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tv   Today  NBC  January 23, 2016 8:00am-9:30am EST

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`` good morning. ``the blizzard of 2016. ``massive storm barrelling up the ``east coast this morning already ``worse than expected in some ``parts. ``at least ten are dead. ``more than a foot of snow on the ``ground with another 2 feet ``possible in the mid-atlantic. ``along the shoreline, wind gusts ``at hurricane-strength. ``85 million people in the storm's ``path this morning. ``33 million under a blizzard ``watch.
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``>> this is our third flight ``change. ``>> hundreds without power and on ``in their cars. ``traffic coming to a standstill. ``the dangerous blizzard is not ``showing any signs of letting up. ``today, saturday, january 23rd, ``2016. ``>> announcer: from nbc news, ``this is a special edition of ``"today" blizzard 2016. ``live from studio 1a in ``rockefeller plaza. ``>> welcome to "today." ``i'm erica hill. ``hardy souls. ``>> i'm alongside sheinelle jones ``and al roker. ``we have dylan dreyer out in the ``field along with our ``meteorologists. ``this is all of the effected ``states and those under a ``blizzard warning. ``the warning from virginia to ``southern connecticut. ``>> already so much going on. ``let's get the latest on the ``storm.
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``1 to 3 inches per hour. ``already washington, d.c. has ``more than a foot of snow on the ``ground. ``they are expected to get more ``than 2 feet. ``philadelphia, 9 inches already. ``they are expecting up to 2 feet ``as well. ``here in new york, we are now ``expecting more snow than ``originally predicted. ``at least 3 inches at this hour, ``but up to a foot or more we are ``told when it is all over. ``>> the storm has life ``threatening blizzard conditions. ``a storm this big has not been ``seen in washington, d.c. in ``nearly 100 years. ``no surprise, the roads are ``dangerous. ``people are told to stay inside. ``thousands of accidents. ``at least ten people killed on ``the roads. ``>> the storm is a huge mess as ``you can imagine. ``let's get to dylan dreyer who ``joins us from the nation's ``capital. ``>> reporter: good morning, ``erica. ``this hit washington, d.c. with a ``vengeance. ``we aeady have more than a foot
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``at the coast in virginia and ``delaware, had reports of wind ``gusts of 65 to 75 mileser `hour. ``one report in virginia up to 85 ``mis an hour. ``thunder snow repted in ``baltore. `that goes tohow you the ``intensity of thestorm. ``weill see t conditions ``continue all thrgh theight ``wi blizzard warnings not ``piringntil tomorrow mornin ``the tion's capital taking a ``direct hi ``washington, d.c. expected to be ``bued under as muc as 2 feet ``of snow by the end of the storm. ``>> stay off the roads if you ``don't need to be on the roads. ``>> reporr: the storm's scope ``reaches from the carolinas to ``new york, has turned deadly. `north carolina. ``>> hit had the bras and when ``up. ``>> reporter: thoands of ``crashes locked u major roa up ``and down the eastcoast.
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``accidents stillnded up `spinning wheels like wsnb ``reporter in nashville. ``>> i am stuck. `` have the ped to themetal. ``i'm not moving. ``>> reporter: governors in ten ``states and district of columbia ``have declare state of ``emergencie ``the natiol guard has dloyed ``400 pernnel to hphe `sickened andstrand. ``shelters are opened to help `homeless survive freezing ``conditions. ``>> we canno have peopl ``outside. ``it is unsafe. ``>> reporter: 2 degrees with the ``windchill of 8 when rescuers in ``virginia saved this saint ``bernard who fell through the ``ice. ``the plowing start wednesd ``and won'te done until sunday. ``airports are empty. ``more tha 6,000 flights have ``en canced since frid. ``delays rippling across the ``country. ``>> weot warnings from ``everyone. ``if you d't get i to n yor
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``>> rorter:mtrak is operating ``on a modified schedule. ``greyhounds cancelling service ``for much of the east coast. ``blizzard conditions from ``washingtono n york. ``winds up to 60 mil per hr ``and nrly 140,000 people are ``alady struggling in t cd ``wiout power. ``now we followed this storm from ``roanoke, virginia, yesterday to ``here in washington,.c. ``what should take four hours took `us nine hours on the road. ``we are going to attempt t get ``to new yorkity todayy taking `i-. `` know we just tol you we `shouldn't be on theroads. ``i want to pointut we are ``travelingn the blue mobile ``this is a satellite truck that `will be able to feed y guys ``our tri fm here up along i-95 ``to new york city. `` is an extremelyeavy tck ``and we are taking it very slow. ``we will update you over the ``cose of the show on the ``travels.
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``from where we are now the next ``ti we see you. ``>> sw and steady will w that ``race. ``thank yodylan. ``>> the question is when will all ``th snow let up and when it i ``all done, how much snow on the ``ground? ``al is here this morni wit ``that and re. ``>> it wille done ibout 24 ``hours, but we e deing with `the fects of this into next ``week easily with th power ``outages a snow. ``we will have to get rid of it. ``look at the swathrom montauk ``to t appalachian. ``here is why we end up upping ``the amounts. ``the sto moved furth north `thanpredicted. ``we havblizzard wnings from ``virginia a the w to martha's ``viyard. ``winds of 35 miles per hour or ``more and stains you g in ``for three hrs or so ``it ao meansou have ``visibity of ss tn a ``quarteof amile. ``cranberr new jersey, inches ``of ow.
