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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we could be looking at a nasty start to your morning commute. kevin robinson is tracking the winter weather for us right now. how much can we expect in the morning at go ? kevin: about an inch and a half with an isolated two inch amount. night to sunday morning. sunday. we' ll see the snowfall and generally the same time frame. it' s in the middle of the week and it will be a tuesday morning. that winter advisory includes pretty much everyone in the viewing area. it doesn' t look like much but it will not take much to squeeze out a quick inch, maybe an isolated amount throughout the
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we can see the flurries maybe as early as midnight. it will be towards daybreak tomorrow, towards sunrise. the snow really begins to arrive in earnest and will fall in earnest before wrapping up. that is why i expect travel conditions across the area. i will let you know how close to zero our numbers can get coming up. sheree: stay connected with our weather out to get the latest on whether traffic and closings. and also, keep it right here on wlwt. we give you the most complete coverage of winter weather. first day back to work after the bengals lost in the wild-card game over the weekend, emotions
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ended. brown stadium. s among the most history. marvin lewis faced the cameras and said it will take him a long ever gets over it. and he apologized to the fans. hurts. it is unfortunate. the team spent composure. when it really counted, some are calling it a meltdown. >> when they cross that line, there'
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there and was i go out on the field but i' m not allowed to. reporter: penalized for an illegal hit and then adam jones gets a second penalty. all putting the steelers in range to win the game with a field goal. >> what do you think your responsibility was in all that? >> i learned a lot from my actions. you go back and think about it. i hurt my team and i hurt myself. reporter: some fans of cold for marvin lewis to resign. not much chance of that. he' s talking about next year.
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accused of urinating on another person and punching that victim in the face, shipping a tooth. much more coverage through the 90 minutes of news. it was standing room only inside of butler county courtroom today is a judge sentenced in m.i.t. grad. he had a seizure, lost control of his car, hit and killed another driver. karin johnson is live tonight in hamilton with what happened today. reporter: he apologized after the brother and daughter asked for justice.
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reporter: a former teamster president that just beat cancer, survived a heart attack, and life. retirement. >> my daughter misses my brother. this never went away. reporter: for was killed when terrence t-boned his car in westchester. for your forgiveness. reporter: on an epileptic seizure. this was the third accident he blamed on seizures and never disclosed any of them to the bureau of motor vehicles. >> i am not able to help out the stapleton family by bringing them back.
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valedictorian and m.i.t. grad said he is owning what he has done wrong. he visits his neurologist more frequently, stopped driving. >> i have established a scholarship to honor mr. stapleton. >> i don' t think at this point that i can forgive him. maybe someday i will be able to. reporter: he was facing up to five years and he was banned from ever getting his driver' s license again. sheree: the stapleton family telling us they are satisfied with that sentence and brings them at least some closure. new information on a man seriously hurt.
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hospitalized in the icu. his family says he has already had two surgeries for severe fractures to his face. he also has a broken sternum and small spinal fractures. to repair men were working on the boiler when it exploded. everyone has been released from hospital. the shooting happened on compton road. the gunman walked up to the window of a car and fired into the car. dominic brooks is in critical condition tonight. the third person in the car wasn' t hurt. another tribute today to a north college hill business owner killed during an attempted robbery.
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friends hope to bring new leads to the investigation. >> good moments and bad moments. reporter: they hope it can shake death. shadow a glimpse and the release of the video has brought in some tips. a vigil held last night brought out about 200 people. >> it was just a huge event for a lot of people had not seen
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a chance to hug a few next and laugh and cry together. anybody that new joe would not be surprised at all. sheree: the reward continues to grow for information about his murder. more companies have donated money. call north college hill officers. also tonight, legendary british rocker david bowie. the 69-year-old died last night cancer. bowie' s career spanned 40 years
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his alter ego ziggy stardust. he was known for flamboyant the ettrick fashion forward styles. this man did it all. n roll hall of fame and awarded a award. the final album black star just days ago released on his 69th birthday. in the u.s. and the u.k.. wall street kicks off the second week of the year on edge tonight. a late day rally after stocks spent most of the day in the red. the dow ended up 52 points. maybe you did
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ball jackpot, it is $1.4 billion. >> it is huge. gigantic. >> you can' t even comprehend it. sheree: you can understand the breakdown. and caught on camera, and octopus in minnesota here. it is a snow sculpture. they keep this money for charity.
