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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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in his old stomping grounds. the local event where he knocked it out of the park, and what about the baseball commissioner' s recent ruling. plus. we come in with extra clothes and we just get ready for whatever we have to do you can' t avoid the brutal cold if you have to work in it. especially, if it' s your job to save others. temperatures dangerously low overnight, and talk of significant snow. the forecast, in less than 3 minutes. and a dog saved from a huge trash compactor, tonight the search for the person who put him there. cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 at 11:00 leading the way, on-air, online and on the go news 5 at 11:00 starts now the brutal cold continues. good evening. i' m mike dardis. sheree has the night off. dozens of schools have delays in the morning including a 2 hour delay for cincinnati public
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walkers. all the information is on the bottom of your screen, or on the wlwt app. this bitter cold is not stopping local first responders who don' t have a choice when the temperature takes a plunge. wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa is live in covington with the people on the front lines, keeping us safe tammy reporter: its' challenging to work in these elements. but somebody has to do it, especially when it comes to keeping the public safe. we had a front row seat with some brave covington first responders helping people tonight. on a brutal night like this one mother nature can make a job saving lives even more challenging. we come in with extra clothes and we just get ready for whatever we have to do. mike: -- reporter: whether that' s flames, falls or medical emergencies. we had front row seat to some of the runs coving first responders wasted no time getting to. >> maybe people that fall on ice if there' s ice on the ground, people that are outside that don' t have a place to stay that
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frost bite and things like that. reporter: in bond hill first responders had to fight fire, and ice, at this house fire. the fire forced out one woman into this dangerously cold air. but luckily no one was hurt. >> we did have one fire fighter who fell, he' s quite stiff right now but he was able to continue and work so you just have to be a lot more diligent, you gotta go slower. reporter: the cold snap may have first responders in overdrive- but harsh conditions are part of the job description of keeping everyone safe. >> stay inside if you don' s below freezing. reporter: right now my phone says it' s 9 degrees outside. but here' s a warm thought it is 61 days until spring. reporting live tammy mutasa wlwt news 5. mike: the emergency cold shelter of northern kentucky has its the center on scott street in covington says it offers an accessible place to get warm and enjoy snacks, even on holidays. re serving about 45 people
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the shelter says when the they don' t turn anyone away. >> one of the guests came in and s so warm in here. and that just speaks volumes about what we need to be doing, both as a shelter and a community to address this issue. mike: the emergency shelter is open every night from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. after november first. then agencies offer year-round services to get into permanent housing. it' s been a busy day for aaa' s roadside rescue team. since midnight, they have been called out to help people in nearly a thousand cars. they are expecting even more calls tomorrow, since a lot of people were off today because of the holiday. the bitter cold temperatures will continue into tomorrow. but will the wind let up? wlwt news 5' s erik zarnitz has the most accurate forecast for
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erik? erik: in the bitter cold today. wind chills were below zero when 7 people had to escape a burning home. by tomorrow morning, the coldest wind chill to be near wilmington is a north of cincinnati. this morning windchill was about 15 degrees below zero. we are tracking another snow system heading our way. mike: in dayton a fire fight. in the bitter cold today. 7 people had to escape a burning home. the people got out, just before 3 in the morning after flames started on the second floor. the red cross was able to help the family out in the dangerously low temperatures. new details in the case of the
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the weekend in avondale. police have charged 21-year-old derrell gover with the murder of immanuel scott. scott was rushed to children' s hospital after police say he was shot on alaska avenue saturday night. gover is charged with murder and aggravated robbery. an arrest tonight, in an afternoon fire in west price hill. investigators are now calling it arson. court documents state, that johnny hammond caused harm to a woman, by setting an apartment on nebraska avenue on fire around noon. investigators say the 26-year-old admitted to the crime. hammond is charged with two counts of arson. lining up to meet the hit king. pete rose, back in greater cincinnati tonight for the first time since he was denied re-instatement to baseball and wlwt news 5' s emily wood is live at the oak hills sports stag on the west side.
