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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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mark: the numbers are in and we have a winner. where the winners for the record-shattering powerball tickets. lisa: a manhunt underway in west a shooting. the latest on the victim and what police know about the suspects. mark: and breaking this morning, a ripley officer is air-lifted to u.c. medical center. what we know of his injuries and the search for the suspect. >> >> from cincinnati'
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mark: good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. i am mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. this morning' s headlines are straight ahead. but first, a check of the weather with wlwt news 5 meteorologist randi rico. mark: it is a non-winning lottery day. randi: the numbers on my map are winners for all of us, so we can share the wealth of warmth. temperatures generally are in the 20' s, and have you ever gone outside and said, it is warm when it is 28 degrees? 26 springboro, 22 wilmington. for most of us, if you knock the two off, that was where we were yesterday, in the single-digit. big-time improvement today. a.m., we are sitting near 30.
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at 41, and how about 47 degrees for our high. enjoy the warm up, but it is a roller coaster ride over the next seven days. we have temperatures falling, and i will take a look at that coming up. mark: thank you. we' re following breaking news out of brown county this morning, where an officer has been injured. lisa: he was rushed to u.c. medical center by medical helicopter and a search is ongoing for a suspect. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is at the live alert desk with what we know so far. andrew: we know the officer is apparently facing some pretty serious injuries. and the person responsible for it apparently took his gun and is still on the loose this morning. this happened around 10:45 last night. a five-month veteran approached a man on 52 in downtown ripley. apparently this was someone he wanted to talk to about an incident that happened earlier in the night. he has been identified as kyle moore. after some time, dispatch had no
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and sent other cops to the scene. they found him down with injuries to the head and face. we don' t believe he was shot, possibly beaten. his handgun was missing, but his cruiser was still there. that officer was airlifted to uc medical center. we don' t know his condition yet. the suspect was not on the scene. police have just released his name, kyle moore, he is 26 years old. police have been searching the area for him. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: developing now in westchester, police are expected to release more information this morning after a teen was shot yesterday afternoon. police say two male suspects went inside a house and one of them shot an 18-year-old. investigators say one of the suspects is also around 18 or 19-years-old. he was last seen wearing a dark coat with a dark hoodie underneath. they say the suspects were with a woman who was wearing glasses. detectives believe the woman drove them away in a dark blue mazda with tinted windows. neighbors say the area is
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mark: well the big powerball , jackpot may not be going to anybody here in the greater cincinnati area, but that doesn' t mean some locals in kentucky didn' t get a little lucky. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is in the studio now with more on some small-time winners. dan: it was not me. and it' s only small-time compared to 1.6 billion which is what the ap is reporting as the jackpot now being split three ways. three jackpot-winning tickets were sold in florida, tennessee and california. those winners will split the jackpot. and they can choose either annual payments over decades or a lump-sum cash payout. those winners aren' t the only ones celebrating. in kentucky, three tickets matched all 5 white ball numbers , meaning there are three new millionaires in the commonwealth. there were also five $50,000 prize winners. the locations haven' t been
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and here are those powerball numbers. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and powerball number is 10. this was the 20th drawing in that jackpot run. it shattered world records, and now the jackpot falls to a meeting me -- measly $40. lisa: the better business bureau is issuing a warning. about the big lottery drawing. the ohio bureau of the bbb says. it expects scammers to try to trick people into thinking they won smaller prizes reaching out , to people by email, phone, or mail. the bbb says it has happened before so they want to warn you , ahead of time. to pay upfront fees. just a reminder the lottery about a jackpot. mark: the jackpot is almost three times bigger than the previous record-holder. a $656 million mega millions jackpot was split by three people in march 2012. the largest single winner was
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2013. the 84-year-old great grandmother won after another lottery player let her cut in front and buy tickets. lisa: i am sure that never happens again. mark: she never returned to her small duplex across from a cow pasture, instead buying a nearly $1.2 million home. no surprise there. lisa: not at all. more stats on previous powerball wins. americans in the 43 states where lotteries are legal spent a whopping $70 billion on lotto games in 2014. the states with the highest spenders -- rhode island and south dakota where on average, people spend $800 a year. we' ' re leading the way on, with more powerball coverage. including the lottery office pools gone terribly wrong, and the luckiest numbers to play. mark: i have got to be honest, i did not want all the problems with all the money.