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sheree: no powerball winner just yet. the jack but has swelled to $1.4 billion. that' s with a b. the powerball has grown and grown. the number is large and doesn' t even fit on the electronic signs and billboards. >> if i was able to hit it, i could give everyone a million
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sheree: sales are expected to assist last week' s record. if you took the $806 million cash payout, into 20 files under your mattress, your bed would be more than 14,000 feet in the air. there is only one certainty. most of us will wake up and still be at work. also tonight, the flying pig marathon is 3.5 months away. it will now be called the flying pig half marathon. the
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supporter more now on the winter weather advisory. we are live action. >> here we are. the cruel be here getting ready the cruel be working and making sure it' s safe and clear for everybody.
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the goal temperatures and the snow falling will be challenging we have a flexible operation. reporter: the city has a new at. they can try to get to you as soon as possible. >> i was dreaming about not seeing a reporter this year.
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kevin: we fell from 50 to 17 that will be the problem tomorrow morning. it is the timing. there is not much in the way of commuting going on. let' s go ahead and get to it right now. we have a little bit of sunshine throughout the day today. it will deliver more in the way of wintry weather. that simply means we are going to see about an inch and a half of snow across the area. it'
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it' s going to be the timing overnight and into tomorrow morning. this is probably the most important piece. the bulk of the snow will fall right near the beginning and during the morning commute tomorrow. you throw a quick hit of snow on the ground. that is when the snow will come down the heaviest. probably close to 4:00 or 5:00 a.m.. it looks like the snow will come to an end. it is the warmest it has been all day.
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in time, snow will begin to break out around our neck of the words. i don' t expect much to happen. an occasional snow shower. here we are at 7:00. watch what happens during the first few hours of the day. the main problems will be the fact that it will be in a burst. it' ll be like the summertime thunderstorm that will rain heavily for an hour or two and then move on. this will be driven by the wind and falling temperatures that will make it a little tricky. it will be the bulk of any
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just a few hours there during the morning commute and temperatures beginning to warm up during the rest of the week. we drop down to three tomorrow night. close to zero and 24 on wednesday. notice temperatures time the rest of the week back to the 40' s. maybe getting close to 50 by friday until we see another cooldown. sheree: sean penn' s secret meeting with the notorious drug lord el chapo. the bombshell and what the actor didn' t know about the interview that helped authorities make an arrest. in the playboy mansion up for
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lisa you was sheree: it seems that sean payton' the world' s most famous fugitive was not so secret. he met with el chapo in the mexican jungle back in october. the mexican newspaper has
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appear to show him and mexican-american actress kate del castillo greeting the man who apparently took them to meet guzman. the pictures worth taking -- were taken by mexican intelligence. the fugitive ' s love of the spotlight may have led to his arrest. movie about his life and agreed to meet with sean penn. the chase bank stories tall. it got stuck near the 71st floor when the scaffolding system malfunctioned. they were safely brought in through the window there. the iconic playboy mansion is up for sale.
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hafner is listed at $200 million. realtors say the owners are just dreaming when it comes to the price. they say the real value is the acreage. the show elephants are retiring this coming summer. it' s a year and a half earlier than first planned. a conservation center out in central florida. many cities make it difficult. the district decides to split it.
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sheree: the weekend is not melting just yet. kevin robinson has her most accurate forecast for what can be a very messy morning commute. kevin: we are anticipating about the same amount. the greatest difference is that it' s not falling saturday night or sunday morning. it will be early tomorrow morning. that is the reason why we have the winter weather advisory in effect for the entire viewing area. evidence of snow beginning to break out among the chicago area. none of that is reaching the ground and it will be after midnight before we see the flakes flying. right towards the morning commute, that'
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it will be around and during the will make it a little tricky for the road crew. falling temperatures. not a tremendous amount. it is the timing. it is more bitter cold. zero the mercury will drop. sheree: snow day at my house. before winter hits, download the news and weather app. you can see a full list of school and business delays. and you can keep an eye on traffic conditions. also the current radar as it is moving. news 5 with lisa and mark will start at 4:00 tomorrow morning to get you ready.
