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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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t even comprehend how much you can do with that kind of money. mike: from lucky stores to dreamers -- we' ve got it all, plus tonight' s powerball numbers. sheree: a teenager is shot after a gunman forces his way into a home in west chester. tonight, why police are searching for three people. plus -- >> it was bad. it was really bad. mike: a building up in flames, people trapped, until strangers stop and save the day. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. tonight could be your lucky in just a few minutes, we' have the winning numbers in the $1.5 billion powerball lottery. i' m mike dardis. m sheree paolello. millions of people rushing to their local gas station or quickie mart to purchase a ticket. including us. wlwt new 5' s emily wood is live s luckiest stores.
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emily: we are at the ameristop food mart in villa hills where last year they sold a $1 million winning ticket. people here tonight hoping luck will strike again in the same spot. whether you let the computer pick your numbers or you try selecting your own, the odds of winning are always the same, one in 292 million. but for some reason, the higher the jackpot, the more chances people want to take. >> it' s just been crazy. everybody that comes in -- a lot of people that don' t ever play are playing. emily: ameristop owner paul gabis sold a million dollar ticket last february. his store won $10,000, and ever since, powerball hopefuls say his store is extra lucky. >> there is your winning ticket. >> i like the idea of if i was to hit it, you know, i' d like paul to get the response of
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emily: mike martin has been playing the powerball for 25 years. he' s never won the jackpot but says, if he did, he' d have to spread the wealth. >> you can' t even comprehend how much you can do with that kind of money. you just have to give it away, which is awesome. that' s what -- i' d spend time giving it away. emily: giving to charity was a popular plan for people we talked with but they also had no trouble telling us what they' d like to splurge on with the leftover cash. >> definitely take a vacation, buy a new truck. >> actually i' d like to buy a , home in italy. >> probably get my wife the jaguar she' s always wanted. emily: there are so many options if you are lucky enough to win $1.5 billion. but the real question is, if you win tonight, do you go to work tomorrow?
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sheree: i think there is a resounding no. here they are. powerball numbers -- 8, 27, 34, 4, 19, powerball 10. good luck to you. powerball mania hit a new level today across the bluegrass state. state lottery officials even gave away free tickets today. state officials say they' ve had record ticket sales over the last week since the jackpot has jumped so high, so they decided to spread the potential wealth. locations state-wide with the freebies. >> we wanted to go out and re giving out 1,500 free , powerball plays in four different cities all across the commonwealth to thank the folks who purchased the tickets to and the fact that we' re going to break that tonight. sheree: so a lot of those who received the free tickets went ahead and bought an extra ticket
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mike: in other news police are , searching for three people after a teenager is shot inside his west chester home. wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa is live with how the gunman got inside. tammy? tammy: mike, police have been going inside this house for about seven hours collecting evidence, but investigators have in very to about the investigation and the -- have been very tightlipped about the investigation and the victim' s condition. two suspects busted into this west chester house, then shot an 18-year-old man. after the shooting, police say they jumped into a dark blue mazda with tinted windows. the getaway car was driven by a woman wearing glasses. >> they' re out in the community at large armed and considered dangerous. they' ve already shot one person apparently so we' ll do what we , can to wrap this investigation up. tammy: investigators swarmed the house off the cincinnati columbus road and pisgah drive
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detectives say one of the suspects is around 18 or 19 years old. he was last seen wearing a dark coat and dark hoodie. a home invasion has not been ruled out, but detectives are trying to find out if the victim and suspects knew each other. >> we put broadcasts out for other agencies to look for the vehicle and the suspects now -- and the suspects. now it is as far as piecing everything together to find out where everybody has been. tammy: west chester police department detectives expect to release more information tomorrow morning. reporting live, tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. mike: all right. the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. if you know anything you' re , asked to call west chester police. sheree pump we have some great news about a local army that -- veteran battling for access to a drug he says is keeping him alive. just before christmas, we introduced you to brad giesting. he was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer. he has been traveling back and forth to columbus to participate
