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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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friday and be really cold start lisa: staying warm in freezing weather. mark: a legal battle for tracy hunter. lisa: forced in the cold from a house fire, a woman woke up in flames overnight. >> this is wlwt news five today. lisa: a live look outside. good morning to you. i' m lisa cooney.
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where' s that? lisa: our route. -- roof. randi: a couple of flurries. some find flurries. -- fine flurries. it is not a huge issue, thing warm is. seven right now in springboro. nine degrees in in florence. single digits right now. the windchill advisory is for our northern communities. same thing with faith and union counties. we are seeing windchill' s 10 to 15 degrees below zero. it is so cold no matter where
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the windchill advisory criteria except for in the northern communities. the advisory will be in effect from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. it is january. we tend to have these kind of issues. eight eagle digit amateur with winds of five to 10 miles per hour, that' s all it takes. hamilton in cincinnati feeling like seven below. here' s a breakdown for today. nine currently at noon. we' re not talking about the windchill, it is just cold. clouds roll back this evening. today is all about the cold air. tomorrow, talking about no
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kyla: we will get ready for that. we are starting up quite that is good. we have a couple of broken out traffic trailers as you can the on the southbound died of i-75. this is our only issue as you head out tuesday morning. we have an accident free so a really great start. those tractor-trailers off to the side on the shoulder, so they are not blocking any southbound traffic. only issue as you morning. you' board. things are looking good. heavier, but he' ll know delays. and southbound there. we' ll keep an eye out for you. no major issues. tomorrow morning, you' ll want to put in the extra time.
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when the temperatures drop this low, shelters are important for the homeless. lisa: miriah turner is life. -- why -- live. miriah: the facility on gest street has dozens of beds and it will be open through february. across the river the emergency cold shelter of northern kentucky is also up and running right now. this facility is on scott street in covington and it offers an accessible place to get warm and enjoy snacks. the shelter says when the temperature dips below freezing like today they don' t turn , anyone away. >> one of the guests came in and said, wow, it' s so warm in here. and that just speaks volumes about what we need to be doing, both as a shelter and a community to address this issue. miriah: the emergency shelter is open every night from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. this is also tough weather for your car on monday aaa'
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roadside rescue team responded to help nearly drivers they 1000 expect to have even more calls today since many people were off monday because of the holiday. mark: overnight in westwood. a woman is forced into the cold because of a house fire. it broke out just before 1:00 on ravogli avenue. firefighters say there was a fire in the back of the home and there is about $10,000 in damage. the woman living in the home got out before crews arrived. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. lisa: in walnut hills, police are investigating after a man was shot in the leg and pistol-whipped. an apartment along victory no word on the victim' s condition and we are told investigators are still working on a suspect description. mark new details in the case of : the 20-year-old shot and avondale. police have charged 21-year-old
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immanuel scott. police say scott was rushed to children' s hospital after he was shot on alaska avenue saturday night. gover is charged with murder and aggravated robbery. well a re-trial to begin today for suspended juvenile court judge tracie hunter. lisa wlwt news 5' s andrew : setters is live at the courthouse this morning where hunter is expected today followed by a trail of supporters. andrew bring us up-to-date. andrew her supporters are : planning to make their presence known here at the court house today. we saw just yesterday what it can mean when her supporters turnout. tracie hunter is still off the bench, under suspension and preparing to be put on trial again. round two in the on-going legal battle goes forward today. tracie hunter was convicted on one felony charge at her first trial, but the jury couldn' t reach a verdict on eight additional charges. that' s what she' ll be tried for starting today. her supporters turned out at the
