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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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what we've learned about the victim as police search for the suspect in the city's atest homicide. plus thousands stolen from an elderly woman with dementia. the couple accused of targeting her and the evidence collected that put them behind bars. richard: and as freezing temperatures bear down on the tri-state, we'll have cold weather preps just ahead. jonathan: it's going to be a po la are polar bear here. meteorologist jennifer schack will give us all the details on this sunday, january 17, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. it's all clean and clear behind us. jennifer: quiet, cold. jonathan: it's not going to stay that way. jennifer: no snow. it's all good stuff.
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temperature we'll stay for another 20 hours before it goes down. jennifer: we have a nice drop-off behind an arctic cold front. it will impact temperatures. morneau e noticeable will be afternoon snow showers. temperatures tomorrow morning will be 20 degrees colder than right now. pretty big drop-off expected. winds will be picking up as well. right now, we're at 25. the forecast low is about five degrees. a big variation expected. the arctic cold front arriving this afternoon about 2:00. with that, our northwest counties will not achieve a high temperature much more than where we're at right now in the low 20s. we should make it back to around 28 or 29 before the front arrives. our southeast county s ies may make it into the low 30s. with it a couple snow showers. wlwt radar a quiet start for the morning. a clean sweep. no current snow out there. but as we look to the northwest
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you can see the snow showers across central parts of illinois and indiana sliding our way. we will have a little bit braesk in the clouds overhead for the morning. to and from church or any activities for the morning should be fine. midday, snow bursts arrive. we have a wind chill advisory for parts of the region. we'll go through that in the work week forecast coming up. jonathan: we may be dealing with cold weather today, but it may be warm enough to take much needed precautions so you're not caught off guard tomorrow. wlwt news 5's richard chiles is live with tips you need to know about ahead of the deep freeze. reporter: precautions taking place across the tri-state. cold schefters ers shelters have opened their doors to those who don't have a
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cold shelter in cincinnati open as well to help people stay warm as the cold front settles in. certainly advice to keep in mind as the cold front has settled in throughout the tri-state, the deep freeze setting, in bringing temperatures into the teens. a big concern is hypothermia. can occur in temperatures as warm as 50 degrees. if the temperatures are cold and damp. babies and the elderly especially at high risk of hypothermia. first signs of this disorder, shivering. frostbite also becomes a problem. fingers, toes, ears, noses the first to be affected. for either element, experts say to take off damp clothing and wrap themselves in warm blankets. jennifer schack talking about that arctic burst expected within 24 hours. temperatures hovering within the
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those stuck in the elements. this cold shelter in covington has opened for the season, as well as the center in cincinnati. as well as two in butler county, located in hamilton. richard chiles, wlwt news 5. jonathan: richard, stay warm. as weather and traffic jonathan: as weather and traffic conditions change, stay connected with the wlwt weather app. you'll get the very latest on weather, traffic and closings sent directly to your phone whenever winter of whether hits. overnight. our sister station in orld says one person was killed by a tornado in manatee county. sarasota. it's a rough storm. injury. we'll continue to gather information and bring you more police have identified the victim of a homicide in westwood. the victim is 25-year-old kareem howell. just before 6:00 p.m., police were called to a wooded trail behind the 3100 block of bracken
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person down. when police arrived, they found howell with a gunshot wound. he was taken to u.c. medical center, where he died from his injuries. no arrests have been made. the shooting comes as police continue a search for a shooting suspect in avondale for a shooting that happened in the 3500 block of alaska avenue just before 9:00 friday night. the victim was driven to children's hospital by someone else. 20-year-old emanuel scott died there from his injuries. saturday, a vigil was held, asking for answers in scott's death. >> we know there are other factions and factors that were involved today, but at least the message was we're not going to stand by while people lose their lives. >> with this parking lot, parks up the street, kids should be able to play football or do whatever they're going to do. be able to have fun. >> parents in the area say they're often afraid to go outside with their families and appreciate what local churches and cincinnati works are trying
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together. a couple is accused of swindling an elderly woman out of $50,000. investigators say the two took the victim's credit cards and went on a shopping spree, which included a toyota 4 runner truck. wlwt news 5's jenell walton has the latest on this developing story. reporter: lauren seeberger wiped away tears as the charges were read against her and her husband phillip at the hamilton county justice center. the pair is facing multiple felony charges, charged with theft, misuse of credit cards and identity fraud. a court appointed attorney tried to argue for no bond for the couple. >> they're not a danger to this woman. they haven't bothered her. my client has no record. she has family support. she's not going to go anywhere. reporter: they're accused of charging $11,000 on a mastercard and purchasing a 2008 toyota 4
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vehicle was repossessed so the victim incurred a debt of nearly $18,000. investigators sigh the seebergers started stealing from the victim nearly three years ago. investigators spent over a year collecting evidence against the couple. >> investigation as to what allegedly occurred started in march of 2013 and ended in it late october of 2014. jonathan: the couple is accused from the victim's checking account. their bond was set at $25,000 each. a grand jury is scheduled to hear the case against philip and lauren seeberger on january 25. today, a local church is honoring dr. martin luther king junior's dream of one nation with an interfaith celebration. it will be at zion baptist church in avondale beginning at the speaker will be attorney david singleton. he's from the ohio justice and policy center.
