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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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from cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 at 11 leading the way. this is cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 at 11 6. andrew: turning to whether now, we saw some snow flurries, what can we expect for the work week. it is going to be very cold overnight tonight. erik: that was just the beginning of the arctic air. temperature begins to fall.
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below. -- to 15 below. cincinnati, northward. windchill is as cold as 15 below zero. currently it is not much warmer than that. we are looking at one below in wilmington. for below in lunken airport. it is even colder out to our temperatures continue to go down tonight. winds continue at 10-20 miles per hour. where dealing with temperatures in the single digits tomorrow morning. a very frosty start to your work week. we' ll talk all of the more in a few minutes. andrew: reaching out to talk -- to help the thousands of homeless men and women in cincinnati.
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reporter: for most of us, they are that nameless in the faith was. ignore. they fall through the cracks industries. >> i did that for a week. i got sick. i snorted heroin. i had a hard time taking it. they. -- a place to stay. reporter: about 25,000 people in the tri-state experience homelessness each year. the cold can become deadly. >> this is my house. this is everything. all the close i have on is all i have. if i' m cold, i am cold.
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reporter: 100 clients were served at this warming center. a hundred guests were in the shelter of northern kentucky. >> most importantly we do not want these people suffer exposure or die on the street. we want them to give -- to get the opportunity to sleep somewhere safe. reporter: as temperatures hover in the teens, it becomes more critical to help these people. >> i do not know. reporter: richard chiles, wlwt news five. andrew: the drop-in centers also shelter. biggest festivals around the tri-state is ending after nearly a century. thousands of people festival each year. they cannot get it going any
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reporter: rita fest is officially over after 99 years in the community. thousands of people have fun memories of the big tents taking over the grounds. the festival is officially over. they will focus on other funding avenues to help the school. every dollar raised from the festival was used to help with tuition for students. it started in 1916, last year they raise nearly $200,000. here is what school officials posted on their facebook page. we realize that thousands of people in our community have gone memories of rita fest. we are honored to be a part of the many peoples lives.
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grady or -- greater cincinnati will continue to support us and other ways. they also want to thank the countless volunteers who make this vessel happened year after year. andrew: a series of crashes shutting down ronald reagan highway for half an hour. it happened around 4:00 p.m.. one of the cars involved for dover -- flipped over on the median. three people injured in a crash mile marker. state highway patrol say that recover. everything is back up again. it is not clear what caused it, it may be weather related. three americans held hostage in iran.
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post reporter, a former marine, a pastor landed in geneva a few hours ago. for americans are freed as part of a prisoner exchange. former fbi agent levinsohn was not released. obama prefers promisee in matters like this one. obama: the nuclear deal was not intended to resolve all of our differences with ironic. engaging directly with the iranian government has created a unique opportunity. a window to try to resolve important issues. reporter: the president did acknowledge that sanctions against iran -- two people injured after a tornado touched down in central florida last night. it happened after 4 a.m. in a duet, florida.
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recovering. the people who survive the liked and i. >> you do not realize how much until you see this. it is pretty devastating. andrew: minutes later another tornado touchdown. both tornadoes had the strength of the ef2 tornado. a suspect accused of hopping into the gas station clerk' s car and taking off. the store clerk was warming up his car on saturday morning at the speedway station on hamilton avenue. he noticed a man sitting in his car. when the clerk confronted the man, the suspect fled and ran the man over. a 2004 chevy malibu with license plate ds m 6236.
