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tv   Today  NBC  January 21, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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`` good morning. ``snow-m-g. ``the nation's capital gets ready ``for what could be one of its ``worst storms ever. ``this as an inch in washington ``last night brings the city to a ``stop. ``commuters stuck for hours. ``even the president delayed. ``how will they deal with the two ``feet that could be coming? `` another day, another drop. ``the dow plunged again, losing ``550 points. ``will it rebound today? `` taking no prisoners. ``donald trump unloads on his
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``ted cruz. ``>> he's two-faced. ``>> and bernie sanders. ``>> he's a wacko. ``he's beating hillary clinton. ``>> palin piles on. ``is the one-two punch helping or ``hurting? `` mountain of trouble. ``a snowborder causes an ``avalanche. ``he makes it out alive but will ``he dip g himself out of the legal ``trouble he could be facing ``today, thursday, january 21st, ``16. ``>> announcer: from nbc news, ``this is "today" with matt lauer ``and savannah guthrie live from ``studio 1a. ``>> good morning, everybody. ``when we played that video, with ``the sound up, it would have ``sounded like, beep, beep.
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``what could be a historic storm. ``the nation's capital got a small ``taste of what's to come last ``night. ``if this was a trial run, its did ``not go well. ``here's a look at the traffic on ``i-270, outside d.c. this ``morning. ``our weather team, al and dylan, ``have it all covered. ``dylan, let's start with you. ``good morning. ``>> good morning, matt. ``you know, it's been 94 years ``since washington, d.c. has had a ``two foot snowstorm and we're ``waiting for it to come this ``weekend. ``the salt depot here says they're ``ready for it. ``this is what 22,000 tons of salt ``looks like. ``add that to dozens of trucks and ``more on standby, you think we're ``good to go as we await the ``weekend's potentially historic ``blizzard. ``last night, just one inch, shows ``d.c. has more preparing to do. ``>> reporter: call it the storm
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``a small taste of what's to come. ``people stuck on d.c. high ``highways s highways ``for hours. ``>> cars are abandoned and ``everything. ``>> reporter: the traffic report ``sounding like rush hour into ``overnight. ``>> many drivers still caught up ``in the volume, which has come to ``a stop. ``>> reporter: not even president ``obama's motorcade could avoid ``the wintry mess. ``slipping and sliding with ``everyone else on the roads. ``hundreds of crashes reported in ``virginia. ``navigation systems showing a ``travel nightmare after an inch ``of snow. ``a historic storm is less than 48 ``hours away. ``>> could have top two, three of ``all time. ``>> if this is what a single inch ``does, how can we handle a ``blizzard? `` the mayor of d.c. asking ``drivers to stay off the roads. ``2,000 volunteers ready to help ``those in need. ``>> we haven't had a forecast ``that stormed 24 inches in my ``memory.
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``something this bad, 2010, ``shutting down the city for days. ``bad memories for taylor of this ``hardware store. ``>> people were grabbing shovels. ``>> reporter: preparations ``already underway. ``>> home depot is out of ``everything. ``>> reporter: at a costco, ``shelves empty. ``lines ominously long. ``>> i need the eggs. ``>> we're picking up extra wine ``and beer. ``>> reporter: at reagan airport, ``travelers trying to escape ``early. ``several airplanes waving fees ``for passengers to switch ``flights. ``>> even the uber driver was ``like, get ready, man. ``>> reporter: residents along the ``east coast are bracing for the ``winter storm. ``>> get ready, everybody. ``>> yesterday at reagan national, ``it wasn't much better. ``we landed fine. ``we were delayed more than an ``hour for a gate. ``there's only one deicer, and ``it's at the gate.
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``people are happy this is hitting ``on a saturday. ``maybe everybody stays home. ``>> thank you very much. ``>> al, what do you expect? ``>> we brought some accumulations ``down as you get north, but we ``still feel like it'll be a major ``deal for our friends in the ``washington area, virginia. ``80 million people plus affected ``by some sort of winter storm ``watch, warning, blizzard watch. ``we have blizzard watches in the ``new york city area, washington ``and baltimore area. ``a blizzard basically means for ``three hours or more, you have ``sustained winds of 35 miles per ``hour or greater. ``falling snow and dropping the ``visibility to less than 1/4 ``mile. ``here's where we have the system ``now. ``it'll cause severe weather for ``florida, possibility of ``tornadoes, but snow from memphis ``all the way to washington, d.c. ``starting later today. ``as we get into early saturday, ``we're looking for blizzard ``conditioning dropping in the ``mid-atlantic. ``costal low will form. ``off the carolina, it'll move off ``the coast. ``saturday, it starts to ``strengthen.
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``washington, d.c. ``winds increase here in new york ``city. ``costal threats, we're looking at ``wind gusts of 60 miles per hour. ``that's going to cause costal ``flooding, and that'll be ``augmented by the fact there is ``an astronomical high tide. ``flooding from long island to new ``jersey. ``as far as accumulations, the big ``number is going to be somewhere ``in west virginia or western ``virginia. ``for example, harrisonburg, snow ``through saturday, 24 inches or ``more. ``we go to our nation's capital. ``we expect the snow to start ``sometime friday afternoon. ``there's blizzard watches that ``begin friday during the evening ``rush hour. ``18 to 24 inches. ``philadelphia, city of brotherly ``love, the snow will begin ``sometime late friday through ``early saturday morning. ``heavy, wet snow. ``look for power lines coming ``down. ``there's going to be stress on ``roofs.
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``here in new york city, look for ``about 5 to 8 inches of snow. ``wind gusts of 50 miles per hour, ``costal flooding. ``that'll also bring problems. ``blizzard watch saturday and ``sunday. ``then move to boston. ``boston, you lucked out. ``you're going to only see, maybe, ``two inches of snow through ``saturday afternoon into sunday ``morning. ``by sunday afternoon, it is out ``of here. ``but there's a lot of moving ``parts to this system, which we ``will continue to cover. ``>> after last year, the folks in ``boston could use a break. ``>> exactly. ``>> al, thanks very much. `` let's talk about the rough ``ride on wall street. ``the worst a start to a year in ``history. ``at one point in on wednesday, ``the dow dropped more than 550 ``points before a late rally to ``close down about 249 points. ``driving it all? ``plunge ing oil prices, at the ``lowest level since 2003. ``olivia sternss s is at the new york ``stock exchange.
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``generally speaking, but they're ``falling so fast, they're ``sweeping up not only energy ``stocks. ``>> that's right, matt. ``good morning. ``this is because it's not just ``about chevron and exron xonexxon, it's ``because the energy industry ``overall is a big piece of the ``american economy. ``when these big energy companies ``have to slash their plans for ``spending and they have to lay ``off thousands of people, all the ``companies and communities that ``support these big oil majors ``suffer. ``that's exactly what we've seen ``already happening in places like ``north dakota and oklahoma. ``a few years ago, these boom ``towns on the back of shale oil, ``they're now hurting, matt. ``>> after what starts in the day, ``we go down 500 something points, ``were we seeing panic selling? ``>> indeed. ``wall street is a herd mentality, ``so momentum is in and of itself. ``in a selloff and a rally. ``the force of the selling seems
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``people down here joke that wall ``street predicted nine of the ``last five recessions. ``the truth is, we did go an ``unusually long period without a ``correction in the market. ``we went four years until last ``year. ``that's unusual. ``now, the fed raised rates and ``they don't come out every time ``the stock market starts to ``wobble and say, don't worry, ``we'll keep rates lower for ``longer. ``the truth is, matt, this is an ``economy that has been producing ``200,000 jobs now for four ``straight years. ``we're still growing at about ``2.5%. ``that is not an economy on the ``brink of recession. ``>> olivia stearns, thanks very ``much. ``i like that joke. ``>> me, too. ``little wall street humor for ``your day. `` let's talk politics. ``the presidential race, 11 days ``left before the iowa caucuses. ``the feud between republican ``rivals donald trump and ted cruz ``is really escalating. ``the candidates trying out new ``jabs as new trump backer sarah ``palin hits the campaign trail ``with jabs of her own. ``we have complete coverage,
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``good morning. ``>> good morning to you. ``with that friendship now giving ``way to a feud, it is the head to ``head matchup that could decide ``the next republican nominee. ``donald trump still on the ``offensive. ``ted cruz aggressively trying to ``unify conservatives, arguing ``that supporting trump means ``siding with the washington ``establishment. ``>> reporter: donald trump ``zeroing in on his number one ``target, ted cruz. ``>> he's two-faced. ``>> reporter: railing at his ``rival with the ultimate insult ``for any republican. ``>> worse than hillary. ``>> reporter: cruz casting ``himself as the true ``conservative. ``>> we're seeing the washington ``establishment abandoning marco ``rubio and unifying behind donald ``trump. ``mr. trump's pitch to the ``washington establishment is he's ``a deal maker. ``>> reporter: that rebuttal after ``bob dole told the "new york ``times" the gop would suffer ``losses if cruz becomes its ``nominee. ``sarah palin talking for trump
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``>> it's the elephant in the ``room. ``>> reporter: the former vice ``presidential pick addressing ``headlines about her son, ``arrested on monday for domestic ``violence against his girlfriend. ``>> my son, like so many others, ``they come back a bit different. ``they come back hardened. ``it starts from the top. ``the question though, it comes ``from our own president, where ``they have to look at him and ``wonder, do you know what we go ``through? ``do you know what we're trained ``to do? ``to secure america. ``>> reporter: cruz securing his ``own reality tv star power, with ``an endorsement from "duck ``dynasty." ``>> they kill a duck and make a ``good duck gumbo. ``>> reporter: with trump and cruz ``slugging it out, the ``establishment candidates eyeing ``an opening. ``>> new this morning, jfk's ``grandson is diving into the ``debate. ``ted cruz is no jack kennedy. ``pouncing on cruz's claim that ``kennedy would be a republican ``today.
