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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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sheree: bengals lineback vontaze burfict gets the suspension hammer from the nfl. how many games he' and the penalty for steelers assistant coach joey porter. mike: more snow in the forecast. minutes with the morning timeline. d been yelling for minutes, but there wasn' around. sheree: an unlikely hero after a 75-year-old woman breaks her leg and is stranded in the bitter cold. wlwt-tv] announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. mike: another blast of winter weather is on the way. good evening. i' m mike dardis. sheree: i' m sheree paolello. we have the school delays at the bottom of your screen. first, we have some breaking news. a robbery suspect is shot and killed by a cincinnati police officer tonight. wlwt news 5' s emily wood is live where it happened on the west
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emily: cincinnati police chief elliott isaac says two police officers shot and killed a robbery suspect tonight at the corner of rapid run and sunset. he says the robberies happened to run 8:00 tonight at the walgreens and another store across the street. the chief says at the two officers spotted the suspect with what appears to be a gun in his waistband. he officers fired at him. it is unclear if one or both actually hit the suspects. police say several witnesses inside the store giving good description of the man, late 20' s, early 30' s, as he ran out of both locations. >> there is a weapon. we haven' t made a determination on what kind of weapon it is. the coroner just arrived, so now we' re able to approach the body and conduct what needs to be done. emily: chief isaac says both
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paid administrative leave, which is standard police protocol in a case like this. no names for the officers or the deceased suspect. more information is expected to the briefing. emily wood, wlwt news 5. mike: thank you. now to the latest blast of winter weather coming our way. sheree: our second measurable snow of the season will be hitting overnight plus , dangerously low temperatures. mike: we have team coverage with chief meteorologist kevin robinson tracking the snow hour-by-hour. sheree: but first, tammy mutasa with a look at how local road crews and schools are preparing. tammy? tammy: sheree, this is where all the action is happening right now at cincinnati salt pile. you can see the salt trucks are loading up. they are in the middle of their 12-hour shift getting the roads ready. loading up and ready to go as road crews brace for mother nature'
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some words of wisdom from a seasoned snow driver -- >> you have to watch other people, drive slowly. you can' t do normal 55, 65. slow it down, watch out for black ice, and just take your time. tammy: thousands of tri-state drivers will be stuck in rush hour traffic and, perhaps, snow at the same time. >> i do take some back roads to make a little quicker commute, and i' m worried the back roads will be secondary to plowing. tammy: for the snow fight, s fleet has 25,000 tons of salt 60,000 gallons of , brine mix and a plan to go with mother natures flow. >> what we have to do is put ourselves in a position where we whatever mother nature, adjust. tammy: some school districts in northern kentucky are waiting to see how the snow unfolds does before deciding on snow days or not. dana says if she has to be at
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,>> i told the daycare lady, like, i' ll be out, so i expect you to open the doors and let my kids in, because i still have to work so i can pay you for next week. tammy: back out here, you can see the salt truck getting ready to load up the tomorrow, the plan is to work on primary roads and hospital routes first, and second. crews say to please be patient, be very careful. wlwt news 5. mike: thank you. as tammy said, it' of this storm that could be bad sheree: that' s right. so chief meteorologist kevin robinson is tracking the winter weather. kevin: you already see the blue, is already snowing in parts of the viewing area, mainly north and west of
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has not been terribly heavy, but some fluffy legs through middletown, towards hamilton, and some fairly decent snow. a big fluffy snow. it will not take long to accumulate. snow showers and filling in across parts of southeast indiana. let me show you the computer models. for overall civil amounts, most areas are going to pick up probably along the line of what we had overnight saturday into sunday, maybe a little bit less. in general, about one inch to 1.5 inches. some could get closer to two inches across the northernmost communities, butler and warren counties be less than one inch through parts of northern kentucky. keep in mind, it will not be uniform snow, so there will be pockets to get more than neighbors and not too far away. the winter weather advisory in effect, saying the morning commute tomorrow will not be the nicest. over the next couple of hours,
