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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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s difficult to think about whether there will be delays or closings and whether i' ll be able to make it to work on time. sheree: road crews, parents, and school leaders alike are planning for the snow approaching our region. mike: we have complete coverage of what to expect as this latest winter storm makes its way here. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. sheree: bracing for another blast of snow. good evening. i' m sheree paolello. mike: and i' m mike dardis. thanks for joining us tonight. the level of difficulty varies based on where you live. wlwt news 5' s emily wood takes a look at the toll the weather can take on families with little ones at home. sheree: and meteorologist kevin robinson has much more on the storm' s latest track. kevin: good evening. i thought it would be best to start out with the surface map, setting the stage.
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high-pressure funneling in the cold and dry area. that is important as our advancing storm system begins to slide our way. numerous tornadoes across parts of the gulf coast all day long. rain changing over to his know in some very far southern locations tonight, louisiana, and into arkansas. this will eventually make a hard left turn into the tennessee river valley and parts of the appellations. look at the area that will be impacted. blizzard watches and warnings across the mid-atlantic, all the way a back across mississippi, louisiana, and eastern arkansas tonight. winter storm warnings for areas southeast of interstate 71. that has not changed since earlier this evening. this is where we expect the greatest impact in terms of travel and snowfall amounts.
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it includes the greater cincinnati metro area and hamilton county. there will be lighter snowfall, so the impact will not be as severe. to night, here is a key ingredient. the actual storm center is lower than what we use computer models to forecast. it is already farther south than what we projected it to be. so i am confident in lower snowfall amounts for cincinnati. expect snow to breakout south of the river by noon. south and east of cincinnati will certainly be messy. here is part of the problem, seeing 10 inches across the viewing area. i still think six to 10 is a towards brooksville and maysville. -- south of owenton. four to six south of
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orab. in alexandria , one to three inches. because of the dry air, i would not be surprised of those of you towards hair -- hamilton, oxford, you might not see much of anything, just eight few flakes of snow. it is a tight gradient we are dealing with. a subtle jog north or south can move these snow bands. have your amounts are on our doorstep. a close call but not right in the immediate metro area. mike: it all depends on where you are. we have more than 60 delays and closings in already tonight. some of the big districts that have closed for tomorrow include campbell, boone, and kenton county schools in northern kentucky. kentucky' s governor matt bevin has also closed all state offices for tomorrow. and the city of elsmere has declared a snow emergency starting at noon tomorrow. sheree: several school districts are waiting to make the call on the snow tomorrow. it is leaving many parents
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their kids if there is a snow day or early dismissal. wlwt news 5' s emily wood talked with parents tonight. she' s live at dixie heights high school in kenton county. emily: parents say the biggest problem is not knowing well enough in advance if it will be a snow day or early dismissal. the other challenge is for local day care is to figure out how many extra kids will be coming in for the day. at skidaddles day care in florence and mason, parents are trying to figure out the possible need of last-minute child care in case of snow. >> it can be challenging. i do work full-time, and i' m a single parent actually, so if i don' t have somewhere for my daughter to go, that would keep me from going to work. emily: cory tilbrook says the hardest part is waiting on the weather and the school districts to make a decision. >> it' s difficult to think about closings and whether i' ll be able to make it to work on time. sams says both of her locations have been getting dozens of
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drop-off. >> we have an extra 15 to 20 kids always on a snow day just because there' s all that need for parents to have some place to take their kids. emily: susan balsley is also a working mother. she says it' s a tough call for the administration to make, but the sooner she knows, the better. >> in some ways, it is almost easier if they would just cancel. of course, you don' t want to waste a snow day if you don' t really need to, so it' s tough. it' s really tough. emily: here in kenton, campbell, and boone county, all public schools closed tomorrow for a snow day. of course, kids are happy, but that leaves parents having to make alternate plans. emily wood, wlwt news 5. mike: all right school officials , are closely watching the radar to make the tough call on whether to dismiss early or cancel classes altogether. cincinnati public schools will be one district that will wait until tomorrow morning to make