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``suggestion that cruz is taking ``up my grandfather's mantle ``absurd ``absurd. ``>> peter, thank you. `` let's look at the democrats ``now with bernie sanders surging. ``hillary clinton's campaign is ``pulling out all the stops to try ``to slow his growing momentum. ``nbc's andrea mitchell is in iowa ``with more on that. ``hi, andrea. ``good morning. ``>> good morning, matt. ``hillary clinton is crisscrossing ``iowa today, trying to prevent ``bernie sanders from sweeping ``both iowa and his neighboring ``new hampshire. ``>> thank you. ``>> reporter: hillary clinton in ``iowa, fighting off a bernie ``sanders surge. ``>> it's not whether you get ``knocked down, it's whether you ``get back up. ``i've gotten back up time and ``time and time again. ``>> reporter: touting her ``experience in a new ad, invoking ``9/11. ``>> the senator who helped a city ``rise again. ``the secretary of state who stood ``up for america. ``>> reporter: sanders unleashed ``his own ad, showcasing his vote ``against the iraq war, which she ``supported. ``>> i voted against the war in
7:13 am
``vote. ``>> reporter: clinton is relying ``on her husband to make her case. ``>> this has turned into an ``interesting election. ``>> reporter: for the first time, ``criticizing sanders without ``naming him. ``>> her opponent says, hillary's ``opponent says, the one place she ``disagrees with her opponent ``is -- are the clin ``>> reporter: the clinton ``campaign says they want to run ``against a socialist. ``>> they want to use the term ``socialist to frighten people ``away from bernie sanders. ``i'm not saying it would be fair. ``i'm saying it would be a ``reality. ``>> reporter: clinton's fear, ``losing iowa and new hampshire, ``where one poll shows sanders 27 ``points ahead. ``even sanders' aides think it's ``closer than that. ``14,000 volunteers. ``a new bus to get to rural areas. ``enough money to go the distance. ``>> bernie sanders understands ``how to win build
7:14 am
``he'll bring people in who ``wouldn't be there unless he's ``the nominee of the party. ``>> sanders is in new hampshire ``today, and clinton heads there ``tomorrow before both come back ``to iowa, where the critical ``caucuses are a week from monday. ``matt and savannah? ``>> andrea, thanks. `` chuck todd is here, "mod ``moderator of "meet the press." ``i wonder why it took so long for ``the socialism argument to take ``so long to be front and center. ``you can imagine republicans ``running a hammer ad. ``is this a winning strategy for ``clinton's campaign? ``>> right now, i don't know. ``i think in the long run, when ``you start getting more states ``involved, yes, it's possible, ``when you focus the electorate on ``that. ``the iowa democratic caucus, a ``poll asked democrats whether the ``word "socialist" or "capitalist" ``described them. ``43% said they're identified as ``socialist. ``38% identified as capitalist. ``this isn't a winning argument in
7:15 am
``>> let's go to the republican ``side. ``ted cruz is trying outs ing ing out a new ``strategy. ``after months of running against ``donald trump as the outsiders, ``splitting the vote, he said, ``wait a minute, the establishment ``of the republican party is ``starting to come around to ``donald trump. ``he's now the establishment ``candidate. ``is it effective? ``>> i don't know yet. ``i think it's hard to sit there ``and say that donald trump, and ``his new pal sarah palin, are ``part of the establishment. ``ted cruz is partially right. ``the establishment is going, if ``you're going to make us pick ``between trump and cruz, we'll ``take trump over cruz. ``but i think that to sit here and ``say he can somehow make the ``connection to voters to say, ``donald trump is part of the ``establishment, i don't know if ``the average voter is going to ``believe that. ``>> meanwhile, one of the polls i ``saw in new hampshire had cruz ``coming in second. ``usually, new hampshire is the ``place where moderates and ``mainstream candidates have their ``chance to do well. ``what do you make of cruz making
7:16 am
``>> cruz is on his own. ``we talk about the lanes. ``the trump lane, the ``establishment lane. ``no one is fighting for the cruz ``vote, the libertarian, ``evangelical vote. ``it's not the dominant electorate ``in new hampshire, but if he's ``the only guy going for it -- ``look, if cruz wins iowa, i think ``he will be second. ``we're looking at trump-cruz. ``i don't know how the ``establishment breaks through, if ``they don't take cruz down in ``iowa. ``>> chuck todd, thank you very ``much. `` in other news, the obama ``administration could announce ``today new visa requirements for ``some european travelers. ``federal officials want to make ``it harder for europeans who have ``fought for isis to enter the ``united states. ``the new rules would affect ``europeans who are dual nationals ``of iran, iraq, sudan or syria, ``who visited those countries in ``the last five years. ``on capitol hill, senate ``democrats blocked a bill that
7:17 am
``refugees coming to the country. `` the flint water crisis in ``michigan, rick snyder is asking ``president obama to reconsider ``the federal aid. ``he says it's an imminent and ``long-term threat to residents ``there. ``$28 million be pay for more ``bottled ``bottled water, nurses and ``testing. `` the buffalo bills made ``history on wednesday, hiring the ``league's first full-time female ``assistant coach. ``catherine smith was named ``quality control special teams ``coached. ``previously served as an ``administration assistant to rex ``ryan during his days at the ``jets. ``ryan said smith has proven she's ``ready for the next step. `` back to the video we showed ``you, the california snowborder ``who could be facing criminal
7:18 am
``triggering an avalanche last ``year. ``29-year-old christian was ``wearing a body camera when he ``boarded down a steep run in ``northern california. ``the video shows him buried under ``do ``the cascading snow. ``he was in an active avalanche ``area, closed to the public. ``they say he put himself, ``friends, ski patrol and skiing ``public at risk. ``>> good news is, you survived. ``bad news, you may have committed ``a criminal offense. ``>> you know why there are so ``many expletives on the tape. `` mr. roker, you're busy these ``days. ``>> in the pacific northwest, ``heavy rain, strong winds from ``the pacific northwest into ``california. ``look for an icy mix in the ``central part of the country. ``memphis may see a blizzard ``warning for them out of the ``storm. ``severe risk of strong storms
7:19 am
``we'll get to your local ``>> that's your latest weather.
7:20 am
`` just ahead, was it approved ``by vladimir putin? ``the bombshell report out this ``morning on the death of a former ``russian spy, poisoned with a cup ``of tea. `` the navy seal who helped ``kill osama bin laden is under ``investigation. ``did he take an unauthorized ``souvenir from the raid? `` first, this is "today" on
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a fiery email exchange is shining a light on a rift at city hall. wlwt newsfive's andrew setters explains what is going on between council and cincinnati's mayor.
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kyla? today will be a mix of sun and
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ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all areas equally. while some get around an inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south of the ohio river will start to get hit between 10am- 2pm. snow will taper early on saturday morning. it's about time the taco...camer out of its shell. @ t give it a pop. r it's always worth @ @ is a privilege not a right. @ unleash the power of dough. t
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7:30 on a thursday. ``it's the 21st day of january, ``2016. ``chilly morning here in new york ``city. ``lots of parts of the country, ``especially here in the east ``coast, getting ready for some ``nasty ready over the next couple ``days. ``>> good morning to you. ``>> on that happy note, let's ``look at the headlines. ``the weather is the story. ``up and down the east coast, ``people getting ready for the ``monster storm that's expected to ``hammer this region in the coming ``days.
7:30 am
``cross hairs with up to two feet ``of snow expected there. ``last night, d.c. got a little ``taste of what's to come, a thin ``coating. ``it tripled traffic. ``president obama's motorcade got ``caught up in the gridlock. `` the affluenza teen could ``return to texas. ``ethan couch has been fighting ``deportation from mexico, where ``he fled after missing a meeting ``with his parol officer. ``couch's u.s. attorneys say ``paperwork has been filed to end ``the ongoing immigration ``proceeding. `` oregon's governor calling on ``federal authorities to stop the ``ongoing siege by armed ``protesters at a wildlife refuge. ``the tense situation that began ``on january 2nd is causing fear ``among local residents and must ``end. `` let's start with explosive ``new allegations tied to the ``fatal poisoning of a former ``russian spy. ``nbc's chief global correspondent ``bill neely has the story. ``good morning.
7:31 am
``vladimir putin, as we know, is a ``former spy himself, and a man ``with a grudge. ``that's according to a british ``judge, who accused him of ``probably approving the murder of ``another former russian spy, a ``defector here in london. ``it's a report and allegation ``that threatens to sour relations ``even more between russia and the ``west. ``>> reporter: alexander lit ``litvinenko's tea has been ``poisoned by two russians he met ``at a hotel. ``today's report named the men as ``the likely killers, accused a ``russian state of ordering the ``hit, and accused russia's ``president. ``>> the operation to kill mr. ``litvinenko was probably approved ``by head of the fsb, and also by
7:32 am
``>> reporter: litvinenko was a ``former russian spy with ``explosive allegations about ``putin's links to the russian ``mafia. ``he switched sides to work for ``british intel yens ligence made ``enemies. ``two russians, the report says, ``were sent to london to kill him. ``they met litvinenko at this ``hotel and poured him tea, which ``he drank. ``it contained a radioactive ``liquid that likely came from a ``nuclear reactor in russia. ``he took three weeks to die. ``they left a trail of clues but ``again, today, denied they were ``the killers. ``litvinenko accused putin of ``ordering his murder. ``the kremlin denies involvement. ``his wife calls his killing an ``act of nuclear terrorism. ``britain wants the suspects ``extradited to face trial. ``putin already refused.
7:33 am
``lawmaker. ``the killing may be involved. ``the culprits are still free. ``>> russia this morning called ``this report political and ``rejected its conclusions. ``the british government said this ``was a state sponsored murder. ``this won't help the already ``strained relations between ``russia and the west over syria ``and other issues. ``but the murder case itself ``almost certainly ends here. ``with no one ever likely to face ``trial for litvinenko's death. ``>> bill on this bizarre story. ``thanks very much. `` now to two investigations ``connected to the killing of ``osama bin laden and one of the ``former navy seals who played a ``key role in the raid. ``stephanie gosk is here with the ``story. ``>> good morning. ``best-selling book, former navy ``seal matthew bissonnette claims ``he not only shot bin laden, but ``he also took pictures of the ``body. ``a new report alleges bissonnette
7:34 am
``>> reporter: not long after the ``infamous raid that left osama ``bin laden dead, a top pentagon ``official ordered all photos of ``the body destroyed or turned ``over, amid concerns the images ``might be used as anti-u.s. ``propaganda. ``a new report says there might ``have been one photo still out ``there until recently. ``according to an article that ``sites who unnamed sources close ``to the probe, matthew ``bissonnette kept an image of bin ``laden's remains. ``>> the idea that there are no ``photos of bin laden running ``outside of government control is ``a silly notion. ``>> reporter: following the ``release of his best-selling ``account of the raid "no easy ``day," and this interview on "60 ``minutes," while in disguise, ``bissonnette was under ``investigation for revealing ``classified information. ``investigate ors suspected he may ``have a photo on his hard drive ``and struck a deal, guaranteeing
7:35 am
``if he voluntarily turned it ``over. ``according to the article. ``>> what we don't know is whether ``this was a particular one of a ``close up of his head or body. ``we do know it was unauthorized. ``>> reporter: that hard drive may ``have stirred up more trouble for ``the former seal. ``the report said information on ``the drive triggered a separate ``investigation, saying ``bissonnette may have been using ``his position as a navy seal to ``illegally steer business to his ``privately owned companies. ``>> though those businesses in ``theory were okayed by the ``command, it's not clear that the ``command had a full understanding ``of what he was doing on his side ``businesses. ``>> nbc news did not ``independently verify the details ``of the report, but bissonnette's ``lawyer did tell nbc the ``investigation into the alleged ``release of classified ``information ended last august. ``he would not comment on the ``existence of a photo. ``>> so many stories coming out of
7:36 am
`` let's turn to mr. roker for ``a check of the weather. ``>> we have weather to talk about ``as far as the west coast. ``they are seeing more el nino ``fueled storms coming in to the ``pacific northwest and northern ``california. ``going to get hit hard over the ``next several days. ``today, another system stretching ``from seattle all the way into ``san francisco. ``heavy rain and costal gale. ``a lot of wind coming on in ``there. ``saturday morning you'll get a ``short break and the next system ``adds to the total. ``the snow in the sierra will ``increase, great news for the ``snow pack. ``four to five inches of snow. ``locally, could be six inches in ``the olympics. ``the snowfall, we're looking to ``the sierra, twotoday will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 29. ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all areas equally. while some get around an inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south of the ohio river will start to get hit between 10am- 2pm.
7:37 am
``>> the latest on the forecast ``including the storm head to the ``weather channel and, ``guys. `` coming up, not so funny. ``amy schumer under fire for ``allegedly stealing jokes. ``what she is saying about the ``controversy.
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7:42 am
``rise to fame in 2008? ``joe fryer takes a look. ``>> sarah palin has not run for ``political office on any level in ``more than seven years, yet she ``remains a political force. ``someone with loyal follow toe ers and ``an ability to fundraise. ``also, no shortage of drama. ``>> are you ready to make america ``great again? ``>> reporter: as sarah palin ``endorses donald trump, a ``personal problem surfaces in the ``shadow of her political life. ``her son track, an iraq war ``veteran, charged with ``misdemeanors after arrested on ``domestic violence charges. ``>> my son like others come back ``a bit different. ``they come back hardened. ``>> reporter: it's nothing new ``for palin, blending the personal ``and the political. ``palin resigned as alaska's ``governor, eventually signing on ``as a fox news commentator.