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special guests. the event is free and open to the public. more details emerging after a deadly siege and attack on a west african hotel. we'll talk about the casualties from the al qaeda attack and the american among the victims. tough matchups on the basketball court saturday. we'll tell you which local teams walked away with victories in morning sports. we'll sneak a peek through citycam 5's eyes. about time to take the lights off, i know. one of the harsh realities of mid-january. i'm facing it at my home myself. yes. two million, four
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jonathan: welcome back. the capital of burkina faso is recovering from an attack by al qaeda militants that killed 28 people, including one measure. dozens were hurt in friday night's attack, which targeted a hotel and cafe popular with westerners. the american victim was mike rittering. he and his wife amy were missionaries for a st. louis-based organization.
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he leaves behind four children. president obama has signed an emergency declaration for flint michigan for federal aid to come to the city, undergoing a drinking water crisis. the white house called for fema to coordinate all disaster reresidents. flint switched water supplies in 2014 while a new pipeline was under construction and the corrosive water from the flint pipes. for the second week in a row, san fernando valley residents showed up to show outrage or a natural gas leak that has thousands. for the second time, air quality officials have delayed a decision on an abatement order which would require so cal gas to stop the leak and capture the gas that's leaking. the public utilities commission explosion. so cal gas says they won't be
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february at the earliest. increasingly heeded rhetoric between donald trump and ted cruz in the competition for the white house. with the two locked in a razor tight race in iowa, they're escalating their attacks. trump continues to chastising cruz's suggestion he embraces new york liberalism. cruz refuses to back down. after criticizing trump's values. cruz says trump has no chance as a serious candidate. >> i think in terms of a have someone who isn't springing out of bed to tweet in a frantic response to the latest polls. jonathan: cruz took an off-handed jab at trump after getting stuck in an elevator while campaigning in south carolina. the camera and asked, quote, who put donald trump in charge of the elevators? going to hold their first debate of 2016 tonight in charleston, south carolina.
