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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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`` `` mike: a snowstorm with minimum ``accumulation but maximum effect. ``sheree: there was no let up ``until about after noon today. ``this one perfectly. fly ``as folks were beginning to start ``the morning commute and it ``picked up in intensity as the ``morning went on. ``quite a mess this morning. s gone. ``through the day on thursday. ``tonight, we only have to worry ``about the cold settling in. ``we have the winter storm watch ``up. ``the second round of snow . ``
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`` it will make a big difference as ``we had to friday. ``here is what we know about ``friday' s system right now. ``the trend for the last several ``days is been pushing the heavy ``snow for the south. ``as i mentioned, 50 to 75 miles ``will make a big difference. ``the heaviest snow will fall ``friday night. ``the further south and east you ``go, those snowfall amounts will ``rapidly increase. ``i will share more of my thoughts ``on the next weather maker moving ``through and what to anticipate ``as we had through the weekend. ``sheree: crashes, delays, backups ``just part of the problem today. ``mike: live team coverage for you ``on the conditions.
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``our the folks doing their? ``>> it depends on where you are. ``still very cold out here. `` it looks pretty good right now. ``still pretty cold out here. `` >> the plan to drive to new york ``was no accident. he ended up facing the wrong way ``after he crashed on the erlanger ``collector or he was finally able ``to gather his thoughts. `` m alive and everyone else ``that' s all that matters. `` >> it has been busy. ``it' s been slick.
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``reporter: salt truck skin keep ``pace with traffic but had a hard ``time with the rate of snowfall. ``giving drivers extravagant ``stories about their fish tales. ``and all the problems under the ``wheels created a new one on the ``windshield. ``>> a lot of salt and debris. ``you go through a lot of ``windshield washer fluid today. `` the only reliable transportation ``is one with -- be aware that
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``out there. ``sheree: the roads were quickly ``cleared. `` hi, karen. it' s the first day of ``the year where they had to take ``out the scrapers. ``hamilton that wasn' ``of this. `` he is in good spirits. ``hibbert is off to work riding ``sidewalk in hamilton. ``when he got to the streets, he ``was going faster than most of ``the cars on the roads. ``people took their time today and ``reported. ``the ``wasn'
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``most improved significantly. ``had it much easier than drivers. `` >> i didn' ``anything else. ``>> that is dedication. is ``under a level one snow emergency ``but everything was clear. `` >> in mt. adams, it can be ``tricky navigating the hills, ``telling us their top priority. ``the streets were still ``snow-covered at noon. ``a decided to hike down town for ``>> i love it. ``i think it'
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`` mike: city crews and say they ``have 73% of the prime roads ``treated. ``you can watch the updated ``forecast and follow us on ``twitter. `` >> the attempt at a switcheroo ``to save his dog from being ``euthanized backfired. `` reporter: meet buddy. ``he is seven years old and what a ``life he has had. `` rescued again when he was ``attacked by a pit bull.
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``of us and just attacked buddy ``almost like an alligator. ``just grabbed him by the neck and ``shook him. `` and then ripped his side open. ``reporter: he was ordered by a ``judge to give up his dog so the ``animal can be destroyed. ``>> i don' t hold anything against ``the breed of pitbulls. ``but had it been on a leash, we ``would have never had this ``incident occurred. `` >> he tried to fool the people ``at spca hoping that they would ``put down baby instead of his ``dog. ``>> he was trying to keep the dog ``but took it over the line. ``>> he will spend a month in jail ``for attempted animal switch. `` as for buddy, his honor says he
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``but he is a service dog bringing ``joy to hospice patients. `` >> about two weeks ago, we ``started visiting hospice ``patients again. ``>> the dog involved in the ``attack was put to sleep. ``it was actually housed at spca ``at one time before was brought ``back in. ``the folks scanned the pooch. ``a microchip saved his life. ``sheree: a wild story. ``the other pit is available for ``adoption. `` mike: for employees disciplined ``after leaving the dog and a ``transfer van overnight.
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``colerain avenue. ``employees were writing in the ``transfer van and did not follow ``proper procedure. `` ``hypothermic and could not be ``saved. ``and had to be put down. ``camera. ``a man wearing a ski mask showed s marathon. ``the cashier was forced to into ``his register. ``if you know anything about this ``robbery, look closely. ``mike: a first of its kind ``conviction and now sentencing in ``warren county county could ``change the war on heroin. ``found guilty of involuntary ``manslaughter after a friend died ``from drug that he gave him. ``he od on cocaine that he thought ``was heroin.
