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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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shutdown for more than eight hours. >> it was basically a total around the orner. t see probably 30 feet in front of you. sheree: tonight, stories from the people who lived through a terrifying few moments. >> it' s the president' address in office. tonight, the local man in the spotlight and who invited him to washington. sheree: and sionara st. louis, the fallout tonight as the rams are headed for life in l.a. wlwt-tv] s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. sheree: violent wreck after wreck, cars and trucks smashing into each other and sliding off the highway. good evening. i' m sheree paolello. mike: thanks for joining us tonight. and i' m mike dardis. it happened in just seconds after a sudden burst of wicked weather. wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa has the latest on the pileup that shut down i-74 for more than 8 hours. eighttammy: i-74 is finally back
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before the highway was shut down from his nine hours, it was chaos. just looking at this mangled mess of big rigs and cars -- >> god was with us. i have a guardian angel. tammy: the feelings are of gratitude. >> in this situation, with as many people and as many vehicles involved, we were very fortunate. tammy: gusts of snow and wind blew in. then the chain reaction crash of 40 vehicles. not how anyone thought they would start their day. >> that semi come by -- he was going so fast. it was the scariest thing i' ve ever seen in my life. tammy: one man' s car slid right under a semi-truck >> there' steel that rolled off and just missed our car. tammy: tow operators braced for the logistical nightmare t say i' ve ever seen one spot. 74 finally opened. not before the trucks and cars had been at a stand still along
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the crash caused holes in the highway crews had to repair. then they threw down salt over icy spots, so this doesn' t happen again overnight. >> as always i would encourage , drivers to because schists this time of year, especially when temperatures are so cold. tammy: six people were rushed to the hospital, but everyone is expected to be ok. something no one here is taking for granted tonight. reporting from west harrison, tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. mike: all right troopers say , even though the big rigs made the cleanup complicated they , actually saved the day because drivers aren' t hurt as often since they sit so much higher than in a passenger car. sheree: snow today. now something different to deal with overnight into the morning. chief meteorologist kevin robinson tells us about the bitter bite we' ll be feeling in the morning. kev? kevin: the first major -- danger
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one. let me show you this time lapse or this is the same snow squall that moved through southeast indiana. skies get really dark over downtown cincinnati. you go to seeing nothing in a matter of seconds. you can imagine what drivers had to get in with on interstate 74 earlier. all right, the cold front is through here and the cold area is beginning to settle in tonight. the winds have also begun to relax. but it does not take much of a breeze when temperatures are teetering with the single digits. 9 and bob hamilton. 11 in mason. 9 in florence. cincinnati holding at 10. windchills, wilmington. zero in springs borough, feels like. i will let you know when we will begin just saw out to the next couple days.
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please wear those gloves and hats, making all the difference. hey, you can stay on top of winter weather with the wlwt weather app. we have current radar as well as severe weather alerts right on your phone. sheree: now to some breaking news out of the west end where , three people were shot. wlwt news 5' s emily wood just got on the scene along linn street. emily, what can you tell us? emily: cincinnati police investigating a triple shooting here at the corner of linn and poplar. this is still an active scene with several police cruisers and police tape still out. this all happened around 8:00 tonight. police say the first victim, a man in his late teens/early was 20' s, found on the sidewalk along linn street, shot in the stomach. he was taken to surgery at ucmc in critical condition. the other two male victims, late teens/early 20' s, walked into
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, with gunshot wounds, one to the back, another to the hand. police did not have a condition for them. no names have been released for the victims or any potential suspects as this is still an active investigation. emily wood, wlwt news 5. mike: all right. from gun violence to immigration to minimum wage, president obama touched on several topics in his final state of the union address in office. wlwt news 5' s aixa diaz reports from washington. aixa: the president centered his speech around four points, the economy, climate change, national security, and politics. >> the president of the united states. aixa: the president into the house chamber for his final state of the union address. president obama: we live in a time of extraordinary change, change reshaping the way we
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planet, our place in the world. aixa: the president touched on domestic issues like making college affordable and strengthening social security. he touted the state of the economy. mesko anyone claiming that america' s economy is improv decline is telling fiction. aixa: the president talked about climate change. president obama: now we have to accelerate the transition away from old dirty or energy sources. ex ago called on congress to take action against terror. president obama: if this congress is serious about when it is war and wants just in the world, authorize the use of military force against isis. aixa: and urged americans to engage in rational constructive debate and fix our politics. president obama: democracy grinds to a halt without a willingness to compromise. or when even basic facts are congested or when we listen only to those who agree with us.
