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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it happened when a blast of wind, snow, and eyes created whiteout conditions. we will have more on that in a moment. kevin: it' s all about the arctic cold front. there it is right there. you can see how quickly it' s racing its way. much like a summertime thunderstorm except in this case, temperatures were cold enough to be all snow. much quieter across the area. the system came through packing a punch. we' ve pretty much dropped back close to 20 with wind chill hovering around zero if not a few degrees below.
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m tracking the bitter cold. i will let you know how close to zero we will get before we rebound later on this week. mike: two separate pileups. sheree: the cleanup continues along 74. we have more with what happened. reporter: truck' s still stuck on i 74 around seven hours after this morning' s highway chaos. it started with the jackknifed semi. 40 vehicles were damaged in some form or fashion. >> it started getting worse and worse. it was spooky. >>
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>> they realized there were two crash scenes. >> this car can -- ended up crunched. >> i was more scared for them because i knew once they got in the back, the semi' s were coming around the corner.
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>> there were so few injuries because there were so many big rigs involved. they can understand a crash better than a small car. the police hope and to have one blade -- lane open. as far as westbound is concerned. bridge inspectors are checking on bridges as well. it could be another hour or two before it is finally reopened. >> stay connected with the apt to get the latest on weather and traffic sent directly to your phone whenever winter weather hits. >> a 14-year-old boy dead tonight, shot by his father who saw the teenager was somebody breaking into their home. it happened along blanchard avenue in east price hill.
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>> police have put this tragedy into the hands of the hamilton county prosecutor tonight. they looked into the sad eyes of the mother of the team who was killed. she is trying to deal with the circumstances of the shooting of the home behind me, circumstances that played out in deadly fashion around 630 this morning. the aftermath of something like this is nightmarish. police say a father fired thinking intruder and the realization it was his own flesh and blood. >> a noise in the basement. those downstairs believing there' s an intruder in the home and ends up firing a shot. reporter: police say the teens knocked back into the basement.
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to the basement steps, was startled, and shot. his son took a bullet to the neck and died at children' s medical center. >> it is an individual choice and if you are going to own a firearm, you need to be trained. >> they dealt with the tragic reality of this shooting. they were recalling him saying the relationship between father and son was strong. >> they had a really close bond. >> courtney williams heard about stuffed animals out front. time. >> like a little brother is how
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>> and if a criminal charge is going to be had. >> and mother mistakenly shot her daughter thinking she was an intruder. mike: a man was shot dead, a suspect in a couple of robberies. brian hamrick spoke with the cincinnati police chief about the shooting. reporter: they said this was a justified shooting. >> get your hands up.
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reporter: ending in the worst way. it all began at the walgreens. the man is seen on security camera demanding money. leaves, the clerk calls >> and thank god. >> more security camera video seen. >> i thought he was trying to find his money and he pulled a gun on me. >> this is what they see as they encounter the suspect. police say he was unwilling to comply. he reaches in his jacket and
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the suspect is a man with a long arrest history who is carrying this gun but officers did not know that it was a bb gun. the mayor and chief isaacs say the officers were well within their training. i talked to the brother of robert today. he tells me robert had cancer and a history of addiction. the family feels bad for everyone involved. mike: both officers involved hired back in 2014. harmon previously worked at veterans affairs and has 14 years experience with uc police. sheree: the trial is underway for a man accused of shooting his estranged wife and another man to death. accused of shooting his wife and her friend to death back in july
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down mulligan road. a witness testified she was the first one at the scene. she found him on the ground with self-inflicted gunshot wounds. >> he said i killed my wife. you did what? you kill your wife? he said yes, i shot my wife and i shot the homewrecker. sheree: the trial will resume tomorrow morning. mike: the reward for information about patrick wolter man is raised. he fell to the first floor back into the basement. the fire has been ruled arson. sheree: a family of four killed in an explosion at a home near
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when firefighters arrived, they saw flames shooting from home. the daughters were found on the first floor. officials are still looking for the cause of this explosion. mike: a suicide bomber detonated a bomb this morning. eight of those killed or german tourists. the suicide bomber claimed in association with isis. 10 american sailors being held. they are being detained on an island in the persian gulf. they had mechanical difficulty and drifted into iranian waters. they were seized by the country' s coast guard. nbc news has learned that iran has agreed to release the
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sheree: powerball pandemonium. $1.5 billion on the line. how much cash you can walk away with. is it possible to buy out the possible combinations? kevin: wind chill hovering. mike: from fire to ice, once consumed by flames and now covered in icicles. they work to fight the fire in those low temps.
