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tv   Today  NBC  January 21, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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`` from nbc news this is ``"today" with kathie lee gifford ``and hoda kotb from studio 1a in ``rockefeller plaza. `` yes, indeed, you made it to ``winesday wednesday, january ``toth, 2016. ``jenna bush hagar is
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``and this is "boys like you" by ``who is fancy. ``>> i like it. ``muk boys like you moouk. ``>> is this one of your new jams? ``>> it is going to be. ``wow. ``i like it. ``we will have fun today. ``tomorrow, i have to point out is ``the day i like to call j.lo day. ``she is performing in vegas, and ``she is going to do several ``shows. ``and it is going to be opening ``night. ``i mean, opening night for j.lo, ``and so we will bring you all of ``the details tomorrow, and also, ``the hip hop mogul rev run and ``his co-star tyrese is doing to ``be here. ``>> and also, we will talk to the ``three who are in the principal's ``office. ``james franco is in it. ``>> lilian is also here with her
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``luxe for less. ``and her trend today is velvet. ``do you have velvet? ``>> i don't have much velvet, but ``i would wear velvet. ``lilliana, she will show us how ``to look fabulous. ``>> and words of wisdom, because ``it is winesday wednesday. ``close your eyes. ``>> let's meditate. ``>> namaste. ``learn to listen. ``opportunity sometimes knocks ``very softly. ``>> do you like that sometimes ``you know, they say if you pay ``attention to life, certain ``you, right? ``>> and your book is all about ``that, and these people who found ``their second callings, because ``they paid attention. ``>> and sometimes you take that ``voice and stuff it down and say ``i'm not going to listen to it. ``but there are people who pay ``close attention. ``available everywhere. ``>>, and get it in ``paperbook. ``>> and so we like to play with
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``the hunks and who has the hotter ``abs. ``let's watch. ``justin bieber showed his abs ``this weekend. ``>> all right. ``okay. ``we have a seen those abs a lot. ``but ``somebody else who we have not ``seen the abs very much is daniel ``radcliffe. ``>> oh, his are great. ``>> this is the "vanity fair" ``shot. ``>> that is daniel radcliffe? ``>> that is harry potter. ``do you know what's funny about ``it. ``>> yes ``>> when you are used to seeing ``somebody's abs and like you have ``said, justin bieber's. ``if you leave less, people will ``lean in more. ``and now, patrick stewart. ``look at that. ``he is 75? ``>> yes. ``75. ``who you prefer, hoda? ``>> daniel radcliffe. ``>> but i like patrick stewart, ``because i am a thing for a ``silver fox. ``>> and a bald guy is hot. ``i think that bald works.
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``bald works. ``there is something sexy -- ``>> bald works and then right ``there, there was a sexy bald ``cameraman. ``>> oh, yes, just run your ``fingers through it, yeah, like ``this. ``oh, yeah. ``>> oh, you said bald works, and ``he looked up to catch your eye, ``like, here i am, baby. ``>> we always knew this worked. ``we always knew it worked. ``all right. ``so, we are -- ``>> okay. ``>> and we are talking about ``this, and when you guys, every ``single dad at home has a button ``and you do something repeatedly ``around the house and it makes ``your dad's head explode. ``there is a new survey around ``that said mostly it's when you ``leave the lights on. ``give me yours. ``>> yes, and not only for my a ``father, but my dad used to turn ``the all of the lights out if we ``were doing to the lake or ``somewhere, and we would leave ``one light on, and it was always ``me. ``and then henry does it.
