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do on health care. i have a feeling this is the beginning of a lively final 15 days. we will have continuing live analysis of tonight's debate on and if you missed part of this debate, you can see it begin starting right now on msnbc. for now, i'm chuck todd in charleston, south carolina. from >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news five at 11:00. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its visit] andrew: the big story is the dropping temperatures and what we can expect for the week. we have meteorologist eric sonnets here. eric: we are seeing temperatures down in the single digits and wind chills below zero in many spots. this is our first time dealing with this bitter cold weather this season. here are some things you want to make sure you do. if you are headed out early tomorrow, make sure you dress
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this is wind that can with away heat from your body, and that can be very dangerous, frostbite in 30 minutes or less. temperatures have fallen all day long, now down to nine degrees. wind chills, -9. -13 in indianapolis. -17 in bloomington. yes, it' s cold. make sure your family is in decent shape, and take the pats and bring them inside. a wind chill advisory is in effect for most locations north of the ohio river. georgetown, alexandria, for sales, all areas north. that means we are going to see a prolonged period of time with wind chills below zero. tomorrow morning, we are going to see windchills -13 in wilmington, -12 in versailles. dangerously cold tomorrow
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s going to be snow. andrew: reaching out to help the thousands of homeless men and them out of the cold. according to the cincinnati homeless coalition, a 25,000 people in the tri-state year. many of them are women and children. just under 100 clients were served at the emergency shelter in northern kentucky last night. >> the services we provide is an opportunity for someone, most importantly, to not die or suffer from exposure, as well as give them the opportunity to sleep some place where it is safe. andrew: prince of peace church serves as emergency shelter and offers resources for the homeless. brutal cold and biting wind chills, but marchers will brave the cold to march in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. day. tammy moved toss us spoke to people who say the cold weather
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tammy: we are told cincinnati' s march has never been canceled. organizers weighed the options, and the march will go on, but people going are encouraged to dress warm and be smart about it. they marched through rain, heat, even cold. >> this is the coldest one i' ve done. tammy: not as bitterly cold as expected for monday and not as cold as anyone can remember, but the brutal temperatures will not get in the way of the mission started 41 years ago. at 10:00 a.m. monday, cincinnati' s mlk march takes off from the freedom center, then to an interfaith prayer. the march continues to music all. >> if folks want to march, we will be out and welcomed them. we encourage people to be smart. weather is a serious thing. tammy: at zion baptist church,
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cold on a day earlier sharing martin lark the king junior -- martin luther king jr.' s dream of one nation. >> [indiscernible] tammy: whether it is inside or outside, the community stands together to honor a champion for civil rights on his birthday. >> it' s about the people taking this day to say, the freedom and the equality and the justice dr. king spoke of are still important to us today. they are still not fulfilled dreams. tammy: the city of cincinnati also sent out a warning about tomorrow' s brutally cold weather. people are also welcome to join the celebration indoors at music hall tomorrow at noon. wlwt news 5. andrew: the martin luther king coalition will begin the holiday
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that event sold out. it will be followed by a march from the freedom center to music hall for the mlk commemorative celebration at noon. another way local organizations will be honoring dr. king' s with the day of service. the historic food bank will host the eighth annual powerpack-a-t hon at noon. volunteers will prepare powerpacks , ready to begin to grade school students on fridays to make sure they have something healthy to eat over the weekend. one of the biggest and best festivals around the tri-state is ending. thousands of people flock to saint rita fest every year, but organizers say they couldn' t keep it going any longer. school officials say they will focus on other funding avenues to help the school to keep going. here is what the school posted
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the festival started in 1916. last year, we are told the festival raised nearly 200 thousand dollars. it is a game many bengals fans were watching closely, and for one night, many fe tes were cheering for the broncos. elise jesse has reaction to the steelers loss in denver. elise: it wasn' t just the fact that the steelers knocked the bengals out of the playoffs. it was how they won that has bengals players and coaches a few mean. the broncos fan base grew exponentially for about three and a half hours. peyton manning hosting the steelers, and it' s tj anderson, a one-yard rush, the two-point conversion was also completed with the broncos knocked the steelers out of the playoffs with a 23-16 win.
