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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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``right now we have breaking news ``to pass along. ``an accident is causing problems ``on westbound 70 or at the ro . ``a lot of emergency lights and ``we' re hearing one person is ``hurt. ``they are just reopen one lane ``along the highway. `` we will continue to update you ``on this developing story as we ``get more information. ``mike: things for joining us on ``this winter he friday night. ``sheree: luckily, north and ``northwest of the city has seen ``almost no no tonight. ``east and southeast is now seeing ``snowfall tonight. ``mike: playing out like you said. ``kevin: the dry air really ``winning out here. ``this is the massive winter storm ``scooting by just to the south ``tonight.
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is already been about 10 inches ``of snow around the lexington ``area. ``and as were the heaviest snow ``has fallen. ``it is gradually pivoting itself ``away from the area but we' re not ``completely done with flurries ``and snow showers just yet. ``here' s a live look at radar. ``the northern fringe of this ``never really moves all that ``much. `` basically of app or it in the ``snow before it reaches the ``hours, we will see more ``substantial flurries across the ``area as we begin to see a little ``bit of this beginning to fill ``and. ``from batavia to alexandria, i ``think you will have to be south ``and east of this line to pick up ``significant measurable snow ``across the viewing area. ``on the southern parts of the
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``you cross the ohio river over in ``the maysville and the ``brooksville community, this is ``where the big snow will continue ``through the evening and ``overnight hours. ``these are the locations that ``will see the most substantial ``accumulations. ``the snow beginning to fill in ``and you can see every now and ``again, we will see the snow ``returns drop off. ``as a result, it has traded a ``situation where what we have ``done is cut the snowfall totals ``across the border and across ``greater cincinnati this evening. ``basically heavy snowfall six to ``10. ``seven parts of brown county is ``where the heaviest snow will ``fall throughout the evening ``hours. ``then we have a strike of four to ``six.
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s a broad area of one ``to three baconschi is most of ``northern kentucky and it takes ``significant measurable snow out ``of the cincinnati metro area. `` maybe upwards of an isolated ``itch. `` you will have to go south of the ``ohio river this evening. ``you want have to go very far ``south and east and travel will ``become quite difficult. ``even down pass the 71-75 split, ``you start running into some ``serious travel problems and ``heavy snow continues in those ``areas. `` maybe a dusting. ``it' s a close call but it looks ``like it managed to stay mostly
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``mike: thank you for keeping us ``updated. ``we did watch as the roads slowly ``deteriorated today. ``sheree: this is 35 miles south. ``reporter: this is kind of an ``upside down snowstorm. ``the further south you go, the ``worse it gets. ``right now, it' s being called ``snow. ``along with that, a lot of wind ``at interstate 75. ``southbound with headlights ``coming at us. ``changing conditions here. ``the crew ``all day long. ``the interstate is ok right now ``but as soon as you hit the exit, ``the side roads are much worse. ``we see people losing traction ``and people finding creative ways
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``all. ``they will maybe bring a backup ``vehicle just in case. ``and some are taking all the help ``they can get to navigate the ``roads. and a lot of ``snow. ``around rock castle down there, ``we' re bringing it on up through ``here. ``reporter: to give you an idea of ``how fast conditions can change, ``30 miles north of here, it' s not ``too bad at all. ``just south of here, they are ``getting pounded. ``maybe a foot or even more. `` sheree:
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``photographer have been driving ``around all day showing us the ``conditions. ``this is just a mess in ``georgetown. ``they have made their way to ``sadie ville and scott county. `` >> we are north georgetown and ``you can see i still covered. `` you just saw the video of ``georgetown. ``what an improvement. ``the good news is that there are ``not a lot of cars on the highway ``this evening. ``we did see a few sliding off the ``road. `` we do get off the few exits and ``i have you the overpasses and ``exit ramp are completely ``covered. ``they' re very slippery .
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passable and ``the storm continued to dump ``snow. ``as we head north, things are ``starting to improve. ``mike: he' s to the city has been ``the edge of the snow system. ``they dismissed early today. ``let' s check in with courtis ``fuller whose 30 to 40 miles ``southeast of cincinnati. ``>> consistent with what everyone ``else has said. `` enough to cause a little bit of ``problems in this part of ``clermont county. ``right here on state route 125. ``one of the main roads. ``the timing of the snowfall ``caused major headaches for ``school districts all over the ``area.
