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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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s first television station, this is news 5 at noon. lisa: now on news 5 at noon, several people woke up rich. though no one won the jackpot here, several high dollar tickets were sold in our area. who won, and where. mark: developing now, a shooting in west chester has now turned into a homicide, after a teenager shot dies from his injuries. what we' re learning about both the victim and the suspects. lisa: but first, the search is on for the suspect who beat up a police officer, sending him to the hospital. why authorities are also
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service weapon. we just got a photo of the suspect wanted in the alleged assault. he' s 26-year-old kyle moore. that officer is now recovering from a broken jaw and broken nose. i'm lisa cooney. mark: and i'm mark hayes. officer john amole was assaulted while confronting the suspect in ripley just before 11:00 last night. wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick has more on this story you saw first on wlwt. brian: a lot of concern here in ripley this morning. the man suspected of attacking an officer still on the run, and it' s believed he has that officer' s gun. schools are on alert, the community building was locked. may have been gettin they have been getting a number of calls. this is the cruiser ripley officer john amole was driving last night. they brought it here to the police station. it'
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here' investigators say kyle moore got into an altercation with his girlfriend. police responded. amole caught up with him along route 52. @cccccccccc c @cc airlifted. he has been released @ccccccc from the hospital and is ccccccccc@ cc head injuries and a broken jaw. @ccccccccccccccccccccccccc cc s gun. ccccccccccccc @cc@ g like this. @cccccccccc d cccccc @c pull the trigger on john, we just need to catch him and get s the latest this morning. moore is believed to have snatched a purse at the dairy yum yum, a local restaurant,
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night. he took off. they have been getting calls on this man, but as of now, he is still on the loose. live, brian hamrick, wlwt, news 5. mark: authorities say the injured officer remebers some of the altercation and has been helping with the investigation and search for the suspect. lisa: a teen shot inside his home in west chester has been identified as 18-year-old tyler kassow. this noon, his killer and two -- this noon, it wlwt news 5' s is suspect is in custody. karin johnson joins us live from west chester with the very latest on the investigation. karin: there has been one arrest. jason cook is in custody, charged with complicity to aggravated burglary and murder. @ccccc victim, relatives tell me 18-year-old tyler kassow @cc anything for anyone.
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honors student. he had just graduated from lakota west this past year and cccc out what he wanted to do next. but his life was cut short when police say two young men entered the home where tyler lived with @c his mother here in west chester. c one of those guys shot and c killed tyler. @cccc i' m told tyler' s girlfriend was c also in the house when he was @c@ shot. cccccccccc police say the suspects then cc took off in a dark blue mazda @cc protege with tinted windows. ccccccc they say a young woman with dark c hair and glasses was also with c them. @cccccccccccccccccccccccc one of those three, jason cook, has been arrested. police still haven' t commented on a possible motive. it' s also not clear whether tyler knew the suspects. the very latest. live in west chester, karin johnson, wlwt news 5. lisa: thanks for the update. time to check the weather. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner has cincinnati' s most accurate the sunshine is great. miriah: the cold temperatures are on their way out.
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s. you can see some high-level clouds. you can see the american flag blowing. milder air is making its way into the area. we will be about 10 degrees warmer than the average high. upper 40' s today. it will be comfortable for the rest of the week. plenty of sunshine. class will be increasing overnight. more clouds friday. temperatures take a tumble into the weekend. more on that next. >> i actually got home from work, checked the numbers online had no idea that it was that big of a prize . >> what time was that? >> it was about 2:30 thi s morning. >> how much have you slept? >> i haven't. mark: who could blame her? no jackpot winners, here in our area. but there were still some big winners.