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will serve as moderator. the debate is at 9:00 tonight. just before news 5 at 11:00. former secretary of state hillary clinton joins chuck todd on "meet the press" to discuss her campaign. chuck interviews bernie sanders as well. "meet the press" airs this morning at 10:00 after news 5 today. and clean energy supporters are gathering tonight to watch the democratic presidential debate. the watch party is being held in bronstein hall on the campus of the university of cincinnati. next gen climate ohio, calling next president, is hosting the party. the watch party runs from 8:30 to 11:00. let's talk local weather. jennifer: we're starting sunday
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wlwt radar, nothing overhead locally, but snow showers taking shape across portions of illinois and indiana, sliding our way. that's the arctic cold front that arrives this afternoon. a quiet morning, no precipitation, no snow locally on wlwt radar. we'll keep that quiet start through 10:00 and 11:00 this morning. beyond that, we start to see some snow showers in the northwest counties. here's futurecast at 10:00 a.m. we even have some breaks in the clouds overhead. if we're going to see shine today, when it comes up, through about 10:00 or 11:00, breaks locally. and then we bring in snow showers from northwest to southeast into our midday. they'll be localized, which means not everyone seeing snow flying this afternoon, but a few spots may see a few robust snow showers that may cause a quick covering on roadways, drop visibility, cause a half-inch locations. the computer runs super brought them across the tri-state. you see stronger bursts through
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by 45k and 6:00, we're on the back side. we'll have a quiet evening. the cold air settles in. this morning, mostly cloudy. visibility is high at ten miles. temperatures in the 20s through the morning. we're at 25 right now. the west wind at 14 miles an hour. the wind chill feels like 13 degrees. it's a cold start this morning, but we're still ahead of the arctic front that will have a big impact on temperatures over the next 24 hours. we're at 25. chicago at 3 degrees. the air temperature, 15 to 20 below zero across minnesota. that arctic cold air causing wind chills near 40 degrees ploe zero and it's sliding southeast our way. so the cold air will moderate some as it arrives for us. this will be the coldest of the winter so far. wind chills ten below at times to start monday. saturday cloud cover pushing to the east. the arctic cold front not here yet. it's a quiet sunday morning.
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clouds rethicken and a front arrives. should push through downtown about 2:00. the winds will pick up a little bit behind it. then the cold air continues to usher in tonight. as skies clear out, we drop into the single digits monday morning. monday afternoon, struggling to get back into the teens for afternoon highs. high pressure is building in. so it will be quiet with sunshine. i think those wind chills will stay in the single digits throughout monday. we'll start to come out of the deepest cold as we head into tuesday. 29 for the high today. afternoon snow bursts. a half inch for isolated spots. not expecting widespread accumulation. tonight, we drop off to five degrees. the wind chill, 10 to 15 below zero. so a wind chill adds voyeur for all the counties in the light blue shade. northern counties included as well. tomorrow, 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., 16 for the afternoon high with the sunshine. 23 tuesday and still quiet. quiet and cold to start the work week.
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that could be some light accumulations for wednesday. temperatures hover, highs just above freezing. we'll watch another chance for precipitation friday. jonathan: next saturday looks good. local basketball teams in action across cincinnati on saturday. the details on the excitement you could have missed from the paint in your sunday morning sports. elise: good morning, i'm elise jesse. it's the second day of the flying to the hoop showcase. jarinn cumberland stole the show yesterday, racking 24 points and five rebounds as wilmington won. lasalle took a 30-23 lead at the half against purcell marian. start the second half, igniting the lancer run that gave them a double digit lead for the rest of the night. hudson goes back door with the beautiful pass to c.j. fleming.
7:19 am
lasalle was up 37-23 early. purcell never did go away with hard work and nifty moves like that from cameron moore, but lasalle won, 58-46, against a quality basketball squad. >> i don't think this team's defense is as good as it should be. we're pretty good, and we actually did follow the scouting report, but i'm pleased. that's a very good team out there, more than likely going to be division 3 state champs so we're proud to get a win tonight. elise: let's head over to saint x. the bombers were hosting the highlanders of oak hills. time winding down in the first quarter. bombers on the break. the spin move from henry kuechly. he gets the layup to fall to beat the buzzer. x down three after one. second quarter, oak hills increasing their lead. the three out of the corner. they go up by seven. the highlanders go down low to ryan bates. he goes strong up for two and they hold for the 53-47 win over saint x. and that's it for this half hour. coming up, we'll go to the
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participate in the olympics. for now, we'll send it to you guys. jonathan: because he's too old. he says it himself. coming up, we'll talk about upcoming events to honor mlk's life and legacy. citycam 5. the lights have to come down. otherwise, they wouldn't be special around the holidays.