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more than 700 people are here, -- reporter: definitely the largest crowd in almost a decade at this event to see number 14. pete is still talking with the crowd, he took the mic around 9:45, telling stories, taking questions from the crowd. for the first hour, vip ticket holders got the chance to meet pete, grab an autograph and a picture with the hit king. pete would not take any questions from the local media tonight. he says he is here to raise money for the oak hills athletic boosters. but he did have plenty to say in front of the crowd of his biggest and most loyal fans. pete rose: thing we gotta do in this town, i think, is we got to change the attitude, the attitude is not good at the ball park. i go to the games as many as anybody else in this room and you gotta have a good attitude. you can have positive, negative,
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they have a losing attitude. these guys don' t seem alarmed or pissed when they lose, i' m worried about the reds, you know because whether you like it or not, i' m synonymous with the reds around this country and i go everywhere i can and i say the baseball capitol of the world is cincinnati, it is. reporter: the oak hills athletic boosters says it hopes to raise $20,000 tonight from ticket sales plus the silent and live auction. so much baseball memorabilia inside, plus a night with the hit king, not a bad way to start the week. reporting live from cleves, ew, wlwt news 5. mike: money raised from tonight' s sports stag will directly help athletes at oak hills high school cover the cost of uniforms, equipment and team travel expenses. cincinnati' s mayor will make
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of pittsburgh tomorrow. after the bengals lost to the steelers in the playoffs. mayor john cranley and mayor bill peduto agreed the loser s jersey, while serving meals at a local shelterhouse. so tomorrow, mayor cranley will serve montgomery inn, gold star chili, and graeter' s ice cream to the homeless at the city gospel mission. now to developing news in central ohio. the man who police say shot and killed a police officer is in custody. a 911 call alerted authorities in knox county that a man with a lengthy criminal history was armed and looking to kill an officer. 25 minutes later sheriffs deputies found the body of danville police officer thomas cottrel in the parking lot of the municipal building. his gun and police cruiser were gone. herschel jones was arrested after police spotted him running from a house. >> he already had done what he done. he still didn' t admit it to me though, that' s how far out of
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edge. i don' t think he even realized cops were outside the house that' s how bad it was. mike: herschel jones has a long history of criminal activity and drug use and mental issues according to his brother. the family of sam dubose is calling a settlement in his death bittersweet. the deal with u.c. is worth $5.3 million. former u.c. police officer ray tensing is charged with murder in dubose' s shooting death. today u.c. agreed to pay his family $4.8 million. the rest will come in free tuition to u.c. for all 12 of dubose' s children. it was hard. you know, sometimes it was like i just wanted to walk out, just hearing stuff. it was basically putting a price on my daddy' s life and all the memories that we had. mike: dubose' s daughter will decide how the settlement money is divided. in the agreement u.c. president santa ono will issue an apology to the dubose family. and let them help launch reforms
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u.c. will also establish a memorial in sam dubose' s honor on-campus. happening tomorrow. suspended juvenile judge tracie hunter is set to go to re-trial. and today her supporters interrupted a program to honor mlk. >> tell the people the truth. tell the people the truth today. mike: some of hunter' s supporters say the event was an attention-grabbing opportunity. they say the court system is undermining hunter. >> they know that i didn' t break any laws. they know that this is incredibly wicked, evil and corrupt, what they' re doing. mike: our own courtis fuller emceed the interrupted program. courtis drew applause when he said he didn' t think mlk would have cut into a program, designed to teach respect. tracie hunter' s supporters are planning a rally at the courthouse tomorrow. firefighters in the greater
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a hero this weekend. along with helping his family. the norwood firefighter' s association is hosting a pints for a purpose fundraiser in memory of patrick wolterman. the fundraiser is this saturday at the pub in rookwood from 5 until 11. part of the sales will be donated to the wolterman fund. there will also be a silent auction. patrick wolterman died 3 days after christmas, while searching for people in a house fire in hamilton. the fire has been ruled an arson, so his death is being investigated as a homicide. there' s a 25,000 dollar reward out for information in wolterman' s death. a dog left for dead,, until a quick decision saves his life. they were just getting the little guy out. he was scared and shaking .
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nick of time,, and the search for the person who left him there. more food flexibility for your kids at school. the new possibility,, and who took a verbal shot at the first
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mike: in kentucky a close call after a small dog is rescued from a trash compactor. the dog was found over the weekend at a louisville apartment complex. tonight there'
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for more answers in this disturbing case. he' s quick on his feet, and loves to play but this pup almost didn' t make it. >> it' s absolutely horrible. i' m just glad that the maintenance guy heard him and that the trash compactor failed. mike: the dog was found saturday in this trash compactor behind some louisville apartments. thankfully, the machine got stuck, a maintenance worker looked in, and found the dog. >> that he literally started going in the dumpster, digging stuff out, that' s kind of a test to the character that man has. he' s a good man. mike: paul franklin heard about what was happening and ran over. >> they were just getting the little guy out. he was scared and shaking. the dog was taken to louisville metro animal services. mike: and now, the search is on for the person who dumped him. >> some heinous, heinous person. just, i can' t even imagine. if you can do that to an animal, what won' t you do? mike: the dog didn'
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micro-chip, there was no tag, or any type of identification. a cage was found in the trash, too. somehow the dog was able to get out, but he couldn' t make a full escape. franklin says, even though the dog was scared, his personality was evident. >> even in the truck he seemed like he had a lot of personality. he wasn' t barking, he wasn' t yapping, he was just like, ok i' m cold, get me somewhere. mike: for now the dog is with animal services until the perfect forever family can be found. a rock&roll legend remembered. glenn frey who was the co-founder the 1970' s rock band the eagles has died. frey died in new york city after fighting a number of conditions including rheumatoid arthritis. the frey family issued a statement on the band' s website saying that words can not describe their sorrow, love and respect for all that glenn has given them. two iran prisoners have now been reunited with their families.