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they put drug dealers on notice ``that prosecutors will go after ``them. ``sheree: oil keeps diving and ``taking wall street with it. `` they crashed below $27 a barrel. ``it' s the latest blow in what has ``already been the worst start to ``a year on record. ``mike: last year' s high ``temperatures were one for the ``record books. ``2015 the hottest year we have ``ever seen according to both know ``and nasa. ``for 136 years. ``strongest el nio on record. `` s ``life by pulling him from a ``burning pickup truck.
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`` the emotional meeting between ``foxx and the father of that ``driver. ``caught on camera, i' m ame -- a ``miami valet learns a lesson of ``not playing around with someone ``else' s car. ``they decided to read the ``supercars engine and it caught ``on fire. ``can you imagine being ``responsible for this? ``the whole thing shared online ``including the reaction from the ``valet. ``hands overhead. nyou've upgraded all your oldntechnology... nso what about this? nit's time to get into the newnwith ford @ come and get it if you really`want it... nnew is ecoboost technology. nnew is a foot-activatednliftgate. nnew is tougher, stronger andnlighter. nnew is ford. america'snbest-selling brand. nnow get into a new focus,
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n60 months plus $2,000 dollarsntrade-assist cash.
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``sheree: actor and real-life ``hero. ``mike: a story jamie foxx is ``speaking out about. ``at rescuing a driver from a ``burning car. `` >> a horrific accident just ``outside the home of a familiar ``face. ``>> i heard someone yelling so i ``went down and called 911 >> ``someone is tracked? ``>> yes, the car is on fire. ``reporter: red card
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``crashes into a dish hitting a ``drainage pipe and flipping ``several times trapping him as it ``burst into phil aims. ``actor dreamy foxx rush and a ``help. ``>> he has emt scissors. ``i climb in and try to hit his ``seatbelt. ``>> the flames were growing more ``intense. ``>> i pull him out and five ``seconds later, the truck goes ``up. `` >> these are the tears of a ``grateful father. he' m concerned, he saved ``his life. >> i don'
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`` mike: the driver was arrested on ``suspicion of dui. `` sheree: three-year-old griffin ``and one-year-old alex are ``flashing their smiles here from ``burlington kentucky. `` sheree: perfect north. ``the perfect place for not ``wanting to stay at home. ``mike: i was not smiling when i ``was shoveling the driveway. `` despite the snow and the ``freezing temperatures, remember
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`` kevin: things pretty much played ``out as expected. ``the quick hitting inch or two of ``snow. ``it will be a quiet night. ``a cold one especially. ``temperatures are really going to ``bottom out. ``21 degrees. ``we have a north wind at seven. ``close to about 12 out there. ``the system that scooted through ``his going to the appalachians. ``the skies ``across parts of illinois and ``indiana. if we lose the cloud cover, we ``will lose any of the insulation. ``temperatures will fall off ``pretty quickly. `` we are already focusing our ``attention on round two of snow ``because parts of the viewing
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``under a winter storm watch ``likely to be upgraded to a ``warning. ``this will be friday and friday ``night. ``that' s when the next round of ``snow is expected to move into ``the area. `` the one thing i want to point ``out for sure is that there will ``be a very sharp cut off from ``those that really get hammered ``with snow to those that see ``nothing and it could vary in the ``matter of 50 to 75 miles. ``one thing' s for sure. ``all bets are off if you are ``traveling south and east. `` places from louisville over ``towards lexington. ``that brings us to the southern ``fringes of the viewing area were ``we have a winter storm watch and
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``county. `` and i think we' re really dodging ``this one. `` probably a couple of inches. `` it doesn' t even see any snow at ``all from this system. ``there will be winners and losers ``if you are a fan of the snow or ``not. ``the storm is trending further ``south. `` in the greatest impact coming up ``during the day friday and early ``saturday morning is when the ``weather will be the worst. `` let' s talk temperatures ``areawide. ``27 in louisville.
