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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lisa: cincinnati' s mayor serving up some humble pie today. what good deed he plans to partake in after losing a bet with the mayor of pittsburgh. mark: a suspect in custody after a danville police officer is killed. how family members say the suspect has a troubled past. lisa: another frigid morning you' re in for today. and snow is on the way. meteorologist randi rico has the latest in the forecast. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt,
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this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your tuesday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. we have about 75 delays this morning that are scrolling on the bottom of your screen. the twitter is down. >> we have never talked more in the morning ever. >> who are you? [laughter] >> we do not know what to do. mark: i tweeted you a message. randi: and far last chance i will be doing this. it is cold outside. most places between 0 feels-like temperature to about five degrees below zero. right now at cvg it does feel
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the wind is a little stronger in clinton county. fayette and union county in indiana also included. dayton, 10-15 below wind chills. this is an advisory in effect for tomorrow because we could see an inch or two of accumulation tomorrow. nine degrees officially at cvg. we have seen a few fine flurries. those flurries will move out. it will be sunny but it will not be warm. police the wind will be lightning up as we move through the afternoon. let' s check the roads this morning.
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sounds like we will not be as fortunate tomorrow morning. north were southbound. southbound looking pretty good and fairly light. 275 at 32 towards clermont county, a very quiet start. we are dry. you see the pretreatment which will hopefully eliminate any issues. plan on giving yourself plenty of extra time tomorrow morning. you do not need it so far this morning. lisa: thank you. we are not alone in this bitter cold. miriah turner has a look at the other areas struggling to stay warm,
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miriah: this week it is in full force. plows are struggling to keep up and they are near wide-out conditions in the northeast. walking is tough in chicago. >> it is cold. >> a lot of layering. we are -- t go in. miriah: you do not want any skin exposed. six fire trucks froze up. if you' re going outside today, fashion sense makes no sense. where all of the extra layers that you can. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: thank you. the emergency cold shelter of northern kentucky has its doors open to adults this morning.
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covington says it offers an accessible place to get warm and enjoy snacks, even on holidays. the shelter says when the temperature dips below freezing like today, they don' t turn anyone away. >> one of the guests came in and said, wow, it' s so warm in here. and that just speaks volumes about what we need to be doing, both as a shelter and a community to address this issue. mark: the emergency shelter is open every night from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. after november 1st. then, agencies offer year-round services to get into permanent housing. a retrial to begin today for a former juvenile court judge. lisa: wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live at the courthouse this morning, where supporters of tracy hunter is expected to gather. andrew: supporters of judge tracie hunter plan to have a demonstration here outside the courthouse this morning as she prepares to go back before a judge.
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of charges. and she is also facing the possibility of jail time on an earlier conviction. trial number one ended with tracie hunter convicted of unlawful interest in a public contract. she lost an appeal of that conviction last week. yesterday supporters took part in the annual martin luther king day march, and when that march ended at music hall, some of them disrupted the program that was being held there. their call -- justice for judge hunter. >> the problem is that there are so many racial undertones in that case aside from the legal issues. >> if you disrupt the martin luther king speech, maybe people will pay attention and say, hey, these people are upset about something. andrew: judge tracie hunter will be retried on eight counts starting today. she has hired prominent attorney lou sirkin to represent her for this trial. we' ll have that trial covered for you. lisa: thank you.
