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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 16, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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be jonathan: now on news 5 today. a shooting turns into a homicide investigation. the latest on what happened as police search for the suspect. also, two kids fall through an icy pond. how they got out and what happened to the dog that went under with them. a gloomy and cold weekend ahead. miriah turner will tell us about the clouds and how they can bring flurries.
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this is news 5 today. announcer: from cincinnati's wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today.. jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today.. thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is miriah turner. miriah: in for jennifer, because you probably saw her last night. jonathan: she'll be back tomorrow morning. i hope she's sleeping right now. miriah: you know she is enjoying that. jonathan: we have to pay attention to our coats as we go through the day because they will be appropriate for the weather. miriah: scarves and gloves today and into the beginning of next week. really we're starting to look more seasonable. no more almost 50 degrees like yesterday. we're paying up today and this weekend. really we're in the middle of january. it's starting to feel like january. mid 30's today, 20's tomorrow, teens on monday. we're seeing the nor'easter. folks in new york city waking up wet.
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massachusetts as well. we are drying off. we had the front that rolled through yesterday. that brought us rain in the afternoon and evening but then brought cooler temperatures for today. things are looking quiet on radar right now. you can see flurries rolling through brown and clairmont counties. all in all we're looking dry. if anything, a little bit misty outside. taking a look at our temperatures, that's going to be the story as we head into the weekend and beginning of next week. our temperatures right now in the low 30's and winds out of the west bringing cooler air and windchill. it feels like it's in the low 20's. jonathan: a man rushed to the hospital after being shot as died. 20-year-old emanuel scott was taken to children's hospital by
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police say scott may have been shot in avondale. little is known about the crime. evidently the friends are not saying much about it or what may have led to the shooting. cincinnati police say they are handling the investigation. smoking is the cause of a lebanon house fire that sent one man to an intensive care unit. the victim, robert oxier, has burns over 40% of his body. fire officials say he tried to move a burning couch of the way of an exit when he was burned. the fire caused more than $100,000 in damage. the red cross is putting the other families who were displaced by the fire in a hotel in mason until at least tuesday. eight people were displaced in this fire. two children treated for in west chester. the fire department says the two brothers aged 10 and 12 were walking the dog when it went into the pond and they either in. both boys were out of the water
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were transported to the hospital with moderate hypothermia. the dog named duke needed a little more help. >> he was maybe 10' offshore. they created a path through the ice. they were able to snag his collar. jonathan: the brothers were treated at children's hospital liberty campus and released. the dog is expected to be ok. thank goodness. if you're dying for warmer weather, you can get a feel for it this weekend at the travel sports and boat show which picks back up today. wlwt's richard chiles has a speak at what you will see downtown. >> jonathan, summer is on its way despite whatever miriah turner has to say. imagine zipping around downtown cincinnati on one of these. so much to see here at the boat show. it's a great opportunity to get
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think about summer on its way. all of the great boats down here as part of this show. the show opens at 11:00 this morning. the boat show has been going on in the tri-state for years. giving us a chance to see the displays for summer. the great boats you get a chance to see, the kayaks, the pools, summer travel and vacation. of course zipping around on a motorcycle. the indians in here, they have the gray harley folks as well. nothing says summer like wrapping your legs across one of these and ripping through the streets. richard chiles, wlwt, news 5. jonathan: if you're looking for ideas to make over your home, you may want to head to sharonville. you'll see the latest trends in
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seminars. the expo runs from today from noon to 8:00 it's $5 for adults. free. an attack and siege of a west african hotel turns deadly. what we know about the death responsibility. high school basketball coverage continues in the sports 5. we'll show you a buzzer-beater ending that one local team pulled off. you won't want to miss it. city cam 5. stay with us.
