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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> and the flames were pretty high. jack lives here but was it work at the time of the fire. >> i immediately was like, i' m paranoid. >> what went wrong? careless smoking. a couch caught fire putting six people at risk including two children. >> he tried to evacuate the couch on fire from the structure , realized he couldn' t get out. passing by. it was about 30 seconds. there was smoke from the first floor. children were being handed out of the back bedroom. the occupant was
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he was burned over 40% of his body. >> everyone made it out safely. it the red cross is helping those that got out. >> we have not been given the name or condition of the man hurt in the fire. we know he was flown to the hospital. the red cross is helping for people displaced. this one happening along sunlight drive. two people were sleeping inside but smoke detectors alerted them to the fire and they were able to get out ok. there is a lot of damage as you can see, to this home. the cause of this fire is still
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>> new developments in an overdose that left a woman dead and her husband clinging to life. the overdose happen january 7 at the hospital where his infant daughter was being treated for a severe birth defect. landers was indicted on heroin possession, carrying a concealed weapon and possessing drug abuse instruments. two people shot outside hamilton bar. one of the victims phone the uc medical center for treatment. the names of those injured are not being released right now. >> three more young men under arrest tonight in connection to teenager.
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an investigation is underway. >> four people have been charged in connection to the death of 18-year-old tyler. demarcus faces the serious charges of murder and aggravated burglary. bomb -- bond set at $1 million. rodney foster all charged with complicity to murder and complicity to aggravated burglary. they warm asks as they went to the basement door. the other two remained of the car. the first person they came in contact with was tyler' s brother. >> he was approached outside.
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this is something that was planned out and we' re moving forward. >> a struggle followed. a gun went off. tyler died later at the hospital. mike: police say they have everyone they believe was involved and not saying how the suspects knew the victim. but that this was not a random act. bolts fly between two moving cars. police arrive and find one victim. a woman who was driving one of the vehicles. sheree: investigators are more interested in the passenger that was in the car at the time of that crash. that woman is recovering. >> she is in critical condition.
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adding to their anguish is a passenger that took off leaving behind. the woman driving crashed after a barrage of bullets hit her truck. police don' t believe she was even the target. >> it' s a shame that the innocent and good people get hurt because one person wanted to go shoot up like they are cowboys or something. >> he' s been a friend of her family for years. >> she is responsible. >> williams crashed after she was hit. they believe bullets came from both vehicles. williams was driving and she had a passenger. >> i would say her passenger was the intended target.
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leaving her bleeding from the gunshot wound. the only thing that could' ve made it worse is what that passenger did when he came back. >> he came back to retrieve an item and fled again. >> police are looking for the other vehicle involved in the shooting. a red truck was towed away. the bullet holes showed just how violent the shootout was. the family is hoping for the best but for now, there are no guarantees. so many people praying for somebody. >> she has not regained consciousness to tell police that passenger was. >> the second car involved was a altima. they' re looking at video from
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can identify the car or possibly the passenger who took off. >> a push to get another measure to legalize pot on the ballot this fall. the group says it is working to get the 300-5000 signatures needed by july. the group wants to legalize pot for medical and recreational use. it comes a day after house leaders join legalization advocates to announce a task force to study medical marijuana. sheree: an appeals court says tracie hunter is guilty. reacting by labeling the justice system corrupt. live to explain what the next steps are. >> there will be several of them. planning a protest march, supreme court.
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>> her spiritual armor remains on, her trust in god and shaken. >> most reasonable people should know that judge tracie hunter did not commit any crime. this is as much a spiritual battle as it is an actual battle. >> she told the radio host she is neither shocked nor surprised. if found her conviction was based on sufficient evidence and the state did not provide -- did not deprive her of a fair trial. the jail sentence covers over her once again. it is scheduled for tuesday. angered loyalists see a corrupt system ignoring one of forensic experts.
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at an auction. >> we' re showing you one thing but we are covering up what you don' t want to see in the other hand. >> she believes the republican machine is orchestrating a political persecution. the gop chairman says these conspiracy theories are dangerous and without evidence. the ship bobby hilton is planning a response of some sort either monday, tuesday, or both. >> it smells conspiracy. that' s what it smells like. >> there appears to be a deeper
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mike: there is no confirmation about an appeal but supporters think it is very likely. sheree: a rough day on wall street. closing out just under 16,000 for the day. nasdaq is also down 126 points. the big selloff is a true b did in part to declining oil prices. >> a teacher' s aid becomes a lifesaver for a little boy choking in the classroom. >> his extra training made the difference. and people say their doctor performed unnecessary surgery and are looking to the hospitals for accountability. why this will not be the last protest.