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ll only see on wlwt. summary parents want their kids in middle school. janel walton' s live for us tonight with exclusive details on where the school is going to open up. >> the gifted academy is one of district. there is a waiting list to get in here. the district' s opening a brand-new gifted academy on the west side. >> it gives you sort of the definition of what to say. >> the school had 200 students. >> a lot of schools don' t get to have them.
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>> those opportunities have turned the gifted academy into one of the preferred schools for qualifying students. parents love the emphasis on project and group learning. >> we notice the conversation was charged with what they had learned that day and what the state -- what they had worked with their friends on. can i go home and call somebody? >> it really strikes a great balance between challenging our kids and doing it in a nurturing and safe environment so the kids feel comfortable taking risks. >> the superintendent says the rush is on to open the gifted academy in time for the start of the next school year. it will be located on harrison avenue. >> we wanted to provide our friends and family with this opportunity so that they would not put their children on the
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get the programming. >> the radio. i rested my head back against the window. >> out of that class looked? and that is the administration encouraging us to do that. >> they are in the process of recruiting for the new school. sheree: thank you. will open in school year. the superintendent telling us that the district will notify parents by the end of the month application. s final state of the union address tomorrow night, we sat down with congressman when strip about issues he thinks the president
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isis as well as border security. the congressman telling us he believes in protecting second amendment rights. politicians want to talk about guns but believes we need to address violence and the root of the shootings. >> we have made changes in the way we address mental health. unfortunately, hospitals are limited. if they go over it, medicare won' t pay them. we have more people on the streets that need to be in care. >> he' s also making it clear that he' s opposed to new gun laws. >> they don' t affect the criminals. the people that will flaunt the law. we call them criminals because they don' t follow the law.
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s ridiculous to think that new laws will make them comply t comply with. >> president obama will make his address at 9:00 tomorrow night and will carry it right here. 11:00. holding an american citizen prisoner. the man asked the u.s. government for help. >> i committed and active espionage against north korea. i gathered information about its nuclear program. >> the man says he was gathering information for south korea, not america. neither will confirm any claims about the detainment. congress is getting ready to approve more sanctions after its latest nuclear test.
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it will focus on community programs instead of incarceration. estate budget provision would allow the director of the prisons to move inmates from house arrest or in community programs. they must be nonviolent drug offenders. the program will start in march. ohio lawmakers are joining the federal fight to curb painkiller descriptions. the republican announcing today that he supports the proposed guidelines governing painkillers saying that medical agencies and law enforcement have to work together to stop narcotic addiction. the guidelines call for nonaddictive painkiller alternatives. shorter prescription times and lower doses for any chronic pain. the buzz around the powerball keeps growing.
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and sits at $1.4 billion. dan griffin is there tonight where one of those million dollars tickets was sold over the weekend. >> these are selling off the shelves and who wouldn' t want $1 million or even $1.3 billion. they are coming here, considering the winning ticket was sold here for the last drawing. at smoke and things, it is all about the powerball. roger just keeps singing his way to the tough news. >> this is the biggest it' s ever been. at least one person struck gold. >> it be nice to be an instant billionaire. >> a winning million dollar ticket was sold here.
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people in here checking their tickets. >> some people consider this store a good luck charm. >> they say it is not the store but the ticket that counts. >> after taxes, it' s awesome. >> you can help a lot of people with this money. i tell people i don' t even like. >> they are expecting the jackpot to keep growing and expecting a flood of customers hoping they will be able to take the jackpot home. sheree: i want roger to win just because of his sense of humor. ohio lottery officials say a second million-dollar winning powerball ticket was also sold at a speedway in milford right
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keywords -- icky woods presented a donation of $100,000 to the s division. his asthma attack. he hopes the money will help fund research for new treatment for children just like his son. >> it also is a way for us to get back -- give back. help them try to find a cure for the deadly disease called asthma. maybe we can find a better way to treat it. sheree: the donation came from events and memorabilia they sold over just the last year.
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before people start to vote this primary season. when doctors say a woman should get her first test and the risk if you get one in the 40' s. >> the snow will impact your morning commute and a bitter cold is on the way. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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sheree: donald trump his supporters they are part of a movement.
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recent polls show trump is the favorite. >> they have voted for independent candidates before. reporter: but they show a net can a battle between trump and ted cruz. >> both parties have let us down. >> the senator has done well in debates but has yet to break out in the polls. >> people have been waiting to see an establishment front runner or merge, someone to be the clear candidate. reporter: hillary clinton campaigned and bernie sanders des moines. first two states.