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jonathan: welcome back. 7:09. a hotel in the capital of the west african nation of burkina faso has been retaken by authorities after it was attacked by local al-qaeda militants. 126 people have been freed and three jihadists have been killed in the operation. it began yesterday and just ended this morning. forces have retaken control of the splendid hotel and the cappuccino cafe and are searching nearby hotels to be sure there are no other
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33 people were wounded and officials are determining the casualties. at least 10 victims were killed. an american tourist has been found dead in belize. homicide is suspected. authority are investigating the death of 39-year-old anne swaney. she was reported missing on thursday by members of her tour group. her belongings were found on a deck by the riverside and her body was found in the river. she worked for a station in chicago illinois. the university of cincinnati lgbt q center wants to help teens and their families understand their child's gender identity. today they are holding a trans educational event at the mason community event, one year after leelah alcorn blogged about how she struggled with her identity
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her own life. a councilman will speak at the event at 9:00. future events will include a highway cleanup along the portion of highway where alcorn lost her life. let's talk local weather with miriah. miriah: the biggest weather headline for you today is temperatures tumbling. that's what we'll see over the next few days. it's already started the process. yesterday evening we topped off close to 50 degrees, around 49. today we'll by the mid 30's. windchills is something you have something like that breeze outside out of the west. air. although around 2:00 our high will be close to 34 degrees, it will feel like 28. in the evening the temperatures feel like the 20's into the teens. it will be colder compared to what we have seen. it's starting to feel like
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chilly hair has settled in. we have lingers moisture and with that would could -- could see a flurry or two this morning. we see colder air behind this cold front, this arctic cold front. as that pushes in, we have a chance to see isolated snow showers tomorrow afternoon and frigid cold air for martin luther king jr. day. for those who have a long holiday weekend, it will be a cold one. you can see the majority of the moisture has pushed to the east. looking at the radar, minus the satellite, it doesn't look like much is happening in the greater cincinnati area it looks like there are flurries in indianapolis. you can see some moisture still lingering. with that, mist in the area, as well as a chance for flurries. with temperatures being below
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for slick spot out driving this morning. temperatures will top off around 35 degrees. around cbg, the visibilities are down a little bit. at the news 5 station we're looking at two and a half miles. in some areas you could see light mist and fog as the moisture exits the region. we're seeing temperatures in the low 30's. down south in dry ridge, 29. elsewhere, we're looking like the low 30's. only topping off in the mid 30's. so we're not moving too much in terms of temperatures. we have that slow linger and then we plummet sunday. the winds out of the west making it feel like 22. although it's 30's, it's feeling like the 20's. tonight it will feel like the teens. clouds throughout the day, so really not much to the weather story here. just cloudy and gloomy throughout the day after a
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morning. sunday, maybe breaks in the clouds in the afternoon and then a chance for a light snow shower possible. so some areas could see a light dusting on the grassy areas. after that moves through, sunshine for your monday. overnight tonight dropping to the 20's. 22 degrees. and then cooler for martin luther king jr. day. jonathan: thank you, miriah. our news 5 sports team bringing the latest in high school basketball, including a wild game-winning buzzer shot that had crowds going crazy. details in your morning sports. >> welcome to the blitz on a saturday morning. we kick off the night with a conference game straight out of the gcl south, the greater catholic league.
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1-0 in league standings. >> they face off at the family center. hofmeyer leads. two points for elder. passing ahead to a wide open hofmeyer. elder down two at the half. third quarter, tray mcbride, yeah, paul kramer loves this guy. look at this move. strong take, three-point play. reilly vaughan, the big man can play defense even out front. look at him up top with the steal. and he knows what to do with it. the flush. and moeller over elder 56-48. >> we make the jump across the river to kentucky for more rival basketball. newport catholic squaring off with cub cast. >> the buckeye charity classic
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children's fund. >> battle for bragging rights. andy pumps once, drop that jumper. big >> cub cats come away with the win. all right. mason has been tearing through the greater miami conference at the top of the standings with an 8-0 record going into last night. >> a win would improve their conference record to 7-2. >> it was a big one. mason visiting oak hills. the highlanders with the rock.
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why not go back inside the battle. look at the spin move. the game is tied at 33. time running out. desperation shot for mason. cameron beats the buzzer. they storm. mason with the win. >> the succeed has been vocal about doing something they haven't managed to do in five years. winning the miami valley conference scarlet championship. >> zack wells has more. >> what a great game this was. but we often look at the game within the game around the high school basketball landscape, like the unspoken competition in the student section at submit country day to wear the most
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my vote went to the ladies at georgetown and with the nuggets. sam martin connected with alec and set him with the rim. thompson the lefty off the bounce, finish off the bounce -- he finished off the glass two of his 14. summit -- this is the dager from martin whose 21 points led the way for summit in a 68-59 victory on the home floor. summit and norj college hill are -- north college hill are deadlocked to top the conference. >> thank you, zack. we were at summit on the east side. up next, milford and anderson squaring off. the eagles have been enjoying their winning streak. >> could they contain their
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he shoots 51% from the field. our brand-new addition is in with the scoop. >> we had a match-up of two teams itching to get to the top 10. those kids were fired up to see me when i showed up. those teams looking to continue their respective winning streaks. first quarter milford feeling -- knocked down the three. later in the quarter, grabs the board and the -- anderson down five. anderson came away with the win
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they are 5-3 in the ecc. they will meet up with kings who won friday night. that match-up is set for tuesday night. back to you guys. >> mcdonald's of greater cincinnati is proud to present the mcdonald's blitz five student athlete of the week. rich turpin is a senior at lebanon high school and captain of the football and track team. an original qualifier in track and field in 2013 and 14. mitch is student body president, member of the national honor society, has a gpa of 4.35. breeanca is a three year varsity letter winner in tennis and winner swimming. she is a member of the national honor society and ranked ninth in her class. if you know someone who deserves
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the week, let us know. jonathan: side-stepping sadness this winter. we're going to talk to an expert about how the season impacts your mood. city cam 5 has probably a tug boat moving across the ohio river. stay with us.