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richard: greater cincinnati preparing to come together to honor the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king. directors, christina brown to talk about the celebration. talk to us about some of the activities, starting with the breakfast this morning. mlk day. we will start our day with the king legacy breakfast, which
7:24 am
doors open at 7:30. this is a ticket event. unfortunately, it's sold out. so if you don't have tickets, feel free to come down to the freedom center to join us at 10:00, where we'll begin to march -- we'll begin with the interfaith prayer at 10:30, and then the march to fountain square. from 0 fountain quar, square, we head to music hall for live music and poetry by a variety of mostly youth groups. that's a synopsis of what's planned monday. >> the martin luther king holiday and coalition goes back to 1979, am i right? yes. pre me. >> the national holiday signed into law in 1983. in the tri-state, a lot to do with the martin luther king coalition celebrations, great activity celebrating the life leader.
7:25 am
people; is that right? >> this year's theme is mlk, we can't wait. we want to feel the folks to feel the fierce urgency of now. hopefully, coming together in one space to celebrate a great man will unify us to do something beyond the day's events. richard: doing something to celebrate the life of the great man beyond the day's events, including the breakfast, which you did mention already is sold out. >> it's sold out. richard: but the march happens from the freedom center to music hal. >> that's correct. we begin lining up at 10:00. interfaith prayer at 10:30. fountain square, we'll have another prayer and then head to music hall. the american red cross will be passing out hot chocolate, since it's going to be cold. richard: it's going to be cold monday. the red cross participating in so many activities, celebrating the life of dr. martin luther king.
7:26 am
begin this monday, beginning with the king legacy awards breakfast, followed by the march from the freedom center to fountain square for prayer service, then another march to music hall. that's all going to be part of the mlk commemoration and celebration. jonathan: still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including pain at the puch could soon be a thing of the past. we found low prices this weekend. we'll tell you how low they could soon reach. and your live look outside. citycam 5. the museum center at union terminal terminal. all aglow on this sunday morning. are you going to take this day
7:27 am
jonathan: now on news 5 today, a man accused of sexual assault against a teenaged girl goes before a judge. we'll talk about the charges he faces. richard: as freezing temperatures bear down on the tri-state, we'll have your cold weather preps just ahead. jonathan: those temperatures will soon be in double digits and single digits. and teens. jennifer schack has when they'll drop. it's sunday, january 17, 2016. this is news 5 today.
7:28 am
jonathan: i talked a lot about digits there. i better shut up on the digits. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. citycam 5 showing us light in the sky. we've not had much color lately with this wintish weather. jennifer: hoping for decent breaks to see a little more sunshine here just before 8:00. it's basically our only chance for sun all weekend. jonathan: look at the blue out lighter blue. jennifer: that's real good. the blues today. temperatures. jennifer: a gray afternoon with cloud cover. we're at 25 for hamilton and cincinnati. 28 at lunken airfield. temperatures have fallen off a couple degrees. we're only going to recover by a
7:29 am
it's not much of a variation into the next couple hours. we have high visibility at ten miles with the clouds around. satellite and radar combined showing there are some breaks in the clouds overhead. we're probably not going to see a lot of sunshine with it, but i do think we have some morning to late morning sunshine possible with the quiet start. notice the snow showers to the northwest will be pushing in later for the early part of the afternoon and through our afternoon hours. so right now, quiet conditions. wlwt radar, no sunday morning snow expected. but a few afternoon snow showers in time. the high today, only 29 degrees. that's well below where we should be at 39. but that's going to feel good, compared to where temperatures are going the first half of our work week. we'll talk about the wind chill advisory and accumulating snowfall possible during the work week. jonathan: while we need to prepare for extreme cold, it may impact some more than others. wlwt news 5's richard chise is live this morning, talking about those who should take extra caution.