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say shot and killed a police officer is in custody. a 911 call alerted authorities in knox county that a man with a lengthy criminal history was armed and looking to kill an 25 minutes later, sheriff' s deputies found the body of danville police officer thomas cottrel in the parking lot of his gun and police cruiser were gone. herschel jones was arrested after police spotted him running >> he already had done what he he still didn' . s how far out of his mind he completely went over the i don' t think he even realized that' s how bad it was. lisa: herschel jones has a long history of criminal activity, drug use, and mental issues, according to his brother. mark: newport' s mayor says he still has more work to do for jerry peluso announced he' d seek a third term in office this november. mayor peluso says his team has
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newport in the past year, and they' ve also developed new housing, new hotels near the levee, the newport pavilion, and the monmouth street business district. lisa: cincinnati' s mayor will make good on his bet with the mayor of pittsburgh today, after the bengals lost to the steelers in the playoffs. mayor john cranley and mayor bill peduto agreed the loser will wear the other team' s jersey while serving meals at a local shelter house. so tomorrow mayor cranley will serve montgomery inn gold star chili and graeter' s ice cream to the homeless at the city gospel mission. mark: the xavier musketeers continue to make history in the polls. the x men are now ranked fifth in the associated press poll, and that' s the highest ranking ever for the xavier program. xavier started the season with 12 straight wins, and now they are 16-1. the muskies will try to make it 17-1 tonight. georgetown is coming to the cintas center, and tip-off is set for 8:30. lisa: let' s talk about the
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kyla: good morning and thank you. it was great to have the day off yesterday. we had great weather even though it was cold. hope you had a great mlk day. on our tuesday morning commute, we' re dealing with dry conditions to get us started. the split, 69 miles per hour in northern kentucky. 55 miles per hour along 71. a quick commute out of warren county. the bigger picture shows clear condition north and southbound. we will keep you updated throughout the morning. you never know how it will go tomorrow. we started off last week quiet
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randi: that is kind of the situation we will have tomorrow, as well. 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, the heaviest snow. today it is all about the cold. eight degrees in covington. the wind chill, five degrees below zero. mostly single digit temperatures around the 275 loop. a couple of spots at 10, including fort mitchell. any kind of breeze, and it feels below zero. you could feel as cold as 10 below zero. cold, 13 degrees.
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we do have snow in the forecast tomorrow. guys? mark: thank you. deomnstrators in san francisco using the holiday to send a message. lisa: how a group of protesters caused quite a traffic jam on a busy bridge. mark: a close call for a woman walking her dogs on ice in west chester. how a neighbor helped save the day in a poten here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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mark: good morning and welcome back. checking today' s headlines -- a hearing is scheduled today to determine whether or not the case against affluenza teen ethan couch will remain in juvenile court. members of the group mothers against drunk driving are planning to be in attendance. they want to see couch' s case moved to adult court, to ensure his probation extends beyond his 19th birthday. couch made national headlines for using an affluenza defense after killing four people in a drunken wreck. lisa: as his former team gets ready to take on the denver broncos for the afc championship, former new england
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appearing in a massachusetts court today. hernandez is accused of killing two men following an encounter at a boston nightclub. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. last year, hernandez was convicted of the murder of his friend odin lloyd and sentenced to life in prison. mark: a group of demonstrators has been able to temporarily shut down one direction of the san francisco-oakland bay bridge in a police-brutality protest . protesters chained themselves and cars together to form a line. they laid signs reading "black health matters" across the roadway. traffic was clogged for more than a half-hour. lisa: a woman and her two dogs pulled from an icy pond. mark: it happened on seapines place in west chester. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tell us more about the close call. good morning. miriah: it has been a couple of days. mark and lisa, a lot of the credit for her rescue goes to a neighbor who was sitting near her window and heard the cries for help.
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from inside her home. thinking it was too cold for anyone to be outside, she went out her back door to check it out. that' s when she spotted a woman and her two dogs, struggling to stay above the surface after falling into an icy pond. she was able to get police and firefighters on scene in the knick of time. she tells us she' s grateful to first responders, who wasted no time plunging in to the frozen water. >> as they were leaving i said god bless you all. this is wonderful. this is a life saved, you know? miriah: mollie says the woman was alert and conscious when firefighters pulled her out. the dogs were taken to the vet, s certified most accurate forecast. randi: we' re talking about cold today but a lot of people want to talk about the snow. flurries
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tomorrow a clipper with maybe one or two inches. the friday system is still a tossup and off of the west coast. you are traveling from california to kentucky. the track is still variable. it is still early. we take a look at the wind chill advisory. clinton county, union county and fayette county. they could be in the 10-15 degrees below zero range. hamilton county, brown, adams a winter weather advisory tomorrow, 6:00 until 4:00. let' s start with the wind chill. here'
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right now about seven degrees. the feels-like temperature, five degrees below zero. single digit temperatures all across our area and it will stay cold throughout the day. 13 degrees at noon. clouds rolling in at 6:00 tonight. sunny skies for most of the day. by tomorrow morning we are waiting for the snow to arrive. it really gets going after 7:00 and 8:00. 9:00 and 10:00 into northern kentucky. central and southern kentucky will get hit hardest. snow bands are moving out of the area by the afternoon.
