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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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kevin robinson with what you can expect. kevin: that was saturday night into sunday. many folks were probably sleeping off the bengals loss. this time, a different story. you can see the model about an inch or two of snow. a closer one has that way towards i 70. here is the issue. it will start to fall right during the heart of the morning commute. we have this winter weather advisory in effect for the entire viewing area. it will be quiet this evening. i do think after midnight, we can see if you flurries are stray showers. it will pick up in intensity until gets closer to daybreak.
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during the morning hours before beginning the taper off allow -- around late morning. the problem is there will be a lot of wind helping drive this snow. and it will have no problem accumulating. ll watch the radar fill-in across illinois and indiana. the bitter cold and another sting of winter. i will let you know how close to zero we will be in the days ahead. sheree: they are making preparations so that you can make it if you have to go to
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>> road crews will be getting for the snow. they will be using salt, brine and be jews to treat the street. cincinnati will have 80 pieces of snow quit meant and plows. 60,000 downs of brine for the road. the crew will work the major first. superintendent says the cold temperatures and the snowfall will be challenging but the crew will be ready and flexible. >> if you don' t have to travel, you will be safe and warm. the less on the street allows us to get through and do our jobs much easier. reporter: crews will figure out where they need to do those. they will do them as soon as
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sheree: join us tomorrow morning for the very latest weather conditions. half an hour early to keep you informed about the changing weather and traffic conditions. it was the first day back in the locker room after the bengals loss to the steelers over the weekend. many fans still fuming. brian hamrick took your questions today to coach marvin lewis. reporter: for bengals fans, this was among the worst combinations. a loss, to the steelers, in the final seconds, on careless penalties. there had to be 100 points of disappointment. instead of moving on, the
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clearing lockers for the end of the season. >> we killed ourselves there. that' ve got to i think we will. >> the bengals headed the the final seconds aided by the game. an illegal hit by vontaze jones for unsportsmanlike conduct putting the steelers in range to win the game. i asked jones about it today. >> what do you think your responsibility was in all that? >> i learned a lot from my actions. you go back and think about it. my team and i hurt myself. >> coach lewis faced heat for not having his players under control.
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marvin lewis: once they go across that line, there' s not much i can do from there unless i go out on the field which are not allowed to. >> some pointed to joey porter for enticing the penalty but not called. >> heeded in not have a lot of class. and as a coach, it' s a different standard. i think it' s unfortunate. >> it' s not an excuse for us. we have to keep her composure is a team. but they did a good job of dangling that meet in front of us. >> there had been calls for marvin lewis to step down. no indication that will happen. is a ready talking about next year. >> the loss will sting for a very long time, as you can imagine. todd stopped by a cincinnati
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the loss and how the city is reacting tonight. not one person i talked with that did not talk about this loss and how frustrated they are with the team. >> it is disbelief, disappointment, frustration. those emotions and a lot more were on the menu where bengals fans of been going through group therapy for years. lunch strengths are called anthony' s coneys are stacked tall with cheese and there' s no shortage of armchair quarterbacks. >> i' m disappointed in our guys. >> that was as ugly as it gets for the nfl. >> the ugliness went to new heights. >> i was very upset. they have the talent. if they' d only keep their mouth shut and play the game.
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if you don' it doesn' t matter how much talent. try to look ahead. control over the team. it' control the team. if he can' needs to go. >> he' s upset with bengals fans who through plastic bottles at an injured ben roethlisberger. >> it gives the whole city a bad name. we don' t act that way. and it will take a while to get over this. you try everything else and move on. >> the bengals played right into the steelers hands. i asked one fan if she felt pittsburgh provoked cincinnati
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and the bengals were stupid enough to fall for it. sheree: like those fans, some great points they made. you can weigh in on the game and if you think marvin lewis should stay or go. you can take part in our interactive poll tonight. you can find it on the sidebar on the left hand side of the homepage. it looks like hamilton county deputies will start wearing body cameras as soon as this spring. expect final approval on a deal that appeals -- appears to good to pass up. >> by body cameras and get new tasers for free. sounds like according commercial come on but it' s not.
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money the county will not have department. >> a test run for the latest technology. recording any and every encounter with the public. they warned the camera to weigh its effectiveness. they usually tap down citizen belligerents. >> they tend to let their emotions get the best of them. when they are aware the body camera is on, they count -- tend to calm down. reporter: the sheriff has settled on 207 cameras that will cost $1.3 million over five years. the new commissioner and his colleagues got the body camera plan from sheriff neil that has been working on this for a couple years. >> another step to show the sheriff' s office is very
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reporter: there are no cameras on county cruisers so equipping deputies is something that county once in place by opening day. new tasers for pool and every other deputy. the current ones are due to be replaced anyway. with all the controversy , deputies believe body worn cameras will not only be second nature, but vindication. >> it is independent. it' the other. i think it will bring a lot of trust. thousand words, once a video worth? it requires no additional staffing. deputies would get new tasers this year and again in 2018 and in 2021. >> live in the newsroom.