7:30 am
richard: jonathan, good morning. temperatures hovering in the teens can be dangerous and deadly. cold centers like this one in covington already opening their doors, seeing people coming in, trying to get relief from the cold. it provides serious health hazards, particularly for older adults adults. there are tips to keep safe. number one, watch out for ice. more than 1.6 million older americans go to the emergency room each year for fall related injuries. stay warm, protect your skin which for older adults becomes thinner with age. also, be prepared for winter emergency at home, such as the loss of heat or water. making sure you have flashlights and batteries in the home. as temperatures hover in the teens and single digits, becoming important. cold centers like this one in covington have opened their
7:31 am
in the city of cincinnati, locates located on gest street. reporting live, richard chiles, jonathan: when winter weather hits, stay connected with the weather app. you'll get the latest on weather, traffic and closings sent directly to your phone. a 24-year-old man is facing sex inappropriately touching a evan becaccio is accused of touching the girl nearly two years ago after tying her to a pole in his basement. she was 14 at the time. according to jail records, he's being held on $120,000 bond. police in mt. healthy are searching on for a bold thief, station clerk's car and fleeing, . running over the clerk as he made his get-away. the store clerk was warming his car up saturday morning at speedway in hamilton avenue. when he looked up, he saw a man sitting in his car. when the clerk confronted the
7:32 am
and ran the victim over. they're still searching for the clerk's vehicle a silver 2004 chevrolet malibu. it's an ohio plate. the clerk is said to be in if you see the car, please call good news for local drivers. less pain at the pump. take a look at this photo, sent to us by mike howser. gas for $1.43, he says on reading road near evendale. well below the national average of $1.91. experts say as oil prices fall and refinery capacity stays reach a dollar a gallon in some places. the first time i bought gas, it was 65 cents a gallon. cincinnati's average price right $1.74. covington's average is $1.87. i paid $1.66 yesterday and
7:33 am
the winter weather may be in full swing outside, but under the roof of the duke energy center, it's all about summer. summer are making a splash at boat show, filling 200,000 square feet of the convention center. the show brings together the best of the great outdoors indoors. whether you're looking for adventure equipment, like kayaks and boats or camping tools like campers and trailers, the show has everything you'll need. >> we sell everything from the tow rig to get you there, the camper to stay in. we'll build your jeep for fun in the woods. you name it, we do it. jonathan: you can still make it to the show, which runs from 11:00 to 5:00 today. the krohn conservatory is inviting to check out the spring floral show in eden park. we were there saturday as they opened the doors on hatching spring blooms. it features fragrant flowers in colorful pastels.
7:34 am
egg design. it will be open tuesday through sunday from 11:00 to 5:00. you can head to sharonville for a remodelling expo. see the latest trends in designs and products. you can attend seminars if you're more of a do-it-yourselfer. the expo runs from 10:30 to 5:00 tomorrow. adult tickets are five dollars. anyone younger than 18 gets in for free. president obama taking big steps in the iran nuclear deal. we'll tell you about the executive orders he's issued and what they mean for iran. and an agreement that brings home four americans. details on the swap the u.s. is initiating with iran. and your live look outside. citycam 5. more clour olor. we have a carolina blue. i don't know if it's a kentucky blue. it's in kentucky as we look south.
7:35 am
jonathan: welcome back. president obama has lifted
7:36 am
the executive orders come with a landmark nuclear deal. secretary of state john kerry says an international watchdog organization found iran took steps to fundamentally alter its program. he says the changes reduce the threat of a nuclear weapon so the u.s. lifted sanctions to expand opportunity for iranians. >> to get to this point, ladies and gentlemen, iran has undertaken significant steps that many, and i do mean many, people doubted would ever come to pass. jonathan: iran committed to make changes on an international deal last summer. the easing sanctions will unlock access to $100 billion in frozen assets. iran will also have new oil, trade and financial opportunities. meanwhile, iran has agreed to a prisoner swap with the united states. four detained americans are heading home in exchange for seven iranians. those iranians, most of whom are dual citizens, were accused of violating u.s. sanctions. the search has been expanded off
7:37 am
helicopters collided. the choppers were performing routine night training flights thursday when the aircraft went down. search efforts have been around the clock, but officials say there's little hope of finding survivors. college basketball coverage coming up in morning sports, including one player's comeback after a concussion scare. plus a couple of cute pups have found their way into the studio. we'll introduce you to the animals up for adoption. one of them has freckles. jennifer: a cold start for sunday morning. wind chills in the teens. we're talking wind chills below zero heading into the work week. an arctic cold front arrives today. with it, snow showers. we'll have the sunday forecast coming up.