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``to take the better safe than ``sorry route. ``early dismissal was part of the ``school plan today. ``the students were released early ``consistent pace all afternoon. ``the parents i talked to said ``this was the best thing to do. ``>> we want the kids to be safe ``and they are doing the best they ``can to get everyone home in a ``safe manner. ``>> is a lot better for us than ``trying to get home in the snow ``>> a lot of people said it was ``the right call. ``you see those flags going in the ``wind and you heard us talk about ``the wind today. ``that is probably been the bigger ``problem. ``the biting wind the best way of ``describing that. ``mike:
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``going on around here. ``other parts of america not so ``good. ``sheree: flights are being ``airports shutting down right ``now. re live with more. ``reporter: there have been 23 ``cancellations here today. ``because of that big storm system ``and because it is hitting the ``east coast really hard, the ``crowd has died down little bit. ``they were trying to get ahead of ``that storm and you see people on ``the smartphones trying to catch ``up with that flight information ``checking out the boers seeing if ``the flight has been canceled. ``folks said they were doing ``whatever it took. ``flying out earlier than ``expected. ``
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``the inconvenience for some of ``spirits. ``travel, you' ``mother nature. ``those traveling to charlotte, ``philadelphia, washington, d.c., ``while others will be traveling ``with fingers crossed. ``many heading to new york before ``traveling south. ``a cruise ship in miami. ``with their airline carrier. far ``later flight. m hoping to bypass it. `` >> you see everyone walking by ``a stay up-to-date with your ``carrier. --
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``employees say this is normally ``the busy time and it is quiet. ``that' s because the large crowd ``was here earlier and they are ``already in the air. ``mike: remember, you can always ``get updates and live coverage ``online and on the go including ``which basketball games are ``canceled tonight. ``sheree: the snow is pounding in ``lexington and louisville. ``built a snow cave to take cover ``tonight. ``upload your pictures to the you ``local section. ``a wyoming graduate taken into ``custody in north korea. ``mike: the accusations against ``him and what will happen next. ``sheree: live pictures
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``can see, an excellent shutting ``down part of the highway this is ``westbound 74. ``westbound, they are opening up
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``gett ``mike: this is on the west side. ``at one lane reopening. ``about 20 minutes or so right ``before the rush. ``one person hurt. ``and we will stay on top of this ``developing story. ``sheree: a college student to ``grew up in wyoming is in the ``custody of north korean ``officials. ``mike: the news has sent ``shockwaves to his hometown. ``that is where todd dykes his ``life for us tonight. ``reporter: many people are ``feeling a mixture of fear and ``anxiety about the situation he ``finds himself in right now. ``the salutatorian of wyoming high ``school 2013 graduating class ``travel to north korea with the ``chinese-based tourist company to
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``reportedly arrested for emitting ``with north korean officials call ``a hostile act. ``they waited until this morning ``to announce that they detained ``the student. ``those in this city say he is an ``outgoing and intelligent young ``man. ``he always carries himself with ``dignity. `` >> the students, in his peers, ``student council, a community ``i am shocked. ``praying for him. `` >> leaders are following state ``department protocols. ``there' s a lot happening behind ``the scenes right now. ``they prompted john kasich who ``was a presidential candidate to ``tweak that his arrest is ``inexcusable adding that he
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``mike: a father and his adult son ``are thankful after they managed ``to escape a house fire today. ``sheree: the home was fully ``engulfed in flames. ``the homeowner believes the fire ``was electrical. ``>> i was coming back and trying ``to come out the kitchen door and ``the cabinet hit me in the back. ``so other than that, we are both ``out. ``>> he says this is not the first ``fire he' s escaped. `` mike: a car crash has led to a ``murder charge. ``he failed to make the turn and ``hit another car head-on. ``
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``sheree: so many of you did not ``have school today and maybe you ``made alternate plans with work. ``it brushed by us and we are ``getting hit in the southern `` `` mike: let' s get over the chief ``meteorologist kevin robinson. ``kevin: this has performed pretty ``much as expected as we were ``calling it here. ``notice how this is stretched ``out. ``we have a thick northeasterly ``wind that is making it very ``uncomfortable out. ``but it saved us from significant ``snowfall in the metro area. ``the windchill of 12. ``you know where it is snowing? ``visibility will be greatly ``reduced.