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miriah: welcome back. winter is many full swing. that means a lot of cold days that could impact your house. joining us is registered pharmacist jim lavalle. we're talking about seasonal s.a.d. >> it's a form of depression. people don't realize that. 20% of the u.s. population may have s.a.d. four times more women than men. it's when your serotonin levels
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you'll feet flat, you'll be irritable, crave more carbs. >> how do you diagnose it? you might think i'm sad the holidays are gone. maybe you realize it's not that. >> the winter blues. if you're snapping at other, gaining weight, one of the key signs that your increase your cravings for carbs and you start to gain weight, your limbs feel heavy. get your vitamin d level checked. that's important. for some, when those drop, it will trigger s.a.d. >> when it comes to prevention, what can you do? you brought several options of preventing s.a.d. >> one of the big ones is track your movement in the winter months. try get one of these little guys. a fit tracker. get moving. get the 10,000 steps a day.
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have it at your desk. you see that light. >> it's not led. it's full spectrum. >> very inexpensive. just about every store carries these. 20 bucks. people start eating carbs. how many times did you eat cheese cracker? >> give me the box. >> the ingredient, white kidney bean extract blocks the absorption of the carbs. if you're gaining weight, get your vitamin d checked. the scientific advisory board called the organic health association and they are doing a data collection on vitamin d to see how it's valuable role is in a variety of diseases. interesting with vitamin d. st. john's wort for depression. it could be a good option because it's inexpensive. >> thank you for being with us.
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sad and gloomy today, it may be s.a.d. you may want to follow-up. go to jim lavalle's website. we posted a link at jonathan: there's still more ahead on news 5 today. including a new exhibit giving an early taste of spring. that will boost your spirits. what you can expect at the new krohn floral show. city cam, you and me. the electric light beams around the beautiful downtown area with glee and energy as we get saturday. let's make the most of it for ourselves and those we love. stay with us.
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jonathan: now on news 5 today a shootout leaves a woman driver in critical condition. now police are conducting two searches, one for a suspect, another for her passenger, who left her twice. and you may want to find some indoor events to entertain the kids. miriah turner will have the cold temperatures ahead.
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this is news 5 today. thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is miriah turner. miriah: good morning. jonathan: how are you? miriah: doing well. how about yourself? jonathan: doing well. interesting light box you got from the pharmacist. miriah: i was going to ship it off to my mom just because she is one of the people that i know it's amazing. you think that the holidays are over and that's why you kind of hit the slip. it's really the clouds, the cold that affects your mood. jonathan: we've got those this weekend. miriah: we do. it's something you may want to look into. it may not be just the weather. you might have s.a.d. today looking a little sad in terms of the clouds. we have flurries this morning. we see colder temperatures as we head into next week. it will be a little depressing for those looking for spring-like days. we're in the middle of january. it's almost out of here in terms of the winter weather.