7:43 am
``one who wears mom jeans. ``>> reporter: me has books and ``started reality shows like ``"sarah palin's alaska" on tlc. ``>> pull. ``>> good shot. ``>> reporter: yet, she remains a ``conservative fire brand, funding ``like-minded candidates through ``her political action committee, ``and lending her voice to the tea ``party movement. ``>> these are the front lines in ``the battle for the future of our ``country. ``>> reporter: during the health ``care debate, palin coined the ``term, death panel, which was ``2009's lie of the year. ``her reach is great, with ``millions of followers on ``facebook and twitter. ``>> hello and welcome to a new ``project. ``>> reporter: palin had to pull ``the plug on her online channel. ``>> next question, yes, tina? ``>> no, it's sarah palin. ``>> sorry. ``>> reporter: through it all, she ``still can't shake her "snl" ``doable ``doppelganger. ``>> looks like i went through ``time and space again. ``>> reporter: the timeline
7:44 am
``in 2014, they attended a party ``that police say turned into a ``brawl. ``no one was arrested. ``>> what would he be doing ``pushing girls around though? ``>> reporter: her daughter, a ``finalist on "dancing with the ``stars," called off her wedding ``last year, then gave birth to ``her second child last month. ``>> now, sarah palin is back in ``the spotlight. ``it's unclear how much she's ``going to stump for trump in the ``coming days. ``wednesday, she appeared at one ``rally in oklahoma with trump, ``but not at one in iowa. ``>> joe fryer, thank you very ``much. `` just ahead, a rare reunion ``for all four members of ``savannah's favorite group. ``>> abba. ``>> what they're saying about the ``chances of making music together ``again. ``>> you say abba, i say abba. `` next, newborn twins holding ``hands. ``carson has the photo. @ weight watchers has changed. r weight watchers all-new r beyond the scale program r puts the focus on you and not just the numbert
7:45 am
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7:49 am
`` we are back. ``7:49. ``carson is in the orang room ``with a sweet moment, and it's ``going viral this morning. ``>> it is. ``these twins were born in ``australia earlier this month. ``they were born premature, under ``29 weeks. ``they weighed about 2 pounds. ``they did require immediate ``medical attention. ``when their father was finally ``able to hold them for the first ``time, that bond was quite clear. ``take a look at this video here. ``see in the center, they're ``holding hands. ``heartwarming video. ``the twins latched on to each ``other. ``the couple shared this moment on ``their facebook page, and the ``video has been viewed 10 million ``times. ``their bond didn't break there.
7:50 am
``they were still holding hands ``there. ``>> adorable. ``>> she hesitated to share the ``video at first because she was ``worried people might be ``disturbed, with the babies, ``seeing their breathing tubes, ``but she thought it might be ``helpful. ``she said, i googled like crazy ``looking for hope when we were ``told we might be premature. ``her story is touching many this ``morning and both babies are ``doing very, very well. ``>> you don't notice the ``breathing tubes. ``you just see the little hands. ``>> really cute. ``>> so tiny. ``>> thank you. `` coming up, is it the death ``of department stores? ``major retailers closing dozens ``of locations. ``some popular chains are trying ``to win back your business. `` on consumer confidential, ``the inside secrets of hotels. r thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared fort retirement? r
7:51 am
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waiting on a clearer picture. we'll check the current outlook for friday's storm and why a shift will make a huge difference happening today ... a real conversation about making the streetcar's next stop in northern kentucky. the covington business council and river city news are hosting a panel discussion. the panel includes cincinnati city councilman chris seelbach and former mayor roxanne qualls. the discussion takes place at the madison event center in covington, starting at 11-30. a very scary armed robbery at a gas station in falmouth, kentucky caught on camera. a man wearing a walked into the store ...
7:56 am
this is the hardy's marathon... on dickerson lane. the suspect.... took off on foot. if you know anything about this robbery... call falmouth police. wlwt news 5's kyla woods has an update now on traffic .. today will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 29. ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all areas equally. inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south start to get hit between 10am- 2pm. saturday morning. today will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 29.
7:57 am
important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all areas equally. while some get around an inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south of the ohio river will start to get hit t [cough, cough] mike? janet? @ cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchytthing going on. guess what?@ it works on his cough too. z
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7:59 am
``21st, 2016. ``>> we came from alaska to see ``al. ``>> celebrating my sweet 16 at ``the today show. ``>> hello to friends and family. ``>> georgia. ``>> and alabama. ``>> good morning. ``>> mother-daughter trip from ``oklahoma. `` good morning, everybody. ``it's thursday, january 21st, ``2016. ``nice day out on our plaza. ``this is the calm before the ``storm. ``the snow is coming to the east, ``and we're getting ready. ``we have everybody out on the ``plaza, present and accounted ``for. ``natalie, good job on the ``throwback thursday song. ``another win for natalie.
8:00 am
``>> after that glee selection. ``>> i was the glee selection. `` coming up, as we said, we're ``going to check in with hoda, who ``was partying it up in las vegas. ``>> jenniferlopez. ``>> she was auditioning to be a ``backup dancer. ``how did it go, hoda? ``>> oh, my gosh. ``it was like a dream. ``hurry up and get to the spot! ``it's so fun. ``>> did you go to sleep, hoda? ``you need. ``one hour. ``>> you wear it well, sister. ``we'll talk to you soon. `` also coming up on today's ``food, we're making lasagna the ``lighter and easier way, thanks ``to our slow cooker. ``>> that's the lighter way? ``sign me up. `` first, let's go to natalie ``for the top stories. `` we're talking about the east ``coast bracing for the massive ``snowstorm expected this weekend. ``the washington, d.c. area ``already dealing with an early ``taste of what's to come. ``dylan dreyer is there. ``good morning. ``>> good morning, natalie.
8:01 am
``potentially historic blizzard ``that will arrive this weekend. ``it's been 94 years since ``washington, d.c. has been hit by ``two feet of snow. ``are they ready? ``yesterday, we had 0.7 inches of ``snow in washington, d.c. and it ``wasn't the most successful test ``run. ``cars were spinning out. ``hundreds of accidents were ``reported. ``even the president's motorcade ``was slipping and sliding along ``with everyone else. ``this morning, we are still ``dealing with the residual ``effects of that. ``cars are still stuck on the side ``of the road. ``there are backups more than five ``miles long into and out of the ``city. ``several school districts are ``closed this morning. ``it's a good thing this weekend ``storm arrives late friday and ``lasts through saturday. ``most folks will be home. ``they are preparing, clearing out ``the shelves, stocking up. ``we have thousands of tons of ``salt here, ready to go. ``new trucks on standby. ``we'll see how it plays out when ``the main event starts tomorrow. ``>> fingers crossed. ``dylan dreyer, thanks. ``al will have the complete
8:02 am
`` all eyes on the stock market ``today after another turbulent ``day. ``at one point on wednesday, the ``dow was down 550 points before ``it closed with a drop of half ``that much. ``the dow is down about 9.5% this ``year. ``analysts blame falling oil ``prices and a cooling economy in ``china. `` republican donald trump is ``holding a rally today in las ``vegas after doubling down on all ``of his opponents. ``on wednesday, he called democrat ``bernie sanders a wacko and ``called ted cruz two-faced. ``sarah palin, speaking for trump, ``spoke about her son, accused of ``domestic violence. ``>> my son, like so many others, ``they come back a bit different. ``they come back hardened. ``it starts from the top. ``the question though, it comes ``from our own president, where ``they have to look at him and ``wonder, do you know what we go ``through?
8:03 am
``into the debate, responding the ``ted cruz's claim that kennedy ``would be a republican today. ``jack kennedy called that absurd. `` among democrats, hillary ``clinton is crisscrossing iowa ``today, hoping to fight off a ``surge by bernie sanders. ``she holds a slim lead in iowa ``polls and is hoping to prevent ``sanders from sweeping iowa and ``new hampshire. ``where sanders has a big lead in ``the polls. ``she criticized sanders, saying ``he wants to start over again on ``health care. ``the iowa caucuses take place in ``11 days. `` two people are recovering ``after a frightening crash on ``wednesday when a fire truck ``smashed into a dairy queen ``northeast of dallas. ``the fire truck had been in a ``repair truck and was being ``driven back by a repair worker ``when it slammed into the ``building. ``one person inside the dairy ``queen was hurt, along with the ``driver. `` the world of high school ``basketball. ``take a look. ``the pass goes into the player
8:04 am
``the ball hits and we see it, on ``the temple. ``yes, it's good for two points. ``probably not a shot you want to ``try when playing a game. ``it can hurt the temple. ``>> didn't drill for the head ``shot, huh in. ``>> no. `` do you loathe a trip to the ``mall? ``>> yeah. ``>> sometimes. ``>> parking is an issue. ``>> with the rise of online ``shopping, we're witnessing the ``death of department stores as we ``know them. ``sheinelle jones has more on that ``story. ``good morning. ``>> good morning. ``since the start of 2016, a ``number of major retailers have ``announced plans to close ``hundreds of stores. ``experts say traditional ``department stores aren't about ``to go away entirely, but they ``are changing. ``>> reporter: this is the way ``more and more of us shop now. ``we click up more than $300 ``billion in sales every year, and ``that number is growing.
8:05 am
``the mall and fighting the crowds ``just isn't necessary anymore. ``>> i no longer find department ``store shopping satisfying. ``>> online shopping is the way of ``the future. ``>> reporter: two traditional ``department stores already ``struggling with declining sales, ``the attitudes are chilling. ``>> the past 10 to 15 years, ``we've seen fewer department ``stores. ``>> reporter: macy's plans to ``close 40 stores this year. ``c. ``jcpenney closed the doors of 31 ``and plan on 7 more this year. ``>> we have to make it more ``productive. ``>> reporter: macy's plans to put ``some of the backstage discount ``stores in locations to compete ``with tj max. ``penney is hoping customers who ``buy their clothes will think ``about washing and drying them. ``>> department stores reinvented ``themselves multiple times and
8:06 am
``>> reporter: critics on social ``media may not be easy to ``convince. ``>> it takes 47 seconds in a ``department store for me to ``remember why i don't often go to ``department stores. ``another, i still hate malls and ``large department stores. `` #2 items took 2 hours. ``on cnbc, macy's cea o says, don't ``count out the big guys yet. ``>> has the death of the ``department store been ``exaggerated at this point? ``>> i sure do. ``grossly exaggerated. ``>> reporter: experts agree, ``traditional department stores ``are not going away. ``>> i think we will still have ``department stores, and i think ``they're going to get better over ``time. ``because as the millenials age, ``they're learning how to service ``that new demographic. ``>> it's no longer just about ``shopping. ``it's now about the experience. ``they're offering restaurants, ``fashion shows, concerts, even ``massages, things you can't get ``online. ``all designed to bring you and ``your money back into the store.