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``w, they areookit 6 ``ches o snow. ``it is still coming down. `at ts point, i is falling at ``abou a ratef 2 to 3 inches ``per ur. ``so he's what we look for as ``far as the accumulatis. ``keep in mind we will look at ``winds gusting or 50iles per ``hour. ``heavy snow forashington and ``baltimore. ``24 inches or more when all is ``said and done. ``for iladphiaenal and ``southern new jerse heavynow into t early afternoon. ``18 t 24 inches of snow with `winds gusting u40 miles per `hour. ``inhe n york aa, we pect ``to see 18o 24 inche ofsnow. `this heavy swontiinnto `the rnoon. `susngp t0iles `ho ``we lki at bzzar `condio. ``nehan, 8 to 12 inches. `priden a 3 to 6. `boon wl s 2 to 4 inches.
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`om delrva and all the coast. ``we will deal with ts for a ``long time toominto next ``week. ``>> al, thank you. `u will need a lot of rest. `kegour eye on this. ``another rokerthon coming . ``it will be all day on `` `` two days ago washington, ``d.c. was almost brought to a ``standstill with just a brushing ``of snow. ``is the city equipped to handle ``this storm? ``the washington mayor, mayor ``bowser is here with us. ``good morning. ``>> my pleasure. ``>> what is the conditions this ``morning? ``>> as you have been reporting ``all morning, we are in the eye ``of the significant storm. ``a storm we have not seen like ``this in washington, d.c. in 94 ``years. ``we got out early pre-treating ``our streets, closing our ``government and schools on ``friday. ``really encouraged everybody to
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``we have seen since yesterday, ``with snow starting about 1:00, ``13 inches fall and we think the ``forecast is going to hold. ``we are going to get at least ``another foot. ``>> back in the '90s, heavy ``snowfall shutdown washington, ``d.c. for an entire week. ``how is this storm? ``>> this is a blizzard with ``sustained winds. ``we prepared our residents and ``stay inside for 36 hours. ``we are seeing the winds pick up ``today. ``very hazardous conditions. ``nobody should really be out on ``the roads. ``we're keeping our roads passable ``for emergency vehicles. ``tomorrow, if it stops as it is ``planned to, the big dig-out will ``proceed. ``>> mayor, when there was less ``than 2 inches in washington, ``d.c. two days ago, people were
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``the president had to use the ``motorcade back to the white ``house slipping and sliding. ``are things different this time ``around? ``>> there's no similarity to tell ``you the truth. ``this blizzard has been forecast ``for several days. ``our entire apparatus is running ``out of other homeland and ``emergency management agency. ``we have all of our resources ``fully deployed. ``>> washington mayor bowser, ``thank you. ``>> thank you. ``everybody stay safe. `` i want to head where the ``hour. ``heavy amounts of ice could cause ``problems for millions if the ``south. ``we have nbc's gabe gutierrez ``joining us from charlotte, north ``carolina with more on that ``angle. ``gabe, good morning. ``>> reporter: erica, good ``morning. ``more than 130,000 customers in ``north carolina are without power ``and we take a live look from the ``air. ``you can see there has been ``plenty of snow and sleet here in ``the charlotte area, but
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``rain as you had initially ``expected. ``there are about 1,200 crashes or ``so in the north carolina area, ``including at least six deaths. ``a good samaritan was killed, ``police say, when he was shot by ``the stranded motorist he was ``trying to help allegedly under ``the influence. ``travel here is a nightmare. ``american airlines is expected to ``resume flights in the area. ``the area is preparing for the ``huge football game hosted here ``by the carolina panthers. ``yesterday, they practiced in the ``snow. ``a major pep rally was canceled. ``the team says they are ready for ``tomorrow. ``today, workers will take the ``tarp off the field to be able to ``dry it out in time for the big ``game. ``a bit more sleet is also ``expected here in north carolina ``throughout the morning. ``it is expected to move out later ``today. ``guys, back to you. ``>> gabe gutierrez this morning. ``gabe, thank you. ``>> it is not just massive
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``winds that have people worried. ``for many along the coast, the ``storm surge that brings flooding ``could cause problems this ``weekend. ``we have nbc's rehema ellis along ``the coast with more on that. ``good morning. ``>> reporter: good morning, jose. ``it is a tough morning out here. ``we had winds gusts above 50 ``miles an hour. ``i'm holding on so i can stay on ``the air. ``there is a real concern about ``what could happen here. ``during hurricane sandy in 2012, ``this building where i am right ``now, was torn apart during the ``storm. ``the city around the coastal ``area, they spent the last couple ``days with bulldozers pushing as ``much sand as they could up ``against to protect the areas and ``water coming from the atlantic ``ocean. ``they are not so worried about ``the inches of snow they will ``get. ``they are worried about the water
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``it is to my left right now and ``it is brutal. ``atlantic ocean, you can -- i can ``barely hold my position here ``because the wind is that strong ``coming off the ocean. ``no one is out and about. ``they are heeding the warnings. ``stay inside and just hunker ``down. ``>> thank you very much. ``that satellite uplink is ``difficult because the winds are ``so strong. `` new jersey governor chris ``christie was supposed to be on ``the campaign trail this weekend. ``he returned to his home state to ``help his residents. ``he joins us now. ``governor, good to have you here ``with us. ``i'm not sure you could see ``rehema ellis. ``she is on the coast of new ``jersey. ``where is your focus this ``morning, governor? ``is it the coastal area? ``>> it is not more than any other ``part of the state. ``we do not expect major flooding ``on the coast.