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shrinking his tumors. but the drug company, morphotek, stopped the trial, saying it wasn' t working. now, three weeks after our story aired, morphotek tells us giesting is one of three patients who will continue to receive the trial drug until further notice. mike: tomorrow marks a year since a cincinnati man was arrested on terrorism charges. christopher lee cornell was arrested last year after buying two m-15 assault weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. the fbi says the now 21-year-old planned to wage jihad by attacking the u.s. capitol with pipe bombs and shooting government officials. tonight, a federal judge is waiting for the results of a mental evaluation before scheduling a trial date. officials say the report should be done by the end of this month. sheree poppa the woman charged in a florence crash that killed a man and his two grandchildren will remain free on bond. jessica hood was in court today, and entered a not guilty plea to charges of manslaughter and
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back in march, hood' s car hit a group of people as they walked along weaver road. charles napier was killed and so were his 13-month-old twin hood' crash was simply a terrible s trying to deal with it' she has no criminal history, no driving history, no speeding, no reckless driving, nothing so . so this is out of character for her. she' s trying to deal with this the best she can. sheree: the attorney says hood did not go off the road, and he' s seen no evidence she was speeding or distracted. mike: charges will not be filed against the east price hill man who accidentally shot and killed his son. 14-year-old georta mack died after he was shot in the neck inside his home yesterday morning. investigators say his dad shot him thinking he was an intruder. , hamilton county prosecutor joe
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cincinnati police have a victim advocate who is giving grief counseling to the father to help him through this. a guilty plea today from a man accused of growing and trafficking marijuana in warren county. jimmy oakes plead guilty to several felony charges including endangering. back in may of last year, prosecutors say the drug task force found a marijuana grow room in the basement of oakes' morrow home with close to 50 plants. he' ll be sentenced in march. sheree: two men sentenced today for stealing thousands of dollars in gift cards. richard boakye and abama aknova were arrested in february at a kroger in goshen. officers recovered more than 190 gift cards and 81 money orders valued at more than $35,000. the two were sentenced to a year and a half in prison. in florence, police need your help identifying two men who they say passed fake cash at a fast food restaurant. investigators say the two used counterfeit $20 bills to buy food at the arby' s in florence.
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call florence police. mike: happening now, watch out for closures on i-75 in hamilton county. eisenman five north is shut down at mitchell avenue. bridge work is going on. take i-74 to i-275 to get around the closure. everything should reopen by five -- 5:00 tomorrow morning. the closures will continue tomorrow and friday night. sheree: avoiding the 2015 problems we had at the polls last year ohio' s secretary of , state jon husted is focusing on poll worker recruitment for this year' s presidential election. you may remember problems at more than 80% of hamilton county' s precincts in november. most of it stemmed from the new electronic sign in system for voters. husted says his office plans to, not only help local counties recruit workers, but train them , as well. mike: talk about turning the page -- a big day for the hamilton county sheriff' s office.
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during the civil war. these books kept all the records of inmates the crimes they committed and their sentence. this is a hand written ledger book from 1870 at the cincinnati workhouse, or the former jail. all these books have been replaced by computers. sheree poppa people trapped as their building goes up in a ball of fire. >> we didn' t think twice. we just parked the car and boom went inside the house. mike: strangers helping strangers. the heroes who stopped and made all the difference returning. temperatures warming up tonight even though it is still quite cold. sheree: first, the city steals the rams, and now l.a. has something even bigger on its mind. the big dream the city has the upcoming years. mike: and case you missed it, powerball numbers.
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know better sleep with sleep number. mike: caught on camera in boston -- a raging fire ending with a daring rescue. sheree: two men are being called heroes for risking their own life to save the lives of strangers and they never thought , twice about it. the fire was raging in a boston neighborhood, when parts of the burning building fell to the
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still, a firefighter is up on his ladder doing all he can to control the inferno. >> out, out. sheree: he backs down, and firefighters eventually control the flames. >> it was really bad. sheree: even before their fire trucks arrived, two strangers driving by spotted the flames and knew people had to be in trouble. >> we didn' t think twice. we just parked the car and boom went inside the house and just start knocking on windows and doors. we said the house is on fire, everybody out, everybody out. >> i didn' t know nothing. i was inside sleeping. sheree: this woman was up on the third floor, where the fire started, but had no idea the danger she was in until good samaritan rene lucas rang her bell yelling fire. >> thank god. god is so good. >> the fire alarm didn' t go off or nothing. sheree: amber amado' s son and daughter were alone on the second floor. they, too, had no idea.