8:07 am
ing. ``what would junior high have been ``without the mall? ``>> my mom would drop me off, and ``i'd be there all day. ``>> getting ourselves in trouble ``at the arcade. ``>> like still like walking into a ``great department store. ``>> they're fighting back. `` how amy schumer is reacting ``to allegations she's stealing ``jokes from other comedians. `` plus, the force delayed? ``why you'll wait longer than you ``thought for the next "star wars" ``movie. `` on consumer account shl confidential, ``what you need to know from ``booking a hotel room to the ``bedding in the room. `` first, these message @ @ @
8:08 am
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@an ordinary jar of vaseline `jelly. @it's something we don't think`about much. @except when we've got chapped`lips or a small cut. @but for people living in areas`of crisis, @simple skin conditions can turn`into serious issues. @so we created the vaseline `healing project @a partnership with direct`relief @to help millions in need`heal their skin. @so they can go back to work. @or school. @and that ordinary jar can make`an extraordinary difference. `` 8:12. ``wee back with what's trending ``today. ``this first story is a little bit ``more proof that pluto is the ``rodney dangerfield of the solar ``system. ``several years ago, it was ``downgraded, no longer a planet. ``>> right. ``>> now, we get this news. ``scientists say they have ``evidence of a ninth planet at
8:11 am
``no, it is not pluto. ``it's nicknamed planet nine. ``it's believed to be ten times ``bigger than earth. ``it's closest point is about 20 ``billion miles away from us. ``get this, one orbit around the ``sun would take somewhere from ``10,000 to 20,000 years. ``which is, as natalie pointed ``out, a wide span of time. ``you might want to narrow that ``down. ``on twitter, someone wrote, ``quote, breaking. ``pluto spotted driving slowly ``past planet nine's home, still ``unable to get over the past. ``>> bad sci-fi movie. ``>> exactly. ``>> i love it. ``people are posting pictures of ``the death star, calling that ``planet nine. ``hilarious. `` what is the strangest thing ``you buy? ``i'm going to suggest the ``"washington post" did a new ``article and said perhaps it is ``the q-tip. ``>> why? ``>> the article points out, the ``strange life of q-tips, it is
8:12 am
``it clearly states that the thing ``you buy it for is prohibited. ``use it for makeup, household ``cleaning, but let's be honest, ``don't you use it to clean your ``ears? ``>> it says, don't insert it in ``your ear canal. ``in other words, isn't that deep? ``>> isn't that what most of us ``do? ``that's where the wax is. ``>> the near part of the ear. ``>> then you use it to polish. ``>> i use it for arts and crafts ``all the time. ``>> do you use q-tips? ``>> yes. ``>> every day? ``>> i dive right in there. ``i know you're not supposed to, ``but i'm like, get in there. ``>> i'll modify my answer. ``i use it more after i get out of ``the shower to soak up the water ``with it, as opposed to diving in ``there. ``>> why not a towel? ``>> the terry cloth towel in your ``ear. ``>> i put it in like this. ``>> exactly. ``>> doesn't run into anything, so ``it's fine.
8:13 am
``happen to you? ``you feel your phone vibrating in ``your pocket, go to pick it up ``ask you realize it's not ``vibrating at all. ``>> yes. ``all the time. ``>> or you don't even have your ``phone in your pocket. ``if you felt that, you're not ``alone. ``scientists call this -- there's ``a name -- phantom vibration ``syndrome. ``it happens because phones become ``so integrated in our lives. ``you can read more about this at `` ``yes, sometimes -- i thought it ``was like an electrical thing ``with my heart. ``i got nervous. ``is that a rhythm? ``>> do you have a heart? ``>> oh, man! ``heart. ``>> he started it! ``>> new you. ``>> you're right. ``>> oh, not inserted in your ear ``canal. ``>> this is a tough room, man.
8:14 am
``my -- i hear london crying ``sometimes but she's not at all. ``it's a phantom baby cry. ``>> sometimes savannah hears a ``wine bottle open. ``>> wishful thinks. `` news fans of "star wars" ``will dread hearing and why amy ``schumer is ready to take a lie ``detecter test. `` fans have to wait longer for ``wars" ``wars". ``episode ``episode viii will come out on ``december 15th of 2017. ``it'll set up an epic battle at ``the box office. ``"avatar 2" will be released the ``following week. ``this might be having to do with ``the script rewrite. ``many argue that episode vii has ``done so well in the holiday ``release, they want to push the ``next one to that window. ``>> everything was on schedule.
8:15 am
``>> i have to see "star wars" i ``by then. ``>> start with four. `` amy schumer is accused of ``stealing jokes from other ``comedians. ``she set the record straight with ``jim norton. ``>> i would never do that, and i ``never have. ``i'm literally going to take a ``polygraph test and put it on my ``show this season. ``i promise, whatever the results ``are, i won't let them cut. ``>> there you go. ``amy said this happens when you ``find success. ``people tend to try to tear you ``down. ``>> she's so funny. ``i can't imagine she stole it. ``>> i agree. `` rare reunion of a beloved ``band. ``abba hasn't been together in the ``same room in seven years. ``that changed wednesday night. ``all four members of the swedish ``pop group turned up to celebrate
8:16 am
``event called mama me ``party. ``they rejected pleas from fans to ``perform together. ``>> can't do that to me. ``>> abba. ``>> abba. ``>> i used to say abba, but i ``don't know. ``carson is my guru on music and ``he went with abba. ``>> mr. roker? ``>> let's show you what's going ``on. ``again, we're talking about this ``monster storm. ``over 80 million people under ``some sort of winter weather ``advisory. ``york. ``we're going to be watching this. ``we, in fact, have a blizzard ``watch in effect for the ``baltimore. ``we also have one for the new ``york city area, as well. ``blizzard defined as a sustained ``winds of over 35 miles or ``greater for three hours or more. ``visibility less than 1/4 mile. ``boston to nashville into
8:17 am
``harrisonburg, virginia, you'll ``see snowfall 24 inches plus. ``could be three feet. ``heaviest snow, friday through ``saturday. ``then we move to washington, d.c. ``this is the biggest city that ``will see the most amount of ``snow. ``up to two feet of snow. ``snow begins friday during your ``afternoon rush hour. ``city of brotherly love, we're ``looking for philadelphia seeing ``snow late friday through early ``sunday morning. ``10 to 16 inches of snow. ``new york city and new jersey, ``all going to be looking, ``basically, at about five to ``eight inches of snow. ``with wind gusts of 50 miles per ``hour, plus costal flooding along ``the jersey shoreline. ``boston, you deserve a break and ``you get one. ``you may see two inches of snow ``but you'll have strong windstoday will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 29. ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all
8:18 am
``>> top three snowstorms for ``washington, d.c. ``january 27th, in 1922, 28 inches ``of snow. ``we will come very, very close to ``that, guys. ``back to you. ``>> al, thanks so much. `` we are wrapping up our ``consumer confidential series ``this morning. ``with an inside look at hotels. ``>> jacob is the man who is the ``author of "heads and beds." ``good morning to you. ``>> good morning. ``>> separate rooms, please. ``>> no problem. ``>> separate floors, if you can. ``>> ends of the hotel. ``>> what are some of the weirdest ``things you've seen in the ``industry?
8:19 am
``everything happens in hotels. ``newlyweds, recent divorcees, ``death, kids running around, ``celebrities. ``>> perhaps because of the weird ``things people do in rooms, a ``study found there is a lot of ``bacteria, germs in hotels. ``>> absolutely. ``>> even four and five-star ``hotels. ``>> certainly. ``>> what are the dirtiest places? ``>> one of the things i point out ``immediately is the remote ``control. ``they're difficult to clean. ``you can't spray it. ``it's difficult to clean, those ``things. ``one thing i'd recommend, usually ``there is a shower cap. ``you can wrap it in that. ``be a little safer. ``avoid the drinking glasses. ``if it's wrapped in plastic, it's ``fine. ``if it's one of the solid ``glasses, housekeepers don't have ``the tools to clean it so they ``use what is available, shampoo ``or sometimes furniture polish. ``it takes the spots off. ``>> we're checking out. ``>> bye. ``peace out. ``>> please, stay.
8:20 am
``grabs the bedspread and takes it ``off and puts it in the corner of ``the room. ``smart? ``>> absolutely. ``weird pillows. ``it goes on the floor and ``housekeeping picks it up. ``>> you know it's a fancy hotel ``when you're in the bathroom and ``the toilet paper is arranged in ``a triangle. ``>> watch out. ``that's usually one of the last ``things the housekeeper does ``before they leave the room. ``they're today lg fondling the tissue ``paper. ``it's been touched, compromised. ``get rid of that. ``>> if it looks like it's been ``arranged, pull that out and ``throw it away. ``start fresh. ``>> speaking of the bathroom, ``they have the lovely products in ``there. ``>> do you steal them? ``>> am i supposed to steal them? ``>> absolutely. ``these are for you. ``it's a memory. ``you remember your stay, use them ``later. ``there's a lot of things you can ``get at hotels people don't know. ``slippers.
8:21 am
``room, the shoe shine kits. ``>> people try to steal it ``though, right? ``>> it's for the guests. ``>> what if you are walking down ``the hall and see the cart with ``the stuff and load it in your ``bag? ``>> if a housekeeper catches you, ``you're ruining her supply. ``just call and ask for what you ``want and they'll bring it up. ``>> does the way i book my room ``impact the way i'll be treated ``by the hotel? ``>> absolutely. ``almost everything does. ``i book third party, like a lot ``of people, you save. ``if you book at the hotel, ``they'll take more priority with ``your suite. ``call two or three days before, ``speak to the front desk and say, ``i booked my reservation. ``is my room ready? ``now there's a connection between ``two human beings. ``when you're checking in, it's a ``busy job, offer a gratuity ``sometimes. ``>> you feel like the front desk ``agent is kind of the key to the ``city. ``be nice to him or her, and your ``stay could change for the ``better.
8:22 am
``>> just courteous is good. ``>> tip good, too? ``>> yeah. ``we check in 250 people a day. ``this is for you, whatever you ``can do for me, i appreciate it. ``it's an underrated job. ``all the typing means something. ``they know every room in the ``hotel. ``maybe we're not upgrading you ``but i can give you a late ``checkup. ``>> the housekeeper, you say it's ``appropriate to tip the ``housekeeper. ``how much? ``>> i usually do $5 a night or ``$20 for the stay. ``it's a difficult job, as a ``housekeeping manager. ``it's thankless. ``you never see them. ``it's a magic trip. ``you always put it in a envelope. ``there are a lot of people that ``come in and out of the room and, ``sadly, the money doesn't always ``go to them. ``put it in an envelope, write ``housekeeping on it, and even ``bring it to the front desk. ``>> how not to get the ``cancellation fee if you call. ``>> not if it's prepaid but if it ``is a regular reservation, say i ``want to move the reservation
8:23 am
``call the next day to cancel and ``you're within the bounds. ``>> sneaky. ``>> thank you very much. ``>> freesht it appreciate it. `` jennifer lopez kicks off her ``las vegas residency and hoda has ``the backstage pass.
8:24 am
not a bad morning out there on the roads... spots... good morning everyone ... lets get right to kyla woods for a closer look... update. kyla? today will be a mix of sun and
8:25 am
today will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 29. ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: areas equally. inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south
8:26 am
`` back now, 8:30 on this ``thursday morning. ``it's the 21st day of january, ``2016. ``say hi to some of the people who
8:27 am
``plaza on a chilly morning. ``actually, not too bad. ``not a lot of wind, blue sky. ``welcome back, everybody. ``>> hear a little j.lo? ``going. ``>> she had a big night in las ``vegas last night. ``her show -- hoda is lucky -- she ``went behind the scenes. ``saw how it came together and did ``some numbers with hoda's backup ``dancers -- sorry, i mean j.lo's ``dancers. ``hoda thinks it's her dancers. `` we'll help you find the ``beauty underneath it all. ``the fashions you wear beneath ``your clothes, including what is ``a one size fits off bra. ``>> i'm wearing one right now. ``it's fantastic. `` on our today food week, ``we're cooking up a classic. ``a luscious and lazy lasagna. `` first, let's get a check of ``the weather. ``>> let's look at your weekend ``outlook. ``tomorrow, we've got a mess in ``the southeast.
