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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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t have to make the decision. sheree: the pressure behind the snow day decision for school districts. mike: a dog left to die in an alley in middletown. the up hill battle after being left out in the cold. sheree: a car slams through the iron gate at spring grove cemetery. the damage done and what police have to go on. plus -- >> what i' ve been doing what -- doing, and what i' ve been passionate about has kind of paid off in a really cool way . mike: and who knew pac man could pay for college? [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. sheree: first tonight, cold coupled with snow. it could be a difficult drive in the morning. good evening. i' m sheree paolello. mike: and i' m mike dardis. we' ve got team weather coverage tonight. in just a bit, chief meteorologist kevin robinson lays out the time line for this snow storm. sheree: but first, tammy mutasa is live with the big decisions districts have to make.
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that it is made with a lot of thought and safety in mind, and that is after school leaders have driven the roads and highways themselves. whatever mother nature whips up wednesday morning, michael kelley and his daughter wish they don' t have to drive through it. >> i' d like a snow day, because i have to take them to school so i can get up a little later. i wish they had off work days. tammy: kelley says his daughter at ursuline and his sons at lakota east have not used snow days yet. >> that has to be challenging, because if you go by the weather report, it' s sometimes wrong. tammy: but when you' re the one making the call to have or not to have snow days -- >> we always love it whenever mother nature cooperates and douses us with feet of snow at midnight. that' s always perfect and easiest. tammy: the decision is not easy, especially when the snow is slated to fall at an inconvenient time. in mason, they' re 0-4 for snow days compared to last year. the superintendent will get up at 4:00 a.m. to scope out roads and sidewalks.
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the weather, and she' ll go out and if it has started snowing, she' ll drive the roads, as well. tammy: whatever the schools decide -- >> i' m glad i don' t have to make the decision. >> it is a break that i think everybody would enjoy. tammy: road crews have already started throwing down the treatment. >> we will be there ahead of the game. tammy: check out for the latest on school closures and road conditions. tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. sheree: thank you. let' s check in with chief meteorologist kevin robinson. kevin, it may not be a big snow-maker, but the timing could make for a lot of trouble on the commute. kevin: it is all about timing with this system. not a lot of snow, an inch or two, that it is the worst time we could possibly get it. right before and continuing
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that looks like what will happen. it is sliding from illinois now into west central indiana. it will be an inch or two in than one inch. higher totals south of the ohio river. expect a winter weather advisory write the four dawn tomorrow. be snow-covered. -- expect a winter weather tomorrow. streets could get slushy at times. during the day, i think areas area. temperatures starting in the teens as the snow begins. accumulating during the morning rush, so pack in extra time tomorrow morning. school officials having a morning. the snow will begin going right
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mike: if you leave it up to the kids, it would be an easy decision for them. tonight, the city of cincinnati right now, pretreating roads has begun. as of 7:00 tonight, crews began operating on 12-hour shifts. the focus again is the morning rush hour. all said city crews are 3,000 lane miles of roads. lead the way on the latest weather, traffic and closing , information starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. and download our wlwt news app to check conditions anytime and sign up for mobile alerts for your child' s school, sent right to your phone. a dog in middletown is being taken care of now after being left alone in an alley. a good samaritan found leroy and brought him to joseph' s legacy. a vet is now treating him for parvo, hypothermia, and starvation. joseph' s legacy says he' s so skinny and dehydrated, they are not sure if he' ll be strong enough to make it through the virus. mike: the falmouth police department needs your help identifying a gas station robber. the robbery happened last wednesday at the hardy'
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marathon on dickerson lane. police say a man wearing a black ski mask showed a gun and demanded cash. they say no one saw a car, and the suspect ran away west on dickerson. if you have any information about the robbery, call the falmouth police department at 859-654-5555. sheree: spring grove cemetery wants your help figuring out who damaged one of its gates. they say a car ran into the iron gates early this morning. and you can see what the crash left behind. now the cemetery has a temporary fence up in its place. spring grove says its surveillance video caught a silver car in the area at the time. might bob at 2016 -- mike: 2016, a new era. new at 11:00 gaming for college , scholarships. four high school students in northern kentucky are getting a full tuition ride for playing video games. that is right. wlwt news 5' s emily wood spoke with the students tonight on
