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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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community was put on edge today. the morning began with schools on alert and a community locked down. a suspect took the officers gun. leading the way with interviews you will only see here on five. >> cuffed in a cruiser.
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he takes the officers gun and as daylight broke, schools were on alert. allegedly robbing an elderly woman at a drive-through. the entire community remained on edge. she was the girlfriend. >> he would get back over there and that' s when she called the police. >> he took his own precautions. that is one reason why we carry these. >> as we were live. police got the call. he was captured in a nursing
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where he is headed now, he will get one free phone call. police say he has outstanding warrants as well as in -- as well. mike: he is held on $2 million bond. sheree: police continue to search for two more suspects. from westchester with more on what happened. shot to death. >> my wife, she started breaking
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my son also could' ve been killed. >> a group of teenagers followed tyler' s brother to the home. >> they pushed him in and a scuffle apparently happened. >> neighbors and folks called 911. >> it' s a blue protege. mazda. door today. no confirmation about a motive but relatives say it was over
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>> after he shot him he said you have an xbox in tv? that is what they took. >> they remember him as the kid that would go out of his way to do anything for you. >> have a graduated just last year. he was at a point where he was figuring out what he wanted to do next. >> the police have not released the names of the two other suspects yet.
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sean displayed little or no expression. the emotional in or many of this ordeal. >> it is just a terrible way for two young people to die. >> the defense called no witnesses. this is a pick
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>> prosecutor jim crawford counted out for the jury. >> that shows intent and he knew what he was doing. reporter: the jury concurred that it was premeditated. >> it is a sad day for us all. reporter: no one else from the family would say anything. >> the teenage daughter said that she missed and loved her mother but also loved her dad
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he got life without parole. new details on plainfield road. mike: the union savings bank, a person showed a gun. sheree: new information on the deadly paris attacks. a suicide bomber killed during a police raid. the 25-year-old has been identified through dna from his mother. the prosecutor says he was hiding out in paris along with the suspected ringleader when he blew himself up. at least one paris attacker remains unidentified and another
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cleaning responsibility for a four-hour siege. least two explosions. as people were heading to work. the attackers had guns, grenades, and suicide belts. mike: a much-needed good day on wall street. the dow turning it around today and finishing 227 points higher after some recovery. sheree: the st. patrick' s day parade is headed in a new direction. organizers have changed the parade route to make the bank the focal point of the event. it will be the 50th year for the annual downtown parade. the new route will start at
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and head north on rosa parks street. mike: it' s the final move-in day at the convention center, the 59th year for the travel sports and boat show. the event is up and running tomorrow. more than 400 exhibitors will be on hand. children 12 and younger are free. sheree: the odds were won in 292 million. three ticket beat those odds. mike: the mystery of the big winners and the local million dollar ticket. look at the temperature change. kevin: we were in the single digits.
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temperatures will continue. sheree: caught on camera, a passenger brought a turkey on a plane for emotional support. showing the bird sitting right there in the cabin. apparently any animal can be a service animal as long as it is ok by a licensed mental health
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided another hamburger. a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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after the continues for most of us. there were at least three tickets that matched the winning numbers. sheree: the hangover started at 11:05 p.m. an impromptu pep rally at the 7-eleven broke out. i am very happy. wax this is historic. sheree: another sold in florida. the third in tennessee. almost 1.6 billion dollars split
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at this point, no one has claimed the record prizes. each of the three tickets worth a whopping $528 million before taxes. there was one local million dollar ticket sold. mike: the winner says the money comes at a much-needed time. live in walton, kentucky. reporter: they are celebrating here. this is the machine where linda bought the $1 million ticket. every week, she buys lottery tickets and this week, it finally paid off. her life changed last night. from upstate new york, she is living with family in southern ohio as she works a temporary job in walton, kentucky. she plays the lottery every week.