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speech with an optimistic tone, asking people to vote, speak out, and stand up for the weak and vulnerable. aixa diaz in washington. mike: the president is traveling to omaha, nebraska, baton rouge, and indiana. tammy: on the other hand, republicans believe the president missed the chance to speak to congress. about some big issues. >> well, unfortunately, i think it was a missed opporutnity. -- missed opportunity. i would have liked to see the president say he was going to reach out to the elected representatives of the american people of congress and do things for example reduce this $18 trillion debt we have hanging over our heads. tammy: one of the first lady' s special guests tonight was cincinnati native jim obergefell. mike: he was the plaintiff in the u.s. supreme court case legalizing gay marriage. obergefell got an invitation to tonight' s address from oregon senator jeff merkley. he' s one of the lead sponsors of the equality act, working its way through congress. we talked with obergefell tonight on the phone from
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is thankful the president is continuing the fight for lgbtq equality in 2016. >> i' ve discovered i love being part of something that' s bigger and more important than i am, and i can' t give that up. i value that. we' re fighting to include people to me -- people. to me that' s what the united , states is about. it' s about including people, protecting people, treating people equally. mike: obergefell has been keeping busy with speaking engagements and is writing his first book. also in the chamber tonight was rowan county clerk kim davis from kentucky. she was invited by ohio representative jim jordon, who offered her a ticket after hearing she wanted to attend. davis went to jail over her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. sheree: now to a story that' s been developing all day. a 14-year-old shot and killed by his own father who apparently , thought the teenager was someone breaking into their
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right around 6:30 this morning police say a father fired at , what he thought was an intruder, but it was his son georta mack, who was supposed to be on his way to school. mack died at children' s medical center from a bullet wound to the neck. the prosecutor' s office is still looking into if charges will be filed. mike: new developments on breaking news we brought you last night at this time. police tell us the robbery suspect that two cincinnati officer shot and killed in west price phil was not complying with officers' orders. they say robert tenbrink was wanted in two armed robberies. police say tenbrink reached into his jacket and pulled out what appeared to be a gun. it turned out to be a bb gun. the officers involved, andrea harmon and kevin manz, are on leave. a local business owner admits to health care fraud. federal court documents show terry johnson fraudulently billed medicare and medicaid for ambulance transports from his ambulance service.
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for seven years, and medicare and medicaid lost more than $1.4 million. the 42-year-old faces up to 10 years in prison. sheree: a suspected heroin dealer arrested in bond hill after an overdose in clermont county. john wade was arrested on two counts of trafficking heroin and fentanyl. the hamilton county heroin task force identified the 45-year-old as the person who sold a clermont county man a deadly mixture of the two drugs. additional charges could be coming against wade. mike: see ya later st. louis, that' s what the rams football team is saying tonight. nfl owners have voted to allow the rams to move to los angeles. they were based in l.a. from 1946 until 1994, and now they' re going back to play in a new stadium just outside the city. the san diego chargers have been given an option to share the rams new stadium. and if they do not move the , oakland raiders could take that spot. but the nfl has offered both the chargers and raiders $100 million each if they stay and build new stadiums in their
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a bit of a shock tonight and we have been talking about it for a while, but that is a shock to football fans. well trapped in his car as the , water starts rushing in. >> when the water kept filling up, i' m like, i guess this is my time. sheree: the extremely close call. and who saved his life just in time. kevin: we certainly have windchills close to zero tonight. i will let you know how chilly it will be when you wake up on wednesday and when we will begin to thaw out. mike: all right. and powerball giveaway -- where you can get free tickets to be in tomorrow' s $1.5 billion
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wlwt news 5. sheree: a 17-year-old kentucky driver says he is like you to be alive tonight after being trapped for hours in a water-filled car. mike: austin tungate was on his way home when his car flipped into a creek in marion county outside of louisville. >> as i was going, it started spinning, turning. the next thing you know, it just flipped in the creek, and i hit the steering wheel and i guess it knocked me out. mike: this is where austin' s crash happened. he spent nearly eight hours trapped in his car in this creek on highway 49. the 17-year-old regained consciousness to discover water coming through his windows.