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mike: if somebody wins, will the night? to $1.5 billion. it puts the cash option for you at $930 million.
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there are $440 million tickets and no one had the winning numbers. if you wanted to bury every combination, it would take you more than nine years to do it. it was tried one time before back in february of 1992. they tried to corner a 24 million virginia lotto jackpot but the group was only able to purchase 2.4 million of the 7 million combinations before time ran out. the kentucky lottery is now thinking players by giving away free powerball tickets. 1500 tickets will be split evenly tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon. mike: how low will gas go?
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drivers are paying less than $1.75 as oil prices continue to tumble. it could reach one dollar in some states. sheree: leah still has conquered cancer. devon still taking to twitter and instagram to celebrate tonight. the five-year-old has courageously battled cancer with her dad at every step of the way. she was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. and was given a 50-50 chance to survive. mike: the cdc reports to states are reporting widespread flu activity. maryland and north carolina. it includes connecticut, iowa,
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right now, cases are minimal. there is still time to get a flu shot. season peaks around february. sheree: a warning of mandarin oranges sold at walgreens. eight ounce jars of nice brand mandarin origins -- oranges have been recalled after complaints of glass shards are in containers. the are being pulled from shelves nationwide. >> the most accurate forecast. >> the cold is still settling in across the area tonight. over downtown, there is still a biting northwesterly breeze. right now, 20 degrees at the
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wind at 23 miles an hour. we have guests in excess of 40. the strongest winds should continue to slowly relax. temperatures are going to fall very quickly once the sun goes down. the windchill is likely to did to zero and probably even below overnight tonight. make sure you dress in layered as. you can clearly see the arctic cold front. that' s what blew through creating the problem. now all the way through the appalachians, the skies of pretty much cleared. some of the snow fresh. expect temperatures to fall overnight tonight. we are done with snow for a couple days around here. 15 in batesville.
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you do creature way into the 20' s. i expect most of us to have windchill settling in close to zero if not a couple of degrees below. here' s a look at the bigger picture. now the system is pulling away, clear skies are in the way. it connects a day or two around here. here is a look at futurecast. it' s already cleared out a lot of cloud cover. mostly clear skies in place. they will likely be hovering pretty close to zero out there.
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to the bus stop, sin them out the door. tomorrow. we' ll see clouds increasing. us that it won' t be a problem in the next weather system will be a wet weather maker on friday. under mostly clear skies, they could drop to six or seven below zero. s. notice a big jump between tomorrow and thursday. we' re back into the mid-40' s. could see some snow friday night another blast of cold air arrives. mike: into the newsroom,
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two major pileups involving 40 vehicles. drivers have to be careful. continuing to monitor the situation and we will have the latest as it happens. an ohio fugitive since police a selfie. sheree: the personal portrait
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mike: and someone just got a free 6" subway sandwich. just text offers to 782929 to sign up for weekly text offers. and you'll get a free 6-inch sub when you buy a 30-oz.
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sheree: a man on the lam sends a selfie to police. mike: he did not like his mug in the mugshots. he did not like the photos police posted so he snaps one of himself with the message, here is a better photo. >> he is drawing more attention to himself which is going to make it easier for us to locate him. the more attention that this post garners, the more people are going to see it.
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mike: police say he should stop making it worse for himself and just turn himself in. sheree: prosecutors accuse her of helping her son flee to mexico to avoid a probation violation hearing. he was given probation because his parents are rich and the defense argued he was too spoiled to really understand the consequences of his actions. he still in mexico facing extradition. the mother will have to wear an electronic ankle monitor and undergo a mental evaluation. mike: a baby loses its oh when a nurse cuts it off in new mexico. he has battled a number of complications since he and his twin brother were born prematurely. he is currently at the university of new mexico
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nurse accidentally severed his left pinky toe while cutting tape that was holding a knife i.v. >> for me, it' s not enough. much more than that. comment. handing out an over-the-counter. s not something we to be an continue to overdose. sheree: why they are making it
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the eastbound lanes just reopened a few minutes ago. they hoping to open at least some lanes tonight. six people were hurt this morning just before noon today. none of their injuries are life-threatening. this here is sad and stunning. for the second year, they outnumber -- drug deaths outnumber natural deaths. >> they are dispensing the drug that reverses a heroin overdose and doing it without a prescription. reporter: right now, they usually give them narcan on the way to the er. a local pharmacy is making it easier for people like me and
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boxes are being unloaded. they can pick up doses of bna narcan, no prescription needed. >> any family member that has an addicted family member should have this available to them to address an overdose. research says it saves lives. people you probably wouldn' t suspect are addicted to heroin are now. reporter: 137 people died of overdoses in butler county. 108 were heroin related even with the final numbers in, it tops all of 2014.