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``which is fairly typical for ``storm events on the coast in new ``jersey. ``at least as of now, we're not ``expecting any type of major ``flooding incidents along the ``coast. ``they will be a bit better off ``from the snow perspective as ``rehema mentioned in her report. ``in the other parts of the state, ``we have heavier snow than we ``thought we were, 6 to 18 inches ``in the north. ``up to 2 feet in central and ``inland and southern part of the ``state. ``>> as you well know, there was a ``fair amount of criticism in ``timing of leaving the campaign ``trail in new hampshire to return ``home to new jersey. ``how do you answer those critics? ``>> i don't know why they would ``be critical. ``i was here last night before the ``first snow flake dropped. ``so i don't understand any basis ``for criticism. ``my view was i wanted the best ``information i possibly could as ``to whether my presence was ``needed here. ``once i got the final forecast at
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``the decision at 11:30 to be ``home. ``despite the fact flights were ``canceled. ``i drove from new hampshire back ``to new jersey. ``i was home last night before ``8:00 p.m. ``>> i know you have been advising ``folks to stay home. ``you talked about the ``>> when in your estimation will ``it be safe for folks to be out ``again? ``>> you know, i would think ``tomorrow, the way it looks now. ``i think today and tonight folks ``should expect that this is an ``inside day for them. ``we're doing really well, though, ``in terms of keeping our roads ``passable for emergency vehicles. ``and others who absolutely have ``to be on the roads. ``up in the north we still have ``mostly wet roads with traffic, ``moving pretty freely. ``in the central and southern ``areas the roads are snow covered ``due to the heavy snowfall. ``but all of the roadways are ``passable. ``35-mile-an-hour restriction on ``the major roads like the new ``jersey turnpike and the garden ``state parkway. ``our department of transportation ``has over 3800 pieces of
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``spreading salt and sand and ``moving snow off the roadways, so ``you know, right now we feel like ``we're doing well from that ``perspective. ``we've got about 17,000 power ``outages so far across the state, ``most of those focused in the ``southern part of the state about ``15,000 of them being in cape may ``county. ``>> we know you'll be a busy man ``today. ``appreciate you taking time for ``us. ``thanks. ``>> thank you very much. `` the snow is falling quickly ``in philadelphia as well. ``that city expected to see two ``feet when it's said and done. ``jacob rascon is in philly with ``more. ``good morning. ``>> good morning. ``this storm is everything that ``philadelphia expected and more, ``thinking a foot and a half, now ``thinking up to two feet of snow, ``the snow has been falling at 2 ``to 3 inches an hour in some ``areas and they are blizzard ``conditions, sustained winds ``above 30 miles an hour with ``gusts well above 40, and this ``snow is not expected to stop all
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``there is a blizzard warning and ``winter storm warning in effect ``here and the surrounding areas ``through tomorrow morning at 3:00 ``a.m. ``of course, the airport is closed ``or saying there are no flights ``in or out of the airport all ``day, this airport and three ``other airports as well, and as ``you can tell, the wind is pretty ``bad. ``it's pretty miserable out here. ``the problem the plows say is ``that they are trying to plow all ``of the roads but they can't even ``get done with the primary roads ``because they go and as soon as ``they are done with one they have ``to turn around and do it again ``because of the wind. ``they haven't even gotten, they ``said, to the secondary roads, ``they are advising nobody be out ``and driving today in ``philadelphia. ``>> jacob, thank you very much. ``>> if you had a trip planned ``this weekend and didn't get out ``ahead of the storm chances are ``you're staying put. ``nearly 7,000 flights canceled ``since this storm began. ``several airports shut down.
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``everything is up and running. ``kristen dahlgren is at new york. ``good morning. ``>> pretty lonely here. ``let me step out of the way. ``this is something you can't see ``often, an empty laguardia ``airport. ``there are about two dozen ``stranded passengers in the food ``court, didn't get the memo, ``didn't get the e-mails that ``their flights were canceled so ``they are here scrambling trying ``to figure out what to do, ``whether to get a hotel, whether ``to sleep here. ``it is a mess nation wide though. ``take a look. ``4100, more than 4100 ``cancellations nation wide. ``the worst airports, the new york ``area, topping that list, almost ``400 cancellations at jfk, newark ``has more than 300 here at ``laguardia more than 250. ``that's about -- i think that's ``optimistic. ``security here, no flights ``getting in or out. ``also philadelphia and then the ``d.c. area airports really having
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``it's not just those airports. ``we're seeing the misery across ``the country. ``some airports like miami, like ``ft. lauderdale, even los angeles ``seeing cancellations today ``because of this storm. ``it's interconnected and of ``course if you have cancellations ``here those flights aren't ``getting here, the aircraft ``aren't in the right place, so ``really a difficultay if you ``are traveling anywhere in the ``nation. ``>> that it is. ``thanks. ``>> your flight canceled. ``>> i was going to say. ``i had my flight to miami ``tomorrow canceled yesterday by ``the airline. ``they texted. ``don't bother coming. ``>> come over for dinner. ``>> i'm loving that, man. ``>> thanks. ``we'll have much more on the ``blizzard throughout the morning. ``we want to get to other news. ``politics, nine days until the ``iowa caucuses. ``candidates in both parties are ``sharpecandidates are sharpening ``attacks as they work to getting ``a high voter turnout. ``nbc's kristen welker is at the ``airport. ``>> reporter: jose, good morning ``to you.
8:20 am
``force despite the weather making ``their closing arguments with the ``voters about to weigh in. ``>> i approve this message. ``>> reporter: the two gop ``frontrunners battling it out on ``the air waves. ``donald trump hitting ted cruz ``over immigration. ``>> sounded like you wanted the ``bill to pass. ``>> of course i wanted the bill ``to pass. ``>> reporter: and cruz trying to ``paint trump as establishment. ``trump and cruz will court voters ``in iowa today with the bitter ``fight dividing the party. ``the conservative magazine ``"national review" released its ``against trump issue. ``rebuke of the businessman. ``>> we are making an argument ``that donald trump has not been ``with conservatives, he won't be ``with conservatives. ``>> reporter: some have warmed to ``trump fearing cruz is more ``divisive. ``2016 is fast becoming a race
8:21 am
``word, even for democrats. ``bernie sanders surging, painting ``himself as an outsider. ``>> i want to say a word on the ``issue that secretary clinton and ``i disagree on. ``that is the incredible power of ``wall street. ``>> reporter: and hillary clinton ``trying to show she is the most ``qualified candidate. ``>> we need a president who can ``do all aspects of the job. ``>> reporter: the question now? ``just how strong is the ``anti-establishment surge? ``>> this is a good year to be an ``insurgent. ``you hear many on both sides ``saying i support, fill in the ``blank, because nobody else says ``it like that. ``he says the truth. ``he is telling it like it is. ``>> reporter: last night, donald ``trump sounded off on jeb bush ``for putting his mom in the ``campaign ad. ``tweeting, quote, jeb desperately ``needed mommy to help him.