8:28 am
``heavy thunderstorms in florida. ``sunshine, middle of the country. ``saturday, the storm system makes ``its way up the mid-atlantic and ``to the northeast and expands in ``the northwest and the rockies. ``coast. ``sunday, the system is out in the ``east. ``we have sunshine for the eastern ``two thirds of the country. ``look for snow in the plains down ``to the rockies. ``more wet weather moves into the ``pacific northtoday will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 29. ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all areas equally. while some get around an inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south of the ohio river will start to get hit between 10am- 2pm. sow
8:29 am
``when you need your weather, go ``to the weather channel on cable ``and online. ``we have these kids from tuscan, ``arizona. ``our pal savannah's hometown. ``what school are you from? ``>> junior high. ``>> did you wear the hats in ``tuscan or the trips? ``>> trip. ``>> going home tomorrow? ``>> beat the snowstorm. ``>> let's head back inside to ``everybody. ``>> yay, tuscan. ``>> al, thanks very much. `` huge event in las vegas. ``>> jennifer lopez premiered her ``show on the strip last night. ``hoda was on the red carpet. ``got to meet the stars turning ``out. ``hoda, was it the night of your ``life? ``>> oh, my gosh, you guys, it was ``so much fun. ``i'm losing my voice. ``i slept for an hour. ``all i can think of is -- `` i'm still, i'm still jenny ``from the block ``you know her from "american ``idol" and "shades of blue." ``somehow, she managed to find
8:30 am
``and bring new life to her ``greatest hits. ``it was a spectacular night. ``guess what? ``we hit the jackpot with a behind ``the scenes look. ``>> reporter: viva miss lopez. ``jenny from the block has moved ``to the stock. `` don't stop, keep it moving ``>> reporter: all bets on j.lo as ``the pop star tries her luck in ``las vegas. ``with her first residency show ``called "all i have." ``a 90 minute, high-energy ``sceptical, sizzling on stage and ``planet hollywood's theater. ``jennifer says she spent her ``entire life waiting for tonight. ``>> it's like a fantasy, to have ``a show in vegas. ``you know, the name of the show ``is "all i have." ``i wanted to give everything that ``people know about me. ``>> reporter: the show is packed ``with an intimate display of
8:31 am
``dazzling costumes and ``electrifying choreography. ``on opening night, a surprise ``appearance by mr. worldwide ``himself, pitbull, unleashing ``even more excitement on the ``crowd. ``>> got flowers. ``i want to leave her a note. ``>> reporter: hours before the ``show, a much quieter scene, when ``jennifer granted us an all ``access backstage pass. ``>> check it out. ``look right here. ``matt lauer. `` i'm still jenny from the ``block `` used to have a little, now i ``have a lot `` i know where i came from ``>> j.lo's dressing room, i heard ``a rumor, is that one there. ``let me touch everything because ``she's been in here. `` i'm still jenny from the ``block ``>> reporter: you never know who ``you'll run into backstage. ``enter j.lo's vocal coach. ``
8:32 am
``la, la ``>> reporter: it could be worse, ``right? ``the answer is yes. ``they want me to learn the moves, ``too. ``how hard could it be? ``after all, i have experience. ``>> get over here. ``bring it back. `` dance the night away ``>> reporter: time to get on the ``floor. ``a quick lesson before giving it ``all i have on center stage. `` la, la, la, la `` tonight we gonna be hit on the ``floor ``>> reporter: not bad, but i ``guess what happens in vegas will ``have to stay in vegas. ``i think i'll leave this to the ``pros. ``the 46-year-old age-defi ying ``beauty, perhaps finding the ``fountain of youth by balancing ``her personal life with a career
8:33 am
``>> when the confetti was ``falling, the end of the show, ``what were you feeling inside? ``>> so good. ``amazing. ``i feel like i've been doing an ``hour and a half of cardio. ``it's a high. ``it's a great moment. ``>> it was a great moment. ``by the way, jennifer is going to ``perform 40 shows a year for the ``get your tickets because i have ``back. ``>> i'm coming back. ``>> we're doing the 10:00 show ``from here. ``i'll show you one picture that ``was weird from last night. ``kelly osborne was there and ``look at the photo. ``>> somebody else. ``>> look at the photo bomb. ``>> i see you. ``>> wait, you guys. ``i can do one better. ``this is a little taste of what ``jenna and i have coming up in ``our show. ``>> nice. ``>> you lost a tooth in vegas? ``>> that's great. ``>> remember the "hangover"? ``>> the tattoo.
8:34 am
``dental appointment, but ``everything is fine. ``there was a moment of panic. ``>> where's the tiger? ``in the bathroom. ``>> you'll see. ``don't you worry. ``>> he's here. ``>> i love the dance moves, hoda. ``>> yeah. ``>> inside, i felt like j.lo. ``>> if j.lo needs the night off, ``they're lucky to have you. ``>> you add the enthusiasm, hoda. ``>> it was a blast. ``>> can you do that? ``>> i've forgotten it now. ``it's gone away. ``>> we'll see you in a little ``bit. ``>> all right. ``bye, guys. `` up next, investing the right ``way. ``how to put your hard earned ``money to work for your future. `` first, this is "today" on
8:35 am
`` we're back at 8:40 with more ``start today's solutions, to help
8:36 am
``last week, today financial ``editor told us how to spend ``less. ``this morning, it's all about ``investing for tomorrow. ``we're taking the money we're ``saving. ``>> that's right. ``>> by spending less and ``investing it for our future. ``before we go any further, does ``anything you're going to ``recommend today get impacted by ``what's been happening on the ``markets over the last two weeks? ``>> absolutely not. ``>> no? ``>> this is your long-term ``investment strategy. ``long-term, not short-term. ``we'll talk about the difference. ``>> let's talk about 401(k)s. ``most people sign on to their ``company plan. ``>> other way. ``>> there you go. ``sign on to their company plan. ``if your employer doesn't offer a ``company plan, what do you do? ``>> if your employer doesn't ``offer it -- we like 401(k)s ``because they have watching ``dollars. ``but iras are available to ``everybody. ``or the new myra. ``it's a starter roth ira. ``it. ``no minimums, no fees. ``you're not going to lose money ``treasury.
8:37 am
``money should go into savings and ``what money should be invested? ``>> any money you're going to ``need in the next three years to ``live on in retirement that's not ``covered by social security, to ``make a down payment on a house, ``pay for college tuition, does ``not belong in the market. ``it never did. ``>> let's say i want to ``rebalance. ``maybe i have too much in the ``market and i should be saving ``more. ``given what's happening in the ``markets, should i sell some ``stocks now, even if i'm going to ``take a loss? ``>> yeah. ``if you need that money in the ``next three years, you want to ``get it out of there. ``things could get worse before ``they get better. ``you don't want to put your ``living expenses, the money you ``need, at risk. ``>> what's the best way to do ``theal the ``al ``theal allocation? ``>> it should get less riskier as ``you're older or closer to your ``goal. ``if we're talking about ``retirement, take 100, subtract ``your age, that's act the ``percentage you should have in ``stocks.
8:38 am
``>> you look at this and you make ``it look real simple, with these ``graphics. ``but it can feel complicated for ``a lot of people. ``how do you get help? ``if i don't have you sitting ``across from me, how do i get ``help? ``>> so many solutions to help ``you. ``you can basically put your money ``in a target date retirement day ``fund. ``every 401(k) and ira has one. ``it will keep you focused on the ``retirement date. ``a managed account is another ``option retirement accounts have ``these days. ``you're paying somebody to do the ``managing for you. ``people who have these save more. ``robo advisers is new. ``it's a computerized solution. ``>> do you like these? ``>> they put together your ``portfolio. ``i like them. ``a lot of millenials love them. ``they're less expensive than ``hiring a financial adviser on ``your own. ``>> when people are going to ``start making investments, ``they're going to find there are ``fees involved with those ``investments. ``how do you keep the fee down, so
8:39 am
``>> in a general way, there's a ``difference between a passive ``investment and an active ``investment. ``a passive investment is an index ``fund, or etf. ``where a computer is tracking an ``index. ``it's less expensive than paying ``a fund mass jer to do nager to do it for you. ``passive investments beat ak ty ``in `` -- active investments ``consistently because the fees ``are lower. ``any money not going to fees goes ``to your pocket. ``>> that's what you want. ``>> and you want to save, save, ``save. ``>> 15% of everything you earn. ``hard for a lot of people but ``it's your target. ``>> it's your target. ``if you're not there, ratchet it ``up by 1% or 2% a year. ``>> thank you very much. `` as always, more start ``today's strategies on our ``website. `` `` up next, beauty underneath. ``how to make your clothes fit and ``feel better from the inside out.
8:40 am
baby, v over 3 million peopler have silky smooth feet that you can't helpt but touch. the new amope foot file with diamond crystals and extra coarse roller head removes callouses effortlessly. feel it yourself! r
8:41 am
`` we're back. ``it's 8:46. ``we'll help you find the beauty ``underneath it all. ``the latest bras, underwear and ``robes. ``we have a beauty and lifestyle ``expert with us. ``a whole segment about ``unmentionables. ``>> yes. ``>> how do you care for you bra? ``i throw mine into the washing ``machine. ``is that a no-no? ``>> it is. ``especially if it's made from a ``delicate material like lace. ``hand wash with a mild detergent ``and let it hang dry, air dry. ``don't put it in the washing ``machine. ``>> we'll talk about the trends ``in bra. ``the first is getting rid of the ``back bulge and the side fat. ``how do you do that? ``>> there are bras that combat ``back bulge and side fat. ``one is from playtex. ``if you look at the side, they ``have panelling. ``it's from the inside. ``this panelling is really going ``to help, again, to smooth out
8:42 am
``out your back so your clothes ``fit nicely. ``>> you don't want it to tight, ``your skin is hanging over it. ``what about this one? ``>> no side effects, so there's ``an elastic band. ``it gets rid of under armpit ``bulge. ``it helps you not feel paranoid. ``>> this next bra is a one size ``fits off, which we're going to ``demonstrate in a minute. ``anybody can wear this? ``>> yes. ``it's one size fits most. ``32a to 36d can wear this. ``it's seamless, no clasps. ``we have models demonstrating. ``>> we do. ``on the right, we have an a. ``on the left, we have a d. ``they're wearing the exact same ``bra over in the orange room. ``>> isn't that fabulous? ``>> it is. ``i notice carson is in the orange ``room, too. ``>> he has a good view. ``>> yeah. ``>> models, thank you so much. ``what about this one over here? ``>> this is from gap.