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yesterday a group of supporters , disrupted the gathering at music hall. >> the problem is that there are so many racial undertones in that case aside from the legal issues. >> if you disrupt the martin luther king speech, maybe people will pay attention and say, hey, these people are upset about something. andrew: we will see what happens here at the courthouse today. judge hunter is expected here for retrial in front of judge patrick dinkelacker. she was already sentenced to six months on that first conviction, but she has not served that sentence yet. mark: duke energy is now warning indiana customers about a scam involving utility bills. duke says scammers are calling customers. they claim duke will turn off their power unless they pay their bill, usually within an hour. the scammer asks for the money on a prepaid debit card. duke says it will not call with disconnect notices and you should report scam calls to police. lisa: cincinnati'
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make good on his bet with the mayor of pittsburgh after the bengals lost to the steelers in the playoffs. mayor john cranley and mayor bill peduto agreed the loser will wear the other team' s jersey while serving meals at a local shelter house. so today mayor cranley will , serve montgomery inn gold star chili and graeter' s ice cream to the homeless at the city gospel mission. mark: the xavier musketeers continue to make history in the polls. the x-men are now ranked fifth in the associated press poll, and that' s the highest ranking ever for the xavier program. xavier started the season with 12 straight wins and now they are 16-1. xavier goes for win number 17 tonight. georgetown coming to the cintas center. tip-off is set for 8:30. some unexpected passengers and a high-speed chase. lisa: how police handled a pack
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mark: the latest on the twitter outage that popped up overnight. lisa: don' t panic. some have it right now, some don' t. that is kind of cruel. speaking of cruel, how about nine degrees? randi: maybe we shouldn' t tweet single-digit temperatures. most places you are starting out and noted it -- starting out in single digits. for today, plan on being really cold. any sort of breeze, it feels like 10 below. we will talk about the timeline
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re watching cincinnati' s wt t news five, leading the way. mark: a bitter cold morning out there. nine degrees your air temperature. folks are out and about, getting an early start to the day. think starting to pick up. the holiday is over. randi: yes it is. kyla: we are seeing heavier traffic. a lot of folks coming off of the long weekend. we have our first accident of the morning to let you know about. you want to try to avoid this area if at all possible. a car is leaking fuel as a result of this incident. here' s a look at the map of where it is. it is between blue rock road and loretta. here' s you look right now at 74 and 275. off to a good and clear start. our interstate travel still unaffected this morning. you'
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275 heading north down of towards i-71, starting to see brake lights. no major delays to report right now. we also again, have that accident. mark and lisa. mark: today' s top stories. a hearing is scheduled today to determine if the case against affluenza teen ethan couch will remain in juvenile court. members of the group mothers against drunk driving are planning to be in attendance. they want to see couch' s case moved to adult court to ensure his probation extends beyond his 19th birthday. lisa: former new england patriots aaron hernandez will be in court today. he is accused of killing two men following an encounter at a boston nightclub. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. last year, he was convicted in
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mark: protesters chained themselves to form a line. it stopped traffic for more than half an hour. lisa: twitter is dealing with a major outage right now. reports say the social network went down just after 3:00 this morning. twitter users saw error messages saying the network is over capacity and suffering an internal error. some have access to twitter and some do not. twitter also posted they are working to have things back to normal soon. mark: also dealing with some issues right now, the cleveland cavaliers. the cavs were blown out last night and a couple cleveland fans are getting attention for the wrong reasons. tnt cameras caught a fan sleeping during the game and then the guy next to him started
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when it came to the action on the court -- pick me a winner. golden state takes the cavs 132-98. let' s move on. a high-speed chase ends with a strange twist. lisa officers were going after a : driver in california and didn' t realize it was a crowded the driver was spun out by officers and when she got out of the car a pack of dogs came with her. reporter: third dog jumping out the window running up and down the freeway, jumping on the back of her.