8:22 am
``isis or putin. ``a video trying to help people ``find caucus locations was ``released by his campaign. ``jose and erica, back to you. ``>> kristen, thank you. ``>> where was donald trump when i ``was in high school? ``>> he is available now. `` al is back with a look of ``the rest of the country's ``forecast. ``there are people who are not ``dealing with snow today? ``>> there are. ``in the mid section of the ``country. ``look at this. ``pacific northwest, you have rain ``and snow. ``out here in the northeast, you ``can see that giant swirl of ``clouds still taking over. ``so for today, again, middle of ``the country, nothing going on. ``we heard about thunder snow in ``baltimore. ``this is a big factor. ``then we have wet weather from ``central california all the way ``into the pacific northwest with ``snow. ``of course, you got this out
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``hey, guys `` and don't forget ``rokerthon #blizzard2016 starting ``at 8:30 this morning. `` al, thank you. ``changes are coming to the ``oscars. ``what the academy will now be ``doing to tackle diversity. `` and conversation with figure ``skater gracie gold and her ``sister carly. ``they are set up for a sibling ``rivalry that you have never seen
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`` still to come on this snowy ``saturday on "today" some of the ``top vines in the short history. `` and we are keeping our eye
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``snow keeps on falling.breaking news this morning... a 3-alarm fire broke out on the third floor of building off pendleton and 12th street late last night ... displacing 10 people this morning. it happened around midnight and took crews about two hours to get under control. flames were visible from miles away... shooting out of the top of the building. while battling the fire... officials say a wall of the building collapsed. authorities say the apartment was vacant when it caught fire... and all other families in the building were able to make it out safely. the damage is estimated to be at around 200 thousand dollars.
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moving out this morning for locations southeast of little to no additional accumulation is expected for highland, brown, and adams counties in ohio, as well as bracken, mason and robertson counties in ky. behind the morning flurries the clouds will break and more sunshine is expected. highs today will reach into the low 30s and into the mid 30s on
8:27 am
nights will be frigid, with lows sunday night. a chance for rain will arrive monday evening with highs in the low 40's. more chilly weather is possible next week highs back in the 30's tuesday and
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`` we are back on the saturday ``morning, january 23rd, 2016. ``this is a live look for you ``coming from the streets of ``washington, d.c. ``dylan dreyer not at the desk ``with us this morning because ``she's in the blue mobile. ``the snow is coming down hard. ``it is rough on the roads. ``outside of studio 1a, the snow ``is falling quickly out there. ``that does not stop. ``that looks thrown, by the way. ``i think it is tripled in size. ``they get extra medals today.
8:29 am
``buchon bakery. ``>> they will wait for a long ``time this morning. ``>> we are keeping a close eye on ``the blizzard of 2016. ``al is here with us in the ``studio. ``our team is spread out up and ``down theas cst ``morning. ``>> the snow has only been ``falling in new york city for ``what nine hours now, it has been ``going strong for 24 hours in ``washington, d.c. ``nbc's miguel almaguer is in the ``nation's capital. ``miguel, good morning. ``>> reporter: jose, good morning. ``it is definitely a nasty ``conditions out here. ``the promising punch is delivered ``and we have already seen 13 ``inches of snow in the nation's ``capital. ``we are expecting more. ``behind me what you should be ``seeing is the state capitol. ``instead, it is fog and snow back ``there. ``it is coming in sideways and ``sloppy and continue for the next ``four hours. ``from here.
8:30 am
``this location. ``cars are not able to go up and ``down the streets. ``they are working as hard as they ``can to plow the main ``intersections. ``jose, we have not seen many ``people on the roads today. ``they are concerned the mayor has ``here. ``she spoke to us earlier. ``she said this is a potentially ``life threatening storm. ``calls have doubled in the call ``center. ``many people are staying in their ``homes and heeding the warnings ``here. ``every flight out of local ``airports seem to be canceled or ``delayed. ``that nightmare will continue for ``the next couple days as we see ``the ripple effect. ``the mayor says you should stay ``in your homes for the next 36 ``hours because the snowfall here ``is steady and it certainly not ``letting up anytime soon, jose. ``>> miguel, thank you. ``>> for the next 36 hours. ``>> the pronunciation of miguel's ``name. ``>> you have more where that came ``from? ``>> we do.
8:31 am
``good plug. ``>> we will plug your 18 shows ``later. ``let's get to dylan because we ``don't want to lose her shot from ``the blue mobile. ``she is making her way from ``washington back up here to new ``york. ``your heading north on i-95. ``is it is a snail's pace? ``how are the roads? ``>> reporter: you know we were ``right in downtown where the`shot was this morning, the roads ``haven't been touched. ``we are on new york avenue. ``this will turn into u.s. 50 and ``take us to i-95. ``the main roads have been plowed. ``we are moving along just fine ``right now. ``it is almost like the snow gives ``you more traction than if we had ``a layer of ice. ``this has been all snow here in ``washington, d.c. ``we never had that layer of ice. ``there is some traction. ``i want to point out one of the ``seemingly most dangers ous things ``i have seen is a lot of people
8:32 am
``the sidewalks have not been ``cleared. ``people show up out of nowhere ``and with the visibility reduced, ``this is dangerous. ``if you are walking around, make ``sure you know the drivers can ``see you. ``that makes it dangerous. ``we saw a tweet at 4:00 this ``morning that said the ``intersection between 495 and 95 ``about five miles from where we ``are was completely impassable. ``i hope the plows have gotten ``through that point right now and ``we see the roads open up a bit. ``once we get on the major ``highway, we will check in with ``you. ``hopefully nobody sells on else is on the ``roads. ``we will check in with you. ``>> dylan, you could bypass if ``you took the bw parkway and you ``could catch up with 95 there. ``in case that is not possible. ``>> a real difficult situation ``for a lot of the roads. ``>> reporter: okay. ``>> the winds also.
