are tightening. lisa: what the candidates are doing to grab last minute support before the caucus. and one of donald trump' s campaign headquarters is hit by vandals. a look at the damage, next. miriah: this afternoon, we are seeing filtered sunshine and very light flurries. those will be moving out. the real story is the snow we see tomorrow morning. we are watching for that evening flurries on wednesday.
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we take a closer >> you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. leading the way. lisa: welcome back. hillary clinton gets a key endorsement as donald trump sets his sights on his closest competition on the republican side. mark: nbc news correspondent edward lawrence joins us live with the latest on the race to be president. edward: pressure grows in the presidential race for the white house. hillary clinton picked up a key endorsement from former congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her astronaut husband. they say clinton is the only candidate who can stand up to the gun lobby. sec. hillary clinton: it' s the only industry in our country where we have given that kind of cart blanche where you can do
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fear of legal consequences. edward: senator bernie sanders says he can be tough on gun manufacturers. sen bernie sanders: when gun manufacturers for example are selling guns into an area and know that those guns are going into the hands of criminals absolutely those gun manufacturers should be held accountable. edward: a new nbc news/ wall street journal/ marist poll shows iowa closer than ever with three weeks to go. within the margin of error, clinton slightly leads sanders. same with the republicans. senator ted cruz has a lead over donald trump. so trump took aim at cruz' s eligibility to be president because he was born in canada. donald trump: from ted' s stand point and from the party' s stand point. he has to solve this problem because the democrats will sue him if he is the nominee. edward: cruz believes the matter is settled. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. mark: senator ted cruz was born to an american mother in canada
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constitutionally eligible to be president. lisa: meanwhile, police in littleton, massachusetts are donald trump' s campaign headquarters. the office was spray painted with profanity and other offensive words. it was just set up about two weeks ago. officials say they are now checking surveillance video from nearby businesses. trump could reportedly pay a visit to the headquarters in the coming weeks. president obama will give his congress and the nation tomorrow t stream the address live, but the white house and the online retailer have struck a deal to put it on amazon' s online video site. the speech should be available to all customers starting on wednesday though the end of the week. the speech will be available through amazon video for free. mark: today the empty hamilton county commissioners seat. will officially be filled. dennis deters will be sworn in, at the courthouse at 1:00 p.m. last week. the hamilton county republican party voted
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deters served as a colerain township trustee for six years. deters is the brother of hamilton county prosecutor joe deters. this morning you may have been among the thousands of drivers who had to spend some considerable time clearing off their cars before the morning commute. you also had to dodge some icy spots on the road. several schools also cancelled or delayed classes this morning. but we' yet, because more snow is on the >> cincinnati' accurate forecast. miriah: when it comes to measurable snowfall for the mild winter season so far, only to in 1983. two point five s the official weather site for the area. we' re looking at another half inched almost two inches tomorrow potentially as well
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in the greater cincinnati area, mostly to the north and west. you can see it' apart as it makes its way through greater cincinnati. we are also seeing filtered sunshine with this as well. all in all, the worst snowfall will be tomorrow morning. you travel forecast looking a little dicey, but snow will be arriving lightly around the 4:00 to 7:00 hour. and we really seeing the snow and slick roads moving and 7:00 to 11:00, moving out 11:00 to 1:00. that' s really going to be the its way through. inch to two inches of snow. it' event for the area. the temperature changes also notable today, nine degrees cooler than where we were this time yesterday. 16 degrees cooler in dayton. looking at temperature wise. we had temperatures drop yesterday, still cool today, only sitting in the teens around the greater cincinnati area. 15 degrees at cvg, and connellsville, 11 degrees.
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as a maker way through the the mid to upper 20' s. consider. decent reasoning it feel like three degrees outside. once you bundle up this afternoon, even tomorrow morning , really the rest of the week is not looking too balmy at all. it is finally winter when you look at our temperatures in the precipitation. we are seeing light flurries right now, and we continue to see those through the 2:00 hour. again, very light. we make it to 23 degrees. later this afternoon we climb to the upper 20' s. filtered sunshine continues on this evening we are seeing clouds persisting, as well as cold temperatures only staying s. taking a look at futurecast, we i think that' s going to persist into the afternoon. morning, notably come see the snow moving in. north and west.