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reimann lucas says he can finally sleep in peace. coming up, we are going to have a lot more reaction from those bengals players coming up. elise jesse, wlwt news 5. andrew: gun control, terrorism, and reforms in the criminal justice system took center stage in tonight' s democratic debate. senator bernie sanders said it is not just america' s responsibility to take on terrorists, saying others should have skin in the game. brian mooar has a closer look at the big issues. brian: in their final debate of this pre-election season hillary clinton pounded bernie sanders on gun control. >> he voted to let guns go on to amtrak, guns to go into national parks. he voted against doing research
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brian: sanders gave no ground. >> you have received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. brian: he questioned clinton' s willingness to help the middle class. >> i would provide health care to all people, get private assurance out of health insurance, lower the cost of health care for middle-class families by $5,000. >> i' m not sure whether we are talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or the plan you introduced nine times in the congress, but the fact is, we have the affordable care act. brian: another key question, collect ability. >> in terms of polling, guess what? we are running ahead of secretary clinton in terms of taking on my good friend donald trump. brian: former maryland governor martin o' malley barely qualified for the debate, but he did his best to stand up. >> i will move us to a 100% clean electric energy grid by 2050 and create 5 million jobs
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6 brian: who won? voters in iowa have their say in two weeks. andrew: tonight' s debate, also gaining interest in our region. the urban league young professionals gathered to watch the debate at the gamers lounge. organizers say that on the eve of martin luther king day, many of the issues being fought for decades ago are still pertinent today. >> whether it' s the high unemployment of african-americans, whether it' s voting rights of that have been under attack, whether it is justice reform, all of those issues that dr. king and many died for, we are still fighting for today, so tonight, we are hoping to hear from the candidates on where they stand. brian: the next democratic debate is set for february 11 in wisconsin. andrew: donald trump and ted cruz are locked in a race -- tight race two weeks ahead of the iowa caucus. both candidates are increasing
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trump is questioning a loan cruz took out from goldman sachs that he failed to disclose in federal campaign-finance documents. cruz shot back, saying trump doesn' t react well when he goes down in the polls. he criticized his negative rhetoric on twitter towards other candidates. >> it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy. for whatever reason, donald doesn' t react well when he' s going down in the polls. >> he finally went off the wagon a little bit and went crazy. andrew: ted cruz crisscrossed new hampshire, making stops at 17 events in 10 counties. a man is in police custody tonight after he led them on a chase on my 74. jason falls skipped out on bond. police started chasing him. dispatchers say fall took a loop on to 274 before police stopped him. police have not said what charges he was originally facing
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police have identified the victim of a weekend homicide in westwood. the victim is 23-year-old kareem howell. police were called to a wooded trail behind the 3100 block of brecon would blame for the report of a person down. when police arrived, they found howell with a gunshot wound. no arrests have been made. police in mt. healthy are searching for a thief who is accused of hopping into a gas station clerk' s car and taking off, running over the clerk. police say the store clerk was worming his car saturday morning at the speedway on hamilton. he looked up, noticed the man sitting in his car. police say the suspect fled and ran the victim over. police say they are searching for the clerk' s vehicle. it is a silver 2004 chevy malibu that has the ohio tech number dsm6236. if you see it, call police.
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finally free and one step closer to coming home. the americans held captive in iran are out of the country and spending the night in europe. an update of how soon they could be back on american soil. two tornadoes touched down minutes apart. a look at the damage in the cleanup underway tonight. eric: we are dealing with wind chilleric:s below zero in many spots. -16 and conner' s bill.
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and when do we andrew: three of the four americans released by iran in an exchange are now in germany. a reporter, a former marine, and a pastor were among those released. a fourth freed american elected to stay in iran. nbc' s alley a role he reports from tehran on the state of diplomatic relationships between the u.s. and iran. ali: at least three of the dual national prisoners released have left the country. this is the culmination of a long diplomatic process the between america and iran, a process that started with the nuclear deal. >> in the nuclear deal, no party has beaten another party. the iranian nation has won.