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: highway and 3 more in the car. eventually the 3 loose dogs were wrangled by police. animal control was called in to deal with the 3 dogs that remained in the car. they were good. the driver is now in police custody and all six dogs are being cared for by animal care services. mark: that is just crazy. driving. trouble wouldn' t have- mark: they would have adhered to traffic laws. randi: so we are taking a look at the forecast. we have two shots of know before the weekend. one, more certain than the other. tomorrow, we are getting snow. 1, 2 inches max. the latter half of the morning commute it could be coming down
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system is off of the west coast. this weather balloons yet. give it tomorrow to see where it is headed. as for now, cincinnati is on the fringe. 50 mile -- this morning, cold air definitely in place. we have a wind advisory until 10:00 this morning. dayton. chill' s show 15 degrees below zero. because of tomorrow snow, a winter weather advisory has been issued for cincinnati,
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i goes into effect tomorrow morning and last until the afternoon. you can see light flurries in clinton county, and as the cause as well. you can see tomorrow it is rolling through omaha. you will see slightly heavier southern kentucky. we are on the northern ridges. that -- fringes. it feels about five degrees below zero for most of us. temperatures feeling about five degrees below zero. if they cold all day, but the wind do die down. -- does die down. mostly sunny skies for today, clouds were rolling tonight and
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time, we are looking at debtor so showers. for those -- looking at scattered snow showers. late morning hours, much like last week, a little heavier as we get towards lunchtime, and then moving out in the early afternoon. it is not a lot of us, but it comes at a bad time when a lot of people are on the road. one maybe two inches max. that is your wednesday system. today, 20 degrees. we will see the snow tomorrow. we would get a break on thursday and so looking at a system on friday. a lock a change with friday this them. we will keep an eye on that. mark? mark: the world' s best tennis
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lisa: t lisa: good morning. welcome back. we hope it is a great start for you. nine degrees. kyla woods it is one of those mornings. kyla: if you are traveling through certain parts of
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we have a broken down tractor-trailer here. maybe an accident or they are just woken off -- down off to the side. traveling lanes starting to slow a little bit. we are keeping a close eye. we also have the accident on colerain, between blue rock road and loretta lynch. we do know there is a fuel leak. maybe use some of the side streets that go into an out of colerain. traffic still looks good in both directions. six minutes to get you into downtown. just starting to get heavy as you head into cincinnati. lisa glenn frey, one of the : founding members of the rock band "the eagles," has died.
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complications with rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia. frey formed the band with don henley in 1971 and they became one of the most successful songwriting teams in music history. glenn frey was 67-years-old. mark new developments this : morning surrounding the report on widespread match-fixing in professional tennis. the top-ranked player in the world says he was once approached to throw a match for $200,000. novak djokovic says it happened nine years ago and he says he turned down the offer. djokovic said, "there is no room for it in any sport, especially in tennis." tennis authorities are strongly denouncing the allegations of match-fixing in the report by the "bbc" and "buzzfeed." lisa: that is a big deal. that.
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-- morning. take a look at the forecast. you don' t want to run out there. temperatures hovering around seven degrees. your feel like temperature is five degrees below zero. for those of you who had out after work, 17, clear, and chilly. as you train for the line picks, -- flying paid -- flying paid -- flying pigs, send us your
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lisa: a warning before a deadly shooting. a warning before and high officer lost his life. mark: we have
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current signatures and the single-digit. weather and when we could see some snow. lisa: in ohio police officer shot and killed. what we are learning about the suspect. mark: hamilton firefighter patrick waterman. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, this is wlwt news today. mark: good morning. it is nine degrees. that is the air temperature. the feels like temperature is much colder. lisa: let' s find out more about it right now. get out the-. -- the minus sign. randi: temperatures right now
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three degrees in fayetteville. you basically have single-digit and those towns. it does not take a big breeze to show up the feel like temperature below zero. little lighter. in wilmington, a feels like seven degrees below zero. yesterday, many of you got to' s leap with the holiday off. it was actually worse yesterday morning. we had 10 to 15 degrees wind chills. everybody is cold and we will all get snow, but you 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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way in your morning commute and about lunchtime. this morning, if you find flurries on the radar. if you had to the center part of the country, the system will be bringing of snow tomorrow. for today, it feels like 10 to 15 degrees below. expect a high of 19 or 20. hopefully you will have time to warm up the car for you have time to sit in it. accident we have been keeping an ionic. you will be -- need to be mindful of that. for the most part, our interstate travel is off to a great start. here is a look at that he five 129. this is the time of mourning where this happens. --
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nothing out of the ordinary. things look good in northern kentucky as well. as you can see, north and southbound rolling right around. we are keeping and i on the accident and colerain. as well as the accident involving two semi' s, but it is off to the shoulder. we will keep an eye on that or you, as well. lisa: another day to pile on the layers. mark the colder weather : resulting in several school delays as students return from the mlk weekend. in fact, cincinnati public has a 2-hour delay for yellow buses and walkers. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live with how people who work in these conditions are staying warm. dan, good morning. dan: i' m going to give you a brutal dose of honesty.