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sheree: it was a frantic scramble, but rene was able to alert the four people inside who -- still inside, who now credit him with saving their lives. >> i guess we all got lucky tonight. we all lucky tonight. sheree: an eight-year-old and a 16-year-old were among those who escaped the flames. one firefighter suffered minor burns but should fully recover. the e. coli nightmare could be ending soon for chipotle. today, the company' s ceo says the chain is hopeful the center for disease control and prevention will soon declare the e. coli outbreak over for the restaurant chain. it started in october and has infected dozens of people in nine states, including a customer in akron, ohio. chipotle says its taking extra steps to make sure its food is safe. mike: today, u.s. defense secretary ashton carter spoke to soldiers at fort campbell about national security. the president' s state of the reiterating the nation'
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defenses are strong. he also thanked the soldiers for their role in protecting the u.s. at home and around the world. >> security is like oxygen. when people have enough of it, they tend to pay no attention to it. but when they don' t have enough, it' s all they can think of. you provide that oxygen, not only for the people of the united states, but in many cases, for people around the world. mike: about 1800 soldiers from the post will deploy this year to iraq and kuwait. the soldiers are expected to be deployed for about nine months. sheree: just one day after the nfl abandoned st. louis, the city' s mayor is making it clear tonight he won' t try to bring pro-football back. tonight, many rams fans are still reeling after nfl owners voted to allow the team to go to los angeles. mayor francis slay called it a short-term blow to the city but
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m so frustrated and disappointed with the nfl. why would anybody want to in any way entertain any suggestions from the nfl after the way they dealt with st. louis here? sheree: as for l.a., the new stadium in inglewood could be ready for more than football. just today, there' s already talks about a bid for the 2024 olympics. leaders say they are excited about the prospect of adding the soon-to-be-built stadium to a list of possible venues. mike: if these people win, you will see a lot of this kind of thing. there are plenty of people out there combining their money to get as many powerball tickets as possible. one group in tampa might be the largest. according to the tampa bay times, two men organized a pool with about 270 people, who each put in a minimum of $500. they collected when hundred
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tickets. the group' s odds of winning are just over one in 4,000. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: let' s talk about the headlines heading into the second half of the week and our upcoming weekend. some changes, a little -- a roller coaster ride on the way. temperatures are still below freezing for many of us. some late week rain friday evening before more cold slips in just in time for the upcoming weekend, it seems. but look at all this red spreading across the ohio valley. this is showing much warmer air beginning to work its way and tonight. for many of us, temperatures are 15 to 20 degrees warmer than last night at this same time. the difference between today and tomorrow kobe the fact that temperatures will be about 20 degrees warmer.