7:38 am
jennifer: welcome bank. a dry and quiet start to sunday morning.
7:39 am
into midday and afternoon. here's the radar with snow showers across central parts of indiana. nothing locally right now. as we make it into late morning to midday hours, we'll see the northwest counties with a couple of snow showers. they spread out across the region during the afternoon. here's futurecast at 10:00 a.m. this morning. a few thinner spots in the clouds may lead to a little bit of morning sunshine with the clouds. by 11:00 to noon, we see a couple of snow showers in the northwest counties moving from northwest to southeast, sliding through a couple of burst, maybe a touch stronger to a covering on a roadway a few slick spots localized possible this afternoon for traveling. also, visibility dropped back for a couple spots as well. showers. not all of us going to see activity, but we'll see a few spots this afternoon a covering or a half inch possible. they'll last for a couple of hours past 5:00 and 6:00 this down. citycam, high visibility and the cloudy skies. temperatures are in the 20s currently, but it feels like 13
7:40 am
a west wind at 14 miles an hour. satellite and radar showing yesterday's cloud cover moving out. here's our next cold front. the arctic cold front to arrive downtown. temperatures climb for a couple of hours. we'll climb a couple of degrees. then falling temperatures through the late afternoon behind the front. the cold front slides through. snow showers with it for a few hours. then we quiet down for the overnight as skies start to clear out. that will lead to low temperatures tonight down in the single digits. wind chills comfortably below zero tomorrow morning. the cold arctic high pressure settles in for monday and tuesday. we will struggle, temperatures well below freezing. well below average and it looks like quiet conditions behind this for monday and tuesday with sunshine. we'll start to change that out wednesday. we're coming out of the cold wednesday, but we also have a system sliding our way from the plains and notice wednesday at 3:00 a.m., this is just before rush hour, a chance for snow showers to be approaching and it does look like the next chance for widespread, accumulating snowfall is midweek. we'll look ahead into the
7:41 am
lighter snow accumulations there and our wednesday forecast. 29 for the high temperature today. a few localized spots may see a covering or a half inch, but i think they'll be few and far between. then tonight, we drop off to five degrees for a low. as the west winds continue, that wind chill factored in, a wind chill advisory for all the counties in the light blue shade with wind chill potentials at 10 or 15 degrees below zero for a stretch of the morning and midday tomorrow. the wind chill advisory lasts until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. the forecast high, the temperature makes it back to 16, but the wind chill will stay in the single digits and at times low single digits tomorrow afternoon. so a bitter cold monday. tuesday morning, still very cold but coming out of it for tuesday afternoon. back to 23. >> we're still quiet. snow showers, possible accumulation looks likely for wednesday's forecast and we'll watch the chance for another system on thursday. temperatures throughout the forecast all below average.
7:42 am
y y coon hound jennifer. with me, marcia and bob with the stray animal adoption program adoption. let's pause on the whiners and talk about penelope. >> this is penelope paws. she's seven months old. jonathan: it's hard to notice, she went through trauma. her whiskers got singed off. survivor. and she came to us. she's recovering really nicely. her coat is coming in. she looks good. she's doing really well. jonathan: what's her personality? >> she's wonderful. i've been fostering her in my house. she gets along well with cats and kittens. she's letting me hold her. she's doing fine with the dog next to her. she's been spayed, microchiped and is up to date on vaccinations. she'll be at saap station at
7:43 am
jonathan: on martha layne collins boulevard next to the kroger. bob, missed you last week. still have shorts on with the cold weather. it helps to have a blanket of large pooches. >> absolutely. i've got a boy and girl. they're named after country western singers. they have a litter mate at home. i couldn't fit a third one on my lap. they are coon hound mixes. we think there might be a touch of st. bernard mixed in their. their features are big. let's start with this one here up top. many of our viewers up this morning watching us probably "saturday night live." ton. that's this pup's name as well. stapleton. he's very loving. me. he's a sweetheart of a boy.
