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in 1989 and rejected from the major league hall of fame. mike: george vogel is leading the way with today' s announcement. the poignant and priceless comments today. george: a home run all the way around. what a day for the city, the threads, -- the reds, and pete rose. he was thrilled that later this summer, he will be enshrined into the cincinnati reds hall of game. -- hall of fame. pete rose is now part of that hall of fame. he is certainly a part that has been missing from the reds hall. >> pete rose' s may be the biggest part of our franchise ever. >> they received the go-ahead from the baseball commission to
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>> in a way to let us do this. just as important, he will have his number 14 retired. he will join other greats. something else that fans feel is long overdue. >> it will be in the near future. >> hurry. >> we health, he will last a while. >> he is that feeling is mutual. >> i had to play from the heart. wanted.
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a hall of fame, the number retired, and doing something baseball related. >> to stand in the turfway in a two dollar window. george: vintage pete. he said later that the statue will probably depict his iconic had first slide. it will include his hall of fame induction and the retirement of his number 14. sheree: i love that you can laugh and make fun of yourself. it' s a huge day for pete and for cincinnati and fans of reds baseball. mike: brian was hamrick in the room -- brian hamrick was in the room when the announcement was made. reporter: pete was elated and so was many of his fans.
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here. retired, and the statue. the fans what took so long? cooperstown was not a possibility. they had to change their own rules, but pete rose is in the reds hall of fame. he deserves the honor. >> he is a west side guy and he always talks about that. it' s important. >> most people are fans. it' s good to show that one of the best players we' ve ever had will be recognized. >> pete said there is another
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he would like to leave it on the careers of some players. get a chance to do that and he guy in new york you can call. if you think it would do any good, i would make that call but i would not book my airline reservations just yet. mike: pete. t he? the padres playing. there will be a pregame ceremony celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1976 big red machine. players and coaches will wear 1976 throwback uniforms. then saturday, pete will be inducted into the reds hall of fame before the day. the number 14 will be retired and fans will receive eight pete
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sheree: we are dealing with brutally cold temperatures but tomorrow morning it could be snow. kevin robinson has cincinnati' s most accurate forecast tonight. kevin: it looks like another light quick hitting snowfall. timing is everything. it could slow down roads and impact schools and businesses across the area. we have this winter weather advisory and here is a look at the system. here is a look at the timeline.
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a quick hitting one to two inches of snow but it' s the timing that poses a problem for us tomorrow. this is one of several opportunities. have a full look of what to expect. >> you can download you can see the list of closings and delays. reporter: her legal team showed
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after all the money, time, accusations. gone. they said there was no point in pursuing them because they have prove their point. >> they dismissed because they t win. >> they heard the reasoning as did the rest of the community. >> whether she is convicted of makes no difference. she is a disgraced former judge. reporter: immediately afterwards , she stuck to a phrase she is fond of.
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>> the county got rid of the it. no wonder they are dismissing charges. hard drives being wiped clean. reporter: is no useful purpose to pile on. her legal teams as they went after her because she was a threat to the system. so they indicted a sitting judge. >> not because she had a criminal act but because she disagreed with them. reporter: a six-month sentence will be imposed.
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mike: you may remember a jury deadlocked. there was no indication that those counts would be dropped. sheree: a woman is now asking for a mistrial or a new trial. she was found guilty of killing ryan. she shot him six times back in 2012 but claimed it was all in self defense. she claims that one of the jurors was not qualified to be on the jury because he' s a convicted felon. the identity is still sealed right now. the springboro high school freshman accused of sexually abusing a classmate. they say the high schoolers were at a gathering.
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girl was drunk at the time. mike: police arrested 32-year-old herschel jones. his ex-girlfriend called and warned police that they were in danger because jones was looking to kill an officer. he was one of six officers in that department. sheree: a bonfire with animals trapped. some animals made it out but a horse and a pig were killed. mike: a man charged with arson was in court today , accused of hurting a woman by setting an apartment on fire yesterday
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there are questions about his twitter trouble. the social media giant had worldwide technical issues today preventing many of its 300 million users. something is technically wrong. >> it is too cold and too here. >> standing in those bus stops. >> you can see the mama bear and
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keeping their kids inside and not letting them go out.