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down. breeze. temperatures have been climbing, but it still feels pretty cold at 25, springboro. 26 in batavia. everybody else around 27. cincinnati, florence, warsaw, s. windchills hovering close to 20. feels like 19 in cincinnati. a cold 14 in wilmington. like. although temperatures are much warmer, it is offset by the fact we still have a little bit of a breeze, but at least it is a warm breeze out of the south. temperatures will continue climbing through the night. 27 at the airport right now with a southwesterly breeze. s talk about what else is happening tonight we' re the good news is that the southwesterly winds will continue to blow it combined with center tomorrow,
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i do not expect problems overnight tonight. across the area. as we look of the weather map, here is what is happening tonight. we have a warm front building its way towards the ohio valley. behind that, there is much area. tonight, clouds to contend with your we will probably have clouds to start thursday before things get brighter. futurecast shows overnight tonight, quiet and tomorrow starts with clouds. then we break out introduce at the afternoon. into thursday night, expect partly cloudy skies. right now, looks like we will cloud up overnight thursday into friday. after lunchtime on friday, i expect rain to move into the area. it looks damp friday evening and friday night. this will get out of here. it looks like a lot of the
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out of here before the colder air spills and late friday night, saturday morning here at i will not rule out a flurry or two early saturday morning. it is about a temperature decline this weekend. likely to slide back into the deep freeze by sunday afternoon. 25 is the low tonight. we' re climbing now. we have already at our low overnight to her, mostly sunny, up to 47. 33. some of you will start tomorrow morning already above freezing. that would be a nice treat compared to this morning. 40' s by afternoon. seven day forecast -- 46 with rain on friday. declining over the weekend. saturday is the warmest day of the weekend p whatever it is fall off a cliff saturday night into sunday. back into the single digits for a very cold mlk on monday. highs barely getting out of the teens early next week. sheree: thank you. rachel, monica, phoebe, joey,
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for you -- again. mike: nice job. friends fans can' t be more excited. george is a big fan of rachel, by the way. nbc tweeted out today that the friends television cast will be reunited, but not for a reunion special. the cast will be part of a two-hour tribute to director james burrows that will air in february. she is in her mid-to-upper 40' s though, jennifer aniston. sheree: what? mike: just kidding. he went from the bengals sideline to taking the top job in cleveland. sheree poppa tonight, we hear
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you have an infection. ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. george: the bearcats were back at home taking on a pretty good team from houston. welcome back, everyone. the bearcats and houston had met 27 previous times. uc had won 26 of those. history on the cats side. billy hamilton in attendance. clark with a team high of six assists. troy, 0 of 10 in the field. ellis helping him out.
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s. the cats with the biggest lead to johnson led uc with 15. and never 22 -- number 22. us c wins it. >> they made their little run at us ended up better job, and we made a run back at them. the last couple games, we held on for dear life. this was the first time we had an offensive run right back and pushed it back out. george: larry taking over the media duties for the head coach tonight. elsewhere, ohio state had six guys in double figures. the buckeyes blast rutgers, the bengals offensive 94-68. coordinator has gone to the dawgs. hugh jackson took the head coaching job in cleveland. he appeared to have other opportunities, and the browns have struggled mightily, so why cleveland? >> i think i can
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pretty well. this feeling i had after meeting with this group was different then the feelings i had after meeting and talking with others. so to me, it was a no-brainer. george: there were reports today that he wanted nothing to do with cleveland quarterback johnny manziel and that the browns agreed and would ship manziel out, but hue said tonight he would give everybody a chance. the big 12 does not have to expand to hold a conference championship game in football. a proposal was adopted today , and while it does not mean the big 12 will not expand, it certainly takes away a big incentive. the thomas more women took the floor looking to keep an undefeated season going. the saints hosting geneva. sydney moss finds nikki kiernan. she leads the saints with 22. then off the inbounds. it' s moss. she fires the triple. 91-45. thomas more is now 13-0. at newport high school, they were ready for a battle with
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the thoroughbreds getting some good play from brennan hall. he fires from the levee. we had a close game in the first half. we saw hall from long range. the lay-up. newcath blows it open in the second half, winning 82-42. the cyclones fall on the ice tonight, 4-1. mike: i am not saying we did not win powerball yet but we do know that there was at least one winner tonight.
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sheree: well, it is [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sheree: now to our top stories -- the record-breaking $1.5 billion powerball jackpot has been drawn. and we have just learned there' s at least one winning ticket out there -- sold in california. but there could be more. so here are the numbers again -- 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and the powerball number is 10. mike: a shooting investigation tonight in west chester. police say an 18 year old man was shot when two men entered his home along north pisgah
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afternoon. officers say one of the men shot the victim. he was taken to west chester hospital. no word on his current condition. officers are still looking for the two suspects along with a woman that drove the get-away car. sheree: going to be cold tomorrow morning but not nearly as cold as this morning. kevin: we will see things warm up over the next couple of days. it is a brief thaw, because we' re heading back into the deep freeze early next week or tomorrow, temperatures jumping about 20 degrees. then tumbling back into the deep freeze over the weekend with single digits expected early next week. looks like it will be cold again, but at least we get a respite the next day or so. mike: thank you for watching. again, one winner at least, the
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