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today 20 degrees and the wind is lightning up. it will be sunny and cold. daytime snow tomorrow. a system on friday is a big old question mark. it will hit pretty big on the east coast. it is still too early to call. into the weekend it does look like it will be dry with temperatures around 30 degrees. tomorrow morning, you need some extra commute time. kyla: it is pretty good out there so far. give your car time to warm up. i was unable to do that. give yourself a few extra minutes to get your car warmed up. we' re pretty problem free so far this morning.
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through northern kentucky. five minutes to get over to the daniel carter beard bridge and into cincinnati. of the river. lisa: thank you. a lack of diversity is now prompting a boycott. mark: why two hollywood stars are asking others to join them in their protest. for you.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. 5:22. a live look at the ohio river. nine degrees. two prominent african-americans have announced that they will boycott this year' s academy awards. mark: invoking the martin luther king jr.' s legacy on his birthday, the pair say the action is over a lack of diversity among nominees, yet again. kyla: it has been all over social media. actress jada pinketh smith and filmmaker spike lee are the ones leading this boycott. the two posted separate messages online that they would not be attending the february 28th oscar awards. the hashtag #oscars-so-white has been trending on twitter, after no african-americans were nominated in the best acting or directing
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smith posted a video on social media encouraging people of color to recognize the power they do have and not beg for acknowledgment. spike lee thanked the academy for his honorary oscar last year, but says he and his wife will also not be attending. on an istagram post, lee stated he cannot support the "lily white" oscars after a second year of acting nominations going to only white actors. in 2013, more than 90% of the academy' s members choosing nominees were white. last year, it added 322 new members, its largest class ever, in an effort to bring in more diverse voices. you can read more on our website, mark: thank you. glenn frey, one of the founding members of the rock band the eagles, has died. frey passed away monday of complications with rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia in new york. he performed with the band with
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some of the most popular songs the group released include "take it easy" and "hotel california." glenn frey was 67 years old. lisa: almost 200,000 bottles of clean water is being trucked to flint, michigan, thanks to singer cher. the water is expected to reach the local food bank by tomorrow. it will go directly to community centers, food banks, and fire houses, focusing in on low-income housing areas. flint is dealing with toxic lead contamination in its drinking water, following a cost-saving measure to switch the city' s water supply from lake huron to the flint river. mark: let' s check in with randi. another cold start to the day. randi: oh, yeah. it is a little bit easier today than yesterday. here is a photo i got on twitter. getting ready to brave the cold temperatures.
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single digits and a bit of a wind chill if you' re heading out before work. for those who hit the roads after work, 17 degrees at 6:00. clear and chilly. as you get ready to train, send me your pictures, whether it is hot, cold, icy, whatever. seven to me on twitter or on my facebook page and we will share in all sorts of weather. we will take a look at the timing for snow coming up. mark: thank you. helping a family after tragedy. lisa: the weekend fundraiser to help the loved ones of fallen hamilton firefighter patrick wolterman. dan: working in the bitter cold temperatures. we will hear from first
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mark: waking up to another morning of dangerously low temperatures in greater cincinnati. meteorologist randi rico has the latest forecast. , and when snow could arrive in the queen city. : a rally and a retrial set to
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lisa: a rally and a retrial set to begin today. the latest on former juvenile judge tracie hunter' s case and how supporters are backing her up. mark: good morning i' m mark hayes lisa: randi rico and kyla woods weather and traffic. it broke twitter. page, the robots hand is broke. randi: a lot of people just discovering that it is cold outside. it was single-digit on monday and the winds were stronger. this morning not as bad. i know you don' t believe me because it is called no matter where you had out.
