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tv   Today  NBC  January 23, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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``>> jenna? ``jenna. ``>> where, where are we? ``did i lose a tooth? ``i told you we should have gone ``to the donnie & marie show. ``wait, what time is it? ``>> we're late. ``we're late. ``we have a show to do. ``>> where's my shoe? ``>> i don't know. ``>> who is that? ``>> i don't know, but remember, ``you're the daughter of a ``president. ``>> i know. ``>> we're so late. ``>> oh, my god, your tooth. ``>> what are you going to do? ``[ growling ] ``[ screaming ] ``>> let's go! ``>> oh! `` `` from nbc news, this is a ``special edition of "today", with ``kathie lee gifford and hoda
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``what happens here stays here. `` `` we gotta go! `` luck be a lady tonight `` luck be a lady tonight ``>> okay. ``wait a second. ``>> first of all, we want to ``thank our show girls from ``legends in costume. ``you guys are incredible. ``>> thanks, guys. ``>> weigh won wondered what was going to ``happen. ``>> it is january 2016. ``>> you're filling in for kath. ``we had so much fun shooting ``that. ``>> we had so much fun. ``>> we were in a suite. ``it cost like 35 -- ``>> $35,000 a night! ``>> we trashed the joint. ``>> okay. ``i, my tooth came off. ``this was hoda's idea. ``we had not stayed out all night, ``i don't think.
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``to make you lose a tooth. ``>> you remember the open from ``"the hangover", where the guy ``gets up, and he's all sprawled ``out on the floor and he goes, am ``i missing a tooth? ``>> so anyway, i sent henry this ``picture yesterday, and i, you ``the picture. ``then go away from my phone, ``which i tend to do, an ``i got busy. ``i did a shoot. ``i got back, and henry has ``written 1,000 text messages, ``where's your tooth! ``do you need a dentist? ``is nbc paying for that lost ``tooth! ``or am i paying for that lost ``tooth? ``i have some teeth i lost in an ``unfortunate accident. ``>> that eyeliner worked ``perfectly. ``yesterday we had j. lo. ``today you get your great ``adventure. ``vegas is known for nightlife but ``also things i didn't realize,
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``have. ``>> i was horrified, and i had so ``much fun, i drove in a race car ``and went to the stratosphere, ``and it is a sky drop where you ``jump off a building. ``>> is it like a bungee? ``>> it was like a bungee, but you ``hit the ground. ``>> okay. ``so we're going to talk about ``that. ``and fans, you guys are ``hopelessly devoted to olivia ``newton-john. ``>> and liliana is here, she's ``hit the strip to do, what else? ``a little shopping. ``>> i liky. ``all righty then. ``>> okay. ``>> we have some great things ``that happens in vegas. ``one of the main things people do ``in vegas is they like to have a ``bachelor or bachelorette party. ``i saw one party. ``>> i did a bachelorette party, ``and in this little town in
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``"dirty dancing". ``we were some of the only people ``under 35 years old there. ``but i did come to a bachelorette ``party here in vegas, and it was ``fun. ``vegas just turns things up. ``>> first of all, you never know ``what time it is because you ``never see a clock. ``you lose track of sun rise, ``sunset. ``>> when we were walking to the ``show, there were two people ``coming home singing the ``cranberries from the '90s, and ``they were like, is that hoda? ``hoda! ``>> we want to thank the folks at ``caesar's for letting us turn it ``upside down. ``literally, we turned it into our ``own thing. ``it's a beautiful place. ``it's multiple bedrooms, a ``jacuzzi. ``it's got all kinds of stuff. ``so we want to thank -- ``>> we got kicked out, because ``it's a rumor, it may not be ``true, but justin biebs took ``over.
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``>> if you want to know how big ``it is, it's 10,300 square feet. ``it has its own gym and own ``elevator. ``it's $35,000 a night. ``our producers said they never ``had more fun than they did ``trashing that joint. ``it's time to play a little ``trivia. ``this is a game that our movie ``set in las vegas. ``we need a host. ``>> we need one. ``who's going to do it? ``>> come here, elvis. ``>> elvis is in the building. ``>> hi, babe. ``>> hi, girls. ``>> you know, he's from the ``legends concert, elvis, the ``elvis lives show, which is ``co-produced with elvis presley ``enterprises. ``questions. ``you have a question for us? ``>> i do have a question for you. ``where did you go see the legends ``nation, right? ``>> all over the nation. ``>> play along with us, guys.