7:44 am
him buck owen. >> he's loving, affectionate. lap. she's got freckles. look at those. they're getting all excited and wandering around. her name is karen fairchild. jonathan: i'm not up to date on my new country music stars. >> i guess it's a group called the little big town. she's the lead singer for that. they're only about ten weeks old right now. and they're already weighing 18 pounds. so they'll be around 70, 80 pounds. they've been introduced to children and other dogs. they're very friendly and social. they're very playful. they're going to be wonderful, big family pets. >> she has pretty eyes. >> this other one wants to snuggle. jonathan: i like the freckles. >> they'll be at saap station at 11:00. there will be puppies, cats, dogs kittens there. jonathan: if you'd like more
7:45 am
or logon to and click on the as seen on section. here's elise with sports. elise: good morning. the xavier musketeers were in wisconsin and they had their freshman, edmund sumner, with them, back in the lineup for the first time since new year's eve since clearing concussion protocol. coach mack said he'd ease him into the game plan. mack is 3-1 going into the battle with marquette. sumner takes to the rack. he finishes with 15 points. better than expected. later in the half, xu looking to james farr looking to seal his defender in the post. uses that hook shot in the paint. xavier ahead by 12 points. early in the second half, it's the basket. the long dagger for three.
7:46 am
xavier wins 74-66. mick cronin and the bearcats on the road yesterday. they were in philly to face temple. end of regulation, 20 seconds left. u.c. down two. troy caupain takes charge. the game goes to overtime. bond looks to even the score at 60 in o.t. this is going to send the ball game to double overtime. next, u.c. up three. temple's possession. devin coleman proves how valuable he is from beyond the arc. he had 15 points on the day. game tied again. under 30 to go, temple looking to break the tie. this shot is deflected. another shot goes up with zero on the shot clock, but the third chance point for the owls worked. cincinnati falls to temple in double overtime, 67-65. their fourth loss of the season by two points.
7:47 am
matchup with the tigers. first half, cats up one. murray gets this shot to fall. how did he do that? on the drive and the foul, kentucky takes a one-point lead. the ball would bounce auburn's way. canty, a deep three, banks it in. they upset number 14 kentucky with a 75-70 win. kobe bryant came out and said that he has no interest in playing in the 2016 summer games in rio. saying it was time to pass the torch to others. the five-time nba champion and two-time olympic gold medalist concluded the announcement saying he has already had his moment. and today, of course, we have the seahawks playing the panthers and the steelers are at the broncos. that's your nfl sunday for you. for now, we'll send it to you. jonathan: elise, thanks. of the top stories of the morning and the tri-state's most accurate forecast. we'll be right back here at
7:48 am
jonathan: welcome back. let's get a final update on the morning's top stories. police in westwood have identified the victim of a weekend homicide. the virk tim is 23-year-old kareem howell. just before 6:00 p.m., police
7:49 am
behind the 3100 block of bracken woods lane for reports of a person down. when police arrived, they found howell with a gunshot wound. he was taken to u.c. medical center, where he died from his injuries. so far, no arrests have been made. today a local church is hon, dr. martin luther king's dream. the service will be at design baptist church at avondale at 5:00. the speaker, attorney david singleton, from the ohio justice and policy center. the cincinnati symphony youth chambers players will be special guests. clean energy supporters are going to gather tonight to watch the democratic presidential debate. the watch party is being held in bronsteen hall on the campus of the university of cincinnati. the watch party runs from 8:30 to 11:30 and you can catch the debate on wlwt beginning at 9:00 tonight, nightly news anchor lester holt will serve as moderator. we've been debating it and we've found out the new blouse is michael kors.
7:50 am
that's why she went with a small. jennifer: i'm glad we can bring that discussion to you. i thought a new blouse would be nice. jonathan: we missed you. jennifer: nice to be back. it was the friday night -- i couldn't be in yesterday because i worked friday night. jonathan: the fur-lined blouses would be perfect for the next couple days. jennifer: and the scarves and the gloves and the winter get-up you haven't used yet. 29 this afternoon. before the cold front arrives. snow showers with it. a quick covering in spots. i won't be widespread. cold for everyone monday and tuesday. snow showers for everyone wednesday. jonathan: have a great sunday,
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