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across the area. i do not think it ramps up in an density daybreak, towards the morning commute. that is when it will become the most persistent but it will wrap up mid to late morning. one to two inches, in general. but it is not just the snow, it will be the better cold settling in tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. i will let you know how close to zero i think we could get in the next day or so. sheree: thank you. the city of covington is also ready. here' s a live look at one of the city' s trickiest spots to drive, the cut in the hill. covington tweeting out the trucks are loaded with salt, and crews will be reporting at 4:00 a.m. wlwt is leading the way with live team coverage tomorrow morning. news today with lisa cooney and 5 mark hayes will start early at 4:00 tomorrow morning. mike: tonight' s other big development -- punishment for bengals star vontaze burfict. the aftermath of saturday' s penalty will now extend into next season. wlwt news 5' s george vogel has
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george? george: the nfl is taking swift and strong action. bengals linebacker vontaze burfict was hit with a three game suspension without pay to start the 2016 regular season. the nfl is going after burfict for this hit on antonio brown s game. s action placed his opponent at unnecessary risk of injury and should have been avoided. the nfl considers burfict a repeat offender since he had been fined four other violations during the season. here' s what marvin had to say earlier today about burfict and his rough reputation. >> well unfortunately, we earned , some reputations, and we have to eliminate that by continuing to play well within the rules, the way he plays. and he plays very well within the rules, and we have to keep doing that. george: for now, burfict plans on appealing his suspension
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, vontaze could have company soon. the nfl says it is still reviewing the game and could be handing out more punishment soon. that includes players and from the newsroom i' m george , vogel, wlwt news 5. mike: all right. one of the people george is talking about is the steelers assistant coach. he was on the field during that adam jones penalty at the end of the game. espn is reporting that the nfl will probably fine quarter for his actions saturday night. >> she crawled back up into her drive. her garage door was open and she crawled up and got back up in between her car in the wall to kind of get inside but she , couldn' t get up to get inside so she was kind of just stuck , there waiting. sheree: new at 11:00, a pizza delivery man helps saves a woman who had slipped on ice and couldn' t get back up. the 75-year-old woman ordered her pizza from larosa' s last night and then took out her trash.
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s when she fell on ice that -- on her driveway and broke her leg. 45 minutes passed in the bitter cold before the delivery man came with her pizza. he called 911, stayed with her, and even gave her his jacket and gloves to keep her warm. >> she was just in a rough spot, and i' d want someone to do the same for my family. i feel like anyone would do the same thing for someone in that spot. it just kind of makes you think >> that there are good people out there, and you just never know when you are going to come across one. >> it was really eye-opening just to see how much it meant to them. sheree: a really good guy there. the woman is in the hospital tonight. she underwent surgery this morning to have pins put in her leg. but she did get her pepperoni pizza. a nurse at mercy west bought her a larosa' s pizza last night. mike: the cincinnati police department is trying to find people to take its recruit exam at the end of the month. tonight they hosted a forum at district three headquarters.
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at two more sessions. those take place tomorrow at the pleasant ridge library and thursday at the police academy. well in a story you saw first on , wlwt, cincinnati public schools opening a new school for the first time in years. they hope to have the cincinnati gifted academy west open in august. it' ll be located inside cheviot elementary on harrison avenue. the district will notify parents by the end of the month. they will notify parents on the status of their gifted application. >> we wanted to provide our friends and family on the west side of town this opportunity so they wouldn' t have to put their children on a bus for an hour or an hour and a half and go to the east side and get the programming. mike: the district is renovating the elementary right now to make room for the gifted academy. they' re also recruiting teachers for the west side location. sheree: in commitment 2016 news, the gop debate field is set
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main stage this time. debate host, fox business network, announced thursday' s lineup of just seven candidates. ohio governor john kasich did make the cut. paul and fiorina were invited to the undercard debate, along with mike huckabee and rick santorum. paul said he would skip the second tier faceoff. a suspect pulls a houdini, slipping out of handcuffs and stealing a police suv. that unit that' s locked up. mike: how she pulled it off and what happened next. sheree: and you' ve heard of lake effect snow. let' s call this lake effect ice. why the driver didn' t exactly
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you are watching cincinnati mike: right now, a suspect shot and killed by two cincinnati police officers in west price phil. here is a look at the scene. police say the suspect allegedly robbed two nearby stores. the chief says the officers saw the suspect with what appeared to be a weapon in his waistband before they fired. the weapon was eventually found. the officers or suspect have not been identified yet. a woman in albuquerque does it again -- she slips out of her handcuffs after being arrested. sheree: this time, police say her escape attempt included stealing one of their suv'