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``of games, and we have a game for ``you, and i have a question. ``this actor had to impersonate a ``diamond smuggler. ``>> matt damon. ``>> no, no, sean connery! ``>> you got it! ``[ ding ] ``>> okay. ``you got it. ``>> one 1992 comedy starred sarah ``jessica parker, nicolas cage. ``>> not leaving las vegas. ``>> "honeymoon in vegas." ``>> go ahead. ``>> all right. ``so the original "oceans 11" film ``pack. ``can you name two of them? ``other two.
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``peter lawford and joey bishop. ``so the title song from this film ``is still hummed around the town ``this day. ``it starred ann-margret and me, ``and it is -- ``>> "blue suede shoes"! `` viva las vegas ``>> what do we win? ``a kiss from elvis? ``>> i tell you what. ``i'll give you this. ``but since it's a tie with a ``microphone, you both have to ``share it, okay? ``thank you very much. ``>> so this is kind of fun. ``>> yes. ``>> they have all kinds of new ``and interesting things, and ``there are all kinds of facials ``and things like that. ``they do something in vegas ``called a gold facial. ``donna is joining us. ``is that actually 24 karat gold?
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``>> it's gold? ``>> so donna, first of all, how ``does it feel on your skin? ``>> you guys, this is incredible. ``i feel very regal. ``it's supposed to help with ``circulation, and it's really ``hydrating. ``it feels really great. ``it's unlike a facialive every ``experienced to be honest. ``>> we just want to point out ``that this is available at aqua ``spa and bath located inside ``caesar's palace. ``it's really supposed to improve ``what, exactly? ``>> fine lines and micro ``circulation, and it will help ``pump up the skin with all the ``afterwards. ``>> what's cool about it is they ``have it on your hands as well. ``everywhere. ``>> decollete, as well as your ``hands, paraffin for your feet. ``>> how much is that? ``what's the ballpark price? ``>> $365.
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``>> gold! ``>> gold has a price. ``>> when you come here, are you ``taking anything home? ``a souvenir for joel? ``>> maybe. ``>> when you come here, you ``wonder what to get. ``>> okay. ``so we have a snow globe. ``>> hi. ``>> thank you for the snow globe. ``snow globe for nefertiti. ``>> jenna. ``>> yesterday the venetian hotel. ``>> oh, wow. ``>> that one's in here. ``>> oh, wow. ``>> and what is -- a luxury robe. ``>> wow. ``that's a luxury gift, right ``there from the hotel, $150. ``but it seems like there's ``something for everybody here in ``vegas. ``>> there sure is. ``you want to put it on? ``>> put it on, p-diddy. ``>> feels nice. ``>> there we go, wrap on up.
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``thank the show girls. ``you are awesome. ``>> you're the best. ``can we try the hat on? ``>> you want to have some fun? ``>> is that a hat? ``why does our hat not look like ``your hat? ``we look like muppets. ``is this show girls? ``>> you guys look great. ``>> well, another hat. ``>> this city's got something for ``everyone. ``jenna's going to hit the town ``and check it out. ``>> from sky high drops to my ``need for speed. ``i got a thrill of a lifetime. ``come with me. r check this out, bro. r what's that, broheim? i switched to geicot and got more. more savings on cart insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. r r nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all,tbro-tein shake. geico has motorcycler
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`` i got a feelin' ``>> some people love adventure, ``and they like living on the ``edge, while others kind of like ``me like to keep our feet on the ``ground as long as we're dancing ``to the music. ``>> not me! ``i love trying new things. ``when my producer forced me, and ``because i'm such a good sport or ``maybe they just can force me ``into anything, i went to try all ``the things vegas had to share. ``as night turns to day and the ``vegas strip goes from naughty to ``nice, adventure takes hold and ``was calling my name. ``first up, the need for speed. ``okay, i'm about to get my speed
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``i'm here at dream racing. ``the only place in vegas where ``you can drive a race car. ``i had my pick. ``what do you think about this ``baby. ``you're the man who's going to ``keep me safe? ``he had his work cut out for him. ``whoo, boy, oh, no. ``we did hit a cone or two, but ``i'm ready. ``no cone hitting. ``>> go. `` here comes speed racer ``>> whoo! `` ``>> that's so good. ``high-five. ``that was so awesome. ``from 130 miles per hour to about ``4. ``it was time for a little bit of ``italy at the venetian gondola ``ride. ``
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``this is so romantic. `` look at that sky `` they have stars in their ``eyes `` on the -- ``>> this is our lady and the ``tramp moment. `` when you love the one -- ``>> love, baby, love. ``>> very, very fun. ``>> my pleasure. ``>> then it was time to pick up ``the pace again. ``i'm at slot villa. ``it is a zip line that is in ``downtown las vegas that is five ``football fields long. ``and i'm about to go on it. ``we don't want a malfunction. ``we are going up to the top. ``>> yes. ``>> how high up is it? ``>> about 114 feet. ``>> that's pretty high.