5:27 am
when you factor in any sort of read and you have temperatures -- as cold as eight below in wilmington. clinton county is under a windchill advisory until 10:00, also included is fayette county and indiana. indiana. you have a couple of very fine flurries this morning. it is a system across the center part of the country that will eventually bring accumulation. today it is all about the cold. feeling like 10 below zero. down. for clock temperature around 19 degrees.
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we have any other issues? kyla: no that is our only issue. you do want to layer up. give your time -- car had to warm up. here' s a look at the roadways. traffic moving along very well along 71, 75. all the way into the split downtown. no problems to get started. 70 or and harrison, eastbound getting busy. later this morning we will continue to those eastbound lanes get heavier and heavier. westbound will hold its own as well. so far no issues as far as accident or accident -- incidents or accidents. we will continue to keep you updated, but not a bad start. mark: lisa: it' s another day to pile on the layers and run from your car into the building.
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: resulting in several school delays as students return from the mlk weekend. in fact, cincinnati public has a 2-hour delay for yellow buses and walkers. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live with how people who work in these conditions are staying warm. dan: you think of all the people that have to work in cold temperatures. firefighters, police officers, and workers here on the anderson ferry. there are workers who run the ferry. after they had to shut it down. they could not run it for a a while. police crews and firefighters, they have to go to emergencies. they do about everything they can to get through the cold, but at the heart of it they are
5:30 am
>> we have to have more bodies to work because we get tired faster and then the potential for injuries increases because of being cold and not being able to work as long outside. we also have to think about things like water from fire hoses that freeze on the ground. be prepared with salt and extra clothes for the firefighters, try to keep them warm if possible. dan: extra layers are key this morning. they went has been -- the wind has been blowing here. you certainly want to wear hats, gloves, and cover your ears. that is something you want to keep in mind as you head out the door. mark: it' s been a busy week so far for aaa' s roadside rescue team.
5:31 am
been called out to help people in nearly 1000 vehicles. they are expecting even more calls today. with a lot of people returning to work after the holiday yesterday. duke energy is now warning indiana customers about a scam involving utility bills. duke says scammers are calling their customers. they claim duke will turn off their power unless they pay their bill, usually within an hour. the scammer asks for the money on a prepaid debit card. duke says it won' t call with disconnect notices. you should report scam calls to police immediately. lisa: new this morning. a shooting on victory parkway in walnut hills. sends one man to the hospital. police say it happened just after 11:00 last night. the victim was reportedly shot in the leg and pistol-whipped in an apartment. he was taken to u.c. medical center. we' re still working to learn more details on the suspect. the incident remains under investigation. also new this morning an elderly woman as westwood -- in westwood
5:32 am
it police say the fire started morning. police say the fire started on the stove. fire caused minor damage. the red cross is assisting the victim this morning. mark: happening today. suspended judge tracie hunter is set to go to re-trial. hunter' s supporters are also expected today. just yesterday those supporters interrupted a program to honor mlk. >> tell the people the truth. tell the people the truth today. some of hunter' s supporters say the event was an attention-grabbing opportunity. they say the court system is undermining hunter. quick -- quick -- quick >> they know that i didn' t break any laws. they know that this is incredibly wicked, evil and corrupt, what they' re doing. mark our own courtis fuller : emceed the interrupted program. courtis drew applause when he said he didn' t think mlk would have cut into a program, designed to teach respect. lisa the family of the man shot
5:33 am
officer has settled with the university for more than $4 million. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us what else comes with the settlement, and how the dubose family is feeling about it. miriah: dubose' s 18-year-old daughter raegan brooks calls the settlement bittersweet saying it won' t bring her dad back but it , will help his family move forward. former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing shot dubose during an off-campus traffic stop in july. the incident was captured by tensing' s body camera. tensing is now charged with murder. u.c. has now agreed to pay the family of sam dubose $4.8 million. his 12 children will also be entitled to free college education at u.c. that' s valued at $500,000. dubose' s daughter brooks is the administrator of his estate meaning she will ultimately decide how the settlement dollars are doled out. also as part of the agreement. u.c. president santa ono will issue an apology to the dubose family. the university will also establish a memorial in sam dubose' s honor on-campus and the dubose family will have a chance