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million dollars. wlwt news 5' s natalie clark is live in walton, where that winning ticket was bought, natalie? natalie: good afternoon. the winner was not me. it was a woman named linda windy. this is the machine where she bought that powerball ticket. she plays the lottery weekly. this week she bought three powerball tickets. she is from upstate new york. she is living with family in southern ohio and working a temporar y job at ebay. she says she got home from work around 2:30 in the morning, got online, checked her numbers , and couldn' t believe what she saw. she woke up all of her family. she has three children. she says she was completely @c shocked. @cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc and so is the person who sold it
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we kind of had a thought that it was her when she came in and said that it was over the $600. cccccccccccc the only other option was that @cc@ we thought it either had to be @cc the $50 or the million dollars. >> did this money come at a good time? >> yeah, perfect. >> in what way ? >> well i was done here visiting because i was having a hard time in new york. >> can you elaborate on what you were having trouble with? >> a lot of financial trouble. natalie: amber says she has worked here for more than a decade and has never seen a winner this big. she says this is a lucky machine. from this machine, there was a $40,000 scratch off winner this year as well. i' m going to get busy and buy some lottery tickets. hopefully i will get lucky myself. lisa:
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mark: as for that record breaking jackpot, it will have to be split three ways. lisa: those winning tickets were california jennifer bjorklund spent the night at an all night party at a california 7-eleven, where one of the tickets was jennifer: they didn' t seem to matter, they were sooooo close. and so happy for the holder of that winning ticket that came out of this machine. >> i am very happy. i am very excited and very proud that we sold that much money. jennifer: it was a party inside the store. the owner showed up and got caught up in the glee of it all. >> it was so joyful. i am so thankful to my customer that they come here. jennifer: and he gets a million dollars' commission half of which goes to 7-eleven corporate, the rest he says he' ll share with his employees. winning tickets were also sold in melbourne, florida and munford, tennessee. the jackpot, nearly $1.6 billion. that' s roughly $530 million each
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option, before taxes. s a reason to feel a chunk of your money went to help local students. in kentucky, 27 cents of every dollar sold for a state lotto game is set to go toward in ohio, it' there are a variety of ways the money helps, including scholarships for college students like sarah duncan, who >> it' they' re actually helping out with people like me to be able to actually go to college. so without that i probably wouldn' t be able to afford it. lisa: reports say this last jackpot brought in about 600 million dollars for education spending for the states that have powerball. mark: closing arguments have just wrapped up in a northern kentucky double murder trial. shaun hiles is accused of shooting his wife and her friend larry whiteker to death in july of 2014 as they drove down mulligan road in dry ridge. the defense didn' t bring any witnesses to the stand and has
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the jury is now deliberating. the prosecutor says hiles had separated from his wife a week before the killings. lisa: we are learning a 20-year-old from cincinnati is among the 3 american women killed in a bus crash in honduras. according to nbc news, olivia erhardt was a student at columbia and was in honduras on a volunteer humanitarian mission. her family says her love for lab tech work came after a summer internship at cincinnati children' s hospital. reports say erhardt was hours away from flying home before her bus driver went off the road. investigators believe there may have been a mechanical problem before the crash. the college has since released a " for now, we join with all members of our community in mourning daniella, olivia, and abigail, and send our deepest friends, and colleagues." other columbia students were also injured in the accident. mark: a step forward for the s
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they finally retired their ledger books they started using during the civil war. these books kept all the records of inmates, the crimes they committed, and their sentence. this is a hand written ledger book from 1870 at the cincinnati workhouse, or the former jail. now all these books have been replaced by computers. lisa: not all republican happy about tonight' s debate. mistake' to leave him off the mainstage and his argument to be included. lisa: and health news. a whooping cough warning. the local communities seeing cases of the illness and what the health department says can help. miriah: we are enjoying a thursday thaw. s. colder.
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>> you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. leading the way. >> i think the republican party, the media, they' re making a big mistake by you know, pushing me out of the debate because i think i have a different voice, a unique voice in the party, and it' s a mistake to really not
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think the polls, even the polls they say they were using, actually we meet their criteria. lisa: senator rand paul, speaking out after not being included in the latest republican presidential debate. senator paul aksed party leaders to include him after a new poll in iowa. seven candidates will debate on the main stage tonight. hosted by fox business network, it will focus on economic, domestic and international policy issues. the debate will be held at the north charleston coliseum and performing arts center in north charleston, south carolina. as for the democratic candidates, they will debate for the 4th time this weekend. nbc news is hosting the debate in charleston, south carolina. nightly news anchor lester holt is the moderator. the debate airs right here on wlwt starting at 9:00, right before news 5 at 11:00. mark: allegations of a cover-up in the water crisis in flint, tests show the city' s water was contaminated with dangerously high levels of lead for nearly two years. now many question how long
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the toxic water before they revealed the truth. one researcher claims the state altered data to make the water seem safer by eliminating tests from homes with toxic levels of lead. >> in essence the state took an f grade for flint water' s report on lead and made it into an a grade. s office in eastern michigan is investigating the water crisis. flint switched to detroit water in october but since there are still concerns the national guard is providing fresh water to residents. lisa: the e-coli nightmare could be ending soon for chipotle. the company' s ceo says the chain is hopeful the center for disease control and prevention will soon declare the e-coli outbreak over for the restaurant chain. it started in october and has infected dozens of people in 9 states including a customer in akron, ohio. chipotle says it' s taking extra steps to make sure its food is safe.