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``>> okay. ``ah! `` ``ah! ``whoo! `` ``so much fun. ``next the peace de resistance. ``the sky drop. ``i'm really scared. ``i feel sick at my stomach. ``i was not excited. ``am i the biggest baby that's ``ever done this? ``why do i say yes to this? ``i am literally sweating in ``places i didn't know i could ``sweat. ``i love you! ``i have a giant wedgie. ``can you push me? ``no, don't push me yet. ``>> three, two, one, go. ``>> viva las vegas! ``ah! ``ah!
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``ah! ``ah! ``ah! ``[ applause ] ``viva las vegas! ``ah, viva las vegas. ``tammy, that was for you. ``i don't want to be up high ``anymore. ``that's the last time ``>> wait a minute. ``wait a minute. ``>> can you help me down? ``>> can i say one thing? ``i can't believe you stay up ``there. ``trust me, you're not going to ``want to climb down. ``i can't believe you did that. ``you told me it was scary. ``>> i can't believe i did that. ``i actually felt sick in a way ``that nobody wants to hear, but ``you know what? ``no more heights. ``>> it's the name the hottest ``show in vegas five years ``running. ``>> we're putting our dancing ``shoes on with amazing performers ``right after this. v v r
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`` `` this is arguably one of the ``most terrific shows on the vegas ``strip. ``>> and you know what? ``>> what? ``>> it takes place under water. ``that's why it's been called las ``vegas's best show for five years ``in a row. ``>> if you don't have a pool, we ``have some ballroom dancers. ``and later you're going to meet ``miguel rivera. ``this is an underwater dance ``happening? ``how does it work? ``>> part of it's underwater. ``we're half submerged, dancing ``through the water, so we're ``using the water element as part ``of our dance. ``>> will you show us some moves?
2:28 am
``>> go get'em. `` `` ``
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``>> that looked so simple. ``>> where's my partner? ``>> we have miguel and alex, and ``you guys are going to teach us a ``few moves, and we should point ``out that both jenna and i are ``uncoordinated. ``>> let's start with our feet ``apart. ``>> 30 seconds. ``>> we're going to start with ``four hips, left right, left ``right. ``you have to make it extra sexy ``though. ``left right, left right. ``you're going to do a little pull ``out with the guys. ``bend in to them. ``>> what? ``>> no! ``>> there you go, ladies. ``five, six, seven, eight.
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`` `` suddenly we are magic `` we are live from las vegas, ``jenna bush hager filling in for ``kathie lee. ``we have the one, the only, ``olivia newton john. ``>> she's become a regular in ``vegas, ten hits on the charts. ``she'll always be sandy from that ``little musical you may have ``seen, and i know every single ``word to, "grease." ``>> she's at the flamingo hotel ``and her show is appropriately ``called "summer nights." ``>> do you still love it? ``when you get up on stage, ``olivia, and you see the crowd ``out there and you start singing ``one of your hits, what does it
2:32 am
``>> it feels even better than ``before. ``i feel so grateful. ``i had such wonderful songs to ``sing and i never tire of it. ``the audience is enjoying it. ``when i was younger i was so ``nervous. ``but i really enjoy myself. ``>> you were my first girl crush ``even before the term. ``because i loved doing grease in ``ways that i can't explain. ``what would sandy and danny be ``doing now? ``do you think they're still ``together? ``do you think they're divorced? ``do you think they have 20 ``children? ``do you ever think about it? ``>> it's interesting to think of ``the mane y different ways. ``i think of them as stuck in ``time. ``>> i love your bracelet. ``it's unique. ``is that something special? ``>> yes, this is from peru. ``my husband spent a lot of time ``in the amazon rainforest. ``and this is from peru.