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february, then things look better. we're starting to feel more so our average. temperatures today in the mid 30's. our average is upper 30's. we're close to. that we're cooler than yesterday. yesterday we almost topped off around 50 degrees. this cooling trend continues today into tomorrow and even monday. we're looking at 31 degrees right now. you want to watch for maybe some slick spots with rain we had yesterday. the puddles overnight probably froze. below freezing temperatures this morning. winds out of the west ushering in cooler drier air. that will bring more arctic air winter weather advisory we head into next week. we're looking mostly dry, cloudy today. we have after light flurry this morning and then cold temperatures this afternoon with cloudy skies. jonathan: new clues in a deadly west chester shooting. four people are charged in connection to wednesday's
7:29 am
tyler cassow. demarcus stayly faces the most serious charges. justin cook, javille willingham and rodney foster are also charged. west chester police say foster and stayly wore masks and first came in contact with cassow's brother. a victim is still in critical condition this morning. police say the victim may not have been the target. investigators say instead it was her passenger who may have been the person the shooter was after. listen to this. the passenger took off after the shooting, leaving williams bleeds in her truck. police say he later returned only to retrieve something from
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jonathan: police are trying to identify the other car and williams' passenger from metro and video from nearby businesses. williams has not regained consciousness. a setback for tracie hunter. an appeals court upheld the conviction of the judge. the court ruled her conviction on unlawful interest in a public contract was based on sufficient evidence, that there was no error in polling the jury and that she received a fair trial. facing possible jail, hunter says she did nothing and will continue the fight, wearing her, quote, spiritual armor, end quote. hunter plans to participate in the martin luther king jr. march with her supporters one day under way. new show at the duke energy center has the vehicles that will get you going.
7:31 am
downtown with why the travel sports and boat show has something for everyone. >> once of the best things, get a chance to see the newest travel gear. summer 2016, row, row, row your boat inside the duke energy center. can't do any better than this, jonathan. having a great time seeing the great boats, the motorcycles, lots for the kids. morning. adults. you can get $3 off admission if you purchase the tickets at kroger. for kids under 12 it's free. but certainly a great reminder that summer is on its way, no matter what miriah turner has to say. reporting down at duke energy center, richard chiles, wlwt
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come on in, jonathan. the water is warm, buddy. jonathan: i have my doubts about that. i think it's fun. the krohn conservatory is inviting you to stop and smell the flowers. the show is called hatching spring blooms. it features fragrant flowers with an overall theme of exceptional egg designs. active flower show will be open daily from 11:00 to 5:00. the federal government being forced to step in after a water disaster in michigan. coming up, we'll have the latest on the contamination and what the governor of the state is asking the president to do.
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jonathan: welcome back. 7:39. residents in fort myers florida are dealing with the aftermath of a tornado. people say they heard the often-heard sound that's like a train. it lasted only seconds but left behind big damage.
7:34 am
off and dropped 50 yards away. luckily no injuries have been reported. the water troubles in flint michigan are growing. the governor is asking for a presidential emergency and majority disaster declaration. state and county officials have declared states of emergency. neighbors have complained about the high levels of lead in their water for at least a year. the federal government is looking into it. >> the e.p.a. and department of justice are taking a close look at about -- taking a close look at the situation in terms of the science, in terms of the impact that it has had and could have on local populations. jonathan: water issues came after flint officials close to change the water source from the
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the t rv hs clothing company is hosting heat the homeless. the company is inviting the homeless from cincinnati and northern kentucky to the lincoln center for breakfast, lunch, and a clothing giveaway. donations can be dropped off at the lincoln center during the event from 10:00 to 3:00. they are asking for gloves, starves, outdoor apparel as well as blankets, personal hygiene products. our basketball insider is here with an analysis of the remaining season. that's coming up in your morning sports. miriah: a nor'easter in the northeast. we're drying off after the front yesterday. we have cooler temperatures today, tomorrow, into monday.
7:36 am
miriah: i was in the weather center yesterday. i asked what is the martin luther king jr. forecast looking like? i threw this together. i want to show what you can expect for monday because that's
7:37 am
terms of our weekend downfall in temperatures. we're looking at temperatures by monday morning only in the single digits. for those going to the march and the events for martin luther king jr. day, it's going to be frigid. we're looking at single digits but feeling subzero. by the afternoon we'll be up to 18 degrees. however, it will feel like the teens. we're looking at our roller-coaster continuing today. cloudy and cold. we're only in the mid 30's today. satellite and radar showing moisture moved off to the east because we had the cold front that came through yesterday that and evening. today, a little bit of moisture lingering, so there's some mist in some spots as temperatures 30's. we're looking at -- we're now. there could be potentially slick
7:38 am
from yesterday. could be freezing on back roads. what we're seeing looks like flurries in indianapolis. not much here. if i turn you have the radar here -- up the radar here, a few flurries on the eastern side. we saw few downtown. it will be few and far between with the flurries. not looking at accumulation this morning. really the story is going to be our temperatures. you can see temperature already 10 degrees cooler than where we were 24 hours ago at this hour. temperatures to the west, indianapolis is 15 degrees cooler. in bloomington they are 20 degrees cooler. that's the colder air, winds out of the west. that will head our way as the arctic front makes its way to us tomorrow. 31 degrees at cvg. feeling like 22. our windchill, you've got to factor that in.