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deal neither inside the country negotiated with us. ali: a few years ago, it would' ve been unthinkable for iran and america to be talking directly, but the talks have resulted in a nuclear deal, the release of american prisoners, and avoiding tensions on the high seas where another hostage situation occured. this has been a long process since the nuclear negotiation started. the two sides have warmed relations, but we have to because of the fact that iran and america have different strategic interests in the region and beyond. they don' t see i too high on many issues, but they have started talking. it' s a step in the right direction, but there is a long way to go. president obama imposed new sanctions on iran over its missile program, something not to go down well with iran' s
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at least they are enemies talking instead of fighting. andrew: we now know the name of the american killed in the attack in burkina faso' capital. hotel at a cafe popular with westerners. they killed 20 people and injured dozens more. the mocon victim was mike rittering. he leaves behind for children. three americans kidnapped this weekend in the iraqi capital baghdad. there is little information about who they are or what happened to them. a news agency in dubai said they were kidnapped by militias. the incident comes after a week that has seen a deterioration of security in and around the iraqi capital. the islamic state claimed a number of attacks in baghdad that killed more than 50 people, including a high-profile attack on a mall in the iraqi capital. >> cincinnati'
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eric: this morning for most of you, it was probably cold enough. you can take a look and see a look and see at noon, 27 degrees, but then the cold front came through. we saw that burst of snow, and temperatures have been falling ever since. 16 degrees by 7:00, and now we are down to 9. you can see colder temperatures around cartersville and southeast indiana where they are in the low single digits. 9 in falmouth. 10 in brooksville. that is without factoring in the wind. once you factor in the wind, it makes it feel much colder. you can see the winds out of the northwest at 17 miles per hour, giving us the windchill of negative numeral nine. tonight is going to be the coldest night so far. the good news is we don' t have any snow to deal with. the bad news is, tomorrow is a holiday, a lot of folks getting out to march and celebrate. yes, it is going to be bone chilling. take a look.
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we' and east. for us, high pressure is good news. we are going to see sunshine tomorrow, although it' going to be warm sunshine. tonight, temperatures dropping into the single digits, even colder down in cartersville. warmer around dry ridge at 6. once you factor in those winds, 10-20 miles per hour, we are talking -10 to -15 wind chills cincinnati. -5 10 -10. a touch less cold as you head down to the south and east. overall, things are going to be bone chilling tomorrow. 5 to start. degrees. that is if we are lucky. quite a bit of sunshine will help as long as you can get away
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tomorrow afternoon, those winds will eventually calm down. around. skies. tomorrow morning, a good amount the afternoon. at least things will be on the quiet side once the winds start to fade. on tuesday, it' s going to be another bitter cold start with temperatures in the single digits. by the afternoon, we make it into the lower 20' s, and that is when things get more complicated. tuesday night into wednesday, this system starts building and, not only giving us extra clouds, but during the day wednesday, putting down what could be accumulating snow. right now, it looks like it' s going to be 1-2 inches, but it could be slightly more if things come together. this is storm system number one. there' s another storm heading our way friday, and while friday is quite a ways away, it looks
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powerful than the one we are dealing with wednesday. it took a while for winter to get here, but it is enforced now. wind chills , well below zero. take care of yourself. take care of your neighbors and family. if your house doesn' t have good insulation, make sure you take care of those pipes. tomorrow afternoon, only 16 degrees, a decent amount of sunshine, and your seven-day forecast, 22. a little warmer on tuesday and wednesday. there' s a chance for light snow. it looks like a light, steady snow all day, which could give us accumulations. the system on friday, that could give us heavier snowfall as temperatures drop, but the first half of the week, bitter cold. we start to moderate by wednesday and thursday. andrew: two people are dead, five injured after a pair of tornadoes touched down in central florida. the first tornado happened just
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two people asleep in a mobile home were killed. five others in the trailer are in the hospital recovering. people who survived the tornadoes say they are thankful to be alive. >> you don' t realize how much power can impact -- the tornado has until you see this. it' s pretty devastating. andrew: minutes later, another tornado touched down in sarasota county. officials estimated that both tornadoes had the strength of an ef-2. officials and tennessee have suspended their search for a two year old boy and say six volunteers who helped look for him have also gone missing. local law enforcement has been searching nonstop since noah chamberlin disappeared. volunteers aren' t giving up hope though. >> you can' t give up . there is a two-year-old out there, and it' s cold. >> it is a search and rescue mission. we have total faith we are going