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sheree: two polls have trump in first place but the race for second place is wide open with rubio, john kasich, cruise, and chris christie holding their own right now. the next debate is this thursday. the democratic debate will be held this coming sunday. the recommendations for mammograms changing it again. the u.s. preventative services screenings every two years between the ages of 15 and 74. women are advised to talk with their doctors about their personal risks. women in their early 40' s are at a lower risk for breast cancer positives.
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s important to realize a lot of the false positives are because it' s first ones for comparison. >> they don' t apply to women with a strong family history of breast cancer or other major risk factors. changed the screening recommendations in october and at the age of 45. kevin: we had our first measurable snow of the season over the weekend. we' ll get a second punch to arrive tomorrow. here is a look at the system tonight. an impressive looking system that it will bring up a quick intro to of snow followed by bitter cold and low wind chills. it' s up there and will skew towards chicago and around detroit.
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from ft. wayne up to chicago is where it will be for the better part of the night tonight. snow will begin to fill in across southern parts of illinois, indiana, and push his way to the ohio valley. it winter weather advisory in effect for the first half of the day on tuesday. saying that snow and wind will combine to impact travel. the problem is the fact that it will be the worst during the morning commute. we' re not expecting more than we had over the weekend but that the timing will come on a school day, a workday first thing in the morning. here' s a look at your impact. it could be a flurry or two after midnight. i think it will be closer towards daybreak and snow arrives. it will likely taper off before lunchtime. an inch or two of snow.
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will be blown across the road and at times can gust over 30 miles an hour. you can see the clouds already in place right now. we have a south breeze at 10 that will help temperatures climb through the night tonight. bill climb closer to 30 degrees are morning. wind chill very cold. the temperature climb will be offset by the fact that the wind is picking up tonight. the wind chill will remain in the teens and 20' s out there as we see the numbers time of the few degrees. cloudy with cold breezes. temperatures through the 20' s the next couple of hours. you can see that we have a few snow or flurries or showers. the book of the night is fairly quiet. that is how the snow begins to pick up in intensity.
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snow and the briefly more intense snow combined with very strong winds and low visibility. the most snow will fall north of the ohio river and will taper off to flurries and snow showers for the second half. and we drop down pretty close to zero. is a look at what they have been anticipating. the heaviest snows will fall north of the ohio river. i' m only talking about an inch or two. temperatures will climb tonight with a few flurries and the snow not really developing before daybreak tomorrow. when he and cold. this will be first thing in the morning. will be falling with single-digit wind chills. here' s a look at the day planner.
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we will drop all the way down to three tomorrow night. i can' t even rule out a few folks dropping below zero tomorrow night. back in the 40' s and close to 50 by friday and another shot at some winter weather over the weekend. sheree: hold on tight and we will get through it.
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what it someone just got a free 6" subway sandwich. to sign up for and you'll get a free 6-inch sub when you buy a 30-oz.
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sheree: ford will launch an app easier. it comes out this april. it will help you find parking and other services. you can also talk or text with live assistance. they wanted a different digital presence for the drivers. owners will receive the most benefit. if florida woman is finding a new way to personalize her cars, turning them into art. she stirred with a volkswagen
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it features 60 artists and she started working on car number two. >> this one i will paint and glue. it will be called the art gallery and it will be a gallery setting. it will be about working women artists. sheree: the police have pulled her over but they are legal to drive. take items off the cars then follow driving them. crews had to pull a car out of a sinkhole. they say a water main broke nearby. no one was hurt but the drivers had to detour while crews were fixing that break. they had a car out on the street and a wrecker hauled it away.
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happened is how family members describe a west chester crash that killed a local man nearly two years ago. what the driver accident is saying about it tonight. tools at their disposal this spring. is depression more than sadness? it's a tangle of
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ask your doctor if brintellix could
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sheree: calls for change from fans. >> something has to change. just like with clear it' s -- with kids. it you need discipline. >> questionable behavior from fans and players. marvin lewis: they are privileged and have the opportunity to play in the nfl. they' ve got to go about it that way all the time. sheree: will there be repercussions for how players acted on the field? more snow is on the way for you tomorrow morning. the timing is not good.
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kevin robinson with what you can expect.
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