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`` everyone stuck in the middle to ``upper 20' s. ``it' s something that' s not going ``to change tonight. ``when will stay very blustery. ``even if you don' t see much snow, ``it will remain quite windy. `` the big high pressure is what ``has been funneling in the cold ``air and the dry air. ``this system has taken a big gulp ``of very dry air and on the ``northern french, that as it ``wrote it away or eaten away at ``all of the snow. ``that system continues to head in ``that direction. `` here is kind of a closer shot of ``the storm system and you can ``clearly see where the heavier ``snow has been today. `` lexington already coming in
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`` we have been on the northern ``french. ``every time the snow tries to ``build in, it gets eroded from ``the north. ``you can see we are finally ``beginning to see some steadier ``snow moving here. ``they are very light. ``it' s not going to be terribly ``steady. ``on and off snow showers building ``across the greater cincinnati ``metro area not amount to much. ``notice they are darker and a ``little more persistent here. `` from maysville to brooksville, ``the snow is steadier and ``heavier. `` still looking across parts of ``grant and pendleton county and ``still better than off to the ``south and east. ``steady snow will fall tonight.
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``maybe a few isolated areas that ``could see an inch but it will ``generally be half an inch to a ``dusting. `` not only because of the snow but ``because of the wind. ``here is your latest update. ``we have cut back on the overall ``snowfall. `` i can see a couple of inches ``across northern kentucky. ``probably four to ``where you' ll find the six to 10. ``the snow really never builds ``into the metro area but ``continues south and east and we ``will occasionally see flurries. ``all of this should be wrapping ``up before the sun comes up ``tomorrow morning and we finally ``get to enjoy' s a night -- enjoy ``a nice weekend. `` flurries and snow showers around
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``and tomorrow, sunshine is back ``in the picture. ``look for the afternoon high of ``around 34. ``temperatures remain chilly but ``at least it is sunny and dry. ``temperatures also begin to ``moderate as we head into next ``week.
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mike: ``sheree: a potentially crippling ``winter storm. ``mike: the nation' s capital is in ``the crosshairs is the first ``flakes have begun to fall. `` blizzard warnings stretching ``from the sea to new york, people ``could get 30 inches or more in ``some spots. `` sheree: a line claimant was seen ``being moved closer. `` the united airlines flight slid ``off the runway. ``no one was hurt.
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``sleeping through, hours before ``expected. ``managers had to try to get ``snowplow drivers and a work ``early but it piled up so quickly ``that many could not get out of ``their own neighborhoods. `` >> they are dealing with snow ``and freezing rain. ``it is expected to be even ``heavier.
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``sheree: the winter storm ``wreaking havoc right now but ``brushing by cincinnati. ``mike: let' s start with kevin ``robinson. ``i don' t know where people were ``getting their information that ``people were worried about this. ``kevin: we went with the lowest ``totals and we thought the dryer ``would have a huge factor in what ``would happen and that' s exactly ``what is taking place across the ``area. ``we don' t have to go very far ``south. ``but nine to 10 inches of snow ``and pay attention, every time
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``we were seeing this. ``like taking a big goal of dry ``air. ``that is still what happening ``tonight. ``lucina little bit of flurry and ``snow shower activity try to ``build in and it' s not going to ``be consistent and steady. ``we do have flurries and snow ``showers now. ``it' s not going to amount to ``much. ``heavier snows across the ohio ``river. `` the threat has been snowing the ``most all day. `` these are the areas that will ``see accumulating snows through ``the evening. ``think you have to head south of
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``here in the metro, we' ve cut the ``totals way back. ``a dusting or an isolated ``location, but travel will be the ``most difficult the for the south ``and east to go. ``the snow in the wind. ``especially when you talk about ``these heavier amounts. `` those will be the big winners to ``go around with the snowfall. ``we have dropped a little bit ``further south now. `` i am thinking a couple of inches ``across parts of northern ``kentucky. ``maybe even mount or of. ``probably
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``little of anything when we get ``to the north side. ``butler and warren counties, ``don' t expect to see much at all. ``i will let you know what is ``going to do. `` mike: over on the west , we go to ``john london. `` it' s what police are looking at ``to get your attention. `` ``children in the back seat ``thankfully uninjured. ``one is eight and one is 10.