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andrew: originally, police say they did not suspect foul play, but they think the toddler may be in danger. today, they asked law-enforcement agencies to help in the search effort. in northern ohio, the fbi and can police are investigating a series of bomb threats. all four were made within hours of each other against the will mark, this gas station in canton, along with canton city hall and a target. police didn' t find any explosive devices at any locations. according to police, the calls may have been routed through a service like skype in order to avoid being tracked. the handler of canine person has helped to find another local dog. the facebook page for carson posted these photos. when they caught that dog, they say the mastiff named tierney got away nine months ago during a swat standoff. persons handler went out to troy, ohio with a woman who
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minutes into a standoff, tierney showed up. they got him back in the suv to drive them back to his owner. and local group that helps provide service animals for children and veterans is this -- is expanding. four pa ws debuted its 20-square-foot building -- 20,000-square-foot building today. four paws helps to train and provide service dogs for children and veterans with disabilities. the organization says it can trains from 100 to 150. i know a lot of people were watching that broncos-steelers game, and you know, you trade orange and black for orange and steelers. elise: there were so many bengals fans who switched over the broncos fans, and for good
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we elise: welcome back. i am elise jesse. s afc morphed into broncos fans this his squad hosting the steelers. touchdown.
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the broncos knocked the steelers out of the playoffs with a 23-16 win. players on the bengals were pumped to see the broncos beat the steelers. quarterback dre kirkpatrick around. it looks like that put him in a great move. the safety said he now has closure. at bank of america stadium, it was a packed house, seahawks facing carolina. panthers ahead by seven, russell wilson under pressure. luke key clue gets the pick six. it' s the first offensive td in panthers playoff history. he was on fire, adding 11 tackles. the panthers beat the seahawks 31-24. through four days, 42 teams will play each other in dayton in front of a sold-out crowd of over 20,000.
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included lakota east and trenton arena. east lead at the half, but cardinals came out firing in the third quarter. a simple bounce pass to finish the break. isom finished with 12 points. and the flood breaks from the corner and takes it straight to the whole for the basket. he finished with 15, and covington catholic beat east 54-45. bob huggins was there to see roger bacon face st. vincent saint marys. justin johnson goes around the defender before putting it in off the glass, and then we have a lisha -- elijah fulton. justin johnson drives and this time dishes to a elijah fulton. william green bounces the ball
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deep 3, but bacon loses 66-56. with baseball season around the corner, kids are getting a head start on brushing up on their skills. some kids in oakley got a chance to do that with pirate second baseman and former bearcat josh harrison. derek forrest has the story. derek: you see bearcat josh harrison is in town this weekend given instructions to kids ages seven through high school age about the game of baseball, showing them it is not just about playing one position. you should learn how to play multiple positions. more importantly, it is all about teaching the fundamentals. >> we make this game harder on ourselves, because we don' t keep it simple, and a lot of things i' ve learned from my brother were things i could apply to my ball in high school and college.
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though you are in high school, don' t bank on playing in one position. everybody' s different, but i will show you certain ways to get the best out of what you have. >> they harrison brothers camp continues in oakley monday morning between 9:00 and 2:00 p.m. for ages 7-12. i' m derek forrest, wlwt news 5 sports. elise: josh and vince harrison, great guys. josh is with the pirates, and he always comes back to cincinnati. he is always great to the community. andrew: always nice to see him getting a warm welcome even though he is a pirate. he bypassed that because he is a bearcat. andrew: we have got to keep a watch on the temperature. i haven' t been outside in a while, and i know it is cold when i go out there. eric: that' s going to be shocking when you step outside. same thing for you if you step outside early tomorrow. thankfully, tomorrow is a holiday. i hope you get to sleep in. it'
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noon, but the coldest temperatures will be early in the morning, wind chills between -10 and -15. by the afternoon, we will be warmer, but not by much. tuesday looks similar, but the winds will back off. wednesday, accumulating snow, at least a couple inches. we will monitor that with another system on its here' s for friday. a real wintry week, but at least we get closer to the freezing mark by wednesday. andrew: it' s tough when you look ahead in the forecast and say, i can'
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