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>> we can get the children to school, but if you can' t get children home, and we did live through a situation where it was 9:00 at night, children trapped on buses without food or facilities and children sleeping on gym floors, so we just cannot allow that to happen. mike: cps transports 20,000 students, has 350 buses on the roads, and 1300 routes. the district' s superintendent says it will come down to safety. even if there is no snow in the morning, she may be forced to close. sheree: the plan is in place for the city of cincinnati tonight. crews reported at 7:00 this evening before any wintry conditions. 67 vehicles are treating roads already this evening. despite the active week, cincinnati still has more than 20,000 tons of salt on hand. that is lucky since we have had such a mild winter so far. in northern kentucky, where things are expected to be worse than the ohio side of the river,
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snow and ice crews will report at 6:00 a.m. 130 trucks are available to treat state highways and interstates. drivers are also being reminded to prepare. don' t be on the road if it' s not necessary when the snow moves in. we' ll be updating you on air and on our wlwt app with the latest forecast and conditions. and join us starting at 4:30 a.m. for the latest on this winter weather. mike: happening right now in winton hills, police are investigating a deadly shooting. we' re told by police one person was shot in the head along craft street. the fire department was first called to the scene, and then police were called after they found the victim dead. police have not said anything about a suspect. a man behind bars for sex crimes against young girls is now accused of threatening one of
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, tammy mutasa spoke with the father of his latest victim and has his message tonight. tammy: according to the federal indictment cody lee jackson made , the threatening calls to the girl between last december up all from jail. >> threatening my daughter and her baby. tammy: the victim' s father got a frantic 911 call from his teenage daughter, so he quickly called investigators. >> i think if you hurt a child, you should be executed. there is no room on this planet children or anyone else' tammy: according to court documents cody lee jackson , called the 15-year-old over , and harassing her if she she' s the same victim he' s accused of kidnapping last march and locking up as a sex slave at his norwood apartment. she was 14 at the time. >> he has threatened to have her killed.
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got locked up. he has threatened to have me killed. tammy: investigators say jackson preyed on the girl on facebook. he was already under electronic monitoring in other cases accused of luring girls cross , country. >> i' m an emotional wreck, according to everyone who knows me. i think she is going to be ok. she will have a lot of counseling for a long time. tammy: while his daughter will never be the same he says your , child doesn' t have to be a victim. >> do something i didn' t do, if your kid has a phone or a computer, get on it and search it. tammy: jackson will answer to this indictment before a federal judge tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. mike: all right. before jackson was accused of luring the 14-year-old victim, investigators say there are additional charges against jackson on several similar cases in tennessee, florida, and wisconsin. suspended juvenile judge tracie hunter will not be going to jail tomorrow.
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prison sentence during her appeal. a hamilton county judge was hunter' s sentence tomorrow. hunter was convicted of unlawful interest in a public contract last year. earlier this week, you might remember that prosecutors announced they will not retry hunter on the other eight counts on. tonight. by his alma mater. patrick wolterman was a 2005 played football for the at tonight' s stag, organizers passed his firefighter' raise money for wolterman' s wife dow and a scholarship fund in his name. >> if someone told me one of my football players was the first fireman into the building, one of my first guesses would have been patrick wolterman. >> when i think about pat, as soon as he came in, he contributed immediately. he made things better. he made everyone around him better.
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, he just made everyone better. sheree: you can help out wolterman' s family saturday night with a fundraiser at the pub in rookwood. it is from 5:00 until 11:00 saturday night. the norwood firefighter' s association is organizing the event. part of the sales will be donated to the wolterman fund at first financial bank. patrick alterman died three days after christmas in a house fire in hamilton. the case has been ruled an arson. so far, no one has been arrested. lots of concern around the snow storm tomorrow, but it will not be as much as other places. >> it could be disastrous for a lot of people trying to get out of town. mike: the major u.s. cities in lockdown mode. kevin: that is a possibility for folks that see the heaviest snow. north. i will let you know when you can
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sheree: taking you into the past of an accused cop killer.
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mike: obviously, we are bracing for this snowstorm tomorrow. the greater cincinnati area won' t see the worst of it.