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former backstreet boy nick carter reportedly spent time in a florida jail wednesday. the online celebrity gossip site, tmz, is reporting that carter was taken into custody after being involved in some kind of scuffle inside the bar. it' s unclear if he is still in jail or has since bonded out. mark: new resources for the university of cincinnati will u.c.' s public safety department from the state' s attorney general. the money will be used to provide an on-campus location for medical exams for victims, and expand support services for victims at u.c. last year u.c. created a special investigation unit, dedicated to investigating and responding to incidents of sexual assault. lisa: a warning this afternoon about whooping cough. northern kentucky has had 73 cases reported since november first. that' s seven times more than during the same time frame last year. health officials say we have not seen numbers this high since
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a majority of cases are in children 10 to 17 years old. whooping cough is a highly contagious respiratory disease. the health department offers adults a free t-dap booster and children may also be eligible for a free vaccine. mark: ohio lawmakers are considering a new proposal to protect animals in bitter cold temperatures. the proposed law would make it illegal to tether dogs outside during extreme weather conditions. some townships and cities in ohio already have laws on the issue but for now it' s not illegal. as it stands now in ohio if a dog has a shelter and is healthy it can be tethered outside in any weather conditions. lisa: we will not be seeing those extreme cold conditions. miriah: we have some rain arriving tomorrow.
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sunshine today. much milder. upper 40' s. plenty of the viewing area. these are high-level clouds. start to see clouds building ahead of a cold front that will bring our temperatures down. region. this cold front approaches on friday and moves through friday evening. colder air for the beginning of next week. 27 degrees warmer already compared to where we were this time 24 hours ago. if you didn' t get any shoveling done, it' s not looking like you are going to have to. a lot of that snow will melt today. 40 springboro.
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almost 50 degrees this afternoon with plenty of sunshine. very comfortable for january standards. feeling like 39 degrees outside. still on the cooler side. better than where we have been. lots of sunshine this afternoon. milder conditions throughout the afternoon. as we head into the evening, a few clouds. taking a closer look, clouds building tomorrow morning. in the afternoon is when we start to see shower activity ahead of the cold front. scattered showers moving out by
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we could see flurries saturday. sunday, temperatures continue to fall into next week. plenty of sunshine today. warmer temperatures. increasing clouds overnight tonight. bottoming out around 36. upper 40' s tomorrow. we do have rain on the way. today is the pick of the week. friday is when we see the rain arriving in the afternoon and evening. saturday and sunday, back into the 30' s. we dropped to the to the 20' s on sunday. starting out monday once again in the single digits. mark: and the winner is????? well, the nominations anyway. lisa: who is up for an oscar. and how cincinnati-shot ' carol' did in the list of academy award hopefuls. mark: and a lottery performance worthy of an oscar. except it was a mistake. where the lottery fiasaco
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connection with an assault on a ridley police officer has been caught. lisa: it was one of the biggest days in hollywood as nominations were announced for the 88th academy awards. mark: with a whopping 12 nominators for leonardo dicaprio' s the revenant. other nominations of note include, 10 for mad max: fury road, the martian got 7 nominations. other films nominated include spotlight, bridge of spies and the big short. cate blanchett is nominated for best actress for carol, the movie shot here in greater cincinnati last spring. lisa: some small screen news now. the cast of friends is getting back together but it may be just a tease for fans of the series. the cast will be part of a two-hour tribute to director james burrows that will air next month. network officials are only saying they hope to have the cast in the same room. mark: we know the winning ticket was not sold in new jersey but it' s hard to tell from this video. a group of workers bought tickets for the drawing on
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reading off the numbers from an old drawing. the website they checked was not updated so they were celebrating a ticket that was worthless. one of the cooks even tossed his apron and quit on the spot before someone noticed what had happened. >> and i' m staring on his phone. i didn' t want to believe that, but i just like, ' ok, that' s the truth.' the guys are still jumping around over there. i' m like, ' oh, my god.' mark: there was another worker who quit in the moment but the restaurant took both employees back. miriah: i' m out of here.
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miriah: talk about a letdown. lisa: i would never go back into that restaurant. miriah: we are looking at a winning forecast today. 47 degrees. plenty of sunshine. mild temperatures. mild tomorrow as well. we will see rain arriving in the afternoon. today is the winner out of the seven day. cooler by next week. it' s going to be frigid once again with morning temperatures in the single digits. mark: we have to go back to that?
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