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``and so i take mela to preschool, ``and she is 2 1/2, and the first ``thing they do is to wash the ``hands, and little kids are ``always washing the hands and ``mela turns and turns the light ``out every single time. ``and the teacher is like, well, ``you don't have to do that, mela, ``and i'm like, well, daddy has ``tolder if she doesn't do that -- ``you know. ``and what about your dad? ``>> well, first of all, he had ``a thing. ``he used to say, ``save energy, because he worked ``for the department of energy, so ``he would turn off all of the ``lights, and that is one thing. ``and everything in his face, he ``-- in its place. ``did want us to be a mess, but ``this is is what sticks with me ``the most, we were all piled in ``the car to go the virginia ``beach, and driving to put the ``car in reverse, and he put the ``car back in park, and he says ``nobody does anything around ``here, and we were like what, we ``need to start cleaning the yard. ``and i will never forget and we ``are in our bathing suits, and i
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``because you know when you get ``frustrated, when your kids ``aren't -- i'll never forget that ``day. ``work. ``then we piled in the car and ``drove to virginia beach. ``he saw us at times as ``ungrateful, and now we are ``spending all this money on a ``vacation. ``and park, and everybody out with ``the edgers and doing that. ``>> i think it is so funny that ``men can be kind of cliche that ``you say the turning the lights ``out, and everybody said, that ``and i read it to henry, and he ``knows it is him, and my father ``before him, and now my little ``daughter. ``>> what about the traffic ``problems? ``>> yes, traffic is a problem, ``but bad drivers is a more of a ``problem. ``to the lake, ``and my dad screamed a word that ``made my mom so mad that i can't ``say it. ``>> and you should have maybe ``said it in the makeup room. ``>> well, maybe once or twice, ``and they get into the argument, ``but nobody wants to feel like ``their kids are not safe at the
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``hands of somebody else. `` know. ``>> so at the time i was like, ``geez, mom and dad, chill it. ``but then you now get it. ``and like henry gets more so with ``the kids in the car than before. ``>> yes. ``>> and so, yes. ``we have a viral sensation online ``where there is a pillow that has ``gone viral and it is called ``mermaid pillow. ``a reporter noticed it on sale in ``the store and it went viral. ``let's show the video so we can ``know what we're talking about. ``we brought our own so you can ``see we're witty and smart. ``>> we don't have the video. ``>> oh, we don't have it. ``okay, we are just doing this. ``>> okay. ``>> look at this pillow. ``>> hold, this and this is the ``pillow, and -- ``>> we do match these. ``>> and go hocus pocus. ``and one, two, three. ``>> that is is not the way that ``it works. ``one, two, three, oh. ``up and down, hoda. ``oh, there we go. ``>> and swirl it. ``>> and down. ``>> and you know, you remember ``these things. ``>> oh, it is nice. ``>> and you know the little ``things that you put the pins and ``your face in there and it would
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``make the imprint and those cool ``games. ``it is like this. ``>> and by the way, you could ``watch this all day. ``>> could you really watch it all ``day. ``>> look, look, watch it on the ``monitor. ``isn't it fun. ``you are like, ah. ``>> ah. ``>> and people are falling ``asleep. ``>> no, it is so awesome. ``can you buy them? ``>> yes, you can. ``>> $75. ``oh, okay. ``i mean, it is a pillow. ``>> and you know you can get them ``at ``they go to $150. ``>> and so they are expensive. ``and so you know when you are in ``a rush and you put the makeup so ``quickly, and the question is can ``you put it on without looking in ``the mirror. ``and so buzzfeed asked a group of ``women to do it. ``and we will see how they did. ``>> i don't know where the ``cheekbones are. ``>> my body knows what to do. ``>> here goes the liquid ``eyeliner. ``>> i am so terrified to do this
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``ugh! ``>> it is he up there, i can feel ``it. ``>> don't even feel it right now. ``>> i know there is eyeliner ``there. ``>> wow. ``>> and i did not blend in the ``bronzer at all. ``>> this is not terrible. ``i would do this in real life. ``>> that's crazy, i don't even ``need a mirror to do my make up. ``>> and you know who the queen of ``this is? ``>> who? ``>> karen. ``>> really? ``>> and she can put on a eye with ``contour and she will do it with ``me and it is remarkable. ``and i don't want to make up the ``-- mess up the make up. ``>> wait, this is the eyebrow ``pencil, and it is easy. ``can i look at you? ``is that in the wheelhouse? ``>> uhh. ``>> is it? ``>> if you want the bushy ``eyebrow. ``that's not bad. ``>> well, you can feel it.