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huge money saver. how about that? emily: ryle high school seniors kyle, jake, mason, and henry have been friends for years. together they play and compete in an online game called counter strike. individually, they are so good. robert morris university in chicago wants them to game exclusively for its athletic department. 18-year-old jake laumann has been playing video games since he was a little kid. he was introduced to pc gaming by his friends and classmates, kyle cousin, mason carnes, and henry kneale. together, the four can play as a team online in the virtual world of counter strike. >> a huge portion of this game and a huge portion of the competitive side of this game has really helped me in the real world when it comes to team communication, teamwork, group work, especially in school. >> if you can' t be friendly with people and be able to communicate with them, then things are going to go poorly, so the game really helps with building those skills. emily: and now it' s going to
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teams -- teenagers to attend robert morris university in chicago this fall. the gamers visited the downtown campus last month and were hooked to the idea of e-gaming as a sport. >> it kind of sucks you in, you know. it' s a fun hobby that turned into something a lot bigger being the scholarship. ,>> what i' ve been doing, what i' ve been passionate about, has kind of paid off in a really cool way. emily: it was jake' s idea to apply for the scholarship, something even his parents were unsure about at first. >> i am one of the ones that was a little bit skeptical, you know. you grow up and you raise your kids, you want to give them all the tools that are necessary to be successful and do the things that they enjoy doing. emily: a childhood enjoyment they will soon turn into a college career as e-athletes in . all quach wrote students are on the honor roll in high school and have scored 30 or above on
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-- all quach row students are on the honor roll. mike: the wave of the future. they will have a coach and will play in variety competitions. >> i' m not the type that' s going to give up on anything. but this is fine. i' m happy. mike: it may not be cooperstown but charlie hustle is heading , into a hall of fame. the reds hall of fame. sheree: the announcement was made today pete rose will be inducted in cincinnati this june. the western hills grad calls today' it took coordination between the reds and major league baseball , which has banned pete for life because of gambling on baseball. feelings over his failed attempt at reinstatement. >> regardless of what you may have read or what you may
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he was a great guy. he didn' t rule the way i wanted him to rule, but that' s life. sheree: as for what is next, tickets to the hall of fame gala at the duke energy convention center go on sale next month. the hall of fame weekend is june 24 through against san diego. 26 it culminates with his jersey number 14 being retired at great american ballpark in a pregame ceremony on the 26th. mike: new insight tonight on crimes across cincinnati. this as the city' s police department has released the year-end crime report for 2015, . both shootings and homicides were up last year. that' s put gun violence and stopping the attacks as a top priority this year. city manager harry black also says cincinnati' s police chief will work to fill leadership positions. we are breaking down the number of shootings by neighborhood in a slideshow on the wlwt app. just check out the features section on the main screen. sheree: kentucky' s state senate has passed a new abortion bill,
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in 1998, the state legislature passed a law requiring women to consult with a doctor before getting an abortion. the new bill passed today would require the meeting to take place face-to-face. kentucky has two abortions clinics, one in louisville and one in lexington. new information in the death of an ohio state university student who died during a campus tradition. austin singletary from the dayton area broke his neck and died after taking part in the mirror lake jump in november. the coroner has ruled the 22-year-old' s death an accident. ohio state has since announced it will end the tradition held before the rival football game against michigan. mike: big news tonight, xavier falling hard after jumping to its best ranking ever. george has that coming up in sports. sheree: and it' s a wild chase through a residential neighborhood. >> he just struck a vehicle. sheree: how it started, the
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finally came to an end. kevin: i am tracking snow moving across parts of india -- i will let you know about the morning commute and about that second system we have been talking about. mike: all right. and another trump card in the race for president. more on palin' s power play and how it could help the donald. you' re watching cincinnati'
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ms. palin: ready to make america great again? are you ready to stump for i' m here to support the next president of the united states, donald trump. mike: well a key endorsement for , donald trump tonight. sheree: former alaska governor sarah palin is throwing her support behind the republican presidential front runner. the two made the announcement at iowa state university. candidate who has shaken up the gop party. ms. palin he has exposed the : complicity on both sides of the aisle that has enabled it. ok, trump -- what he' s been able to do, which is really ticking people off, which i' m glad about, he' s going rogue left and right. man, that' s why he' s doing so well. sheree: palin was senator john mccain' s vice presidential pick in 2008. trump says he' s honored by her endorsement.