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>> the timing could not have been better. >> a lot of financial trouble. >> she made a trip here. the travelcenters of america. >> we had the thought that it was her when she came in and said it was over $600. >> and all her years working for the travel center, she has never seen anything like this million dollar win. >> it has been crazy with the news crew and phone calls and lottery coming in to confirm and everything. this has never happened. >> the first thing she did is donated blood. giving back when she got an
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>> their store is lucky. they sold a $40,000 scratch off winner from the same machine this year. mike: don' t try to get that big check to a babysitter. also a million dollar powerball winner. her numbers came up in saturday' s drawing and she is taking more than $700,000 after taxes. she told officials that she plans to buy a home. her daughter actually bought the ticket. another million dollar ticket was sold at the speedway on 131 in milford. that ticket holder has not yet come forward. >> you love to see people when who desperately need it. just when you thought cell phone companies were becoming more
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overage charges already at record highs are up yet again. most one in five customers reporting paying overages. at&t continues to lead all rivals to 28% saying they were charged overage fees. kevin: whiplash. our temperatures were in the single digits. it was six degrees at 8:00 yesterday morning. hard to believe 36 hours later, people needed a jacket this afternoon. temperatures have warmed incredibly across the area. most areas running close to 30 degrees warmer. yesterday afternoon and evening. what a difference a little over
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breezes. the south wind helps push the arctic air out. it' s going to be a much milder night for us. we have ourselves a soft breeze out there at 10. that southerly component won' t allow temperatures to drop all that much. again, we were six degrees at 8:00 yesterday morning. unseasonably mild weather having returned to all of the ohio valley. 60' s to the south, we split the middle of temperatures in the mid-50' s across the area. expect the evening to remain relatively mild. there is a warm front up around the great lakes. that is where we find ourselves
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these will come in to play as we head into friday and on into saturday. we will be on the warm side of this weather maker. expect the sky to remain mostly clear early on tonight. as moving into increased mainly towards dawn tomorrow. now maybe some rays of sunshine early on friday. it will cloud up really quickly and i think our friends and neighbors will probably be experiencing some rain. and by lunchtime, rain will overspread the rest of the area. your friday evening looks damp and gloomy across the area. the rain should begin to taper off. and it will turn much cooler as we get back into the weekend. it could be a passing flurry or two with generally dry conditions on saturday. do not get used to this brief
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wings cc the seven day next week. 39 degrees. and tomorrow, look for an afternoon high. 46 for an afternoon high. here is how things are panning out for us. down to 28 tomorrow night. that arctic air is coming back with a vengeance. 29 for a high on sunday. afternoon highs will not make it out of the teens. enjoy this brief break from the cold because it will turn into the deep freeze early next week. mike: that is why i got outside this morning and enjoyed it. in ohio bus driver attacked by a passenger over an expired ticket. sheree:
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what happened when the driver asked passengers to call police. mike: an armed robber meeting
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sheree: new video released of a cleveland bus driver attacked by the passenger. mike: the fight began over an expired bus ticket. both men trading punches. at one point, the 22-year-old amanda the driver let them go because he had a felony did not want to go to jail. >> call the police. >> passengers turned and walked away. still, no one came to help the driver. the driver was able to make the 911 call that ended with the man getting a ride to jail. sheree: an armed robbery did not go exactly as planned for one thief. the
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leaving empty-handed. he has his face halfway covered up. s holding a gun point. >> he is telling him to get out. s pointing his finger. sheree: you can see the crook go around the counter and get some money. he stopped and his scolded a the clerk convinces the gunman and put away his weapon and you can see the suspect throw his arms out to show that he' s put the gun down for six more minutes. they argued before the gunman finally gives up and takes off. mike: a montana police chase ending outside of an nbc-tv station. a woman was seen driving recklessly. she bailed out of her car. attended to get in to the building, putting the station on lockdown.
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portland cut shop. the black pastel bald python is back where he belongs. someone showed up yesterday with the stolen snake. getting the video out on social media made all the difference. >> i' m sure they realize they' re going to get in trouble for it. as for the man who walked out with the python in his pants, he has not been found. mike: very difficult to hide a python, i would assume. >> calling it a big mistake to
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mike: and what >> i have two ladies with me
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they got hit by that same car and we have the license plate number and everything. >> investigating a case of animal cruelty. >> claims of a dog killed after being thrown from a car in and run over. emily wood is live tonight at the corner of compton where this alleged incident took place. >> they are unable to determine if the dog was actually thrown out of the car or if he somehow fell out of the car. they have been able to track down the driver of that green pickup truck that is denying everything. this all happened last thursday just before 930 at night in the intersection of compton road and clover. a witness claims she saw the driver of a green chevy pickup truck with ohio plates throw a beagle out of the cab and then drive over it.
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witness and have not heard back. right now, this is a case of he said, she said. when unhealthy police arrived, the dog was dead but it is still unclear if it was dead before or after this alleged incident. the driver in question does have two beagles but claims he was not in this area and has not six months. mike: police are interviewing the driver a second time tonight but no charges of been filed. >> we' re learning more about a deadly bus crash that killed three american students. one, a local young woman that is helping other people. the community is mourning the loss of recent graduate killed in this crash year. olivia airhart on the bus that tumbled down a ravine.