8:33 am
``get rougher. ``laguardia right now reporting ``snowfall rates at 3 inches per ``hour. ``so we are just getting warmed up ``with this, unfortunately. ``you can see the reason why we ``had to up the amounts is the ``storm has actually tracked a ``little further north. ``here is what we are looking at ``through tomorrow. ``this is the latest we have. ``washington, d.c. and baltimore ``area, basically heavy snow ``continuing this morning. ``wind gusts to 50 miles per hour. ``snowfall, 24 inches. ``maybe more than that. ``top three snowstorms, over 100 ``years ago almost, 28 inches. ``we will come close to that for ``washington, d.c. ``now you get to new york city and ``surrounding areas. ``18 to 24 inches of snow. ``heavy snow continues into the ``afternoon and evening. ``winds gusting to 55. ``we are probably going to see ``blizzard like conditions. ``top three storms. ``23.9 inches in 2006. ``we come very close, i think.
8:34 am
``gusts. ``60 to 70 miles per hour. ``the high tides. ``we will have coastal beach ``erosion anda few light snow showers are moving out this morning for locations southeast of cincinnati. little to no additional accumulation is expected for highland, brown, and adams counties in ohio, as well as bracken, mason and robertson counties in ky. behind the morning flurries the clouds will break and more sunshine is expected. highs today will reach into the low 30s and into the mid 30s on sunday. nights will be frigid, with lows around 15 saturday night and 23 sunday night. a chance for rain will arrive monday evening with highs in the low 40's. more clly weather is possible next week highs back in the 30's tueay and dnesday. `` that's your latest weather. ``jose. ``>> thank you, al. ``just ahead, forget the storm ``outside. ``we will tell you about a dating ``storm that is happening inside ``this weekend. ``it's pretty hot.
8:35 am
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` back now on a saturday ``morning with "the download." ``the chance to catch you up on ``the biggest stories. ``sheinelle. ``throughout the weekend. ``from donald trump's endorsement ``to the cdc warning of the zika ``virus. ``we start with the fears over the ``stock market. ``nightmare on wall street. ``plunges for the dow with oil ``prices plummeting and the ``chinese economy stalling. ``>> more price declines to come. ``>> even so, experts say don't ``panic. ``>> you have to look at your ``plan. ``there is a huge opportunity ``here. ``>> sarah palin back in the ``spotlight endorsing donald ``trump.
8:38 am
``and go kick isis' ass. ``>> slamming president obama will ``defending her son track. ``iraq war veteran charged with ``girlfriend. ``>> my son like so many others ``come back a bit different. ``they come back hardened. ``the question that comes from our ``own president where they have to ``look at him and wonder, do you ``know what we go through? `` outrage over the ongoing ``water crisis in flint, michigan. ``>> i'm sorry most of all that i ``let you down. ``>> sorry's not going to bring us ``fresh water every day. ``>> it's a problem that has been ``building for yearly two years. ``doctors discovering an alarming ``amount of lead in children's ``blood. ``>> the cdc is urging doctors to ``monitor pregnant patients or ``those hoping to become pregnant ``if they traveled to zika virus ``hot spots.
8:39 am
``bite from an infected mosquito. ``>> it can cause micrephaly. `` did vladimir putin approve ``the murder of a spy litinvenko? ``>> the london assassins poisoned ``him by pouring polonium into his ``tea. ``his widow said putin is guilty ``of nuclear terrorism. `` a call to boycott the oscars ``is gaining momentum. ``>> at this current time, we're ``uncomfortable to stand there and ``say this is okay. ``>> academy is meeting next week ``and consider increasing best ``picture nominations to ten. `` gracing the cover of " vogue"
8:40 am
``in new york? ``>> the very attractive people. ``brooklyn? ``>> i really hope they find a ``cure. `` and check out our all access ``behind the scenes look at ``jennifer lopez debuts his las ``vegas residency. ``hoda putting jlo's team to work. `` ``>> i love hoda. `` up next, the massive ``engagement ring s i'm going to share a photo ofsmy eggo waffle when it pops up. s that's so interesting honeys because i'm going to share @ a photo of my eggo waffletwhen it pops up. t l'eggo my eggo t l'eggo my eggo r(answering machine) hey!tleave a message. rhi, i know you're there,r 'cause i can see you. ri'm calling you to tellr
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
``while it falls. ``according to the dating app ``hinge, they are on the hunt for ``the blizzard boyfriend or ``girlfriend. ``maybe blizzard friend. ``actually data to back this up. ``last year, hinge found leading ``up to winter storm juno spiked ``27% on the day of the storm. ``>> what does activity mean? ``>> they also found the average ``user logged in five times each ``day. ``binge watching will be up this ``weekend. ``lists have been popping up all ``over the place with must-watched ``shows for the blizzard. ``the one that is on most of ``those, "making a murderer." ``>> you know, in october, we will ``spend a lot of time in maternity ``wards. ``>> that is exactly right. ``there is activity happy ``happening now. `` and vine is celebrating it's
8:45 am
``anniversary. ``the new way to share videos in ``six seconds or less. ``the most looped vines from 2015 ``are sure to give you a laugh. ``>> yeah! ``>> wow! ``>> avocado. ``>> i remember that. ``>> that's great. ``>> like watching people get ``hurt? ``>> i think we do. ``>> what's wrong. ``>> funniest home videos. ``>> kids -- right. ``>> a few celebs, mariah carey is ``rocking a big new rock. ``those in pop start. ``>> so first off we told you ``yesterday that mariah carey said ``yes to australian billionaire ``businessman james packer. ``we have the ring. ``according to vogue the stone is
8:46 am
``by the way, cost $7.5 million. ``this morning we're givers, going ``to put this in perspective. ``kim kardashian's, 15 carats. ``beyonce's is 18 carats. ``even the ring elizabeth taylor ``falls short at just 33 carats. ``the only thing slightly bigger ``than mariah's ring, the hope ``diamond, 45 carats. ``>> that's got to be heavy. ``>> think about that. ``>> too heavy. ``>> we could have rings action ``earrings. ``>> we could. ``>> yes. ``congratulations in order for one ``one, they welcome baby boys. ``according to people, welcoming ``the baby boy in l.a., no word ``from tomlinson, but time to dote ``on his baby now there is ``extended hiatus. ``michael buble and his wife ``shared the news of their latest
8:47 am
``were four. ``introducing noah's little ``brother elias. ``congratulations. ``>> babies and rings. ``>> the rings are bigger than the ``babies. ``weird thing. ``>> still to come one step you ``can take today that will help ``protect your financial life.