8:43 am
``properties, meaning it'll keep ``you cool and dry if you sweat. ``it's great for the active girl ``who is on the go. ``>> let us talk about underwear. ``this sh a ``this, apparently, is all the ``rage. ``the brand is called commando. ``>> it almost feels like you're ``going commando. ``look at the lace. ``it's airy, breathable, sexy. ``what's wonderful is it gives you ``good coverage but a little bit ``of glamour, too. ``>> spanx has a version of this. ``>> it gets rid of muffin tops ``and makes you look more slender. ``>> is it all the same? ``>> what's fun is you're not ``getting the visible panty lines, ``which is a no-no. ``>> out here, we have the shaper ``outside the brief. ``how does this work? ``>> this is basically a thong, ``but it has median compression ``shape wear built in. ``if you want your waist to look ``smooth, or your tummy to look
8:44 am
``>> okay. ``over here, you call this the ``woman on the go panty. ``>> yes. ``>> i don't know what that means. ``>> not that kind of on the go. ``this is made for moisture ``wicking. ``it's for people who are ``athletic, keeping you nice and ``dry. ``it has a built-in panty liner, ``which you know what it helps ``you. ``it keeps you dry in the active ``moments, as well. ``>> men in the control room ``having a heart attack right now. ``let's talk about robes. ``>> these are my favorite robes ``at the moment. ``the one i'm wearing is from ``eberjey. ``it's soft. ``>> very light, too, in case you ``get hot when you're blow drying ``your hair. ``>> yours is from splendid. ``>> cozy, perfect for the cold, ``winter mornings and nights. ``mine, i think, is versatile and ``perfect for day time and ``nighttime. ``>> looks good with your outfit ``now. ``you can wear that as a cardigan. ``if you want to check out more
8:45 am
`` coming up next, we're ``calling it lazy lasagna. ``how to use your slow cooker to ``whip up an italian favorite. `` first, this is "today" on `` r should treat your like family... @ [phone rings] operator: ` health care customer service patricia ramirez. colleague:r when is she getting marr lady! this is the real question: @ how's that man you're dating? r where's the ring? t ...we meanr more like this. t we can do this together. i'll scheduletan appointment with the diabetestspecialist, ok? member: thank you. @ you deserve compassion. you deserve r molina healthcare, your extended family. medicaid. medicare. t marketplace. r for more information, r
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it's about time the taco...camer out of its shell. @ unleash the power of dough. t give it a pop. that sound. like nails on at chalkboard. r but listen to this: t(family talking) that's a different kind ofv sound. @ the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. `` we're back at 52 with more ``of our slow cooker week on
8:47 am
``nutritionist wendy is here. ``>> good to be with you. ``>> we're making it lasagna in a ``slow cooker. ``we're using a traditional recipe ``or something different? ``>> it's classic and traditional. ``very familiar. ``i call it lazy lasagna. ``mostly because it's easy. ``but it's significantly lighter. ``>> how do you get some of the ``calories out? ``>> well, we use classic ``ingredients. ``we have all our classics. ``we have the noodles, the cheese, ``the sauce. ``then we add layers with the ``nutrient rich veggies and ``lighten it up. ``>> get me started. ``by the way, we have our tasters ``downstairs. ``who i think have been lining up ``for 40 minutes to get their say ``on this one. ``>> very good. ``>> how is it going? ``>> delicious. ``>> right on. ``>> wendy, let's go. ``>> this recipe is upwards of 50% ``less calories than a traditional ``lasagna. ``you'll make a tomato mixture and ``cheese mixture. ``>> canned totomatoes? ``>> yes. ``you can save time by using a
8:48 am
``you can add the garlic. ``>> into the tomatoes? ``>> yes. ``traditional ingredients. ``thyme, oregano, salt and pepper. ``if you remember your science ``classes, we learned about ``enzymes and substraits. ``if you chop the garlic and let ``it sit at room temperature, it ``boosts the nutrient levels and ``the heart healthy properties. ``>> i mix this around. ``that's done. ``>> you can make that in advance. ``here's the ``this is ricotta, a lighter ``cheese, and has protein. ``we had parmesan, parsley and ``pepper. ``this is very cheesy. ``it's lighter but we're not going ``to miss anything here. ``then we use our noodles, which
8:49 am
sagna noodles. ``>> don't cook them first. ``>> it's last century, to cook ``our noodles. ``>> thanks for that. ``>> we'll be building the slow ``cooker recipe from there. ``i butter the dish at the bottom ``so it doesn't -- it's a little ``bit so it doesn't stick. ``>> perfect. ``>> then we add a little of the ``sauce there. ``bring that over. ``>> you can put it? ``>> little bit of the sauce. ``we're going to start the ``layering. ``the layers, there's 11 layers ``plus the sauce. ``>> guys, how is it tasting? ``>> good. ``>> enjoying it? ``>> yes! ``>> wonderful. ``then we add spinach. ``you use raw spinach. ``you can use frozen if you want. ``>> great. ``>> easy. ``let's add one single layer of ``noodles. ``>> cross ways? ``>> yeah. ``you can break it to fit. ``one layer of noodles. ``if you make the -- here's the ``cheese mixture we made with the ``parmesan ``parmesan, pepper and rah cot tee kot ricotta.
8:50 am
``>> we use half of it, pipe it ``along. ``>> that simple. ``back to the sauce now? ``>> back to the sauce. ``then we add some other layers ``here. ``little more sauce. ``>> go ahead. ``>> then finish it off here. ``>> great. ``let's swing over here and look ``at what it looks like after. ``how long does it cook? ``>> it cooks on high for two and ``a half hours or low for four ``hours. ``you keep building the lawyers. ``you get the savory yuma umami from ``the mushrooms and the protein. ``>> what should i do? ``>> hold this and i'll dump what ``is left. ``>> let's look at what it looks ``like when it's done. ``i'll taste it in a second. ``the guys downstairs are eating.
8:51 am
approaches...your most accurate forecast in a moment... but first lets check the commute... kyla woods here today will be a mix of sun and
8:52 am
ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all areas equally. while some get around an inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south
8:53 am
`` this morning on "today's ``take," aubrey plaza is here to ``dish on seducing her "dirty ``grandpa" co-star robert addy de niro. `` "hamilton," the hottest ``sensation in town. `` consumer confidential. ``what to know before you buy or ``sell a home. `` all that and more coming up ``now. ``>> announcer: from nbc news, ``this is "today's take," with al ``roker, natalie morales, willie
8:54 am
``studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ``>> you asked for the mud sic to ``get pumped and it got pumped. ``thursday morning, january 21st, ``2016. ``i'm willie with natalie, tamron ``and al. ``>> santigold is from ``philadelphia. ``the critics are all about her. ``i love this song, "chasing ``shadows." ``she's 39 years old and bursting ``on to the scene. ``>> been chasing shadows for a ``while. ``>> she has been. ``she's huge. ``it's a good jam, and i thought ``it sounded caribbean, too, krrg ``considering what we're facing. ``>> we have snow coming, al. ``d.c., in particular, bracing for ``a potentially historic storm. ``could bring up two feet of snow. ``up to 50 mile an hour winds. ``let's just say, i'm a little ``worried about our friends in ``washington, based on the ``performance last night. ``there was one inch of snow and ``everybody was thrown for a loop.
8:55 am
``stuck in the traffic, slipping ``and sliding along. ``people are, call it what it is, ``panicked. ``>> people go to buy stuff like ``snow shovels. ``stripping the shelves of bottled ``water. ``>> right. ``>> shovels. ``i mean, just crazy. ``here's the deal, yes, it's going ``to snow. ``>> it's not the end of the ``world. ``give a perspective. ``>> you are not going to be ``trapped in your home for weeks. ``>> they haven't had a snowfall ``like this in 90 years. ``>> they have not -- the last ``time they had snowfall of more ``than 20 inches in one day was in ``1922. ``>> what was this? ``>> this was an inch of snow. ``it was a clipper. ``>> but what's coming could be -- ``>> what we saw last night -- ``>> historically, washington ``cannot handle snow. ``i worked there in 1976. ``my first winter there, the ``forecast was for three inches of ``snow. ``i didn't go -- i didn't tell the ``newsroom.
8:56 am
``he goes, this is armageddon. ``this place will lose their ``minds. ``i was like, these are flurries. ``i came from syracuse, new york, ``to washington, d.c. ``i was like, what the heck? ``it got worse. ``>> perspective last night? ``>> last night was an inch of ``snow but they didn't pretreat ``the roads. ``boom, it became an ice rink out ``there. ``that was the mess. ``right now, 80 million people are ``under some form of weather -- ``winter weather advisory. ``from winter storm watches and ``warnings to here in washington, ``d.c. ``d.c., fredericksburg up to ``baltimore, blizzard watch. ``same for new york city out to ``long island. ``a blizzard is designed as having ``three hours or more, sustained ``winds of 35 miles per hour or ``greater. ``drops your visibility to 1/4 ``mile. ``friday evening, snow for memphis ``to d.c. ``severe threat, we could have ``tornadoes down in florida.
8:57 am
``morning, off the coast of ``carolinas, snow from nashville ``to washington, d.c. ``up the coast, it strengthens. ``heavy snow from philadelphia, ``baltimore, washington, up into ``new york city. ``boston right now, you're okay. ``then we get along the coast, and ``we've got this major problem. ``wind gusts of 60 miles per hour. ``costal flooding. ``plus, an astronomical high tide ``on saturday. ``it'll add to the flooding. ``we're looking for one to three ``inches from nashville, south of ``boston. ``here is the money. ``this is where the big stuff is ``going to be happening. ``harrisonburg, virginia, 24 ``inches or more. ``washington could see that. ``the heaviest snow will be friday ``afternoon through saturday. ``now, we move to washington, d.c. ``and parts of maryland. ``look at this, we're talking ``about 18 to 24 inches of snow. ``blizzard watch through saturday.
8:58 am
``we move up into the delmarva ``peninsula. ``a good part of southern and ``central new jersey, including ``philadelphia. ``snow friday late through sunday ``morning. ``heavy, wet snow. ``this snow is going to be very ``heavy. ``we could be looking at power ``outages. ``10 to 16 inches. ``here in new york city, new ``jersey, long island, we're ``talking about 5 to 8 inches but ``wind gusts of 50 miles per hour ``and costal flooding. ``finally, boston, you deserve a ``break after last winter. ``zero to two inches saturday ``afternoon to sunday. ``costal flooding will be an ``issue. ``that'll be the big problem. ``not only will we be seeing -- ``the only thing we have to talk ``about, it's going to be a heavy, ``dense snow. ``it's going to put stress on ``roofs, on all sorts of things, ``power lines. ``folks shoveling who aren't used ``to doing this, it puts the most ``strain on your heart of any ``exercise. ``you have to be very, very ``careful. ``>> that's a good wrap up. ``it's a storm we'll be keeping an ``eye on.
8:59 am
``canada. ``an 80-year-old man was ticketed ``for driving his car, believe it ``in snow. ``police said -- ``>> didn't finish the windshield. ``>> the 80-year-old man said he ``was too old and weak to brush ``off the snow. ``he couldn't do it. ``he got out the part of the ``windshield he could see and ``drive far enough. ``>> where are the good ``samaritans, to help the elderly ``gentleman out? ``>> didn't the policeman have a ``heart? ``>> absolutely. ``>> ticket served? ``>> canada. ``>> canadians are supposed to be ``nice. ``most are. ``>> i thought maybe someone -- i ``thought maybe they did offer and ``he didn't accept it. ``>> we don't know. ``norm. ``>> and we love our canadian law ``enforcement. ``compassion. ``>> exactly. ``>> good reminder, if you see an
9:00 am
``>> like me. ``>> yes! ``like al. ``>> shoveling. ``>> help him. ``>> by the way, before we get on ``it, this headline, i just -- ``>> oh, i know. ``that's the "post" for you. ``>> the new york tap loids bloids have ``been on a roll. ``>> they have been. ``>> a lot of material. ``>> this picture, get ready for ``your heart to melt. ``maybe the snow, too. ``if we showed you this yesterday, ``it would have melted the inch of ``snow they got. ``this sweet video of premie twins ``holding hands while cuddling ``their dad and mom. ``jackson gave birth to these two ``darlings in australia. ``she gave birth earlier this ``month. ``christian and christiane were ``born at 29 weeks.