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sheree: bundled up against the cold. you have to be extra careful. mike: dozens of schools made the call to delay classes today. reporter: up against the frigid winter temperatures. >> it is freezing out here. beyond cold. reporter: parents and kids battled the cold to get the class -- to get to class today. they bundled up big time and headed to william howard taft elementary. >> it is freezing. reporter: getting to school in single-digit temperatures is pretty tough. the walk can take 20 minutes and it means more lasers for the little ones. >> i won'
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far, it' s then my face that' s cold. >> riding the bus or walking, the principal says 70% of the students ride the bus. >> for young people to be standing outside, we consider it to be unsafe. >> doors opened at normal time. a couple of extra hours help them warm up their cars. days like today prove that snow is not always the harshest part of winter. kevin: nice to see the sun out
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little for the cold temperatures we' ve been experiencing. the cold will set the stage for a quick hitting but light accumulating snowfall. problematic in its timing for the year. temperatures are going to fall the next couple of hours. we are at 20th the airport. the little bit of warmth we got today will get down pretty quickly in the next hour or so. simply saying we' re going to get a hit or two of snow that will probably prove to be problematic wednesday across the area. it will remain very quiet. s the quick moving storm system today. basically, it will dive to
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in the meanwhile, we have a lot of dry air in place with high-pressure feeding that in. it will take a while for the snow to actually arrive in our neck of the woods tomorrow morning. here is a look at your timeline for tomorrow. it may be a little bit sooner. will pick up right during the morning commute. this looks a little more significant than the one you remember a week ago or we had the arctic front and the snow squalls coming through? this will be more widespread and fact that it'
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widespread snow coming. it will be a little bit later into the evening and be all over with by the time you start heading home tomorrow afternoon. s how things will play out. as we head towards morning overnight tonight. they had a tough time reaching the ground. by about 6:00 a.m. and gradually over spreading the area. it won' t snow all day tomorrow but you can see things begin to dry out. there me of -- maybe a flake or two left over. it looks like we get a brief
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the end of the week system is the one everyone is most concerned about. it' s just too far out in the future to even start thinking about snowfall amounts. it will likely be a storm late this week. 11 for an overnight low. a quick inch or two across the area. here is your seven-day. cold temperatures to the end of the week. this is something we will keep a close eye on and it will certainly remain cold for everything over the next couple of weeks to be of the winter a variety. we will keep a close eye on that friday system. there' s been a lot of talk on mine. mike: they are asking the
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mike: world tennis rocked by allegations that matches have been thrown for money. sheree: as the first of the year' s major tournaments get underway in australia, the focus is on scandal. the bbc and buzz feed showing secret files that authorities did not follow up on their investigation that showed 16 suspected of match fixing. >> at least it is concrete stuff and you can debate about it.
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two people killed and 18 hurt in a greyhound bus crash. they may have fallen asleep at the wheel. sheree: high-speed chase turned into a puppy pursuit. when the barefoot woman smoking a cigarette jumped out, three dogs followed out. they were friendly and wrangled up. the driver is in police custody. mike: one week after winning $500 million, the tennessee couple is finding that their life is changing despite saying
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they got a private tour of elvis' s mansion and an invite to the country ball where they met randy owen, lead singer of alabama. >> it has been an overwhelming experience. we finally realized the impact. t even drive my own car right now. t see me right now. i want to visit my friends and just relax. mike: they are back home and both are back at work. until the boss says she did something wrong. just getting. but you got to give them credit for driving hondas and keeping -- after a couple of days, i wouldn' t be here. just to be honest with you. sheree: how the city of middletown is honoring a
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and what the friends and family will remember most about him. a housing boom in over the rhine and mount auburn. these little guys? and if you have that may put you at five
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mike: he served his community . being remembered. reporter: the chief also happens to be his uncle. they would all start smiling .
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>> he was a firefighter paramedic. he was born and raised here. reporter: and they trusted him. we' re going to be ok. reporter: he had a heart attack. >> from that health went downhill. he was diagnosed with the disease called sarcoidosis. it attacked his heart and lungs. reporter: the 45-year-old died yesterday. they consider his death a medical line of duty death. they are remembering him for who he was. a skilled paramedic. >> he was an even better firefighter. he was going to mitigate the circumstance no matter what. he was pretty much like that as
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reporter: he led the charge when it came to firehouse pranks. >> if you got him on a prank, he would get you back tenfold. it is time to rest now and we will take it from here. reporter: there has been a firefighter with his body from the moment he passed. there will be a procession service and he will be honored with the 21 gun salute. mike:
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kevin, bitter cold this morning. kevin: a quick inch or two of snow is likely. those pictures of syracuse will probably not be us. we will talk about the second system that could bring more snow coming up. let' s deal with the round that is coming in here tomorrow morning. a quick hitting enter or two of snow. the problem is the snow will come right during the middle of the morning commute tomorrow. over torts springfield and st. louis. it is sliding towards the tri-state and will be here by tomorrow morning, by the time most of you wake up.