8:48 am
`` and still to come this ``morning, we will have the latest ``from up and down the east coast ``as that storm makes its way ``through tens of millions of ``people. ``we will also check in with dylan ``driving along i-95. `` and two sisters with olympic ``dreams, but forget about the
8:49 am
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korea.. for what that country is calling a "hostile act." otto warmbier is the second person from southwest ohio..... to be held in that country in less than two years. jeffrey fowle.. was held for nearly six months in 20-14. he says if warmbier is like him.. he's not getting a lot of information about his detention. warmbrier is a 20-13 graduate of wyoming high school. the 21 year old .... is now a student at the
8:53 am
a few light snow showers are moving out this morning for cincinnati. little to no additional accumulation is expected for highland, brown, and adams counties in ohio, as well as counties in ky. behind the morning flurries the clouds will break and more sunshine is expected. highs today will reach into the low 30s and into the mid 30s on sunday. nights will be frigid, with lows around 15 saturday night and 23 sunday night. a chance for rain will arrive monday evening with highs in the low 40's. more chilly weather is possible next week highs back in the 30's tuesday and
8:54 am
`` good morning. ``the blizzard of 2016. ``a huge storm powering up the ``east coast this weekend. ``a quarter of the u.s. population ``in its path. ``a blizzard warning now for 33 ``million americans. ``snow totals revised overnight. ``now higher than first predicted. ``already 1.5 feet has fallen in ``some areas. `` thousands stranded as ``traffic comes to a halt on major ``highways along the coast. ``officials telling people to ``weather this storm inside. ``>> stay off the roads if you
8:55 am
``>> at least ten people killed in ``traffic accidents. ``a historic storm and the worst ``may still be to come. ``today, saturday, january 23rd, ``2016. `` ``ice, ice baby `` ice, ice baby ``>> it's not that bad outside! `` ``jumping `` good morning on the lovely ``snowy saturday. ``welcome back to "today" on ``saturday morning. ``it's lovely. ``it turns out you are not the ``only one here from florida. ``we have hardy souls on the ``plaza. ``from florida. ``>> and phoenix as well. ``>> good call to be here this ``weekend, guys. ``>> if we close our eyes, we can ``think we're in south florida. ``>> it feels just like that. ``>> some of the crowd is back ``here -- al is cleaning off the
8:56 am
``some of the crowd has made their ``way into the green room. ``a trading spaces moment for us. ``they are getting warm inside. ``i think they are. ``we see them in the window. ``it is opposite now. ``our team is spread out along the ``coast because they are busy ``today. ``monitoring the storm every step ``of the way. ``a lot of snow has already ``fallen. ``still a lot more to come. ``>> let's check in with dylan who ``is slowly and carefully making ``her way up i-95 to get to new ``york. ``dylan, good morning. ``how is it going? ``>> reporter: hey, it is a slow ``go. ``we first got on to 95 and 495, ``the beltway around washington, ``d.c., that is when there was no ``activity of plows on the road ``whatsoever. ``it was just like driving through ``the snow ruts. ``now we have cleared things out.
8:57 am
``side of the road trying to get ``off at the on/off ramps. ``nothing compared to the height ``of the storm. ``back in kentucky, yesterday, a ``35-mile back up on i-75. ``there were no reported injuries, ``but the road was actually ``shutdown for a time. ``this is in east central ``kentucky. ``things are starting to improve ``in that area right now as the ``roads are starting to get ``cleared out a bit. ``it was the case when the snow ``comes down so heavy in such a ``quick period of time when the ``cars are on the road, they get ``stuck and nowhere for them to ``go. ``we are slowly making our way on ``i-95. ``we are in and out of really bad ``patches on the roads. ``when it clears out, it is easier ``to drive. ``it is a slow go. ``we will continue to keep on ``trucking to new york. ``guys. ``>> we know you are being safe. ``dylan, thanks. ``we will continue to check in ``with you throughout the day. ``let's go inside with jose. ``>> thank you, erica. ``i'm still drying off. ``the snow began falling early on
8:58 am
``capital and has not let up ``since. ``nbc's correspondent miguel ``almaguer is in the middle of the ``it all. ``miguel, good morning. ``>> reporter: jose, good morning. ``we are expecting another foot of ``snow. ``we could see a storm of a ``generation if the forecast holds ``true and the steady pattern ``coming down. ``it is not letting up anytime ``soon. ``we are facing blizzard like ``conditions here and will ``continue to do so all the way ``through tonight into tomorrow ``where they start to dig out. ``even after then, the city is ``bracing for problems. ``all of that steady snow is ``falling on rooftops and threaten ``homes and could bring down power ``lines. ``it has been quiet here in terms ``of emergency response. ``most of the power in the area ``has stayed on. ``that could change over the next ``24 hours. ``that's what they're concerned ``about. ``the airports are crippled. ``people are battering down the ``hatches here. ``we have not seen many people in ``the neighborhood here in the ``last 24 hours.