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4:36 right now the republican , presidential candidates face off in the first debate of the year tonight and their sixth on , in 2016 presidential race. lisa: wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with a preview. miriah: good morning, the main debate is slowly decreasing as we near february' s republican nomination. the debate is being hosted by fox business network. and will focus on economic, domestic and international policy issues. the candidates chosen for the seven main debate are, donald trump, senator ted cruz, senator marco rubio, ben carson, governor chris christie, jeb bush and our own governor john kasich. carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum will all be in the so-called undercard debate which takes place earlier in the evening. senator rand paul who also did , not qualify for the main debate has vowed to boycott the event. the debate will be held at the north charleston coliseum and performing arts center in north
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the undercard debate begins at 6 6:00 -- 6:00 and the made debate will follow at 9:00. iowa' s caucus is set for february first. from the live alert desk i' m miriah turner. lisa: as for the democratic candidates, they will debate for the fourth time this weekend. nbc news is hosting the debate in charleston south carolina. nightly news anchor lester holt is the moderator. the debate airs right here on wlwt starting at 9:00 right before news five at 11:00. mark: let' s get another check on your forecast with wlwt news 5 meteorologist randi rico. we hit the jackpot with these warm temperatures. randi: sharing the wealth with everyone. hamilton, 22 degrees, loveland, 25. the wind is fairly light, so most places not recording a wind chill. it does feel like 11
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as we take a look at the forecast, bundle the kids up. you do not need to make sure they have just a little window for their eyes and that is it, like yesterday, not nearly as cold. the temperature all the way up to 46 degrees with sunny skies, enjoy it today and tomorrow because our temperatures do come crashing down again once you can let' s check the roads. icy roads. kyla: it did feel warm when i stepped outside, honestly, so feeling the improvement. as you had outside, certainly seeing greater conditions than we were dealing with a couple of days ago. 74 at 275, we have reported
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northbound to 74 west so they have close that ramp. hopefully it will not remain there too long. 75 at mitchell, traffic completely reopened after overnight construction, and over on 71, things look great. if you are having to warren county, all lanes are clear. lisa: thank you. a proposed new law in ohio to protect your pet. mark: how lawmakers are looking
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miriah: a live look at the radisson all lit up in green. we will check in with randy for someone your forecast. trending this morning, amazon offering deep discounts to selected members. mark: joining us now. miriah: it is not for all the members. it is more for the gamers. amazon prime members who are big into gaming can now get up to 20% off the cost of new video games.
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are ship to be delivered on release day. it is worth noting that best buy also has a gamers club that offers 20% off games for just $30 every two years, as opposed to $99 a year. apple digital assistant is adding to her list talents, on top of knowing everything. siri canal drop a sick beat. when people ask her to beatbox, she starts doing it. ask her. a group of first graders in minnesota wrote letters to cheer up one of their favorite local sports favorites. blair walsh missed what would' ve been a game-winning field goal
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him they knew he tried his best, and one student shared that she and her dad cried for the loss the kick. very sweet. empathy. lisa: i love it. i think a couple students should bengals. mark: it was such a bad ending to that game because he played so well leading up to it. he had kicked three amazing field goals. lisa: it is all about the thread. mark: laces out, marino. lisa: even i know that.
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s. by and large, a lot of people getting out side and training for races. the last couple of days may not have been inspiring you to get outside, but today it should be better. if you want to head out early, not too cold, about 29 degrees. at noon, watch out for a lot more puddles because what was snow-covered will turn into wet pavement. at 5:00, feeling good, 47 degrees, not bad for january. mark: he went from the bengal sideline to taking the top job in cleveland. lisa : moore for hue jackson and his team of north. >> the bearcats were back at home, taking on a team from houston. the cats and houston, let' s say the cats have history on their side.