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`` she was ejected and so was her ``passenger. `` both from greendale indiana. `` they were found outside the car ``which was really smashed. `` they have been taken to `` university hospital. `` more and more , airline, ovi i ``crashes in this one. `` the driver and the passenger in `` ejected and two boys in the back ``seat uninjured.
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they are ok but the memory of `` this , you have to say makes it ``not ok. `` sheree: who should let you know ``that video that you saw was from ``a little earlier. ``at least one lane is open. ``westbound 74 because of this ``accident that apparently ``involved heroin. ``and now emergencies continue to ``come in tonight with the blowing ``and drifting snow we are seeing ``around town. ``brown county is a level two. ``drivers need to use extreme ``caution. ``even more communities are under ``snow emergencies right now.
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``here is a list from kentucky and ``indiana we are getting in. ``it includes edgewood and ``greendale, indiana. ``we will update you on those snow ``emergencies. `` you will see some significant ``snowfall or just a dusting. `` courtis fuller live for us ``tonight and the very latest ``there. ``reporter: let me show you the ``current conditions here along ``state route 125. ``you see the traffic moving ``pretty slow. ``this when we have been talking ``about much of the day causing ``some impact on the visibility. ``a steady snowfall since noon.
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``many school districts decided to ``do what they did here. ``that was let their kids go home ``early. ``one of ohio' s largest school ``districts decided to cancel ``school today altogether. `` the salt truck' s of been out ``here on a regular basis. ``the roads have not been that ``busy in terms of problems. ``but it is about 26 degrees. ``people have been taking their ``time. ``
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s like. `` reporter: i am heading north on ``75 about 38 miles or so and i ``have say what a difference five ``or 10 miles makes. ``you couldn' t even see the ``markings. ``you can see the marks. ``that are not a lot of cars on ``the road. ``one concern that crews do have ``is that road conditions will ``deteriorate. `` they will be focused on the
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`` babel tend to the secondary ``roads once the main route has ``been clear. `` mike: snowfall began earlier ``today. ``brian is live in dry ridge for ``the very latest. `` reporter: a strange storm. ``at the further south you go, the ``snow we' re it gets. ``you can see it is still coming ``down sideways here. ``hard to tell how much ``accumulation they' ve had because ``it' s blowing so hard here. ``it can be ice.
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with no trouble finding side ``roads where people were getting ``sideways. `` it has been a challenge to keep `` up. `` even keeping the parking lots ``clear was tough under those ``conditions. `` everyone knows it could be much `` worse. `` now here is the idea. `` if you are traveling south of ``dry ridge, you need to be aware `` because one moment you could be ``changing lanes and things look ``fine. `` then your next to a semi-and you ``realize you are on ice. ``you want to use extreme caution. `` mike: the want to storm
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`` >> for travelers flying out, ``they were up against challenges ``tonight. ``they are lie with much more from ``the airport tonight. `` >> live been here almost all day ``to now. `` 23 arrivals and departures have ``been canceled. ``this is the place. `` travelers are also keeping ``up-to-date with their airlines ``on the smartphones, making sure ``they are not missing any ``information. ``those traveling to charlotte, ``philadelphia, baltimore, they ``were hit the hardest. `` a young man was leaving new york
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`` cvg suggests to stay up-to-date. `` they tell me the number of ``delays and cancellations, that ``can change at any moment. `` mike: if you can' t stand front ``of your tv, you can always get ``updates. ``sheree: and a running list of ``cancellations. ``this winter storm is canceling ``more than just basketball games. ``mike: the tough decision for ``local school districts wanting
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``kevin: heavier snows continue ``off to the south and east.
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``sheree: this is a live look ``right now with much of the snow ``area and continuing to head ``south east. ``this winter blast ruined plans , both scrapping ``washington dc. ``mike: finding another way to ``support their cause. ``>> with markers and signs, ``students are determined to share ``their message even if it' s not ``where they planned. ``students in the saints for life ``club were all set to take their ``pro-life message to washington, ``d.c., protesting alongside other ``groups. ``the storm deemed blizzard 2016 ``ruined those plans. ``>> are safety was more ``important. ``>> they have signs like these
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``they are hoping to make an ``impact at home. ``>> they joined ``making signs and holding them ``outside the school. ``their voices heard. `` >> it is all about making a ``public statement about how we ``can feel and taking a stand ``against abortion particularly. ``>> every year, the bus fills up. ``but canceled or not, they will ``stand in the cold any day to ``make their message heard. `` s were ``impacted, canceling the trip.