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reform measures. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark firefighters in the greater : cincinnati area will be honoring a hero this weekend. along with helping his family. the norwood firefighter' s association is hosting a pints for a purpose fundraiser in memory of patrick wolterman. the fundraiser is this saturday at the pub in rookwood from 5 -- 5:00 until 11:00. part of the sales will be donated to the wolterman fund. there will also be a silent auction. patrick wolterman died 3 days after christmas, while searching for people in a house fire in hamilton. that fire has been ruled an arson, so his death is being investigated as a homicide. there' s a $25,000 reward out for information in wolterman' s death. lisa: back to the forecast. it feels like temperatures are in action. randi: a little bit of a breeze as well. it does not take much of a wind
5:35 am
and shove it below zero. in milford it feels like five below. 30 degrees below -- it is colbert whether or not. as we take a look outside at the bus stop, bundle the kids up. make sure they have time to put on everything this morning. seven degrees and your feel like temperature is around zero. this afternoon, the sun will be shining but it will not feel that warm outside. temperatures only in the teens. there' s going to be a lot of chatter among students and teachers about potential for more snow days this week. we have two shots of snow. we' ll take a look and a couple of minutes. lisa: with the greats of the
5:36 am
out new faces are stepping up to continue with the mission. we' ll tell you about some youths mark here in cincinnati emerging : as leaders for equality in 2016. a moving accolade to one of our lisa: own here at wlwt news 5. the martin luther king day coalition' s gift to our courtis fuller for his efforts in the community. mark: a live look outside. it is 5:39. stay with us.
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randi: good morning everybody. it is a cold start to the day. as we take a live look at the museum center this morning. a couple of spots barely into the double digits. we' ll say on the cold side through the day. the good news is that the wind should be dying down. low single digits this morning. we will hit the double digits by 9:00. it will top at 20. clouds roll in tonight. some snow on your way for tomorrow. if it comes at the wrong time,
5:39 am
the model putting us around one inch to one half inch. we' ll take a look at another round later the week in a couple of minutes. mark: people across cincinnati braving the cold to honor the legacy of martin luther king jr. hundreds of people took part in the annual mlk coalition celebration. they marched from the freedom center to fountain square then music hall. due to the chilly temps organizers kept outdoor remarks short. they offered a metro bus on the route to warm up. lisa heartfelt accolades from : the martin luther king day coalition. to someone who has emceed the event for a generation now. courtis fuller was presented with a special book of photographs taken over the years. it came as a surprise recognition to him for his dedication to the annual event. the coalition praised courtis for helping make the program special each year. >> curtis, all we want to do today, especially today
5:40 am
thank you for generously serving this program, this community, so giving the, year after year. lisa: courtis fuller says he is humbled i the recognition. well-deserved. now a new generation of civil rights leaders is emerging in the city of cincinnati. mark we found several of them at : various martin luther king jr. event around town. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us about some young folks making a difference in our community. miriah: another name to watch christina brown has several -- awards for her work as a
5:41 am
social justice advocates say. the 28-year-old says her grandmother motivated her to take action. another name to watch is alexander shelton. you can often find him standing along side brown at black lives matter rallies. he' s a u.c. student who volunteers to help register people to vote. he' s also a public speaker on social justice issues. these new leaders are also getting recognized by the community. christina brown has several awards for her work as a community activist. social justice advocates say. one way for young people to get involved. is to sign-up for the naacp. or connect with the human relations commission. mark? mark: not only was it a day to honor martin luther king jr. it , was also a national day of service. volunteers at mount saint joseph university teamed up with spread dr. king' s message. holding power tools, lumber, hammers, the volunteers come from all over with different backgrounds. the volunteers are building
5:42 am
habitat homeowners. this year, robin jones will be one of those homeowners. >> like today, martin luther king day, it' s a dream come true for me and my family, to be a part of this to be able to actually purchase a home. also in saint bernard students markalso in saint bernard students at lighthouse community : school focused on helping the homeless. along with collecting donations some made blankets while others crafted cards filled with words of encouragement and support. far. a great start. 13 minutes on 275 at the northeast corner as you had from eastgate to i-71. 19 minutes across the river. good morning kentucky. here' s a look outside.