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talked with those who remembering her as a gifted student. >> a busload load of students headed to honduras preparing to come home. the bus suffered some kind of mechanical failure and swerved off the road. >> it is the shock and the devastation. >> this morning, the principal had to break the news to staff about the accident. >> some of them had known, some had not. just talking with them, it was the shock and devastation. reporter: one of the things that' s difficult for the community to deal with is the loss of someone so young. >> see -- she was on the
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she was an outstanding artist. just so well-rounded and so unassuming. >> she was deeply impacted by a summer internship and wanted to be in the medical field to help others. >> there was no doubt she was going to do great things. it' s very sad. >> a public memorial service is planned for the high school. her parents are planning to travel to honduras to bring her body home. sheree: and along with the three people killed in a crash, a dozen others were hurt. mike: a truck driver involved in a deadly crashes pleaded guilty to a number of charges including manslaughter, assault, and tampering with evidence.
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he tried to delete those text messages but authorities were able to recover them. sheree: funeral services held for a k-9 officer killed in the line of duty over the weekend. officers from as far away as new york attended the funeral of the k-9 officer. he was shot and killed, shot at least three times responding to an armed robbery. he died the next day. >> it was his third birthday. we are here to honor him in that respect and everything he did. jethro is a true hero. sheree: a gofundme account has been set up for jethro and to pay for new vests to protect the
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mike: lawmakers are moving forward with a bipartisan task force to take a closer look at medical marijuana after the failed attempt to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. kohl' s show ohio voters would be more likely to support medical marijuana. they could another legalization question on the ballot this fall after supporters of the group says they plan to regroup and try again. when it comes to smoking hookah, it seems like a safe alternative. a new study says that may not be the case. they found it exposes the user to 125 times the smoke, 25 times the tar, 2.5 times the nicotine, and 10 times the carbon monoxide compared to a cigarette. researchers say it' s hard to compare the two cents hookah smokers may only use it on
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sheree: the powerball tickets will have to be split. we now know the winning numbers. mike: no one has stepped forward to claim the jackpot. one of the winning ticket was sold at a california 7-eleven convenience store. the owner of the tennessee store where the winning ticket was sold says he has no clue who one. >> we did over $20 million in sales just yesterday. we did $2 million from 5:00 to 6 p.m. last night. >> kentucky saw its share of winners.
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student to take a look at what science, technology, engineering, and math jobs may hold for them in the future. these young women are looking to even the playing field. >> i think it is very important. i think it is a great thing that they are trying to get more girls. >> these young women to able to get otherwise. sheree: gummy bear launchers served as a fun lesson in other geology to genetic engineering. navigating college can be difficult for anyone but is especially true for students
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>> figuring out a major can be tough. he wants to become an architectural engineer. >> i applied for a couple other colleges. >> he is a senior and will be the second person in his family. >> it' s kind of intimidating. i' m pretty sure will overcome the obstacle sooner or later. >> a new program is targeted at new students. mentors will work with students monthly when college gets tough. >> it might be they need help around the academic piece of it, situation. college freshmen.
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>> the program will start with 40 mentors by spring. they' ll match them with students using software to highlight career goals, hobbies, and interests. >> longtime friends, the city of dropping out. >> $150,000 for the first year. it' s a prize students say is worth paying. >> they estimate it will expand to more than 600 mentors in five years. those will be made up of people from different backgrounds and business. sheree: the first debate of 2016 is scheduled for tonight. who is not happy? mike: and which republicans made the cut.
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many have no idea what his speech was even about. >> i will let you know how long
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the first gop face-off tonight, republican presidential hopefuls take part in the sixth debate of the campaign season s not going. in our washington bureau to explain. sheree: rand paul is boycotting because he' s not invited to the main debate. >> america is always wondering what donald trump will say next. >> he enters as the front runner with ted cruz hot on his heels. >> we have seen that from trump
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reporter: jeb bush, chris christie, marco rubio, they' re all hoping for memorable performances. reporter: there is a feeling that donald trump will fall one of these days. >> i think it' s a mistake to not have me in the debate. >> rand paul did not qualify . even though he' s invited to the earlier debate, he says he' s not going. >> it is devastating. >> there is still one more debate before the iowa caucuses february 1. mike: as for the democratic candidates, they will debate for the fourth time coming up this weekend.