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watch here as albuquerque police officers rush in and pin melissa dominguez to the ground. >> ow, that hurts -- sheree: the bruised dominguez cries as cops cuff her. this time she wasn' t going anywhere. >> 2-4 one in custody. but it was a different story a sheree: short time earlier. police first caught dominguez at this bank on san mateo, arresting her for allegedly cashing a bad check. >> what did i do? >> i just told you, bouncing a bad check. sheree: they put her in handcuffs, but police say dominguez slipped out and stole their suv. that unit that' s locked up. sheree: she led them on a wild chase before crashing the >> where' s the female? >> we have her in custody over there. sheree: this was not the first time authorities say dominguez tried, and failed, to pull off a daring escape. back in september, cameras were rolling when police say she slipped her cuffs again and ran right into an interview. the woman being interviewed reached out and snatched
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her back into custody. all right, so dominguez was charged with unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, escaping the custody of an officer, forgery, and possession of a firearm by a felon. a bold burglar in portland, oregon. surveillance video in a pet store catches a man stealing a snake by putting it down his pants. the store owner says the snake he stole is a black python. it' s about two feet long and was being sold for $200. mike: we have new developments in the sexual assault case the comedian' s attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss the charges against him. last month, cosby was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault in pennsylvania for allegedly drugging and cosby' s attorneys argue that cosby gave a deposition in a civil suit the woman filed in 2005 under the agreement they say cosby would never be prosecuted on her allegations. louisville police are looking for the gunman in a workplace
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it happened this afternoon at cardinal kitchens. they make countertops. police say several employees were fighting. one pulled out a gun and shot at his co-workers. two were hurt. but police say they believe the threat from the man is over. sheree: we are expecting some snow here, but check this out. one car owner in buffalo, new york, will need something strong to get that car out of there. it was parked along lake erie overnight in the middle of a winter storm. strong wind sent the waves splashing up and over the rails, covering this car in ice. what you don' t see is the other side of the car, which didn' t get splashed at all. announcer: cincinnati' s a certified most accurate forecast. kevin: depending upon your location at this hour, some are you are already seeing some flakes. downtown, nothing as of yet. it may the a little bit longer.
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morning is a commute is the fact i do not think it will be snowing everywhere with equal intensity. that may make it to michael in terms of making decisions tomorrow morning. that i do expect tricky commutes come in general. snow beginning to fail and pops from the west tonight. as we approach midnight, i thought we would see an uptick in flurries and no shower activity, and that is the case toward hamilton, harrison, aurora, and towards brookville. these are the big fluffy flakes of snow. it will not take long for this to begin accumulating. travel probably already going to be impacted over the next hour or so in parts of butler and franklin counties, into cartersville and liberty. a decent band coming through southeast indiana, coming up on aurora some of the 275 loop. this will overspread the greater cincinnati area, including downtown cincinnati, over the
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it is part of a clipper system diving in tonight. it is traveling from chicago towards detroit. that is where most of the snow will fall, but it will swing a cold front through the ohio valley. it should be enough, even though we have limited moisture to work with, should be enough to squeeze out a quake inch, maybe 1.5 inches to two, especially the farther north you are across the viewing area. an average across the area, about one inch, close to two towards oxford and around' s springboro, mason, and wilmington. here is the winter weather advisory pretty much for the entire viewing area. it is simply saying that we are not going to see a tremendous amount of snow but enough to impact tomorrow morning' s commute. here is the tricky part. i do not think it will be snowing everywhere at the same intensity throughout the morning. there will be pockets or heavier bursts of snow, which will have
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did i say everyone will have a default commute in the morning? i cannot hang my hat on that just yet. in general, it will be a slow go. over the next couple hours, snow widespread during the middle of the morning rush before wrapping up late morning around the lunchtime hour. by the time it is said and done, one or two inches across the area. this is the warmest it has been all day, 20 eight degrees. temperatures have been on a steady climb, but you would not know it. the windchill at 18 here at winds have been increasing. that is another story tomorrow. with the fluffy nature of the snow, the winds will blow that around. tomorrow evening, with winds guesting maybe up to 30 miles down tomorrow night, single digits. another bitter blast of cold, not just snow. 27 for loving 10 -- lovington.