5:43 am
watching for you very closely. this morning, no problems to report let' randy. -- randi. time, much like last week. where he gets heavier around lunchtime. even though december is -- was very mild, it is still cold. this morning, it feels like zero degrees. we do have some snow coming. temperatures today topping out near 20 degrees. right now, most places near the single digits. it is eight in springboro.
5:44 am
it is not take much when, five to 10 miles per hour. the windchill is about five to 10 degrees below zero or downtown. clinton county, fayette, and union counties are under that windchill advisory. they are 10 to 15 degrees below zero. our next thing where going to talk about is the winter weather he -- advisory for tomorrow goes into effect. right now, not sing a whole lot. we have seen find flurries this morning. clouds are moving out. tomorrow system over omaha, stretching into portions of missouri and the general track it is taking it is going to hit much harder.
5:45 am
at noon, 13 degrees. it will stay in the uppercase through the afternoon. let' s head to the futurecast so he can see where headed for tomorrow. clear skies today, clouds tonight, tomorrow morning about this time, showers move in. they are light at first, ramp up toward the end of the morning commute. by 10:00, heavier snow through kentucky, continuing through lunchtime and moving out in the early afternoon. as far as totals go from the system, we' re looking at an inch, maybe two on the high-end. some of the to ensure was would be to the southern communities. most places an inch and a half. when a lot of people are on the road, that could cause problems heard today, 20 degrees. it will stay cold. an effort to so tomorrow.
5:46 am
it is still off the west coast it has a bit of ways to go. still too early to call. mark: 5:50 your time now. an interesting trend is popping when we continue up on some , lawns in minnesota. lisa how neighbors are trying to : have some fun with the frigid cold temperatures plaguing much of the nation. mark: a live look outside. very chilly. perfect, i guess if you want to get some skating and. [laughter]
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mark: welcome back. caught on camera a firefighter rescues a mother and her baby from a burning second-story apartment in fresno, california. lisa and it' s all caught on the : firefighter' s helmet camera. wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us more. kyla: pretty incredible here. this video shows what he saw when he rescued deeper -- people from an apartment building fire. you can see on a firefighter' s helmet cam as he climbs a ladder to the window.
5:50 am
for backup. then in a heart-stopping moment, , the tenant hands the firefighter her baby through the window. he then lowers the infant safely to another firefighter. six other adults were also rescued. the building owner heard about the fire minutes after it started. the owner says the damage could have been much worse without the smoke alarm. he thinks a homeless person got into the building and lit a fire in the back stairwell. the owner says he plans to install more smoke detectors in the hallways. fortunately no one was hurt in , the fire. lisa: we are tracking some stories training this morning. mark: as you can imagine, most of them have to do with the cold weather we' re dealing with across a large part of the country. check this out.
5:51 am
lisa: temperatures have been hovering around zero degrees in northeast minneapolis so one man decided to have a little frigid fun. he froze a pair of his pants and put them in his lawn. he posted the picture to facebook and the idea went viral. some people froze jeans, corduroys, and sweatpants. the neighborhood streets now look more like a clothing store. mark: also this morning the yeti , has returned in boston. the mythical, magical, monstrous creature reappeared on twitter . in honor of the city' s snowfall yesterday, he asked if anyone has gloves in his size. sasquatch squashing the myth that the abominable snowman is elusive. he appeared last winter during boston' s memorable blizzard conditions. and he' s real too. that' s the thing about it. lisa: he looks like he is bombed walking around the snow.
5:52 am
is making s mayor. network is saying about widespread issues that through the network and a loop this morning. lisa: if you want to see everything in the forecast, we have a couple rounds of no. tomorrow, maybe an inch or two. a lot can change. we' ll take a look at tomorrow
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