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the question is, will it be snowing everywhere? it lasts. this is again just one of multiple opportunities. mike:
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salvation army provide a need. for the latest on the winter weather. sheree: pete rose may have lost his bid to be reinstated last year, but he' s getting a huge honor. the reds hall of fame is inducting him this june. he will also have a statue great american ball park. west side. emily wood is
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talk to the local media. he ruled in favor . >> he has done it' s time. it' s been 25 or 26 years. there is no corruption involved.
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reporter: he disagrees and never fully understood the position to ban him from baseball 30 years ago. reporting in the newsroom. sheree: the hall of fame induction is scheduled for the weekend of june 24 through 26. mike: the city was so desperate to develop over the rhine, you could buy a building for a single dollar. new condos are selling for half $1 million or more. >> it would turn into such hot commodities. the starting price tag $500,000.
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reporter: he' s already getting more buyers. for $500,000. three blocks from washington park on the corner of film and liberty. rental units are also highly popular on trendy buying streets between central and liberty. developers are snatching up apartment buildings in pendleton just blocks from the casino. this building on broadway . >> the soon as we' re done here, it will be back to the original
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reporter: why are people willing to spend $500,000 or more from the neighborhood once considered run down and dangerous? the tide renovation of washington park. >> not just the green space and well. the field -- they feel more comfortable coming down here. reporter: the price tag is bound to keep going up. mike: a lot of the buyers are young professionals. mike:
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win today is mayor john cranley served up lunch. they promise to wear the black and gold if the bengals lost. he' s confident the bengals will be wearing a super bowl ring next year. and pittsburgh' s mayor will be wearing a bengals jersey if they meet again. you' ll have to pay up soon. tackling isis and preventing another attack. sheree: the candidates laying out their plans.
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mike: we are now eight weeks away from the ohio primary and we will look at how the candidate stand on the important issues. sheree: the recent attacks have put national security at the top of the list.
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reporter: san bernardino, paris, egypt, tunisia. reporter: >> we will strike america. reporter:eliminating isis and preventing the next attack is viewed by many as the greatest national security challenge the next president will face. >> the isis strategy is not working. reporter: it' s a key question on rolling back its territorial gains. >> paris underscores the degree of will or europe and the united states. reporter: some americans seem to agree. concerns and questions about
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>> despite the best efforts , we have to accept that. >> if the white house will oversee the implementation of the iran deal. >> we have huge homer abilities. small actors could commit disproportionate harm here in
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it allows companies to share cyber threat data with the government. mike: the kentucky health issues poll show the three in 10 people polled know someone addicted to heroin. a 22% increase. kevin:
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over near kansas city and you can see the snow spreading out in advance tonight. this will be our snow maker. this purple shading is a winter weather advisory. we are talking about enough for a quick inch or two. re right home tomorrow shouldn' of a problem. i don' problem there.
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from about 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., most of us will pick up an inch or two across the area. there is the timeline. the snow will have no problem accumulating. it will accumulate through the morning hours up to about lunchtime and the greater cincinnati metro area. today, a bitterly cold day. temperatures will have no
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so let' tonight. midnight. this is going to be a fairly even snowfall. you can see the model ends the snow pretty likely. i think it' s a little too fast further east. we get a couple of days to catch our breath and a second system
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the potential is there for a friday. anyone giving you a number right now is really wishful thinking. a more significant system is possible friday to early saturday. the snow won' t arrive. 22 by lunchtime and mid-20' s late. we need more information on that. mike: the possibility of several
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sheree: warnings about possible contamination. mike: and boycotting one of the biggest award shows of the year. you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford come and get it if you really want it... new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars
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mike: the terror group isis is making cuts to how much it pays the fighters on the ground. new documents blaming wartime pressure on isis for forcing the group to cut salaries. they reportedly earn between 400 and 1200 a month and a $50 those in half. sheree: those are related to the flat -- numbers related to the flint, michigan water crisis. looking closely at an e-mail that show warnings being ignored for months. they were thrown out of the
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>> we exclude three potentially material samples of water because you don' t like the results. i think that is fraud plain and simple. sheree: the crisis started silently. president obama declared a federal emergency. mike: president of the -- she is heartbroken and frustrated about the situation. for a single second year in a row, not a single person of color was nominated in the acting
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>> i think you might see pete up in the owners boxx without a ticket from now on. sheree: number 14 will be recognized this year for the impact he left on baseball. it. mike: he might be banned from the game he loves but the hit king will join the reds hall. a lot of laughs at the news conference. sheree: sports director george vogel live for us with what the induction will mean. george: it honors rose in a way most people believe should have happened a long time ago. cooperstown may never happen but pete made it clear that cincinnati reds and the hall of fame' s top-of-the-line to him.
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s not.
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