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>> if we save one person, we' ve done our job. reporter: if your insurance won' t pay for narcan, you can get it for free. >> we recognize a great need in the community with more than 100 people dying last year and didn' t want the availability of narcan to be the barrier. >> some see it as a safety net and would encourage drug use. also new tonight, a heroin hope line. all of the information and direct numbers are on the website. mike: community first pharmacy
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sheree: a mother and two young girls murdered and stabbed to death. the victim' s current boyfriend fought with his ex and both were hospitalized with stab loans. that suspect is in critical condition right now. a west chester family out of their home tonight after a fire. no one was hurt this morning. you see you need to have the fireplaces professionally inspected and cleaned every year. wood-burning fireplaces should have a screen to stop sparks. keep kids and flammable
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and let ashes cool down before you remove them. mike: the cold and snow hammering other parts of the state. the national weather service says visibility could be bad. more of the same. an inch of snow followed by near zero wind chill. they have the most accurate forecast. had some pretty rough weather earlier this afternoon when the arctic cold front blasted its way to the area. comparable to a summertime thunderstorm. it packed a punch with snow and wind. radar is quiet and we are done with the snow through the end of the week around here. let me show you the time lapse of the radar. the snow squall quickly, it is out of here.
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this evening. with gusts close to 40. it is driving the wind chill' digits. below zero. s three in cincinnati. bundle up. mostly clear skies. the when will relax but the problem is the temperatures will plummet as well. i will let you know how close to zero we will end up. sheree: president obama will be delivering his final state of the union tonight. he said it will be nontraditional. we are at the white house tonight. reporter:
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president obama: i want to identify three or four big things we have to focus on. it' proposals. there' s a lot that congress doesn' t want to do. reporter: the president will focus on the long-term challenges facing the nation including climate change. one area the administration says it feels good about, the economy. >> we have made a lot of progress building back from the great depression and we have an opportunity. reporter: the news be of the house has a different take. >> 46 million people are still living in poverty today.
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the country back on track is to elect a republican commander-in-chief. >> this president continues to kick the can down the road. reporter: paul ryan wants a comprehensive plan to defeat isis. mike: sheree: a cincinnati man is there tonight. >> your leadership on this has changed the country. >> i really appreciate that, mr. president. it' s been an honor for me to be involved in this fight. sheree: the first lady invited him to the address. he told us it is an honor to be invited and he is excited for tonight' s experience. >> i have discovered i love being part of something that'
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i value that and i enjoy it. i will continue to use my time and energy to speak up. >> lester holt will break down the local reactions. mike: governor pence will deliver his fourth state of the state address. he' s caught flak as critics argue his religious freedom law will allow discrimination. sheree: matt bevin' s will speak with industry leaders during his first trip outside the state since taking office. kentucky ranks near the top and
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they all have plants in kentucky. mike: seven candidates will hit the main stage thursday for the next debate but big names like carly fiorina and rand paul missed the cut. john kasich will appear in the main event. fiorina expected to take part in the debate with mike huckabee but u.s. senator paul vowed to boycott. >> we have raised $25 million. we will be on the ballot in every state and we just chairs in iowa. it' s a rotten thing to do to try have a chance and don' t. you can read what the candidates are doing for the
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sheree: in may, they will be launching a seasonal service . mike: the reds caravan hits the road. mascots, coaches, players including billy hamilton on the fans that live further away. announcing a few the roads are expanding opening week to include kids opening day. and you have star wars weekend back. that' s all well and good. you' re not over the bengals yet. sheree: i'
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the wound is still fresh. china' s richest man buying an american studio known for blockbusters. mike: buying legendary entertainment will mean more diversity. >> kevin has found his home. sheree: he creates kevin the kidney and how it is helping other families in need.