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west will see it first, it will be moving in that general direction again, at 8:30 is one see widespread snow moving to the area three anywhere from a half inch to two inches, depending on where you are locally. this will continue to move through, and at 1:00, we start to see it had out of here. really tomorrow, the weather event is going to be in the morning hours, and as we head into the rest of the week into thursday, the next chance thursday evening will be for some flurries. that' s we' re looking at in terms of snow. accumulation, this is what the models are showing so far. one of the models are showing 1.2 which is of snow at cvg. a more off to the north. another model only showing 7/10 of an inch. in terms of one half inch two inches. the small showing an inch of north. it' s that window we are looking at tomorrow morning come anywhere from a half inch to two inches of snow. 25 degrees today, later this evening we slowly climb up and see filtered sunshine, it still
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if you flurries moving in overnight tonight, the real snow event comes tomorrow morning. you do want to take into consideration the wind out of the southwest. anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. it' s still very breezy outside and very cold. tomorrow we make it to 32, it seems better but we do have the snow event in the morning. that burst in the morning and in the afternoon we see sunshine. taking a look at what we see for the rest of the week, some evening flurries potentially on wednesday, temperatures plummet, you can see that overnight low at seven degrees. the warmest day of the week looks to be about friday. plenty of sunshine on thursday leading up into that with rain arriving on friday as well. mark: thank you. some changes to one of the biggest traveling circuses. which act you won' t be seeing this spring. hollywood came together for the which movies received the most honors, next. s career spanned more than s death,
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mark: iconic singer david bowie lisa: bowie' s career spanned five decades. a family representative said bowie died peacefully --
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bowie turned 69-years-old on friday, the same day he released a new album called "blackstar." bowie' s son, director duncan jones, posted a picture of his father online today, with the line, "very sorry and sad to say it' s true. i' ll be offline for a while. love to all." mark: singer natalie cole will be laid to rest today in los angeles. cole, the daughter of singer nat king cole, died new years eve of heart failure. she was 65-years-old. r&b star chaka khan is set to sing at the singer' s funeral at the west angeles church of god. lisa: much of hollywood may be in recovery mode today -- after the big golden globes. mark: the 73rd annual event last night honored the year' s best in tv and movies. jinah kim gives us a look at some of the winners. jinah: that frontier revenge epic was a revelation at the golden globes, three major wins. including best drama, best director, and best actor for
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dicaprio: this film was about survival, it was about adaptation. jinah: honors for best actress went to first time nominee brie larson. larson: ah. i can' t believe this. jinah: for the hostage drama "room." and it was a double win for "the martian," best musical or comedy. and best actor for matt damon, playing a marooned astronaut. damon: i know how lucky i am. jinah: jennifer lawrence, meanwhile, spoke directly to her frequent director, david o. russell, after winning best actress for their collaboration, "joy." lawrence: i want us to be buried next to each other, i really do. jinah: in the tv categories, cookie lyon' s alter ego, taraji p. henson, passed out cookies on her way to claiming best actress in a drama for "empire." henson: cookies for everyone tonight. jinah: "mad men"' s jon hamm took best actor for his work on that show' s final season. while first year computer hacker series "mr. robot" captured best drama. and two upsets for amazon' s streaming series "mozart in the jungle," best comedy and best actor for gael garcia bernal. bernal: this is really
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s a big surprise. jinah: rachel bloom was also caught off guard. bloom: oh my god. jinah: winning best actress for "crazy ex-girlfriend." the night' s highlights also included a standing ovation for sylvester stallone' s first ever globe, best supporting actor for "creed" -- playing the role he originated nearly four decades ago. stallone: i want to thank my imaginary friend, rocky balboa, for being the best friend i ever had. jinah: a golden moment, on a golden night. jinah kim, nbc news, beverly hills. mark: us 11 seen "creed." lisa: you need to. the popular traveling circus, the ringling brothers, is making than anticipated. its touring elephants in may, instead of waiting until 2018. the move comes amid increasing acts. the company' s 200-acre center for elephant conservation in central florida. there are 11 elephants on tour
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miriah: i' m upset because the circus is coming here later this year. he can see the elephants. mark: there will be other great acts. miriah: more snow arriving tomorrow morning, it' s going to be in that busy morning hour of the commute. when is looking -- 11 people are wondering are my kids going to have school off, the potentially us, especially to think about today. they were very cautious with the icy roads tomorrow, were going to have snowfall in all the roads falling around greater cincinnati. it busy early morning commute and an in thing stay cool the rest of the week. mark: do your homework just in
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