2:33 am
``did, which is jump off that ``ridiculous building. ``and what is it about your ``husband that likes that kind of ``stuff, do you think? ``>> he loves adventure. ``he's an adventurer. ``>> are you attracted to that in ``him, that adventure? ``that sense of -- ``>> i think so. ``i'm not as adventurous as him in ``those scary ways. ``but in the work that we do, we ``have to be a little adventurous. ``>> you wouldn't have jumped off ``the building like jenna did or ``your husband? ``>> no, i don't like heights ``enough. ``>> thank you. ``i love watching you and your ``daughter perform together. ``and a lot of people, you know, ``aren't familiar with your ``daughter. ``what is that like, performing ``with her? ``>> it's the best. ``it's the best. ``i love it. ``i admire her so much because ``she's a very talented singer and ``songwriter, and she took one of ``my songs "magic." ``and rewrote it. ``it was number one. ``it was amazing.
2:34 am
``talk about her, the pride of a ``mother, what's it been like all ``these years having this support ``system in her? ``>> it's been amazing. ``when she was very little, we did ``some television movies together, ``and she told me when she was 17. ``now she's finding her own stride ``again. ``and she's in the studio, and ``she's made a movie. ``she's got a wonderful future. ``>> did you know from the ``beginning that she was talented? ``because some kids must come out ``of the womb talented. ``>> other children. ``>> she was always very, very ``funny. ``she was born with, she was born ``funny and was always funny in ``performing as a little girl. ``and a great singer. ``>> i think what makes, your show ``is unique in so many ways. ``a lot of people are doing this ``for the money, but yours is also ``for a cause.
2:35 am
``of my ticket to go to the cancer ``foundation in melbourne. ``it helps the families and the ``patients. ``they have all sorts of care, ``what they're going through, with ``the treatment. ``so it's really important to me. ``there's a reason beyond just ``enjoying myself and singing. ``>> you're making a difference in ``every single show. ``you actually made my mom so ``happy. ``she went to see you in concert. ``she took this picture. ``you attract people of all ages, ``all throughout the spectrum. ``moms -- ``>> you have this legendary music ``and movies that everybody loves. ``>> thank you. ``>> thank you for coming to see ``us. ``>> olivia is performing every ``tuesday through saturday at the ``flamingo. ``get your tickets. `` from one hot tamale to two he.
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`` `` las vegas, and two of the ``country's hottest chefs are ``right here on the strip. ``>> they're so hot that it's in ``their name, they're the two hot ``tamales. ``>> they were among the first ``celebrity chefs to land at the ``strip. ``they opened border grill 17 ``years ago. ``>> and it's clear these ladies ``are the staples of the vegas ``food scene.
2:38 am
``vegas uncorked by bon appetit ``magazine. ``>> we get together at uncorked ``and have a blast. ``>> all the men. ``>> it's nice to be the women, ``right? ``>> what are we making? ``>> do you want a drink first? ``>> yes. ``>> these are our limitless ``mimosas. ``this is the corazon. ``>> that is pomegranate. ``>> that is with blood orange. ``>> i know you guys don't drink. ``>> we're going to make a roasted ``pork, slow roasted in banana ``leaves. ``and the marinade is made with a ``little bit of orange juice. ``>> o.j.? ``>> a little bit of cumin, ``garlic, oregano. ``it's a bright red color.
2:39 am
``of -- yep, and we put orange. ``[ talking simultaneously ] ``>> there, now we have marinated. ``yucatan. ``and one of the things we wanted ``to show you is that after you ``stew it you can use it for a ``number of different leftovers. ``do? ``>> they have an amazing flavor, ``and these have already been sort ``of toasted on the flame. ``you can do it on an electric ``flame or whatever, and then you ``can smell it in here. ``>> underground. ``they bake it underground. ``>> we have about a minute. ``>> come on, you guys, focus. ``>> i'm with you. ``>> dump it in. ``>> not all of it, but a little ``bit of everything. ``all of that chili's going to be ``so hot. ``>> it's so versatile. ``you can make a sandwich. ``we have our brunch. ``>> look at that.