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`` kevin: we are not completely ``done with the snow just yet. ``beginning to slowly pivoted away ``from the region. ``the heaviest accumulation of ``snow has already occurred. ``it' s just minor stuff that' s ``going to take place. ``lexington was hit hard and close ``to a foot of snow. ``the other big story is the wind ``that will be whipping around and ``very blustery. ``it will also complicate matters ``with the blowing and drifting of ``snow south and east of ``cincinnati where they' ve had ``more significant amounts of ``accumulation and snowfall. ``you can see visibility is ``gradually dropping as the light ``snow moves into the area. ``27 degrees at the airport with a ``north wind at 18 that makes it
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``here is the massive winter ``storm. ``now crossing through the atlanta ``area that will head up the ``appellations and towards the ``east coast. ``one of the key players is the ``dry air the system has been ``ingesting that has cut back on ``the snowfall amounts. ``that' s why we were downplaying ``the fact that for most of us, it ``would not be a snowstorm. ``it' s still making an impact. ``any time that band of snow comes ``back to the north, it shrinks ``back to the south because it' s ``cutting away at the snowfall ``amount. `` we seen a little bit of light ``snow build in. ``and with the wind really ``whipping that around, i don' t ``expect much accumulation. ``back through the brooksville and ``maysville community, we have the ``darker blue and where it has
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``this is where the real ``accumulations of snow taken ``place this evening. ``brian hamrick around the lambs ``town area just south near dry ``ridge. ``throughout the next couple of ``hours, it will continue to snow ``and probably pick up in ``intensity across parts of ``northern kentucky. ``south and east is where the ``steady snow will occur. ``because the drier air is winning ``out, i' ve cut down the snowfall ``totals from a dusting to maybe ``someone picking up an isolated ``inch. ``travel is going to be difficult. ``is a look at the updated ``snowfall amounts. `` over towards peoples is where ``the heavy snow will be. ``
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``we will see the second band of ``heavy snow and maybe an inch or ``two. ``once you make it to the ohio ``river. ``very little snowfall will ``accumulate although we will have ``some flurries and snow showers ``off and on through the night ``tonight. ``notice the back edge of the snow ``doesn' t really move much and by ``8:30 p.m. it is pulling away. ``flurries and snow showers will ``continue south and east of the ``metro area. `` i' ``still possible. `` we can keep the jackets because ``it will stay chilly. and for tomorrow, sunshine ``returns. ``that north wind will certainly
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`` plenty of sunshine and highs in ``the 30' s. `` the next opportunity is monday. ``maybe rain before it turns ``chilly again the middle of next ``week. ``mike: a much different story
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``sheree: ``mike: check out the photo of the ``snow. ``upload your photos to the you ``local section. ``sheree: video from louisville ``tonight and the streets already ``covered. ``the kentucky governor declared a ``state of emergency. expected to move ``tonight. ``the east coast. forecast is calling for ``it' s already falling in
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``>> it has life-and-death ``implications and the residents ``should treat it that way. ``mike: the snow has accumulated ``where they have seen several ``accidents in snow and icy ``conditions. `` some of the places around your ``got the most snow. ``sheree: 74 is shut down.
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`` `` ``mike: the snow finally arrives. ``sheree: some sun nothing and for ``others, it quickly started ``accumulating. ``the news 5 team is giving you ``the most complete coverage of ``this winter storm as it rolls ``through our area tonight. ``
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``sheree: is the worse past us? ``kevin: for about 50% to 70%, ``yes. ``brian, you will see some bigger ``snowflakes. ``of us. `` ``regional picture. ``about that and that' s why we ``downplayed the storm system. ``many of the models were ``suggesting big snow and we did ``not feel that way because it' s ``too much dry air being drawn ``into the system. ``that is why every time it made a ``run at the ohio river, a kept ``getting eaten away at. ``heavy snows were focused. ``
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