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``that' s why drop-down and the ``single digits. ``we see the cloud cover beginning ``to increase and as we head to ``thursday night, there is that ``shield of snow. ``it moves much for the north and ``will be a sharp pit it right ``over the metro area. ``clearing skies tonight, bitter ``cold. ``29. ``there we have it. ``19 for a low tomorrow night and ``31 on friday. ``we' ll keep a close eye because a ``subtle shift here, it could take ``folks from one to two inches to ``seven to eight inches. ``and it remains chilly as we head
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``mike: kevin can get a more ``accurate reading and pinpoint. `` an animal used as the cruelest ``of currency in a drug deal. ``>> a terrier traded for crack. ``how half of the crime has been ``solved. `` mike: nyou've upgraded all your oldntechnology... nso what about this? nit's time to get into the newnwith ford @ come and get it if you really`want it... nnew is ecoboost technology. nnew is a foot-activatednliftgate.
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`` ``mike: a helpless puppy traded ``for crack cocaine. ``sheree: caught on camera at a ``popular pet store. ``the man is seen stuffing the ``yorkie into his shirt. ``police say he traded the puppy ``for crack and money. ``the drug deal went down in a rod ``daylight in a packed dunkin' ``donuts parking lot. ``>> i am disgusted. ``how can somebody sell a little >> she is ``heartbroken over what happened. ``the surveillance video helped ``the yorkie is still missing ``tonight. ``the store says bring her
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``questions asked and you will get ``$1000 in reward money. ``mike: carjackers try to steal a ``vehicle from a wrong woman. ``the victim fights back , grabbing ``one man out of the drivers seat ``and ripping off his ski mask. ``>> with the bad guy did not know ``is that in the backseat of the ``car were two kids. ``she fought, she dragged the guy ``out of the car, and they both ``ran away like cowards. ``mike: this is near miami and ``police say the card jaggers ran ``to a getaway car. ``the high-speed departure caught ``the attention of a police ``officer. ``the driver crashed into offense ``and all three were arrested. ``sheree: a woman was lucky to ``escape after a car smashed into ``a service station. ``catherine
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``it caused a gas leak that lasted ``for several hours. ``the driver took off and has not ``been caught just yet. ``follow continues tonight as the ``city of flint, michigan deals ``with the contaminated water ``supply. ``mike: what critics are saying ``about the governor' s handling of
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i've got to make @a deposit! @you go, girl! @she's got no chance. t deposit hours r that make sense for you, t not the bank. r welcome to huntington, r one of money magazine's r best banks in america. r ``sheree: tonight, cleaning up ``after a wintry blast this ``morning. ``the snowfall hit right in the ``middle of the morning commute. ``mike: but there is another ``possibility for snow at the end ``of the week. `` kevin robinson with cincinnati' s ``most accurate forecast. ``kevin: the second round has the ``potential to be a lot bigger for ``a few of us in the viewing area. ``
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``midwest and advanced of our next ``potential storm maker. ``for area south and east of ``cincinnati, this basically ``corresponds with where we think ``the greatest potential for ``be south and east of metro ``cincinnati. ``amounts. ``as time gets closer, we will ``pinpoint them a little bit ``better. ``know that the further south and ``east you go, snowfall amounts ``will increase considerably over ``a short distance. ``travel will be very difficult if ``not impossible. `` conservatively speaking, ``probably a couple of inches. ``quickly increasing as you drop ``south and east through the new
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``>> driver still dealing with the ``snow and the/. ``some streets of not been plowed ``yet and you look at video here. ``this is on columbia parkway. ``a few people out on the highways ``trying to help and some people ``doing it for free. `` he takes us along for the ride. `` >> as you can see, moving along ``just fine. ``have this in mind. `` >> an air compressor for flats, ``exterior ports for jumper ``cables. ``
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`` but on snow filled days like ``today, sean is driving all over ``the interstate looking for ``people to help. ``>> i justices people whether ``it' s fire, ambulance, foot ``patrol. ``>> he works for the ohio ``department of transportation and ``state farm. ``for those he helps, it is ``nothing. `` >> when we caught up with him, ``most of the morning problems had ``faded. ``a few cars were abandoned. ``no one help. `` even a semi-stuck waiting on a ``new airline. `` >> sometimes they' re stunned and ``confused, it doesn' t make sense ``to them. ``it' s just a service we provide.