8:59 am
``situation could get worse before ``it gets better. ``people are bracing for more to ``jose. ``>> miguel, thank you. ``the winds are picking up in ``several areas. ``a major concern for people who ``live along the coast and keeping ``a close eye on the storm surge. ``nbc's rehema ellis is alongside ``the new jersey coast. ``>> reporter: jose, it really is ``windy. ``the winds are roaring and the ``sea is angry. ``the governor of new jersey is -- ``>> obviously we are having ``difficulty establishing that ``satellite link with rehema. ``rehema, be careful. ``>> i know where she is exactly. ``i think she is in point please ant ``pleasant, i believe. ``that is rough. ``let's show you how rough things ``are. ``we have reports that so far 3 ``inches of snow falling at ``laguardia so far and in ``manhattan as well.
9:00 am
``east of montauk and to ``connecticut and all the way back ``to fredericksburg. ``we are looking at snow. ``we will give you accumulations ``we got so far. ``right now, new york, we're ``talking about 3 inches of snow ``officially. ``we have 6.5 at newark airport. ``long island, 7.1. ``mt. olive, new jersey, 7 inches ``of snow. ``it will get worse. ``here is what we have through ``tomorrow. ``baltimore, washington area, you ``will probably see 24 inches of ``more. ``the winds gusting up to 50 miles ``per hour. ``philadelphia, central new jersey ``and parts of eastern ``pennsylvania, 18 to 24 inches. ``wind gusts of 40 miles per hour. ``in new york city and surrounding ``area, the heavy snow in ``afternoon and early evening.
9:01 am
``new england and new haven and ``providence, we are talking 8 to ``12 inches of snow. ``boston may pick up about 2 to 4 ``inches. ``we had to up these amounts ``because the storm has moved ``further north. ``yesterday, we thought boston ``almost nothing. ``they may get 4. ``new york, 6 to 12. ``now up to 24 inches. ``>> amazing. ``a lot of snow coming down. ``thanks, al. `` we have other news to get to ``this morning. ``sheinelle is following a ``horrific school shooting in ``canada. `` a small canada town is in ``mourning after the country's ``worst in a decade. ``four people dead after a gunman ``opened fire in a remote town in ``central canada. ``staff and at least one student ``are victims. ``students scattered as the gunman ``began. ``the sun gunman shot two of his ``brothers at home before heading ``to the school. `` tourists watching the show
9:02 am
``in vegas found them selves in ``the middle of gunfire with shots ``caught on tape. `` ``>> police cars converge with a ``man waving a firearm at the ``crowd closing off parts of the ``vegas strip. ``the suspect refused to drop the ``weapon and the office opened ``fire. ``officers wrestled the suspect to ``the ground. `` packaged salads recalled ``after an outbreak of listeria. ``it comes from the dole ``ohio. ``one person has died and a dozen ``illnesses have been reported. ``the package salads are sold ``under several different names ``and in 27 states. ``they are identified at the "a" ``in the manufacturing code. `` the controversy of lack of ``changes. ``sweeping changes in voting and ``doubling the number of women and
9:03 am
``amongst the changes, to replace ``the inactive lifetime members ``with more active members. ``the move following rising ``protests by academy members by ``an all-white selection of ``nominees in the acting ``categories. `` a new ball game in space. ``look at this. ``it is ping pong on the space ``station played by astronaut mark ``kelly. ``you don't need a ping pong ball. ``you need a drop of water. ``the paddles help the liquid and ``zero gravity will keep the drop ``bouncing back and forth and back ``and forth. ``isn't that cool? ``>> man. ``>> that is something you see ``when you are a kid and you want ``to go to space. ``>> and the water goes ``everywhere. ``it explodes. ``very cool. `` another check of the ``country's forecast. ``>> that's right. ``i was checking commander kelly's ``twitter. ``he has a great shot of the storm ``from space. ``it's pretty cool.
9:04 am
``have the storm here in the ``northeast. ``we have a lot of wet weather in ``the pacific northwest. ``in between, things quiet. ``that's good news. ``temperatures really mild for ``this time of year up in ``minnesota. ``25 degrees and sunshine. ``here is the storm system making ``its way to the northeast coast. ``northern central california into ``the pacific northwest, rain,a few light snow showers are moving out this morning for locations southeast of cincinnati. little to no additional accumulation is expected for highland, brown, and adams counties in ohio, as well as bracken, mason and robertson counties in ky. behind the morning flurries the clouds will break and more sunshine is expected. highs today will reach into the low 30s and into the mid 30s on sunday. nights will be frigid, with lows around 15 saturday night and 23 sunday night. a chance for rain will arrive monday evening with highs in the low 40's. more chilly weather is possible next week highs back in the 30's tuesday and wednesday.