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we are on anderson ferry. a couple of cars have pulled up. the workers here have to come out and get these cars ready, squared away. they are not the only ones who have to work in this cold weather. we are also talking about fire fighters and police officers that have to respond to emergency scenes. when you and isolate. people are out here for 10 to 50 minutes. take a look at what some of the fire fighters have to go through. >> we have to have more bodies to work because we get tired faster and then the potential for injuries increases because of being cold and not being able to work as long outside. we also have to think about things like water from fire hoses that freeze on the ground. be prepared with salt and extra clothes for the firefighters,
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possible. dan: i cannot feel my lips or face anymore. it is very cold. that is something to keep in mind as you are out and about this morning. make sure you' re wearing plenty of layers. make sure your bundled up and have the heat going. for now, where live on the anderson there he. -- the anderson ferry. lisa: our coverage continues with miriah turner and a look at the other areas, struggling to stay warm. miriah: several states are dealing with this deep freeze and just to our left, and open fire hydrant created quite a sight. this video is from st. louis after a car crashed into the fire hydrant. the crash sent water shooting several feet into the air and it formed an incredible ice sculpture around the pole and power lines, before city crews
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of course, there are some people who want to have fun. these frozen clothes are taking the place of snowmen in one minneapolis neighborhood. people froze jeans, corduroys, and sweatpants and the idea spread after one man' s facebook post went viral. today if you are going outside , today forget about freezing your clothes you will need extra layers even if you are outside for short periods of time from -- time. lisa: stay connected with the wlwt team during cold weather on our weather app. you can see the coldest parts of the day by checking temperatures before you head out. happening today. suspended juvenile judge tracie hunter is set to go to re-trial and her supporters are planning a rally at the courthouse. at hunter' s trial in october she was convicted of unlawful interest in a public contract. jurors could not reach a unanimous decision on eight other charges she faced so now she is being retried on those
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mark: also happening today hearings for the four suspects , facing charges for a deadly shooting in west chester. 18-year-old tyler kassow was shot and killed last week and now demarcus staley is charged with murder and aggravated burglary. justin koch cook, jibril willingham, and rodney foster are all charged with complicity aggravated burglary. the 4 suspects are scheduled to have pre-trial hearings today. lisa we are learning more about : the events leading up to the death of an ohio police officer. danville police officer thomas cottrel was shot and killed sunday night and before the shooting a woman called 911 saying her ex-boyfriend was armed and looking to kill an officer. 25 minutes later sheriffs deputies found cottrel' s body in the parking lot of the municipal building. his gun and police cruiser were gone. herschel jones was arrested after police spotted him running from a house. >> he already had done what he done. he still did not admitted to
6:32 am
that' s how far out of his mind he was. he completely went over the edge. i don' t think he even realized cops were outside the house. that' s how bad it was. herschel jones has a long history of criminal activity and drug use and mental issues according to his brother. mark the university of : cincinnati is going to pay millions of dollars as part of the settlement with the family of sam dubose. he' s the man who was shot and killed by former u.c. police officer ray tensing. now the university will pay his family $4.8 million and the total settlement will be worth $5.3 million. the rest will come in free tuition to u.c. for all 12 of dubose' s children. >> it was hard. you know, sometimes it was like i just wanted to walk out. it was basically putting a price on my daddy' s life and all the memories that we had. mark dubose' s daughter will : decide how the settlement money is divided. in the agreement u.c. president santa ono will issue an apology to the dubose family and let them help launch reforms in the
6:33 am