9:01 am
``the couple shares this sweet ``moment on their facebook page. ``the video has been viewed 10 ``million times and counting. ``>> wasn't just the dad. ``you see them holding hands ``there. ``when the mother held them, as ``well, the babies were clasping ``hands, too. ``just so sweet. ``little brother holding on to ``little sister's hand. ``>> so cute. ``>> two of them are going to be ``pals for the rest of their ``lives. ``it starts right there. ``>> so cool. ``>> the mom said she posted that ``and was reluctant at first. ``but knowing that they were ``having premies. ``but by putting this out, it ``would help somebody else, ``another couple going through ``this, as well. ``>> so true. ``you need the hope. ``>> around the world, the ``advancements they've made in ``premie care is actually ``stunning. ``there's several great hospitals ``here in the united states. ``but that's the remarkable part. ``you think about it, two pound ``baby can now thrive in this way. ``that is an inspiration. ``>> they're doing well, by the ``way. ``>> that's right. ``>> beautiful video. ``another nice video.
9:02 am
``over the crowd when he ``interrupted his match to help a ``ball girl in distress. ``may have been hit by a ball. ``he went to retrieve a ball when ``he noticed she was having ``trouble. ``>> she got hit in the face. ``>> he helped her, arm in arm, ``get off the court. ``good for him. ``>> can you come by? ``this is a touching moment. ``come here. ``she says to me, doesn't hurt ``that he's a hottie. ``>> is that what this was about? ``>> show your face. ``>> so sweet, the girl was hurt, ``but he's a hottie. ``>> kate is australian. ``>> there you go. ``works out well. ``>> we saw humanity and you saw ``hottie. ``>> you're blushing. ``>> bright red. ``>> al? ``the rest of the weather? ``you're mesmerized by natalie's ``beauty? today will be a mix of sun and
9:03 am
ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all areas equally. while some get around an inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south of the ohio river will start to get hit between 10am- 2pm. snow will taper early on saturday morning. ``>> that is your latest weather. ``>> al, thank you very much. `` up next, the actress who is ``putting the dirty in "dirty ``grandpa ``grandpa." ``the hilarious aubrey plaza tells ``us about seducing de niro's ``character in the movie, and what ``she's doing with the cool cane. ``that'll be next. @soup and sandwich and`somewhere to go, @and clean and real and `nowhere to be, @and warmth
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9:07 am
``company, on nbc's fantastic show ``"parks and recreation." ``>> now, she's hitting the big ``screen with zac efron and trying ``to seduce robert de niro in ``"dirty grandpa." ``>> you're a hard man to track ``down, professor. ``>> are those my pants? ``>> yeah, these are your pants. ``i found a werther's original in ``the pocket and have been sucking ``on it all morning. ``>> you know i'm not a professor, ``right? ``>> yeah, i know. ``you're just a dirty, dirty ``grandpa. ``>> i like when you said it ``again. ``>> say it one more time. ``>> you're just a dirty, dirty ``grandpa. ``i like to be in movies where you ``say the title. ``i improvised that. ``>> do you get royals for that? ``>> the werther's part. ``>> hilarious. ``you had some of the best lines. ``can we deal with the injury you ``sustained not during the ``shooting of the film but on a ``basketball court? ``what happened?
9:08 am
``i have been hobbling around, ``using a cane. ``i had surgery on my knee. ``>> you were part of this ``basketball league. ``your team, the pistol shrimps. ``>> that's right. ``>> love the name. ``>> thank you. ``i'm on the pistol shrimps. ``we play in l.a. ``it's a women's recreational ``league, i guess, you'd call it. ``>> what position? ``>> i'm point guard, was point ``guard. ``i've been told my basketball ``career is over. ``>> no, no, no. ``>> no, it's not. ``i'm going to get back out there. ``>> all right. ``>> somebody was coming at you ``because you're the star of the ``team? ``>> people are always coming at ``me, man. ``i have to watch my back. ``>> the point guard, you take it. ``>> yeah. ``>> we have to talk about this ``movie. ``first of all, de niro in this ``role, i don't think most of us ``have seen de niro this way, but ``your relationship with him, ``explain a little bit. ``we got a little taste, what ``you're doing to de niro in the ``movie.
9:09 am
``break, and she has this thing ``where she wants to sleep with ``her professor. ``de niro lies, saying he's a ``professor because he wants to ``have sex with her or anyone. ``there's this game between them, ``where they're kind of coming at ``each other the whole movie. ``>> trying to seduce robert de ``niro, intimidating? ``>> yeah. ``>> what's the hardest part? ``>> when you put it that way. ``in character, no. ``in real life, yeah, it was so ``intimidating. ``working with him. ``i couldn't believe it. ``i tried to pretend that he ``wasn't robert de niro. ``>> every woman wants to know, is ``he a good kisser? ``>> great kisser. ``the best i ever had. ``>> great. ``>> no, he's great. ``he was awesome.
9:10 am
``down to just do whatever. ``he has no -- i mean, obviously, ``he's like an icon. ``>> yeah. ``>> just down to do everything. ``he was not scared and not shy. ``>> i don't think a lot of people ``know, by the way, that you were ``a page here at nbc many moons ``ago ``ago. ``>> that's right. ``>> look at you know. ``awesome. ``>> check it out. ``making out with de niro. ``whoo! ``>> you work with zac efron in ``this movie and you're with him ``in another movie. ``>> i'm riding the efron train to ``the top. ``there's no getting off for me. ``>> that's a t-shirt. ``>> zac should make his own. ``>> thanks so much, aubrey. ``>> thank you. ``>> "dirty grandpa" is in ``theaters tomorrow.
9:11 am
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9:15 am
``but he has ulterior motives for ``taking the job. ``>> what about the years before? ``for fingerprints and ``surveillance cameras and dna ``analysis, why did we become ``criminals? ``>> because we hate working and ``we love money. ``>> we can steal the mona lisa, ``snatched the hope diamond before ``it was discovered. ``this is everything we got into ``thieving for in the first place. ``>> wentworth, good morning. ``>> i love it because you were ``originally on "the flash ch " and ``played a villain. ``they moved your character. ``>> right. ``>> give us the premise. ``you gathered a group of folks ``together. ``>> the basic idea, we have ``superheros and villains teaming ``up to take on a supervillain. ``>> how do they play together? ``do they play well together, the ``good guys and the bad guys? ``>> no. ``we're constantly butting heads
9:16 am
``as an audience member, i don't ``want to tune into people getting ``along beautifully. ``this is the opposite of that. ``>> so cool. ``we told you al is our comic book ``expert. ``he can name pretty much every ``major. ``did you have a favorite growing ``up? ``>> i wasn't allowed to read ``comic books. ``i was supposed to be ``concentrating on my studies. ``>> wow. ``>> this is new for me. ``>> al also ``concentrating on studies. ``>> parents couldn't enforce it. ``>> there's a lot of action in ``this show. ``>> yeah. ``>> is that something you like? ``>> absolutely. ``i think of the arrow and the ``flash in "legends of tomorrow," ``it's all part of the same ``universe. ``we're meant to be the most comic ``book show out there. ``it's a lot of fun. ``lot of action adventure, sci-fi, ``special effects. ``it's a treat. ``but it's also for the family. ``essentially, at its heart, it's ``a family show. ``>> well, another show that a lot ``of people are looking forward ``to, once again, "prison break" ``is coming back.
9:17 am
``again? ``>> thank you. ``i think a lot of the fans are ``excited to see where the ``characters are now. ``especially mine, since i died ``twice at the end of the ``original. ``>> how did that work out for ``you? ``>> few unanswered questions. ``i'm curious, too. ``>> did you feel like when you ``wrapped it, that this was it, it ``was over, or did you suspect you ``might revisit the character? ``>> i never imagined we'd be ``coming back to revisit the ``characters. ``it is a treat and privilege. ``>> it's interesting, the fandom ``behind the two shows. ``you're in two projects where the ``fans will chase you down the ``street, and on twitter, excited. ``how do you balance the attention ``with the projects? ``>> it's nice to have work back ``to back. ``i certainly can't complain. ``it's nice to be employed. ``but i'm also working with ``dominique percell from "prison ``break," and he's on "legends on ``tomorrow."
9:18 am
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a real conversation about making the streetcar's next stop in northern kentucky. the covington business council and river city news are hosting a panel discussion. the panel includes cincinnati city councilman chris seelbach and former mayor roxanne qualls. the discussion takes place at the madison event center in covington, starting at 11-30. the relationship between city council and the mayor being called into question at cincinnati city hall. an email exchange is showing anger between mayor john cranley and councilman chris seelbach. cranley was discussing weekly meetings with fellow democrat leaders on council, to improve working relationships. seelbach's response used a 4-letter word to describe how he thinks crqnley treats people. today will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 29. ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all areas equally. while some get around an inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south of the ohio river will start to get hit between 10am- 2pm.
9:22 am
saturday morning. look, i know you'ret a cow and all. and you may not know whatr i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made fromryour milk, is delicious.
9:23 am
`` taking a look at the ``headlines. ``in advance of the winter storm, ``the airlines are getting ready. ``some big carriers, including ``american, delta, jet blue and ``united are waiving fees for ``passengers who want to change ``their travel plans. ``the airlines are telling ``travelers to check the website ``for updates and schedule ``changes. `` new research finds that a ``lot of restaurant meals may be ``hazardous to your waistline. ``a study found more than 90% of ``meals at big and small ``restaurants exceed the ``recommended calories for a
9:24 am
``some of the meals exceed the ``recommended calories for an ``entire day. ``it found the highest calorie ``counts are in american, chinese ``and italian meals. `` the cdc says more of us are ``living longer. ``a number of americans, at least ``100 years old, jumped by more ``than 43% from 2000 to 2014. ``women make up 80% of that group. ``among those, more than 100 death ``rates declined from flu, that ``moan `` -- that moan yum, but increased ``because of the blood pressure ``and heart disease. `` buffalo bills made history, ``hiring the nfl's first full-time ``assistant coach. ``catherine smith was named ``quality control coach. ``she previously served with ryan. ``rex ryan said she's ready for ``the next step. ``excited for her. `` let's get a check of the ``weather from al.