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decision was not influenced by recent cases were people of been shot and killed. a family calls for justice as the driver who caused the deadly crash learns how much time he will spend in prison. and why the victim' s family says he never should' ve been on the road that day to begin with. an update on the man seriously injured in a boiler explosion last week. his condition tonight. >> snow to the north and west. you know when the place will begin to fly and the bitter cold
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trac sheree: he was once top of his classic he' s high school and went on to graduate from m.i.t.. and now he is headed to prison. life for us in hamilton tonight to explain what went wrong. reporter: he is headed to prison for one year and will never be allowed to legally drive again. this all stems from a deadly car accident in westchester 19 months ago. >> the smile he has on his face. >> a brother' s heart ache and a
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>> [indiscernible] reporter: troy stapleton died in his car accident 19 months ago. emotions are still very raw. the former teamsters president had just beaten cancer and retired a few months earlier and died at the scene. >> today, my biggest hope is justice will be done on behalf of my father. >> i truly regret this accident took place. in no way was i looking to commit any' s kind of hit and run. >> in ever disclosed his
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motor vehicles. >> i sincerely apologize and ask for your forgiveness. reporter: he says he has completed two seizure studies and has established a memorial scholarship. >> nothing will bring my brother back but this will give us some closure. reporter: they talk about how he continues to give back to the community and mentor children. he was facing five years and the family says they are satisfied. sheree: he was also given a lifetime ban on getting a drivers license altogether.
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do was shot and killed in the parking lot. also injured in that shooting was dominic brooks. no one has been arrested. an update on the man seriously hurt in that boiler explosion last week. john remains in icu tonight. family telling us he had two surgeries so far. he also had sternum and spinal fractures. to repair and were working on the church boiler when it exploded. they are no longer in the hospital tonight. kevin: a few peeks at the sun. it did not do anything. and now we will a little bit
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already tracking snow from fort wayne to chicago. a lot of this will miss the viewing area. southern illinois, it will arrive in daybreak tomorrow. temperatures you notice will continue to climb to the evening hours. a southerly component to the wind. that south wind will be offset by the fact that the wind will give us lower wind chill' s. they will really howl and push the windchill back down to the single digits. 21 and woman 1025 in brooksville. almost pushing 30. a southerly wind through the night tonight and temperatures will gradually rise. it will really quickly skewed
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up towards detroit, this will swing a cold front or our area that will help open the door for bitter cold. here is a look at the winter weather advisory. not because we are expecting a tremendous amount of snow. we are really not anticipating much more than what we saw saturday night and sunday morning. the heaviest we are expecting one to two inches as you head south of the river. problem is it' s going to come right around through the morning commute on tuesday. don' t expect much snow overnight tonight. as we get towards daybreak tomorrow, that snow begins to arrive and will pick up in intensity and will be a wind driven snow and begin to taper off late morning. it' s not an incredible amount of
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much worse. expect a slow go tomorrow. you can basically follow the pathway to bitter cold . temperatures running below zero. this is something we have not seen much of. up across central canada. fresh snow on the ground tomorrow night. many of us will drop close to zero tomorrow night. notice of flake here and there can' t be ruled out. it is really towards 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. that snow develops across the area and could come down quite impressively. and then we will see if the skies clear tomorrow night. it is going to the bitter cold.
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so temperatures tonight will continue to climb with a late flurry or two. don' t expect much overnight. going to have falling temperatures. early in the day tomorrow. by evening, little be down to the teens and wind chills in the single-digit. we will drop down to about three wednesday morning and noticed this cold is not sticking around very long. maybe another chance for winter weather this week. sheree: it is the best news i' ve had since saturday night. so hard for us to talk about. coming up next, what the players
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>> to me, they just in have a lot of class. as a coach, there' s a different standard. i think that' s unfortunate. george: the bengals said their goodbyes today but saturday night remains a hot topic in that locker room. steelers assistant joey porter should not of been on the field. but he was and he goaded the bengals into a costly penalty. >> i' m one of those guys that respect all of opponents. i have a tough time respecting the steelers. i' ve got a ton of respect for those guys. julie porter is not one of them. he' s a guy that' s oh is run as and is disrespectful. >> they were cleaning out lockers today. some are free agents and could be on the move to other teams. they leave behind a regular season that was one of the best
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but it was all lost in the final seconds. >> you think about it. i hurt my team and i hurt myself. i can' t say one play calls the whole game. >> back-to-back penalties giving them a chip shot yield goal to win. that cannot happen. as much as the coach has told him that, you hope to see it take cold. >> both players could not be more heartbroken. went on. that' what i mean? m wrong. it is unfortunate. >> 15 free agents on the roster, including key players. team members of the offense.
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couple of corners. leon hall, throwing coaches. it will be an interesting off-season. none of those coaches have officially moved yet. things seemed to be rolling along for hue jackson who talked with the 49ers and the browns and seems to be on the way. things have digress a little on those fronts. the fans are ready out in the desert. the national championship will be decided tonight. taking on the alabama crimson tide. clemson claims one national title and alabama claims 19. kansas on top of the ap poll.
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sheree: around here, a buckeye in your pocket is lucky. and as the newest member of the lucky buckeye company, it's my job to make sure that every buckeye is as lucky as can be. this one... everyone thought was a lost cause. stick a fork in it, it's done. well, i say, you never ever give up on a buckeye. (inaudible whispering) (slot machines chiming)
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