u.c. will also establish a memorial in sam dubose' s honor on campus. lisa firefighters in the greater : cincinnati area will be honoring a hero this weekend. the norwood firefighter' s association is hosting a pints for a purpose fundraiser in memory of patrick wolterman. the fundraiser is this saturday at the pub in rookwood from 5:00 until 11:00. part of the sales will be donated to the wolterman fund which benefits the firefighter' s family. there will also be a silent auction. patrick wolterman died 3 days after christmas, while searching for people in a house fire in hamilton. the fire has been ruled an arson, so his death is being investigated as a homicide. there' s death. mark: let' commute. kyla: we are keeping an eye on this accident and colerain. loretta lynch. we know there was a fuel leak
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involved in the accident. keep that in mind. you may have to take one of the side streets to get around. along i-74, about 53 miles per hour. all lanes are clear. can see traffic picking up a bit as you head towards the merge with i-75. still no major delays or it where going to check the travel times coming up in just a few minutes. here is randi rico with the forecast. randi: we have single-digit to start the day. checking out wilmington, it is evan. in auburn, it feels like five below. right now, milford sitting at five. yesterday, the kids did not have to brave the cold temperatures. this morning they do. on the from head to toe. we' re looking at seven degrees as they wait for the bus. your feel like temperatures somewhere between zero and 10
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18 degrees and sunny this afternoon. a lot of reports asking about snow for the rest of the week. tomorrow, get them to school and then we will see the snow. accumulation is a possibility on friday. mark: thank you. the lack of diversity prompting a boycott. lisa: a close call after a woman was walking her dog on ice.
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it [inaudible] lisa: two prominent african-americans have announced year' s academy awards. : king jr' s legacy on his birthday, the pair say the action is over a lack of diversity among nominees yet again. reporter actress jada pinkett : smith and filmmaker spike lee are the ones leading this boycott. the two posted separate messages online that they would not be attending the february 28 oscar awards. been trending on twitter after no african-americans were nominated in the best acting or directing categories this year.
6:37 am
people of color to recognize the for acknowledgment. for his honorary oscar last year, but says he and his wife will also not be attending. in an instagram post lee stated , he cannot support the "lily white oscars after a second year of acting nominations going to only white actors." now the president of the academy of motion pictures is speaking out about the controversy. cheryl boone isaacs issued a statement saying she is "heartbroken and frustrated she added this is a difficult but important conversation, and it' s time for big changes." issue with jada pinkett smith. video saying there are bigger problems in the world. she said, " people are starving, people are trying to pay bills and you'
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" there is some history here. hubert starred alongside will smith on the fresh prince of bell air but she was eventually replaced by another actress. she has been vocal criticizing will smith and the decision. back here at home. a woman and her two dogs had to be rescued an icy pond. mark it happened on seapines : place, in west chester. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tell us more about the close call. miriah: a lot of the credit for her rescue goes to a neighbor, who was sitting near her window and heard the cries for help. mollie mihalik. heard the cries from inside her home. thinking it was too cold for anyone to be outside, she went out her back door to check it that' s when she spotted a woman and her two dogs struggling to stay above the surface after falling into an icy pond. firefighters on scene in the mollie tells us she' s grateful to first responders who wasted no time plunging in to the frozen water. god bless you all this
6:39 am
you know russian mark lisa -- you know? lisa mollie says the woman was : alert and conscious when firefighters pulled her out. the dogs were taken to the vet, who says they will also be ok. mark: to our north, a band of lake effect snow hit just east of cleveland blanketing roadways and causing crashes. the national weather service says many areas have received as much as 6 inches of snow. a lake effect snow warning remains in effect until noon for several counties and the storm could bring snow totals up to 2 feet. randi: that is my hometown. here at home, we are going to talk about snow. hopefully nothing like that. yes, it is so cold. it is january and it will look and feel like it over the next couple of days. your feel like temperatures somewhere between zero and 18 degrees below zero, so not as bad as yesterday morning if you are one of those that had to work. there are two chances of snow in