2:40 am
``>> pineapple, orange, and lots ``of chili. ``and this is what goes on top ``of -- ``>> where does it go? ``>> on top of the -- ``>> roasted plantains which are ``amazing ``amazing. ``>> will you pass us the guac? ``>> it's the vegas uncorked by ``bon appetit magazine. ``it's a fashion mecca, too. ``>> liliana's got hat styles ``right after this. ``are you too busy eating?
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``>> what it means for me is it ``lets the world know what's ``happening at the weather ``channel. ``>> i think what makes the ``weather channel's coverage ``unique is that we are ``meteorologists. ``we know what's going on with the ``weather, and that makes a ``tremendous difference. ``>> somebody walks up to you in
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`` `` when you come to vegas, ``you've got to do some serious ``shopping. ``so you walk in any direction and ``there's always something for any ``style and taste. ``>> you have burberry, armani and
2:45 am
``>> but don't you worry, our ``girl, liliana went hunting ``through vegas to find fashions ``that hit a budget. ``was it tough? ``>> it wasn't tough at all. ``it was super easy, and i thought ``that the clothes here were so on ``trend and so affordable which is ``what i love. ``>> you have to start with ``swimwear, and it's cold. ``>> for spring, this is kind of ``the trend, it's that higher ``neck, it's also mesh. ``so the illusion of a two-piece ``without having to be a ``two-piece. ``and i love this coverup. ``you can wear it three different ``ways. ``and she has easy accessories for ``under $20, from forever 21. ``and that hat and sunglasses. ``>> and all of our models are ``moms? ``>> they're mostly from vegas. ``how gorgeous is she? ``>> thank you, victoria. ``next, we have kim. ``she's wearing resort wear. ``some people get turned off by ``the word.
2:46 am
``>> when i think resort wear, i ``think a lot of white, something ``you wear on vacation. ``you don't want to spend too much ``money on it because you can only ``wear it on vacation. ``this striped top is from ``dillards, only $38. ``stripes are huge for the spring ``and a classic white trouser. ``>> i wanted to do the ankle ``length, and the great tote bag. ``>> you could wear their anytime. ``>> absolutely. ``>> thank you, kim. ``>> thank you. ``>> we have melissa up next, ``she's dressed for din din. ``>> she's a new mom, 6 month old? ``>> yes. ``she looks gorgeous. ``this is a perfect dinner date ``look. ``it's bold, makes a statement but ``still really wearable. ``this is from nordstrom. ``and i love this skirt. ``it's a print, a color, but it ``works, it's from top shop. ``>> i would never, ever put those
2:47 am
``>> we're in vegas, go big or go ``home. ``why not? ``>> thank you, melissa. ``>> next up, we have rose and ``april. ``>> so day to night. ``you get tons of wear out of one ``piece. ``it's a jumpsuit but also ``culottes ``culottes. ``>> can everybody wear that? ``>> yes. ``i can find one for you. ``>> they're culottes, and they ``have pockets. ``>> long gauchos. ``>> this leather vest takes it ``totally to night. ``all super affordable ``accessories, and the girls look ``fantastic, and versatility is ``important when you're shopping ``for your closet. ``>> are you tired? ``>> the party isn't over yet. ``>> wait until you see what we ``have lined up next. ``>> but first, this is "today",
2:48 am
`` jennifer lopez yesterday, ``those moves. ``>> was that the best night of ``your life? ``>> there are some other people ``who have pretty good moves. ``>> there are some ladies from ``unlv here. ``they became the 2016 uva ``championships in hip-hop. ``show us some moves.
2:49 am
`` funky, funky, everything ``funky `` oh, my lord, that's a whole ``lot of chunky `` a whole lot of chunky `` ``>> yeah! ``like this? ``what do we do? ``>> not that. ``>> all right. ``>> we want to say good-bye, but ``we want to bring back all of our ``old friends who are here, from ``legends in concert, we want to ``give a huge thank you to the las ``vegas convention and visitors ``authority, and caesar's palace. ``vegas is fun, y'all. ``remember what they say, what ``happens in vegas stays in vegas! ``>> thanks, guys! ``>> we'll see you on monday.
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