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by throughout the early morning on sunday. he would yell, but no one could hear him, and it was too dark car. up, i' m like, i guess this is my it' s my time, and i am probably not going to live to see the next day or probably the next few minutes. so i am just like i' m going to , pray while this is happening. mike: his prayers were answered. two family members found his car. >> my first instinct was to yell back, resting, i am ok, i am ok, just get me out of here. his response was, i' m coming, baby, i' m coming. it was the biggest relief. mike: pieces of his car are still in the creek, and austin knows this story could have ended much differently. >> in my mind, i just cannot believe i lived through this. after looking at the pictures of the car and the wreckage, i' m, like, i had a guardian angel
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when you see that car t know why he crashed. clipped his car, causing him to lose control. he also says it could have just been from the rain. austin walked away from the crash with just some bruises. sheree: developing right now. 10 u.s. navy sailors are being re expected to be transferred to a u.s. ship tomorrow morning. the pentagon says two u.s. boats drifted into iranian waters in the persian gulf after one had mechanical issues. it happened near farsi island. that is where iran operates a military base. iranian leaders assured secretary of state john kerry the sailors would be released. the u.s. is condemning a deadly suicide bomb attack. that happened in instandbul, turkey. 10 people were killed another 15 were injured. tonight isis is claiming , responsibility at officials say that eight of those killed are german tourists. the u.s. state department says. -- says tonight the attack turkey to fight the islamic
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it' s up to $1.5 billion. s a $930 million cash payout. tomorrow the kentucky lottery is , giving out free tickets to thank players. they' tickets in cointreau cities. in our area the lottery handout , will be at the taylor mill remke at 2:00 p.m. sheree: well, snow and cold s been a maryland. so one man is taking the lack of snow into his own hands. walt parker created a snow making machine using an air compressor and a generator. he says he can make several feet of snow just enough for a sledding hill in his backyard. mike: here' s something to look forward to this summer. construction is well underway in mason on king island' s newest attraction. tropical plunge will be a seven-story ride with six different water slides. crews have put up the first
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tropical plunge will be ready for its first rides on may 28. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: after the snow and went earlier today, things have quieted down. looks tranquil for the next couple days before the weather turns more active again for the upcoming weekend. headlines -- windchills near zero to start up in the morning. as the kids had out to the bus stop, make sure they have the hats, gloves, and scarves. they will need all of that. there will not be much went, but it will not matter when temperatures are the between zero and about 5 above. late week rain across the area. another blast of cold air will rival the cold we are experiencing right now once we get into the second half of the weekend. a look over my shoulder, notice
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tonight, not as much as earlier this afternoon. now down to a frigid 10 at the airport. wind chill near zero, at 2. across the radar am a very quiet. the snow is gone to we do not have to worry about that overnight or for wednesday. there is that storm system now in southeast canada last night at this hour, it was back over around des moines. in went from des moines to chicago, detroit, and to southeast canada. it swung a cold front in our direction, and that was responsible with the snow and wind that moved through late morning, early afternoon. now cold and is settling in in its wake. we' re going to have temperatures tomorrow morning very close to zero, and some may managed to drop below. winds tonight across north central and northeastern ohio, still quite blustery. but looking towards the west,
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toward st. louis, winds are basically calm. 8:00 -- 8 above springboro. 8 in mount orab. 5 in batavia. 2 in batesville. a handful of temperatures below zero in the morning. springboro feels like 3 below. wilmington feels like 2. same story for cincinnati. you can follow the pipeline of cold air for the ohio valley across the upper midwest. three below in minneapolis spirit 11 below in winnipeg. all of this cold air kind of thrift in south. fortunately, over the next day or two, we will close the freezer door and stop the cold air from coming south. so for at least a few days, temperatures will moderate. it opens back up again
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weekend. the will be some high clouds tomorrow afternoon and evening. there will also be a batch of snow that will pass by to our north, north of i 70. that will not impact us spirit into thursday, plenty of sunshine. winds turning to the south, so temperatures will likely jump 20 degrees from tomorrow to thursday, meaning we will go from highs about the 20' s tomorrow to back in the low 40' s by the time we get into thursday. into friday, expect a dry start here and most of the day looks dried to it with temperatures warm, ludwick we will begin with rain friday evening. into friday night and saturday, cooler air coming in here at some of that will transition to a little bit of snow. we' re still trying to detail that transition. the weekend will bring more cold. tomorrow, cold, sunshine, 27. that will not happen until late in the afternoon.