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we will finally break through sheree: a chinese company is taking over the studio behind jurassic world. mike: the group is buying legendary entertainment. chinese made films grossed about $4 billion, a 70 percent jump
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they want greater distribution to international audiences. he is a ready the owner of amc theaters. >> if you need to make money, you need people to like your movies. chinese films don' t generate enough interest in america to be shown there. chinese movies will have to find ways to entertain american audiences. >> they need to export more hits. sheree: mark zuckerberg facing backlash tonight, posting a picture of his baby girl max. dr. visit, time for vaccines. many parents oppose vaccinating their children. they say he is injecting his infant with disease. other parents are thanking him for protecting his little girl. the company says that the dosage cup is mismarked which could
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the grape and cherry flavored storebrand were sold at nine retailers including cvs, kroger, and dollar general. it is the four ounce bottles. a man in need of a kidney donor took advantage of minnesota snow. >> he carved a kidney with the word donate. >> i am hoping that by doing this, they see this and they at least think about it or think twice about it. >> he was able to get a kidney and is a spokesman for the national kidney foundation. he says you should ask your doctor for a blood or urine test if you'
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kevin: the arctic front blasted squalls and wind in place now. and cold settling and across the ohio valley. snow on the ground and clear skies. and the wind will relax some. the coldest we have been so far is seven. it' s a pretty decent breeze out there on all the glory. they are slowly coming down. we' wind sustained with gusts close to 40. the single digits around three. overnight tonight. it looks quiet through the end
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the wind has been howling today. that was part of the problem. that a true to do some of the white out conditions with a hefty snow squalls moving to the area. the wind is gradually dropping. when move back across parts of indiana and illinois. the wind will relax even further across the area. but it won' t take much of a breeze tonight because with temperatures in the single digits, it will easily feel like it' s around zero or below. it feels like it is to in mason. foreign hamilton. you get the idea, right? frigid one. drop to the teens this evening. the wind will gradually relax i
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remember with the weston northwesterly wind, a reservoir of subzero temperatures. winnipeg, armstrong. this is where the air is coming from. that is the reason why it is nasty cold out there tonight. clear skies tonight should be quiet. a quiet day on wednesday. there may even be a batch of snow that travels north of i 70 into northern ohio. expect plenty of sunshine. get this. highs will jump almost 20 degrees from tomorrow to thursday and that is what will set the stage for the next weather maker.
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although it could be friday night or saturday morning. some of you tonight will drop to zero and even below. cold sunshine around 27. 17 by lunchtime. i set a high of 27 but we will only be in the mid-20' s during the day because temperatures will continue to climb tomorrow night. same story on friday with rain. and another significant blast of cold for the weekend. mike: did you hear the three degrees? sheree: i heard it. mike: did you see the three degrees? [laughter] sheree: still tonight, an outlet to find a lost pet.
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from his performances over the years, the 69-year-old died. sheree: the valentine features others and cream. anything with chocolate, i will take it. these are not official drinks but -- mike: i have a feeling they will be two dollars. sheree: a new app hopes to reconnect families with their lost pet. mike: after you download the
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the system should he ever disappear. if you report your pet is lost, they will search thousands of images online to see if anybody posted about them. >> if you see a dog running loose, you can take a picture and it will posted that way as well. mike: it can send alerts to neighbors and it works in reverse. you can take a photo of the stray and see if anybody is missing it. sheree: ford is one step closer to making sure you don' t have to drive in the snow in the future. the first carmaker to test self driving cars in the snow. they have dubbed the project' s note economy -- snowtonomy.
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sheree: we have a live update on when the highway will reopen. mike: and a teenager mistaken for an intruder and police say he was shot and killed by his dad. reaction from frie our tender turkey breast sandwich... with all white breast meat and no artificial preservatives, it's hard to resist. even for us. you ate all the turkey for our rhode island market! how am i supposed to do quality control
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you work in accounting. the tender turkey breast sandwich,
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>> shots fired. shots fired involving police. mike: a man who tried to rob to stores a shot and killed by cincinnati officers. sheree: what drivers are saying about the scary moments on the highway. more on the pileup is still causing problems in a moment.
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