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``>> and one time i did my makeup ``in the cab and i had this little ``terrible mirror and put it on ``quickly and when i got to work ``somebody said, oh, my gosh, who ``did your makeup today? ``>> did they like it or not? ``>> oh. ``yes, they thought it was really ``good. ``>> and maybe they didn't like. ``>> and so now, we have a game of ``jelly beans. ``i know you like them, because ``they are delicious. ``but we're going to play a game. ``it's called -- ``bean boozeled. ``>> and yes. ``they started it by making really ``gross flavors that look like ``good flavors. ``>> so it's like a game of risk. ``and each one of the bowls is ``something. ``and in the first one, and let's ``look at to see what kinds it is. ``number one has either canned dog ``food or chocolate pudding. ``>> are you ready? ``>> yes, ``and this is the spit bowl. ``>> are you going to do it? ``>> i am going to eat it.
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``i got chocolate. ``>> no, i got dog food. ``okay. ``did you? ``i don't know. ``here we go, stinky socks or ``tutti-frutti. ``i think mine is dog food. ``>> mine tastes like a little ``bit -- okay, stinky socks or ``aught toy fruity. ``>> oh, i got the socks. ``>> i got tutti frutti. ``>> i got tutti frutti. ``okay sorry about that. ``>> okay. ``that is rank. ``seriously. ``>> we didn't get dog food ``before. ``>> oh, i am not kidding, i am ``having post-traumatic. ``let's do one more. ``>> okay, one more. ``we have time. ``>> okay. ``one more. ``number three. ``moldy cheese or caramel corn? ``>> should we do the really nasty
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``they won't have this until later ``this year, but it's ``dead fish or strawberry banana ``smoothie. ``[ laughter ] ``>> i am not kidding. ``>> it is like the gag reflex. ``>> we had dog food. ``ball game food. ``>> my gag reflex is seriously ``>> lilliana going to wrap you up ``in velvet. ``>> and we will have tv dating ``advice for some talk shows.
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`` all right. ``have you ever thought this, it ``is not me, it is men. ``>> everyday. ``if you have, rev run and tyrese ``agree with you. ``the hip hopper and the actor ``have a new show coming. ``called, et cetera a not you,' ``men.
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``and this is what they think ``about when it comes to love, sex ``and marriage from two different ``perspectives. ``who came up with the concept of ``the show? ``>> we did. ``together. ``our relationship did, and i used ``to send out the tweets and the ``words of wisdom, and he ``responded to one of them, and it ``was on the e-mail list, and it ``was like, i don't agree. ``i said, who is this. ``and he said, tyrece. ``i'm like which tyrese? ``he's like tyrese tyrese. ``and so we said at the end of the ``conversation, we need to do a ``book together "i beg to differ." ``>> the name of the first book ``was "i beg to differ". ``that. ``monology. ``>> we named it "man lgsology". ``but listen, the show is based ``not only on the man perspective, ``but it is starting with it is ``not you, but it is me. ``and women can say that, and then ``we just added the n on it. ``so we are not throwing the men
2:22 am
``under the bus or exposing, but ``look, to the all men and women, ``and marriage, single or engaged, ``we want to give you a head's up ``of what is around the corner ``before you get there, and some ``of it is uncomfortable. ``>> and tyrese is single, and rev ``is married to justine. ``we love her around here. ``>> yes. ``what has rev taught you about ``marriage? ``is he a great side kick. ``? ``>> and this is interesting, and ``i don't want to get too deep, ``but i am a here to get deep, and ``the craziest thing is that all ``of us can find ourselves getting ``married without the point of ``reference of what marriage is, ``and how can you be naturally ``know how to be something you ``were never raised by? ``what is a father if you never ``had a father in the home, and ``i'm going to be creating a child ``and now i'm a dad, because i ``have made a child with a woman, ``but you don't understand the ``concept of fatherhood. ``>> how do you grow into that? ``>> for me, rev is the first ``person ``with his wife and family that i ``have been around on a consistent ``level that is really married. ``and he has defined the blueprint
2:23 am