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journalist jason rezaian met up with his wife, mother and brother at u.s. military hospital in germany. amir hekmati was also reunited with his sister and brother in law inside a u.s. base. the two were among five americans released this weekend. >> i think about a person who has spent four & half years, much of it in solitary confinement, re-entering into the world as a free person will take more than just a deep breath, it will take a little bit of help. mike: at least one of the americans decided to stay in iran. it' s not clear why that person made that decision. the search continues for 12 marines on board two helicopters that crashed off the coast of hawaii on thursday. today, three life rafts were found, some inflated. the coast guard says the helicopters were also had black boxes, but they have not been
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new at 11:00, healthier meal standards in schools could be revised soon. a new bipartisan senate bill would give schools more flexibility in what they serve. the legislation would ease requirements on whole grains and delay a deadline to cut sodium levels in school lunches. both were set by first lady michelle obama, and school nutrition directors. the issue has even hit the campaign trail. >> what are you going to do about the lunches? because ok they were fine when mrs. bush was the first lady, but now that mrs. obama is the first lady, they' ve gone down. and i used to eat all the lunches like square pizza and not gluten free stuff. gov. christie: this is interesting. this is the second time this has been brought up to me in two
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iowa that he believes the first lady has quote no business being involved in school lunch standards. erik: 14 degrees this afternoon. this afternoon we made it up to 50. -- 15. i want to try to make you feel a little better. zero in 1977. wind chill is down, to below in cincinnati, a below in dayton, even colder in the north. tonight we are talking about wind chill simply because the temperature is so cold and we have a little bit of a breeze out there. when temperatures get this cold, it does not take much to knock is below zero. our wind chill is to below in the north, and in the east it is even colder than that.
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the north, especially round dayton and indianapolis. tomorrow , high pressure is going to build in, it is going to calm our wins and make it pretty quiet around the tri-state. tuesday will feel a little nicer than monday, it is still going to be chilly. this is leading down to her south as we head into wednesday. it looks like we are going to see some snow out of it. around this 20 degree boundary, northern tennessee, southern portions of kentucky, they are going to see moderate to heavy snow. four degrees in the morning, wind chill around 10 below. by the afternoon closing in on 20 degrees with a good amount of sunshine. it is going to feel nicer than it did on mlk day.
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wednesday morning, we start to see some flurries, some light snow across the area. right now it does look like we are going to see some minor accumulation especially in kentucky -- 1-2 inches. it looks like a fairly minor event. temperatures warming up to a high of about 30 degrees by the afternoon. this can change, this shows a fairly high level of certainty with the way the system is moving, we have four model saying the same thing. begins us a better feel -- it gives us a better feel. temperatures falling below zero. tomorrow afternoon we' ll see a high of 20 degrees. it will be a quiet day on thursday, on friday there is a major system that is going to
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whether it affects the east coast for it affects us is still in the air. it is still cold and the weekend, temperatures around 30. mike: winter weather back in boston. the yeti is back as well. the monstrous creature reappeared on twitter this weekend asking if anyone has gloves in his size. the sasquatch first appeared last winter during the boston' s big blizzard. now it appears the yeti is out of hibernation, and ready to brace boston for snow. x marks the spot new the top of the polls.
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george: xavier musketeers have associated press. they are ranked number five. going up. for xavier players they need to keep in mind what got them here in the first place. >> our quest is to continue to get better every single day.
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against you, that is people telling you how good you are. >> in a year ago our team did not have that, it was the opposite. reporter: the sooners just lost at ohio state. louisville is 17th, 18th. indiana jumping back in at number 25. xavier -- two players were conference. sophomore trevon bluiett is the conference player of the week. and edmond sumner came back from a concussion to play on saturday. his 15 points and 5 assists earned him big east freshman of the week.the games. against georgetown.
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auburn is being fined 1000 bucks -- water thousand bucks for fans rushing onto the field. a $250,000 fine. the hit king, pete rose sunny some autographs, he took the as the main speaker. the bengals brought on three more assistant coaches. kevin coyle spent 11 years with the bengals, and he returns to coach the defensive backs... jacob burney has spent 20 years in the league and replaces jay hayes as defensive line coach. bill lazor was hired as quarterbacks coach. he started last season as the dolphins offensive coordinator.
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cavaliers. curry was on his game, pouring in 35 points. 132-98. cast this season. -- the cavaliers the season. last time ohio state be a number warned. it was in 19 -- born in 1957. wilt chamberlain. mike: he was a great player.
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mike: charges filed in a deadly shooting. durell go over -- darell gover is charged. a afternoon fire in west price hill. it is now called arson.
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woman by setting a apartment on nebraska avenue on fire. the 26-year-old admitted to the crime. we already have a lot of delays. you can check our website a two-hour delay. erik: wind chill about 10 degrees below zero. on top of the cold air, we are talking about the chance for a late accumulating snow on wednesday perhaps. there might be a more significant storm system on friday. trust what you get right here on channel five.
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