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of snow could be dumped throughout the mid-atlantic and northeast. they are really going to be hit hard. cnn' s andy rose has the latest on this east coast blizzard. andy well, it does look like : winter has finally arrived in a very big way. from kentucky up the east coast through new england, communities are bracing for a massive winter storm. we cannot control the weather, but we can all be prepared for whatever the weather brings us. those preparations include treating roadways and stocking up on food and supplies. this washington, d.c., walmart sold out of bread wednesday. hardware stores can' t keep rock salt or shovels on the shelves. we sold out of everything. airports are also gearing up for the storm. thousands of flights have already been canceled in anticipation. i think that it could be, you know, disastrous for a lot of people trying to get out of town. united airlines is suspending all flights at its washington dulles international airport hub and at other mid-atlantic airports beginning friday afternoon. american airlines is canceling all flights in charlotte friday
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and baltimore saturday. philadelphia is also seeing cancellations. amtrak will be modifying its northeast train schedule, and the washington metrorail system will be closed for the weekend. still, some residents are trying to make the best of what could be a long, cold weekend. >> i got wine. i got beer. we' ve got to be ready to have the neighbors over and whoever wants to and just have a great time. andy i' m andy rose reporting. :sheree: she has priorities. all right people are being asked , to stay off the roads friday night and into early saturday in cities like washington, d.c., up to delaware. mike: new details in the killing an ohio police officer. a new report claims suspected shooter herschel jones had threatened to kill police before. investigators say jones killed danville, ohio, officer thomas cottrell sunday. a new police report shows the 32-year-old beat his girlfriend in october and said he planned to kill an officer.
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girlfriend recanted. on sunday, that same woman called 911, saying jones wanted to kill an officer. jones was captured a short time later. officer cottrell' s funeral is saturday. governor john kasich has ordered all flags at half staff. sheree: new at 11 :00 tonight, special performance from middle schoolers on the west side. middle school students performing "the lion king, jr., " tonight featuring more than 50 students, including some with special needs. >> we feel that theater is really good for them because they are getting in front of people and using their voices come is speaking and singing, and working with others. sheree: beautiful handmade costumes.
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tomorrow and saturday night at 7:00. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: we are now on the eve of what will be a fairly decent snowstorm for areas close to the cincinnati metro area, but i am not quite sure it involves cincinnati. i will explain more in a moment. area. s out there with the up. feels like 13. plenty cold for snow, and that will not change for friday. 19 in mason and batavia. 23 about warsaw. most of the area right around 20 degrees. here is a look at the winds. this will be important to her northeasterly winds feeding into the ohio valley. so we will keep the cold and in place. it will also help keep the snow a little bit farther south for many of us. cold air feeding into the ohio valley.
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tonight, down around jackson, mississippi. if you notice, you see rain changing to snow across arkansas and into east texas and louisiana. this will go up the spine of the appellations. look at the area being impacted. blizzard warnings. two feet of snow likely in washington, d.c. it is best if you do not travel, especially south and east of cincinnati. in kentucky or south central ohio, travel will become impossible at some point tomorrow night. winter storm warnings all the way back down towards the memphis area. wenzhou storm warnings in effect for parts of the wlwt of ealing area. this is where the snow will have the greatest impacted west union, waynesville, mount olivet, maybe even owenton tomorrow night, travel will be difficult, if not impossible in some areas. the winter weather advisory and purple.
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from this storm, and that includes the greater cincinnati metro area. we use these computer models to help guide us. already tonight, the national -- the actual storm center is farther south. that leads me to be more confident in the fact that we are dealing with lower amounts in metro cincy. not too far away, it will ramp up for neglect. the snow still looks like it will start something the ohio river around noon, maybe in cincinnati between noon and 2:00, maybe 3:00. i do not think the evening commute will be terrible right here in cincinnati. not too far away though, south and east, heading into kentucky, outside the 275 loop, eased into ohio, certainly could be. we have such a tight gradient, and any jog north or south could have a huge impact on the amount spirit in terms of amounts, they have not really changed.