``of marriage and i'm 37, and ``things are changing for me, but ``i'm still single. ``>> we have to ask, tyrese, there ``has been a lot of talk about the ``oscars, about the boycott. ``>> of course. ``>> i know you have stuff you ``want to say with it. ``>> i think that, i know, that ``listen, i know more white people ``than most white people, so i ``don't have a racist bone in my ``body, but i would say this that ``at the end of the day, enough is ``enough. ``when you have talent, and you ``have gifts, and it is not that ``you seek the validation of ``non-blacks and say i am nothing ``until you validate me, but it is ``a matter of what is fair is ``what's fair. ``and when you go to the b.e.t. ``awards we nominate sam smith and ``robin thicke, because they put ``out great music, and adele. ``she's going to end up with ``nominations at the b.e.t. ``awards. ``folks are not left out. ``and at the end of the day, if ``you are bringing the best game
2:24 am
``actor or actress film producer, ``you should be recognized to have ``the opportunity to ``recognize the most significant ``award there is in the movie film ``like there is, and chris rock ``should definitely step down, and ``everybody who is attending and ``if you are friends with ``african-americans and you love ``them the way we know that you ``do, get out of there, and make a ``statement. ``that is how you affect change. ``don't keep showing up acting as ``if you don't know what is going ``on, and thinking about you and ``start thinking about ``the future generations. ``we cannot effect change if we ``don't stand up for something. ``>> rev, any thoughts on this? ``>> nope. ``>> he's a hollywood guy, and all ``of the big hollywood movies, and ``i will leave it in the hands of ``super reece. ``>> all right. ``thank you so much. ``good luck with the show and the ``premier of "it is not you, it is ``men" premiers on own this ``saturday night. ``>> and guys, you know how you ``get together to watch "scandal" ``and "empire" and we want all
2:25 am
``whatever our sexual preference ``is, we want everybody in the ``living rooms 20:30, you all, in ``the living ``room talking about this. ``we like it. ``>> we like it. ``>> come on, come on. ``>> and we have a look at the new
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`` and in honor of j.lo's ``opening in vegas tomorrow, we ``are playing "who knew?" ``>> and this is a question to get ``you started. ``more of this food is eaten in ``las vegas than in the rest of ``the country, and is the answer
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``wings, fries, or shrimp. ``when we come back right after
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`` hey, guys, it is winesday ``wednesday. ``i'm jenna bush hagar in for ``kathie lee. ``and hoda is across the street at ``the studios and ready to play ``the weekly trivia game "who ``knew" and in honor hoff j.lo's ``biggest debut, we are testing ``your knowledge of sin city. ``for those who know, you get ``$100, and if not, don't worry, ``because you will get a signed ``copy of hoda's new book. ``and with us is editor of ``"traveler" and you love las ``vegas? ``>> it is one of the favorite ``places in the world. ``>> before we left, we asked, ``more of this food is eaten every ``day in las vegas than the rest ``of the country combined. ``wings, fries, or shrimp. ``>> you would think it is wings, ``but it is 60,000 pounds of
2:32 am
``that is the same amount consumed ``in the rest of the country ``combined. ``>> and that is why this is ``called who knew. ``over to you, hoda. ``>> what's your name? ``>> i'm nina. ``>> where are you from? ``california. ``>> i think you might get this ``one. ``>> in the "hangover" mike tyson ``sings along to which phil ``collins song -- in the air ``tonight, against all odds, you ``can't hurry love. ``>> what's my choice again? ``>> in the air on the to, against ``all odds, you can't hurry love. ``>> against all odds. ``>> against all odds. ``no, wait a minute, but you get a ``book. ``so she wins. ``>> it turns the out she wins, ``but who cannot forget this ``iconic film. ``>> it was, mike tyson song ``along to the "can you hear it ``calling in the air of night ``>> and you have a very nice ``voice. ``and it looks like a room in ``caesars, but it is not actually ``a room.
2:33 am
``>> and what is your name? ``mike ratell. ``>> where are you from. ``>> madison, wisconsin. ``>> and you are? ``>> pam ratell. ``>> name this song. ``>> bright lights city, going ``gonna set my soul -- ``>> viva las vegas. ``>> and $100, and what are you ``going to do with the money? ``>> she gets it. ``>> he is a smart man and maybe ``he will guy $100 worth of hoda's ``books. ``and "viva las vegas." ``everybody loves that song. ``>> and who is in more vegas than ``elvis. ``tribute. ``he got married to priscilla ``from in 1967. ``and he staged the comeback ``there, and did four weeks of ``shows and paid half a million, ``and it changed his life. ``back over to hoda. ``>> i want to show you the ``adorable kids over here. ``all right. ``showed them. ``and your name? ``>> michelle ricer. ``>> from? ``>> brookville, indiana.