9:05 am
``has the picture of mark kelly's ``picture. ``you can see back to the east. ``that's the storm. ``we will cover this blizzard on ``rokerthon #blizzard2016 on `` ``we will have a break for nbc ``nightly news. `` sheinelle is over in the ``orange room now. ``>> i am. ``if i had a trophy, i would give ``each one of you a "today" show ``trophy for being here in this ``weather. ``where are you from? ``>> outer banks of north ``carolina. ``>> you have never been in a ``blizzard? ``this is your first blizzard? ``>> a lot of hurricanes, al, but ``no blizzards. ``>> thank you. ``you know, i'll let you take it ``away. ``>> still to come on "today," ``twins in life and now ``competitors on the ice. ``conversations with gracie and ``carly gold. ``but first these messages. @ we take away your stuffy nose. r you keep the peace. we calm your congestiont and pain. r you rally the team. we give you relief fromt
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9:09 am
``later today, gracie and carly ``gold will compete for the same ``title on the ice. ``>> you remember gracie from the ``2014 olympic games, but her ``sister is a skater as well. ``we have janet shamlian in st. ``paul, minnesota with more. ``>> reporter: jose, good morning. ``a new ladies figure skating ``champion will be crowned tonight ``in st. paul. ``two of the leading skaters have ``been roommates since birth and ``tonight they are cheering for ``each other. ``>> triple lutz. ``>> reporter: a dazzling star in ``figure skating. ``gracie gold. ``>> like a fairy tale. ``>> reporter: in the gold family, ``it's not just gracie's dreams ``this year. ``>> i'm awesome. ``so excited. ``>> reporter: among the elite ``skaters vying for the title,
9:10 am
``gracie's sister carly. ``>> just qualifying for nationals ``is just above my wildest ``expectations. ``>> reporter: the 20-year-olds ``train on the same ice. ``both under coach frank carroll. ``life long roommates and best ``friends, but differences in more ``than appearance. ``carly an equestrian. ``>> i learned to skate through ``the isi. ``carly just jumped in. ``>> because it was fun. `` ``>> reporter: from thousands of ``competitive skaters, only 22 ``make the cut to skate for the ``ladies title. ``lipinski.
9:11 am
``>> reporter: carly missed one ``jump in the short program, but ``otherwise, skated clean. ``>> this has been the most ``surreal experience and it is ``going by quickly. ``>> reporter: gracie missed a ``jump too. ``well in consideration for the ``title. ``>> i don't consider it sharing ``my spotlight. ``she has her own. ``>> reporter: sisters turned ``competitors. ``each in pursuit of their own ``definition of gold. ``in the ultra competitive world ``of figure skating where ``thousands of women compete and ``make it to the national stage, ``it is spectacular that both gold ``sisters make the finals. ``tonight on nbc. ``>> thank you, janet. ``if you are on the east coast, ``tonight. ``you can watch the figure skating ``championships as janet mentioned
9:12 am
``eastern and noon pacific. `` and coming up, easy things ``you can do today to help you ``save time and money this week.
9:13 am
r r ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly blended with` r like cage-free eggs. t r r t that's how we'ret r bring out the best. r this winter you haver the power to heal. rbecause your purchase of` t supports the` @
9:14 am
`` i'm going to stand by you even ``if we `` we're back on a saturday ``morning with "our start today" ``series helping you get the start ``on the week. ``>> there are a lot of easy ``things to do today to help you ``get a handle on the week ahead. ``our experts have you covered. ``>> get a head start. ``>> get a head start. ``>> get a head start today. ``>> today. ``>> today. ``>> today. ``>> a perfect assignment is to go ``through your kitchen cabinets. ``first of all, check what is ``expired. ``i had flour and soupy think from ``2013. ``i'm sure you have that too.
9:15 am
``see all of the vases and plates. ``i probably got rid of 2 `` >> finding balance between ``being a mom, work, and being a ``wife can be very difficult for ``me. ``the most important thing you can ``do for yourself is to take care ``of yourself. ``write in your journal, read, ``take a bubble bath. ``use your weekends to refresh. ``maybe even a date night. ``>> if something happened to you, ``would the important people in ``your life know what to do? ``would they know who to call, how ``to access your online accounts? ``i want you to work on something ``called a letter of instruction ``and suggestion. ``it's not a legal document. ``it's just a roadmap telling the ``important people in your life ``what steps to follow in the ``event of an emergency.
9:16 am
``protecting your financial life, ``but this is step one. ``>> i'm going to show you the ``simplest trick to dramatically ``slash the calories and the ``sodium in your favorite bottled ``dressings. ``first up, vinaigrette. ``this is balsamic vinaigrette. ``you're going to put a little in ``a mason jar, then dilute it with ``low calorie, low sodium, ``straight balsamic vinegar. ``shake it up. ``next up, ranch dressing. ``pour your favorite ranch right ``into that mason jar, and dilute ``it this time with low-fat ``buttermilk. ``it will automatically drive ``downeraleries and sium. ``there you go. ``vinaigrette, ranch dressing at ``your service. ``>> those are our tips. ``>> those are our tips. ``>> those are our tips. ``>> so start today. ``>> today. ``>> today.
9:17 am
``>> and you can see more tips all ``week here on "today." ``that does it for us this ``saturday morning. ``dylan, stay safe out there. ``>> we will be keeping you post ``on the weather all day long. ``don't forget, rokerthon is ``happening all day on `` ``and tonight, the latest on "nbc ``nightly news." ``see you back here tomorrow. ``have a great day.
9:18 am
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a crash on interstate 74 at investigation ... the woman at the wheel...
9:22 am
indiana, was ejected from the car. also injured was her passenger, clayford wilson, from greendale and in his mid-twenties... hamilton county deputies assisted by green township police used narcan, saying the two were barely breathing after the crash. as they were taken to university hospital... deputies cared for two boys, ages eight and ten, in the back of their cruiser. those children of the driver were remarkably and thankfully uninjured. a few light snow showers are moving out this morning for locations southeast of cincinnati. little to no additional accumulation is expected for highland, brown, and adams counties in ohio, as well as
9:23 am
behind the morning flurries the clouds will break and more sunshine is expected. highs today will reach into the sunday. nights will be frigid, with lows sunday night. a chance for rain will arrive monday evening with highs in the low 40's. more chilly weather is possible
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