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up cones to alert ``traffic and waiting until a ``semi-was all set before moving ``on to help the next unlucky ``weather victim. ``>> people tried to hand you ``money quite a bit and i just ``tell them to put it in your ``wallet or pay it forward, ``whatever works best for you. ``>> for truck' s roaming the ``interstate. `` reporting from downtown live , ``wlwt news 5. ``mike: the most common problem he ``seizes people running out of ``gas. ``many people don' t think to fill ``up their car. ``sheree: state troopers are ``searching for a driver that hit ``a school bus and took off. ``troopers telling us there were ``29 kids all ranging in age ``between five years old and 10
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``investigators are looking for a ``black minivan. ``the brakes locked up right ``before the crash. ``stay on top of the weather ``conditions in your area by ``downloading our at. ``you can see the complete list of ``closings and delays any time. ``>> tracy hunter has been held ``accountable. `` she is no longer relevant to ``either the court system or the ``community. `` mike: prosecutors decided to ``drop the remaining charges ``against tracy hunter. ``john london spoke with the ``attorney to find out the game ``plan. ``>> the filings had been made to ``the ohio supreme court and
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``being escorted to jail is now in ``their hands. `` the most immediate uncertainty ``is whether she will be jailed. ``>> it gives us an opportunity to ``file an emergency motion. `` >> they agreed to hold off until ``at least friday morning. ``they have asked the supreme ``court to grant a stay of ``sentencing. her supporters are on ``tenterhooks about this because ``if the conviction is overturned, ``jail time would not have been ``necessary. ``>> she could end up winning in a ``supreme court and have already ``done her jail time. ``reporter: the supreme court ``could take months to decide if ``interest is upheld. ``would she wait that out in a
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`` >> there is another matter left ``hanging by prosecutors. ``dismissal without prejudice. ``>> it leaves her ``re-indictment on the same ``charges. `` >> i see that if she wins this ``appeal, her conviction is ``overturned. ``she runs for office, wins ``another election. ``it' s just hanging out there over ``her head. ``reporter: they are given until ``1:00 tomorrow to respond to the ``request for a stay of execution. `` mike: time spent in car straight ``will not benefit her or the ``community that she serves. ``sheree: reporter: a shooting ``last week at the hard times bar
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`` police say they need your help ``figuring out who pulled the ``trigger. ``he was one of the two people ``shot in the bar parking lot. `` >> you' re telling me he' s been ``hit. ``>> he was shot. ``>> who shot him? >> no arrests ``have been made so far. ``they' re not getting much ``cooperation from witnesses. ``if you know anything, you' re ``asked to call hamilton police. `` mike: an associate professor of ``history at kent state. ``the fbi has not released ``details. ``he has apparently been on the ``fbi radar since 2014 and said to
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`` mike: -- sheree: a number of ``topics are on the agenda ``including addiction in jail and ``treating drug overdose scenes as ``crime scenes. `` mike: in cleveland, another ``fight is caught on camera and ``happened about a week ago. ``the driver asked the passenger ``to pick up a piece of paper. ``the man refused and kicked out a ``bus window. ``the true get -- the two of them ``get into a scuffle. ``the passenger was arrested and ``the driver is on suspension ``while the incident is being ``looked into. `` sheree: look at this video
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``they say the truck had been ``repaired and someone from the ``repaired truck was driving when ``it lost control. `` officials say they are expected ``to be ok. ``mike: you can stop staring at ``that powerball ticket because it ``will not turn into $1 million. ``the winner ``anonymous for a while but ``louisville. `` it was sold in hazard. `` ``sold in kentucky. ``anonymous. `` sheree: turmoil continues in ``flint.
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``the governor of that state and ``who is calling for him to get ``out of there. `` we know using the word password ``is not smart but it' s not the ``only word to make this year' s ``list of worst passwords. `` >> it looks like cold weather ``settling in for tonight. ``and the second round of snow.
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`` ``>> to the families in flint, it ``is my responsibility and my ``commitment to deliver. ``i give you my commitment that ``michigan will not let you down. ``mike: promises as frustrations ``continue to spill over because ``of the contaminated water ``supply. ``sheree: jay gray has the ``political fallout as more than ``100,000 people cannot use their ``tap water. ``>> bottled water continues to
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``with a flood of controversy and ``concern. ``>> water is a basic human right. `` >> they have not had clean water ``since april of 2014 when they ``started using the river as the ``source for the water supply. ``there are elevated levels of ``lead in the water. ``officials insisted it was safe ``despite a warning from epa and ``data from doctors. ``it wasn' t until a few weeks ago. `` the embattled governor has ``promised to release e-mails ``regarding the situation and ``promising transparency. `` >> i' m sorry does not bring back
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``>> it remains as uncertain as ``the water. `` sheree: the state house approved ``a request for $28 million to ``deal with the water crisis. ``some are calling for governor ``snyder' s resignation. ``the flint mayor would not go ``that far. ``but the u.s. senate candidate ``releasing a statement today ``calling for snyder to step down ``saying that the most basic duty ``of any governor is to protect ``public health and governor ``snyder has failed miserably. ``mike: share trying to help with ``the water crisis. ``sending more than 181,000 ``bottles of water.