2:34 am
``united states. ``casino, hotel or restaurant? ``>> casino. ``>> wait a minute, you lucky ``devil! ``>> thank you. ``>> so even when you lose you ``win. ``i would have said casino for ``sure. ``>> it is home to the largest ``hotel. ``the venetian has 7,100 rooms, ``imagine cleaning all of those. ``and you can go to the gondalier ``>> and i wonder where the ``biggest casino is. ``>> good question. ``>> and we don't know, and that ``is why it is called "who knew." ``>> and your name? ``>> cali. ``>> and in the 1998 tom cruise ``film "rain man," dustin ``hoffmann's character has a ``unique talent for playing what ``casino game? ``poker, craps or blackjack.
2:35 am
``>> blackjack. ``>> yes! ``you're a winner. ``but yet, ``you are a loser, because you ``didn't get my book. ``>> of course everybody remembers ``that movie. ``>> and another movie filmed at ``caesar's palace. ``>> hoda, what have you got? ``>> briann. ``>> all right. ``here we go. ``about how many marriage license ``are issued each year in las ``vegas? ``50,000, 80,000 or 140,000 ``marriage licenses? ``>> 150. ``>> that is not even an answer, ``but who cares! ``you get a book. ``>> and not an answer, and maybe, ``you know, littler than you ``think. ``80,000. ``>> and 80,000 is still a lot, ``and the the busiest days are new ``year's eve and valentine's day. ``>> of course. ``and we could have maybe one more ``if hoda would bring joe on the ``trip. ``no, we don't have time. ``we don't have time. ``sorry, we don't have time for ``you the bring joel, okay. ``it is associated with nobility ``since the beginning of time.
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`` here we come. ``lilliana's dressing room is a ``little intimate, but it is ``jenna's first time. ``>> i like it in here. ``>> it is nice. ``and very sexy room. ``>> it is. ``>> it is. ``>> thanks for having us, and ``thanks for letting us sit on ``this couch. ``>> and it is velvet-inspired ``couch. ``today, we are talking about the ``velvet luxe for less, and you ``will see it in the fall, and in ``the winter, and this year,
2:39 am
``because there is a huge nod to ``the victorian trend, this is a ``fabric that you want to add to ``the closet. ``our first model, come on out, ``and she is showing off one of ``the most flattering silhouettes ``in the dress, the classic rock ``dress, but instead of the ``flimsier fabric, we did it on ``the lush velvet. ``and the price is incredible, ``$39.99. ``>> wait, $39? ``>> and it is coming from ``oriccia. ``it also comes in black and it ``also comes in this gorgeous ``green color. ``>> and i love the ruching even ``though you don't need the ``forgiveness, but some of us do. ``fit helps in that way. ``? ``>> in that fabric it's hard to ``find something that looks that ``fabulous for $39. ``and then we added a blue shoe. ``>> where you wear that at night? ``>> to work. ``and then you could add a blazer
2:40 am
``it's transitional. ``>> okay. ``what is next? ``>> and a super easy blazer, but ``wait until you see this jacket. ``gorgeous, right? ``>> pretty color. ``>> it changes the whole look of ``the outfit, and it is a deep ``hunter green, and from h &m. ``it's only $29.99. ``>> and look at the back, too. ``>> it has a tassel tie in the ``back which is so pricey, ``gorgeous, right? ``and super easy and a white ``blouse and leather leggings, and ``then we did a great strappy ``sandal. ``in a pewter tone. ``beautiful on her. ``>> that's a date night outfit? ``where would you wear that? ``>> i never know if you should go ``beyond the jacket. ``it looks great that way. ``>> well, i like a longer jacket, ``because it covers your butt. ``>> yes. ``>> and now, if you don't want a ``full velvet outfit, you can do
2:41 am
``and katy perry wore this ``fabulous velvet turban and they ``are ``called i'm with the, ``and wear it forwards or play wit ``on your head, and super cute. ``i love the velvet shoe, because ``if you don't want to commit to ``trend, this is easy to do. ``booties under $50, and i love ``the pump in the burgundy color, ``and then these smoking slippers ``are adorable, and they are $5. ``>> what? ``>> i found them at primart and ``only in stores so find your ``closest one. ``let's talk clutches. ``we talked about velvet, classic ``for evening. ``and these handbags are from ``target with the beautiful ``handbags. ``fun colors, fun tassel. ``this is also from kai mart. ``and now, to take care of it. ``never fold it, and you cannot ``iron it, you can only steam it ``from the inside out. ``>> and dry clean? ``>> yes, dry clean only. ``>> and send it to the dry ``cleaner, and what if you go out ``in those boots and it starts to