6:40 am
single-digit to start the morning. nine, hamilton. eight, mason. when you take a single digit temperature and the wind is only five to 10 miles per hour, it hills like low zero. the windchill right now about four below zero. that is the average for this one. the windchill advisory is in effect for clinton, fayette, and union counties. temperatures are little colder so they meet the requirement. once the windchill advisory lips , around 10:00 a.m., we' re goes into tomorrow. 6:00 a.m., so if you are an early morning driver you should not have any issues. it is the latter part of the may be a problem. this morning, a few fine
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the clouds will clear out tonight as this system across the center part of the country moves in our direction. here you can see orthographic, kentucky. it will hit their a little -- there a little harder. at noon, it is sunny and cold. about 13. through the afternoon, most places saying on the chilly side. amateurs generally in the upper teens. futurecast will look like this. clear skies through the day today, clouds rolling in tonight and tomorrow morning, by 6:00, expect to see snow showers across the area. snow ramps up as we get culture to 9:00 a.m. as you head towards lunchtime,
6:42 am
gone. snow should be gone by the time kids get out of school. a delay, might put them in the middle of the snow bands. thursday should be decent for us and another round of no possible on friday. an inch or inch and a half total. it comes during the morning much -- rush, obviously it is a problem. today, ill be sunny and cold. tonight, we are dipping down to 15. tomorrow, an inch or an inch and a half of snow. a break on thursday. a lot of hype on twitter and facebook talking about friday' s potential snowfall. here' s the issue. it has not even hit the west
6:43 am
had it hit our weather balloons. once it does, we will get better handle on where the system is going. right now, or cast models put us on the fringe. 50 miles shift to the south, we may not see anything at all. don' just yet. plan on tomorrow, one or inches of snow, and then we will focus on friday. kyla: we are a look at the roadways. as we had outside, it is dry. no major issues as you head out on this morning. we do have the closure along colerain, the northbound rains -- lanes are close near blue rock road. 25 minutes on 275 from the ronald reagan. 16 minutes out of butler county. that is from 129 to the lateral,
6:44 am
see the two tractor-trailers. lisa: a rally and retrial for tracy hunter. the mayor of
6:45 am
lisa: welcome back. we are checking your top stories. the retrial begins today for suspended juvenile court judge tracie hunter. mark wlwt news 5' s andrew : setters is live at the courthouse with the latest chapter in hunter' s legal troubles. andrew: supporters of judge tracie hunter plan to be here outside the courthouse this morning as she prepares to go back before a judge. she' s facing a retrial on a list of charges. and she is also facing the possibility of jail time on an earlier conviction. trial number one ended with tracie hunter convicted of unlawful interest in a public contract. she just lost an appeal of that conviction last week. yesterday, supporters took part in the annual martin luther king day march and when that march ended at music hall, some of them disrupted the program that was being held there.
6:46 am
hunter. live at the hamilton county courthouse, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: cincinnati' s mayor is going to make good on a debt with the mayor of pittsburgh. mayor john cranley agreed to wear a steelers jersey while serving meals at a local shelter. today, the mayor will serve food to the homeless. mark: dan griffin with more on warm. dan: please officers, firefighters, right here on the anderson ferry all have to brave and whenever they are out and about. they say the key to getting up, making sure you have plenty of layers, gloves, hats, things
6:47 am
you' ll want to keep that in mind as you head out this morning. the wind is kicking. for now, we are life on the anderson ferry, dan griffin. lisa: -- randi: single-digit temperatures all across the area. any type of breeze feels like five degrees below zero. today, we' re going to only make it to 20. tomorrow, snow during the daytime. the bulk of it second part of the morning commute into about lunchtime, maybe an inch or an inch and a half for most of us. mark: that is it for us. hope you have a great day.
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