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the donation will go to ``community centers, food banks, ``and firehouses. `` kevin: our first round of snow ``has come and gone. ``it is fighting its way out to ``the appalachians. ``it looks like it should be a ``quiet night for us around here. ``but enjoy the break because the ``active weather is just getting ``started. ``it doesn' t look like much here ``in the center part of the ``country. `` ``explode over the next day or so. `` let' s talk about what we know if ``this incoming storm as we head ``into the weekend. ``it appears the worst of the ``storm is going to pass towards ``the south and east of ``cincinnati. ``that' s why we have a winter
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``those of the counties underneath ``the winter storm watch that is ``for tomorrow night and during ``the day friday when the weather ``will be the worst. ``the snow be the heaviest friday ``afternoon and friday night. ``we' ve been talking about this ``system for several days and we ``start to get a better grasp on ``where it' s going to go. ``nothing set in stone yet and it ``is trending further south. ``if you are a big fan of snow, ``it' s not going to pan well in ``our favor. ``there are total that very over a ``short distance. `` it' s going to give some of you a ``lot of snow and others very ``little snow. ``it looks like those of you with ``the most snow will be south and ``east of cincinnati. ``put things into motion here.
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``be a bitter cold night. ``overnight lows will likely drop ``into the single digits. `` plenty of sunshine and it is ``quiet tomorrow evening and ``thursday night. `` that is why i say during the ``daytime hours on friday. ``watch what happens friday ``morning. ``by lunchtime, snow is beginning ``to spread the parts of northern ``kentucky and particularly in the ``southern parts of the viewing ``area. ``this takes us up until 5:00. `` this comes the difficult part in ``the forecast. ``this sets up ``with snow flying the entire ``night. ``then, if you are up across parts ``of southeast indiana, you are ``thinking what snow? ``it'
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`` this all gets out of here by ``saturday. ``we are going to dodge this storm ``system as it appears right now. ``a general swath of one to three. ``those totals will quickly ramp ``up. ``folks down in people' s could see ``amounts of seven to 10 . ``that is the type of distance and ``coverage we' re talking about ``here. ``21 right now is what we are ``currently setting. ``those skies try to clear late ``tonight.
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`` we will keep a close eye on that ``system. ``afternoon high hovering near ``freezing. `` sheree: my kids are praying not ``to go back the rest of the week. ``nearly everyone has them. ``mike: is your password as secure ``as you think? ``they make the list of the ``world' s worst passwords. ``
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in 1934, the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. home of the originalt steakburger. `` ``sheree: she is known as the ``tough talking judge that doesn' t ``take any stuff. ``mike: according to a poll by the ``american council of trustees and ``alumni, about 10% of college ``grads believe that judge judy is ``actually a justice on the u.s.
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`` they used her lesser-known real ``name. ``a high court in england denying ``a request by nestle a trademark ``when it comes ticket cap bars. ``rivals are trying to make a ``similar candy bar. ``they argued the shape of its ``four-finger bar was unique. ``but the court sided with cadbury ``saying, give me a break. ``netflix says it has nearly 75 ``million subscribers around the ``world. ``the increase in numbers has been ``fueled by the expansion into ``virtually every country except ``china. ``the company has 6 million new ``subscribers projected to march.
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sheree: topping this year' s ``list, 123456, password, also ``12345678, qwerty --those are ``the letters on the left-hand ``side of the keyboard. `` ``the list is welcome, princess, ``and starwars. ``mike: the morning commute was a ``rough one. `` and a vicious attack by a pit ``bull. ``what the owner of the dog did
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t think. ``sheree: some people trying to ``brave the snow did not get as ``far as they had. ``mike: the arrival of the morning ``snow made for a messy ride to ``work. ``it normally takes 20 minutes or ``so but it was a two-hour ordeal. ``sheree: the snow has luckily ``underway. `` kevin robinson has the ``rest of your work week. ``went as expected. ``it began before the morning ``commute and ended before ``lunchtime. ``skies will clear tonight. ``it will be better cold. ``there is more snow coming for a ``it will be friday afternoon and ``friday night.
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``that is where it basically
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