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tree -- 27 previous times against houston. carlos dunlap of the bengals is checking out the game. cobb connects, six assists, and you see up 14. octavius ellis, 13 points and 13 rebounds. then kevin johnson hitting back-to-back threes, the cats waitin g by 16. johnson, the high point man with 50. uc wins 78-59. >> they made a run at us, and then at the last minute he made a run agains t them. this is the first time we have made an offense of run against
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elsewhere, ohio state has these guys in double @ figures. bengals offense of coordinator hu e jackson has gone to the dogs, taking a head coaching job in cleveland. he appeared to have other opportunities, and the browns have struggled mightily, so why cleveland? >> i think i can judge people pretty well , and the feeling i had after meeting with this group was different than the feelings i had after meeting and talking with others. so to me, it was a no-brainer. >> there were reports that he wanted nothing to do with cleveland quarterback johnny manziel, and the browns agreed and which ship him out, but hue said last night he would give everybody a chance. the big 12 does not have to expand the conference game in a football. the proposal was
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, and this certainly takes away a big incentive. the thomas mor e women went to the floor, looking to keep an undefeated season going. moss fining kiernan. -- mos s finding kiernan. moss fires for three and connects. 91-45, thomas more 14-0. at newport high school, they were ready for the battle of newport, newport new @ cast. we had a close game in the first half. there he is, driving the baseline, laying it in. new cast blows it open , 82-42. on the ice last night, the cyclones faulty for rain, 4-1. college basketball , and k action as are the louisville carnival
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mark: taking a live look outside this morning, 4:49. a much milder start to the day. when george says everyone will get a chance in cleveland, i do not think that includes johnny manziel. i do not think he cares. lisa: so many good things he has had so far. randi: i am excited for the browns. if you take a look at the forecast, we are looking at a thursday thaw. sunshine, milder air today, and a lot of melting snow, looking for temperatures
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some spots in kentucky may make it up to 50. this morning, it is a balmy 28. 26 right now in springboro, 22 in hamilton. 28 right now and walton. we have clear skies all across greater cincinnati. plan on a good bit of sunshine across the daytime hours today, and clouds will' s holy -- slowly stream in. there' s a bit of a wind, but it is out of the southwest. it feels like 20 at the moment, but those temperatures will fall -- will rise into the afternoon. at noon, all the way up to 41, great for january, 47 by 3:00. futurecast shows sunny skies for us today. we will slowly watch the clouds
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morning, but even friday morning does not start out too bad. as you get into lunchtime tomorrow, gray gloomy skies as the rain starts to approach. plan on friday night being wet, and the system rolls out with maybe a stray flurry on the back and, but for most folks it will just rain friday night and be gone saturday morning. tonight, dipping to 36. rain in the afternoon and evening on friday. saturday, maybe a stray flurry. we will be in the low teens by the afternoon. mark: today marks a year since a cincinnati man was arrested on terrorism charges. christopher cornell was arrested last year, after buying two m-15 assault weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. the fbi said the now 21-year-old, planned to wage jihad by attacking the u.s. capitol with pipe bombs, and shooting government officials. a federal judge is now waiting
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evaluation, before scheduling a trial date. officials say the report should be done by the end of this month. lisa: in florence, police need your help identifying two men who they say passed fake cash at a fast food restaurant. investigators say, the two used counterfeit $20 bills to buy food at the arby' s in florence. if you recognize either of the two, call florence police. 4:53 right now. a big day for the hamilton s office. they finally retired their ledger books they started using during the civil war. these books kept all the records of inmates, the crimes they committed, and their sentence. this is a hand written ledger book from 1870 at the cincinnati workhouse, or the former jail. all these books have been replaced by computers. mark: a new proposal to protect animals in the bitter cold temperatures, it would make it illegal to tether dogs outside
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some cities in ohio have their own laws on the issue but for now, it is not illegal. >> cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. randi: we are in the upper 20' s, but it seems warm compared to the last couple of days. we will get all the way up to 47, tons of sunshine expected. a good bit of snow melting going on by lunchtime, 41. only dipping to 36 tonight, and tomorrow, there is rain in the forecast, generally in the late afternoon and evening. expect a soggy evening. if you take a look toward the rest of the weekend, temperatures on saturday on the cooler side. we will generally be in the 30' s.
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whether-wise, wind and flurries. temperature-wise, the same place we were yesterday, but add in gusty wind and flurries, making temperatures feel like single digits on sunday. kyla: as we head out on this thursday morning, that travel times off to a really clear start. 18 minutes on 74. the ramp closure we had at 275 has reopened. 17 minutes on 71 out of warren county. and that is the case all the way into downtown cincinnati. lisa: 4:55, we are checking some stories trending this morning. mark: two waffle house employees were fired in arkansas after a customer posted video of them violating the health code in a big way. those employees were actually using a kitchen pot to treat one
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s hair. antonio robinson shot one of the videos. he says it all happened just feet in front of him where waffle house workers prepare and serve food. the waffle house corporate office initiated a full investigation before firing the two women straining their hair in the kitchen. lisa: all of these trends stories give me a chuckle. u.s. border patrol officers and shipment hidden in a batch of fresh carrots. authorities admit these drug smugglers were pretty creative and this attempt, but they were no match for the alert border patrol officers and their canine team. investigators found nearly 3000 carrot-shaped marijuana packages hidden among the real thing. the drugs have a street value of nearly half a million dollars. mark: a dog who has gone viral is ready for his moment in the spotlight.
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hilarious smile-on-command. the rescued pup has plenty to smile about. he is going up for adoption soon. the pooch' s pearly whites have already earned the video over 12 million views on facebook. lisa: i think that little dog may have had one of those carrots. mark: he is in a commercial where he opens his mouth and just smiles. that is awesome. when we continue this morning, we will know which movies were
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