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s presidential campaign. one of his staffers has died after a car accident in iowa. police say a van carrying four carson workers flipped on an icy road last night. the other three people were hurt but are expected to be released today. carson is in south carolina, but he has suspended his campaign events. a traffic stop leads new mexico police on a chase through a residential neighborhood. sheree: the man behind the wheel ends up crashing into two cars before finally coming to a stop. police video shows why several 911 callers were so concerned saturday night, calling to report a driver weaving all over the road. santa fe county sheriff' s deputies eventually caught up with saul fierro, and their flashing lights demanded he pull over. he did, but as soon as deputies got out of the car -- >> individual took off santa fe. sheree: fierro sped off, and the pursuit began with deputies following close behind.
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here on a neighborhood street. then, you can see up ahead -- the driver slams into a parked sheree:the driver slams into a parked car, pushing it onto the sidewalk, and causing significant damage. then the driver crashes into a second parked car. it seems as though his truck got fierro seemed to rev the car to try and get away, the show was over. deputies finally got him out of the car. >> put your arms up. deputies say they smelled alcohol, but fierro refused to take sobriety tests. fierro now faces several charges, including a third dwi charge, fleeing from police, and driving under a suspended license. mike: a real life rescue for actor jamie foxx after police say a driver was trapped in his burning car. officers in l.a. say a 32-year-old man was speeding, when he flipped his car and it burst into flames last night. this was last night. the police report shows two witnesses used a tool to break a window, then cut the man out of his seatbelt to free him. a spokesperson for the actor
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witnesses. the driver was later arrested for driving under the influence. sheree: new developments tonight about the isis militant who appeared in several propaganda videos. isis is confirming for the first time the man known as jihadi john is dead. the u.s. military said john was likely killed during drone strikes in syria two months ago. isis remained silent until it month' s online magazine. mike:two missing men were found this morning in utah after dissapearing while they were snowmobiling last night. search and rescue teams in bountiful found the two men under a pine tree that had fallen down. they had built a fire to stay warm. the two were flown out of the mountains and are said to be physically ok. the names of the men have not been released. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: there are questions in
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take off the table tonight -- it is going to snow tomorrow morning. i think we will have issues with the morning commute. a look outside tonight, a quiet and cold night, not much of a breeze. there is the snow that will be here by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. decent pockets of moderate snow across parts of illinois. it is now about ready to speed its way into west-central indiana. by dawn, i think we are looking at snow across a good part of the viewing area here tonight at the airport, holding at 16. a little bit of a breeze at the airport, making it feel closer to about 5. 7 in hillsboro. skies are still pretty clear east of cincinnati, allowing temperatures to fall a little more rapidly. farther south and west, cloud cover has moved in, holding
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14 for hamilton, mason. 11 over in harrison. most areas will drop another three or four degrees and then level out. maybe climb a couple degrees towards morning. an inch or two of snow across the area appeared the farther north you are of the ohio river, closer to one in spirit farther south and west of metro cincy, maybe a little heavier snow. in general, an inch or two is what we expecting. a winter weather advisory in effect for the area, and that is mainly because we will have some snow-covered roads. it mainly your secondary streets, neighborhood roadways near the interstate, depending upon how heavy the snow comes down during the morning commute, there could be/on the main thoroughfares. i think road crews will be able to keep up with of that. it will be the secondary roads
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snow-covered. but give yourself extra time. it' s no continues through late morning -- snow continues through late morning. it will not continue all day. for the drive home, some neighborhood streets and secondary roads could have snow cover on them. no snow falling for the drive home. here is the storm system tonight. it will quickly zip across the ohio valley. this is one of two storm systems we are watching closely this week. snow moving in here at 5:00 a.m., already snowing across parts of southeast indiana. snow then over spreads most of greater cincinnati. notice the time, 6:00 a.m., snowing pretty good. notice how quickly a gets out of here. late morning, snow already tapering off. by early afternoon, most of the snow is done falling.