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the next hour or two. 20 eight here in cincinnati. 24 in chicago. 3 above minneapolis. as it passes, it will open the door for some of this bitterly cold air. look at these subzero temperatures. -20 in armstrong. -13 in winnipeg. a chunk of that will come down. with fresh snow on the ground, it will be bitterly cold tomorrow night and early wednesday. snow against a big up, and notice the bay ends here. this is a 7:00. as we approach and 9:00 or 10:00, there could be locally intense bursts of snow through clear out. clear to the single digits. 20' s overnight tonight. some areas may even make it close to freezing overnight. this 30 one, that will be before most of us are up for forced thing in the morning.
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the winds will be nasty at times in terms of adding an additional impact to the cold. 27 at 8:00 a.m. 24 by lunchtime teens by tomorrow evening. down to 3. 24 on wednesday. 22 wednesday night. the good news, this cold does not stick around for long. rebounding to 40' s and rain by friday to maybe more snow late in the weekend. beyond the seven day, the next couple weeks look much colder than they do warmer. so get used to these intrusions of cold air. mike: and true gems. i like the silver lining, looking ahead. sheree: baking on that snow day tomorrow. mike: a heartbreaking loss, and now, get the orange and black
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sheree: george vogel not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. only at a sleep number store. george: vontaze burfict is feeling the heavy hand of the nfl tonight. he has been suspended for the first three games of next season. welcome back, everyone. a three-game suspension without pay -- that' s how the nfl says the bengals linebacker will
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burfict does plan to appeal the suspension, according to his agent. the nfl is cracking burfict for this hit on antonio brown late in saturday night' s game. the nfl considers burfict a repeat offender of league safety rules since he had been fined four previous times this past season. brown suffered a concussion, and burfict was hit with a penalty that helped the steelers get into field goal range, and that was followed up by a penalty on adam jones. >> both players couldn' t be more heartbroken. literally to tears. both of them. about what went on. that' s the first step -- to m , wrong. s unfortunate. george: the bengals spent the day trying to get past that loss and also cleaning out their lockers, bringing a close to the season.
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some of these guys are in that locker room at paul brown stadium. >> last year, i was just getting rid of junk because you knew you would be back in the spring. now you are cleaning out, taking are not back. it is part of the business. on the roster, including some key players. marvin jones, mohamed sane, and andre smith are key members of the offense. on defense, you have the starting safetys, a couple of corners, including adam jones and leon hall. throw in coaches, who could leave, and it will be an interesting offseason. the bengals already started the process of stocking up in young players for next season. they have re-signed five guys from their practice squad and also added linebacker jeff luc. he played his college ball at uc and was on the saints practice the college football championship underway tonight,
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an underdog despite being undefeated, have a three have a point lead over alabama in the fourth quarter. according to jesse sanchez of, the reds have signed a young cuban shortstop, 21-year-old alfredo rodriguez. he is said to be an excellent fielder, but his bat is suspect. rodriguez will get $6 million to sign, but the whole deal apparently will set the reds back $12 million. the latest ap college basketball poll is out. kansas still number one. the x back up to number seven. kentucky now 14th after a loss to louisville falling to 21st. xavier and action tomorrow evening at the center center. they have a 6:30 tip-off, a little earlier tomorrow evening for that xavier game. mike: missed you guys, by the way. i was not here earlier. george: good to see you with us. mike: thank you, george. sheree: top stories when we come
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sheree: breaking now -- a robbery suspect killed after two cincinnati police officers fired at him in west price hill. police say the suspect allegedly robbed two stores near rapid
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the chief says the officers saw the suspect with what appeared to be a weapon in his waistband before they fired. that weapon was found. the suspect or the officers involved have not been identified. mike: we have the weather ticker at the bottom of the screen and the information on our website, could be a snow day for some, might not, but expect a rough commute. kevin: i think it will only be in pockets over the morning. a tough call for school in the morning. but it will be snowing in certain areas, maybe not everywhere at is same time. that may make it tricky to it but i would not be surprised if most folks at a little trouble tomorrow with the cute, maybe one inch or 1.5 inches. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids
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her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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