9:25 am
``you about, the elderly man ``ticketed for not clearing his ``car. ``they ticket id hmm ed him, but the ``police officer who knows the man ``cleared off the rest of his ``windshield. ``of course, i still think he ``could have not given the ticket, ``but it's another story. ``anyway, let's look at your ``weekend outlook. ``friday, the blizzard making its ``way up the mid-atlantic coast. ``plus, we have severe weather in ``florida. ``heavy rain, wind moving in from ``the pacific northwest into ``central california. ``including san francisco. ``saturday, blizzard makes its way ``up to the mid-atlantic and ``starts to affect the northeast. ``in between, plenty of sunshine. ``seasonable weather. ``rain, wipd nd and snow across the ``cascades. ``sunday, sunday, the storm is ``out. ``we've got clear skies for the ``eastern half of the country. ``another system making its way ``from the west to the east will ``bring snow from the northern
9:26 am
today will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 29. ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all areas equally. while some get around an inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south of the ohio river will start to get hit between 10am- 2pm. snow will taper early on saturday morning. ``>> that is your latest weather. ``>> al, thank you. `` now to the broadway show ``that has people around the world ``offering their first born ``children for a pair of tickets. ``"hamilton," an american musical, ``is a revolutionary show and a ``phenomenon. ``hop. ``the show is a brain child of ``we'll talk to one of the stars ``in a moment. ``first, the hottest ticket in ``town. ``>> reporter: the hottest ticket
9:27 am
``musical, puts a modern spin on ``history. ``it tells the life story of ``alexander hamilton, face of the ``$10 bill, secretary of the ``treasury, all through hip hop. ``tony award winning composure ``miranda wrote the musical which ``took years to complete. ``at the poetry jam in 2009, he ``gave a first look at what would ``become the broadway sensation. `` the world is gonna know your ``name `` what's your name, man, ``alexander hamilton ``>> reporter: the next stop was ``an off broadway production at ``the public theater in february ``2015. ``from the start, its popular ``skyrocketed, leading the musical ``to find a new and bigger home on ``broadway. ``the coveted tickets are sold out ``months in advance, leaving ``thousands of fans to flock to ``the box office each day. ``some have been lucky enough to
9:28 am
``musical firsthand. ``as the curtain opens each night ``to sold out crowds, proves the ``"hamilton" phenomenon is only ``getting started. ``>> with us now, chris jackson, ``who plays george washington in ``"hamilton." ``can we fawn over you and ``"hamilton" more? ``phenomenal. ``revolutionary is an ``understatement. ``how did you describe it before ``the phenomenon? ``>> it was difficult to come up ``with the words. ``it's like, alexander hamilton, ``treasury secretary, don't you ``know all this happened? ``we're deep into the story, you ``know. ``reading the books. ``they're like, who are you ``playing? ``george washington. ``the look on people's faces, like ``what? ``>> a rapping george washington. ``>> we're good, trust me. ``yeah, it's been surreal. ``explain. ``it's easier now that the
9:29 am
``>> you obviously never, ever, in ``your wildest dreams, could have ``imagined what this was going to ``turn in into in such a short ``time. ``you deserve all the praise ``you're getting. ``but can you talk a little bit ``about what it's meant to make ``history so accessible to people ``who, maybe they're not students ``of history, maybe they didn't ``know much about alexander ``hamilton. ``when you sit there two and a ``half hours, it's your an tray, entree, at ``least to learn more about it. ``it's accessible. ``>> we have the most incredible ``source material. ``the book on hamilton and ``washington, they're great. ``it's great to know that theater ``is, and always has been, but ``continues to be such great ``vehicles to allow people into a ``world that they wouldn't ``normally wander into. ``>> how did you -- you researched ``this. ``we all think we know george ``washington. ``but what did you find out that ``surprised you? ``>> i was amazed at how resilient ``he was. ``this is a man who lost more than
9:30 am
``you get three bases out of ten, ``and you're in the hall of fame. ``washington's batting average was ``probably under that. ``he was a brilliant man. ``knew how to manage the people ``around him, put the right people ``in place to be at their best. ``certainly, he never would have ``been who he became without ``hamilton. ``i don't think hamilton would ``have been able to rise to his ``level of acomp komp ccomplishment without ``washington enabling him and ``creating the space for him. ``>> you and the creator of the ``show go way back. ``you heard he was coming up with ``the idea for the show. ``>> he came back from vacation ``and we were on stage doing a ``show. ``during one of the sections, they ``were sitting there and he says, ``i got the next thing. ``i'm like, okay. ``what is it? ``alexander hamilton. ``all right. ``>> i'm?
9:31 am
``of course, the next audience, ``all actors are the same. ``he's a tremendous man and a ``tremendous writer. ``great to be on stage with him. ``>> we know your wife and ``daughter are so proud of you. ``we're rooting for you, as well. ``>> thank you. ``>> phenomenal. ``what to rap, willie? ``chris is here. ``>> not again. ``i've seen him work. ``>> willie owns his world -- ``>> not against these guys. ``>> phenomenal job. `` just ahead, thinking about ``buying or selling a home? ``the red flags to watch out for ``before you choose a @ weight watchers has changed. r weight watchers all-new r beyond the scale program r puts the focus on you and not just the numbert on the scale. lose weight while eatingt healthier, @ with all new smartpoints. and move morer by including fitness @ in ways that work for you. r see how good you'll feel @ with the new weight watchers @
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9:35 am
r golden crispy, warmrand fluffy eggo waffles. tl'eggo my eggo. `` now to our series, consumer ``confidential. ``we're getting the inside scoop ``on buying and selling a home. ``>> we'll talk about the common ``lingo and understanding the ``listing price. ``good to see you. ``>> you, as well. ``>> finding your agent. ``you have red flags. ``>> when you talk about choosing ``an agent, if you have an agent ``that tells you exactly what you ``want to hear, as opposed to what ``you have to hear, that's ``probably a bad thing. ``most of the time, if an agent ``comes in and gives you the ``highest price -- say you ``interview four agents. ``three said it should be $100,000 ``and one says s
9:36 am
``if an agent says, if you can't ``sell it, i'll buy it, it's like ``likely they'll buy it for a low ``price, and you'll be in bad ``shape anyway. ``the other thing that is out ``there that you want to watch is ``if an agent is ready to give ``away their commission, what ``makes you think they're not ``going to give away the price of ``your house? ``>> true. ``let's talk about when you're ``into the buying home process, ``sometimes it's good to go ``offline to find a home in your ``area. ``>> when you look at real estate ``portals, talk about zillow, ``, they're a wonderful ``source of information. ``having said that, we're in a low ``inventory condition right now. ``everybody knows that real estate ``is local. ``the real estate agent is local, ``as well. ``what's important, if you have a ``an agent who works in an area ``you're buying a house, chances ``are good they'll know about a ``house being on the market before ``it ever comes on the market. ``i think when you look at ``millenials as the shining ``example, they want to spend all ``their time online.
9:37 am
``research, looking at things. ``the reality is, if you want to ``buy in a certain area, online ``portals are never going to take ``the place of a real estate ``agent. ``real estate always has been, is ``now, and i think is always going ``to be personal. ``>> let's talk lingo. ``a lot is code language. ``let's start with professionally ``clean. ``what does that mean? ``>> remember real estate agents ``are salespeople and have to ``couch the way they say things to ``people. ``if they say, your home needs to ``be professionally cleaned, the ``reality is, it's likely an ``armpit and there is absolutely ``no chance it's going to sell. ``>> walk away from it. ``>> the seller is motivated? ``>> i have to be honest, if the ``seller is motivated, if you see ``it in writing or an agent says ``that to you, this is a big ``message. ``this is the girl you want to ``take to prom. ``if you want to good deal, this ``is the one you want to do. ``for me, i'm a pit bull. ``hang a steak around the door and ``i'll kill the deal. ``>> top producers. ``if the agent says he or she is a
9:38 am
``>> like somebody is trying to ``brand themselves. ``they can't say, top agent in an ``office. ``that really is more like, i ``don't have enough to say about ``myself, so i'm just going to say ``i'm a top producer. ``>> thanks so much. ``for more tips, `` up next, ground breaking ``model and restaurant tour, b. ``smith opens up with her x when people say v i'm lucky to havexthis hair color, x i thank them. v but then i reallyv thank preference. tpreference is luminous, @ fade-defying color that lasts. x golden and warmxand luminescent.
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9:42 am
``smith is a true original. ``she may be best known as a ``restauranteur who owned three ``popular eateries, and hosting ``her tv show. ``now, b. is taking on her ``toughest role as an advocate in ``her public battle against ``alzheimer's, which she was ``diagnosed with in 2013. ``b. and her husband of 23 years, ``dan gasby, wrote a new book. ``it's called "before i forget." ``love, hope, health and ``acceptance in our fight against ``alzheimer's. ``b. and dan, good to see you ``guys. ``>> always good to see you, too. ``>> first, you look terrific. ``how are you doing? ``>> i feel great. ``happy to be here today. ``thank you very much. ``and things are going pretty ``good. ``i'm learning while, you know -- ``in a new way, and i like that. ``it's getting better and better. ``>> the title of the book is ``poignant. ``it has a number of meanings. ``>> it's a love story.
9:43 am
``it's one of being honest and ``worth ``forthright about what ``relationships are and can be. ``the things you don't know can ``make a difference. ``it's also about science. ``it's also about understanding ``that alzheimer's is a ``devastating disease that affects ``5.2 million people. ``twice as likely in ``african-americans to have it. ``the impact is even more ``devastating. ``2 out of 3 patients are women. ``i call it a 21st century civil ``rights issue, al, because the ``impact is not going to stop if ``we don't put the funding up. ``that's why we decided to come ``out and talk about it, the ``government funding. ``>> you had an inking something ``was happening, that happened on ``our show during a segment. ``>> yes. ``we were doing a segment for ``labor day. ``i believe peter alexander and
9:44 am
``we used to call her on the show, ``one-take barbie. ``at the start, she froze. ``>> i marinated and reduced -- ``>> balsamic? ``>> no, just guessing. ``i'm throwing myself off. ``>> don't worry. ``we'll look up the ingredients. ``>> myself and the person with me ``looked at each other and said, ``we never seen that before. ``that was sort of like the way, ``when you do weather, you say a ``storm is coming. ``well, it doesn't come at once. ``it starts in a trickle. ``>> i also, you know, felt like, ``this is something very different ``that had never happened to me. ``so while, you know, i was ``thinking about it, what am i ``going to do about this? ``i kept trying to figure out what ``to do. ``i went to some of my doctors ``and, you know, people who knew ``me well enough. ``>> we had to find the right ``doctor.
9:45 am
``book, but it is a love story but ``it's a call to action. ``it is a fantastic book. ``everybody needs to read the ``book. ``>> thank you, al. ``>> b. smith and dan gasby, ``always great to see you. ``>> we love you. ``>> thank you. ``>> love you, too, man. ``>> thank you so much. ``>> thank you. ``the book is "before i forget." ``we're back in a moment.
9:46 am
`` you thought this hour was ``good, wait until you see next ``hour. ``hoda tearing up vegas. ``what's going on out there? ``>> we are going to have some ``fun. ``went to see a little j.lo last ``night. ``hey! ``>> hoda is basically part of the ``family. ``>> i feel it. ``we did a few pictures. ``i got to say, my favorite ``picture, we have a couple of ``them, but my favorite may have
9:47 am
photo bombed. ``justin bieber was the center of ``the picture. ``>> can y'all shot hoda who spot hoda in the ``back? ``>> justin is sticking his tongue ``out. ``we'll go behind the scenes with ``j.lo. ``>> i jumped off a building. ``natalie, where were you? ``>> i would have loved to have ``joined you, my dear. ``>> wow. ``>> can't wait to see it. ``>> we want to point out our very ``high tech signage. ``>> look how beautiful. ``vegas. ``>> you blew the budget on that ``one. ``>> what is that, another ``convention in town, ladies? ``>> we know nothing about it. ``>> adult entertainment ``convention. ``get it straight. ``>> so much better. ``>> thank you. ``>> just like the oscars. ``ladies, see you in a few ``minutes. `` all right. ``that does it for us. ``we, of course, will update ``everybody on the impending ``nor'easter and blizzard coming
9:48 am
``>> weather always ``for information. ``>> we'll be covering this on
9:49 am
``>> absolut look, i know you'ret a cow and all. and you may not know whatr i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made fromryour milk, is delicious.
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we're waiting for a clearer picture of what we are going to get during friday's storm. there is some wiggle room but not much. meteorologist randi rico is in with a look at conditions right now. today will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 29. ok, let's get to the more important part of the forecast: friday's storm will not hit all areas equally. while some get around an inch.... other areas could be pushing 7-10". we should expect the first snow around lunchtime downtown, areas along and south of the ohio river will start to get hit between 10am- 2pm. snow will taper early on
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