2:42 am
``>> run inside. ``real quick. ``>> you can't stooet treat them ``with anything? ``>> don't pretreat it, it will ``ruin it. ``>> i would ruin it. ``>> that is why you want to spend ``less than $50 on it. ``>> and jill martin heads back to ``school for a history lesson. ``>> and she catches up with three ``of the biggest names in
2:43 am
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`` all right. ``imagine this. ``having the power to rewrite ``history. ``that is the premise of hulu's ``new buzzed about mini series, ``11.22.63. ``and jill martin met up with the ``hot men behind the scenes. ``>> and it was a hollywood team ``to say the least. ``it is a stephen king novel who ``has a high school teacher who ``travels through time to stop the ``assassination of jfk. ``and i met with the star james
2:46 am
``king and the producer j.j. ``abrams. ``>> reporter: many americans can ``tell you exactly where they were ``when jfk was assassinated. ``>> who do you think did it? ``>> many people think that lee ``harvey oswald did it. ``>> reporter: and now the new ``explores the ``premise that what if one man had ``the power to go through history ``and alter the course. ``>> it is simpler if you go in ``like i am asking. ``>> in the closet? ``>> can you do me a favor and ``just walk into the closet. ``>> reporter: based on the best ``selling novel by stephen king, a ``high school teacher james franco ``travels back in time to save ``jfk's life.
2:47 am
``incredible is the details of the ``this time. ``it is issues of class and race ``that make being back in time so ``powerful. ``over the mutual love of stephen ``king. ``so you were both interested and ``then do you send an e-mail or ``make a phone call -- or how does ``that work? ``>> steve and i knew each other ``for several years and then i let ``him know how much i loved the ``book, and he said, if you want ``to get involved as a producer ``somehow, and i thought, this is ``amazing and now we are here in ``the principal's office talking ``about it. ``>> and the character is a ``teacher and a decent guy, i like ``to think of myself that way, and ``sometimes there is a role where ``you say, i need to be as honest ``as possible, and i think that ``this is one of them. ``>> reporter: i walked into the ``principal's office today which ``is a place that i am familiar ``with, and when you were younger, ``is this an environment that you ``know about? ``>> i spent some time in the ``principal's office in high ``school.
2:48 am
``>> i wrote a newspaper that ``called the teachers by various ``profane names, and it fell into ``the wrong hands, and i was ``called to apologize to certain ``old teachers. ``>> did you do it? ``>> i did, because i didn't want ``to get suspended. ``>> reporter: if you had a rabbit ``hole in your life that you could ``go back, have you visualized ``something that you would go pack ``and change. ``>> at one point, i would go back ``and say, yeah, i would not do ``that movie, but in hindsight, ``years and years later, i would ``say, that is great, because my ``life changed because of that. ``>> reporter: and not to give ``away the ending, but you ``published an alternate ending on ``the internet, and are we going ``to be surprised by the ending of ``the series? ``>> you know, i could tell you ``that, but ``then i would have to kill ``everybody in the room. ``no, i won't answer that ``question. ``>> he might kill somebody. ``seriously. ``>> we hope he doesn't. ``>> and waiting for the next ``book.
2:49 am
``february 15th, coincidentally, ``it happens to be president's ``day. ``and it opens up that story, of ``so many moments in history, and ``what would happen if you could ``change the clock. ``>> and then, if while you were ``reading the book, what would you ``go back and change? ``i am really excited for the ``series. ``>> back in moment.
2:50 am
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`` `` oh, who could forget this ``moment. ``this is one for the ages.
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