7:39 am
it's feeling like the 20's. expect maybe a stray flurry this morning. clouds will persist throughout the day. cool as we top off at 35 degrees and fall into the 20's for tomorrow morning. looking at future cast, not much to the weather story today. maybe a stray flurry. but cloudy conditions. as we head into tomorrow, maybe breaks in the clouds in the morning. then a chance for a stray or isolated snow shower bringing possibly a dusting onto the grassy areas. not looking like much in the way of accumulation. monday and tuesday, things are looking great precipitationwise, but they will be cold temperaturewise for monday. temperature today 35 degrees in the afternoon. feeling like the mid-to-low 20's. tonight we'll be in the mid-to-low 20's, feeling like the teens. something to prepare for as you're waking up sunday morning. monday the temperatures only topping off in the teens, but starting off in the single digits.
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sports. >> welcome back. first game of this segment is a game that generated some buzz on the internet. >> yeah, over 50,000 votes at our website for this one. our wild card game of the week. cincinnati country day and seven hills. we're going to pick it up in the third quarter. looking to gain ground. the purchase to hills, they cut the lead to seven. miles jackson takes it himself, getting points for cincinnati. seven hills made this play look too easy next. from the corner, to the post. adding two. now we need your help on where to take the new van next friday night for our boys basketball wild card game of the week. you see the five options there. clicks on will let you
7:41 am
>> time now for the blitz 5 basketball insider. here he is. good to see you. we're talking conference leaders at this point. we have five we want to look at, starting with the falcons. big win last night. >> led by carly jones. 25 points. tell you, he's a heck of a player. they have another showdown with taft on february 6. >> walnut hills, big win last night. close one. had to eke one out over turpin. >> walnut hills always finds a way to be at the top of the league. but competition with kings and anderson on their tail. >> mason on the road at oak hills last night. the bank shot buzzer beating. mason might be the team to beat in the gmc. >> they are tough. i don't think they have lost a
7:42 am
>> chl indian hill, 6-0 undefeated in league play. whereas mason got a test on the road last night, indian hill didn't break a sweat. >> wyoming will be their big test. indian hill led by collin shaw. great guard. >> moeller big one over elder. moeller leading the gcl south. still early. >> gcl grind-out games. moeller elder is great competition. >> he is our blitz basketball insider. thanks again. >> we head back to northern kentucky. the buckeye bluegrass basketball classic. the cooper jaguars -- a very
7:43 am
the jags shawn mcneil goes strong to the right. he led with 25 points. mcclendon can fire it from long. nobody guarding him. why not shoot it? cooper's dawn tray hendrix with a crossover move. >> he assists on the pass from hunter meyer. kicks it out to r.j. for the three. >> now the chl. we talked about indian hill leading that conference.
7:44 am
keep the braves within striking distance is wyoming. >> redding meeting up with wyoming. three out of the corner. wyoming on top. later in the quarter, johnny miller, not the golf analyst, the basketball shooter. he can drop it. this was all wyoming. prater is there. in it goes as wyoming wins 64-36. here are the candidates. vote at the player with the most votes will get a nice plaque and be 11:00. night. tied game. desperate shot-situation. cameron schneider. they win it on the buzzer beater 35-33. jonathan: after a the break --
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of the forecast. i hear the train coming, coming down the line.
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morning. temperatures right now 31. not so bad. miriah: sitting below freezing still. not going to move that much. mid 30's for today. tomorrow we're in the upper 20's for highs. we've been talking about that falling into the upper teens for monday. it's a trend. what we're seeing today, not much on radar. but looking closer, we have a chance for a few flurries with
7:49 am
the front that moved through yesterday. you can see maybe a few moving north, also in the blue ash area. it will be few and far between if you can see a flurry this morning. we're looking at cloud cover today. so it's a boring weather story. tomorrow we have a chance for a stray snow shower as an arctic front moves through. that's bringing temperatures to five degrees by monday morning. so feeling subzero, looking like five but feeling subzero. 18 degrees in the afternoon but feeling like six degrees. jonathan: as you're marching in the martin luther king jr. parade bundle up.
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