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we will sheree: former patient seven area doctor now on the run speaking out tonight. it' s been two years since he was found negligent. >> chars with health care fraud and accused of performing unnecessary surgery. dan griffin spoke with some of
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protesting for justice. >> dozens of people are determined to raise awareness. >> they all wanted money. they knew it. at least three hospitals are responsible for unnecessary procedures. they were charged with health care fraud. he left the country shortly after. >> it is emotional. how dumb can you be to allow somebody to do this to you? >> she is worse. she is not alone. >> it was 10 days of my life. i did the surgery and ended up in the worst shape i' ve ever been. reporter: their lives have been changed. they say this could' ve been
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that the major surgery was supposed to hurt. >> in most cases, they needed surgery and they don' t want this to happen to someone else. at uc medical center, dan griffin. >> the picketers are targeting and they say we can' t -- they can' t comment. missing the doctor has not performed cases since 2010 and was never employed by their hospital. mike: a teacher' s aide at indian hill elementary is being called a lifesaver tonight after saving a child who was choking. sheree: joe we just gave his students snacks when one little boy started choking. he quickly jumped into action and performed the heimlich
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little drew was back learning again. >> it was very instinctual. >> they think he was able to do what he did because they had the training to do so. >> everyone is trained twice a year on these lifesaving measures. he is working towards his degree to become a teacher. mike: general electric is selling off its appliance division to a chinese company. the deal was announced today in louisville. a previous deal with electrolux ran and opposition from
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few small low-cost appliances. keeping jobs in kentucky. the jobs thing is dependent on one thing. our ability to be competitive. we have to make products at a competitive price that will compete in a global marketplace. >> it has been a wet friday evening so far but it is all just rain. take a look at the above freezing temperatures. we' re still a 42 right now with the rain in most locations. a little bit more rain to get through and the rain is gone,
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we have seen some pockets that of been a touch heavier. we' re quieting down with some light rain for a couple more hours. crossing over the ohio river, and as we go to the evening hours, spotty showers and drizzle still possible for locations west of cincinnati. loveland seeing the bass -- the last back edge. we do have lightning detection turned on. not likely to see any. a few pockets are a little bit more robust and will start to quiet down the next couple of hours. then a cold front comes through just before midnight. and behind it, we could see a couple of flurries.
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this evening, it' s all rain showers. we have the cold start to the week and a couple of mild days in the end. another cold front in the sunday forecast. it will be a drop-off over the coming days. the south wind will switch out of the west later tonight. after the weekend, we expect the wind to be a little bit breezy. here' s the satellite and radar. they will not clear out the skies. a couple of flurries flying. it doesn' t look like we will see much of it for saturday. will clear out a little bit in the sunday morning.
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s the first half of sunday. here comes and arctic cold front. it may amount to a covering or half an inch. temperatures on sunday in the upper 20' s. we are expecting highs only in the teens. temperatures each afternoon. a close look tonight. a couple of flurries flying at times. and we can see a few more developed tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at more in the way of widespread showers after 6:00. probably a good amount of activity for sunday. overnight flurries possible. we are at 29 sunday and 18 on monday.
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the arctic air arrives early next week. we' re coming out of the cold and it could bring snow showers. mike: good to have jenin tonight but i don' t know about the temperature. that' s the way it goes. a week after the bengals lose --
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fines to players and george: the bengals have one longtime assistant coach moving up to take the coordinator job while another is hitting the road. the quarterbacks coach was bumped up to offensive coordinator but the longtime assistant jay hayes is taking off. he spent 13 seasons as the
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he sounds like a guy ready to build on what former offensive coordinator hue jackson leaves behind. >> he built a foundation for us using those same principles and mentality of physical toughness, energy, enthusiasm, passion. this thing to been set as a foundation here and we will do our best to push those forward. >> the former saints head coach comes on as the linebackers coach. jay hayes is leaving to take a job with tampa bay. adam jones has apologized to antonio brown just to maintain that he was faking an injury. the steelers ruled him out for sunday' s playoff game with the broncos.
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i apologize sincerely, man. >> this was the hit that caused the concussion. the hit and the penalty set off a chain of events that resulted in the steelers getting a chip shot field goal to win the game and caused more fines from the nfl. the league cracked down. adam jones gets the big fine. mike munchak and porter fined $10,000 each. them top echo and wallace gilberry, all of this on top of the three-game suspension without pay to start next season. big ben questionable for the playoff game at the broncos. mike tomlin said he was encouraged i what he saw in today' s practice and roethlisberger is expected to play. >> i will see you downtown. the cincinnati golf turner meant is underway. anything you need.
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s at the duke energy center the next three days and part of the big travel sports and boat show going on all weekend and through next week. mike: i' ve heard about you playing in some weird weather. >> people like shopping for dresses and shoes. sheree: what is wrong with that? sheree: i don' t think we even knew what to say about this weather. >> the in between is not too bad. it' s more in the way of snow showers late for sunday. sheree: i'
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