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a weekend homicide in westwood. karine howell , police were called to a wooded trail. a person was down. police arrived found howell with a gunshot wound. he died of his injuries at the hospital. the fbi and canton police were investigating a bomb threat. they were made against a walmart in a circle kelly -- circle k gas station. they did not find any explosive devices at any of the locations. the calls may have been routed through service like skype to avoid being tracked. dozens of artists are showing their artwork at rhine giese the brewery. they are helping local artists
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the next art on buying his plan on february 21. taking a step back in time with antique shows. kitchenware, glass dating back to the early 1900s. part of the proceeds from today show benefit the warren county historical society. the war between hillary clinton and bernie sanders headed into the they. -- into the debate. reporter: most of us on that burst of snow. the cold air is moving in. how cold temperatures get
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ll let y andrew: the prisoner release and the iran deal will be the discussion in the democratic debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders could be slinging sharp elbows at each other. the race is tightening. the race between donald trump and ted cruz is getting more seeded. -- cheated. -- heated/ . reporter: the
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sanders: we must stand up for working people, low income people in every state in this country. secretary clinton talking about obama. clinton: both ted cruz and chris christie called him a child the other night. too often we hear republicans talking in coded racial language. reporter: sanders announced he supports a bill that will limit liability on gun manufacturers. it is a reversal for sanderson comes after days of attacks by clinton who use the issue to paint sanders as soft on guns. sanders: we have got to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. clinton: we need a president who
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-- to protect president obama' s actions on nonviolence. reporter: donald trump and take crews are running neck to neck. trump continued to slam crews -- take crews. data from -- trump: say whatever you want, he did not properly do his bank loans. ted cruz: who put donald trump in charge of the elevator? andrew: clean energy supporters are gathering tonight to watch the presidential debate. the washing held at bronstein
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the watch party runs from 830 in till 11:30 p.m.. cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast reporter: with cloudy skies and temperatures not bad either. andrew: around -- reporter: -- erik: that was a cold air coming in. temperatures have been writing ever since. now down to 16 degrees. as far as the snow is concerned, a few flurries around maysville, falmouth. those will move on now. we are going to see clearing skies. though the help temperatures fall off even more later tonight. current temperature 17 in batavia, 22 and brooksville, 12 at southeast indiana. cvg we are looking at 16 wins at 60 miles per hour giving us a
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temperatures are continue to fall. the temperature will not be quite as high. it will be breezy enough. our windchill will be between a minus five and -15 tomorrow morning. it will go from 5 a.m. tonight in till 1 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. we' re seeing cold air and northwesterly winds opening up the arctic for us. the one sort of highlight is high pressure moving in. monday and tuesday are going to be sunny just not warm. so tonight , temperatures cincinnati. eight degrees amazing, for in springville, 4 in maysville.
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between about minus five and 10 below zero. dress warmly tomorrow. frostbite can happen. take care of yourself, take care of your pets. tomorrow morning, starting up at five degrees. we will go up to 60 degrees. we' ll see some sunshine. futurecast showing cloudy skies tonight as we head into tomorrow morning, we are eventually going to clear out the clouds. a nice sunny afternoon. trend. high pressures with us, up a little bit. the 20' s. as we head into wednesday, more southerly winds. maker. it will not bring a burst of heavy snow.
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1-2 inches. things can change as we get closer to the event on wednesday. five degrees tonight. clouds breaking up, breezy and cold. tomorrow will be cold to start, the afternoon will be 16 degrees. tuesday morning, morning low of six, will not have much of -- win to speak of. a possible system on friday into saturday. i put that into the forecast because it looks more likely. this could be a more significant snowfall. but a lot can change between now and friday. elise: 42 teams will play in
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as we enter day three, the 14th annual invitational. it features covington catholic, east lead 22 at the half. the thunder hawk , oldman gives a bounce back to eiseman. they finished with 12 points. he takes a straight to the whole for the basket, he finishes with 15. they beat the east 54-45. bob huggins was in dayton today, they took on lebron james' s all more modern team. elijah fulton' s. alex peerman for the jumpshot. justin johnson drives and this
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ball meant. bounces this one outside to james johnson for the deep 3. they lose 66-56. a for our boys basketball wild card game of the week. you can find out on our website. wlwt .com the big game from the sense us center. xavier women posting a ranked team. that and more coming up. reporter: coming up tonight, nightly news on a southern and bernie sanders. the race is tightening. a investigation into new problems in cars already involved in a massive recall. logic.
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reporter: welcome back, edmond sumner put his concussion behind
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s fastball opponent. xavier women facing depaul in a big east showdown. in the first quarter, sean gaffney goes for two. leah schaefer finds a layup. the deficit is down to one point. xavier is back down to 12 by the second quarter. she let the muskies with a 21 points and seven rebounds. but it was just too much, the ball beats xavier 70-53. if you are a saint x football plan -- fan, it is a six s defense in the nfl.
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packed for the divisional round of the playoffs. carolina was ahead by seven. russell wilson under pressure. he takes it back for six points. the first defensive touchdown in panthers history. if you not get any better for wilson on the day. yet it were for one. he got tortured by carolina' s defense. he was sacked five times. he threw two interceptions in the game. cam newton enjoyed the game a lot more. carolina up 24-0. he launches the dagger to greg olson. they beat the seahawks, 31-24. after less -- last week' s game between cincinnati and pittsburgh, many cincinnati fans were broncos fans. >> it would be nice to see the
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but the last time the won the super bowl. overnight. it is going to get darn right chilly. erik: a of schools are closed tomorrow, because of the mlk holiday, that is going to mean a lot of people stay home. out, it is going to be cold of course. dress warmly. windchill is going to start five below zero in the morning. afternoon high is 16 degrees. as we head into tuesday, another cold day, we are not going to have that win there. it is not going to be as raw. friday, it is going to be a more significant system. still up in the air. end of the week.
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-- kick things off on monday. andrew: thanks a lot. that is all we have time for. up at 11:00. thanks for staying with us here. you can visit our website. elise: site.
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