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ring the day tomorrow, teens. 17 at lunchtime. s during the afternoon. we will keep climbing once we set climbing tomorrow afternoon to we will climb all the way up to 44 thursday. mid-40' s ride a. rain changing to a little bit of snow friday night, saturday morning. temperatures fall off a cliff begin, and we drop back to the single digits sunday night and early sunday morning at sheree: thank you. big night for eggs they' ve your as they take on depaul at all. mike: george vogel is in next
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george: it' s been a big day for xavier head coach chris mack, and perhaps an even bigger night. welcome back, everyone. earlier today, chris was named the midseason coach of the year by the sporting news. tonight, he could move into second place for wins as a xavier head coach. the musketeers and depaul at the cintas center. freshman edmond sumner on the bench. he did not play, but he could make the next game. trevon bluiett hot early. a career high 24 points. 19 in first half. then it' s myles davis.
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he blew with their. 14 points, seven assists for davis. second half, xavier going inside. xavier in control. nice drive. foul. gets the finish. 84-64. xavier wins. and chris mack passes skip prosser, and only trails pete gillen now on xavier' s all-time wins list. x now 15-1. and won several battles in this one. outscoring depaul 22-8 off turnovers, 28-16 in the paint, and 20-7 at the free throw line. up next for x, a trip to marquette saturday. now to lexington, kentucky, at home against mississippi state. from the wing, jamal murray. kentucky up seven early. murray leads kentucky with 22. here is great passing by kentucky. it would get to the baseline. isaiah briscoe to skal
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u.k. by 8 at half tyler ulis had 21 points, and this nice lob to labissierre. after leading by 20, kentucky hangs on to win it, 80-70 four. miami, 68, kent state eric , 76. washington had 20 for the redhawks, but they fall to oh -- 0-3 in conference play. the bengals have some coaches on the move defensive backs coach vance joseph will be the dolphins new defensive coordinator, and he is taking linebackers coach matt burke with him. also, if the browns and 49ers don' t give hue jackson something concrete in the morning he will , be heading to new york to talk with the giants about their head coaching position. this hit by vontaze burfict on antonio brown sent antonio brown into concussion protocol, but the bengals adam jones has insisted brown was faking the injury. adam did an interview for inside the nfl on showtime, and said he will apologize if brown does not play this weekend.
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,but you know and i know that when saturday get here, all that is going out the window, man. c' mon, man, let' s talk facts , man. he will be cleared friday. >> was it a dirty hit though? >> no. george: a lot of mileage out of that game. it is now the st. louis rams moving to los angeles. the san diego chargers have a one having your option to join the rams in l.a. if not, the raiders can move there. earlier today, it was the raiders and the chargers approved to move to los angeles. now st. louis losing an nfl franchise. mike: what exactly happened? george: i have no idea. i got a call, and the national organization said, hey, man, congratulations. it is a great honor here to do
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marty brenneman won the word in the pastor great company to be in. whoever had anything to do with it, thank you very much. sheree: you are humble, but congratulations.
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make a difference for you. sheree: could be slick in the morning. kevin: it will be a slick or cold start in the area. temperatures will drop close to zero overnight across the area. then we will rebound through the next couple of days. temperatures will keep climbing starting tomorrow. climbing to the mid-40' s, and mid-40' s again on friday with a little bit of rain. then cold again over the weekend. we will be frowning parent mike: thursday and friday, he had me going like this. after that, like this. thank you for watching her the morning team will have the
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