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night. during the day on thursday, we get a break. things get more interesting into friday. the models are all over the place tonight. they will do that probably until sometime tomorrow afternoon. we might have a better grasp on this system tomorrow morning. right now, it shows that this system made dodge as to the south, but i am hanging my head on that just yet. i think someone here in the ohio valley will see a significant snowfall. is it us? or is it farther south? that is the question. we will watch that closely into the day thursday and certainly by friday. 11 for a low tonight with increasing clouds. tomorrow, a snowy day for the first half of the day. 26 for an afternoon high. 17 at 8:00 a.m. the snow will have no problem
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seven day forecast -- looks like a january seven day. there is the question for friday, so stay tuned. if you' re traveling this week in, you will want to watch that. have mike: thank you. want something to do in the brutal cold -- minneapolis has it figured out. a man stuck a pair of wet jeans outside on his lawn and it froze. now his neighbors are copying him. it is a trend. more jeans, corduroys, and sweatpants. minneapolis, they are the trendsetters are now we know what to do. sheree: thank goodness. mike: pete rose hall-of-fame bound. sheree: just ahead, what the reds front office is saying
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george: it' s this kind of week for college basketball. welcome back, everyone. top ranked oklahoma lost last night. second ranked kansas lost tonight. and then, fifth ranked xavier running into trouble with the georgetown hoyas. the hoyas have talent. d' vauntes smith rivera, 20 points, 7 assists. but here'
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they will get it to the big man big sean o' mara, musketeers take , lead. but georgetown trying to pull away in the second half. up jp macura. 10. a rebound. and then the big three ball. x would trail by 6 with just under two minutes to go. but georgetown closes it out, 81-72. xavier' s second loss. derek forest has more from the cintas center. >> in what could only be called had trouble getting back into the game. a nine point deficit, which the cutback to five. an eight have an point deficit, which they cut down to two. with the upset. >> georgetown came in ready to play. it was a tough team.
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that is ok, we will see georgetown. >> the road to recovery will begin saturday for xavier. the game is set at 2:00 p.m. all right. nku was at oakland, the norse looking for their first road win of the season. the big man out of shroder was playing big. jalen billups leading nku with 22. late in the game, billups, the emphatic dunk. that would do it. the norse beating oakland, 90-73. miami falling to buffalo. there was a two-point lead at the half. never the hoosiers, yogi setting a record in indiana, racking up over 100 and 103-69 over illinois. dayton beats saint bonaventure. pete rose is heading into reds the hall of fame, and that' s not
11:27 pm
he will also have his number 14 retired, and down the road pete , will have get a statue outside of great american ball park. >> statue will be fun. going into the hall of fame will be fun. it will be a fun weekend. you know, because i know you are play. george: the big we get june 20 four. on friday, it is the 1976 champions. pete' s induction is saturday at his number will the retired on and a local is drafted into sunday. major league soccer. chris froschauer is a 2012 ryle grad. he was taken with the second pick in the third round of the mls superdraft by the colorado rapids. he was the goalkeeper of the year in the big ten at ohio state. congratulations to chris spirit he was on the ryle team that
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mike: the pete rose thing, people are passionate about this issue. i was at a holiday party, and two people almost came to blows arguing about it. george: i heard you might have been one of those guys. mike: that would not team me. sheree: never. all right to kevin robinson will have an upda someone just got a free 6" subway sandwich.
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sheree: snow is moving in and the morning. kevin: it will make for a tricky start. an inch or two first thing, and then things should get better. we are watching friday, the more interesting of the two systems. that could be a big one. but a lot has to come together for that to happen right now. we will have in a better idea on the rest of the week over the next 24 hours. mike: school superintendents will be out driving the roads early in the morning. streep up people are wondering
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