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northern kentucky and our southern community, parts of brown and adams county. an area of four to six still. if there is any room for error, i would call it right on this transition line, from one to three to watch wrote to six across northern kentucky. i am pretty confident from the ohio river northward, snowfall and amounts will be on the lower end of this one to three inch range. it is not out of the question that you do not see snow springboro, oxford, thomasville. it may not even be our storm in metro cincinnati at this point. huge are cast, tomorrow morning, no problems for the morning rush. snow builds in towards lunchtime south of the ohio river. one thing you will notice is that the snow struggles through the afternoon to make it much farther north than where my arm is positioned.
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it never really gets super consistent over us. it stays fairly steady south and east of the metro, and that is why the heavier totals are expected to folks will to our south and east. 19 for a low tonight. tomorrow,-the upper 20' s. snow arriving. cold winds, blustery. here is the seven day forecast. down to 23 tomorrow night. the rest of the weekend is pretty much on the quiet side, but cold with afternoon highs in the 30' s. sunshine for saturday and sunday. with you. one of the bearcats all-time
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sheree: could uc pull a customer tweets "bank fees make me physically ill. #overdraft" how do you respond? sounds like a medical problem. i'd send her to a hospital. "hashtag not the bank's problem." at huntington, she can link with her savings account and then we transfer the money for free. we do that. for a fee of $10. to transfer her own money? hashtag obviously. free transfers from savings when you're overdrawn. welcome to huntington -- one of money magazine's
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george: after losing a slew of close games, the bearcats had a chance to win one against memphis. welcome back, everyone. the bearcats and tigers came down to the final minute. a former great returns -- kenyon martin, his retired number 4 hangs at fifth third arena. this game was tight throughout the entire night. senior shaq thomas' 18 points and 6 rebounds were a big part
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shaq got the assist here on this ally oop, and pass to gary clark for the slam, the cats were up 57-51. but this octavius ellis tip in , and you see leads. troy caupain was big -- a career high 25 points. uc wins a close one, 76-72. >> the last time we lost was because of a rebound we did not grab or a late turnover. i am just glad that as a team, we closed out the game well. we had the last two rebounds. it is how you finish games. george: john calipari and the kentucky wildcats playing in bud walton arena down at arkansas. the wildcats playing above the rim a lot in this one. off the miss. skal labisierre playing above and has a big stick-back.
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derek willis. ulis leads kentucky with 24. the wildcats win it 80-66. ohio state on the road at purdue, and purdue closing it out, 75-64. well everyone is keeping their that includes high school -- athletic directors. school games tomorrow, even off. the reds added a final stop to the winter caravan, and it will be at the florence mall. on sunday, january 31, manager bryan price, five players, marty brennaman, and owner bob castellini will be on hand. that is what we call a top shelf stop. doors open at 9:00 a.m. former reds closer aroldis chapman will not face charges for the incident at his florida home back in october. a police report described it as a domestic dispute and chapman admitted to firing a gun inside the garage at his home, but prosecutors say there' s a lack of evidence and conflicting
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the reds traded chapman to the yankees last month. first round of the careerbuilder challenge. phil mickelson -- i want you all to try doing this the next time you play. i do not know how they do it appear they should check his clubs. just pulls the string and in for an eagle. they make it look so easy. i swear. i could never get a wall tos sp in like that. i will keep trying. mike: all right.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mike top the winter weather is coming, and greater cincinnati is preparing for it. we have more than 60 delays and closings in already tonight. some of the big districts that have closed for tomorrow include campbell, boone, and kenton county schools in northern kentucky. sheree paolello gets to sleep in because of that. kentucky' s governor matt bevin has also closed all state offices for tomorrow. and the city of elsmere has declared a snow emergency starting at noon tomorrow. get the latest closings on the wlwt app and and our morning show will have
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starting at 4:30 a.m. you. sheree: i am grateful that they kentucky. mike: well, you have to. sheree: you do. northern kentucky will be the problem area tomorrow. kevin: if i have to pick an area that wasn' t the most amounts of snow, it will be parts of northern in techie and areas healthy stuff cincinnati -- if i have to pick an area that will get the most amounts of snow. for 60% to 70% of us this is really our storm. it is a close call. but unless some linkages, we will miss most of the snow. one to three in the metro, and i' m leaning towards the lower end of that.
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