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the debate airs starting at 9:00 right before news five at 11:00. sheree: at one point atop the polls, ben carson is dealing with infighting. we have learned his campaign finance chairman has resigned. other members of carson' s campaign were taking issue with how much the former chairman was spending. president obama hosted a town hall meeting. the president says there is still plenty he wants to do before leaving office including reforming the criminal justice system. president obama: if we reduce the amount of time they are incarcerated, took those savings and have some of that for one or
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that are highly supervised, we' re going to get better results. sheree: when a 10-year-old little girl asked about a cure for cancer, he said to cure would likely come from young people like her. >> the speech had the lowest tv ratings for a state of the union in 15 years. however, there is plenty of buzz on social media with 2.6 million tweets about the speech posted on twitter. kevin: it sticks out like a sore thumb here. the big story of been talking about it. we were in single digits. the actual temperatures were around six. wind chill at or below zero. shedding jackets across the area. what a temperature change.
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you could catch whiplash. we are not done with the big swing in temperature. tomorrow, we are up relatively speaking. then its way down late in the weekend. wind outside is out of the balmy -- balmy side. to the south of that, we are enjoying the seasonably warm temperatures across the area. that is what will swing through here. the cold air and offer an opportunity for rain. 50' s here in cincinnati, 65 today in st. louis. with a southerly component, temperatures will be slow to fall. the evening hours will only drop back into the 40' s. one a want you to pay attention to is that there' s still quite a
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you don' t have to go very far away. this storm system zips by and eventually we will open the freezer door again. as a matter of fact, some of the air we will see late in the weekend and next week will be colder than the air we just experienced. probably the coldest this winter. not much happening out there tonight. when you wake up friday morning, it will be relatively quiet. there should be a few rays of sun early on friday. it changes very quickly because by midmorning, rain is arriving and by lunchtime, rain will overspread the rest of the viewing area. it certainly looks gloomy. if you are making plans for friday evening, it will be a wet and soggy one.
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friday night and there may be a snowflake or two. in general, cloudy and gloomy. it will be much colder, maybe 20 degrees. that' s when the really cold stuff begins to get in here. very unusual, but we' ve got a hurricane out here in the middle of the atlantic. let me move to the other side. europe, spain, the northwest coast of africa. we have hurricane alex tonight out in the middle of the atlantic with 85 mile an hour winds. the good news it is simply going to stay over the waters and basically impact no one. they thought it was a novelty be talking about a hurricane so far removed out of hurricane season. it is june 1 through november 30. it is way off calendar there. 39 degrees, that' s it tonight.
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and tomorrow, rain arrives. it will be a little bit cooler because of the clouds and rain. 41 at 8:00 a.m.. 45 by lunchtime and temperatures settling back to the 40' s. here' s your seven-day forecast. we dropped down saturday morning. even 29 on sunday isn' t so bad when you compare it to the 18 on monday. bitter cold monday. look at that back down into the single digits. they enjoy the heat wave of mid-50' s today. sheree: i saw you before work and you had shorts on. mike: i still do. a big day in hollywood, the oscar nominations are out. sheree: and an update on the
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sheree: could this be the year leonardo dicaprio gets an oscar? the revenant is leading with two academy -- with the nominations tonight. with dicaprio leading the pack. mad max fury road got 10 not including best picture. the martian got seven nominations including sylvester stallone for his role increased. straight out of compton up for best erecting. star wars the force awakens has been nominated for best production design. chris rock will be hosting this february. mike: after falling short, carroll is back in the nominee column. the film right here in greater cincinnati. cate blanchett nominated for best actress. it has gotten six oscar nominations but it did not win
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seven is for the acting industry. alan rickman recently known for his role in the harry potter films has died. millions recognized him as professor snape and he played the villain in die hard. rickman was 69 years old. a battle of cancer. >> the manager and husband of cancer. in 1994. he was 73 years old. backstreet boy nick carter after a bar fight. the police say the 35-year-old and another man became upset when bartenders refused to serve them. he was drunk and grabbed a bouncer by the throat. a community on lockdown after a man attacks a police officer. c >> the suspect back behind
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>> it is a sad day for us all. but he' s getting what he deserved. >> a northern kentucky man is convicted of killing his estranged wife and another man. what witnesses say they saw the shooter doing and the murders. >> he is a bad character. >> the man wanted for beating up a police officer is caught. investigators say the suspect is no stranger to police. mike: he has a reputation as a troublemaker but even officers did not expect this. kevin: sheree: the suspect remained on
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